A Day Full of School

The whole day was being spent on school. Today we weren’t allowed to go outside because we needed to focus on our school more. So, yeah, I’ll start first with the morning. I woke up earlier then usual since on the weekdays I needed to get used to the feeling of waking up early like I used to  since we had classes starting at 9:00 AM. So, of course, I woke up early in the morning, used my computer for awhile until the neighbors came to our door the 5th time this week, asking if we could come outside. But I was waiting for this moment to arrive. Elijah, our new neighbor, was the one who had rang our doorbell and asked if I could come outside.

I came outside, only because that was before Mom told us that we weren’t allowed to go outside. Savino, our other neighbor you must be familiar with, Elijah, and Noah was there. Eventually, Simon came around and watched with us as Elijah rode down the street on a skateboard and ripstick off a ramp. He managed to land a trick with a skateboard, but failed constantly on the ripstick. Thierry and Brandon came along with Alexis, that’s when we all went up the street until the bus came and I went back inside and attended my classes. I was in ELA class with my teacher, Ginny Johnson, for about 50 mins until I ate breakfast (oatmeal) during class. I’ve actually now gotten used to the taste of oatmeal (since for the past 3 weeks we’ve been eating healthy foods).

I attended a few other classes until I did my homework. I got a k-mail (which is an e-mail in my school) telling me that I’m finally going to be getting Study Island assignments and an essay I’ll have to write down due September 7th. Oh well, the only interesting thing happening this month is the Stone Mountain outing the whole school is having for Northern Georgians. Eventually we had lunch and I passed my Social Studies Unit Assessment with a good 100% score. I finished through Literature and Vocabulary rather easily. It was until 5:46 PM that I finished all of my subjects for today. Pre-Algebra was pretty easy. 😉 We were only studying on the greater than, less than, and equals sequences. I’m just waiting to learn some new things now, since I’ve been learning reviews from last year and some basics.

I want to be challenged. Well, half of my family afterwards did Yoga for about an hour and then that was pretty much it for today. Oh P.S. we have now a new hamster, named Spike (probably I have mentioned) and found a wild parrot, that we’re currently naming Sonic until we find out if it has an owner.

The Twelfth Night: Act III and CRCT Review

I actually woke up around 4:35 AM in the morning, so we’ll start by there. When I woke up in the middle of the night, I felt really scared. Luckily, though, I had my PSP that I had left there last night when I was video chatting our friends in Florida. When I remembered that, I grabbed my PSP, and played on it for I don’t know how long exactly. All I knew was that I had been playing from pitch black dark, to a dull blue sky. Not the blue sky you would see in the morning. I mean the dull blue sky that would lighten up the room, but not show the light yet. I yet again was the Republic in Star Wars Battlefront 2. I wasn’t doing very well. All 80 of our troopers in the galactic conquest had died in our fight in Dagobah and in Kashyyyk (and yes, it’s spelled correctly). My second battle with my army in Dagobah got ugly because I hadn’t realized that the CIS troopers had used a special power up to gain more troopers than expected. So, instead of being 80 to 80, it was 80 to 120 troopers. Though, when it came to around 12 to 9 troopers, I was the survivalist for the team. I killed the 9 last droids. Though, the second last one was a droikeda, which made the assail a bit more longer. When we won the battle, I earned my stats.

  1. 10 points for Dead Eye (10 was max for stats).
  2. 8 points for Public Enemy.
  3. 9 points for survivalist (which was VERY good).
  4. 0 points for Traitor.
  5. 3 points for tankbuster (not so good, but okay).

Telling by the results, I did very well, unfortunately, before I could start my next battle of Hoth, my mom was entering into the bathroom next to my room and the battery had run out. I shoved back the PSP under my bed and fell asleep. I did notice that I haven’t been able to remember my dreams, which is a really disappointing thing for me, but dreaming isn’t the best part of my life, so I was completely normal about it. When I woke up, my mom was working at our house, while our dad was out of town for business, I went downstairs and checked the computer for e-mails on my girlfriend. I sent her a flirty e-mail for I don’t know why yet, but I hope she’ll respond as I expected. I checked my k-mails for school, and turns out, I had 4 of them.

