Big Girl Sleepover!

Hey guys! Andrew here! Bringing you a new post of my daily life! This post will be quite interesting since yesterday was very eventful. I don’t usually post a day after about the day, but it seems to be working! The song/video I will be presenting to you guys is a song called Groove by Oiki but mixed in Trap. I’m slowly starting to get bored of looking for good songs from the genre of Trap and getting back more into Dubstep, but I like this song. Hopefully you do to. Enjoy!

So today was very eventful. I woke up and the whole house was moving around. Michael and Nicole had come over of course. I played Minecraft Hunger Games before they came over and then played a little bit more when they arrived. Afterwards, Daniel and Matthew woke up and came up from the basement (which was where we were sleeping) and then so did Patricia and Anabelle. Except Patricia and Anabelle were sleeping upstairs. We all started watching a movie. Not quite sure what movie, but it was a movie of sorts. Michael and Nicole behaved a lot better and Michael began to grow more attached to Daniel than ever. It was so cute.

Later on, in the day, Michael and Nicole left near 3:30 o’clock in the afternoon and I continued to play more Hunger Games on Minecraft. I was seriously addicted to that game mode on Minecraft. When Mom came back, I got off and then Patricia started having crazy call and call backs with her friends who were coming to the huge slumber party. Vanessa, step-sister of Kevion (one of my best friends), was coming. Nicole, an old friend from our previous neighborhood we lived in (not the baby Nicole we babysat earlier in the day), was coming. And so was Joanna and Heidi (a sister of Joanna’s). Joanna, of course, was at the house first since she lives in our neighborhood. She’s been recently hanging around Patricia and I a lot. It feels kind of like she enjoys being in our company, but eh. Whatever. She’s pretty awesome to be around.Joanna also did tend to follow me around the house. Interesting. c:

Nicole arrived at the house when I went outside and made a bet with my Mom that if I stayed outside of the house for 2 hours straight that I could have as much ice-cream as I pleased. In the meantime of trying to keep the bet, I hung around Tava and her brother Landon. Daniel and Matthew was there too. Eventually Landon and Daniel got into a fight and Daniel of course won the fight since Daniel was bigger. But it wasn’t really a fist-to-fist fight. More like a “I’m warning you, I will beat you up” fight. Tava had to break up the fight, even though she wasn’t necessarily dissatisfied with her brother Landon getting his lesson whenever he acted cocky. But they were half-relatives, so it was obligation.

Vanessa came around later. I didn’t realize it much, but she came around and I began to realize it when Nicole, Patricia, and Joanna were outside with her. We played Soccer with Sarah and everyone was around being active. It was too bad that Michael wasn’t here or Markel or Bryan or Erick. Oh. Such lost memories.

When I came inside I ate ice-cream, then stayed up till 9:00 o’clock at night with Daniel and the rest of the people playing “Infected” which was kind of like a tag game except if you were tagged you immediately had to join in to tag others. Eventually, the girls went downstairs in the basement and Daniel and I went upstairs. It was a pretty cool day. Reason why I’m not talking in so much detail about it is because it’s 10:21 where I’m posting this, so I soon have to get off the computer.

Enjoy your day wherever you are! Bye!



I Have Feelings For Someone (Already?)

Hey guys! Andrew here! I’m a little more motivated to post right now, but I’ll try to keep it short like the last post and not so long, so yeah! Song/video of the day is down below! The song is “Daylight” by Maroon 5. Catchy song. Really. I hate how catchy it is. Once I’ve heard it it’s in my head and I keep chanting or humming it. So enjoy and hopefully you have now understood why it’s so catchy.

