REVIEW: Defiance (TV Show)

Hey guys! Andrew here! Bringing you a new “REVIEW” post. Let’s get into it!

So, for all you Sci-fi fans out there, you all probably know about the show called “Defiance”. At least if you watch the Scifi channel. For those people who are not Sci-fi fans or for those who ARE Sci-fi fans but haven’t seen the show, I will explain to you how the show goes about.


The basic plot of the first episode begins with these two people. A father and a daughter. Joshua Nolan is the Dad and Irisa Nyira as the daughter. The group seems to have a quite confusing at first conflict where Joshua begins to do things Irisa is not fond of. But in the end they both conclude to a loving relationship. Amanda, the newly appointed mayor, is also a main character, along with her sister who is a bar tender and a job of free sex. The show is mostly based on the idea of a town which is called “Defiance” that contains many breeds of creatures and aliens. The show shows how the alien races sometimes have to come together and help each other survive and how that goes.

As far as I know, the graphics are pretty interesting. You can definitely tell when a scene is animated and whether or not something is real or not. Otherwise I really like it. I’m not a Sci-fi fan, but I love this TV show and I highly suggest you guys try to watch it. I do have to warn that there are some pretty close to near nudity scenes. If you are under the age of 18, I suggest skipping it or watching it with your Mom, but otherwise enjoy the series. It’s really fun and the dialogue and action is amazing.

All in all, my verdict is that this TV show is a 4.8 star rating out of 5 star rating. Leave your comments on what you think about Defiance and leave in your rating if you like!

Enjoy your time wherever you are! Bye!


REVIEW: *New* WordPress Dashboard Layout!

Hey guys! Andrew here. Bringing you guys my first official “REVIEW” post. I will be doing more of these in the future whether it will be related to books, games, food, and new stuff coming out. I will not be doing “REVIEW” posts on movies. Movies are specifically for the category of “Movie Perspectives”. Now let’s begin!

For any of the WordPress users out there that have been on their blogs posting recently, you all must know that WordPress has changed the whole layout of how we administer our blogs as the owner of our blogs. Some might think it’s a little bit too retro or futuristic looking, but to me, I really like it. I thought at first that I messed around with the layout colors or graphics, but turns out my sister’s blog is getting it to. And for the WordPress users who do not know what I am talking about, it is basically how our main dashboard looks like. Wow. I think I just actually cleared that out for everyone. 😛

The dashboard is different in so many ways. The whole options list we have that lists the “Store”, “Posts”, “Media”, “Links”, etc, is colored in black and the text is lightly brightened in white colored text. It kind of gives a sort of slick look to it. They’ve always reorganized the whole “Posts” category and how you can post itself. Did anyone realize that with the new Dashboard Layout that the “Publish” button had changed shape. In the previous Dashboard layout, it was slightly curved into an oval. Now it is a full rectangle. The text seems to be more cut off or blurry a little bit. I began to notice that. The accessibility to everything is great. It’s not really such a BIG change, but there has been a few minor changes and I really like it!

This has been quite a short post, at least in my opinion. I’m not that good at reviewing blog stuff. It’s my first time, but I decided to do it. YOLO, you know. No, I’m just kidding. I hate saying that. XD Anyway. If I have to give my finally “REVIEW” or verdict, it would be I would give the new Dashboard Layout a 4.5 star rating out of 5. If only the could just minimize how many options there would be on the side so I wouldn’t be so full of options and not feel so clustered in the dashboard space. Especially for new users who are creating WordPress blogs. That is all!

Enjoy your time wherever you are! Bye!


Donations, Girls, School, Lunch … AWESOME DAY!

Hey guys! Andrew here! As I promised from the last post, I said that I was going to present to you a new song or video I would like you to see. This video is actually not a song. Sort of. It’s a funny video with music included. It is called the Harlem Shake. A viral video that has stretched across Youtube and has become almost as huge as the shuffle from Party Rock Anthem. I have given you two of my favorite versions of the Harlem Shake. Boom!

The second one must require a Youtube account where you are 18+ or older. Unfortunately for youngsters, though I got to see it before it was flagged for 18+ or up. 🙂

Okay now to the post!

