A Simple Walk In The Park

I had a dream; a dream I cannot remember at the time but meanwhile, I’ll be talking about today. I woke up, fell back asleep again because I was too lazy to get up early, and then woke up again another hour later, went back to sleep, and repeated the whole thing over again until I decided to get out of my bed. It was around 9 o’clock when I had officially decided to wake up and get back to my life. I wasn’t allowed to eat cereal today, which is pretty odd, I had to eat oatmeal since I hadn’t eaten yesterday oatmeal when Mom hadn’t even told me about it (how was I supposed to know?). Anyway, my sister’s, Patricia and Annabelle, and my brother, Matthew, were in the leaving room, watching as Patricia was playing Super Mario Galaxy 2.

After that, Matthew started playing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 on the Wii and I just used the computer. I don’t know why, but I was not in the mood for video games. Actually I haven’t really liked playing video games at all, unless it would come to Call of Duty or some other game that would suit my taste nowadays. After that, we left to the Farmer’s Market to shop for some groceries and then came back with a hand-full of groceries. Dad watched Tennis just after we arrived and Matthew and I was hanging out with King and Savino. Nicholas came along too and then so did Logan with his brother Frankie.

Once 2 o’clock hit Mom had told my sisters, my brother, and I to come inside to eat lunch. King decided to join us, Savino irritated by that decision, decided not to come. He hung out with Nicholas outside, counting the dots of a ripstick while King, my family, and I ate rice, with chunks of spicy meats and some veggies. When we finished, Savino gave his annoying ‘pissed off’ look and bothered me the whole day with a lot of “Man! You didn’t invite me!”, “That sucks” and so on. :S Afterwards, Noah joined us for a game of bounty hunter since Simon (who had come later on in the day) and I had gotten too impatient to wait for Thierry, Kerry, and Marvin to come out side. It eventually ended when Mom said we were going to the park, in which everybody decided to come except for Logan. 😦

I was sort of disappointed that Nicholas had decided to come. He was very annoying along the way. Especially when my sisters had left with their friend Nicole to see Nicole’s brother play a football game in the Shorty Howell Suwanee Park. We came walked around the park with the whole group (Simon and I stuck together throughout the walk) and eventually came near the game field. Along we saw a lot of people we knew: Chelsea, Michael, Brandon, Patricia, Nicole, Ashley (in which she was embarrassed in front of her cheer-leader mates because Nicholas had the audacity to scream out “ASHLEY!! HI!! I LOVE YOU!”), and Annabelle. It was nice. A simple walk through the park while watching a tough, intensive football game. 🙂

Afterwards, we went home and saw Logan, Frankie, Abraham, Jojo, and this other kid I can’t properly name. Mom and Dad dropped off Simon at his house, and Nicole was inside our house, sleeping over. Okay, okay. Decent day overall. Nothing depressing or saddening about today.


Christmas Was Literally Fucked Up

Okay, sorry I haven’t been able to post awhile, but I’m going to give you a summary from what happened from Christmas day all the way to this point of day. Okay? On Christmas day, I woke up, finding Tania, my aunt downstairs with her laptop awake. It’s normal and usual for her to do that early in the morning. It kind of bugs me because I alway have Tania watching me. Later on, I realized it was Christmas Day. I get to open my electric guitar today. Well, I had to wait for 12 minutes for mom to come downstairs, than I had to back upstairs and wake up everybody so they could see me open my present. While the wait, I wrote on my book. Yes. I’m writing a book. Writing is ALMOST my passion throughout other things except programming, and computers.

So, once everybody, including my other aunt, Alexandra, came downstairs, I shredded my present, while my dad was taking a video with his EVO so he can both test his phone, and keep his memories there. It took awhile for me to cut the UPS box with my 4 inch knife. IT WAS AMAZING. My electric guitar was exactly what I wanted. I may have gotten a better amplifier. But, I couldn’t have gotten a better guitar. It was named the Tobacco Sunburst Electric Guitar. Might wanna search online for pictures, cause I ain’t putting or putting any effort in putting any of the Christmas pictures. So, after the presents were open, my dad tuned my guitar, since I didn’t have a tuner, and since my dad has a musical ear. I also learned Animal I Have Become by Three Days Grace and Crazy Train by Ozzy Osbourne. Later on was just a bla. It didn’t feel like Christmas. My aunt was leaving the house with my other aunt, plus, to make myself down, nothing good was on TV. Besides the 24 hours of A Christmas Story. I started getting more depressed and depressed by the moment.

Everything was really boring. I put my face under a couch to almost kill myself, or almost commit suicide, while my brother and sisters were playing Mario Super Bros. Wii for about 2 hours. I started tearing my eyes around 5 PM, when it was pitch black outside since it was the Winter season. But, to light up my spirits mom talked to me and negotiated with me. I felt better to also know that it was SNOWING IN GEORGIA THE FIRST TIME ON CHRISTMAS. I immediately strung out my guitar and sang some carols. I was so good singing also Christmas Canon Rock with Simon on the bass. Even the neighbors came around and started cheering because of my solo during the song. About 32 crowds of people came and enjoyed the music. Christmas was fucked up at the start, but mom’s words, and plus my electric guitar, and God, helped me through my Christmas. I think I’ll put up the version of Christmas Canon Rock on this post.