Okay now to the day. It was awesome. Yesterday, as I talked about in the last post, King came over for Matthew’s birthday party. We wanted Savino to come over as well, but unfortunately he had other plans. So, it was just King sleeping over. Already from yesterday to today we had a memorable sleepover. We always do. I don’t know why, but whenever I sleepover or hang out with my true old neighborhood friends I always have memorable moments. Like last night, just after I wrote my last post we were sent to bed after a brief time and got our beds and sheets ready to sleep downstairs in the basement. My Mom, of course, was nervous and anxious about us freezing downstairs. Fortunately I am cold-blooded –as I like to refer to myself– and filled with Russian blood so I don’t feel the cold as easily. While, instead, my Mom over exaggerates the cold like she’s describing it in a poem with lots of hyperbole. I was reluctantly convinced to wear a T-shirt and a sweater on top with long pants. Eventually into the night I was so hot that I could not sleep and I took off most of my clothes and just left a T-shirt and some boxers. If it were my way, I would just have boxers. No joke. I can’t sleep with heat, even if I’m really cold and I’m trying to warm up.

Into the night, 2 hours later, around 11:30 PM at night, I woke King up from his slumber, right after I went onto my sister’s iPod that we had downstairs in the basement and changed the time to 6:00 AM in the morning, and told King to wake up because it was nearly morning time. It was convincing as well. The clouds and sky were somewhat shading as if the sun were rising, so King seriously thought it was 6:00 AM, but he was also suspicious because he said it felt like a few hours. He then checked on his own iPod and saw it was around 11:30 PM at night and immediately raged. Afterwards, we went to bed and slept through the night. Not together, of course, that would be gay.

The next day, which was Sunday, was awesome. King and I woke up, in reality, early. More like around 7:00-8:00 AM in the morning. My Mom eventually woke up, hearing our footsteps walking downstairs in the living room –as they were in their bedrooms on the next floor– and came downstairs. Suddenly, I felt the need to really play video games with King and also I did not get the opportunity to play Zombies on Black Ops II because I was too busy playing Multiplayer yesterday and owning. Surprisingly my Mom allowed and we had loads of fun. Within 1 hour and a half of playing time King and I played Multiplayer with bots to practice a little bit and got loads of kills. Then we transitioned to Zombies, in which I purposely meant to click the map “Tranzit” but accidentally picked Bus Depot which had NO perks and upgrades whatsoever except Mystery Box and guns on the walls. If you haven’t played Zombies you probably don’t know what I’m talking about. Surprisingly, as well, the both of us reached to round 16. I thought we were going to hit round 10 at the most. We could have even gone farther if I had not messed up, but eh. I’m still happy with my result. After, then,  we played ACTUAL online multiplayer which was a pain in the butt when you were completely unknown to the spawn and where you have people, that actually have played the game, outmatch you. Though I did have a lot of beasting moments. 🙂

Then, when our timer was done, we had pancakes for breakfast. At this point, everybody was awake. I finished 3 pancakes stacked on top of each other and a milk cup and was still hungry. I got 1 more pancake with syrup after I drank another full milk cup and still felt hungry, but I was near satisfied. Matthew then had his turn to play and let King and I play with him because my Mom had left upstairs with my Dad and talked the both of each other together. Everything seemed to be awesome at this point. Eventually, when Matthew’s time was done, King and I went downstairs and I went on the computer for a little bit to check on my blog and stuff like that. Then eventually I went downstairs and figured that my sister, Patricia, and Matthew and King were playing Nerf downstairs. I decided to join in and at first sucked. I tried to rush in and immediately got hit 3 times and lost myself. Though, what then became epic was that we added a speaker downstairs, connecting King’s computer with it, and played dubstep music to get us pumped. Then I picked up the assault nerf gun I got from last Christmas and went ham mode. I was very smart with my ammo. I put 3 nerf bullets in my assault gun and 3 nerf bullets in the previous gun I was using last game, encase for emergency, so I would be able to use both of those guns to take out Matthew and King (I had to shoot each of them 3 times for one of them to get out) –who were on the same team– and win. I won several times and King even laughed, laughing at his constant failure of being outmatched by my skill of weaponry. No joke. I’m very experienced with gun types of games like Paintball, Call of Duty, Nerf, and ESPECIALLY Airsoft.

