Science Project is Successful!

Hey guys! Andrew here. Bringing you a new post about my daily life! New here? Well, probably not, but if so, feel free to grab anything and relax for a little bit. This post about today is going to be quite a long one. Video/song of the day is now below! This song is Clique from Kanye West featuring Big Sean and Jay-Z (Explicit Version). It does have a lot of cuss words on the original, so I have decided to find a cleaner version, but still let you enjoy it, because it has a good rhythm. So enjoy!

Now to my day. I’ll just skip to the part where I’m actually off the bus, because apparently the bus was abnormally quite and silent during the way to school. As I walked toward the entrance doors for the 8th graders I met my friend Samantha on the way. A nice girl. I haven’t really mentioned her much, even though we can easily identify each other off the spot. But anyway, as we met up I was holding my Science project –I created from yesterday– in my hand because I had to bring it to school. It wasn’t the easiest to accomplish. Holding a backpack, a jacket, and a project (while trying not to mess with it) was a difficult task. Samantha noticed my struggle and immediately questioned what was in my hand. I told her it was my egg drop project. She nodded and then we talked on the way to the “C” wing. Finally when we approached the breakfast isle of the “C” wing hall, I saw a huge crowd and Samantha apparently decided to just go to homeroom instead of picking up a breakfast. I could have done the same thing because I had already eaten breakfast at home, but I was a little more eager to eat something before school. Unfortunately, a lady at the line who monitored the line very carefully, made sure the line did not overflow and told me that I would have to wait for the line to decrease in number, therefore I just decided to pick up my textbooks in homeroom and drop off my stuff while I could. I did so, opening my locker in one piece and picking up my Georgia Studies and Math textbook, and dropped my stuff on my desk. After that, I left homeroom and went to go pick up my breakfast. The line was unusually long again, but short enough for me to get in line. It took about 2 minutes for my turn to come up. I decided to just pick an orange juice carton and some apple slices. HEALTHY!

Once I returned to homeroom, class eventually started rather boringly. Mrs. Flowers continued to be bossy and irritating around us. Giving us more assignments and calling out people who were talking who should not be talking where in reality she was talking more than anyone else in the class. Not to say anything mean against her, but seriously. Turns out, near the end of Georgia Studies class (which was not really learning or reviewing through anything, besides vocabulary words) it turns out we had to write ALL of our vocabulary words on our own note-cards or a customary notepad, where she told us specifically last time to write it in our composition book. Mesmerizing what teachers can do. I also got moved from my seat next to Hayden because I was talking to Cole, who moved from his previous seat because he was behaving and Connor was being rude and was placed in Cole’s previous seat next to Mrs. Flowers’ desk. Unfortunately, from the cause of me talking to Cole, I sent Cole back to previous seat, but instead even closer to Mrs. Flowers’ desk and was put to sit next to Bryce. A very smart boy who spoke in a lower voice than me. This transition did not phase me at all. It was about time I started talking to an intellectual being like me. Plus he was very nice and understanding from my first impression of him. I talked to him, apparently, too much where Mrs. Flowers’ came to brink of getting pissed off of how I could move from place to place and still talk to people and threatened to call my parents. I stopped at that point.

Language Arts was a bit different as well. I forgot to bring my Workbook designed specifically for Language Arts so I got moved away from next to Savannah, which was almost a crazy thought to me at the moment because I had always sat next to Savannah and was nice and quiet. Our language Arts teacher, Mrs. Harris, seemed to be ticked off with something because she assigned A LOT of people in new seats and when they refused rudely she began to roar ferociously at her students. Surprising. We went over, in class, a poem from a poet I was actually quite familiar with in my k12 experience. Robert Frost. I actually remember writing his whole biography on the lesson about him on paper. So I was quite happy on the hearing of his name and that I was able to identify his name like that where other students were confused and looked around, bored of the sight of another poem. The poem was about a snowy night. I’m not quite sure what the title was, forgive me for that. But it was the poem about snow and in the middle of the night. We discussed over it and I had to identify 3 poetic devices used in the poem and then write a 3 sentence paragraph describing my interpretation of the poem. Simple. I actually finished quite quickly. Ha, I used alliteration right there. Lol.

