High-School Is A Struggle

Hey guys! Andrew here! Bringing you a new post of my daily life. I’m right now at the Media Center in the high-school I’m going to, which is basically the library in short. I’ve come up with a method to do some posting for you guys from the Media Center where 20-30 minutes of time is provided for me. Hopefully you won’t have a problem with it if you enjoy my posts. 😉 No music/video for today, cause I’m at my high-school and apparently Youtube is restricted from the computers here as well as Wikipedia and Twitter, which is stupid, but oh well.

Today, first day back from school, after an awesome weekend was a bit foggy. I haven’t been paying attention the stuff going on in my life lately. Everything’s a blur. Nothing seems too important to me. I guess it’s something you get used to when you’re really busy in high-school and get only a certain number of hours to sleep. I mean, I can remember the conversations I had with friends and with people I don’t know, and when I look back at those conversations I actually am surprised those people talked to me and that we talked about that certain thing. I don’t know. Even in classes. Teachers say some crucial information. I can’t seem to process any of it. It’s really weird. It feels like everything is blurred, unless I put my mind to memorize that scene/memory. I know, it’s weird. Don’t judge.

P.E. was one of the high-lights of today. I played an actual game with the people who weren’t playing Soccer and practiced shots with me. Chris, a friend of mine in P.E. since the beginning of the year, played the game with me along with a few of my other friends. Andrew (not me, of course), also played and played on my team. I’m kind of negotiating whether I should talk to Andrew after the incident that happened with Sydney (my friend) at church. I don’t feel like explaining what happened now, still feel a bit hungry. Lunch is in about 15 minutes from now anyway . . .

I actually made 3 shots in the basketball game since it was just a 3v3 and Andrew really had no choice but to pass it to his friend that was playing on my team or me. So, it was a really good game. For once I’m getting better at playing basketball games with teams of people I don’t know. It’s especially important for me since I want to apply for Basketball.

After P.E., was Honors Language Arts. We just did our Bellwork (when she gives us a sentence to work on for a week, and we have to correct it in different ways each day of the week [today was parts of speech]), then our SSR reading (when we’re given 10-15 minutes to read a book we picked specifically from the library) and now that I think about it, I’m gonna have to finish my SSR reading novel in about two days because I need to pay back the library for my overdue.

Honors Biology, was a blur. I just remembered that she showed us the test that we took on Friday (a big test over the unit) and pointed out how we failed those questions and pointed out how stupid we were messing up those questions. It felt embarassing that I was one of the stupid people in the class. I’m hoping that my grade average was at least an A. I’m confident of it. But then again, lately everything I’ve been confident about has bit me in the butt (for nicer way to say).

Accelerated Math, I did not even pay attention, I tried to pay attention and comprehend what the teacher was saying, but nothing was connecting, and all I did the duration of the class period was tilt my head and lean it against my arm and try to make myself go to sleep and skip the whole hour of this boring and unproductive class period. I remember faintly we were going over different types of graph functions such as Odd and Even functions. I got that part, but the parts where polynomials and equations involving symmetry came in, I started to get confused and panicked in my mind. I’m not usually this half-hearted about everything. It’s definitely not because of video-games. It’s got something to do with the food I’m eating, people I’m around, and especially the people I’m hanging around. That’s the only thing I can concur with.

French was actually a fun class. I got to crack a nice “Lilo and Stitch” joke. Only to have my friend Max try to one me up and use Stitch’s voice to get the attention of the class. Otherwise it was a fun class. We got a bit into the new unit of French we’re going to be working on. “Family”. After that, it was just waiting for the class to end for me.

Digital Technology made me feel smart since we were doing some sort of programming and commands with this program the teacher is making this class use called “Scratch” which can make a large amount of things. Today, we were designated to figure out how to construct the game “Pong” from “Scratch” which had a lot of programming and code involved. By the end of my project, I had so much more code than most of the people around me, it felt so awesome. I don’t know, I guess I just like to be better than everybody. It makes me feel at peace with myself.

Cross Country was awesomely tiring. We had to do 4 1000 meter runs, which means we had to run 1000 meters in distance 4 times. The first two times we had to run the 1000 meters we had to run 5K Race Pace, which is the pace we want to run for our next race which is gonna be in Mulberry and is apparently going to be a really “difficult” hill course. The third time we ran the 1000 meter we had to run tempo pace which is in between jogging and 5K Race Pace. 4th time we had to go Hammer speed, in which I like to call it “Hammer Time” *cue the music*. 🙂 I ran the Hammer 30 seconds faster than my fastest run on the 1000 meters, taken in mind the course was covered many hills. I ended up having a sore ankle that extremely hurt when I moved it for our cool-down. I didn’t want to walk though, because the couches warned us that if they catch us walking on the cool-downs then our Cross Country season is over. So I mustered through it. When we came back to the Cross Country locker rooms I ditched the place, immediately. Not even wanting to stretch.

