Salute! Salute! To Ya’ll

I thank you all so much for being a big support to my blog. Today I got about 9 comments today, so thank you all for being a big support. I can’t go into names because it’ll pack my post. Anyways, today I woke up with a perfect head, which is weird, because my brain’s usually fine. But, at the moment it felt like my brain just got cleaned and now it’s stress-free. Don’t ask me how that happened. I went downstairs, hoping for some cereal because yesterday my mom got us 1 ft doughnut, which seemed like enough, but it wasn’t. I hadn’t had cereal for 3 days. Don’t you know how torturing that is? I had to wait for mom to drop dad off work and then bring us to go shopping with her and get cereal. When we finally got back home we bought Cocoa Dyno Bites, Flaked something and some Doritos. Now were talking. When we finally had our great breakfast I strolled straight to the computer and started school. Luckily, I only had to start elluminate classes at 9.

When, I started our Math class was learning and reviewing how to add, subtract and multiply with Fractions (this event took place around 11, I skipped the 9 and 10 for the 12 and 1). It was pretty easy I have to say. I thought I was the only one getting it besides the person right next to me and some other kids way below the class. Finally, when I start the 12 o’ clock elluminate for Science, I got a hearty welcome from my Science teacher (and homeroom teacher as well), Erin Lauen. I like calling her more by that name because it works better then Ms. Lauen. So, when the session started I was hoping Ms. Lauen to give us the chat. Unfortunately, there was a default with my chat screen and I appeared to have missed the chat chance. The other thing that sucked was the fact that Elizabeth wasn’t around.

Luckily, though Nayyir was by my side as always. We hadn’t known each other in the fifth grade until we somehow got tables (when we were clearly in a different class rooms [mines was Ms. Riley and Nayyir’s was Ms. Sparks]) together in the CRCT. Now, that the school permits any student into one class for each subject we can always see each other except for Advanced Math class. The only weird thing is how we end up near each other. Oh well, when we started we were reviewing about metamorphic rocks, sedimentary rocks and igneous rocks and how they change and bla-bla-bla. It eventually got boring, so I felt the need to exit the class, but you can’t bail out of a class. So, I had to stay in there for about an hour or so, which is more then our usual schedule. When I was done, I went through the rest of the subjects, turns out I have a lab test tomorrow. Really reassuring Science. *sighing* When I had to take the Social Studies lesson it was all a blur.

So, I went through Study Island and went through the rest of the school. I finally got done at the counting of 3:12 pm. My mom celebrated by watching Glee and giving us some cookies. I have to say Glee is my second favorite ‘to watch on TV’ show, but this episode didn’t really surprise me. Britney Spears. Are you serious. That’s that last thing I want to end up hearing from Glee. I even thought Brittaney was being to much of murmuring show-off. When we came to pick up dad it was all a blur, and then I fell asleep. See ya’ll tomorrow.

Last Week Of Summer

Well, I guess that my mom was happy today. I by the way was not even close to happiness. My mom also switched jobs with Patricia and I just because I got too ahead of myself and said I could do Patricia’s job easily. Well, I was half right and half wrong. I was using some gloves so I wouldn’t have all the muck on my hands. Luckily, I was able to clean the dishes, but still feel angry inside. My mom watched Eureka without me. I just felt really angry at the moment.

The next morning was church day. Like it always is on Sundays. We all had to get dressed, brush our teeth, wash our face and make our hair look good. Once that was over we went to church and like usual I ran to my group alone since I go now to Xtreme. While we were worshiping the speaker announced that this was the last day to sign up for Boot Camp, which sent chills down my spine. Later on I told my dad while helping him with the Host Team about it. He looked at and found a very hard price to pay. $210!!!! Anyways, I kept reminding him again and again to sign up. Oh, I just hope he did sign up.

Next day we were planning to go to Bebe’s house. He’s a Romanian friend of ours. So, my mom told my dad that we needed to go to the Farmer’s Market. While on the trip Matthew was really annoying me and getting me in trouble. I just wanted to punch that guy in the stomach that time. Once, we were done we quickly left the house to go see Bebe. Once I got there I was admiring their many plants they had. Watermelon, tomatoes, cucumbers if I’m right, peppers and the trees with so much flavors. I wanted to buy this house. Oh and they also had a tool shed. But it was filled with wood. If it wasn’t I could keep my band there. Once we got back home my dad had to break it down to me that we weren’t renting or buying the house which put me down. Afterwards, I went to sleep.