Then I moved onto working on my Music Poetry Project where I picked the song “Fix You” for my song selection. A lot of people asked what song I picked and were confused and completely clueless about the song. I was actually really surprised. That was a good song and most people I knew knew about it. Preposterous. But, I can’t make everybody enjoy my taste in music, no matter how good it is . . . Anyway, I did a 3 paragraph long mini essay about what the lyrics on the song meant (from what I remember because I did not have the lyrics with me) and then I printed the lyrics online through the computer onto the printer that was in the classroom. I then almost got into a fight with Rob because she scooped my chin and then I scooped him back, instead on his nose and in the face, shoving him backwards. We were smiling during the time, but it could have easily turned into a fight if the teacher wasn’t present and plus Rob was in wrestling, so I tried to slow down a bit. I let him scoop me back, trying not to start anything further and got judged by Brianna. Who I forgot to mention to you all was in my class, though I try not to.

Math was easy. We went over substitution from last week. I don’t remember exactly writing or posting about it, but we did it about 2 weeks back. It was all fairly simple. We then, after finishing our notes for the day, went to Lunch. Lunch was pretty interesting because today I decided to sit with more of the macho man group of the class. There were the nerds/white boy only group (which I loved to spend time with), there were the girls, and then there were the macho men. I enjoyed my time over there because I knew most of the people on the table and had plenty of fun. I drank Chocolate milk, ate broccoli, and had pizza. REALLY UNHEALTHY.  Afterwards, when I did my usual path walk in the cafeteria with our class and walked with Vanessa, I talked to Vanessa and she tried to avoid me, but in a joking manner, because I did not sit with the girls and her at the table. I explained once again I wanted to mix it up. Then at that point, we were at her boyfriend and they did their thing of kissing and all sorts. I just continued walking and did not want to make it awkward and have eyes on the other tables spy me as I stood awkwardly there. Vanessa eventually caught up with me when she finished her thing and we talked. Danielle, as well, started talking to me to, she brought up the same topic from yesterday. This time she was nearly obsessing over the guy and was pleading for advice. Then she went to her friend and Vanessa and I went forward quickly. Surprisingly, when it was just us from our Math class and another class a teacher called her out and stopped her. She asked for her name and her homeroom and Vanessa was quite shocked. What did she do? I thought and probably she thought as well. The teacher said she needed to take her for right now and Ivy, a girl who I met usually when I came early to school, coincidentally was next to the situation and immediately walked to my side and asked what happened. I told her everything she saw and was surprised myself, then she randomly told me about her fetish for corn dogs, which was confusing for me because I did not know if I should be turned on by that or if I should ignore. Anyway, I was still confused.

Math near the end, where we did our homework got a little weird and stuffy. When we had to pull out our Math textbooks, suddenly our Math teacher got on a huge rage about Math textbooks not being brought in normally and now that she was going to check everybody if they had a textbook and if not they were going to receive a citation. Surprisingly about more than 4 people got citations. Wow. Mesmerizing what teachers can do. Most of the people who did not have their textbooks had to partner up with someone who had a textbook and then have their homework done. Most of those were girls and one of them was Lauren, a very semi-popular girl. Everyone knew her. Though recently she had been acting weird around me, like I had just fallen into a sewer or if I had just come from the dump. It was even more awkward when she came to sit down next to my desk. When I offered her a chair next to me to sit in my words sort of stuttered like: “H-h-here’s a chair-r-r-r.” It was weird. I tried to be as helpful as possible and tilt my book to her angle of side so she could read. Then, surprisingly, a girl who sat in front of me came to my desk as well and said she wanted to work with my book too. Eventually, another girl, who was named Shirling (pronounced Shirleen), came to my desk and asked for help on the Math. I had 3 girls on my table. It was awesome, yet un-explainable to its awkwardness. Eventually Lauren returned to her seat when she finished her homework, but the other girls stayed and talked to me. Exchanging jokes with me and I eventually helped Shirling with her work and helped her in guiding through it. It was awesome. Andrew on my side, who was actually very quiet, stared in shock and I nodded like a boss. Lol.

