Why I Didn’t Go To Homecoming

Hey guys! Andrew here! Bringing you a new post of my daily life. The video/song I am going to present to you is a video from one of the Youtubers I watch named Syndicate and this video is not with music at all. It’s just plain funny. At least in my opinion. Enjoy!

So today was very brief in a sense. I woke up, like every usual school morning. I got my clothes together and this time I wore a T-shirt with a light-black (if that’s a color) jacket that had a logo saying “Running” with a lightning bolt ontop of the text. A pretty cool jacket for me to wear, definitely. I wore my Vans pants once again, because they’re just so amazing. They feel so comfortable and fit the style I’m trying to go for in terms of going looking slick and serious. Now, I do notice that every time I talk about the clothes I wear for the day I sound gay. No doubt about it. But it’s all about fashion my bros. You gotta look good and this is my blog, so I can express my thoughts of my fashion choice . . .  Now that sentence made me seem even more gay. Moving on!

I took 3 Pop-Tarts so I could sell them today and I was happy to arrive to school getting the money from the two people who bought my Limited Edition Pop-Tarts. I was supposed to be getting $4 because I charge $2 for 1 Pop-Tart packet. The Asian boy in my class, Jimmy bought one from me and I was expecting that he was going to repay me since he was always a goody-too-shoes in class and was always remembering things on a frequent basis (I notice this because he’s in three of my classes/periods). The other person I was waiting to be paid from was a girl named Nasir. A Chicago girl with a strong attitude, but a short, skinny body. Shorter than my oldest sister Patricia. When I gave my Mom a kiss and then had prayer with her, I left the house. A chilly breeze of cold air blew at me. God, it was freezing! I was trying to ignore it, since I had experienced colder weather and had not felt a single problem, but even with the jacket and jeans on, I was still cold. I went to the bus-stop and arrived there at 6:20-6:25 in the morning. I waited for what felt like an hour for Markel to come out and talk with me so I could be distracted by the hellish cold that bit at my cheeks. Sarah came around, I didn’t talk to her and therefore Markel didn’t accept her into the talk we were having. Markel and I talked about the cold for the remainder of the time and then just thinking how bad it was going to get in the future until the bus finally arrived and hopes went up. The moment I got on the bus, there was an air vent on the stair-case of the bus and I was almost rejuvenated. I looked for a seat on the bus and turns out a lot of the seats were occupied. I had to sit next to an Asian dude and the guy was nice. He didn’t seem too angry about me sitting next to him. He was a rather interesting fellow. As we drove all the way back to school, I just sat still and tried to relax myself from the cold and breath in warm air.

When we arrived at the school, Markel walked ahead of me and I was walking by myself. There was this girl I recognized from a couple of days ago who talked to me for a long period of time when we met and I almost wanted to touch her on the shoulder and tell her I was right behind her (basically say “hi”), but I held back and assumed she was probably too sleepy or too busy and would not be happy if someone tried to grab her attention. I saw Erick in front of me and caught up with him as we walked inside the school. He was wearing his tight clothes as usual to show off his broad shoulder muscles and bulging pecs. Nonetheless, the much of a showoff and person that cared about his reputation so much, he was still one of my best-friends in this school that was actually down to Earth and cool. We talked until we separated and I met up with Markel in the breakfast isle. He walked with me all the way to the point where we had to separate again to our classes and then I was again by myself. On my way to the gym I was hesitating to enter the way I usually do because there was a Christian Leadership Club and the people there would try to force me to pray with them. I don’t know. I guess I get extremely annoyed when I have to pray multiple times, especially right after yesterday’s crazy church madness. But, I still went through the same way and tried not to make eye-contact with the club-members of the group. I went downstairs and talked with Chris and Keila. Chris, as usual, was bragging of some unusually stupid thing he accomplished somewhere and then started comparing himself to me in which we would always get into arguments of who was better. It was a fun activity for us to do as friends. Keila would usually keep her mouth shut when we did this and waited until she could talk about what was on her mind.

Chris and I did this for awhile until the class-bell rang and Coach Pierce came out of where he usually comes from to call roll. He called roll and we went on with P.E.; today in P.E. was pretty interesting. I actually started to make shots on the amazingly good basketball players that played against me in P.E.. I had figured most of the people and how they played basketball and their weaknesses all the way to the point that I managed to make the majority of the points for the team. It was rewarding. We won in the end. And then P.E. was over.