It was a struggle having to walk home, since I had the bad ankle and looked like a retard walking awkwardly with my bad foot. Surprisingly, my Dad passed by me with my brother, Matthew in the front of the car with him. I was so grateful for them, because I thought they were gonna pick me up. Wrong. Turns out, when I wanted an unnecessary 15 minutes for them to drive back to me, I figured that they weren’t gonna pick me up and that my Dad had to do something more important. So I walked home, with the bad ankle and tried to whine too much about it. Though I won’t deny that I cursed many times at my ankle for giving me such a hard time.

When I arrived home, my Mom gave me a lecture about how I was late for home and how she was calling my couches to figure out where I was. I just told her the story of my Dad and how I was confused if he was going to pick me up or not. She calmed down after that, and then I went back outside and got Markel outside to play Basketball with me.

Overall the day was just really a struggle. I love high-school, no doubt about it. I just hate the education part of it. It just feels that no matter how hard I try, the grades don’t come to my standard. It really pisses me off. Otherwise, everything is a blur, and I feel everything is going too fast for me to comprehend.

Anyway! Enjoy your time wherever you are! BYE!


I’ve Got the Weirdest Advanced Social Studies Teacher

Yeah, I’m sorry I wasn’t able to post earlier today. I was busy with my friends and school. Anyway to talk about today. Woke up; drowsy. I got an e-mail from my ex, Sabourah. It’s starting to get annoying. She keeps sending me shitty e-mails or “plz cal mee” e-mails. I’m at the point of permanently removing her off my contacts list and blocking her e-mails, if I can do that. Once I woke up I get this weird k-mail from a teacher named Ms. Lewis (Audrey Lewis) saying that she was my new homeroom teacher. Now at this point I’m thinking “Uh, no! I already have a homeroom teacher, and her name is Ms. Hill”. I don’t know what’s going on. Until I start guessing things. What if I got put into the advanced class?

I didn’t have time to think about that when I was getting into my ELA/LIT class. I had a new teacher, her name was NOT Ms. Johnson. It was some other name I can’t remember. She spoke in a squeaky chipmunk voice which really annoyed me throughout the class. I couldn’t listen properly to what she was saying because her squeaky alvin the chipmunk voice was getting on my nerves. After that class was done I moved into Math class. Surely I would see my REAL homeroom teacher, Ms. Hill, there because she was always Math teacher. But no! Surprisingly, it was the same teacher that had sent an e-mail to me 2 hours ago about being my new homeroom. I was shocked. It was true. I was put in the ALP class. O_O

After studying in Math I moved to the next class. Into a rather weird and scary Social Studies class. Since I knew it was my new ALP Social Studies teacher I decided to go along with it smoothly. But no, our Social Studies teacher, Ms. Lowe (Gentry Lowe) was too busy going on and off. She spoke sometimes in a Russian accent, a German accent, and then weirdly into a French accent. She was JUST WEIRD! I couldn’t take it really. I didn’t feel like I was reviewing for the exams. We played a game of jeopardy referring to the exams. But I didn’t feel like I learned anything. I felt like I just went through a trivia question game. Oh well. The class went on and on for more then an hour and a half until Ms. Lowe had finally announced happily/excitingly that the girls had won the jeopardy game. I REALLY didn’t give a f*ck.

So the day went on and I got to meet my new Life Science teacher. 🙂 She was the only decent teacher other then my Math teacher. I got through the rest of the day, through my subjects until I eventually went outside to meet the Middle Schoolers. My friend, Simon came outside secretly so we could shoot some basketball hoops. I don’t really like basketball as much, but what the hell. 😐 Eventually another neighbor named Nicholas came outside, along with my sisters. They climbed on a railing in the entrance of the neighborhood which I politely told them NOT TO! But Ms. Kacey comes into the situation and thinks once they get off that I told them to get off once she came. Ms. Kacey told us to go home and that she will be meeting our parents. I didn’t give a flipping fuck about what she said.

Simon and I stayed outside. Until Ms. Kacey went to my house and boldly said that she was going to call the police on us. Well she did, and I took care of the situation. The policeman was actually rather nice. He had a british accent and a little scar on his cheek. I kind of felt gangsterish sitting down with Simon and Nicholas whispering when the policeman came. We told the policeman the whole story. The policeman also told us that Ms. Kacey accused Simon and I to be on the railings. We told him the truth and he understood. Then we shared a little secret about Ms. Kacey with the cop and he went on. Patricia was bursting into tears along with Anabelle because they thought they were going to go to jail.

But once they knew; they were happy. And we all were happy. 😀 The day ended by then.

Reading Exams and Rollerblades

When I woke up around 8 o’clock sharp, I knew from the start that I had missed a day of exams. Now I’ll have to take two exams one of these days. Plus, I haven’t even considered starting the Spring Scantron soon. I was able to finish writing Pluto and the Dwarf Planets on my Planet Brochure. I also found a cool picture for Pluto that actually rotates, but is still a sitting picture. Only the image moves, not the picture. I bet my teacher will give me props on that. 🙂

After I bi-passed through my Travel Portfolio, thinking about when to actually get done Spain and Italy, I decided to finish reading the second chapter and move probably move on to the next lesson. It took a great while to listen to the audio and read the book, simultaneously. But, I got pretty far in the beginning of the book. When finally I decided to do an exam, I tried first the easiest and less stressing subject. Reading.