The day proceeded well afterwards. My science project was now about to be of use because next period was Science. Others who brought their projects such as Dianna and a lot of others had amazing egg drop projects. When I walked into the room, Mr. Dyches, at the front door, gazed at my project, gawking. He thought it was well done. I sat next to Brian for the whole time until we were escorted out to the stairwell. There was a whole sheet covered down the floor and a line for people to drop their egg drop projects. We had to pick up an egg from the egg cartons provided on tables and then had to have our egg drop projects weighed. Brian and I’s project was about 75 grams. After a lot of drops and people who dropped it, it was our turn. Brian had convinced me to let him drop our project because he had not done as much as I did and wanted to feel like he contributed. I was anxious. I told him how to use it and how to prepare it for drop. When the time came and it dropped at the floor it toppled. Oo’s and silent noises ruptured the whole room. Mr. Hill, another Science teacher neighboring Mr. Dyches’s class, examined the projects and went in to see if the egg was cracked. Our egg wasn’t cracked. HALLELUJAH! I went running across the hall screaming in excitement, others were looking at me like “Really?” and “What the?”, so I stopped and acted normal. I sat on the stairwell, waiting as other egg drop projects were dropped and then finally we went back to class. Mr. Dyches said that the person who was going to win the project was going to be very difficult to judge because the lightest egg drop project, which was Tia’s, was 4.5 grams, but way too simple. Dianna’s, on the other hand, was neatly constructed and looked like it took several hours to built. Brian and I, though, had an item on the project that actually involved air resistance and had an object no other project had: a wind turbine. He congratulated on those specific people and said, once again, that it was going to be hard to judge.

Then afterwards we went to our homeroom and then connections. P.E. was kind of boring. Nothing uneventful despite going outside for basketball. Health was nothing much as well. It was just a notebook check over what we were supposed to have in our Health folders during the course of 9 weeks. Then we left to our buses as I gave Lucy a hug and Caitlin and Emily a pat on the shoulder. The bus was very entertaining though. Jordan, a guy, was arguing with a 7th grader called Matt and owned him with some kind of shopping at Ross joke which made the whole bus go into a lot of “Oh!”s. Otherwise, pretty entertaining. I went home after the bus dropped us off and told my day to my parents. Then I did homework, did Bible Time with my parents, and had actually experienced a brutal bi-polar weather. One moment, their was rain pouring down so hard that the windows were being banged, next minute, it was shining nicely outside. Another moment there was a brutal wind that knocked a chair on our patio off its hilt and then suddenly everything was calm. Ah, Georgia’s weather. Now everything has led up to this point!

Enjoy your time wherever you are! Apologies for the long post. It was a rather nice day today, so I felt like including a lot of aspects of it. So anyway, bye!



It’s almost a new year guys. 2012 is gone. Thank God, but I’ll miss it somehow. I think a lot happened this year. New songs came out (annoying and good ones). New artists arose. iPhone 5 came out and so did the new Samsung phone. Lots of epic movies: The Avengers, Batman the Dark Knight Rises, maybe Dark Shadows (wasn’t very impressed with it, though), a lot more that I probably don’t feel like mentioning or I can’t remember them. So yeah a lot of cool movies! I’m gonna be leaving k12 and becoming an actual public schooler. Wow, never thought this would happen. Maybe at some point, but not before I was in high-school. I’m gonna miss Mary-Kate of course. Mary Wexel, she probably ain’t reading this, but oh well, I’m gonna miss her. I’m gonna miss Christ or VGB (something like that). I’m gonna miss Lilia and it sucks cause I didn’t tell her I was leaving. 😦 I made friends with Taylor Baptiste just by spamming the raise hand button. We had our fun. Oh gosh, Mary-Kate if you are reading this PLEASE tell Lilia and Taylor somehow that I was gone, k?


So yeah.. new year. Hopefully I’ll postt daily more. 🙂 See you around guys!

Such An Uncomplicated Day (Other Than Shuffling)

It has been such an awfully nice week. The first week, school started, and I’m studying! I’ve already had an essay to do on a story about two kids from Africa that separate, and return as grownups married. Long story short, but yeah, lot’s of things have changed. Mary Kate Billings got her first swag on! I congratulate her on that. Nayyir’s birthday happened during the Summer. So please give the guy a sweat happy late birthday! I learned how to shuffle too. Nowadays I always shuffle! It’s so fun! If you don’t know what it is, then please search it up, hopefully you’ll learn how to do it.