Afterwards, we took a break and decided to let loose and take in some helium. Outcome: funny voices. We had so much fun for the first 10 minutes we weren’t able to breath. Then when that was done we took a break doing nothing, and then I decided to watch PenguinZ0, which I failed to do yesterday, but now I love him so much. No homo. HE IS SERIOUSLY FUNNY, NO JOKE! King also began to laugh so hard that he got the coughs and was afraid he was going to get sick like yesterday. So, instead, my sister, Patricia, and I continued laughing our butts off and letting them run away to wherever. Lol. Later on, we were faced with nothing to do except relax. King played a little bit of Mario Kart until the day eventually led onto where King left. It was kind of sad. I had so much fun with him. It sucks having so much fun and then having it leave. Anyway, so, once the day progressed up to the point that we were about to go to church, we left to church. Church was great. I felt like I was part of the group. I enjoyed it. I also got pizza. I mostly enjoyed it because I liked hanging out with the girls. Reason why: cause I’m a guy and plus I love talking to girls.

Though, something has come to my attention. There is this girl at church. I shall not reveal her name, because I do not want to mention it without her consideration or approval. But anyway. She’s a girl. My age. Russian, actually, by her ability to speak it fluently and her parents are Russian. She is very pretty. We enjoy talking to each other like friends. She laughs at my jokes and thinks I’m funny. Though she has her own sense of control and humor and does not just DEPEND. She has her own independence and opinion. Plus, she has grown her parts very nicely. Lol. I don’t want to go about that too explicitly, but that’s a plus! Another thing, whenever we sit next to each other during service and worship, she likes for me to have my knee under her knee as we are sitting on the floor and to support her up. Though, I don’t really find that normal. I mean, I act as it is casual and not such a big deal, but I feel like.. her being is being flowing through me. It’s like holding hands with a girl you like, you feel her. You know? Haha, this is going to sound like a love story. Lol. She is surprisingly a brunette. And I prefer blondes! But I really like her. Though I feel conflicted. I even feel conflicted to this moment to write about it. Especially since people read my blog! What if Jessica reads? I don’t want her to feel bad or be angry at me. Plus I don’t want to jump into another relationship. Plus, we’ve only known each other for about almost a month. But I can’t help it. What should I do?

I talked to my Mom about this as I was doing homework. She told me that it was all good that she was Russian and plus she was Christian. She also told me that I, of course, should not go out with her or in other terms, ask her to be my girlfriend, because I’m too young. Plus I could learn from my mistake with Jessica. Instead of actually being girlfriend and boyfriend with Jessica and then figuring out REALLY who we are and having to break up, we could have just been friends. My Mom said, if we are still interested in each other and know more and are convinced we could go out. She also told me this, which was important, that I should tell her how I feel but that I should put restrictions. I don’t know. I feel nervous? What do you think I should do? Leave it in the comments!

Anyway, so all events have led up to here. It’s a pretty long post. I did not mean for it to be like this, but it happened. What can you do about it? Eh. Probably not write as much. xD Besides, enjoy your time wherever you are! I must be off to bed! Bye!


Christian + Michael + Daniel Is Sleeping Over

Yes, this day was awesome, and I thank you all for still waiting on my blog, and immediately commenting on my new recovering posts. Who had a great Christmas? Wait. Christmas passed. Okay, before this post is going to start, I will want to ask you to first write in your comments what you will be doing for New Year. Well, I have a post about last year’s new year, might wanna check it out if you missed it. But, don’t worry about commenting on it, it has enough comments.

Okay, what really happened today was this. I first woke up having a huge headache, or a brain ring. It would basically pinch my ear and make a huge shrieking harmonic noise. So, during the day, I had to keep my head near Feefee (which is our Hamster’s name) and worked on my book. Okay, I’m starting to feel like I’m actually having some success in my book. Sophisticatedly, I used words that I before didn’t make sense of, until now. It’s weird. But, I don’t want to lose the feeling. So, um… I also got Mary Kate’s phone number. I’m not sure why that’s important, but I guess that was important. I worked some homework just for fun after receiving her phone number. Soon, I’ll have exams, and I need to get ready. So, I got studying on the hardest parts of Pre-Algebra. Geometry. I passed the unit already, but I’m reviewing just encase. Afterwards, I also finished my Harry Potter book yesterday (December 27, 2010). So, I started reading the 4th Harry Potter book (The Goblet of Fire). I’m starting to feel really disappointed with the 3rd book (The Prisoner of Azkaban). The movie was totally different from the book.

