First Day of CRCT (I’m Already Getting in Trouble)

Hey guys! Andrew here! Bringing a new post of my daily life. This post will be a little bit humorous since today was so ironic for me, so enjoy this post. I don’t have so many ironic things happen to me in my life. And I don’t usually ask this, but whoever has a WordPress account or any account they can comment with please like this post. It’d be much appreciated. I want to see how many people are reading this post, just for the lawls. Now! To our song/video of the day. This is once again from the same band I posted about yesterday. I love this band to pieces. My favorite band. Hopefully you all enjoy!

This day was a very interesting day. I was nervous of course. Even if the first day of CRCT was going to be Reading, I was still nervous. Last year, I remember making a near perfect grade on my Reading CRCT grade. I wanted to hit a perfect grade, or, if it was not going to be that, have all exceeding grades on the subjects. The anxiety was killing me all this morning. I decided to leave the house early to wait for the bus so I could talk with Brian. I had not talked to the guy in about two to three days. I gave my goodbyes and kisses to my Mom and made my way. Thankfully, when I arrived at Brian’s house, he answered. After we talked a little bit on updating each other about what’s happened recently, we went to Markel’s house and got him outside. We then walked down the street to my bus stop in the neighborhood. Joanna was following us from behind and Erick came outside from his house when he saw us passing by. The bus passed by us right when we were walking down to that bus stop. When we waited and laughed together, the bus finally came and we all came on. It was awkward and weird because all the seating in the buses were mixed up. Weirdly enough, after we changed seats from our unnatural bus-pick up behavior, Xavion (a 6th grade boy) was sitting next to me in the other set of sets on my left. Erick started to mess with me on the bus, nearly knocking me off my seat. I constantly fell on top of Xavion but both of us did not care because we knew it was Erick playing. As the bus drove to school, Erick and I began talking about games which surprisingly grabbed large amounts of attention in the bus. It was funny.

Finally, when the bus arrived at school, and we were dropped off, we made our way into school. On the way, the craziest thing happened. I saw Aziayhs (dang it, still cannot spell his name) walking on the sidewalk with all the other students. I dropped whatever I was doing with Bryan and Markel and went to greet him. So many good memories flooded my head as I talked to him. It was a good feeling. I felt good. :mrgreen:

Eventually after I finished talking to him, I talked back with Bryan and Markel and explained to them about who that guy was. Then we went to our homeroom classes. The rooms were separated from Mr. Iverson’s class and Mrs. Flowers’s class. The CRCT began after a long time. It felt like almost an hour of being wasted until the CRCT began. We finally then began the CRCT. At first it was really easy. So easy that when I finished the first 25 questions of the test first, I felt so nervous as to if they actually did both sections in one time. The second section was a bit more challenging, especially since there was poetry involved in some of the questions and along with some tricky questions. Otherwise, I believe I did great. I’m still anxious of my grade, though. Although I had a good testing experience, I constantly got into trouble with Mrs. Flowers because at first she caught me not changing test booklets when I randomly zoned out and forgot what she said. Then I remembered some funny experience back on the bus with Erick and I and began smiling and chuckling. Mrs. Flowers believed that I was laughing with some of the kids on my side and moved me. FIRST DAY. And I already get moved. Third time I get in trouble because when we transitioned to lunch, I started talking with my friends just as much as the other kids were and Mrs. Flowers started yelling at me and making feel stupid for what I did. I’m not joking. Mrs. Flowers is not too fond of me. 😛

When the CRCT was FINALLY over, I went to second period, which was Language Arts. We read the story of “Lady or the Tiger?”. A very good story. I recommend most people my age to read it. It is a very good short story. After that, we went to do P.E.; in that connection I did a lot of talking with Eric (different one from my bus) about updating what’s happened. It was good. Everything was good. Finally we got ready to leave to buses and we left the school. The rest of the day was pretty boring. EVERYTHING HAS LED UP TO NOW!

Enjoy your time wherever you are! BYE!



Science Project is Successful!

Hey guys! Andrew here. Bringing you a new post about my daily life! New here? Well, probably not, but if so, feel free to grab anything and relax for a little bit. This post about today is going to be quite a long one. Video/song of the day is now below! This song is Clique from Kanye West featuring Big Sean and Jay-Z (Explicit Version). It does have a lot of cuss words on the original, so I have decided to find a cleaner version, but still let you enjoy it, because it has a good rhythm. So enjoy!