Now as I woke up this morning, I heard from Dad that some of my friends in my neighborhood rang my doorbell around 7, to ask if I could hang out. They do that nowadays. I forgot to mention. The unfortunate part: I wasn’t awake. Dad told me while I was eating breakfast, so I sort of spat out some cereal in surprise and then started to feel shocked and sad. 😦 Well, it passed eventually, while I finished an easy lesson on GUM, we only had to study a bit on prepositions, adverbs, adjectives, pronouns, nouns, etc. It was really easy. So of course I get a nice 100%. Mom didn’t believe at first, when I said I did when I was about to go practice shuffling outside. I proved it to her and felt real good about it.

After I practiced shuffling, I shuffled with my sister, then continued on with studying. That’s the cool thing about being home schooled sort of, you can shuffle whenever you want. Anyway, I listened to the Party Rock Anthem song after I finished school, hanged out with my friend, King, because he had to skip school to see his sister graduate and go to college. I feel his sympathy. Now he’s alone. But he’s still managing. I can’t wait ti’ll I go to college.

Eventually, King and I just waited for the elementary bus to arrive. And when I saw everybody dropped off, I was surprised by the number of kids. It looked like a whole army on the other side of the street staring at us and then advancing towards us. Eventually, the middle schoolers came, I hung out with Simon, and went with him, and King to the Howard Brother’s store to pickup Popcorn. Unfortunately, their wasn’t any left, as I feared. We only bought a Hershey’s bar. It tasted really good.

When I got back and went inside my house, the next few minutes, there are people outside my door requesting for food and water because they’re either sweating or hungry for gummy bears. My friend Thierry shared a bit of sympathy with me about feeling this pushing feeling that everybody’s requesting for something. So, I felt good a bit. Oh and I have to do 30 pushups today because I failed 3 questions (1 question = 10 pushups). It’s going to hurt. Anyway, Patricia’s friend invited Patricia and Anabelle over to go to Brusters, even though her Mom was on a tight budget. Which I think is very unwise. But what can you expect? A

After that, we watched Astro Boy and then went to sleep. I think tomorrow Patricia, Anabelle and Mom are gonna have a girl’s time out at Six Flags White Waters. I hope they have fun. Especially when after that they’re going to be invited to a festival, while on Sunday, I celebrate Daniel’s birthday! This is gonna be a good time. 🙂

Perfume Business and Harry Potter

Today was a bit dramatic and irritating for me. Rachael and Anabelle made obnoxious noises that kept me up from 4 AM, till 9 AM, without sleep. It may not seem like much to you, but, since I haven’t gotten used to waking up early in the morning anymore, this made me extremely tired and vague. My eyes blurred up everything, and I felt slightly light headed. So, when Rachael and Anabelle left the extremely small room to go outside and eat breakfast, along with everybody else, I decided to take a short nap. The cool part was the fact that I had a dream. After such a long time!

I was in a picture. Holding a pickaxe and a hog’s head (ironically, there’s a chapter from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix that is called the hog’s head), and grinning rather reluctantly. It sort of made feel powerful and muscular. Well eventually, that moment ceased to exist. I dreamt about being back in the church corridor I was in yesterday during church. 5 kids were walking by . . . most of them looked tall, handsome and especially beautiful, wearing silhouette clothes.  I almost assumed this scrawny and untidy looking middle schooler was Harry Potter, so I ran up to him and wanted to say something . . . to my least expectation was that the face formed into Samara, AKA, the Ring girl. I immediately backed up and jumped out a big window. Though, jumping out of the window wasn’t my decision . . . the dream sort of made me do it, making me wake up once I fell onto the grassy floor.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to eat breakfast, unless, I wanted to take an apple or a banana. So, I just pulled a small and plump apple and read a bit more of Harry Potter. To my LEAST expectation, I got all the way near page 800, while my mom finished the Prisoner of Azkaban and moved on to the Goblet of Fire. Essentially we talked for about an hour about the book and tried to predict when the 2nd part of the Deathly Hallows book was going to be published.

I’m almost about to finish this book, which makes me feel great. Moving on to a couple of hours of reading and sitting around, eating fruits and vegetables, I decided to go into the pool. Honestly, I don’t know why my eyes are blurring up as fast and as bad as it was the first and second time I went into the pool, and had my eyes open. For the past days, dad and Eugen had been watching the Market, which started to get really annoying, so mom decided to change to That 70’s Show. I just love that show, even the old episodes are hilarious. Though, I’d still suggest no one under the age of 13 or that plans on cleansing their life early, should watch this show. It may have some inappropriate content.