It’s not really an expected thing for me to have 4 k-mails sent to me, without having me check them. Because I’m a k-mail addict, in the sense that whenever 1 k-mail gets sent to me, I check it immediately. Because of it, I haven’t gotten 4 unchecked k-mails in months this year.

I read the 4 k-mails, and was suspecting that one of them was going to be about the location they found the hacker. But, it wasn’t. It was just k-mails about the Peach Buzz, and the Monday Memo. Though, what really caught my attention was the last k-mail my homeroom teacher sent me on CRCT reviews. I clicked the CCS recorded links she send me, and turns out, all the CCS did for the people who viewed it was send you saved attachment files. I had to save 37 files just for ELA and Reading review. It took about 20 minutes to save all of those files (which for me is a long time in experience). I moved on to the Mathematics links afterwards. I had to save from our Middle School director, Cathy Harper, whom which I didn’t like as a teacher, 19 files. Now, that took just a couple of minutes. I was astonished I didn’t have as much work for Mathematics than ELA and Reading. I’d thought there would be more.

When I opened the files, I figured that they were homework. Annoying! So, I decided not to move on to the Social Studies and Earth Science recorded CCS. When I checked my OLS plan, I realized that they added a new app on the front of our school page a page that would show all the links for today’s CCS for each grade. I was amused by it. It looked plain old simple. So, I did my Pre-Algebra lesson review, soon I’m gong to have to study for the Unit Assessment. I did my GUM lesson, which I got 90% for missing one question and I had a long literature lesson for a lot of reasons. I had to study on the Twelfth Night: Act III. I had to play the act myself with my sister, and I had to do a lot of research on it. 35 full pages of research links, studying and learning for just that topic. When I was in the duration of picking a play with my sister I accidentally hit him up the nose and he started bleeding black blood again.

Or it was probably just dark red blood. I don’t know. When that happened I got in trouble with mom. Luckily, dad was on a business trip so he didn’t have to yell at me for what happened, and mom did. Matthew was crying, but it wasn’t like a serious cry. It faded away once I went upstairs with him and he started laughing. Oh Matthew, why? When I finished school with Matthew I made an animated video on youtube about the Ring girl. It’s sort of funny. But, I’ll share you the link on the next post.

The Impossibilities Of Socializing With A Brother

Uh, guys, I’m going to have to alert you that my ‘secretly posting’ thing is coming to an end in two days. I reminded my mom that my grounding was finally over (so I won’t have to worry that my mom is figuring out that I’m secretly posting). So, my mom’s kind of going to go over my post to make sure it sounds clean. So, I’ll try to make the best of today. Today was, I don’t know… a little too brutal. I think I’ve officially changed my worst day of the week, from Monday to Tuesday. It’s like everybody gets frustrated, and it never appears to stop. There’s always gotta be a rant from my mom about our school, and how it’s not organized. Well, I hope your in for one big rant today. When I was in the middle of taking my homework, my mom didn’t look to well, which is like all the time. Lol. And all of the sudden, she comes out working with Matthew (my brother) on the portfolio, which he finished long time ago.

She then started saying that Matthew’s teacher is awful. Weird, cause a few weeks ago, when she met his teacher, she said she’s really nice, now she’s saying she’s awful. My mom said that she’s going to have to give FAP points to Matthew if he doesn’t send it through mail. First of all, she already sent it online, now Matthew’s teacher is expecting for it to be sent. And BTW, FAP points means suspending points. Once you get 6 or 7 I think you’re immediately suspended from the school. Mom got so pissed she started coming up with ideas that Matthew’s teacher said he’s missing elluminates, which BTW, he’s going into all the elluminates, and the teachers are saying that the elluminates are moving from place to place. And then they just lead Matthew to a dead end. Well, I tried encouraging my mom so she wouldn’t have to overreact or anything.

Unfortunately, she started getting snappy, like usual, when something bad happens. It’s just so predictable. That’s what I hate about. I checked my mom’s k-mail. Turns out she mistakened the title ‘missing elluminates’ as if the teacher meant Matthew. It was only about her teacher missing most of the elluminates. But, most of the other stuff my other mom ranted about were true. Now, instead of talking about my mom’s drama, let’s talk more about what happened to ME. I had a Literature Unit Assessment test, and as usual, I have to answer like 34 annoying questions and write down 4 paragraphs about you favorites in the Unit. I skipped the thing and went toward Math. I passed it easily, without effort. That’s the good thing. I had to move onto GUM, and again it was so predictably easy. I can go on all day about this. The only thing that was ringing in my head was the Literature Unit Assessment test and the Science Unit Assessment test. Instead I worked on the Science test and again got a 100% for results.

Later on, I went on the computer and started messing around. You know, checking blogs, commenting on them, updating mines, and checking my Farm on Farmville. It came to a point where I was so annoyed that I decided to tell my sister to work for more bits of our new play. I already finished our first play. If I can find a way to update it on my dad’s Youtube account, or probably upload it from the computer, I’ll be able to show it to you. It’s just a regular comedy. Though the quality is poorer then Patricia and I expected. Now, what else? Oh yeah, this is my rant for today. My brother was grinning constantly at me. It was so infuriating. Whenever he’d see me go on my blog, he’d go with his damn stupid attitude “You’re going on your blog again”. I wanted to hit that bitch all day. And I wasn’t able to. Well, mark my words, I’ll kick his ass someday. Trust me.

He became so annoying throughout the day. Constantly playing around and getting me angry. The most stupidest thing he did today, was play video games on the school computer. Our dad won’t even let me check my blog there. He crossed the line there. On the other hand, things went fine. I finally learned how to play tabs on a guitar. 😀 😀 😀

What The Monday Just Happened?

Hey, nice to see you guys again on my blog. Now we’re going to go over what happened today. I woke up today around 8:22. I assumed there was going to be a Language Arts class with my least favorite teacher today around 8, because that’s when it usually starts. Unfortuantely, I burst into tears thinking about my portfolio that I sent yesterday. For some reason, I forgot that I send it. So, I went into crying stage for a few seconds, and then realized I already sent it, lol. I ALSO figured out there were no elluminates/classes on Monday. Woo ho!! Though, I always forget it somehow, and get paranoid whether or not I miss it. I went to my Literature Unit review test.

I wasn’t too enthusiastic about the upcoming Unit Assessment test. I bet I’d even fail on it. When I finished some of the rest of my subjects, I checked my tests that I finally completed on Study Island. Unfortunately, when I logged in, I had 9 MORE tests assigned for me. I got sick of having to deal with 5 tests. But… 9 tests.. was like amazing!! I passed a lesson in Social Studies, with missing only one question. I moved on and tried to do Spanish Math. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get the words, so I immediately jumped out of the test, before they resulted me. I tried Chemistry, and I did pretty good, even though all these things were ahead of my grade. I passed the test, but then got sidetracked. So, I had to do it AGAIN. Which was so freaking annoying. I went on to Math, which turned out easy. So, I did three more lessons, and kicked it’s ass.

Wow, haven’t gotten this much enthusiasm in awhile. I had Social Studies left, so I took a break. I was beating up my little sister. Anabelle, if you hadn’t known. Unluckily, I got bored, so I played with some of my cars, in my room. I decided to do a play with cars, that I’ll probably set up on youtube. Not that I have an account, so that’s the major problem. But, I had to start finishing my Social Studies. Before I could finish the last questions for the Unit Assessment test, I got lectured by my mom to load the dishes. She seemed so stressed today. I got pissed, because I get angry whenever my mom gets in pain/stress. I loaded the dishes and finished my Unit Assessment test, and got a good 100%. My mom and I clapped hands of my achievement. I worked on the play, and to tell you, it’s pretty crappy, until my sister (Patricia [oldest sister]) came in the play and started coming up with good ideas. I have to say, I have to give credit to her.

