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Hey guys, Andrew here. I’m back with a post, except I’m back the day after I just posted about my trip, so I guess I’m getting back to blogging again. I want to also say I noticed someone named “lesleycarter” (that was her username) liked my travel post, so of course I took the courage to visit her blog and follow Β her in return. Cause I’m nice like that. πŸ™‚ I noticed that she was a big blogger, though. She’s got like, frigging 6 million page views?! And like 74 bloggers actually like her post, when my post gets like two or three at the max. What I’m trying to get across is that I’m actually humble towards the lady and very thankful that she took the time to check out my semi-big blog. Thank you very much! πŸ˜€

Now anyway, back to our topic of the post; I finally got back home from all of my travels and from Naples, Florida. It was very hot when we arrived home, though we did notice that Spikey (our pet hamster) was left in his cage with the cage open while we were gone for almost four weeks. We did give him lot’s of food, but we found the cage open which immediately drew Paranoia over my siblings. Funny enough, Spikey was STILL in his cage and not even hungry! So that was very impressive or surprising to see.

The house was extremely hot, though I could take it, I got used to 80 to 90 degree temperatures inside houses whilst I was in Naples, Florida. We obviously turned the AC on and immediately the house was comfortable to be in. I hoped on to the computer and checked on some of the Youtube videos my laptop could not process properly and watch it on HD, cause our PC can run a lot faster. I watched 15 minutes of it, immediately being interrupted by my friends rapping the door and ringing the doorbell several times. I got to talk with King and Savino while my sisters got to hang out with Nicole. I got to catch up with my friends; King thought I had moved out, which was funny. They DID play loads of video games as I had assumed. So yeah, we just had some funny jokes and eventually I guess we walked accidentally into our drunk neighbor’s yard and she started yelling at us like an old lady “GET OUT OF MY YARD!” Lol.

As we left and went inside I had started to read the Twilight series. Oops. I know I hate that series, but on the trip from Florida to Georgia (basically 12 hours) I got bored and my Mom had the whole Twilight series stashed in car, so I started reading the first book and had already gotten to 134 pages, which I find myself pretty proud of. It is pretty interesting, and I believe that reading the Twilight series will expand my vocabulary, as it already has, and will give me some ideas of how romance works in books, which will help me in my book if romance will be in my book. So yeah, I guess I’ll finish the first book in 3 or 4 days and continue on the series.

We also watched the London 2012 Olympics during the evening! Since Volleyball was the only sport besides some type of Woman’s Swimming competition that was on, I decided to indulge myself into the sport of Volleyball and soon enough I started to pertain a liking to the sport. Lol. I’m sounding all fancy now, I like it. πŸ˜€ So yeah, I liked Volleyball on the London Olympics. Czech Republic was facing against USA, so I was kind of confused of which team to pick. I think USA won a third gold medal, if I’m right? You guys can leave a comment telling me otherwise. Afterwards, I was being reminded that Michael was coming over for a big sleepover at my house! YAY! Can’t wait. We’ll probably be playing Zombies all day. πŸ˜›

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That there was my impression of a karate kick. I did so well didn’t I?

Hey guys, this is Andrew C. Paladie, or for short ACP, and I am reporting to you here on my epic blog. I know, I know. I have NOT been posting lately. Actually I haven’t been posting at all! What’s up with that? That’s why I decided to come back to you people with my life and how I have been. Lately a few things have been happening. #1: I’ve been updating on a Youtube account I used to have last year during the month of September. I posted a video of the MW3 trailer along with some good background music to make the video more interesting. By all means, please check it out. I would love for you to give me some feedback on Youtube of what you think of it, or if you don’t have a Youtube account you can just simply leave a comment here or if you think I should really hear your opinion and the last two are out of the picture, just leave me an e-mail. If all fails, you’re screwed.

Oh and BTW, I also have an announcement to make before I move onto my top reasons why I have been acting like such a jerk and not letting you guys know how my life is going. On my Youtube channel I am going to be posting more videos. What about may you ask. I am actually going to start with a series of Minecraft videos and then go on with a few more realistic (instead of gameplay videos) videos with spoofs of almost everything I can find funny. If you would like to check my channel, subscribe to it, by all means go ahead. If you do not know how to subscribe to a channel but yet you DO have a Youtube channel, then you may go on Youtube and look up how to do that. If you don’t know how to look up stuff on Youtube, then you DO have a problem.

Now before I get too carried away, as I already have been, for the moment, let me move onto my next reason why I’ve not been posting. #2: I’ve just been lazy and I was not thinking of you guys and how much you would miss me or if you would miss me. I was almost at the verge of thinking I was just posting to myself, Haha! Isn’t that crazy? πŸ™‚ No, but really, this blog was intended before for something else but has transformed into something crazy I have found suit for, and honestly my life does not depend on the fact that you guys comment on these posts. Actually this blog is more for announcements or for my life/diary. For the people who do happen to be commenting on these posts are awesome and that’s why I also post announcements in these posts. So those people, or those things out there that are commenting and are subscribed to my everyday activities, you guys are awesome and you should keep doing what you do.