A lot of crazy and great things happened today. To summarize it I don’t understand how, but I’ll try. Woke up, went to school … actually wait a minute. I did not actually go to the school by bus. I had to wake up early because I had to arrive at the school early to check my recent Common Assessment test I had taken and gotten 80%. Plus I could earn a couple of wings (special certificate prizes from our school) by helping the teachers! I always enjoyed being earlier than others. Not for competition purposes, but I like the school when it is not as busy. Anyway, I had to wake up early. Around 7 o’clock AM in the morning I believe. Then we left around 8 o’clock AM in the morning — where usually I left to school around 8:40-8:50 — and my Mom drove me to school! It was always awkward when she dropped me off at the car riders drop off because there were always SO many people on the bleachers where they sat waiting for classes to start and they would stare at everyone who would enter to entertain their bored minds. This time, I tried to act it a little cool, and act like I was paying attention to the ground or talking to my sister and not so much scanning the crowd. Then, when I got to the front of the room, where the usual security man sat in his chair typing on his computer, I dropped my backpack, took out my agenda, and then left the room like I didn’t care. I mean it wasn’t against anything and I assumed the security man was okay with it because he took a quick look at me and then looked back down. I went to my homeroom class through the building as I went up the 2 staircases up into the second level of the school and went to the “C” wing. Surprisingly it was sincerely empty. No one was in the hall. Better for me so I wouldn’t have to pass anybody and act awkward.

I went to my homeroom teacher, Mrs. Flowers, and got my Agenda signed, realizing also Cameron, a dark-skinned boy, was sitting in Mr. Iverson’s room. I had never seen him in this class. I had only seen him in Health. I gave him a quick “hi” and then went back with a signed agenda to pick up my stuff. Once I brought my stuff into homeroom class I waited around the building. Nothing much to do. I was specifically waiting for Mrs. Harris’s arrival. It took about 30 minutes for her to arrive. Then I picked up the test answers and form-sheets I needed, thanked her, and then made my way. I also helped my Math teacher out with seating just for randoms, then helped Mr. Dyches, my Science teacher, boost a rolling cart full of candies and sodas. I was already full from the breakfast I had back at the house and from the school, so I did not eye at it so thirstily or hungrily. Once that had come to past, the school bell rang which sounded the arrival of the school buses and everyone arrived in classes.

Georgia Studies was quite boring. We just went over our given electives that we had to choose for High School. We barely got to learn anything. Language Arts we took a quick review on The Giver. Math we went over what we learned yesterday about systems and ordered pairs with graphs. It was all relatively easy. Lunch was awesome, though. I had 3 waffles (was supposed to be 2 but I stole one from another plate :mrgreen:) and 3 huge chicken strips with syrup. Cinnamon apples sliced in pieces. And broccoli. Pretty unhealthy, but I wanted something good today! Lunch was also different because as I sat with the girls I was sitting on the other side of the table. I got to see more of the people I usually talked to, which was a lot more preferable. We had fun, and lots of things happened. Though I cannot stress over all details. I got syrup allover my pants, which made me look like I peed in my pants. I gave Courtney and Lucy a hug as they passed by, which caused a ray of questions from the girls around the table, asking if I was going out with either one of them. I got to talk with Mario, and old friend from last Summer. Talked with Avelyn and his friend. Gave Samantha’s boyfriend a pedophile face, which made me chuckle and laugh. A lot more things from now in just one lunch. Biggest thing of all: BRIANA WAS NOT THERE. Woop! Sorry. 🙂

Once we returned from Math class we did our homework and I managed to finish the last problem as we were told to pack up our stuff. Science class was just as fun as Lunch, except with more less events. I earned a Mountain Dew and got to pass it around to others in the class who earned 85% or above in the classes. I got my friend Brian and Nathan to copy over my answers as I was doing vocabulary homework. Leondre, a girl who had never talked with me but hated me with a  passion, actually talked to me while smiling actually and asked me to sneak a soda for her. As I sneaked it she gave me her thanks and laughed. It was a good time overall. We also got to go outside for Science for a little science experiment demonstration thingy. Lol. I stood next to my friend Gizelle (the person who hooked me up with Jessica) and her friend. Gosh, can’t remember her name. xD But anyway as I stood next to her, they started gossiping with me and asked if I wanted to ask Mackenzie to be my girlfriend. She’s pretty. Nice. I love her personality. Complete me. But I don’t want to get into another relationship after I was already in one. I like being single. So I told them “no” and “no” constantly. That continued for until we had to go back into the school building and go to our homerooms. Dropping off my Math book, I waited in line as usual and then left to my connections. P.E. was quite fun actually. I got ACTUAL donations from my friend Haven. Good guy. He gave me an actual $5 dollar. Rare. I know. But he gave it to me for donation of saving for my laptop. Avelyn promised me he was going to give me $20 and then a few of my other friends promised they would give me money. So it’s good so far. Mrs. Turner’s group had to play indoor soccer while the other class got to play outdoor sports or something. It was fun actually. I earned 3 goals for our team, which was nice!