Unfortunately, it took about 10 videos to get an almost perfect performance. I got bored, so I watched Furry Vengeance with my mom. And to tell you, the movie was: disgusting, unbearable, awkward, depressing and miserable. The animals just made the guy’s life more miserable. I HATED IT!! Once I was done, I went to Terry and Kerry’s house in order for them to come out. And as usual on a weekday, they wouldn’t be able to come. I practiced on Soccer a little bit, and got PRETTY GOOD. Patricia’s friend came, with a weird, and depressing dress. She always has to wear black. *rolls eyes* She asked me for Patricia to come out. I got bored so I listened. They ended up staying up playing in the street with bikes for an hour. Meaningless to me. Then, they went to our porch around 8. I wonder if I could teach them a lesson once in awhile.

*coughs* Have A Soar Throat *coughs*

Today I decided to work less and start not wasting my time taking lots of notes on Social Studies. It did help a lot, but, it just felt like a waste to me. So, I just read about Central America and the Caribbean and only put some of the necessary notes down. I was able to pass with a decent 95% on my score, which was good enough for me. So, I moved on to Earth Science. I was studying about how scientists tell how old the Earth can be and how it ages. The funny thing though was the fact that I had to learn this new word called uniformitarianism, and how I still remember how to spell it. Lol. After I was done, I got a good 100% for score which made my day for Earth Science. I decided to take a break and tell my brother to do his reading. After THAT drama was done I went quickly to Literature. Unfortunately, I was too nervous to take my Unit Assessment test.

I had to do it somehow. So, I tried making some calculations to try to find the right time to start working on Literature, plus the Math without being too late. See, my brain never starts working. Lol. It’s always a huge strategy game I always end up solving in the end. So, I worked more on my Composition work for my new portfolio which I need to have due October 25th. Yikes. I did a test for Canada on Study Island to help me get some more facts for my portfolio. After that, I did another test on Study Island about the Geological process of Earth forms. Well, that didn’t really seem important to me, but, my portfolio topic was about Physical features. So… this might come in handy. I finished both of them with a 98.5% score. Almost 100. 🙂 After that, I sighed heavily, muttered a few times and went directly to my Unit Assessment test. I had to write 4 paragraphs, as usual, about 2 Greek heroes I liked and enjoyed during the past time I was reading. I got a a decent 89% for my lack of not remembering a story we had to read.

Finally, when my mom wasn’t busy anymore, I asked her to help me with Geometry on Math. Man studying on the topic of circles, MADE ME go in circles. It was so complicated how they worked out the diameter, circumference, radius and the Greek symbol which represented pie. I finally got a 100% for my Math test. Hmm… things are looking up. Unfortunately, during all the lessons and tests I took I had a real sore throat. So, whenever I’d cough, my stomach started hurting. When the grownups came, I had such a hard time breathing my face turned purple. Not red. I went to sleep so I could get the coughing over with. Just hope it goes away. 😀 I finally drifted away from a dream, but, that’s a different story.

There HAD To Be Problems With Me And My Mom

Sorry I haven’t been able to post, I’ve been recently busy with other things. So yeah. Today I got ready for school which was soon starting around 8:30. Well, guess how the world turned upside down. Once I’d arrive downstairs to have breakfast and brush my teeth, I noticed on the calender, elluminates were supposed to be starting 8:00. Damn!! Luckily, my mom’s not downstairs to make it such a big problem right? WRONG! She ended up coming downstairs, really early. The kind of thing I wanted to expect from today. We got into an argument about when I woke up. And just to tell you I woke up around 8:15. Not around 7. I eventually won the argument because I was SO innocent and I never knew. Mom started acting angry for awhile, but she usually cools off. Anyways, just remembered what the teachers had said.