Honors Language Arts we read some more of the Odyssey story until the class period finished and did our usual routine of Bellwork and SSR reading. Nasir, the girl who paid for my Pop-Tart, and Jimmy, the boy who paid for my Pop-Tart said that they had no money right now cause they either forgot it or got grounded and didn’t get their allowance. Great. Near the end of class, we went to the Computer Labs next door to start our USATestPrep. Erick, him being in my class, sat next to me and we talked the majority of the Computer Lab time through until the bell rang.

Honors Biology was a disappointing period, since we had a quiz and I had all weekend to study for it, yet I forgot and didn’t. It wasn’t like I didn’t KNOW the topic we were learning, but the questions were so specific, I just felt strangling her for doing this and torturing me. I was supposed to be making A’s! What is this? I felt like I failed the quiz, which was a very depressing thought for me to ponder on. Also Kaitlin, the girl who sits next to me informed how Homecoming went. Turns out there was a lot of girls twerking at the Homecoming and a lot of guys got stiff-ones (to say it nicely). Well, yeah, that’s the major reason for me not going to homecoming. Not because I’m against twerking, heck no. Well, actually, I kind of find it disturbing seeing 14 year olds with absolutely no butt twerking. It just makes me think that nobody would probably twerk on me from the school. It was another depressing thought to take on. I know I’m not even supposed to be having girls “twerk” on me, but I kind of wish at least if I didn’t go, I know that if I did go some girls would like me enough to “twerk” on me. I don’t even know why I’m complaining about this. 😛

Accelerated Math was starting to make more sense to me now. Awesome. We have a quiz on Math tomorrow and I need to practice for it.

French was really not that interesting. Just me doing my homework and being told that we have a quiz tomorrow as well. I noticed that Math and French usually have quizzes on the same day on a lot of occasions. Funny. Lunch wasn’t even really interesting. We just talked about nasty things to make each other sick at the table, while I just laughed my heart out the whole time at my friends reactions.

Digital Technology was once again a struggle since we had to work on a new project when I have to finish like two other games and then these projects. It’s beginning to stress on me. I should probably do all my work usually, yeah. Sounds like a good idea.

I stayed late at school so I could go to the Cross Country informational meeting. Cross Country season is now over. Now is the time for Winter Sports. I’m applying for Basketball during the Winter then for Track and Field. Once the meeting was over I walked home the whole time, thinking of things that rhymed with each and creating nice raps to distract me from the long walk home. I went home, ate a nice food and studied. Now I also remember I had to read for my Honors Language Arts class. Dangit. I’m gonna go get to that.

Enjoy your time wherever you are! Bye!



Hey guys! Andrew here! Bringing you a new post of my daily life. Jumping straight to the daily song/video of the day, we start with a video of a game I’ve been looking forward to playing for so long. It’s Battlefield 4. For those who are reading my blog and are not familiar with Battlefield 4, I assure you, you have not been living under a rock. It’s a video game, so you’ve probably not seen it. It’s a multiplayer trailer of Battlefield 4, if you want to see the real deal of the game look it up online. My purpose for showing you guys this trailer is because I hope that for people who are interested in First-Person Shooter games will start to broaden their tastes besides COD (Call of Duty) and for others who also have a skeptical way of looking at video games. If you’re none, well, just enjoy (as I usual say)!

So today (Sunday) was really interesting, On Friday–the day previous to Saturday–was so exciting I did not have much time to come onto the computer and post about it since I wanted to go to sleep. I went to a Football game and had a great time for a first football game. The next day I relaxed and got a nice haircut. This was not any kind of average haircut, it was a new haircut, a sort of Mohawk looking haircut. I actually slept at 6 o’clock in the evening and woke up at 6 o’clock in the morning (today). It was a really good sleep, still I feel like I need more sleep, but whatever. I’ve been listening to a lot of rap music. Specifically Kendrick Lamar and a bit of Eminem. The majority of the morning today I listened to some music and tried to memorize some lyrics from a few of Kendrick’s songs. I also tried to play some Minecraft, but unfortunately the computer was having a struggle, so I gave up that attempt.

This continued the duration of the morning with some times where I went outside and practiced making some shots on the basketball hoop. I’ve gotten into Basketball seriously recently. I feel so Black. Listening to rap music and hanging with black friends as my majority and playing Basketball. Honestly, I don’t care. It’s not like I’m annoyed being around white people, so whatever.

