An Aggravating Sunday (O.M.G)

Oh my God. I haven’t been this aggravated, ever, on a Sunday. It’s just very abnormal. Irritating. Mostly aggravating. But, besides all of my rambling and ranting, it’s gone very well in the end. Let’s just hope tomorrow ends the same, except for the aggravating beginning.

We weren’t going to the same church we would usually have gone to, whenever we were over at Suzanna’s house. This time, we were going to a community church, to try something new for a change. I think it’s because my mom and dad just don’t get the same flow from Suzanna’s church as they do in North Point Community church. I would agree under some small circumstances. Unfortunately, to my least expectation, this was the biggest and widest area church I’ve ever seen. There were many large corridors in the small buildings and there were many different buildings in the area for each separate grade level such as high-schoolers, middle schoolers and elementary students. The middle school building was rather big and had much more things than I had anticipated. Once the light-brownish headed woman (as I predicted was in her teenage years) had pulled my dad and I into the building, I was amazed by the architect and all the beautiful colors. There was one room filled with lot’s of tall looking girls (it made me feel nervous), and a kitchen, along with a big flat-screen TV. Eventually, when the light-brown headed girl was chattering and giggling with the other girls, they led me up a huge stair case towards a bigger 3 story building.

It was really big. There were several flat-screen TVs that owned an Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 in them. I ignored them reluctantly, since I wasn’t in the mood for video-games. There were 3 groups of kids, well, not much actually. There were these 2 kids that the teenager had led my dad and I too. They looked nerdy and sort of ugly. I’m sorry if I was being judgmental, but, you’ll see why. I was forced to play Pool with them. I was good in general. Not an expert as I had expected . . . but I was pretty okay. Though, they kept calling each other retard, and eventually insulted me. I’m sorry for being too emotional, if that’s what you think . . .

So, eventually, when there was no one to escort me to the Worship area, I had to figure out whether or not where I was supposed to go, and wander. Everybody laughed at me, and so did those nerdy lunatics. Some guys that I had just seen earlier also was throwing rubber bands. An emo blonde headed chick kept staring at me periodically. The preacher was really speaking inappropriately about giving birth of the baby and I thought the details were rather uncomfortable, and plus, to the girls’ excitement, they showed a picture for a slideshow of a guy, without his shirt flexing all of his abs and muscles. They were all saying awwww and that sort of crap. So, that leads to my unsuccessful day. The day went on pretty boring because when we went to Best Buy, there were barely any good products, and that the stupid laptops didn’t have any internet connection. We went home afterwards . . . rest of the day was crap. I don’t know how to put in words.

I felt so lonely, we went to the park, I felt like crap. Than we went to Cici’s Pizza. There was a 7th grade looking girl with dark-skin and long black hair who kept at staring at me dreamily . . . it helped my mood, especially when I had discussed with my mom on my standardized needs to please other people, at the pharmacy. It was a good day in the end . . . I guess.

Too Busy/Lazy To Do Anything

I’m so sorry I left you guys hanging there for the past two days. I was to lazy to even reply to your comments yesterday. I guess I felt a little too stressed, because I had to handle my portfolio, my tests and my new gamer informer blog, which I’m still trying to figure out what to post about. So, I’m sorry, I hope you can forgive my blunder for the past two days. I’m going to have to skip Friday and Saturday and go into Sunday, since I don’t really have enough time.

Today’s Sunday, was just like any Sunday I could’ve expected. Except for this. When I was sleeping in, my mom came in my room and asked me to put the light on. See, I may have not mentioned this, but I bought a blue bendable lamp about two or three weeks ago. I guess it didn’t seem that important then. But, what irritated me the most in my sleep, besides the lantern, was the thudding noises my mom made. I don’t really like noises as long as there coming from music or concerts, than I would understand. But, she made thudding noises like crazy. It even made a weird buzzing effect in my ear. So, I decided to moan out the words “Stop making that noise.” Afterwards, I got dressed in one of my new clothes. My new jeans, with golden symbols, and another shirt that had Black Spider Man, except they put him in a way that made him look TOO brutal. But, I went with brutal Spider Man anyways.