Health was also pretty good. We did bellringers, which is something I dearly dread. Then we went on about learning hormones, private parts of the human body, how the reproductive system worked, and a little about circumcision. I’m a little bit scared now because they say UN circumcised people have a bigger chance of receiving diseases and STDs. Oh God help me! D: During Health class, though, I told Lucy how the girls thought she was my girlfriend after the hug and made a joke saying “Thank you”. She laughed, embarrassed. And then asked what I told them. I said no, of course. But then she said “would it be bad if you were my boyfriend?” and I answered that embarrassed and red cheeks. Trying to find words then she said “I wouldn’t think it would be bad”. At first I laughed at the sentence, but when the sentence actually sunk into my brain I felt completely flattered. 2 girls I could have a possible chance becoming my girlfriend. Including Paige from homeroom who has given me so many hints to ask her out, though I don’t find her quite interesting. Sorry. Then we left Health class afterwards and went to our buses as I talked casually to Mackenzie. We cussed as usual. Talking like boys. And her, ranting about how she did not need to know a single f#ck about private parts and how the body works inside us. Agreeing somewhat, I laughed. Then we separated our ways to the buses.

It was fun in the bus. I got to talk with another girl that liked me called Eladia. She gave me a Valentines chocolate for Valentines which was really sweet then her friend explained to me that she had a crush on me. So yeah. I’ve got the chicks it appears to be. Lol. Anyway, I went home, ate food, gave my progress report I received from Science and got my Dad to sign it. Then my Dad and I went over the common assessment test and now I feel like it is a LOT more clearer to me. Ready for the next one! Then I studied for about an hour and went on the computer for a few until Mom called us for Bible Time and we read the Bible. On an iPad.

Once that was done and we prayed we came to sleep. And now this has all led up to here. As I am writing to you. Hopefully you enjoyed this post! And have a great time wherever you are! Bye!


“BUSTED” (Sort of) and A Nice Day!

Hey guys! Andrew here! Hopefully I’ll get to posting more often on my blog now that my parents actually KNOW that I post on my blog daily (which will be explained further into the post), so, I guess this’ll be a daily thing, as long as I have time and the energy/will to do it. So let’s start!

The day started out different from the usual, normal school day. This time, early in the morning, we were leaving to iHop to enjoy some nice pancakes for National Pancake day. My mother had announced this to me yesterday, but the catch was that I had to go to bed around 8 o’clock PM at the time, which I would be normally fine with, but this time, my mom had promised me that I had a perfect amount of time to go do what I pleased after Bible Time (which we did early [around 7 o’clock PM, when I finally settled down from the homework]). So of course I was shocked and perplexed that now all of the sudden we were going to iHop. I decided not to go to iHop or to NOT go to sleep early and just fiddle on my computer, working on my book. Fortunately, and unfortunately, my mother took me anyway and surprised me by waking me up around 6:30ish AM. I struggled to get out of bed and did a bit of complaining, but I got up. Moving out of my bed, putting on my clothes, I was too lazy to do anything. Especially whiten my teeth and brush them. As a result of that, my mom went berserk on us, yelling at us for not moving as fast and saying that she was actually caring for us by taking us early to iHop and then taking us to school. Which was true, but it was too early for me to respond in any extreme way, so I just nodded and whitened my teeth. Once I finished, we lined up to the house garage (oh yeah, forgot to tell you we have a garage [and a basement :mrgreen:]), and entered in the car my mother.