Once church time came around my Mom proposed we all go at the same time around 4 o’clock. Of course I did not want to comply, but I had to since she IS my Mom. So we went at 4 o’clock and I saw surprisingly Elizabeth at the church. I wasn’t nervous this time of approaching her and just being awkward when she was around. I was actually getting sick and tired of it,  so I just straight up approached her and joked saying she had actually come. Sydney gave me a hug–which I didn’t care about at the moment–which is kind of weird, but oh well. I greeted Michael and Corbin (sorry, I probably butchered your name xD) too. It was a great time to immediately meet up with the group. Kendall also arrived, but then told me some really shocking news. If you guys don’t know, Kendall, was one of the girls I had been struggling whether I should pick her over another girl called Kaitlin in the church as well or Samantha at school. I had decided not to try with her since she was pretty and seemed not attracted to me and preferred “us” as just friends. So I left it that way until now. She went straight up to me, asking if we could walk. She told me she had actually liked me/crushed on me. At first the news didn’t process in my head, I was of course surprised, but not the surprise I have at this moment. She knew that I had decided to choose Kaitlin and said she didn’t want to get in the way and said she couldn’t date otherwise. Now I’m not so sure.

The choices are killing me. Three very pretty girls that have very brilliant personalities (which is why I like them in the first place). Kaitlin loves Doctor Who and is not at all bad-looking. She’s just my preference. Kendall is blonde. I dig blondes. Honestly. Samantha (at school) is so nice and great to talk to and of course is very appealing. Right now I’m being honest as can be. I’m wondering who I should choose. I have to make my decision by Sunday. I hate to just be talking about girls and relationship and stuff like that, but this is what today consists of. I’ll ponder the situation later. A new girl came to church today and also is new to Georgia. She came from North Carolina apparently and so far I am so in love with her. Not in the actual way of LOVE. More in the sense that I find her very funny and love hanging out with her. The best part is that Michael is with me in the majority of my relationships problems and crush problems. Kendall and Michael were trying to convince me to talk to Kaitlin just when she was leaving and confess my feelings. It was funny but I sincerely did not want to do it.

Eventually, my family came around and told me I had to leave. So we arrived home and I decided to stay outside and make some shots on the basketball hoop. I’ve been practicing a lot of tricks. Still rusty, but I’m getting there. Currently listening to Kendrick Lamar. xD All the events have led up to this moment. 

Enjoy your time wherever you are! Bye!


I Think I Am Feeling BOREDOM!

Hey guys! Andrew here. With a new post about my daily life. Sorry about the random schedules of my posts. Some days I don’t feel motivated to do things, while some days I do. I need to seriously work on that. I have that tick that if I don’t feel motivated or “feel” like doing something I don’t do it and whenever I try to do it by force it becomes very difficult for me. Though whenever I feel motivated I can do it “like I make my peanut-butter sandwich“. Ooh, that’s gonna be my new saying/quote. 🙂 Anyway, before we get to the day, I would like to give a big thanks to people who ACTUALLY gave feedback to my poll. Surprisingly a LOT of people gave feedback to my poll. Still trying to figure out how to put it on the side of my blog. Goshdangit. Huh. I guess that’s also my new word. I’m on a roll here, baby! But, without straying too much off topic, let’s begin the day with the most boring day you will ever hear or experience of in your LIFE! Trust me.

Okay, so we all know how it’s a 4 day weekend, right? Well, at least in America it is for sure, or at least in George, or in the county of George it is… But anyway, I am experiencing this 4 day weekend and I’m supposed to be having a great time so to say, but instead a different faith has been destined for me. I am literally bored out of my mind. My mind is as dead as Michael Jackson. OOH, I’M ON A ROLL HERE! Anyway, you get my point.