I got 100s and 50s (mostly 100s) and some 0s. I did okay I guess. But, unfortunately, I didn’t pass through 90%. Even though Mom was happy, I still did not feel like I exceeded the standards. I just hope I don’t do the same with Math, or else I will hate myself for a while. During the time when Anabelle had still gotten in trouble with Dad and Mom for her snotty behavior with Matthew and Patricia, Anabelle’s elusiveness helped her out of the trouble. As I glared at her, I knew that one day she would really get what she deserved for bossy and snotty attitude. When I finished reading the Fellowship of the Rings for today, I went upstairs and used my laptop for awhile and decided to take a nap.

I haven’t taken proper naps in awhile. I’ve only taken proper sleeps, but naps were also a good alternative of calming the mind, other than Yoga. So after an hour of napping I decided to get along with the rest of the day, and just finish my Pre-Algebra paper I had due tomorrow. Cross your fingers for me, I want to get a good grade. Oh and I broke up with my old girlfriend two days ago, than hooked up with my 3rd best friend, Ashley, but than she broke up with me because she thought that we might not be able to see each other personally. Eventually, my old girlfriend got back together with me, and now, I am transfixed. My mother was right. We are too darn beautiful and handsome.

I went outside for Rollerblading for about 2 or 3 hours after I lost my 2nd cavity. Soon, once I lose all of my cavities I’ll be able to have clear and clean teeth. Without any metal ontop. The pain seemed really unobtrusive when it came out, because my Mom knows this trick with strings and teeth. And when the teeth is just at the right time to come out, she just plucks it out, and you think to yourself: “Where’s the pain?”. I caught up with some of our neighbors, especially Theirry, Kerry and Douglas. I didn’t expect Alexis to come around. But, as usual, she was bored and depressed outside. It didn’t really make me feel bad for her. It was kind of normal. Nicholas, another neighbor, got a tiny dog that I just adored so much.

Patricia’s new friend, Nicole’s brother also brought to the Basketball area his viola. So, when my sister tried it without him noticing, he showed us all how to play it properly. When I tried, I was horrible. I think that Douglas tried covering his ears. Don’t know for sure. Eventually, I went back inside, and Matthew lost a tooth. Without even telling me! I was sort of indignant when I heard it. But, than I accepted it, and just went to bed.

Moodiness Takes Over

I was so moody today. Oh my God, I didn’t even feel like telling you guys that I was this moody.  That’s really how moody I’ve gotten. But, I’ll explain and tell you guys about it, becuase this is where I write down my feelings.

Well, in the beginning of the morning, when my dad woke me up for CCS starting soon, I decided to listen to this artist I haven’t heard about called Avril Lavigne. I think Sammy put a couple of songs of her. Besides that, I hardly know the girl. I listened to her song, “what the hell!” and well, I’m not interested. Plus, the mood didn’t help because I had to stay up all night because I started to hear scratching noises on my closet door and how it would slightly open. So, Avril Lavigne, thanks a lot for helping me! (BTW, if you didn’t get it, I was being sarcastic) So, when I started Language Arts CCS (on Wednesdays there aren’t any ALP Language Arts CCS), I had to wait for about 15 minutes for the teacher to handle her 7 year old child.

It was a bit annoying for Sabourah, Jacob and I. Though, we just went with it. Nicci Peters, our Language Arts teacher, was more giving us assingments than teaching. People in team J, had to write a Persuasive Essay. People in team I, had to write a Research Report. People in team G, had to make a slideshow of pictures for a presentation next week. My team, team H, had to write an essay on anything we wanted. We had to write short ones during class, and take notes from the links the teacher gave us. I think the class took 45 to 50 minutes. Usually it would take 35 or 40 minutes. But, it was a bit longer because of all the students in the class studying. Quickly when I finished my first 3 paragraphs on Emperor Penguins, I got out of that CCS and moved into Science CCS.

Chat was sort of depressing, my girlfriend and I were hardly talking because we were busy with things, and plus my friend Mary was getting all street talkin’ in the chat box. Also, her name with a heart at the end seemed to have interested a student called Cara and somebody else called Makayla. They did the same, which sickened me. I wonder when JB is going to pop up into our school and woo all the girls. Science was also very dull. Dr. Brad Johnson had a sort of cold, if I’m right, and he would keep moaning on the microphone or would have to turn it off so he could cough and than turn it back on. I didn’t really get what we were learning in Science class. I skipped both Social Studies and Math CCS. Tomorrow I’ll probably do both of those. I don’t know yet.