We drove to iHop pretty nice. Hardly any traffic. And since it was only around 7 to 7:30 AM in the morning, we did not have such a huge waiting line.  It did take a few minutes of course and two dark-skinned women nicely dressed but too formally dressed greeted us at the front with a quick announcement of today being National Pancake Day and to donate for some children’s donation center.. whatever. xD I completely zoned out. I was focusing on the pancakes about to be served as we sat in our tables. Once we were taken by our waitress and seated, we waited for about 5-10 minutes for someone to come. Eventually, my mom got impatient and decided to order for ourselves since the others did not really have to go through the trouble of ordering. It was free! In a few minutes after our order had left the table to the kitchens, Sebastian and Sophie including their mother Mrs. Judith had arrived. I was surprised, but somehow was not. It was weird. I, of course, greeted Sebastian with a tease and began conversation until Mrs. Amy and her daughter Ally arrived as well. It was a huge table for all of us. But it fit. The long chairs that laid against the walls were where the children sat, except for Ally, who sat next to her mother, while the grownups sat in the wooden chairs against the tables. We ordered, we ate, we talked (mostly about the funny Super Bowl Commercials), had our fun, then left. It felt so short, but I enjoyed it, and the pancake had satisfied my stomach the greatest! 😀

Once we left, before having an almost 5-10 minute discussion if whether or not my mom could drive Ally and Sebastian to Creekland Middle School with Patricia and I. Unfortunately they couldn’t since their instruments were holding them back and they were supposed to be kept in safe conditions (wonder what kind of instrument they were playing there xD). So, disappointed, we went entered the car, with an impatient mom thinking about how late we were, at least how late Matthew was for Elementary (Annabelle was in the car, but she was sick and only came for pancakes and then had to go back home). So of course, a dilemma had occurred in the matter of a few seconds. My mom started yelling ferociously at Patricia for holding up the line to the car because she wanted to sit in one spot instead of moving and making the “entering into the car” process proceed quicker. I disapproved of both situations. My mom was yelling unnecessarily loud to Patricia, and Patricia was being ridiculous as well. I kept my mouth shut in the situation and just let my mom do her thing and then we drove. She dropped off Matthew to his Elementary and then she dropped Patricia and I off to our Middle School. It was easy. As we entered the car driver drop off room, we saw Sebastian and Ally there; of course. So Patricia and I sat next to her. Sebastian, though, was sitting on the stands with his friend, so I decided not to bother their conversation. Courtney, my P.E. friend, had walked into the car driver drop off room, and I greeted her with a surprised face because this was the first time I had EVER seen her here. Though she looked at me weird and said “Hi”, “Bye” and then left, making Ally question me and have her say that I was being weird. I explained to her many times that Courtney was a good friend of mine, but she disagreed. Well that went well..

Finally when we left to our classes I greeted Jessica (the girl who liked me and I sort of liked back) and talked to her. Of course I did the normal “hug her” and then talk and then once she leaves I “hug her” and we departure to our own activities. I walked her to her class talking with her and then left to the “C” wing. Once I entered the “C” wing hall, I went to go order some breakfast and afterwards went to my homeroom class. I went to my locker and for the first time I unlocked my locker in one try. I knew how to do it, I just constantly messed up. Not that this was a huge thing, though, that I got the locker combination in one try, but it was nice and I thought I was slick for a few minutes until I went to my seat and we began looking at our test grades for Georgia Studies. After the whole process, I got an 80%. Honestly I probably would have gotten a 89% if some of the problems weren’t removed from the test (there were supposed to be originally 50 questions, but some questions got removed all the way till all was left were 35 questions), but then again, what the heck. I missed 7 questions out of 35 questions. Hopefully, my mom doesn’t read this part. 😛

I moved to Language Arts class, once Georgia Studies class ended, and had to take out my ‘Bellringer’ book for another review test of the vocabulary words we had to last week. I got a simple 100%, like last time. I was so boss at vocabulary. At least for this week. Then we had to do a review on the book “The Giver” we were reading. Surprising enough, we didn’t continue the chapters, but instead did a review from chapters 1-12 and did some vocabulary. I got a simple 92% grade because I missed two questions out of 25 questions. I am still disappointed, though, because I expected 100% or at least 95% or above. After that was done we left to our next class: Math. Another substitute teacher took place named Mr. Wiseman. It was male… Oh mah gosh! :O Nah, I’m just kidding. But he was nice and was not so intruding. Though, whenever he talked you could barely hear him. He wasn’t such a loud person, and whenever he caught people in class with cell phones he just smiled and walked away and then we tried to get serious and say for those who were STILL on the first page of the assignment (which a few had inherited) nobody listened and he even shooed himself back to the desk. Surprisingly enough, I was watched this and had my first experience with an actual good teacher. I joked with Andrew Peterson (the Andrew P I was talking about last post) and Manuel at the table so much and then the conversation had switched to Black Ops II Zombies. They began to bet each other on challenges to do, when all I did was listen and fit in a few more comments since I had watched the game being played, though I never played it.

