Don’t feel like talking about yesterday, sorry. I’ll be talking about today tomorrow. So keep updated people. 😛


My First Time Actually Hosting and New TV Series

Mom woke me up. Usually I’d start my posts with the sentence “I woke up”. But no, sadly, Mom woke me up, early in the morning for church. I really didn’t get why we should be going to church because I wasn’t going to be able to go to Transit (my Middle School part of the church) because Transit was having this event called Frequency. So they weren’t going to meet this week. But Mom and Dad told me that I was going to have to host with them. Which means, through my point of view, that I get the doughnuts. 😀

No, actually it means when my Dad and Mom volunteers to help the church. My Dad; the leader of the host team along with this other man who is I’m guessing 60 years old. But most people in the host team are at least 30-50 years old. So as the family got dressed I took my amazingly sweet toaster pop-tart filled with fudge. The others ate along with me the same, except my sister, Patricia. She ate the Halloween pop-tart that I preferred eating during Halloween. Oh and big question of the week for you guys! What are you going to wear to Halloween? Please leave the answer in your responding comment to this post.

Once my family got finished with the food and church clothes we entered into our family van and drove to church. There were more people then I had expected. Wow. I had to go to Big Church with Mom and Dad, which I think is pretty cool, being 12 and listening to an adult sermon, but I knew anyway that the kids who weren’t going to attend Frequency that were coming was going to have to stay with their parents and listen to the adult sermon. First when the service started the band playing on stage played a U2 song that I don’t even know how to name while there was a slide show of pictures from North Point Community Church’s (our church) trips to different places such as Moldova, Venezuela, Brazil, Haiti, some other parts in Africa, and India.

Once that finished the band played 2 worship songs for the crowd and then the sermon, Andy Stanley, whom I greatly respected as a sermon, spoke. He spoke for about 2 or 3 hours about the story of John the Baptist mixed up in the story with this family called the Herod family. It was about how they sent him into jail and how John the Baptist; the greatest man in the world (other than Jesus); lost faith in his own cousin Jesus. It was sort of a deep sermon that I enjoyed to listen to. Andy Stanley also mentioned a death of a woman named Rose who was 101 years old and has been going to NPCC ever since with her grand-daughters, great grand-daughters, and great great grand-daughters. It was pretty sad 😦 But Andy Stanley was able to make it happy.

Eventually it was time to go with my parents to host. The best part; I was actually able to volunteer this time because a woman was absent so I got to fill in her job. It felt good. But embarrassing at the same time because when I was giving the people the offering buckets (which was my job to do) the first 3 rows looked at me like “wtf is this kid doing?!” xD So when I finished hosting I listened to the same sermon over again and then the family left to home; taking a doughnut from the host area. 😛 When we got home in at least 10 mins the neighbors asked if we could come outside. So as usual we said yes and hung out with them outside. Mom left with Patricia and Anabelle to So Good to get some clothes and then to Discover Mill to get Matthew, my brother, a webkinz of his own.

Webkinz is pretty beast. Don’t get me started on it. 🙂 Around 3 o’clock everybody ended up on my property, especially, Douglas, Kerry, Thierry, Ashley, and Marvin. I made some corny jokes to crack up Ashley a bit, it worked successfully. The day went on and drama went on until it was getting dark so I came inside. We watched this new criminal/action TV show called Person of Interest or however it’s called. But yeah, we watched it, and it so far blew my mind. I mean the action is so amazing. I suggest you watch it! 🙂 But that was pretty much everything for today. I took a shower and then went to bed.

Just A Short Post To Get It Over With

Well, today was… I don’t know VERY surprising. I was playing around when I was studying Literature. Really? I was the top manager of Reading. Being focused and all. Now I’m disgracing it because I can’t get anymore interesting books to read. I just wanna flush back time and go back to the time I read the first Percy Jackson book. Yeah, those were the good times. Anyways, I went directly to the computer to study on some group I heard about in Science in today’s lesson about Fossils. Took about an hour for me to retain 21 paragraphs of meaningless biographies.

I passed Social Studies because I took a lot of notes, seriously, I think I focus more on getting Social Studies good scores. Lol.

Failed a test on Science, redone it, and got a 89.4%.

Got a good 100% score for Vocabulary.

Another 100% for beating the easiest lesson in Geometry class.

After that, the rest of the day made me feel bad, I was so depressed for some reason. Ah, well, that’s all I remember. See ya.

I Think I’ve Been Through So Much Crap I Don’t Know What To Do

July 28, 2010
First time that I actually cursed in my post title. But, it really expresses how I felt today (yesterday). Though, I’m again sorry I published soo late. I was at the pool and we were there longer than before. Anyways, all I did today was play some video games in the morning. I guess some Guitar Hero World Tour. I also had to watch people play. So, I guess that was different. If I remember well, my mom was home. She didn’t have to go to work. Which was a big yes for my dad because Michael and Daniel become very loud and my dad likes solving things the peaceful way. Hey, I’m fine with that just as long as it doesn’t include me. Afterwards, when my mom woke up her hair was sprinkled allover the place and she looked dazed but angry at us for playing video games in the morning. My mom always tries to keep us off video games. But, we just can’t help it. 😀 Well I can help it.

Anyways, in a matter of 5 hours of boredom and only TV, we got to go to the pool. With Anthony and Andrei (Romanian accent: Un-drei). Anthony is actually weaker than me by A LOT. But, I’m always trying to make sure he doesn’t cry too easily. See Anthony is either 8 or 9. Andrei was almost turning 13. Oh and Anthony was boy and Andrei was a boy. Even though they were Romanian they understood English just like us good. Though, I’ve seen Andrei text on her phone about me and they were cursing. Anthony is actually just a jerk though. Whenever I am at his house I have to do what he tells me to do, if not he’ll twist up the WHOLE story to get me in trouble. Hey, I can understand that at his house. But, he even does that at my house. WTF?!?! I haven’t been able to say that word in awhile. Yeah it feels good. 😀 Well, anyways, we went to the pool and Michael, Daniel, Matthew and I were sweating in the back like a pile of gorillas. Once Anthony came in with Andrei he sat in the trunk all the way to the trip.

Once we got there, Anthony immediately jumped in the pool. But, there was like a population 6 people in the pool so far and there were barely anybody making noises. We were the ONLY ones who where making noises. Unfortunately, we played this game called push-off. We basically had to throw our opponents in the pool and be the last one standing on dry land Anthony won because we HAD TO go easy on him. And because he hit us when we were unprepared. Well, curse my bad skills. Anyways, we eventually had to dry off when it was ONLY around 2 or 3 I guess. While we had to dry off we saw these big wasps that were like I guess the size of a grownup’s middle finger. We killed one of them without actually getting stung because for once they looked scared at us. Though we sliced its butt in half and it shot out the stinger then.

Once we got back home everything was a blur. That’s all I could remember.