Now to my day. I’ll just skip to the part where I’m actually off the bus, because apparently the bus was abnormally quite and silent during the way to school. As I walked toward the entrance doors for the 8th graders I met my friend Samantha on the way. A nice girl. I haven’t really mentioned her much, even though we can easily identify each other off the spot. But anyway, as we met up I was holding my Science project –I created from yesterday– in my hand because I had to bring it to school. It wasn’t the easiest to accomplish. Holding a backpack, a jacket, and a project (while trying not to mess with it) was a difficult task. Samantha noticed my struggle and immediately questioned what was in my hand. I told her it was my egg drop project. She nodded and then we talked on the way to the “C” wing. Finally when we approached the breakfast isle of the “C” wing hall, I saw a huge crowd and Samantha apparently decided to just go to homeroom instead of picking up a breakfast. I could have done the same thing because I had already eaten breakfast at home, but I was a little more eager to eat something before school. Unfortunately, a lady at the line who monitored the line very carefully, made sure the line did not overflow and told me that I would have to wait for the line to decrease in number, therefore I just decided to pick up my textbooks in homeroom and drop off my stuff while I could. I did so, opening my locker in one piece and picking up my Georgia Studies and Math textbook, and dropped my stuff on my desk. After that, I left homeroom and went to go pick up my breakfast. The line was unusually long again, but short enough for me to get in line. It took about 2 minutes for my turn to come up. I decided to just pick an orange juice carton and some apple slices. HEALTHY!

Once I returned to homeroom, class eventually started rather boringly. Mrs. Flowers continued to be bossy and irritating around us. Giving us more assignments and calling out people who were talking who should not be talking where in reality she was talking more than anyone else in the class. Not to say anything mean against her, but seriously. Turns out, near the end of Georgia Studies class (which was not really learning or reviewing through anything, besides vocabulary words) it turns out we had to write ALL of our vocabulary words on our own note-cards or a customary notepad, where she told us specifically last time to write it in our composition book. Mesmerizing what teachers can do. I also got moved from my seat next to Hayden because I was talking to Cole, who moved from his previous seat because he was behaving and Connor was being rude and was placed in Cole’s previous seat next to Mrs. Flowers’ desk. Unfortunately, from the cause of me talking to Cole, I sent Cole back to previous seat, but instead even closer to Mrs. Flowers’ desk and was put to sit next to Bryce. A very smart boy who spoke in a lower voice than me. This transition did not phase me at all. It was about time I started talking to an intellectual being like me. Plus he was very nice and understanding from my first impression of him. I talked to him, apparently, too much where Mrs. Flowers’ came to brink of getting pissed off of how I could move from place to place and still talk to people and threatened to call my parents. I stopped at that point.

Language Arts was a bit different as well. I forgot to bring my Workbook designed specifically for Language Arts so I got moved away from next to Savannah, which was almost a crazy thought to me at the moment because I had always sat next to Savannah and was nice and quiet. Our language Arts teacher, Mrs. Harris, seemed to be ticked off with something because she assigned A LOT of people in new seats and when they refused rudely she began to roar ferociously at her students. Surprising. We went over, in class, a poem from a poet I was actually quite familiar with in my k12 experience. Robert Frost. I actually remember writing his whole biography on the lesson about him on paper. So I was quite happy on the hearing of his name and that I was able to identify his name like that where other students were confused and looked around, bored of the sight of another poem. The poem was about a snowy night. I’m not quite sure what the title was, forgive me for that. But it was the poem about snow and in the middle of the night. We discussed over it and I had to identify 3 poetic devices used in the poem and then write a 3 sentence paragraph describing my interpretation of the poem. Simple. I actually finished quite quickly. Ha, I used alliteration right there. Lol.

Then I moved onto working on my Music Poetry Project where I picked the song “Fix You” for my song selection. A lot of people asked what song I picked and were confused and completely clueless about the song. I was actually really surprised. That was a good song and most people I knew knew about it. Preposterous. But, I can’t make everybody enjoy my taste in music, no matter how good it is . . . Anyway, I did a 3 paragraph long mini essay about what the lyrics on the song meant (from what I remember because I did not have the lyrics with me) and then I printed the lyrics online through the computer onto the printer that was in the classroom. I then almost got into a fight with Rob because she scooped my chin and then I scooped him back, instead on his nose and in the face, shoving him backwards. We were smiling during the time, but it could have easily turned into a fight if the teacher wasn’t present and plus Rob was in wrestling, so I tried to slow down a bit. I let him scoop me back, trying not to start anything further and got judged by Brianna. Who I forgot to mention to you all was in my class, though I try not to.

Math was easy. We went over substitution from last week. I don’t remember exactly writing or posting about it, but we did it about 2 weeks back. It was all fairly simple. We then, after finishing our notes for the day, went to Lunch. Lunch was pretty interesting because today I decided to sit with more of the macho man group of the class. There were the nerds/white boy only group (which I loved to spend time with), there were the girls, and then there were the macho men. I enjoyed my time over there because I knew most of the people on the table and had plenty of fun. I drank Chocolate milk, ate broccoli, and had pizza. REALLY UNHEALTHY.  Afterwards, when I did my usual path walk in the cafeteria with our class and walked with Vanessa, I talked to Vanessa and she tried to avoid me, but in a joking manner, because I did not sit with the girls and her at the table. I explained once again I wanted to mix it up. Then at that point, we were at her boyfriend and they did their thing of kissing and all sorts. I just continued walking and did not want to make it awkward and have eyes on the other tables spy me as I stood awkwardly there. Vanessa eventually caught up with me when she finished her thing and we talked. Danielle, as well, started talking to me to, she brought up the same topic from yesterday. This time she was nearly obsessing over the guy and was pleading for advice. Then she went to her friend and Vanessa and I went forward quickly. Surprisingly, when it was just us from our Math class and another class a teacher called her out and stopped her. She asked for her name and her homeroom and Vanessa was quite shocked. What did she do? I thought and probably she thought as well. The teacher said she needed to take her for right now and Ivy, a girl who I met usually when I came early to school, coincidentally was next to the situation and immediately walked to my side and asked what happened. I told her everything she saw and was surprised myself, then she randomly told me about her fetish for corn dogs, which was confusing for me because I did not know if I should be turned on by that or if I should ignore. Anyway, I was still confused.

