So, Thinking of What To Say

Hey guys. So Andrew here. Bringing you just another post. I don’t feel like I want to speak on my daily life right now currently cause there is some stuff that is great going on but also some drama. In the past I wish I would have posted about all this drama so I can just vent about it all I want, but now people I know read my blog. And I feel like I’m in conflict. What if they read up about my feelings? They actually get to know what I’m thinking about them. It was funny. My best friend Michael, his Mom had just read up on me about how I thought about the vacation with his family in South Colorado. Apparently, his Mom, according to Michael, said that I made his family look bad, which I can understand from his Mom’s point that I shouldn’t mention them if I say something slightly negative, but at the same time I feel like: okay, you’re gonna read my blog and my inner thoughts and what I feel then chastise me? I’m not imposing the idea that I don’t like her reading my blog, but I mean, get ready. These are my thoughts. I speak my thoughts. Not all of it, of course. There’s a certain level of respect I have for people’s privacy, but if you come into contact with my life I will write about you. At the most I won’t mention your name if you would like me to, but this is my blog. So I’ve come to an final conclusion. Kinda funny how I said “final” and “conclusion”; basically the same thing. I am going to exploit my thoughts about the people. And if they get butt-hurt then come talk to me. So yea. Big decision. I feel like I’m posting one paragraph/one message articles to you guys. Kinda of interesting. Anyway, see you all. Gotta watch the Walking Dead Premiere tonight. 🙂 Bye.




What A Saturday

Sorry, but I’m going to have to skip Friday’s post because I don’t think I have enough time for two posts. So, we’re just going to skip to Saturday.
Today is a new day. I wanted to go directly to the computer but my conscience was either telling me it wasn’t a good idea, or somehow I’m going to pay for it. So, I turned away from the computer in my sister’s room and went downstairs, I was hoping my mom would remind me of taking a shower in the morning, because I hardly ever shower except during the evenings. So, when I finished my breakfast and went back upstairs. My dad was in his work clothes comforting Anabelle. I’d just noticed she was awaken, and so was my mom.

When he was done snuggling her, he told me to load the dishes. I didn’t respond, but then he said it’d be best for mom, because I knew and predicted my mom was going to be really tired today. So, I loaded as fast as possible. I was able to finish loading, just before my mom could come downstairs. My sister (Patricia) and my only brother (Matthew) were already playing Mario Super Bros. When mom came downstairs, she was tired, as I expected. So, I let the hours stroll by, until Patricia’s friend decided to drop by and ask if she could come inside. I may do that to Simon, but nowadays he invites me inside before I can start thinking. It looked kind of embarrassing that we were being enthusiastic around Patricia’s friend. So, I acted as calm as I could be. When it came to the point where she had to leave, she asked if my sister (Patricia) and my other sister (Anabelle) to come to the Duluth Fall Festival.

I looked kind of jealous, but when it comes to coming with this specific friend of Patricia’s, I wouldn’t want to go, the other weird thing was the fact that she asked if I could come. I looked nervous, but was able to say a no. Finally they left, and it was just me, Matthew, my mom and the pizza my dad dropped off. When 4 pm hit I already finished 5 pizza slices and watched two movies: Zathura and Jumangi. My brother thought Jumangi was scarier. But, it was okay. When I came out Patricia was already home, though, I found no sight of her friend. So, I happily skipped toward Simon in the sand lump. He mentioned something about a new wrestling club that Savino was making (he’s a neighbor, basically). So, I thought about it, but then Savino walked up to me and asked if I wanted to join. He started saying about having to wrestle whenever he says. Then, he started being smart guy and all. I just ignored. When Patricia’s friend came she tried to get Patricia to get my mom to stay while I WAS TAKING A BATH. Weird, right? But, she wasn’t, thanks to my mom.

Afterwards, we did Quiet time, and um… oh yeah, I was able to finish Percy Jackson the last one today. Honestly, it ended so good, but left out some details I REALLY wanted to know in the next book. So, yeah, hoping for the 6th book to come out. Well, I’m sorry though it took a week to finish. I was more looking forward to finishing in 4 days, but I can’t tell the future can’t I?

First Week Of School

I was sleeping on a Saturday morning. Just so were on the right track here. I thought I was going to bore myself the whole day again. But, I wasn’t. My mom told me to go outside and ask some people to hangout or play with. Nobody in the neighborhood answered except Savino, he then asked me inside to watch a little TV. To me it felt like a bicentennial when we were hanging out. But, afterwards, we had to go outside. I spent some time with my neighbors. I guess there were about… 6 neighbors outside. Including my sister, my brother and I. We had a blast together. I felt some real fun. I was happy. Oh and I did get a lot of comments that day too. 😀

The next day, we went to church, I was motionless. When I was sighting the trees at the Church lot. I was, um… surprised. Because it reminded me of how beautiful this church is. Later on, I went to my class. In worship, it was the regular. Loud noises from the guitar, drums, acoustic and bass. Then, we went in our group. Sorry to say I forgot to give Skittles to everyone. I was frustrated by then because we had a huge amount of people in our group. Then, when church was done. I was sleeping, and waking, sleeping and waking. Then, I did some pillow fights with King and Savino.