I just really felt dissappointing. So, I just continued on with the 4th Harry Potter book. Unfortunately, I only got 30 pages through in a minute because Christian rang my doorbell, or did he? Cause, he just walked up to me in surprise. So, me and him were training. Christian after 4 years of being away from the guitar is still good, and I am still good even though I’ve been playing for 3 years on the guitar. Afterwards, the snow was melting, and everything got blurry, Christian and I also went into a graveyard far from our neighborhood, passed our neighborhood creek, and then in the forests. Fortunately, the graveyard was not there, and behind us was this Mexican guy. Sorry for putting people in categories, because I couldn’t tell anything besides the fact that he was Mexican. We had to hide behind trees, so the guy wouldn’t notice us. Plus, the guy had a shock gun. I than thought about calling the cops, but the guy already shot a bullet toward a tree. We already figured that he knew we were here. At one point, I did the most craziest thing……….

I walked from behind the guy, and knocked him down. He wasn’t that tall, so don’t think I was invincible. Christian punched him, and I pulled the guy’s shock gun, which felt really heavy. Shot him in the stomach. It was such a loud effect. Christian and I ran, later on, mom said we were going to Walmart, and said we could bring Christian over, so, we had to go to his dad’s house, and ask him for permission. He could, and I guess it was pretty awesome. Later on, we had the idea for Christian to sleepover at my house, which to my thought at first, was CRAZY. But, at one point I agreed. BTW, Christian has only had 1 sleepover in his life. So, both of our parents agreed, and he was sleeping over. But, what made it better, was the fact that when I was in the middle of playing Raining Blood from Slayer, Michael and Daniel were sleeping over for two days, and then I was sleeping over for two days at their house. Christian and I were so amazed, we went like crazy. So, when Michael and Daniel came, all we did was play Assassin’s Creed. Not Brotherhood unfortuantely. I loved the game.

We also stayed up all night last night. I tried to finish reading the 4th Harry Potter book. But, I had really no time. I tried to make a horror scene during the sleepover. So, if you want to figure out REALLY what we did staying up last night, you’ll have to check next post.

The Day Our Enemy Lied

Right now I’m posting this real late. So, I’ll just tell you the details. Remember how I told you that Patricia’s friend was staying at Kentucky ti’ll Sunday? Well, guess what? She begged her mom for her to come back home to play and use BTW. That girl is such a prick. I’m not going to say loser, because that’s the total opposite, and I’m especially not going to call her a winner. She’s a pervert. Basically, she’s lower than most losers. Let me tell you instead the chronological events that happened so I can piece these things out. Well, usually on a Saturday, we have to clean up. Well, today we were decorating the tree and the house instead, for Christmas.

I was at Savino’s house playing Grand Theft Auto Vice City, while Savino was playing his new Grand Theft Auto Liberty. See, whenever he gets new things, Savino tends to get really showing off and a little too selfish. But, I’m not his master, or his servant for that matter. Soon enough, Savino’s mom invited us with Savino and his dad to Home Depot. Oh and I probably forgot to mention that her foot was sprained, so she has to walk with those crane things. On our way there, we listened to my favorite radio station. One of the songs we were listening to, that made King and I go into a head beat, was a song from Godsmack, and it was called “Love, Hate, Sex, Pain”.

Once Savino head the word sex in the song, he would turn nervously to me. When we got to Home Depot, there was nothing really to do for about an hour. Which made it boring for me and King. I think Matthew was the only one enjoying the trip. On our way home, I told King and Savino that Patricia’s friend might be home, because her car was home. Unfortunately, as I wished it not to be, it was true. Patricia’s friend lied about her due so she could play with Patricia. And if you leave family that quick, that means she even lower of a pervert. She’s an asshole.

I figured because when`I got home, Simon was there decorating. So, King and Savino wanted us to play. Unfortunately, we needed to decorate first. So, they helped out. It was then, when Patricia’s friend came into our house unsupervised. She just showed up in our leaving room. I didn’t want to make a scene, so I tried to stay calm. But, how can you stay calm when she’s looking at what’s making a sound, and making those annoying little eye looks. Everybody wanted her out as much as I did. But, she wouldn’t listen. I would know that.