Math near the end, where we did our homework got a little weird and stuffy. When we had to pull out our Math textbooks, suddenly our Math teacher got on a huge rage about Math textbooks not being brought in normally and now that she was going to check everybody if they had a textbook and if not they were going to receive a citation. Surprisingly about more than 4 people got citations. Wow. Mesmerizing what teachers can do. Most of the people who did not have their textbooks had to partner up with someone who had a textbook and then have their homework done. Most of those were girls and one of them was Lauren, a very semi-popular girl. Everyone knew her. Though recently she had been acting weird around me, like I had just fallen into a sewer or if I had just come from the dump. It was even more awkward when she came to sit down next to my desk. When I offered her a chair next to me to sit in my words sort of stuttered like: “H-h-here’s a chair-r-r-r.” It was weird. I tried to be as helpful as possible and tilt my book to her angle of side so she could read. Then, surprisingly, a girl who sat in front of me came to my desk as well and said she wanted to work with my book too. Eventually, another girl, who was named Shirling (pronounced Shirleen), came to my desk and asked for help on the Math. I had 3 girls on my table. It was awesome, yet un-explainable to its awkwardness. Eventually Lauren returned to her seat when she finished her homework, but the other girls stayed and talked to me. Exchanging jokes with me and I eventually helped Shirling with her work and helped her in guiding through it. It was awesome. Andrew on my side, who was actually very quiet, stared in shock and I nodded like a boss. Lol.

The day proceeded well afterwards. My science project was now about to be of use because next period was Science. Others who brought their projects such as Dianna and a lot of others had amazing egg drop projects. When I walked into the room, Mr. Dyches, at the front door, gazed at my project, gawking. He thought it was well done. I sat next to Brian for the whole time until we were escorted out to the stairwell. There was a whole sheet covered down the floor and a line for people to drop their egg drop projects. We had to pick up an egg from the egg cartons provided on tables and then had to have our egg drop projects weighed. Brian and I’s project was about 75 grams. After a lot of drops and people who dropped it, it was our turn. Brian had convinced me to let him drop our project because he had not done as much as I did and wanted to feel like he contributed. I was anxious. I told him how to use it and how to prepare it for drop. When the time came and it dropped at the floor it toppled. Oo’s and silent noises ruptured the whole room. Mr. Hill, another Science teacher neighboring Mr. Dyches’s class, examined the projects and went in to see if the egg was cracked. Our egg wasn’t cracked. HALLELUJAH! I went running across the hall screaming in excitement, others were looking at me like “Really?” and “What the?”, so I stopped and acted normal. I sat on the stairwell, waiting as other egg drop projects were dropped and then finally we went back to class. Mr. Dyches said that the person who was going to win the project was going to be very difficult to judge because the lightest egg drop project, which was Tia’s, was 4.5 grams, but way too simple. Dianna’s, on the other hand, was neatly constructed and looked like it took several hours to built. Brian and I, though, had an item on the project that actually involved air resistance and had an object no other project had: a wind turbine. He congratulated on those specific people and said, once again, that it was going to be hard to judge.

Then afterwards we went to our homeroom and then connections. P.E. was kind of boring. Nothing uneventful despite going outside for basketball. Health was nothing much as well. It was just a notebook check over what we were supposed to have in our Health folders during the course of 9 weeks. Then we left to our buses as I gave Lucy a hug and Caitlin and Emily a pat on the shoulder. The bus was very entertaining though. Jordan, a guy, was arguing with a 7th grader called Matt and owned him with some kind of shopping at Ross joke which made the whole bus go into a lot of “Oh!”s. Otherwise, pretty entertaining. I went home after the bus dropped us off and told my day to my parents. Then I did homework, did Bible Time with my parents, and had actually experienced a brutal bi-polar weather. One moment, their was rain pouring down so hard that the windows were being banged, next minute, it was shining nicely outside. Another moment there was a brutal wind that knocked a chair on our patio off its hilt and then suddenly everything was calm. Ah, Georgia’s weather. Now everything has led up to this point!

Enjoy your time wherever you are! Apologies for the long post. It was a rather nice day today, so I felt like including a lot of aspects of it. So anyway, bye!


A Pretty Bad Way To Start Off The Week

Hey guys! Andrew here! I thought I tell you about my day, today, this Tuesday. Not sure how long ago this will be posted from this day today, but this is talking about the day Tuesday on February 4th, 2013. Hopefully this won’t be posted next year.