The day starts out a little different from other days. I wake up, except around the beginning of 7 o’clock AM in the morning, and go to the computer and spend time on it for about almost an hour or two doing whatever pleased me. No. Don’t think about it in that way, I was not watching pornography. Take that evil thought out of your head! But yeah, despite perverted thoughts, I was enjoying myself on the computer. I found myself just strolling on my blog, responding to my friend Haven leave random comments on my post in which I would respond to them in the attitude I inherited that morning. The rest of the time was spent on Youtube, watching PewDiePie, and … okay maybe just PewDiePie. Syndicate does not post at all any more! It sucks. Without his goodness of the goodies, Youtube would never be the same. At least PewDiePie has got me occupied…

So as the hours passed and so did the time on the computer, my family began to woke up, including Matthew and my mom (my dad, whenever he woke up, liked to stay in his room for a couple of hours and then emerge out of his cave, so to say). I did not post about it yesterday, but my sisters, Anabelle and Patricia, went to a sleepover at Alicia’s house. An old person whom I hated so much in which consisted of, in the past, half of my posts ranting and raging about all that I hated about her. I don’t know why, but I guess it was one of those “cooties” moments. I don’t know. My brain went completely berserk. I still have some anger towards her (just a little), but now I am more friendly and regret my mistakes. But hey, it did entertain a couple amount of people for awhile, so I interpret that’s good. 😛

My mom walked into the computer room, spotting me on the computer in a quite slouching position, but instead of doing her normal parenting strategy of shooing me off the computer and doing something else, she understandably nodded her head and closed the door to give me my time. That was such an “aww, my mom loves me” moment. And oh my gosh, how girlish I sound now petrifies me… -.-

After that I continued to watch the computer until it literally bored me to death and I felt like doing something different. It had been my first time watching this video (today) called PEOPLE ARE AWESOME 2013 where basically the video consists of several minutes of crazy stunts and stuff being displayed on camera ranging from parkour to bungee jumping to a lot more crazy things. Here’s the video below:

Enjoy it and love it.

I decided to show my mom this video, knowing she’d think this would be pretty awesome, in which she did. A few of the stunts done in the video made her go “wow” a few times, which was good. At least I got a good feedback from my mom. When she was done I did my usual nagging of how she thought the video was and she said it was totally awesome. From there I knew she was having an extremely good day, which of course, was going to ultimately and inevitably give me a good day. Once she continued to whatever she was doing after my nagging, my mom invited me over to the living room to have me watch “The A-Team”. Now from there was when my brain had been completely fried out. The movie was too fast and action packed that I could not HEAR or UNDERSTAND the dialogue. The best I could do was enjoy the action scenes as much as possible and eat a few cakes. Which also reminded me that I did not have a proper breakfast. We ran out of milk, so I had about 1/4 of a bowl and filled the best amount of cereal I could into the bowl and ate. That wasn’t obviously going to satisfy my stomach, so eventually I took portions of “Coffee Cakes” that my mom made a few days back (don’t worry they are not REAL coffee, it’s just the name) and also, afterwards ate an apple. Then later on when the movie was about to end my mom served the best amount of rice and protein, including meat and beans in a plate and let me eat it down. By that time, my dad came downstairs and criticized my eating skills and how that I required a better etiquette in eating. I listened to him, knowing very well that it was going to apply to me in the future and it’s best to learn it and get my dad off my back. Truly, the only thing my Dad was doing was giving me advice to help and nothing more than that. It sometimes makes me feel guilty whenever I take him for granted.

Besides depressing thoughts, the day went on, and the movie ended and I ended up playing on the iPad, playing Jet Pack or Temple Run 2 until my sisters came home from the sleepover and brought Alicia and her friend Sarah along too. They played and eventually I got to have conversation with the group when my sister, Patricia, needed advice on how to sneak out the iPad to the forest and take pictures when they were specifically told not to. I gave them my best advice and they went off. Then eventually, once they were done with pictures, they came back inside and went downstairs. By this time, I ended back on the computer and played Minecraft a little bit, but not too much. My sister, Patricia, again called me to play with her group Guitar Hero. I wasn’t expecting it was going to be Guitar Hero 4 (the one I don’t particularly enjoy as much), though I tried my best, with a few complaints in front of the group that I wasn’t the best at this Guitar Hero game. Surprisingly, I did pretty awesome. Especially on Crazy Train. A really hard song for me to pull off normally. But I did it and felt like a boss. The group complimented me A LOT on how good I was at Guitar Hero (at that point I was thinking, if they think what I’m doing now is good, wait till they see me on Guitar Hero 3), staring only on my side of the screen while Sarah did a decent streak on the bass instrument on easy-medium.