When we arrived at church, I’d almost forgot that I was able to run to my part of the church, without parents supervising. The only ironic part was the fact that I had a 5 minute discussion, decided to walk to my group for 30 seconds, and then when I entered the hall Michael (my best friend) came across me. He didn’t realize me by his speed, because he was zipping through places in a few seconds. So, I ran and caught up to him. We’re about the same speed. So, that means Nayyir is PROBABLY slower than me, and Michael is an inch faster. I caught up to him and said hi. We went into the the uh… what was the place called again? Uh… the Cabin! Yeah that. I went up the stairs to the game room. While the girls were hanging around on the first floor. As usual Michael and I would go to the foozeball table, to get ready for our rounds turned.

There was this team that badly got beaten, and then it went to another team, when we came, and then this guys out of nowhere comes here and says it’s my turn. Michael tried to show the awkward face, and explained. The guy didn’t seem to get it, so he turned and went to his game. Maybe he heard, but I muttered on my lips “bitch.” After the team got done, this girl I guess she was in her 7th or 8th grade ages was constantly encouraging us to go and kick our opponents ass. The weird part was the fact that Michael and I weren’t beaten by any team AT ALL. Until we went to worship. Soon enough, a girl walked up to me I guess my grade level, and she said “Hey, I love you!” I turned back and said WTF, except without using initials. She left to my luck and we went to small group. I’m going to skip to going outside details.

When I went outside, it was all, I don’t know, deserted. Until my friend Jordan (who is a 13 year old girl) came about. She brought her Ipod and played all sorts of music, until these two bad things happened: 1. the drunk lady was back in her spot where she had taken her drugs. 2. Patricia’s friend was coming. She still didn’t get the fact that wearing skinny skirts and bending her body forward was still inappropriate. I ignored and noticed my friend Kristan coming down the street. I guess we’ve been friends since the first day of October. We gave each other the man slap and the man hug. We decided to go somewhere else where Patricia’s friend wasn’t. But, I said it was okay. Until King came out and brought Savino we went away. We went to this place that had nosies coming, like footsteps. We ran quickly. I’m going to skip the rest, my dad and I went to the guitar center and then to Aldi to get our supplies. I immediately had to leave my dad empty handed without help because I noticed something up the street. See I’m too lazy to say the details.

I guess we got to play Truth or Dare, and contact each other. Details ain’t important. And I guess that’s all.

The Things I Like About Sunday

Well, I have to say that Sunday is my favorite because good luck seems to happen specially on that day. I’d have a theory to the reason. But, I don’t think you guys might find it as practical as me. Well, it’s basically because of God. He says that we do good, we receive good, and I guess the perks come from worshiping God in church. Lol. So, yeah I may expect a good day from Sunday, but doesn’t mean that bad things don’t happen. This morning my mom had woke me up, I tried to stay up all Saturday night to make sure I don’t end up sleepy when my mom wakes me up. Unfortunately, I couldn’t keep the promise. So, I lapped a sleepy expression for 15 minutes until I brushed my teeth and washed my face. Later on, when I got ready and dressed for church, my mom put some face cleaner. Now I have to say, the cleaning is really helping my zits.

I’m almost zit-free, but anyways, when we arrived at church I had the best friend in the world advancing toward me. Michael basically, if you hadn’t known. He was in his regular special church clothing. I didn’t believe it was him until my brother yelled out it was him. I thought though he was just a guy waiting on the street. But, I realized he was coming toward us, like he’d finally be expecting us. We started talking about how the week went (as usual) and what was happening. When we got inside the church I ran while Matthew was keeping Michael occupied. When Michael realized I was running, he finally ran as well. We might have looked abnormal for being the only ones running around the church. But, we’re not embarrassed. Right? When we got to church I’d expect people to either be hi fiving us or criticizing us. But, nothing really happened. I saw my friends, but everything was normal. When I was doing small group everybody congratulated me.

Especially Michael, with a surprise. When we were done worshiping God, we all sadly goodbye, and went back to our regular world. I was surprised that the weather was conditionally bad, because that meant no annoying things or neighbors have to come and irritate us. Yepee! We had fun basically, during the time we were in the house we ate a lot of good things. Ice cream sandwiches and all, I also had one Ice cream cheesecake slice. It was bad! But, the sandwich was AWESOME. Today I guess was the good day. What else… oh yeah. At the Thrift Store there was this girl constantly walking by when I was reading a book, when I was close to leaving she started spying me. I felt attracted for a moment. But, it was flattering, I got to get a good look at her. She grinned happily. She was like 12 or 11 years old, and she was hot. I have to say that, not that I like her but seriously. She was hot. Lol. When we finally left she ran toward the door and waved at me. I smiled. I guess that’s why people get relationships and love.