So yeah, I haven’t really talked about life in my school, and since I haven’t for awhile and a lot of new things have come to place there is A LOT to be explained! First of all, I don’t know how to say this, but school is crazy! You probably were not surprised by that statement at all if you are an experienced public schooler, but I’m new, so shut-up! XD Anyway, I’ve made a lot of friends (good ones too) and a lot of judges on a lot of me and already a few people I dislike. First of all, my best friends are Avelyn (from which I meet at P.E. [friggin awesome dude!]), Vanessa (my own little, little, REALLY little version of Mary-Kate! c:), Andrew (who also has a last name that starts with the letter P), Manuel (awesome dude), and of course Savannah. Those are my only TRUE friends who I can really say I “LOVE” hanging out with them. I have plenty of more friends I could easily name, but I prefer best friends now. But relevant names that may come up any time in this post are: Peter, Bridgett, Samantha, Brianna (a frenemy of mine [mostly an enemy]), Danielle, Brian, Michael (no Michael, this is not you [talking to Michael Gjessing]), Corey, Anthony, Jayden, Ethan, Natalie, Rob, Mackenzie, Brian (another one :P), Keila, Noah, Emily, Hayden, etc! I know it’s a lot. 🙂

Anyway so the day started with me being woken up my mother, because I can’t wake up by myself early in the morning, and therefore I got ready to go to school. About 20-30 minutes until the bus was to arrive. I put on some nice clothes on, but not so formal that it was something from church, though it was a nice set. I had decided to put on my P.E. T-shirt so in the locker rooms when I changed with the other guys that I wouldn’t have to unload so much from my backpack and just take off my sweater and put on some gym shorts. So I put on a P.E. T-shirt (which consisted of gray and black colors) and I put on top a nicely designed black sweater. Then I just put some jeans on. Once I had finished dressing up, I went onto whitening my teeth. A trick my sister had figured out by planting raw toothpaste instead of on the brush and on your bare teeth and leaving it there for a few minutes and then brushing it off. At first it’s brutally disgusting and you feel uncomfortable, but then you get used to it, and TRUST ME, the results are amazing! So I did so, actually experienced in whitening my teeth and then waited almost for 5-7 minutes. Once that time had come to past, I went to the bathroom sink, lowered my head so if any of the toothpaste drooled out it would fall into the sink, and started brushing the toothpaste into my teeth. Once that was done, I decided to go downstairs and organize my things.

I organized my backpack and checked if all materials were in and safely in there (for in past experiences I have forgotten a lot of things), and then waited at the front door of my house for the bus. Once the bus had approached the neighborhood and started making its circle around the neighborhood we put on our shoes and left the house. The bus, once it had circled the whole neighborhood, took usually 2-3 minutes and then came to our part of the neighborhood to pick us up. My sister and I gave our kisses to my mom, and then left. Well actually I left, in a hurry. I greeted Erick, a Korean friend of mine (who looked like PSY), and some of the other girls who waited at the last minute with us for the bus and then Patricia came, late, to the bus stop. The bus had nearly left without her.

As usual, the bus was nearly full, just needing to go to another neighborhood to pick up three kids: Adrian (a Romanian just like me), his sister, and another girl, and then we may go to school. The bus was packed but surprisingly it was SO quiet. As I sat next to my friend Fashion (I call him by his last name, Fashion), I recalled it was NEVER this quiet in the bus. Once we both had acknowledged it and I told my friends in the bus including Erick, I decided to enjoy it while it lasted. Then eventually it came to an abrupt end when the bus driver starting asking the 6th graders in the front (where my sister, Patricia) sat a few questions in the bus, and of course a few them failed at the questions, having stirred loud laughs and yells. So yeah, I did enjoy those few minutes of quiet while it lasted. It was nice. 🙂

Once we arrived at the school, left the bus in a single line, I moved to my part of the school where I was normally destined to walk to. I was supposed to enter the school through the side where the other 8th graders were supposed to go if they were in the Inside Lane. I entered the building, having a guide-line member of the school greet me and other 8th graders walking beside me. Another 8th grader, who I couldn’t recall his name, though I knew him from class, walked next to me. I turned to him and gave him the acknowledging nod and he returned the favor. Whence I entered the school actually in the Main Hall, I went directly to the “C” wing which was for standard or honorary classes. Whilst “A” wing for 8th graders were for Probe students (really smart students or students who did great during the Elementary years). I entered, went to the breakfast trolley that was always posted between the hall of our “C” wing halls and took a nice set of breakfast of Fruit Loops, Chocolate Milk, and Orange Juice. I entered my homeroom class/social studies class, seeing already many settled in my seats. Approaching my locker, it took about 2-3 tries for me to open my locker and get my Social Studies book. I still had to get used to unlocking with the codes. As I took the book from my locker, I returned to my usual seat next to Hayden, a very smart student who naturally had a big head. Next to him was Emily. A cheerleader who you’d never expect from looking at her but was exceptionally pretty.