Near the end of the day, Patricia and her friend were stalking on us. Probably not Patricia. But her friend. I don’t get perverted girls at all. She just tries to look popular, and doesn’t notice the people’s insults about her. If you become nice with her, she’ll become your friend immediately. If you’ve been her friend for awhile. She’ll take about sexual parts in the wrong way, and try to talk about sex. I know girls who do that, which BTW, they are attractive, but she’s ugly, and has a perverted mind. She has huge eyes, that are way apart from each other.

Near the end of the day, King, Nicholous, me, Matthew, and my mom were playing Mexican train. Until Patricia’s friend came back. Hideously. She asked if she could sleepover. But mom said no so unexpectedly and yet so expectingly. Then, Patricia’s friend asked if they could sleepover. A no again. And still the girl was stupid. And she asked if Patricia and Anabelle can finish dinner with her back at her house when it was like 8 PM. So dark outside. Mom said no again, and explained we needed to take a bath. Unfortunately, Patricia’s friend was a short-term memory loss person. So, she asked after the bath if they could sleepover. What a bitch.

Whatever… Good Enough

July 26, 2010
Well, afterwards, I forgot like usual about the sleepover. At first, when I woke up, I pictured myself in my home then in Michael’s room. Which was awkward for me. Oh and Daniel and I were working on my Poptropica account then we made Daniel a blog from WORDPRESS. Speaking of that, here’s the link to his site:

Awesome right? Anyways, I wanted to read the Titan’s Curse at his house, but, then they had breakfast then went back to playing video games. I wanted to play soccer like we did yesterday. MAN!! I should remember things. I forgot to to mention my previous post. Ugh! Anyways, I really wanted to move Michael and Daniel’s butts and do something more energetic. Well, they wouldn’t listen. They just continued playing and playing which was annoying me. I eventually went to the computer but got bored. Then, after a few minutes I joined in the play on PS3, Ms. Ginger alarmed us and said we were going to the pool.

Fun, yeah! Something more energetic. We had loads of fun. I went on their AWESOME slide. Then, there were these girls that would constantly stop the slide water. So, it would be JUST like a regular play slide. I hated that. I guess the highest aged one was about 15. Smallest I guess was 5. Well, Michael and I had to constantly turn it back on. Also the girls were preforming these dangerous stunts that were not allowed. I was really ticked off now. I wanted to punch one of them. Then, they said to get off the rope we were sitting on. They said we weren’t allowed to. WHATEVER!! Than, I said you were making those illegal moves and all that. But, they tried to doubt it. Then, like I guess a 11 year old told me this: “I don’t give a f*ck about that”. I was surprised. Michael and Daniel laughed whiled they were repeating it. Than, Michael said this: “Who gives a sh*t about anything?”. Which I thought was normal for him. We eventually left with those girls stubbed in the butt with our speeches.

Afterwards, we went to the Buford Dam (Michael and Daniel lives near the dam). We had loads of fun with nicer people that I misunderstood as Indonesian. Unfortunately, they were Spanish. Wow, how racist I am. Anyways, I had to go to this part of river where it was SOO cold, had seaweed which was slippery for me and the current was pushing me. I felt like I was going to die for a few moments. Then, Daniel copied it. We both were tied. Hahahaha. Funny. Michael was too scared to do it. I just went along with it. Then, we went back home and played PS3 again. I was really bugged by playing only during the WHOLE sleepover. i wish they only had Dsi’s and they would be more active. But, that’s their fault being so ADDICTED to video games. Lol. We eventually had to eat dinner. Then, thunder stroke. While I was playing scateboarding, Daniel’s account got erased because of the thunder. Lol. That happened the SECOND time!! Oh, so funny. Then, we went back to sleep fulfilling ourselves with happiness.