Once that was over, I left to upstairs and from there it was a blur. I think I went outside and did some parkour. I know I did some parkour through the course of time throughout the day. I also did a few push-ups and rapped and beat-boxed to myself. I felt like an absolute boss. My rapping skills were on FIRE. 😀

Then eventually, I went back inside and enjoyed the rest of the day as I spent on my computer and then watched SNL with my mom. Gosh today’s SNL was funny. Justin Bieber was host and trust me, he had no problem having jokes spit out at him. In one of his parts at the show he even had to call himself a “lesbian” which was like, wow… I would not even do that probably. 😛

Oh yea! My dad also got a better HD on the TV. If you don’t know my brother, Matthew, messed around with the TV HDMIs one day when he was connecting the PS3 that somehow the HDMI cables did not connect for the TiVo and PS3, which caused us a load of problems. My PS3 STILL does not work to this day, but at least we got TV on 1080p quality. Yay!

So yeah, a pretty boring day of electronics….

Oh yeah, have a great time wherever you are! I’m going to try to get some sleep. BYE!



Okay Now I’m Lost O.o

Hey guys, Andrew here. Bringing you back a new post!

Okay, so yesterday, on Tuesday (this is being posted on Wednesday), I had a very difficult school day. Especially in reading the Great Books. Lately, ever since I’ve read the first two pages of the long book with small words, I had been able to understand what they were talking about behind the difficult and complex way they speak in their sentences. Basically, I was to be learning in Ptolemy’s book 1 “The Almagest”, within chapter 1, about the three different genera of philosophy. The Theological philosophy that talks of religion and about our father God. The Mathematical philosophy, that talks of geometrical shapes and sizes of objects. The Physical philosophy that talks about physical objects and what are their properties. So yeah, it took me a week to understand that, but that’s basically it.

Now I have decided to move on to the second chapter, and I don’t get a single f*cking word they are saying. In chapter 2 “On the Order of the Theorems”, I struggle to read and understand that it talks about the general relation of the whole earth to the whole of the heavens, which they say will begin their composition. First off, they start with learning the account of the ecliptic’s position and of the places of that part of the earth inhabited by us, in order, between the inclinations of their horizons. Very complicated, I know.. O.o

Second part goes on about there being an account of the solar and lunar movements and of their incidents. “For without a prior understanding of these one could not profitably consider what concerns the stars” (I’m just quoting what they say, cause I’ve read that sentence at least 30 times).

And lastly, there will be an account as well on the stars. Those things having to do with the sphere of what are called the fixed stars and the five planets.

If you guys, if anyone, are smart enough to decipher this properly and explain it in English, lol, then please leave me a comment. I am struggling so much with understanding chapter 2. I can just straight up and read what I just said and say I know the lesson, but that wouldn’t be properly understanding the lesson. I guess I am desperate for an answer or an explanation for this, but along the way, I’ll probably find a key word that explains what this means.

So yeah, I’ve just given you 4 to 3 paragraphs of information from the Great Books, you should be proud of yourself, indulging yourself into new information. 😀

Well yeah, that seems to be all that I am struggling in, besides Social Studies. I just can’t seem to get an 100% grade on an assessment. It annoys the hell out of me. -.- Thanks anyway for reading my rant or boring school complaints. I hope you enjoyed it..

I Don’t Know What To Say . . .

Hey guys, Andrew here. Nothing exciting about that, but oh well, some sort of intro is required to get things started.

Lot’s of things have been happening inside myself, like I’ve been emotionally troubled with a lot of things lately, otherwise not a lot of things have happened in my life, but I’m enjoying life to the fullest right now. This post is a dedication to those trouble-hearts out there who are right now struggling in their life with their own problems, and I’m here to say how I used to be in that depressing ordeal and how I’m out of that situation and I’m happy about it! So prepare yourself, reader. This is going to be a little more longer of a post than usual.

So to start how my life was in the past, it was bullshit and depressing. I lived in a culture were things were supposed to work this way and then I lived in another part of the world where it worked the opposite way, and I could not easily just go through it. So I went through the, what I call, Pure-Pressure stage in my life. When I was very young, I was introduced to pornography. I would say around the age of 9 or 10. At first I was very shocked by it, but then, as I lived in a part of the world where that was normal, I was shown pornography many times which resulted in addiction and other messy things. That was stage one of my life.