My sister and Alexandra (Alexandra is talking the F.C.A.T.; sort of like the CRCT, except for Florida) made an amazingly good perfume for woman, specially, that has an beautiful aroma. I don’t remember what they called their product, but it seemed like a really relevant title and a good idea. I gave them some business ideas on how to progress all the way into a successful perfume business. I decided to be their ‘techno dude’, as Alexandra called me. Though, I wasn’t paying attention to what they said they were going to be costing the product because I was listening to the song Stuck Like Glue. I loved the song, especially that Sugarland sings it and is good at it. 😀

Christmas Was Literally Fucked Up

Okay, sorry I haven’t been able to post awhile, but I’m going to give you a summary from what happened from Christmas day all the way to this point of day. Okay? On Christmas day, I woke up, finding Tania, my aunt downstairs with her laptop awake. It’s normal and usual for her to do that early in the morning. It kind of bugs me because I alway have Tania watching me. Later on, I realized it was Christmas Day. I get to open my electric guitar today. Well, I had to wait for 12 minutes for mom to come downstairs, than I had to back upstairs and wake up everybody so they could see me open my present. While the wait, I wrote on my book. Yes. I’m writing a book. Writing is ALMOST my passion throughout other things except programming, and computers.

So, once everybody, including my other aunt, Alexandra, came downstairs, I shredded my present, while my dad was taking a video with his EVO so he can both test his phone, and keep his memories there. It took awhile for me to cut the UPS box with my 4 inch knife. IT WAS AMAZING. My electric guitar was exactly what I wanted. I may have gotten a better amplifier. But, I couldn’t have gotten a better guitar. It was named the Tobacco Sunburst Electric Guitar. Might wanna search online for pictures, cause I ain’t putting or putting any effort in putting any of the Christmas pictures. So, after the presents were open, my dad tuned my guitar, since I didn’t have a tuner, and since my dad has a musical ear. I also learned Animal I Have Become by Three Days Grace and Crazy Train by Ozzy Osbourne. Later on was just a bla. It didn’t feel like Christmas. My aunt was leaving the house with my other aunt, plus, to make myself down, nothing good was on TV. Besides the 24 hours of A Christmas Story. I started getting more depressed and depressed by the moment.

Everything was really boring. I put my face under a couch to almost kill myself, or almost commit suicide, while my brother and sisters were playing Mario Super Bros. Wii for about 2 hours. I started tearing my eyes around 5 PM, when it was pitch black outside since it was the Winter season. But, to light up my spirits mom talked to me and negotiated with me. I felt better to also know that it was SNOWING IN GEORGIA THE FIRST TIME ON CHRISTMAS. I immediately strung out my guitar and sang some carols. I was so good singing also Christmas Canon Rock with Simon on the bass. Even the neighbors came around and started cheering because of my solo during the song. About 32 crowds of people came and enjoyed the music. Christmas was fucked up at the start, but mom’s words, and plus my electric guitar, and God, helped me through my Christmas. I think I’ll put up the version of Christmas Canon Rock on this post.

A Relaxing Wednesday

Okay, most of you may enjoy the warm, sunny breeze outside, and you just can’t get enough of it. Well, I have a totally different perspective towards it. I like more grayer clouds, droopy rains and cool breezes. That’s the only reason why I enjoy the Fall season more than anything in the world. I’m going to go with the point of today. I started finally waking up around 6:30, unfortuantely, my dad was in the bathroom. I could tell, my mom doesn’t wake up this late and leave the light on, while being so quiet. So, I just went in there and made sure he knew I was downstairs, so my dad wouldn’t be surprised I was downstairs all of the sudden. I went on the computer and worked on some of my school. Started first with some of my elluminates. After I chatted with “the unknown girl” and with Nayyir I went toward my school work for today.

I wanted to start with Social Studies today, because all I had to do was check this map of Europe’s physical features. BTW, I’m studying on Europe for my unit. I’m going to skip the rest of my work towards my Math elluminate. I had some homework on ratios and some OLS lessons, and then I had a test. So, I took care of it, in less than 2 hours. It was a lot work, just to break it down to you. But, afterwards, I completed the rest of my homework, and practiced on my acoustic guitar. I looked online for some songs to learn, and so far I’ve learned how to play Numb-by Linkin Park. But, it’s decent eh? I have to just play 10 songs in front of my mom and then give her a present for her late birthday and then wait for Christmas to get my electrical guitar. That’s a goal I’m looking forward to.