I’m Going Nuts Here

July 19, 2010
Well, I occasionally go nuts. But that’s just the way I roll. Lol. Anyways, when I was partially sleeping in the middle of the night I found something that felt like some soft metal with no edges, just lumps. I already assumed it was one of those decoration rocks you put in gardens that look exactly like marbles. But, I just didn’t get why it was in my sleeping pouch or whatever you call it. I told Michael about it, he just said to show it when everybody was awake. Well, thank YOU for the notice, but there is something I found and I think you need to see. He ignored me ti’ll he fell asleep. Well, I just tried to ignore that when I fell asleep. But, when I fell asleep, all I could picture was black. See the reasons I think people don’t want to SHARE their dreams is because they either think it is too embarrassing to talk about, it’s a waste of time or I really don’t remember having any dream. I think it’s okay to share your dreams no matter what because they are a part of you.

Well, after 9 in the morning past I started to play Tony Hawk Scateboarding Project 8 for an hour. But, then, Daniel gave me alert that I was leaving ti’ll lunch. Which was okay with me, it was only 9 in the morning. Lunches are supposed to take place around 2 or 1. Well, I tried to ignore that and stop playing. But, then, I went into Michael’s room with him to check things out. When he was looking into my sleeping bag yes!!! Finally figured out what to call that thing I was sleeping in. Anyways, when he was looking into my sleeping bag, he found the exact garden rock I found. He was actually surprised to find it. Think about about how he would’ve felt when I showed him that. Hmm… anyways, when 11 hit the clock Ms. Ginger said she was going to make me a chicken sandwich with mayo on it, which was my perfect order. Than, we left. So, soon? Whatever, it’s not my business right?

Well, I got back home, gave my dad a MANLY hug. And just sat and watched Matthew play video games. I eventually took the Ds from him then he started to yell. Which was really weird if him. He said he didn’t play video games at all yesterday (two days ago). Well, lets see about that with mom. Anyways, time passed, my dad actually reminded me to make a birthday card for mom to make of the retreat on her birthday. I still thought my mom was going to be mad at me. So,I tried to make the best birthday card I could in her style of colors. Well, I felt sorry to actually break my mom’s heart. But, that was the wrong I caused. Anyways, my mom actually came back home and read the card and was satisfied. She didn’t look happy, so, I asked her if she was having troubles. She didn’t really.

Than, later on she said we were getting no more Christmas gifts for Christmas because we didn’t give my mom a present. A hello, last year on my DAD’S birthday we just gave him plain old cards. Nothing else, he was still happy. But, now thanks to dad I lost my ONE chance of opportunity to get my electric guitar or camera. Well, thanks a lot dad. I trained on the guitar for nothing. Eventually, Simon asked if I could come outside and we tried to make fun of ourselves. Instead we were bored. But, we saw a person that looked JUST like Alex. Eventually we saw it WAS Alex. He said he couldn’t play right now. The only information he gave us was getting drunk for 13th birthday and broke into a house. He went back up the street. Are you serious? Simon and I decided to follow him. Than, Savino was forced into our team. So, when I asked my mom to go check on him she said no. Unfortunately, Savino was allowed to go. So, he just left me standing there. Which really ticked me off. Now, I regret really telling him.

Well, afterwards, we went to Hobby Lobby. It was better than I thought. All of us were constantly asking to buy some COOL decorations for houses. I waned to get a front portfolio graphic. But, mom won’t let us bu anything ti’ll Christmas is done. So, Anabelle and Matthew annoyed me and I was being mean to them. But, just to top it off, my sister told me we went to How To Train Your Dragon and a dinner place for my mom’s birthday. I got REALLY sad. Than, my mom told Anabelle to go in timeout than say sorry. We tried to watch Avatar the blue people movie. It didn’t work so we sent a complaint to the company Redbox I guess.

Legends Reborn… The Most Amazingly Done Things + The Adventures Will Go On

June 7, 2010
Hey people, hope you’re reading. Because this is important information you gotta see (read). As you see on the title, it describes “Amazing”. Well, that’s exactly the definition for today. An amazing day. I’m going to start with the amazing things that happened through internet. Today, I actually posted my contest earlier than expected, that was pretty good because everybody could notice it through the whole day. I got 18 comments so far on the post. The other good part was Sammy finally commenting on a contest. She actually won 2nd place! 🙂 Well, she won because she only got the Avatar questions correct. On the other hand, Nuug (my new favorite commenter) won both questions. Which actually surprised me. That means he gets 2 prizes on Webkinz. But, I have to wait ti’ll he responds back to my friend’s request and I’ll be able to send a gift. I never thought Nuug would be so helpful at comments. He got me all the way to 1,078 comments. Hehehe. Today, near the morning, I had only 1,058 comments (just about as many comments as Kitty’s blog). But, from 1,058 all the way to 1,078 comments. But, that’s pretty much all that happened great through internet.