Next morning I woke up with Inkheart right next to me. Huh? Maybe I read it and fell asleep. Who cares. After that, I went downstairs to have some breakfast. Well, Honey Buzzers to be precise. I ate for half an hour, I guess then I went back upstairs. Then, it just hit me, my mom actually told us yesterday (2 days ago) that we could go to sleep through morning ti’ll evening since it is our last week of Summer break. Probably to set off a 36 hour sleep record. After a few more hours Matthew was bugging me the whole day. Instead of wanting to punch him, I just wanted to kick him. Later on, some grownups came. They were the owners of the fish that we were babysitting. Oh, I forgot to mention I had to babysit fish for 2 weeks. Maybe it didn’t seem important for me at the moment. Well, after they left, Patricia thought they forgot to pick up the fish. So, she told them to pick it up. Instead, they let us keep it. Well, that lit up my spirit. 😀

Once I woke up the next morning I felt devastated. After I ate breakfast my mom checked this house on Craigslist. She was impressed. So, we just decided to get a little better look at the house. Before that, my mom went to Walmart and bought us all these kinds of junk food. Oreo, Chips Ahoy, Peanut Butter Crackers, Rits Crackers and this special yellow punch. I decided not to fill myself with the punch. After we checked the houses seemed really impressed. Then, checked another house. I guess this all took an hour and a half. Once we got home Matthew played video games like crazy and I just used the computer like I usually do. Oh and FYI, I’m also going to Daniel’s Birthday party at the Roller Skating area. The unusual thing is that I’m getting more along with Daniel then before.

Well, the next day wasn’t too bright for me. I got some how school sick. I kind of want to go back into school. I MISS IT! I had nothing to do for the rest of the day. The only thing that was enjoying was the fact that I was being king of my brothers and sisters and I was ordering them around. It was fun, but I was expecting something better. Eventually we watched X-men Last Stand then Project Runaway. The funny thing is that I now turned from coach potato to Fashion judge. It’s just weird, but feels good.

The next day I tried coming up with ideas why this week I felt so bored and stunk-up so I could solve my problems. Then, I got a result. It was actually a good result. Thank God he helped. During the afternoon we were checking out some houses. Which was weird but okay. Afterwards, we went to the Farmer’s Market. In Georgia it’s basically this place that shows different kinds of food you couldn’t imagine. But, I try ignoring the fact that my curiosity level is going to high. After that, my aunt was coming over. We had to clean up like normal. When she came, we all enjoyed each other. And this was my last week before the school was starting. 🙂

At Least Addiction Isn’t My Problem Anymore

July 16, 2010
Hey, I hope most of you have heard of the commenter that just came back. Well, some of you may not even remember her. Her name is Fiya. Recently changed into FiyaFiya. I actually think the name is more attractive in her style. I also LOVED her new gravatar. Anyways, I FINALLY remembered my dream. It was scary and horrifying. And felt like the movie Inception. You know why? This is how it begins. I was in a car and so was my brother and parents (my sister’s weren’t in the dream). We eventually went to the bassist’s house and then left to go back home. But, for some reason our car was right under the Eiffel Tower. We weren’t even IN Paris! Well, I felt this kind of hard and rubbish, plastic thing on the ground. One of the plastic plates for the floor basically in Preschool. Then, the whole earth was tipping over left to right. And just when I was about to get a grip on the tower legs the world tipped over full side left. My brother wasn’t able to hold on. He fell in the dark air. But, for some reason, my hands wanted to let go and I let go. Before I could get to dark air I woke up. Scaring the heck of myself.

I only just noticed I woke up around 1 IN THE MORNING and guess what CRAZY thing I did. I went downstairs. and it was dark. But, it was normal this time because in a dark room for quite a while. So, I was able to turn on the light without feeling paranoid or scarce. My aunt eventually came downstairs. Man, I completely forgot she was staying over. Not that I didn’t like having her around. It is just that I forgot she was here and it surprised me. I also forgot she was an early morning wake-up. Hahaha. Funny me. Anyways, I was told that my aunt and parents were going back to the wedding to arrange. Honestly, I don’t know how that place is going to look like. But, I do know who the bride and what other gender you call it in weddings.

We played video games on the exact time mom told us to do it on. And we stopped also at the exact time mom recommended. Just when we stumbled across Generator Rex we took 30 minute bath. We were able to take a bath and wash our hair. Except my sister left a load of bath water in the bathroom floor. I told her to dry it. Shes aid it was going to be as easy as pie. Well, I ignored that for awhile. Thunder hit 15 feet away from our house. It was a scary experience. Than, my dad did quiet time with us. Oh and FYI, we were done by 11:54 at night. Almost stayed up FULL time. Oh and tomorrow’s the wedding (today).