But, it’s too early for me. Lol. When evening finally arose, I was depressed, until I was watching Date Night with my parents and oldest sister. It’s pretty funny. I’m going to write about it somehow. Lol. Though, they did curse in the movie, which I’m still shocked from hearing cause words like that from Steve Carell. Lol. Finally, we got to go to sleep. Ah. See you people tomorrow. Lol.

A Surprising Sunday

Sorry I wasn’t able to post for the few days, I was busy or I was just TOO bored to go on the computer. Sorry, anyways, today I woke up around 6 or 5 in the morning, but I overheard one of my parents taking a shower. So, I was already reminded today was Sunday, or else, there would be no reason for my mom or dad for that matter to wake up this early. Anyways, I went downstairs to use the computer or have breakfast, but just before I could use the computer I noticed the bathroom light on. So, I knew that my mom was downstairs, so I just lightly ran back up the stairs and went back to sleep. I wanted to read Harry Potter “the sorcerer’s stone” (I got it two days ago, sorry for not mentioning it). To me, reading the book was like watching bit by bit of the movie (because Harry Potter has shown up a couple of times on TV, so I just watch). I don’t remember the author, but, oh well. Soon, enough, when I dazed into a sleep I had a dream, it was about two Indians burying a couple of nerds in dirt. Which was weird.

I was already bored of it, it stopped sounding (or looking) scary after the next 5 geeks. Later then, my mom woke me up, luckily I had the guts to wake up and not give her a tantrum. My brother though has a different perspective of sleeping. He’d just ignore my mom and then in the next 15 minutes he would get up. I started wearing some un_casual shirts and shorts. They didn’t feel comfortable. It just felt like the worst thing I’ve ever worn besides the wedding clothings. Usually my mom IS the reason why I get girls and my mom IS the reason why I look good. Why this? At least my hair was casual. But, my mom had to take that away as well. So, we all came to church, feeling uncomfortable. I didn’t feel too uncomfortable. But, just not right. Anyways, when I ran to my group I noticed much less kids in the beginning section of the boy section. At most 17 kids. But, usually there would be crowds of 40 or 50. But, okay, everybody was ignoring me like usual. But, I really didn’t care. I usually waited for my best friend Micheal to come and then I would be successfully be happy.

Though, my group didn’t have the same idea. But, I hardly cared or felt emotional about it. Anyways, I waited at the wooden stamps for him. But, it just came to boy, to boy, to boy and to boy. UGH!!!. Finally when it was close to Worship I met a big friend of mine. I don’t want to give details about him to be offensive, but yeah he’s my friend and I wasn’t embarrassed. Then, in the next 45 seconds Worship started. Then, for some stupid reason these 8th graders, along with this 6th or 7th grade boy were pushing me or poking me from behind. See I used to be picked like that when I was in 3rd grade. But, that was a joke, this was serious. Finally when one of the kids pushed me I muttered this under my lips “WTF?”. I don’t know what came after me, but I muttered it. Sorry, for cursing. Later when we had small group we had a huger crowd then usual. About 15 kids, in a small room. One of them said they didn’t enjoy Micheal. I clenched my fists, I wanted to punch the guy. But, I let it go. Am I friends only with the maniacs? Seriously. Later on, we had Kid stuff and got to see my sister’s best friend’s little baby. 3 weeks old. 😀

Later on, we spend some time at a Jewelry shop so my mom could buy a fancy necklace, which for some reason I didn’t sound TOO enthusiastic about. Luckily, my dad picked out some songs like “Telephone, by Lady Gaga ft. Beyonce”, “Stop and Stare, by Onerepublic” and then these other songs for an hour straight. LITERALLY. Then, we came back home and had some Burger Kind food. But, don’t talk about it now, ‘belch’ it makes me sick. Soon, enough I read my book Harry Potter right now I’m at page 112, soon I’ll be done with the book and then we got my sister (Patricia) Mario Super Bros “new” for the Wii, Kirby super star something on the Dsi for my brother (Matthew) and Crash on the game boy for Anabelle. I was just left alone with nothing. Sorry, I didn’t want to brag, how ’bout I ask my mom to get me a game, oh wait, she is. Lol. She’s getting me Kingdom of Hearts ‘Birth By Sleep’ for the PSP until I find the game system. So, I guess I’ll have to start working on looking for it. Soon, my brother and sister just played and yelled while playing Mario. It was irritating me, but, it was okay.