Once we settled into our seats our homeroom teacher assigned us to do our studying before the big “TEST” we had to do today, which I completely went panic mode and started studying. I looked at Hayden and asked him what he was doing because he just sat in his seat and rubbed his eyes or contemplated instead of studying. He replied with coolly with the answer that he was gonna get an “A” anyway. Believing him from recent experiences, I continued studying my courts and juvenile crime information such as: what was a delinquent act between an unruly act and then about the courts like Supreme Courts, Court of Appeals, and Superior Courts, and so on! Our homeroom teacher went on as she usually did, lecturing other students for talking during class (she loved doing it, I believed). Then finally we had the test forms brought to us. 50 questions. Interesting. We started the test and I was off to a good start, but I also had a strategy when I did my tests. I only lightly checked a question and then lightly filled in the blanks so if I needed to change my answer I would not have to struggle erasing what I circled in. A good choice, but it was slow process. I ended up almost being late for my paper while others were already beginning to leave the class after the test was over. So quickly I started filling in the blanks that I had confirmed were correct and turned it. I believe though I might get a good grade, but I could have gotten a better one if I wasn’t as rushed.

I entered into Language Arts class and we continued our book called “The Giver” after we did our Vocabulary review in which I got 100% on. We read about two chapters of ‘The Giver” and Corey continued making mediocre jokes during the class as the Language Arts teacher reviewed through the book every time we finished a chapter. I shall not reveal what we read, because I think it’s best you read it for yourself. 😉

Once Language Arts was over, I was late again because I had to put all my stuff in my backpack and plus since I left late from Social Studies class I did not have time to put the book in my locker, so now I had to carry it around. :/ Once I left Language Arts, I went to Math class. Apparently we had a substitute teacher who really did not care about what we did in class and did not take rules seriously, even if she tried to enforce them herself. We did groups over a quick little Math quiz and I teamed up with Manuel and Andrew and moved out of my seat while Michael (Brian’s friend) sat next to Brian in my seat. Eventually I had to leave the group and move next to Vanessa because Manuel and Andrew were so funny I couldn’t keep my brain straight. As I sat next Vanessa I made some funny jokes and finished a few problems on the math sheet. Then we went to lunch. Surprisingly enough Brianna wasn’t AS mean to me and others who sat in her seat like we expected her to. I had a pretty bad lunch though. I took a meal of milk, green apple, and sub sandwich from the school. Unfortunately I did not expect the sandwich to be THAT bad and it was HORRIBLE. Then on top of that, my green apple fell to the ground and completely got destroyed and inched into the germs of the floor, so I therefore abandoned it. All was left was my milk really. So I got a pretty bad meal..

Then when we left the lunch tables I did my usual routine of walking next to Vanessa and we talked like best friends. Sorry Mary-Kate, but I guess you have competition. xD Just kidding, you’re still my best friend. 😉 Anyway, so we walked around the Cafeteria to the exiting doors back to our classes and did our two usual things. Vanessa greeted her boyfriend, a friend of mine, and kissed each other. Funny enough I noticed how Vanessa kissed him and made tons of fun of her INSTANTLY. I feel so bad now. But it was funny. Lol. Then I went up to my friend Jessica (who had a crush on me) and gave her a hug. She was my best friend (forgot to mention that, lol) and I knew her for 4 years. Once we left lunch we continued Math and I continued making jokes. Then I talked to Danielle, a girl I had a crush on a few weeks ago, but then just lost interest. Then we left. Remorse flew into my stomach and I felt like a thousand butterflies were in my stomach because I did NOT pay attention on the quiz at all. But whatever…

I moved to Science class and did Science. Depressingly enough I went to Science class and the teacher Mr. Dyches gave me my quiz graded from Friday and it was a 60%. Wow. I was perplexed and already rage and sadness filled my brain. 10 questions and I missed 4 of them. Wow. I still am shocked myself. I tried to look at the bright side, but I couldn’t. So I buried my head in books for a little bit and then came back to the world later in class. As we studied over the class and ALMOST did our review our class talked way too much so we couldn’t review unfortunately for the test tomorrow. I left and went to my homeroom to check and put in my Social Studies book in my locker, thankfully! Once the whole group, I left to P.E. and did my things with my friends. I don’t have much more time to write so in short I played Hockey with Avelyn, my best friend, and some of my other friends, had a great time and then left! Then I went to Health class and got troubled with the idea that we already had a test tomorrow on Nutrients which we only studied on for a day. Ugh.. School! D:

I came back home, studied, did Bible time, and now I’m writing to you! So good night! I wrote a lot, I know.. 😛 Good night anyway, have a great time wherever you are and Bye!