And now! #3: Because I have been acting like such a BOSS (pronounced in my accent) in school and basically in everything else. But those emos, or people that enjoyed me posting about how depressed my life is, just wait. I’m not going to act like a total loser and act like I’m better than you because I’m happier and I’m going to make you happy. No, that’s not my point of being happy. I want to be happy because before I was beginning to become sick of being depressed all the time. So nowadays, I just try to be as happy as possible! But trust me guys, if something goes downhill, it’s okay. I’ll be here to mention it πŸ˜‰

So there you go; three reasons to why I have been excused for a long flipping time. But now, nothing’s going to be in my way. Now I am going to post posts like crazy. So subscribers, you better be tuning in to this junk. Cause it’s about to be crazy.

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Today Is The Day For The Wedding

July 17, 2010
Right now, it feels as if I was told the wedding would start a few days ago. Well, the months passed and we finally got to start the wedding. But, unfortunately, everybody was still sleepy when they woke-up. I actually thought we were going to leave around 11 or 12 in the morning. Well, guess what. We were ACTUALLY leaving around 2 and the wedding was supposed to start at 4. So, I was completely dumbed. I woke up and got energetic for nothing. I tried to help myself by going on the computer as usual and checking my farm. My farm is actually doing very well. I’m level 20 actually. But, I don’t think I have a farm like a level 20. But, I do have ribbons like a level 20. Anyways, once I got off the computer I for some brought up my blog to my aunt. She read and was pretty impressed with idea I was talking about. Than, since I figured out what to do. I decided I was going to play Guitar Hero World Tour before we were going to get ready for the wedding. I was basically doing these songs called Sweet Home Alabama, Shiver, and the Kill. Oh that song is good. Here’s the video:

Afterwards, we got ready for the wedding. It took us a pretty long time to get ready because it was hard for me to find long pants that were not jeans. Sobs. My clothes are turning over to Matthew’s size. I’m losing my clothes because I’m growing too tall for my age. I’m like the tallest in the neighborhood besides Simon and he’s only just the same height. I’m also close to beating Alex in height and he’s turning 13 in the two days (tomorrow). Oh and tomorrow is my mom’s birthday (today). I constantly got mixed up with the calender because I had thoughts and people gave me ideas. Yeah, I messed it up. So, tomorrow is my mom’s birthday. Hope you’ll be there to say happy birthday. Lol. Anyways, when we were getting ready to heat up or whatever you call it on my pants, my dad accidentally put it on my pants and it got wet. Luckily, my mom noticed fast enough. I knew I was going to get back at him soon enough.

Eventually, in an hour we finally got into Gainesville. The city where it was supposed to take place in. The church they were having the wedding in was HUGE!! It also had a limousine in front of the church. Though, the bride and the groom were only renting it. But, that was a shocker. We went to the side of the church were the food was supposed to take place. The place was HUGE!! AGAIN! About 312 or 340 people could fit in there. Anyways, we walked to the part of the church where the kissing and the preaching was supposed to take place. But, it felt as Anna (the bride’s sister) had this place as her wedding. Than, I got a good close of it. Was TOTALLY different. Than, Matthew was starting to get REALLY cocky or loud. So, we went to Burger King to have some fries and chicken nuggets. I only took some fries and 2 chicken nuggets. But, by now, I bet Savino and Simon was having a heck of a time at the lake.

Well, when the wedding finally started, everybody was walking through. Oh and FYI, my little sister Anabelle was the flower girl. But, for some reason, they didn’t give her flowers in her bowl. I thought it was the plan, or they just forgot. Well, I ignored that and I was waiting for the bride to come out. Unfortunately, when she came out and walked through the line, I noticed her dress. She had a beautiful graphical front and the back wasn’t so long. Just short and perfect. It actually fit perfect on the bride. Afterwards, when they were giving out the message I fell asleep but still listening to the preacher because he was speaking so LOUD. Then the bride and groom kissed. We celebrated and went to the dinner area.

Once, we got there, I had to sit with these kids that I bet I know they are teen. But, unfortunately, they were 12 TURNING 13. I was still kind of right. They were acting like complete jerks. I couldn’t stand them. But, then one of them was constantly staring at me. Didn’t know why, but okay. When all of those kids left the guy that stared at me asked me if I could spread the word on my blog about subscribing on his Youtube channel. Than, he said he would subscribe to my blog. Well, at the end of the post, I’ll give you the link. But, when I do PLEASE subscribe to him. Anyways, one of the boys were actually assaulting me and I said I was going to break your arm if you’d continue doing that. He said I didn’t stand a chance just because I lost in a arm wrestling and staring contest. Man, those guys can be REALLY stupid.

Well, we eventually left with actually tasting the world’s newest Apple cake. The iCake! Lol. Soon I’ll show you pictures of it. But, we were waiting for that thing to come and be ready to eat. But, when we ate it, it tasted horrible. The inside was bitter and the crust was OKAY. Than, some girls walked up to me and asked if I tried the cake. I said yeah and explained what I thought about it. They said it was crap and then walked away. Eventually when we left, Anna and her husband gave us these two fishes to babysit. At first I thought we were going to keep them. But, only babysitting. Boo hoo.

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