Skipping both of those classes made me feel moody. So, I just did the last assignment on Study Island, and passed it. I still had the essay to finish due tomorrow. So, it took me about ti’ll 3:50 PM to finish it. I had to investigate (for a part of Earth Science) an experiement and than write a procedure. When I was having difficulty picking an experiement, the song “What the hell!” by Avril Lavigne kept popping in my head. It was really annoying at the time. So, I listened to Blessthefall and Asking Alexandra. I was the least estatic when I had to do allover again Probability in odds today. Plus, the Social Studies lesson we learned was pretty boring. So, when I finished everything, and than finished getting into an argument with Matthew about showingoff, I went outside.

Spent some time with the neighbors and the new neighbor Jeremiah. When I made my own base with my family and Jeremiah, it became complete chaos. Patricia’s friend was making fun of people, constantly slapping, threatened to hurt someone with a pocket knife and also said Matthew sucked dick. Well, I was pissed off. I eventually outspoken Savino until he blacked out. Eventually we figured that Jeremiah was bi-polar. His mood expression changed so quickly. Patricia’s friend was trying to tell him to make him feel better that she wasn’t really going to stab him. When I told her about how she said you suck dick to Matthew she said no I didn’t, she said “I don’t suck dick!”. What a prick and a liar. Jeremiah told Patricia’s friend to go away. But, she just wouldn’t.

And to make things better, she wanted to tell all of us, how she had a bad life. WTF?! That’s all I can say. I went home after the incident, and watched this depressing movie, and I got so moody throughout American Idol, and than had stomach pain, so I had to drink Vinegar. I went to bed after that. Not such an interesting day.

I’m Getting Tired Of My Little Sister Being A Smart Ass

Well, today is the last day of November. And it’s now at the edge of December. “Christmas in, Christmas in, Christmas in July! Open up our presents. And find a hairy guy.” I just had the need to sing that melody. But, that’s copy written from Cartoon Network. But, what the hell. Okay, in the morning I was suspecting something to go wrong as usual on my un-lucky day, Tuesday. This day always ends up bad. But, I tried not to hide from most things and do whatever I could. And to tell you, actually nothing really happened much besides the fact that mom hit my brother in the head because he was being stupid, and annoying during homework. I on the other hand, was doing good. I was working on my brochure. So, far I have a picture put down, and two paragraphs. Well, not as much, but good enough for a start. I chose Brazil and Venezuela for my travel brochure for three reasons.

1. So, that I can write about a country in Latin America that I enjoy learning from (I love Venezuela’s climate, elevation and precipitation [I also love Brazil un-weary wet forests, cold climates, animals, and history {which BTW, I think it was when they mentioned about the Aztecs and the Incas when it involved Brazil history}]). 2. It’s a lot easier to learn things from those two countries. They just keep it simple, but when it comes to Columbia, Puerto Rico or Haiti, they just mention to much fruits they have in different temperatures and hwo the economy works. While Venezuela is kept simple, and Brazil’s economics a little easier to catch up on. 3. Because I just adore Brazil. Reminds me of a lot. I guess I like Venezuela because it sounds like a complicated, and interesting name of a country. At first I could pronounce it. Lol.

Well, once I took a break from my Brochure, I worked on first, my Literature (I’m only one lesson ahead on finishing the book), and then took care of my Vocabulary. It’s so hard to note down the words, but in the end, it’s good success. I finished my Math at one point. 🙄 OKAY, I didn’t do my Math, but I put in the results, so it looked like I did it. I am so smart. Lol. The only part was that I couldn’t do my Social Studies because the computers or the school was acting up. So, all I got from it, was that I had to study a special European language/culture called Judaism. I got so fed up with it not working. I don’t think I’ll be able to finish it. Anyways, um… so I was grounded throughout the whole day for not really paying attention to my brother’s mistakes in Reading, which was like WTF?

I got also so pissed today, because Anabelle was being a direct asshole. Yep, I said it. She was being a smart ass. She tries yelling and defending for her friends, even though her friends are people who enjoy talking about sex and like taking of Barbie’s shirts off. Perverted minds I tell you. At least Patricia’s friend didn’t come strolling around. And at least Patricia didn’t give me an attitude. 😀

I’m So Bored Out And I Don’t Know What To Do

Today was a bit unexpected. I may have not mentioned at all that Patricia’s friend, Michaela, or probably Makayla, was sleeping over. And trust me, Michaela was a mess. She acted in so many ways today. So, let’s just start with the morning. Um… I was supposed to give out/donate some blankets, shoes, and jackets for our Operation Christmas Child. Unfortunately, last week, nobody put anything in the boxes of donation. So, I told my mom about it, and she’s been going crazy about shopping for those items. Unfortunately, she only bought some jackets and blankets. Which was fine by me, because we already had bags and bags of clothes we were supposed to donate. Anyways, Patricia’s other friend, you know the bitch, was coming again for church. It was really annoying, because I already got enough of her throughout the week. I just hope she doesn’t track us down to the neighborhood we’re going to live in.