After awhile, then, I was not, as they called it ‘cool’. Even nowadays I look at myself in videos the past few years ago and I thought I was ridiculously annoying and weird. So then I started go into stage two of my Pure Pressure procedure. I tried to act cool and be more like other people. I somehow succeeded in my neighborhood, with my neighbors who most of them now are my dear friends, but I also failed in attempt of most areas of my life: in church, some parts of my neighborhood, parents, siblings, other friends, and also in my blog. Now this blog contains many posts, all the way from where I was 10. If you look deep and far back into my blog, maybe around 2011 or 2010, you’ll find that there is a very different mood and attitude in my writing then right now. I had many attempts to try to act cool and many of those attempts were some that I regret and I’ve chosen to forgot. Plus, I didn’t know half of what I was doing back then.

I was blogging with people older than me, especially with other cultures! Most of my blog’s popularity was based on the Indonesian cultural bloggers that visited my blog a lot after just one nice comment on their blog’s posts. I remember the excitement of finding a “new” comment from someone new on my blog. I still do find that excitement. It makes me feel like my blog was being introduced to new people. I still have a staggering amount of 32 subscribers to this blog, which I am really proud of, seeing as most of those subscribers are really awesome! But let’s not get too distracted, what I was saying about my attempts in my life about trying to be cool were mostly failed attempts as I have told you already. Back a year or two ago, I got into this big dispute between a lot of people because I asked an old friend of mine that I was blogging with for his phone number. After that happened, a few of my friends turned their backs on me, and thought of me preposterous for doing that sort of action. My old friend, himself, began to think I was pedophile and distanced himself farther away from me, still to this day, I don’t know what he’s doing in his life. What really hurt me though was the fact that one of my best friends in my blogging community (I know, I know; you think it’s crazy to have a best friend over the internet) turned his back on me as well and was also angry at me for doing this. After awhile some of my blogging community friends were gone and I was stuck with my Indonesian cultural bloggers. But then my best friend eventually came back and I explained to him the whole ordeal about how I just wanted to contact him and I didn’t mean for it to go this way. See, I was not very much experienced in the internet world then. He forgave me, and also apologized for his anger toward me. I don’t see him very much now, I think he has given up blogging in his life, but we still contact each other once in awhile. 🙂

Afterwards, other problems and situations went down. I’ll give you one more. I posted on my blog, and lied about killing a man. I know, finally I have confessed the truth. I was young, and I think I need to put this lie behind me. I did NOT kill a man or human being. Back then, the thought of killing a man for self-defense was very cool, seeing as I was watching a lot of action-pack movies. So anyway, I lied about killing a man on one of my blog’s posts. An immediate surge of energy of confusion and shock and emotions ran through the whole community. I was even called many wrong things and I desperately needed to ask some of my friends from my school for back-up. There was a lot of confusion. Eventually the situation and topic wore down and it was forgotten. But now it’s forgotten, and I would like to set the record straight. I did NOT, repeat, NOT kill a man.

That seemed all that happened in my blogging atmosphere. Now I was going into middle school, in church and in my school life. I did not really understand well the life of a middle schooler and how it worked. So I was taken by the current, and on the way Pure Pressure took over me. I ended up getting or receiving a lot of problems. I earned a lot of girlfriends, but not serious ones. The shortest relationship I had with a girl in my life was about almost a day, which I’m not proud of. Along with all the girlfriends, I had lot’s of problems making up jokes that actually offended people. Sometimes nowadays, but very rarely, I make up an offending joke to someone, but I know how to use them in a specific way. Back in my young ages, actually I’m still at young age but I’m referring to a younger age, I blurted out offensive jokes so much as if I was breathing them, which resulted into a lot of problems.

Stage two was over, and so was the Harry Potter series . . .

I was so angry and sad at the same; not immediately, but overtime.. I slowly grew into a depression of reading books, because I was thinking, as I saw the ending of the Harry Potter series, what am I going to read and dwell on now? I tried reading other books. I already finished the Percy Jackson series in less than two months. I tried reading other books, but I never found the same exact joy with the other books just as I did with the Harry Potter books. I started to endorse on the Hunger Games. The first book was interesting, and the movie itself was well done, but as I moved onto the second book, I realized and told myself that I was still not receiving the same excitement as the Harry Potter books. I haven’t finished the second Hunger Games book, I plan to though, one day. I just can’t explain it .. Harry Potter was THE book I read, it was my childhood. I even still watch all of the movies every time they appear on ABC family. I mean, if I actually got to meet J.K. Rowling, she would be receiving a proper respect for her amazingly done series and how well done it was made; the details, the environment she displayed, the plot, the whole story was just so captivating! So my depression slowly goes on, and I’m slowly going through the process of getting back to reading books, but I’ll hold up for now.