Then, we just went outside and did some break dancing with a group of other kids a grade higher then me and two grades lower then me. So, I was okay. Though, the day was kind of depressing because Sunday is usually my favorite day and I have high expectations for that day.

Most Of The Time I’m Your Everyday Butler

August 1, 2010
I don’t know if I remember clearly. But, I’m sure I wrote a post about my hard work. Except then it was never noticed. NOW, it’s the same thing except everybody thanks me from time to time. But, as long as I’m acknowledged and known I’m happy. But, now lets get back to what really happened today (yesterday). I was sleeping. Which of course I would do at night. But, I didn’t get to remember my dream. It was all just plain blank. Though, when I woke up, I decided to do that technique where I dream what I want to imagine in the morning. After the big sleep. Well, I tried it and it worked like a charm. I decided to dream about skateboarding. Except skateboarding while challenging Nyjah Huston. If you’ve ever heard of him then please inform me. But then, I decided to dream of canoeing again except at the Nile River. Where all the crocodiles try to kill us. Except what wasn’t expected was the fact there was always blood gushing out of the Crocodiles nostrils whenever I slapped it away. Weird… 😕

Anyways, when I was in the middle of fighting a lonely frustrated boar I was awakened. But, not just by anybody. It was my mom. Man, I really did it this time. It was church day and there are 3 reasons why I was able to figure THAT out in just a matter seconds. 1. I always have a hunch when it’s time to worship God. 2. my mom rarely comes inside my room unless it’s urgent just like Church. 3. because she looks into my closet for clothes which she never does unless it’s church day. I’m just lucky I don’t have to stay up this early in the mornings. Which would mean I would have to support my mom. Which would be fine as long as I grew a habit of doing it. Then, I made this decision which was actually a stupid one to go on the computer. Luckily, I just harvested from my trees when my mom came to chew me out. Well, after all the work my mom had to go through by putting on clothes for the rest of us we went to church. Oh and FYI, right now it may seem as if my mom is the worker or miss butler. But, then she gets tired around the afternoon and evening. That’s when I take shift.

Well, once I got to church I knew I was going to get for the first time my small group. Which was awesome. In church Elementary small group is just when you sit in a circle with a leader and some other kids and do these kid activities. Which I grew out of around 4th grade. But, in church middle school small group means you’re STILL with a leader but you are in this confined room which I think I’ve already described in my early posts. But, I never thought the experience in the group would be this fun. Oh, and the room was bigger than all the other rooms I got a preview of so lucky me. Well, there were some friends and enemies of mine that wasn’t in the room I was currently at. For example: Michael and Drew which I’m still trying to get friendlier to and then Whiley for enemy. But, I’m not going to say another story of how or why we became my enemy. So, lets get that out of our system (brain). Well, when I got in the room I saw my TRUE friends. August, Asa, Andrew and Peyton. Then, there were these two new kids I guess.

The service felt like it took only an hour which sucked. It felt like I just got here and missed almost everything and just when I settled it was over. Well, it was nice. But, then one of the new kids wanted to call his sister which I saw just in worship and just to tell you, she was very beautiful for her age. Like a famous celebrity kid like Dakota Fanning when she was little. Anyways, he wanted to call his sister. Except she hung up the next 2 seconds then he dragged me out of the room area. Then, I figured out my parents were waiting so I knew it was going to be abnormal my parents seeing a kid I guess younger than me by a few months dragging me. I also knew that my dad would want an explanation too. So, once we got to Walmart and went home we settled and ate. Except I was too enthusiastic about eating soup. Well, I was actually the last person on the table not finished with my soup. But, then I finished happily. Afterwards, my mom and dad watched White Collar and the episode was boring. Though, I still took some questions. Then, my mom asked me to bring her some water. That’s when I knew my shift started.

Then, my dad and I were about to watch the last Psych episode until my brother interrupted and said it was his time to watch. After that we watched Psych. Then, I had to go water gun fight my friends again because my mom and dad were watching Hot Tub Time Machine. And they didn’t want us to watch. I beat Logan happily 3 times. So, that was payback for the last few days all of them went against me. But, then, my own team betrayed me. Then, I went inside to do my butler duties.