So, I gt dressed up, perfectly my hair was waved. Just as I needed it to be, so I wouldn’t need any gel. My clothes went very well with my attitude, so I was ready to set sail. Once we got downstairs to wait for the parents, Patricia’s friend arrived. Ugh. Michaela and I gave each other the same ‘oh God she’s here now’ look. It was funny we were making some sympathy together, which was so odd since we were both a different sex, and we were totally of different age. Patricia’s friend had her Operation Christmas Child donation wrapped. Which was stupid. It was already in a box, it’s not like it’s a Christmas present. It’s just a goddamn donation. I asked Patricia’s friend what was all about the wrapping. And she spoke so street like and so false-understanding, and then she laughed to what I thought she said was ‘I don’t know… she just, flaa”. 🙄

I just went along with it, and went to church. Patricia and her friend were acting like two annoying 14 year olds in the car. Laughing like boys, making jokes, being so quiet, and talking about Justin Bieber and dolls. Ugh. That bitch is turning my sister into a monster. Michaela tried to end the discussion like a good friend. Lol. But, Patricia’s friend insisted. And mom was giving the ‘oh here we go again’ look. Which surprised me. Once we got to church, everything felt a little pale, which was normal. The only abnormal part was that Patricia’s friend was here, IN MY MIDDLE SCHOOL AREA. Looking everywhere, and seeing how my place looked, and said, “I may think about coming here”. Pfff. I said in her dreams, and pushed her away from the area. I didn’t want a girl who thought she needed a bra in my middle school area. I went inside the cabin, and oddly I met the green girl. Okay, I may have not mentioned about her, but I’ve been seeing her a lot since 5th grade. She always ends up next to me, or close to me. Plus, she always wears green, which I have to say didn’t look to bad of a taste on her

She was sitting next to me, with Michael during two games, and we were sent to small group. Luckily we separated by the time we were in our groups. Once we were in there we started up so much pandemoniums. It was described as FUN. Lol. Throughout the time, we soon had to give different donations, and the green girl was still next to me. Come to think of it, she was pretty cute, but I let go of the subject and just remembered about Mary’s beautiful smile. 😀 Once that was done, Michaela left from the sleepover, and Patricia’s friend was… still THERE. Throughout the day my mom, and dad, noticed the dead deer, which I didn’t mention in yesterday’s post. I hung out with Savino, and then was almost KILLED by the Motorcycle guy. Lol. I think he had a gun. Later on, I picked up from the library the second Harry Potter book. I didn’t feel like reading anything, so I just put someplace else. But, the rest of the day, was mostly okay, but boring still… I played soccer at the end though. 😛

I’ve Been Valuable My Whole Life And I Never Knew

Well, today was a buzz kill. I was so sleepy today. It felt like waking up to go to college. Today my dad’s starting his new job and our mom has to stay with us and study for the whole time. Now, I’m okay with having mom around during school on Math, but I’m not sure about Reading and Composition. She’s more into the unusual-regular human likes. Anyways, I woke up, brushed my teeth and forgot to wash my face. When I was in the middle of strolling through my school work I found lots of optionals in my category. Wow, now I have a lot of lessons to skip. Instead of skipping, my sister (Patricia) told me dad (who was away now) usually suggests that we complete the optionals and then do the lesson. Well, now that’s going to be interesting. If I’m supposed to deal with like 10 subjects today (which is overdo what we’re supposed to do) I rather blow up and get sent to Japan. Lol.

When I was done with Vocabulary and Social Studies I was already pumped. I started turning into my determined face and went through all of my subjects. Mom was taking care of the chores. So, when I was already half way done I was sweating through my pits and around my pupils, which looks as if I’m trying to shed skin. Lol. . When I was done with school, partially, my mom decided to help me with Math a little bit. Finally. We had to study on Multiplying Decimals which studying with my mom made it SO easy. I had to practice on like 39 problems on a sheet of paper, but I was doing fine.

When I started working on the assessment I was already overwhelmed. I had to help Matthew AGAIN with reading The Magic Tree House. The only different was the fact that he was reading the 3rd book. Wow. I’d already be done with all 20 something books in just a week. I have to say he was going kind of slow. When I’d finally gotten done which took an hour (which felt like 3 hours) I watched with my mom America’s Handyman, I think that’s what it’s called. Well, if you’re an HGTV fan, you would know. Turns out the handyman “Peter” won. He sucked. And Holmes was just looking for problems on Elliot’s patio. I have to say either Dennis or Elliot should’ve won. Not PETER. When we were done watching my family, especially my mom, had to pick up dad from work.

When we arrived I saw on the company sign “SAGE”. I was pretty surprised my dad’s FINALLY working on stuff he loves. When we picked him up, we all started asking him questions as if though he was kid we were dropping off and on. Lol. When we got home we had to stay inside the car for 5 minutes because there was a heavy rain in Georgia. When we got inside mom, dad and I started watching How I Met Your Mother when this guy goes through his childhood memories. The day was good and I was able to sleep. See ya all. Lol.