Just An Average Day

Yeah, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted about a “day” in my life, but surely I’ll get back to doing it as my daily hobby. Anyway, about my day? Not much happened. I woke up, ate breakfast, gave my goodbyes to my brother, Matthew, and my little sister, Anabelle, as they left the house to their own elementary school, awaited until 8:45 exactly and then left the house into the cold air to wait for the bus. Oh wait, it wasn’t actually that cold today. It was actually pretty warm this morning, and I notified this to my other sister, Patricia, as she walked with me down the street all the way up to the point where I waited for the bus usually. It was actually rather odd, my sister had recently never walked with me to the bus. I liked to usually go to the bus stop and wait because I was so eager for school, but eh. I guess not this time.

So the bus came and so did the rest of our neighbors who were leaving to Creekland Middle too. Once I have all names I shall notify you of it, even though that is probably not appropriate of me, but eh. Lol. One of our neighbors is Sarah. An Asian with the hair color of a brunette with blonde high-lights. A pretty girl. You would probably think of her as fox-looking or that is just me.. O.o Another neighbor of mine is a neighbor called Erick or Erin. Can’t figure it out. But yeah, he is Asian too. Actually, to be more specific, he’s Korean. He previously looked like PSY with his fat complexion but with his Korean look, but also just got a buzz-haircut. He is a funny person to talk to on the bus.

There are more, but I don’t know of there names and I don’t have much time at this moment to write everything. So anyway… I went to school. Entered into my Homeroom class, waiting for Georgia Studies to start (because my homeroom class happened to be in my Georgia Studies class). We went through the usual announcements of the day, like normal, and then went with the day. The only significant part of the day was when I got my friend, Brian, in trouble. I’ll explain it some other time, but now he never talks to me. 😦 Once Georgia Studies was done I left to Language Arts. A boring class since we were reviewing tips on how to write which had come so easy to me with my talent of writing. Oh yeah, the Language Arts teacher, Mrs. Harrison had a mental breakdown, once again (it had happened yesterday again), because some of the students were talking. She yelled at Rob, the only Russian student in Creekland I knew and then she took her anger on others. It was quite awkward because everybody started to laugh afterwards… Funny.

After Language Arts was Math. Easiest subject. Especially with Mrs. Sauchinus (I’m not spelling it correctly, lol). Since, of course, I was in Standard Math it was easy but things got difficult she made it straight-forward in our minds which made it a lot easier for me and the other students. Plus it was the only class where we most quiet. I forgot to turn in my homework from yesterday, which was funny, cause this was the second time it had happened. Though she was understandable. Later on in class, a girl, can’t remember the name, started passing notes and asked if I liked this girl named “Tia”. I knew her, we knew each other. She was a dark-skinned girl (or in other words BLACK [sorry I need to describe.. :P]) and she loads of swag. She just wasn’t my type. I replied “no I like someone else”. And she replied back “Who >:)” and I replied “I don’t trust you c:”. She got angry and crumpled up the notes and stopped replying. If you are wondering who I like I’ll explain when I have more time. Anyway the day went on Science class as well. It was an average day. We did Fire-drills today as well. Obnoxious.

I don’t have much time for the details, but it was a decent day. Came back home for homework and then listened to some classic Dubstep and House music on Pandora. 🙂

K, that’s it, have a great day guys!

First Time I’ve Ever Been Severely In Trouble (With GCA)

Yeah, this is actually, the worst of all days in my whole life. I’ll explain. When I woke up this morning, and skipped my breakfast so I could get to Language Arts CCS, I was having fun, knowing that I was in my favorite class in the world, besides Social Studies CCS and Science CCS (well, Science, because it’s the only chat class). But, when I finished my Language Arts CCS, I got a call from somebody anonymously I didn’t know, until I called them back, because there was a phone connection, and heard on the voice mail it was my homeroom teacher: Ms. Lauen. So, she called back 5 minutes after I left her a voice-mail, and she asked me first if she could speak with my dad  or mom, but mom was at work, and dad was upstairs having an important online meeting.

So, I told her they were busy, and she asked if I was missing some CCS’s lately, and I said sometimes, and then she stated that she just got word that I was cussing, which was weird, I don’t exactly remember cussing at all. At least in CCS. When dad finally got off his meeting, he went directly to the phone so he could talk this over with my home room teacher. So, when they talked, I overheard (since the phone was so loud) that Ms. Lauen got word from a Social Studies teacher catching me cussing. She also got a picture. Well, I was suspicious at that point, because our teacher didn’t need to get a picture, she needed to just get the recording (which she always does, and it would show everything).

So, I started thinking two theories: somebody logged as my user, and cussed on it, OR, my Social Studies teacher, who kind of ignores me, took a blank picture, and edited it. Well, when my dad was done, he went back to the laptop, as if this never happened. I WAS STILL THINKING IN MY MIND, I couldn’t have done that. I don’t remember cussing at all during class, this whole idea, made me shiver, literally, for 30 minutes, and my stomach kept feeling hot, and toppled on. I seemed stressed on something I’d never done. But, why? That’s what I was asking myself. But, dad said to just leave it, and they will later on than say what to do, well, I went on with the rest of school. I skipped Social Studies class of course today, since it was an enrichment, along, with Science, since I was too angry to be around Mary at the time.