Fortunately, the sky was grey. The best time of the day basically. I quickly laid on my bed and played a blues on my guitar. Came in handy I guess. I played Yesterday, and it soothed my ears from all of the rock music. I rested my head, and read the Riddle a little bit. Fell asleep, and got woken up so abruptly because of my mom, because I didn’t pick my book. Oh, good grief. 😀

Ah, My Own Day Has Finally Given Me What I Wanted

Today was an unnatural day, I guess. It was a Sunday. As you all know. And on Sundays we go to church, just like every other regular Christian/Catholic. I actually woke up around 5 earlier today and went straight back to sleep. See, I was trying to stay awake during the time and try to stay up until my parents would wake up. Instead, when I was in the middle of putting my T-shirt on, I said to myself ‘what am I doing awake? I’m going to sleep’. Ah the irony. Anyways, when my mom woke me up there was a war going on in my head, and it wasn’t to pretty. At least I didn’t have Geometry constantly ringing in my head. See, when I woke up early today, I went on Patricia’s computer to check school’s subjects for tomorrow. Which is weird. But, I noticed Geometry for my upcoming Math lesson, and I wasn’t too fond of that event.

See, in the CRCT, I got my results in the mail. So, they showed every little aspect I did, as if they were video camering me in the test, and the results said Geometry was the topic I got worst results on. But, that didn’t seem to bother my parents as long as I passed Math and did Algebra good (oh, and for some reason I got all answers for Algebra correct, even though I’d repeated in my head I was going to fail that topic. Anyways, when our mom got the family ready for church, we didn’t give really the slightest enthusiasm about going to church. But, I knew or at least predicted this was going to be a good day. When we arrived, I didn’t see Michael in sight. Too bad. *sighs* When I got inside Xtreme, I got the nervous looks from everybody, besides my true friend August. He said hello and so did I, and it was end of discussion. That’s how we usually talk during the beginning of church. Lol.

I was waiting for Michael to come, but then I got bored so I played Fuse ball. I had to wait two rows in order to play, but I guess that’s life man. When I finally participated, I was beating the opponent like crazy. But, my wingman (team player) wasn’t really supportive. We lost two goals because of him. And I lost. Fortunately, Michael scared the crap out of me with saying hello behind my back. We waited for the rest of the people to end the game, so we could play. But, I knew time was short. So, I’d tried my best to not feel nervous. When Michael and I were our last game, the church lights turned off. I’d expect it to countdown. Except it didn’t for a few minutes. So, Michael and I won. WOO HOO! But, the most disturbing thing happened when the band players started making this new idea to sing an actual song in the real world. Last week was cooler than me by Mike Posner and guess what was today?! Baby by Justin Bieber!!

Ah, you won’t believe the horror Michael and pretty much everybody and I went through. The church didn’t really notice the pandemonium. But, I noticed some boys dancing for Justin Bieber and they said ‘I love you!!’. I immediately knew they were gaphers. Later when the song ended we for some reason brought up in small group about how dinosaurs might be an imagination of scientists trying to compute what the animals are and how the big bang is just a nonsensical subject. Hey, you have to get ready for these questions somehow. When Michael and I left my mom was in the middle of talking with Michael’s dad about Michael failing on Ecology class. Hmm… interesting statics. Lol. Well, later on we had some breakfast. But, you wouldn’t believe what I’VE been through this evening. When Terry and Kerry came we decided to play bounty hunter. My own game that was picked which made me blush. Then, when we were finally caught up in Terry’s neighborhood. I saw some pants when I cam out the forest.

Turns out Douglas (another neighbor) was there and when he got first sight of me, he ran like a little puppy. Well, I immediately knew Douglas was playing. I saw this other girl who looked a lot familiar. Well, she was familiar for one. I just forgot her name. She decided to play. Until Douglas decided to play Soccer which we haven’t done in such a long time. My team ended up losing because Marvin was making such a big fuss. I got moved to the other team and made our team finally won. Everybody went home and so did I. And we lived happily ever after. Oh and there was this other part, when I was coming to get Patricia and Anabelle their friend wanted to come over to our house on a school day and at an hour which made the sky pitch black. But, her friend didn’t care. I bet tomorrow she’ll do that again. Anyways, and we lived happily ever after.