One Of The Things I Like About My Life Is Being Liberating

Ah, the wonderful things I can do in life. Recently, I’ve been sleeping ti’ll 8 to 9am which is kind of a problem, but still, it’s amazing. I can actually sleep properly now. I don’t have to feel oppressed about waking up around 6 in the morning. I can gladly wake-up with no problems during the morning. Now, lets get to the real point. Today I woke up, around 7 getting ready to go downstairs, but I heard something making noises downstairs, so I went back to sleep. I later then woke up around 8 in the morning, feeling free. The only problem is that all my sisters and brothers were up and running like crazy. Sometimes my brother Matthew just loves to irritate me. That’s the only thing I have to disagree about him. Soon enough, I figured I had no elluminates so I could finish my subjects.

I had to study Latin America, which most of you know about. It’s basically South America including Mexico. I’m still wondering how come it didn’t arrive in the three biggest countries. Oh, South America is a continent. Forgot. Lol. I had a lot of notes to write down about it, like the highest mountain and the longest lakes. Soon enough, I was already finished with half of my subjects. I was really looking forward to going to the library today and getting the book Percy Jackson the Last Olympian (a few days ago [when I didn’t mention it in a post] my dad said that the book was finally ready to be picked up) so it looks like I’m finishing the series. Soon, when we got to the library I was welcomed. Once I got home I was already at page 65. Wow. Impressive of me. Then, my mom and dad decided watching How I Met Your Mother then Two And A Half Men which now I have to agree is strongly mature for my age.

After we did quiet time, I was reading Percy Jackson upstairs in my room. My brother already fell asleep and I ended up reading ti’ll page 101 until 12 hit. That’s when I got PUnished with my own book (though not hard). It was a good day, the feeling of freedom was the best part about today. I thank myself for that.

My Flow Isn’t Working Neither Is My Memory

Well, I can’t remember specifically how everything worked because that today I was so distracted. Anyways, I woke up this morning, got up and brushed my teeth. I was having a enrichment elluminate around 9:00 am if I’m right. But, the problem was Patricia (my older sister) was having another elluminate at 9:30 am. I was too overwhelmed hearing that reminder constantly in my mind. Then, I wondered if I could use my dad’s laptop, though I broke it a few days ago (I didn’t mention it in the other post that was supposed to be before this because I didn’t want to publish it) and the other computer (that I use for fun) is not cable of using a microphone, so I’d just hope that today’s Earth Science wasn’t going to be long, and in my luck I was right. I quickly got off the elluminate so my sister could join in her elluminate. Later on, I did my GUM Unit Assessment, which I passed and then the Math Unit Assessment, which again I passed. For me Math wasn’t such a hard effort, because usually variables are just too easy to figure out.

Afterwards, I knew my mom was going to kill me because I didn’t do the Math enrichment when she specifically told me to do. So, I knew I was going to get it soon enough. Later then, I heard Simon call a few times when I was in the middle of Vocabulary, I decided to ignore it for 2 reasons. 1. I couldn’t answer the phone during school, unless it was one of my school friends. 2. I just didn’t feel like answering, though I kind of felt guilty. But, what the heck. Once I was hovering around my last subject, Nayyir (my school buddy) called, so we decided when I was coming over to his house.

We finally decided to plan it around Sunday, so, I became very enthusiastic for the first few moments. Soon enough, I got grounded because my mom figured out that I skipped the elluminate. So, I later on did some of my book writing, because I’m currently writing a book. But, I asked my mom just to make sure. And by accident the file got deleted, I think it’s because of my brother but okay. Right now I have to go. So see ya

What I’ve Done!

Well, this morning I woke up around 6 to start working on the computer, because I was having a elluminate early today. After I was done doing my computer stuff I was getting ready to meet my Language Arts teacher for the first time. Though, I hope that he/she is going to be enthusiastic about teaching me or the rest of the class. Anyways, when I was about to start, my sister (Patricia) came downstairs sleepy, her eyes were scarcely open. She looked as if she had just been pulled out of bed and thrown onto the ground. In the next few minutes my dad then came downstairs as well, then I realized my dad was the one who woke my sister (Patricia). Soon enough, I started the elluminate. The first few minutes were luckily enjoyable, especially the part when our teacher said Reading was also her favorite subject. Then, we started going on and on and on about similes, alliteration, metaphors, hyperboles and onomatopoeias until I had just realized I was really fond of her.

That’s when I decided she was going to be my 2nd favorite teacher. I was happy for the rest of the day until I realized my school plan was giving me every subject I had except for Composition (which is a lesson that teaches you how to write portfolios of your own, paragraphs, persuasive, narrative and an informative paragraph). Now you gotta admit, that’s pretty dang hard. Though what made things even worse was the fact that the elluminates pinned my time down to 1:21 and I’d barely done anything except Strategies For Success (which is most of the time optional) and Vocabulary. Luckily, out of all that time I learned a couple of Greek words: Omne corpus nutabile est and this other word, but, I can’t really remember. Oh well. Soon enough I ran outside to look at Patricia’s cucumbers, and my my my, they’ve grown since the last picture I posted. Anyways, here’s the picture of my sister’s cucumber, since your looking so much forward to seeing one.