So, I did Math CCS, I had plenty of fun, learning more about some geometrical prisms, oh and some smart people actually turned from Advanced Math CCS, into Regular Math CCS, like me. I felt like saying “in your face showoffs!!”, but I thought I’d better not. I was still thinking every 15 minutes about me getting caught cussing. It made my stomach turn, and my temperature went up. I think by 2 degrees. I did my OLS, which turned out very slow. I did my Social Studies, on Russia, and then checked out all of my notes for my Research Paper, unfortunately, I realized m organized outline, wasn’t organized, and the notes I took were from Europe, not freaking Russia, so I overdid again my organized outline, and this time it was organized.

I couldn’t note at all, because most of the Russian study sites were from .com, and our teacher told us specifically TODAY, that most trustworthy sites that don’t give you problems would be .gov, .mil, .org, and .net. And the only thing I found from those, was the Groiler’s Online Encyclopedia. Well, my teacher always said that we needed to study from two websites about a topic if we wouldn’t go to the library for information, but I thought, why not go to the library for studying instead? So, I asked dad and mom if they can bring me to the library, well, my mom said you can go anywhere, besides a club, so she could sleep. My dad said, we were absolutely going, so I was physched.

I continued with the rest of school, I provided some fruits and vegetables for my stomach, oh and BTW, I’m almost 6ft tall. It’s amazing, I’m growing, I’m like 5 ft 8 inch. It’s cool, but I still wanna get shorter since my head constantly hits my room door. Lol. Anyways, my stomach again and again kept expanding, and hurting, thinking about my trouble, but finally, my dad reported we were about to leave. So, I grabbed my laptop, for online studying, and my notebook, so I could write paragraphs down from the books. It took us 20 minutes to get to the library, since we needed to stop at Walmart, and than stop by the gas station. I was acrasia in the car, because Anabelle wouldn’t stop shutting up, and she kept mumbling the word: fuck.

Yes, we are a crazy family. Patricia, well she was okay, and so was Matthew, except for the fact, he kept making farting noises. When we finally arrived, I grabbed a stool, and looked around for books, I also noticed, the moment I entered the store, I saw this dude with long light blonde hair, nose piercings, lip piercings, and tattoos allover his knuckles, and plus his pants were hanging, I thought I’d just met the Blessthefall guitar player, but I was too afraid to go to him, so I went on with my look, and eventually found a lost piece, that ought to excuse the library woman so I can ask her for some Russian books, I eventually went to her, and gave her the lost piece of parchment, and than asked for some Russian books, she eventually helped me find a huge stack of books.

I studied and studied, until two teenage, Indian girls, came on the same table with me, except it was 4 feet away from me, they were mentioning about how they had a test due 2 hours, and they were dramatizing, so, just to help my mood, this Asian dude, came passed me a couple of times, and then eventually we looked and each other, and mouthed the words constantly: HI! He reminded me so much of Simon. At the time, he walked up to me, and said wassup, and asked for my grade, I said I was in 6th,and he said he was in third grade. Well, he didn’t look too much like a third grader, he looked more like a 4th grader, plus we kept on saying stuff like middle schoolers. Than eventually, that Blessthefall dude, came across us, and the 3rd grader kept saying, who the heck is that hairy guy? And I said shut up, and then I said don’t Chinese people like those hair styles, he actually stated he was Korean, but wasn’t offended, because I was not offending him.

Afterwards, I asked the dude, if he was in a band, and the guy gave me this small, and scared look at me, and said: no. I immediately put my hands to my mouth, and kept gasping. I looked so stupid back there. The 3rd grader eventually mentioned his name: Joseph, and said I was stupid, and I said I know, eventually, when he had to leave, the last person I’d expect in this kind of library was Patricia’s friend. The pervert. She came around, and than, still kept bossing Patricia around and moved them place to place, they eventually went into a restricted area for teens, which was when I had told them they weren’t allowed. They left, and Anabelle was making imitations.

Eventually, when we had to go, Patricia’s friend followed my dad around, and then finally asked if Patricia could come over, I realized that they had been following us, but keep listening to the story, he said no, and then she eventually asked if she could come over. Patricia clearly stated no, and so did my dad, so she gave Patricia a hug, and then went back to her mom, I still gave her my evil glare. We went inside the car, and I officially told Patricia and Anabelle they had been following us, they didn’t believe me. But, watch this, when I got home, mom told us that Patricia’s friend just left 30 minutes ago, and that she told them that we were at the library, dad and I looked at Patricia, and we knew she was following us.

Backstabber, Patricia kept defending, but eventually, she didn’t have to, because Patricia’s friend came to our house again, and asked during the time, I was looking with my mom and dad the cuss words the teacher caught me saying, well I was exasperating alright. Patricia’s friend kept hogging it in so she could inside and play, she didn’t take no for an answer, so eventually she got to come inside. Dad, mom and I eventually sent messages to the teacher explaining it wasn’t me, now the rest really is too hard to talk about, but I’ve already made this post long enough.