First day of school. You expect me to be like the average people. Waking up early and going on the bus. Well, no. I actually just wake up REALLY early brush me teeth, wash my face and get ready for school. Instead I just slept through the first 2 hours I was supposed to start. Then, I started. But, for some reason the school had some technical difficulties on the computer. So, it was hard for us to complete one subject. Because it kept logging off. Then, we had a blast. What work we got, easy. After that, I called my friend Nayyir. Which I haven’t talked to in 4 months. Finally, he gave some of my other friend’s phone numbers. Then, my mom, dad, sister and I watched a movie. It was good. But, it wasn’t that interesting. Afterwards, we did quiet time then went to sleep.

The next day was a totally different thing. Everyone was alert and ready for school. Except we had to watch the recorded assembly for school. It took about 2 hours off our school time. Which took us off track. Unluckily, I wasn’t able to find me English handbook for Language Arts: GUM (Grammer, Using, Mechanics). Patricia was kicking my butt at this. She was ahead of my like woo!! I was stuck only on Math for 3 hours. I had to do this Pre Algebra test. I had to do about, 49 problems of the written part, then 19 for questions. Then, I don’t how many wasn’t completed. My friend Nayyir called me and kept throwing the “You still didn’t finish school?!” in my face. He’s still my friend. But, it was annoying. I eventually went to sleep after that.

After that day, it was an easy day. I was able to wake up around 6 then eat breakfast and start school at 8 tops. Oh and it was really easy. Afterwards, I had an elluminate orientation with my teacher. I was actually expecting it to be long. But, by the next 30 minutes she logged off. My teacher’s voice was kind of low. Like she was sleepy or allergic to something. Her comments seemed promising, but her voice was too blah for me. I just hope she is better then that, because my sister got my old teacher Ms. Riley. I was able to finish even Math in a flash. Then, I finished GUM. Which distracted my time. Luckily, I finished the Unit Assessment. So, I’m moving on to the next unit. Afterwards, my friend Nayyir told me about this awesome game that I have to link to you. Awesome game, afterwards, I fell asleep.

I don’t really remember what happened the next day. All I can say is that I did school and breathed air. Okay, lets try the morning after that. I was having a blast. Enjoying myself and feeling like this moment was bicentennial. It was the last day of the first week of school. Yippee!! But, we still had to do school. I on the other hand only had 4 subjects. Which made it even easier for me. But, that’s only because I was supposed to have Study Island and a lot of elluminates this part of the year. But, right now, I ‘m going to have an easy first month at school. I had to do Pre-Algebra, Social Studies, Literature Intermediate level and Language Skills GUM (Grammar, Using, Mechanics) intermediate level. Then, it was all over. Afterwards, my dad and I went to go get the Percy Jackson book Battle of the Labyrinth. Didn’t get it because of the Library changing the time limit. Afterwards, we stayed up ti’ll like 11 at night and then all of the sudden a black out happened for 8 seconds. Besides that we were fine. Then, we went to sleep.

Whatever… Good Enough

July 26, 2010
Well, afterwards, I forgot like usual about the sleepover. At first, when I woke up, I pictured myself in my home then in Michael’s room. Which was awkward for me. Oh and Daniel and I were working on my Poptropica account then we made Daniel a blog from WORDPRESS. Speaking of that, here’s the link to his site:

Awesome right? Anyways, I wanted to read the Titan’s Curse at his house, but, then they had breakfast then went back to playing video games. I wanted to play soccer like we did yesterday. MAN!! I should remember things. I forgot to to mention my previous post. Ugh! Anyways, I really wanted to move Michael and Daniel’s butts and do something more energetic. Well, they wouldn’t listen. They just continued playing and playing which was annoying me. I eventually went to the computer but got bored. Then, after a few minutes I joined in the play on PS3, Ms. Ginger alarmed us and said we were going to the pool.

Fun, yeah! Something more energetic. We had loads of fun. I went on their AWESOME slide. Then, there were these girls that would constantly stop the slide water. So, it would be JUST like a regular play slide. I hated that. I guess the highest aged one was about 15. Smallest I guess was 5. Well, Michael and I had to constantly turn it back on. Also the girls were preforming these dangerous stunts that were not allowed. I was really ticked off now. I wanted to punch one of them. Then, they said to get off the rope we were sitting on. They said we weren’t allowed to. WHATEVER!! Than, I said you were making those illegal moves and all that. But, they tried to doubt it. Then, like I guess a 11 year old told me this: “I don’t give a f*ck about that”. I was surprised. Michael and Daniel laughed whiled they were repeating it. Than, Michael said this: “Who gives a sh*t about anything?”. Which I thought was normal for him. We eventually left with those girls stubbed in the butt with our speeches.