We moved to lunch, enjoyed eating my food actually, and then our Principal had made an appearance in the lunch Cafeteria, announcing the best he could on the horribly amplified microphone about Creekland’s basketball team that won and the whole lunch Cafeteria went WILD. First time I used “bold”. xD Anyway, so yeah, they went berserk, and some other people were acting petulant and complaining that “nobody cared what the principal has to say, let us eat!”. I just ignored and continued eating while sitting next to Andrew, Manuel, and one of there other friends. It was funny. We made plenty of racist jokes that I dare not speak of here or else I would get in major trouble. But we had our fun. Emily, from Health class (wow, haven’t mentioned her O.o) saw me in the lunch tables (because our Math substitute teacher was taking a bit longer to eat his food, so I got to see a lot more classes leave and different classes come in) and sat next to me and said “HI” randomly. I smiled and then she moved to her own actual seat. Another friend of mine, who was actually from P.E. came past me and I did the usual greetings “Scrub” and he’d call me “Scrub” and then we’d delve into conversation, thought this wasn’t the case for the talking. I just called him “Scrub” and then he laughed and then we had to leave. I did my normal walk with Vanessa, her kissing her boyfriend, and then surprisingly I did NOT see Jessica at the lunch tables we usually passed. I was disappointed. 😦

Once we returned to our classes I managed to do 95% of the classwork, except for one page. But we did not need to do the classwork so I did not worry. Once Math class was finally over, I moved to Science. We took our actual Science test which, fingers crossed, I get a good grade on, or else I’m gonna die! Once we finished I left to homeroom class to finish off all the periods. Unfortunately, as my homeroom group was waiting outside the class because everyone inside the class was still looking attentively. Then while we were looking a girl in front of me called “Mary” looked at me and asked:

“Why do you smile all the time?” She said it seriously.

I answered, “I don’t know, I guess I just can.”

Then after the question had been answered I started thinking to myself, do I really smile all the time? I thought I was always emotionless or average looking, but before I could delve into my thoughts the class inside finished by an obvious stand up and putting stuff away in their backpacks. Mary pulled the door open impatiently, not allowing the students from the class to leave and instead just entering on will. I went to my locker but then realized I did not really have to go to it and then a guy who I knew opened his locker next to mines and said it was okay if I dropped my books into his locker, but then I denied. Though ironically, I realized 2 seconds after that I could drop my math book off to take some weight off, but then he closed his locker, so that was it. The class did its usual waiting and then we left to our connections. I went to P.E., greeted my friend with calling him “Scrub” he returned the favor, we dressed out in the locker rooms, then we began the actual P.E. with a test on Hockey, which we played all last week and this week. Turning it in, I felt nervous and did my best. Once we finished we did our usual warm-ups instructed by Coach Glousher. Can’t spell his name. D; Anyway, he gave us warm-ups, then we moved onto our sport for today and we played Texas Battle Ball. This time was special because I caught more balls and had knocked down two of the enemy teams’ goal balls and got two points. P.E. was victorious. 🙂

Then once P.E. finished up I left extra early after I dressed out and waited at the upper gym (I did P.E. in the lower gym) for Jessica and then once she came up to me I hugged her, her friend asked how we knew each other and then answered and then surprisingly my friend Andrew from church, like, long time ago in 2011 came up to me and was surprised to see that I was with Jessica and that she liked me and I liked her. It was a nice transition from P.E. to Health. Once I entered Health class I wrote my Bellringer, then the teacher announced that we were going to do the test. I did not have any notes for the class because I was absent and sick, so I copied off the side of my friend Shahnil. His handwriting was baad! xD Mrs. Heil noticed me doing this and asked if I was here on the day they gave the notes prior to the test, and I said no, so she sent me in the back with three others of whom I knew: Ethan, Alben (can’t spell his name properly either), and some other dude, and gave us other sheets of paper from others who actually took the notes so we could copy of them. We did not have to take the test which was relieving. Then eventually when Health class ended I left to the buses. We drove home happily and I had my fun. I’m sorry, I’m trying to summarize as much, I have to leave soon. 😛