The Trip Was Worth It

July 10, 2010
Well, if you’re looking for an error, look at me. I got messed up. My morning wake-up wasn’t pleasant. I woke up, rough-headed and feeling hard-cored. Well, I knew the good thing that tomorrow was the World Cup finals (though, I just watched it [I’ll give you the details tomorrow]). That actually supported me to a good mood. Instead of a frown face. Anyways, I knew today we were leaving. But, around 10 in the morning. I thought it was about 7 in the morning by now. But, the mornings in Florida are pretty hard to tell from because they are always… sunny. Well, we were leaving. Which was weird because when I looked at the Tivo box, it was only 8 in the morning. But, my mom said we had to leave as fast as possible. Well, the fastest, the earliest we get home.

Once, we got on the car, our friends were waving good bye. Well, I waved back. But, still felt happy to be going home. But, once we left, it took us an hour to find a good store to get breakfast. We got um… some breakfast good ones. But unfortunately, the rip SOO long we decided to take several naps. Than, we had to wait ti’ll 4 in the afternoon to get lunch. If I’m right, we had Twilight vanilla milkshake, Twilight big, small and medium size fries, a Dk burger, Kids Burger and a strawberry milkshake. Pretty long list for actually a very cheap price. Lol. Reminds me of buying games with a Game Stop card. Lol. Well, my mom was predicting the trip to take all the way ti’ll 6:30 PM. Well, she was partially right. But, did I care?! No! once I saw our beautiful close by park and Walmart I was excited. Than, I saw the place where I threw a rock and hit a car. Ah memories. Lol.

Once I got in the street. I saw a bunch of people down there. I could already predict who was it. King, Savino and Simon. But, I was wrong. Alex was there (and he got a haircut) and Simon was at home. Once, they saw my car, they were all surprised. Wanting to scream out of happiness. But, I didn’t really predict their faces very well. Alex was actually being REALLY rude. But, I ignored whenever he did that. Oh and guess what? My mom’s birthday is next Sunday and Alex’s is next Monday if I’m correct. Alex is turning actually 13 my mom, I don’t know. She likes keeping that private. Anyways, everybody was happy to see me. Especially, King. I wanted to see if Alicia was out so I could try to talk to her about the problems I had to solve between us. But, unfortunately, she was in Kentucky. That’s too bad. Well, Simon came out, with a drunken t-shirt I guess. We gave each other a greeting. And eventually, he asked if he could try to do a move on me. I said sure. Life went on. Lol.

Well, once we got up the street, we went to Nicholous’s house. He wasn’t surprising me. He was giving these dumb gestures. But, that was his way. Unfortunately, I had to go home because it was already 9 at evening. Alex was still playing Uno with Nicholous. I wonder while I was chatting with King if they were still there. Hmm… 😕

Everything Was Made How It Was Supposed To Be Made

July 8, 2010
Well, I ding done done it. I finally found a success in my life. A good instead of evil inside of me. I was happy. I wanted to sprout and show my happiness. I knew this was also going to be the last 2 days in Florida, but, I was pretty thrilled. I wasn’t really looking forward to staying longer because, the longer we stayed, the worst. I would have to have my mind off the Wii for a long time. I would have to stay in a room until every parent was awake, I had to eat outside constantly (reason why it’s annoying to stay outside: flies, mosquitoes biting and buzzing me and a dirty table). Home is home. That’s how it’s supposed to be. Georgia is my home and will always be that way. I’ll be so ticked off if I had to move from Georgia. Anyways, I had no dream to remember of, so sorry for that alert. But, when I woke up, I saw Alexandra leaving the room than being sent back in the room. Well, I pretended to go back to sleep. But, my mom woke me up annoyingly and saying we were going on a field trip.

I wanted to feel arrogant right now or give my mom some of my whiny begs not to go on a field trip. You know why? Well, for one: it was 7 in the morning. Two: I didn’t have the energy to. And three: I was in a nice moment. Well, anyways, we went out, got breakfast from Mcdonalds (Cinnamon melts to be exact) and got on with the car trip. It took us about an hour to get to where we wanted to get to. But, guess where we expected to go? A small island next to Florida. It had military schools, amazing libraries (I actually replied to Sammy’s comment on my earlier posts at the library), awesome hotels, several mansions and an amazingly awesome beach. But, the problem with that is because, there were barely people visiting those people. So, I thought that was a community waste. The other problem with the place was the temperature was about 106 degrees Fahrenheit. So, when we were taking pictures, we didn’t do so well keeping our eyes open. Well, the last problem I had with the island was basically if we lived here, we would barely get to interact with people because the place was deserted for about 9 months. So, only 3 months of social communication.