Afterwards, we went to the Buford Dam (Michael and Daniel lives near the dam). We had loads of fun with nicer people that I misunderstood as Indonesian. Unfortunately, they were Spanish. Wow, how racist I am. Anyways, I had to go to this part of river where it was SOO cold, had seaweed which was slippery for me and the current was pushing me. I felt like I was going to die for a few moments. Then, Daniel copied it. We both were tied. Hahahaha. Funny. Michael was too scared to do it. I just went along with it. Then, we went back home and played PS3 again. I was really bugged by playing only during the WHOLE sleepover. i wish they only had Dsi’s and they would be more active. But, that’s their fault being so ADDICTED to video games. Lol. We eventually had to eat dinner. Then, thunder stroke. While I was playing scateboarding, Daniel’s account got erased because of the thunder. Lol. That happened the SECOND time!! Oh, so funny. Then, we went back to sleep fulfilling ourselves with happiness.

Today Is The Day For The Wedding

July 17, 2010
Right now, it feels as if I was told the wedding would start a few days ago. Well, the months passed and we finally got to start the wedding. But, unfortunately, everybody was still sleepy when they woke-up. I actually thought we were going to leave around 11 or 12 in the morning. Well, guess what. We were ACTUALLY leaving around 2 and the wedding was supposed to start at 4. So, I was completely dumbed. I woke up and got energetic for nothing. I tried to help myself by going on the computer as usual and checking my farm. My farm is actually doing very well. I’m level 20 actually. But, I don’t think I have a farm like a level 20. But, I do have ribbons like a level 20. Anyways, once I got off the computer I for some brought up my blog to my aunt. She read and was pretty impressed with idea I was talking about. Than, since I figured out what to do. I decided I was going to play Guitar Hero World Tour before we were going to get ready for the wedding. I was basically doing these songs called Sweet Home Alabama, Shiver, and the Kill. Oh that song is good. Here’s the video:

Afterwards, we got ready for the wedding. It took us a pretty long time to get ready because it was hard for me to find long pants that were not jeans. Sobs. My clothes are turning over to Matthew’s size. I’m losing my clothes because I’m growing too tall for my age. I’m like the tallest in the neighborhood besides Simon and he’s only just the same height. I’m also close to beating Alex in height and he’s turning 13 in the two days (tomorrow). Oh and tomorrow is my mom’s birthday (today). I constantly got mixed up with the calender because I had thoughts and people gave me ideas. Yeah, I messed it up. So, tomorrow is my mom’s birthday. Hope you’ll be there to say happy birthday. Lol. Anyways, when we were getting ready to heat up or whatever you call it on my pants, my dad accidentally put it on my pants and it got wet. Luckily, my mom noticed fast enough. I knew I was going to get back at him soon enough.

Eventually, in an hour we finally got into Gainesville. The city where it was supposed to take place in. The church they were having the wedding in was HUGE!! It also had a limousine in front of the church. Though, the bride and the groom were only renting it. But, that was a shocker. We went to the side of the church were the food was supposed to take place. The place was HUGE!! AGAIN! About 312 or 340 people could fit in there. Anyways, we walked to the part of the church where the kissing and the preaching was supposed to take place. But, it felt as Anna (the bride’s sister) had this place as her wedding. Than, I got a good close of it. Was TOTALLY different. Than, Matthew was starting to get REALLY cocky or loud. So, we went to Burger King to have some fries and chicken nuggets. I only took some fries and 2 chicken nuggets. But, by now, I bet Savino and Simon was having a heck of a time at the lake.

Well, when the wedding finally started, everybody was walking through. Oh and FYI, my little sister Anabelle was the flower girl. But, for some reason, they didn’t give her flowers in her bowl. I thought it was the plan, or they just forgot. Well, I ignored that and I was waiting for the bride to come out. Unfortunately, when she came out and walked through the line, I noticed her dress. She had a beautiful graphical front and the back wasn’t so long. Just short and perfect. It actually fit perfect on the bride. Afterwards, when they were giving out the message I fell asleep but still listening to the preacher because he was speaking so LOUD. Then the bride and groom kissed. We celebrated and went to the dinner area.

Once, we got there, I had to sit with these kids that I bet I know they are teen. But, unfortunately, they were 12 TURNING 13. I was still kind of right. They were acting like complete jerks. I couldn’t stand them. But, then one of them was constantly staring at me. Didn’t know why, but okay. When all of those kids left the guy that stared at me asked me if I could spread the word on my blog about subscribing on his Youtube channel. Than, he said he would subscribe to my blog. Well, at the end of the post, I’ll give you the link. But, when I do PLEASE subscribe to him. Anyways, one of the boys were actually assaulting me and I said I was going to break your arm if you’d continue doing that. He said I didn’t stand a chance just because I lost in a arm wrestling and staring contest. Man, those guys can be REALLY stupid.

Well, we eventually left with actually tasting the world’s newest Apple cake. The iCake! Lol. Soon I’ll show you pictures of it. But, we were waiting for that thing to come and be ready to eat. But, when we ate it, it tasted horrible. The inside was bitter and the crust was OKAY. Than, some girls walked up to me and asked if I tried the cake. I said yeah and explained what I thought about it. They said it was crap and then walked away. Eventually when we left, Anna and her husband gave us these two fishes to babysit. At first I thought we were going to keep them. But, only babysitting. Boo hoo.

Okay subscribe to this guy if you are interested in technology and stuff. Here’s his youtube name josiahms97. Here is a URL to one of his best videos: