I Am Happy :D

Hey guys, Andrew here, bringing you a new post about my day. So let’s get to it!

As you can tell, by the title, I’m pretty happy. Reason being is that .. well let’ me explain further back about the day. Before the day started, which was evening yesterday, the day I wrote you the last post before this post. I said that I was going to probably, finally finish the book “To Kill a Mockingbird”. And I did. I felt so happy for two reasons. One, the ending of the book was great. Love the book. Give it 5 stars. Two, I actually finished this 463 paged book in less than 4 days, which is very surprising due to the fact that I have been lazy. Now I probably AM getting into the swing of my old ways. Reading books and all. Getting amazing grades. I would love to see that old me back. But my happiness had not stopped. Continue reading …

Just as I finished the book it was about 1 AM in the morning and my parents had come upstairs to greet me. I had told them my throat hurt, cause randomly it felt empty and dry and it stung the vocal cord (if I have one) of my throat. My mother handed me a sort of medicine to ooze the night so I wouldn’t be too distracted with the pain. No matter how badly it tasted it, I knew it was gonna be worth it. And worth it, it was. I slept through the night so well, a man could have killed me in my sleep and I would not have noticed it. Once I had woken up from my dreary sleep I still had felt somnolent when my mother woke me up. If you don’t know what somnolent is (I think Mary-Kate does), then let me explain: It means when you’re in a sleepy stage. Drowsy, sort of. My mother had given me 5 more minutes toΒ re-cooperate until the medicine would wear off. Unfortunately that took more than 30 minutes, making me miss my math class. In reality, though, I wasn’t worried. At first I was, but then when I saw it was a review I had calmed. So I decided to work on a few of my subjects.

I had completed my Literature “To Kill a Mockingbird” assignment for yesterday and was acknowledged that I was going to be taking the big test, testing to see if I really comprehended or in other words understood the book very well. So crossed fingers for that! I did a Science lesson today on, I believe, Newton’s Laws of Motion and actually memorized the first law and I believe the second part as well. Let’s see if I remember:

“Newton’s First Law states that an object at rest will remain at rest unless acted on by an unbalanced force.”

And “Newton’s second part of the First Law states that an object in straight-line motion will remained in motion unless acted on by an unbalanced force.”

I am so smart. c:

So I did the lesson and surprisingly as I did the quiz for the lesson I got an exceeding grade of 100% on the lesson. I could of, most likely, gotten an 80% grade because there was this particular question that needed your undivided attention in order to answer correctly. I almost gave up on it cause it took 10 minutes for me to focus on that particular question, but I decided this: If I miss this question, no matter how unsure I am, at least I’ll go down knowing I was comfortable about my decision. And comfortable I was when I received the perfect score of 100%. So far, a lot of happy things were coming in my way. I had attended, after I had finished my subjects, a Physical Science test. God, it felt SO long, I could not believe it. I felt instead of an hour spent, I felt like I was there for three hours. Maybe the teacher wasn’t teaching me right, or maybe I was too lazy. I don’t know, I did NOT care at the moment. I just wanted to get the survey and be done with it. Before, in our school, if you were bored with a class you could leave and claim you attended it. Now we gotta check in with every class on surveys. It ruins my plan…

After that I took a Math lesson and jeez it was hard. It was teaching me how to solve inequality expressions when there are more than one variables on each side of the equation. Of course, my brain could not take it, so I failed, retook it, and passed. God, now when I’m in public school I won’t be able to retake a test. Wonder what I’m gonna do then. :/ Once I finished that lesson I moved on to my Vocabulary and surprisingly enough I easily got a perfect grade of 100% on my quiz. Another amazing thing to be happy about. I’m officially going to categorize this day/post as “Beautiful Life”. Lol.

I took a GML class afterwards and then finished my last few subjects. I had a Unit Assessment test (big test for unit) for Georgia Studies and GUM (Grammar Usage Mechanics). I failed GUM, purposely and redid the test. Surprisingly, again, I did Georgia Studies and actually made 80% grade. Missing a few questions only. Honestly, I thought I was gonna fail, but I guess I did understand the unit a bit! At least I passed it. So I’m happy. After that was accomplished my school was over and I got to relax. Eventually, my parents got into a quick argument in which my mother stormed out of the house (cause she had to meet up with a friend anyway) and left. Once she came back her face was expressionless (which was not a good sign) and she felt drowsy. In result, she took a quick nap. I relaxed a bit, played on the guitar, without the amp of course, and had a chilled time. My day resumed greatly as I never expected. Once she woke up, my mother had the fine feeling of going back to her old days and start cooking cookies, cakes, and special deserts.

She would always do it on Thanksgiving or Christmas, but it had been so long since then, I almost forgot she did it. She made 16 dark, soft, chocolate chip cookies with small marshmallows in them. It was almost a crime she had committed, making us eat dinner before them. She served us a full potato unraveled, some onions and some chicken. A simple but healthy meal. Once we had gulped or chewed our food, my mother offered me two of her AMAZING cookies. God they were so good. Tomorrow I’ll get you pictures of them. But they felt like no other cookie I had eaten before. One of the things I was proud of, from my mother, was her talent in cooking.

After that had taken place, my mother later on was watching a desert show on TLC or something. I don’t remember.. But she did and got inspired with another amazing idea. She warmed up 4-5 popcorn bags and decided to add, I think, some sort of honey or fudge or cream. I can’t remember, but I can. Dang it. Y U NO WORK MEMORY?! But yeah, it tasted nice! Especially while watching the desert show I felt no jealousy. So I think my mother did a nice job. So yeah, now all of the events have led up to here. I shall be leaving, there’s nothing for me to read, which is kind of good and kind of bad. Leave a comment, if you want to, about which book you think I should read. That would be awesome, I’m thinking about re-reading the Eragon book properly since I did a lazy job on that. So yes, see you guys later! Have a great day/night wherever you are! Bye!



The Awkwardest School Day This 2nd Semester

Well, jigs up, I have no idea whether I can tell if this day was normal or not. But, don’t worry, this is not the kind of awkward days when I start talking to someone and they say something weird (or probably unorthodox, if I should add that) and then everything would sound so awkward. Nah, this is one of the averagely awkward days. You know? Well, I’ll explain. I had this dream I was in the middle of an icy cold lake and that it started making these awful crack noises only dense glass would make. Than when the ice broke, which I wondered how dumb was I to not realize that freaking loud cracks meant I was going to sink? I catapulted down 60 feet. Which immediately made my skin start to rustle and than I could hear my rib cage cracking, but eventually my lungs started to puff up, and it went into a complete explosion. I drowned down the deep floor, and eventually after a bunch of piranhas started bitting and tearing my skin to shreds, the dream ended. Awkward, anyways, it was a Monday day, so I put on some clothes and went directly into my CCS.

Only that there weren’t any today, so I felt embarrassed to myself. I had to a write another essay on Russia and it’s Cold War, and then eventually I took my lesson, and called my friend Simon, he constantly had to remind me that the Cold War wasn’t about people fighting, and that it was about really the economies hating towards each other, and bunch of other stuff. So, after I took my essay, I streamed to Pre-Algebra, and had to work about 6 sheets of paper on Math. It was awkwardly boring, and yet embarrassing that I had to take that much work. I grabbed a lemonade drink, and scooped it all up in my mouth like tomorrow’s breakfast. My Literature was starting to get more and more important by the minute, along with the fact that during the weekend I had to read a book called “Thank ya m’a’m.” Which no sounded a little weird, because I was supposed to be off school during the weekend. Nothing really exciting happened throughout the day. It was all like bla, and I was bored. I went outside to get some fresh air, and eventually grabbed another lemonade can.

Nothing happened, I plopped myself on my bed, and read Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire until I got about 106 pages through the book. I think I have about 136 pages left now. I don’t know, I just know that I’m right now waiting so enthusiastically to get on with the book, and see what happens on the Third Task of the Triwizard Tournament. I’m starting to love Cedric Diggory’s attitude, and am getting angrier and angrier at Fleur Delacour. It’s just that her ambition along with her arrogance just makes me so mad, and along with Viktor Krum. I don’t get the man, and plus, he pronounces Hermione’s name wrong. Now, besides the fact that Mr. Crouch (another character in the story) dazed Krum, which made me laugh awfully, I don’t see any interest in him. Plus, I think he needs to get a life, and Harry is getting more annoying by the minute entering Divination class. I think the Professor Trelawncy, or however you spell her name, is getting more distasteful as she was last time in the Prisoner of Azkaban.

Afterwards, the rest of school became boring, and I became as random as thought. Though, FrontierVille is still helping a lot. I think I’m going to put some more wishes on my wish list for it. Haven’t figured it out yet. But, the only thing interesting at all today were these 4 cop cars zooming in around our sub-division, and all they’d do is just wave at me (cause they noticed me from my Kitchen window) and I’d wave back. There was nothing really suspicious going on. I think the cops were just being a little over protective this time. I went outside and found a trio of gangsters cornered in the middle of the outside of the street. There was an ambulance too, though it didn’t really go off at all, it just picked up an anonymous person, I didn’t know, into the ambulance. While the gangsters were getting pinned down by like I don’t know 5 cops. I really don’t see why there’s 5 cops needed for each person. After that was done, some cops were still striding around, looking to see anything suspicious going on.

At one point, I asked one of the lady officers (since I can only talk to lady officers without gasping at the hand gun in their pocket) what they were doing, and she said that they heard something wrong was going on with the oxygen and that their might be some kind of nuclear gas under the streets, which about when she said that, I realized some kind of bulldozer came strolling in, and picking on the streets. So, I went inside so I my curiosity wouldn’t go to high. I waited for about 3 hours, and then at one point, when my parents came downstairs after long day’s of work, we watched this kind of band performing in Palladia. Funny, because our last name is Paladie. Lol. Anyways, my sister, Anabelle, started to notice some racket was going on up the street, and asked me what the heck was going on, and I said: “Some classified business m’a’m.” lol. I went up the street, and the last thing I’d expect was that everybody was in gas masks, so I immediately walked away. Not wanting to be part of anything going on, and went to bed, just encase I breathed some nuclear gas in. πŸ˜€

Oh and here are some cute pictures I found of some Hamsters.

I Think I’ve Been Through So Much Crap I Don’t Know What To Do

July 28, 2010
First time that I actually cursed in my post title. But, it really expresses how I felt today (yesterday). Though, I’m again sorry I published soo late. I was at the pool and we were there longer than before. Anyways, all I did today was play some video games in the morning. I guess some Guitar Hero World Tour. I also had to watch people play. So, I guess that was different. If I remember well, my mom was home. She didn’t have to go to work. Which was a big yes for my dad because Michael and Daniel become very loud and my dad likes solving things the peaceful way. Hey, I’m fine with that just as long as it doesn’t include me. Afterwards, when my mom woke up her hair was sprinkled allover the place and she looked dazed but angry at us for playing video games in the morning. My mom always tries to keep us off video games. But, we just can’t help it. πŸ˜€ Well I can help it.

Anyways, in a matter of 5 hours of boredom and only TV, we got to go to the pool. With Anthony and Andrei (Romanian accent: Un-drei). Anthony is actually weaker than me by A LOT. But, I’m always trying to make sure he doesn’t cry too easily. See Anthony is either 8 or 9. Andrei was almost turning 13. Oh and Anthony was boy and Andrei was a boy. Even though they were Romanian they understood English just like us good. Though, I’ve seen Andrei text on her phone about me and they were cursing. Anthony is actually just a jerk though. Whenever I am at his house I have to do what he tells me to do, if not he’ll twist up the WHOLE story to get me in trouble. Hey, I can understand that at his house. But, he even does that at my house. WTF?!?! I haven’t been able to say that word in awhile. Yeah it feels good. πŸ˜€ Well, anyways, we went to the pool and Michael, Daniel, Matthew and I were sweating in the back like a pile of gorillas. Once Anthony came in with Andrei he sat in the trunk all the way to the trip.

Once we got there, Anthony immediately jumped in the pool. But, there was like a population 6 people in the pool so far and there were barely anybody making noises. We were the ONLY ones who where making noises. Unfortunately, we played this game called push-off. We basically had to throw our opponents in the pool and be the last one standing on dry land Anthony won because we HAD TO go easy on him. And because he hit us when we were unprepared. Well, curse my bad skills. Anyways, we eventually had to dry off when it was ONLY around 2 or 3 I guess. While we had to dry off we saw these big wasps that were like I guess the size of a grownup’s middle finger. We killed one of them without actually getting stung because for once they looked scared at us. Though we sliced its butt in half and it shot out the stinger then.

Once we got back home everything was a blur. That’s all I could remember.

I’m Under A Lot Of Pain, Stress, Depression And I’m Forgetting Too Easily

July 22, 2010
There was barely anything fun to do in my sleep. I didn’t feel comfortable at all in my bed since it was hot. VERY HOT. I can’t stand it. It makes me want to go to sleep, but I can’t because my COOL gland is forced to take shelter in a tent which still is very hot. Anyways, no dream was remembered ti’ll this day. I could only remember black again and nothing else. But, for some reason I still remember the dream I had about Paris and the Eiffel Tower. SCARY huh? After I woke up I desperately walked downstairs and didn’t really care how many noises or how fast I walking on the stairs. Because I was having a bad sleep. Luckily, I was able to keep my position in a good smile this morning. My mom seemed happy about today and she had a VERY GOOD SLEEP. Lucky for her. I tried to make myself happy with a little computer. Didn’t work.

So, I decided I was going to do some education and some exercise. I was able to do exercising without stressing my self or making me unhappy. Though, I did some handstand push-ups. It is basically when you stand up with your hands only touching the floor and you push your body up and down with your arms. So, you basically try to hold your WHOLE body just with your arms and lever it up and down. I was able to do about 4 I guess… but, I’m not able to push myself all the way down. Just halfway, which is good for my age. Oh and just so you know I had to read this book of sea creatures. Well, I learned some new things I USED TO know when I was 7. I remember when I was into animals SOO much I would only watch Animal Planet. Nothing else. Until my best friend Michael showed up he brought in Cartoon Network. I got bored of animals and got into games and TV.

When I was done I came to Simon’s house to ask for my gun back. He said a few days ago over the phone that one part of the handle broke off because he dropped it. But, he said it was cool. So, I saw it and to me it looked like an AWESOME sniper. I didn’t feel grateful or hate him. Just said thanks and walked away. My mom was watching the Nanny. I watched along with her it was all okay. I thought I was going to be able to take my anger away. It was okay. Then, we went to the pool as soon as possible. We had a pretty darn good time. I tried lots of swimming and got a lot better. Lol. Eventually, my dad had to go to work. Dominos basically. Then, my mom and I watched the Revenge Of the Bridesmaid. First time I actually saw it. It was interesting and made me REALLY angry. But, it ended good. Though, I wasn’t satisfied with the ending. Afterwards, my mom watched Grease, then I got depressed. Don’t know why. But, my mom was able to comfort me. πŸ˜€

Well It Kind Of Worked But It Kind Of Backfired Too

July 14, 2010
I couldn’t really guess what was going to happen today. A fulfilled day? Catastrophic day? A nice day? What is it going to be? I couldn’t really tell from the gestures my hands were doing when I woke up. Speaking of waking up, you remember King. Yeah, unfortuantely, when we were watching Avatar the Last Airbender, I got so bored then I went outside. Unfortunately, he said he’ll be able to come out later. Than, another hour passed. I gave up on him. Went inside then went back outside. I rang Savino’s doorbell and unfortunately, he was on the phone with Simon. Simon also alerted me two days ago he was at the movies watching Predator. I think those kind of movies are TIGHT!! I heard or at least saw a little bit of the first Alien VS. Predator. I was already into it. Than, the game in then this new movie showed up called Predator. I was happy for him. Than he asked me to come at his house.

Once I came at his house he invited me inside. His carpet was as always comfortable for the bare feet. But, I don’t think he would get that because he was wearing socks. Anyways, I saw him watching Barney. I was like what the heck. Than, he explained his cable broke down. But, after this episode would be done he was going to watch Mortal Combat. Well, he also showed me his electric bass he got. Lucky man. I eventually left. Than, came back to give him a Popsicle. He asked me to come inside. Than, I eventually got bored. Lol and went home. Figuring out I had to have lunch. Well, Matthew and Patricia were playing video games upstairs even though I told them not to because mom said. We had 2 hot-dogs and a few sets of baby-carrots.

Afterwards, my mom got Matthew in trouble for playing video games. But, Patricia talked into a very sweet sorry that made my mom go pass with it. So, my plan kind of backfired. But, I wasn’t really angry. My plan just didn’t work. That’s all. Anyways, we were watching the Big Bang Theory and the Nanny. Just when the Big Bang Theory was done. Simon rang the doorbell and asked us to come OUTSIDE. Didn’t like the idea, but, went with it. When he caught a praying mantis (an orange one to be exact) Matthew felt the curiosity to touch it. Simon said he was going to hit him if he did it. But, trust me, if he hit him. I would talk some sense into that boy.

Eventually, it started to rain and everybody went inside. Even that work boy too. We eventually watched the Nanny than took a bath. After that, we watched some Hitman which was corny and gross. Too much wanting to kill each other. Boring idea but, cool action. Than, America’s got Talent showed up. Most of the people did good. But, I was voting for Future Funk! I can’t give up a picture of them. But, they’re young pop dancers that are cool. Though our telephone wasn’t working. So, we needed our people to do it. Than, we went to bed. Nice day and boring. But, good.

Can There Be Any Good In This World?

June 23, 2010
Great, in the next 3 days were going to Florida. Now, I can’t tell you how long the vacation is going to take. But, I can still tell you I’m going to Florida. Right? I’m pretty sure I could wait 3 days for some awesome, sweet and tight entertainment. I don’t need any pressure on myself. No need for that. I’m just, single-handedly waiting for those 3 evil days to end (nervous laugh). Again no pressure. Anyways, today I had to take a test in my brain. It was basically the test of Science. I tried remembering the 5 atmospheric layers. Well, I passed it, aced it, did it, done it. Well, if you’re curious to know the answer, here are the answers: first layer the bottom layer is Troposphere, next is Stratosphere, in the middle is Mesosphere, next is Thermosphere and the top layer is Exosphere. Now, after my test I went on the computer to take care of my Farm on Farmville. I tried to relax myself after Farmville by eating breakfast. Sometimes I take breakfast as a meditation. To calm my troubles. Also, before that, I pray to God which also protects me, cares for me and keeps me from evil.

Well, after the breakfast, I eventually went back on the computer. Then, by the next 15 minutes Michael and Daniel came downstairs. They knew, well actually Michael I was on the computer. I tried to tell them to do something else like play the Wii and mind their own freaking business in body language. But, I didn’t think they got it. Later on, Michael challenged me to a few games. Then, when my mom was awake and the birds were about to sing. Mr. Kristian (Daniel and Michael’s dad) came in to pick them up. Well, that looks like that will be the last time I see Michael while were at Florida. Lol. Well, they left without a trace. Thus, I was bored the rest of the day. I already wasted my game time in the morning. So, the rest of the afternoon hours were pretty boring.

Well, today Simon called and said he needed the bass he let me borrow back. So, the difficult part was that I had to hold the 14 pound bass in the air with the 3 pound stand across 43 yards. Well, what the hell was that for? I tried to ask why was I brought this. Than, I thought I should’ve asked Simon to come over my house to help me. Though, it was already too late for that. I was bringing it. Once I got to his house he rewarded me with letting him come inside. We had fun, wrestled, joked around, watched Animal Planet. The annoying part was that my brother tagged along. I smacked him in face because he’s always wanted to do whatever he wants and he gets it. Matthew almost started crying. Which annoyed me. Than, later on, I left. The day ended with a single quiet time. Everybody was also insulting me. So, I wasn’t good neither was the neighbors. Well, that’s life. πŸ™‚

I Tend To Screw Up All The Time

June 14, 2010
This is no joke, I screw up at things all the time. It’s just a temporary thing that happens for the rest of the day. I do bad several days, then, it builds up in one day. But, I can predict that day coming. It usually comes at me whenever it’s just too much mistakes build up in me, then, it’s decided when it’s time for punish time for all the mistakes I made. It’s just a cycle that revolves around me. I’m actually thankful to have that, because it reminds me how bad it feels to do bad. Have you ever gotten that feeling. Well, I’ll have to force it into you so, you’ll understand. Lol.

Hey guess what? I had a dream. Two actually. But, let me first start how it happened. I was downstairs around, hmm… let me see, around 5 in the morning. And I just ended up around the computer because I was bored. Usually I would get grounded doing this early in the morning. But, my mom and I made a deal that I was allowed to go on the computer in the mornings. But only on my blog that’s it. After I was done doing whatever on the computer, I heard these noises. Thumping, screeching, footsteps, it was really creepy. I thought a man was inside the house. I got so scared, I wouldn’t move a single muscle. I tried to heard some of it. Unfortunately, I heard lots of noises. Then, I got so scared, I turned the light on around the kitchen. Which was bad, because, if there was somebody. I would see their shadow from the desk. I turned on the TV. It actually helped me from hearing things, or it at least distracted myself from being paranoid. The only good show that was on, was “Family Matters”. I’ve heard and seen my mom watch it. It has a similarity to the show the Cosby Show. Except it’s funnier. Lol.

Well, when I finished watching, I ended up going upstairs to my floor bed. After that, I dreamed. Two dreams. But, they’re pretty private and I don’t need to waste my time. So, after my dreams everybody was awake. It was around 11 in the morning. Well, my dad asked in a cheerful way if I wanted to go watch with him the World cup (i’s like a super ball except for Soccer) when Japan and Cameron faced each other. Just FYI, it already went off. Japan won. Though, I didn’t actually notice he mentioned world cup because I was so drowsy. Luckily, I was smart enough to have a feeling that something was going on. In the middle of the game the channel changed to Ninja Warrior because it was being recorded. So, we only saw half and by the looks of it, Japan won! But, my dad said we were going to play Wii as a family. Well, I didn’t get that expression because my mom was at work and my little sister (Anabelle) wasn’t allowed to play until we all got off. Although, when we were doing bowling, I was giving up some bad regrets for my siblings and decided to tell them some bad compliments. My dad seemed disappointed in me. That’s when I knew I screwed up. 😦

After the Wii, my mom called and said we were getting ready for the swimming pool. So, we got ready as fast as possible. But, the faster we did it, the longer we had to wait. But, what the heck, lets do it quickly. It took awhile for my mom to get back from work. Then, we got ready to go to the pool. Unfortunately, my mom wasn’t happy with the jokes I was making with my siblings. She gave me the evil eye to keep quiet. But, when I started to stop, Matthew was annoying me. I tried to ignore. But, before I was about to hit him, we were already at the pool. We didn’t find my mom’s friend until 5 minutes passed. Unfortunately, Allison (my parent’s friend’s daughter) mentioned none of her friends were coming. So, it looked like I was going to be bored the rest of the pool day. But, I seemed to work things out. Though, I made my mom embarrassed in some weird way in front of public. That’s when I knew I screwed up AGAIN. Lol. The pool was for about 3 hours long. So, yeah, interesting I guess.

Well, they asked if we could go to my parent’s friend’s house (okay lets be more specific, her name is Ms. Amy). We all accepted like we would usually do. Though, when we just got to their house Ms. Amy’s son Andrew asked my brother Matthew if he could play the Xbox 360. He couldn’t because he needed his glasses to play video games. Well, this time Matthew screwed up. After that, we all went down stairs while my dad isolated himself in his new phone world. I eventually got bored. I went outside. Unfortunately, Matthew wanted to go to Sophie’s house to ask if she wanted to come out. (Matthew thinks he found his new girl because his old one for some reason likes someone else) Eventually, her sister Lindsey (I actually met her last time at the pool) came outside. We talked and did the regular miserable-life and miserable-relationship talks. It was always interesting talking with her. But Andrew, (Ms. Amy’s son) thought we were having a crush on each other. Well, I tried not to let that bother me. But it was getting annoying. But here comes the painful part. When Matthew started to say that we had a crush on each other, I fell over this wood thing and it ended up hitting in between my legs really hard. I fainted. I tried not to cry in front of public so, I held it in. But it was so painful. I needed to go in the bathroom. For some reason I was hurting so much, I started talking in a high pitch. My mom and Ms. Amy laughed at my humor. I went outside, thinking I embarrassed myself. But, the rest of the day ended badly. Screw the wood pavilion they had. Lol.