I Know This Is Going To Be Good

Well, today was little, I don’t know, normal I guess. Today I was checking my k-mails for school and found out an interesting 2 facts. Turns out, our principal made a Principal’s pen on Youtube. I thought it sounded ridiculous, but, I’m telling you. He sounded really good with his words, it was like he was meant to be a principal. I also figured that our school will be starting sports. Finally. I’ve been waiting for this for so long. I’ll probably start the basketball team since that’s the first sport starting Winter season. Though, I was looking forward to doing Soccer. Unfortunately, that’s starting around the Spring season. Sucks right? The only problem was that each student that participated for each season of sports has to pay a fee of 100$. Just as I expected. Though, it is a good idea, since the school needs money for more language classes.

Although, only ALP Middle schoolers are allowed to learn a language. I would’ve wanted to learn how to speak Japanese or Hindu. But, that’s not in my reach of choices is it? I talked with my dad about participating in a sport in the upcoming seasons. He said he’ll think about it. Well, that’s at least better than having to put up with a no. So, I continued with my school. I had to get off, because I had to deal with getting into Matthew’s proper elluminates. It took about 10 minutes to find the right Language Arts elluminate, since Matthew’s teacher was too busy to help, because of ‘conferences’. I got him to the right class, and then moved on to my school. I learned about Europe’s diseases happening, which I really feel bad for. I wonder how bad the diseases were during the French Revolution.

I had to yet deal with finding another elluminate for Matthew, while constantly remembering about both Resident Evil Afterlife and Harry Potter the Deathly Hallows. CURSE YOU SNAPE!!!! 🙂 I went on with school until it came to an end. I wanted to hurl and take a nap. But, I was just to energetic to be in that mood. So, Simon invited over at his house and asked if I would want to buy these Scented Candles for Orchestra back at his school. I felt sorry for a few seconds, but then again, we bought bon bons from him already. I ain’t spending again for him. So, instead I decided to help him advertise throughout the neighborhood about the Scented Candles sales. Turns out, when I came outside and got my shoes ready, my mom came out of nowhere and said they had to pick up dad. But, I wanted to help Simon with the sales. So, I asked to stay with him while they got dad. So far, we only got 7 sales, that quick, and then we asked for ice-cream. I shared with my brother, oddly.

Afterwards, I went inside, and watched the recording of Glee Rocky Horror. Disturbing to know that someone was going to be in underwear during the play. Ugh.

Everything Was Too Busy And I Was Barely In It

July 20, 2010
Well, there a lot of ways to describe my bed and I. But, I don’t want to do that right now. I’m just going to start with what happened when I woke up. Okay, when I woke up it was dark and really cold that I couldn’t bare it. I was wondering when I was still asleep why didn’t I feel the temperature ti’ll now. Well, I tried to not let that bug me, so I went downstairs and figured out it was only 6:05 in the morning. I still didn’t get how could this great darkness appeal around 6. Hmm… anyways, when I did come downstairs, I decided to check the computer for 23 minutes then eat breakfast which was SOO cheap later on. My stomach was growling and begging for some breakfast. I tried to hold it in for just a couple more minutes. Though, I managed to do it. It felt weird and good. It’s like I stopped my stomach or killed it.

Anyways, after breakfast hit everybody went downstairs. To watch something. For awhile they watched Spongebob Squarepants and this other show. But, don’t remember it. Afterwards, my mom said she was going to do something at somewhere. I couldn’t remember. Well, I remembered my mom that she had to go with Anabelle to Walmart. She agreed, by the next 32 minutes Patricia and Anabelle left. I was already sick and tired of the Avatar. Oh and FYI, today (yesterday) we just finished everything in the whole story. I guess Matthew is going to start it allover. Lol. Fiya was on though. So, we talked a lot. Man, that girl can talk. Wonder what she would be able to do if we called. Lol. Afterwards, I had to get off the computer and watch Wipeout. Or however you spell it. You basically got these 24 contestants trying to get 50,000 dollars. But, if they want the money they need to do these crazy obstacles. My family loves this show because it’s pretty funny whenever they fall or whenever they don’t fall. They also come up with names to describe their personality too. It’s actually pretty funny. Afterwards, we had to go to Allison’s pool. It took us awhile to get there actually. But, we eventually got there fast enough. I saw Allison getting into a discussion with her mom. I tried to ignore that so I wouldn’t get into their business. So, Patricia and I were able to get in the pool without any sunscreen. And this pool was also better than Alexandra’s pool. I was able to pull off wicked stunts and all that. I was happy. Too bad this isn’t these kind of days we would bring junk food to eat for snacks. Anyways, we stayed there for about 2 or 3 hours I guess. Though, I was singled out by everybody. They didn’t want me or at least didn’t need me. That’s the sad part.

WE eventually came back home. Then, my sister was selling some lemonade she made. She made $1.25 just by selling to two people which was actually a BIG sale for her. I knew I could sell already millions of things. Like that Pokemon stand. I got once $11.12 off selling 34 cards which I knew was a big success. I don’t think I was in the mood for selling now. I got in trouble with my mom eventually for getting in Anabelle’s way. Which I could kind of understand. Then, I went up the street to hangout with King and Savino. Once Simon was left I went back home. Then, he rang my doorbell with Logan, Tina and Frankie. We went up the street to watch Douglas and some other team win on Soccer. Logan had to leave so it was just the two of us watching. The ball was constantly getting close to us to be able to knock us out. Everything was so busy. All I did was watch. Then, the day ended.