I Think I’ve Been Through So Much Crap I Don’t Know What To Do

July 28, 2010
First time that I actually cursed in my post title. But, it really expresses how I felt today (yesterday). Though, I’m again sorry I published soo late. I was at the pool and we were there longer than before. Anyways, all I did today was play some video games in the morning. I guess some Guitar Hero World Tour. I also had to watch people play. So, I guess that was different. If I remember well, my mom was home. She didn’t have to go to work. Which was a big yes for my dad because Michael and Daniel become very loud and my dad likes solving things the peaceful way. Hey, I’m fine with that just as long as it doesn’t include me. Afterwards, when my mom woke up her hair was sprinkled allover the place and she looked dazed but angry at us for playing video games in the morning. My mom always tries to keep us off video games. But, we just can’t help it. 😀 Well I can help it.

Anyways, in a matter of 5 hours of boredom and only TV, we got to go to the pool. With Anthony and Andrei (Romanian accent: Un-drei). Anthony is actually weaker than me by A LOT. But, I’m always trying to make sure he doesn’t cry too easily. See Anthony is either 8 or 9. Andrei was almost turning 13. Oh and Anthony was boy and Andrei was a boy. Even though they were Romanian they understood English just like us good. Though, I’ve seen Andrei text on her phone about me and they were cursing. Anthony is actually just a jerk though. Whenever I am at his house I have to do what he tells me to do, if not he’ll twist up the WHOLE story to get me in trouble. Hey, I can understand that at his house. But, he even does that at my house. WTF?!?! I haven’t been able to say that word in awhile. Yeah it feels good. 😀 Well, anyways, we went to the pool and Michael, Daniel, Matthew and I were sweating in the back like a pile of gorillas. Once Anthony came in with Andrei he sat in the trunk all the way to the trip.

Once we got there, Anthony immediately jumped in the pool. But, there was like a population 6 people in the pool so far and there were barely anybody making noises. We were the ONLY ones who where making noises. Unfortunately, we played this game called push-off. We basically had to throw our opponents in the pool and be the last one standing on dry land Anthony won because we HAD TO go easy on him. And because he hit us when we were unprepared. Well, curse my bad skills. Anyways, we eventually had to dry off when it was ONLY around 2 or 3 I guess. While we had to dry off we saw these big wasps that were like I guess the size of a grownup’s middle finger. We killed one of them without actually getting stung because for once they looked scared at us. Though we sliced its butt in half and it shot out the stinger then.

Once we got back home everything was a blur. That’s all I could remember.

Well It Kind Of Worked But It Kind Of Backfired Too

July 14, 2010
I couldn’t really guess what was going to happen today. A fulfilled day? Catastrophic day? A nice day? What is it going to be? I couldn’t really tell from the gestures my hands were doing when I woke up. Speaking of waking up, you remember King. Yeah, unfortuantely, when we were watching Avatar the Last Airbender, I got so bored then I went outside. Unfortunately, he said he’ll be able to come out later. Than, another hour passed. I gave up on him. Went inside then went back outside. I rang Savino’s doorbell and unfortunately, he was on the phone with Simon. Simon also alerted me two days ago he was at the movies watching Predator. I think those kind of movies are TIGHT!! I heard or at least saw a little bit of the first Alien VS. Predator. I was already into it. Than, the game in then this new movie showed up called Predator. I was happy for him. Than he asked me to come at his house.

Once I came at his house he invited me inside. His carpet was as always comfortable for the bare feet. But, I don’t think he would get that because he was wearing socks. Anyways, I saw him watching Barney. I was like what the heck. Than, he explained his cable broke down. But, after this episode would be done he was going to watch Mortal Combat. Well, he also showed me his electric bass he got. Lucky man. I eventually left. Than, came back to give him a Popsicle. He asked me to come inside. Than, I eventually got bored. Lol and went home. Figuring out I had to have lunch. Well, Matthew and Patricia were playing video games upstairs even though I told them not to because mom said. We had 2 hot-dogs and a few sets of baby-carrots.

Afterwards, my mom got Matthew in trouble for playing video games. But, Patricia talked into a very sweet sorry that made my mom go pass with it. So, my plan kind of backfired. But, I wasn’t really angry. My plan just didn’t work. That’s all. Anyways, we were watching the Big Bang Theory and the Nanny. Just when the Big Bang Theory was done. Simon rang the doorbell and asked us to come OUTSIDE. Didn’t like the idea, but, went with it. When he caught a praying mantis (an orange one to be exact) Matthew felt the curiosity to touch it. Simon said he was going to hit him if he did it. But, trust me, if he hit him. I would talk some sense into that boy.

Eventually, it started to rain and everybody went inside. Even that work boy too. We eventually watched the Nanny than took a bath. After that, we watched some Hitman which was corny and gross. Too much wanting to kill each other. Boring idea but, cool action. Than, America’s got Talent showed up. Most of the people did good. But, I was voting for Future Funk! I can’t give up a picture of them. But, they’re young pop dancers that are cool. Though our telephone wasn’t working. So, we needed our people to do it. Than, we went to bed. Nice day and boring. But, good.