Afterwards, I started working on my Social Studies. I had to write this kind of report paper which shouldn’t have been just for a lesson. It should have been for a Unit Assessment or something. It took me like 29 minutes to finish the Geographical writings and pictures of Canada and then 45 minutes to finish the Government writings because I had to get two pictures and write autobiographies of them. Then it took me an hour to get done with the landscape. It was all so complicated. I was taken off my time a lot, so I took all my work out and started studying my other subjects. Here’s a picture of my work space when I was studying like crazy. It may not look like a lot, but the pressure was too big. Later on, I was starting to go outside and get active. After that, which I can’t remember we had quiet time, except I was reading the bible.

It was awesome, also Simon (my other neighbor) came to our house to get the check for his foundation. Well, luckily, everything was in set, except that I had to skip my Pre Algebra lesson. But, my mom’s going to soon figure out anyway. So, yeah. Nice day to you all.

Wow!! Big Things Are Planned For Me

Well, this may be a short post because today my schedule is going to be PACKED. So, I’ll try to write this post as quick as possible. When I woke up this morning I went downstairs to go to the computer. Unluckily, there was no use of going on it besides doing school. So, I did a few school subjects. Though, there were like 7 subjects planned. I only finished like 5/7 subjects because the other two subjects were optional. But, I didn’t feel hearty yet. So, it didn’t matter to me. After school I went to check on the crater Simon and I were working on, to see if any of the dirt was going to pile it. Luckily, it stayed normal, but my clubhouse… was dirty. Someone through there garden trash into our clubhouse. “sobs” And on a PICTURE DAY!! Lol.

Afterwards, I noticed this K-mail that got sent to me for the elluminates. I was in awe. It said it was the TEMPORARY schedule for this week. But, the schedule was so busy. I don’t even think I can survive that much. Though, I didn’t want to overreact, so I kept bragging about which book I was going to read, because literature is my favorite subject. My dad and I finally found on the internet Harry Potter the sorcerer’s stone and only 5 people were on hold for it. Hmm… while that’s waiting I decided to read the Secret garden upstairs on my coach. I felt soothing and calm and relaxing, until I had to stop and have a call with my friend Nayyir. Well, that’s pretty much it. Have fun everyone

I’m So Unusual Sometimes

I woke up hopefully not to get a headache. Luckily, the headaches were no problem. But, I had neck problems. Man, this puberty thing really sucks. Lol. I don’t know how I’m going to feel when I’m 16. Well, hopefully I’ll still have a blog. Lol.

Anyways, I did Literature, and Vocabulary. Vocabulary didn’t surprise me so much. It was a little easy. Ah, whatever. Afterwards, I did Social Studies. I was studying on well, Canada. Too bad I couldn’t get to do a Science Experiment.. Anyways, I finished school just 31 minutes after Nayyir. So, close to beating him. Dang my breaks. Later, I hanged out with my friends . Alicia was going to a play with his family and I guess somebody else too. Alicia was wearing a Raven Costume. She might have won 2nd place in costume competition. But, anyways, most of my neighbors were out. Mostly Logan (one of my favorite neighbors) because he came first to me in the middle of my test.

Once Alicia left, we started our society. Basically this team that works together (that’s us) against the bad in the neighborhood. We called it “boy club” but I was more thinking “troughs”. I was waiting for our Soccer game, but nobody played. So, I went inside to watch the Big Bang Theory. I only got 8 minutes of it, because Nayyir my friend called and my other neighbor Simon said to get ready for the game. I was too crowded today. We finally started, I had only flip-flops on. Stupid idea, I was losing by 3 points. Until one of my favorite Soccer players in this neighborhood came in the game called Ever. I usually enjoy begin on his team. But, everybody disliked me just because I argued too much that wasn’t a goal, even though it wasn’t they just don’t want to admit it.

Anyways, when we we’re in the middle of the game my dad was driving in our area during the Soccer game and s I thought my dad was going to lecture me in front everybody with my flip-flops. But, instead he parked right next to me and opened the door to give me my shoes. After that, everybody was like, “was that your dad”. I smiled. First time I was actually proud of myself and my dad. I wanted to congratulate my dad. But, I knew hew wasn’t going to come back sooner. So, after the Soccer game we did quiet time, luckily, we didn’t take a shower. :mrgreen:

School And Soccer Don’t Cooperate

Well, in the morning I woke up, actually around 5 in the morning if I’m correct. I was too weak to move around or do anything. My blood was constantly rushing through my skin which made my hand heavier to lift by itself. So, I was basically trapped in my own cold bed. I tried falling asleep again (which worked) but my enthusiasm level went to high. I wanted to get out of my bed so bad!!! But, before I could even struggle I fell asleep. Though, I couldn’t remember my dream, bummer. Afterwards, I got up again and this time I was more free then before. I never thought I’d ever feel better having this much freedom. But, I noticed something was wrong. I looked outside and saw blue sky, so I knew that school was already supposed to start.