No elluminates this week, so we’re free off classes. Woo, that keeps my oppressed feeling off my shoulders. Lol. I tarted today with a little more of Greek Mythology. It was the second session on Jason the Golden Fleece. I bet it was the last though. I had to study with 18 pages on the stories he went out to get the Golden Fleece and all. Soon enough, I had to start Math with mom. Which was a lot easier for practice this morning. Mom was too busy, so I had to do it later on today as usual. Once I was in the middle of my Social Studies unit review, I noticed a machine outside, assuming it was a terminator by the model and how it looked. I didn’t want to pay attention to any Terminators at the moment. I may have not mentioned this, but, I told my mom I think I saw a terminator, and she started yelling at me for a stupid imagination.

Well, anyways, I had to do my Science Unit assessment. So, I asked my dear friend, Nayyir to help me through it. Because I still don’t get how rocks are resulted as Coarse Grained. Well, when I got done, I finished with an exceeding of %96. Missed only one question on the test. WOO! Later on, Savino and I, ew… what’d I say. Anyways, Savino and I were teaming up and using our bb guns to shoot the hell of Nicholas (he’s a very annoying 8 year old). He got shot once, got in his car, and said he would threaten to kill us with a knife his mom was holding that was illegal. Savino betrayed me, and I well, went toward Simon’s side, who was so messed up today, I don’t even wanna mention it. Later on, grownups came and I had to babysit.

Luckily, Sharyl our baby Chinese girl I babysat two weeks ago, was staying. And she was cuter than ever. Ah, life never stops getting interesting, doesn’t?

Puberty Hurts So Much! *moaning*

Oh, God, today wasn’t really bright. I woke up today feeling a head trauma for a couple of minutes. It turned out to be 5 in the morning, really the kind of thing you expect from an 11 year old. I checked my sister’s computer (which is kind of odd, because I hardly ever use it besides doing school if I can’t find any other available area or for posting) to see what kind of school I’d be expecting. Well, today I had to be assigned with 6 subjects. Not really a good thing coming from a Thursday. Lol. When I was in the middle of reading, I found the word Theseus, which really made a ding in my head.

Now, we were studying Greek Mythology, so now you might understand how I got the connection. All I could make connection with was the fact that he was either a minor god, a god, or the son of a God. Turns out when I read it, it was just about a boy who had to lift a stone up for swords and start looking for his father Aegeus. Now that name to me sounded more like a God name. Unfortunately, everything was human in the movie, which made me distaste the story, besides the fact that Theseus met this guy called Procrustes, the stretcher. If you’ve read the first book of Percy Jackson you’d might remember this lizard man putting Annabeth, Grover and Percy in some tubs. The lizard man then tried to cut their legs off to match the bath length. Well, that kind of resembles with this man called Procrustes. It was scary when they mentioned that Procrustes would cut, or stretch his visitors to make the size right for the bed length, because it reminded me of that Lizard man, which creeped me out.

When I was done with that I completed my Math, which I have to say I did pretty good on the review. Oh yeah. I remember I got to confident I decided to do my Unit Assessment which I was supposed to do tomorrow. I passed. Yepee!! Mom’s going to be happy. When I was done, I decided to go through my Social Studies and then take a break. My mom was downstairs playing with Anabelle (my little sister). I wanted to keep the Unit Assessment pass a surprise for awhile. So, I went and checked on my blog, and I have to say, I’m thankful I’m getting all those comments. My post earlier will thank you, once you read it. Lol. When I was done checking the blog, I went downstairs and toppled over our chair. It fell right on my pimple of the right of my chest. Probably, I haven’t mentioned this to you, but my puberty seems to have gotten out of hand. My pimples of my chest start to grow closer to my ribs, so whenever they go in contact with anything that pushes them backwards they start to REALLY HURT!

It’s just something so funny, yet so stupid. I want the puberty to GO AWAY. I’ll probably write something about it on a paper. Lol. Later on, we were watching My Wife And Kids. Which most of you probably know. It was pretty funny and awesome. But, at the beginning, all it did was aggravate me. Well, that’s kind of weird coming from a comedy show. Soon enough, everything was a blur, so we did Quiet Time and fell asleep. Good night