Agh! I don’t remember what happened interesting on June 7, 2010. So, that means my title doesn’t describe anything that happened today. Agh. If only I didn’t listen to Willow I wouldn’t be in this mess.
June 8, 2010
Well, first of all, lots of things happened today (yesterday). There were adventures, gimmicks, drama and all that stuff. Let me start at the beginning where my dream started the dream. I was dreaming about 23 people. 9 was male people and 14 was female. They all stared at me. Then, this voice came right at me. I heard everything shudder. I tried to look where it came from. But, I didn’t want to figure out. I ran out of there into a forest. Once, I was running, I heard screaming behind me and something roaring. I thought by now those people were dead. They were, it’s just that the monster caught up to me. Bit my arm off and started eating me. I couldn’t see how the event was going. I was at the back of the monster. But my body was still there being eaten. I could only see the monster’s back and lots of blood thrown out of my body. I ran away safely and abandoned my body for the monster to eat.

After that dream, I was feeling drowsy. But, my eyes were keen and sharp. So, I didn’t have any distractions in my eyes. The only way I could wake myself up. Is if I’m determined to wake up in a split second. So, I shut my eyes, rested my body, then jumped up from my floor bed and ran downstairs. I finally got downstairs without being caught. So, I went on the computer and did my blog stuff (like usual). Then, I got bored of it. I felt like laying down on a coach. Staring out the window. Oh wait, the windows were blocked by these blinds. Anyways, when I was about to sleep. I heard something go thump!!! I was scared. I didn’t know what to do. I thought I heard somebody coming downstairs. I knew it was my mom, but instead when it got to the floor, nobody was there I turned my head around and imagined my mom in a split second.

After morning, my family was having fun outside, playing with Logan (Age 9 Gender: Boy), Tina (Age: 7 Gender: Girl) , Frankie (age: 5 Gender: Boy) and Savino. We didn’t get into any social fights. Which was very great. Just a great outside. Though, I thought nothing interesting will happen. Then friends of my parents came over. Their names were Alina and Razvan. You might know Alina, but not Razvan. Alina is basically friends with my older sister Patricia and my younger sister Anabelle. Me, not so much, because I barely pay attention to her. I usually pay attention to her sister and her husband. Razvan and Alina are not married yet. But are going to. I heard that around July or August they will have their wedding. I thought I wasn’t going. I thought I was going to stay with Michael for a sleepover. He has usually interesting friends to play with. Anyways, once Razvan and Alina came, my family had to come upstairs. If we behaved, I would get paid $10. Right now, I should have $55. But, for some reason, when I opened my wallet, there was no money. WTF?! I had only $20??? (soon 30 dollars) I hate my money. Just FREAKING hate it when that happens. I thought it was Alicia, because she said I owed her money and I didn’t give it to her. Just when, I thought about Alicia, she came inside my house and asked for some ice-cream and Popsicles. She always does that. You have food you know.

Well, they begged to come in my room. I said no several times. But they just barged in, with my sister. So, I got annoyed when they specifically said they wouldn’t. Then, she already called her mom and said she was staying inside ti’ll 9 in the midnight. Okay, that was just crazy. I went along with it. They made to much noise. My mom kicked Alicia out and Alicia needed help trying to get inside her house. I tried all I could. Then, we got Savino to come out and bring his ladder out. I tried to pick the lock on his way. But nothing seemed to work. The house was too tall and we couldn’t make it. Though, we tried to take care of Alicia outside. Then, we had to go inside. Believe me, I don’t think Alicia’s mom would like seeing her outside around 9 at midnight. I thought we had an interesting adventure. But, I hope they’ll get better.

That’s all for today. See ya.