Later, I did school. Mostly Study Island, because I haven’t used that source in awhile and I want to get it over with. I did Science, though I failed constantly. The questions were too hard, whenever they would give me the ‘what to do tips’ I read, but then the questions were involving something different. Luckily I was able to complete one lesson at this pace. Hehehe. 🙂 Soon, enough when I did Science I got sidetracked with loading the dishes. It’s basically when I have to clean these dirty dishes and put them in a washer (the thing that washes the dishes). It got me offtrack for about 30 minutes. So, Science took 2 hours, it’s just that it had to many activities in the lesson. Usually I finish earlier.

Afterwards, I took a brake, my mom later then came back from work. That meant I had to go back to work. But, I already had a headache for some reason. It was bugging me the entire time… I tried to get the ache out of my head but it wouldn’t work. So, when my mom took a nap I brought out Uncle Tom’s Cabin from some special author that updated Harriet Beecher’s Stowe’s book to make it look for more understandable and readable. So, I was only able to read 10 pages because it had a lot of words on each page and I constantly got sidetracked because they were too confusing. But, that just made the headache worse for me. So, I begged my mom to help me, all she could do was try massage. Which I was actually thankful for.
I had just remembered I had to do school. I was able to complete Literature (I was studying on poems and the metaphors, similes and alliteration) and then um… GUM and Vocabulary. But, Alicia (our neighbor) came over to our house once again. I tried ignoring her since we don’t have such a good friendship anymore. I took a jog around the neighborhood, when I got into a friend’s part of the neighborhood they came out, though it was only the two of them. We played a little practice on Soccer and decided to have our own game like last time.

But, I knew I had to finish Math soon, so I asked my mom where I was going to take place at a soccer game. She sounded okay with it. So, I asked Patricia if she wanted to participate. She did, but Alicia as well, wanted to come. Matthew later then came. My team was losing, usually we win, but okay. Alicia started being mean to Matthew so we all got into an argument with her. She constantly looked for excuses, but hey, that’s how she does it, not my problem. I didn’t really know what was going on, but I just argued with her and for her retreat she said she had to go use the bathroom and she never came back. Man, the nerve of that girl. Later, we did quiet time and went to bed. Oh and my mom watched Cop Out. It was HILARIOUS! Though, my mom figured out about Math and I’m going to be doing two of it. Bummer.

Ah, What A Buzz

I can’t really remember Saturday at the moment. So, I guess were going to have to skip to Sunday. On Sunday, we got ready for church. Brushed our teeth, got fancy clothing. I think some linen clothings too and we got our hair done, by the mastermind (mom). Once we got there, before we even got to the entrance of my church, my mom said I could run along to Xtreme. Which was from the parking space from the backside of the church. I was proud and thankful. Though, it’s like I only get along with people here at church. They’re always supportive. Oh, and we didn’t forget the Skittles. Not anytime soon. I brought a bag that looked like a gift bag for a birthday. Luckily, it killed the first surprise of attention. Once I showed the class the food they all gobbled. Then, one of my friends asked if they could give it to their friend. Then, two new kids Camron and Luke if I’m not misunderstood. And it was all gone. Ah, the irony. After that it was just boring, boring, boring activities. I just fell asleep.

Monday, was uh!!! Terrifying, boring. Not as I expected. :mrgreen: it took me 3 hours to do one part of Mat, then the Assessment was 25 minutes. At that moment, I lost to PATRICIA (my sister) once again. She went quick through like that. Once school was done, I just used the computer most of the time. Hoping that something good will come. Oh and I remember one part of what happened on Saturday. I got the book Percy Jackson the Battle of the Labyrinth. I read about 81 pages of it. Since nothing else was permitted to do. And I just fell asleep.

Next day was a bright day, I loaded the dishes and and grunted. It made the experience better at the moment, and it was the only exception to make me feel better. Hey I jsut remembered a song with that name. Let me play the song for you: man, can’t load up the video. I guess it’ll have to be taken off our little plan list. Oh and I got from page 89 to 251 today. Yeah!! Reading is my specialty and Reading IS my favorite subject and has been for an ongoing of 3 years. I was proud, almost done with the fourth book, then it goes to the last book. Percy Jackson and the Last Olympian. Oh and news alert, I’m also making my own book, it should be published this following year, I e-mail the book to you guys.

Wednesday was a buzz kill. My dad made it SUPER hard for me to do GUM. Luckily, I was spared from Math. Because he can take all day. Sometimes, my dad doesn’t make sense, but I try hard to believe him. Because… I am is Padawan (Star Wars Trilogy). And I will be forever. It took me about 3 or 4 hours to do Gum. But, I only had 4 subjects permitted. So, that means 4+2=6. 6 Subjects and courses to do today. 😀 I finished with happiness, but still a buzz kill. No matter the reason it’s hard a the beginning, because you will crush it and demolish that impossible feeling.

Ah, I should stay more focused. We only did school. It was terrible. 5 subjects. Gum and all that. I felt to pressured for some reason. That’s all I can remember. Sorry for the inconveniance. My mind is blank at the moment. 😀 School I guess. So much. This week was so busy. I couldn’t take it. Honestly, sucks.