Once I came home, after doing my usual talk with Sarah on the way to our houses (she lived in the house next to me, so we were literally neighbors), I got in trouble with my parents. They interrogated me and asked if I was using my blog privately without their acknowledgement I was doing so. I got in trouble when the truth eventually came out. I got punished, and then I studied. Don’t worry guys, she did not beat me. She just spanked me.. xD I knew it was for fun and she did not mean it to really hurt me, but at the same time it did hurt and she was trying to punish me for lying. Though I’m glad now I don’t have to hide that I’m writing a post. 🙂

The day ended after we did Bible Time and then now I’m writing to you. Wow, this post was longer than the previous one. Dang my days are full of information.. Anyway, have a great time wherever you are! Bye!


Oh and I forgot to add: HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALLY!

-She probably ain’t reading this xD-

New Mission: Get The Girl

Okay guys, I know I haven’t been posting a lot lately, I’ve been doing it here and there instead of daily posting. Which I really apologize in advance for. I’m just to busy, and in the spare time I don’t feel like posting for some reason. I don’t know, it just feels like I’m too lazy to post something simple you know? Well, anyway, I’m back and about to post to you about today.

I woke up around 8 o’clock exactly (well actually 8:02), and steamed myself some sandwich eggs. My Mom or sister, Patricia set me loafs of bread with peanut butter on top and a cup of Nesquik. It was a decent breakfast except for the loaf of peanut butter bread. Whereas, my far-neighbor, Elijah arrived at my house, he saw the loaf of bread and demanded for it. So, I gave him the bread for my benefit and his too. I wasn’t able to go outside though, even though I promised to almost all of the neighbors I was going to be outside before the bus had arrived for them. I was too busy with my own things.

Eventually, I had a Class Connect Session with my ELA teacher, Ms. Johnson at 10 o’clock AM. We reviewed on some topics we discussed yesterday at class and then learned about adjective phrases (which I’ve already known about). The class went by very quickly and next was my Math teacher’s (my homeroom) Class Connect Session at 11:30 AM. We still reviewed over some basic Math equations. Nothing new. Man, I wish we would already get started on the new things. The past two units we’re reviewing from last year (I probably do need that) and the basics of Pre-Algebra equations. I’m not so thrilled for Geometry though. 😦

After that class was over, I studied over and finished my Social Studies and Life Science. When I finished those I decided to get online Facebook. During that time, I saw Ashley online. Okay, now you may be asking: “Who the heck is Ashley?” and “Why is Ashley so important?”. Well let me explain to you guys how important Ashley is. I mentioned Ashley in the last post I put up. You’ll probably know her from there. But Ashley is important to me, because:

  • 1) I like her a lot.
  • 2) She’s my type.
  • 3) I’m trying to get her to go out with me.

Now those are your reasons. I have a mission with Kerry and Thierry to get her to be my girlfriend. And I know, I know. Your probably thinking “Andrew! You have too many girlfriends!”, “You’re only 12 years old!”, and “You should be ashamed of yourself!”. But I like her and that’s my final decision. Now while I’m on this mission I’m trying to be my best self to impress her. If she reads, then so God help me. Anyway, when I saw Ashley online, we chatted for awhile, expressed each others feelings about life and then eventually got off each other’s chat to study. I began reading my book Anne of Green Gables. I have to read it for school. Woo -sarcasm-.

Eventually when I finished school around 7:40 or 7:50 I went outside, finding no one except for Patricia, Anabelle, and their friends. I’m not going to be other on naming them here. I’ll just call them their friends. Patricia’s friend (you know what I’m talking about) wasn’t there. Woo! -no sarcasm-. I had to get Matthew because Mom hasn’t seen Matthew in like 4 hours. So, after that happened, I found a dollar in my pocket and decided to use it for my brother and I to buy two bags of Spicy Cheetos from Quick.

After that, I went inside chatted with Ashley a bit more and got totally embarrassed in front of her and then went to sleep.

Oh P.S. Flyleaf forever!! 😀 I know random.