We spent time there for about 3 hours and finally left with sand in our pockets, especially in mine. Here’s the thing, I don’t get why people invented pockets in swim-suits. There is really no reason for it. My mom actually agreed with me. But, before we were going to get to the bottom of this we were home. We actually had to swim in the pool to wipe off all the crap. Which was weird and comfortable. But, again REALLY weird. Afterwards, I watched “War of the Worlds” AGAIN except through the beginning. The thing I didn’t like about the movie was the fact it showed how uncivilized and how monstrous people could be to each other when hard times came. Even the main character Tom Cruise killed somebody because he was trying to escape and take down the machines. That was the scary part. Anyways, I had to watch the rest of the movie by myself. When the movie was done the parents were trying to look for a movie to watch. Really? They had already Avatar (navi people), It’s Complicated in their house. That’s enough to choose from.

The day ended actually ended badly. But, the rest of the day was pretty good. 😀

The First Day On The Trip Was Pretty Interesting

June 27, 2010
Well, lets get something straight. Along the way through the trip, I was sleeping (it was just a 10 minute sleep).I had a dream about my friends Savino and King partying in my front garage. They had also Alicia and even my enemies from church. They were all celebrating the fact I was gone and they didn’t have to see me. That was the worst thing ever. But, then, I was in the middle of the party and everybody noticed me. They were all chattering. I knew I had to take a run for it. But, instead, they grabbed me by my leg and dragged me against the concrete. They were dragging me to this hot pot. They had this mark that said “death arrives here”. Than, when I tried to escape I threw a soldier over the mark. He was already incinerating and burning even though he was 20 yards away from the pot. That meant the pot was really hot. Than, they yelled out for this cylinder-man to come out. It looks as if he was the only person that was able to pass the line without getting burned. Just when he was about to grab me, my best friend Michael and my other friends jumped in the crowd. They sliced their bodies and took me away. That’s when the dream got interrupted by Matthew’s not-necessary yelling. I practically yelled back at him. Than, kept my mouth shut. My mom was driving throughout the night, so, she didn’t want to get involved.

After a few hours, I had this weird pizza taste. It felt like I had vomited food in my mouth. I really wanted to get rid of the taste. So, I asked my mom if we could make a stop at a gas station. She said we could stop by around 12:30 am. That was actually 3 hours from now. I really didn’t want that taste to remain in my tongue. So, I kept bragging about getting to a gas station faster. But, here’s the thing, if my mom was actually taking that as an idea she would’ve stopped already. We already passed by 13 gas stations. I was so bored. Boredom struck me. In the car!!! How the heck was I supposed to find something to do? If you’re thinking to go back to sleep. You thought a pretty bad idea. The whole car was stuffed with games, clothes, toys, board games and so on. There were only a few spaces. But, I eventually fell asleep, got to sleep through 12:30 am and took that freaking taste out of my tongue.

Soon, I stayed up and got so into the road, 4 hours passed. It was already 4 in the morning and we were at our friend’s house. So, that meant we were there 2 hours early. Well, we all were happy and greeted each other. Eventually, we had to go to bed. Than, time went by, I forgot it was already Sunday. Church day. Once we got at the church, it looked empty and hollow. Then, we had to go to this room where it looked like all the people were. There was a group of people. Smaller than our church. Than, there was these people. I girl singer and guitarist, a guy guitarist, a guy bassist, a guy drummer and a guy piano player. They sang then sent us to this room which also looked hollow and empty, except for the few kids. The place actually looked like a Pre-K. But, the kids were pretty decent and so were the teachers. The thing that sucked was their community was poor. So, they only had big-play crayons. We also had to do activities and bla-bla-bla. Boring, but good enough for their share in community.

After wards we went to the beach and had a load of fun. We took some sodas and pizza. We all looked like gangsters with our sodas. Than, we looked as if we were Pizza hut delivers with the pizzas. I felt disappointed with only being able to stay in the ocean for 10 minutes. Than, we went home. Got nothing to do but stay in the pool ti’ll 9 at midnight struck. By the rest the day ended. 🙂