One of my biggest problems in my life going on right now is my love life. There’s this girl I like, scratch that, there’s this girl I love named Sarah. I know that you’re probably going crazy over the fact that she probably doesn’t want me to mention her name, but trust me, I think some of you know her, and I’m aware of her privacy, I would just like to share something about my life that she has contributed to. Before, back in the day, Sarah was ALSO a friend of mine in the blogging community. I got to know her through one of my best friends named Sasammygirl (this name is how I know her), one of the best friends I ever had! At first, Sarah and me were really good friends in the blogging community. We talked a lot, and coincidentally had a lot of things in common! Eventually, as time went by, I started to actually see how she looked and talk to her personally through Facebook. We talked a lot! Since we were both mainly homeschooled. Over time, I started to like her, and called her sexy a few times 😛 She started to like me to, but I was still going for this other pretty girl cause I thought it wasn’t going to be possible between me and her, since she liked this other guy with an amazing six pack. The attempt with the other pretty girl failed, and I had one shoulder to lean on: Sarah. Our relationship between each other began to grow closer and closer, until we had love for one and another. After more and more time went on, we craved each other! We couldn’t be separated. Others looked at us as the perfect couple in the future, and she said she wanted to be with me. I actually got to face-time (video chat) with her a lot afterwards and we almost knew each other like we were born as friends. We were like best-friends in love. We had so many things in common, though there were some major differences between us, but they weren’t that important for us NOT to be together.

Until something bad happened. Her Dad found in her e-mail account that she had a blog, and within that blog, she was talking smack about her parents. I already knew this wasn’t good as she explained to me when the ordeal happened. Since almost her whole family knew me, as well as her Dad, they knew I was one of her close blogging friends. But since her Dad saw that she was talking smack about the family, he was so fed up, that he said that Sarah could NOT spend time with me. Now this situation put both of us in tears, which meant we could not contact for over a year, and God knows what happens after a year. As we departed, my life grew even more depressing. I began to hate myself and question myself for awhile.

After a long time, maybe a few 3 or 4 months, Sarah and I got back into contact. I was sort of nervous about the situation. I checked of course to see is she was doing well and how she was. Then I went to the real question, did she still have the same feelings for me? I still had feelings for her, even though it was difficult. The truth was cold.. her depression after the departing dropped her feelings for me. She did not love me the same as before. She still was my best friend and we still will contact, but she did not love me, and that was hard to deal with. I cried for a few days remembering the thought. She was a major part of my life for a long time. Right now, I’ve grown up from all of this I am telling you about, besides the love-life problem, and I’m going to express my feelings for Sarah once I get to contact her again. Cause honestly, I’m not going to give up until I get that love back from Sarah until everything is back to normal!

So now what? I guess I’ll continue to blog.. I don’t know.. I bought a PS3 to occupy my life after what has happened and so far video games, friends, family, and music have kept me going. I’m looking positive at life always now, I’m never going to be depressed, and now to those people that are depressed, my saying to you now is: “You’ve read my story, some I’ve left out, but you got the main points, I ask you to look at this and try looking at your life and ask yourself if you want to continue to be depressed and hate your life. I say find a group to live with, be positive and live life to the fullest! Life is too short, live it to the fullest as Tom Syndicate (a hard-core gamer in Youtube) says.” I hope this helped you, leave a comment for me if it did! I worked hard and long for this post! It would be appreciative if you liked this or shared it, and left a comment for your thoughts.

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Thank you guys for reading, PEACE!


First Time I’ve Ever Been Severely In Trouble (With GCA)

Yeah, this is actually, the worst of all days in my whole life. I’ll explain. When I woke up this morning, and skipped my breakfast so I could get to Language Arts CCS, I was having fun, knowing that I was in my favorite class in the world, besides Social Studies CCS and Science CCS (well, Science, because it’s the only chat class). But, when I finished my Language Arts CCS, I got a call from somebody anonymously I didn’t know, until I called them back, because there was a phone connection, and heard on the voice mail it was my homeroom teacher: Ms. Lauen. So, she called back 5 minutes after I left her a voice-mail, and she asked me first if she could speak with my dad  or mom, but mom was at work, and dad was upstairs having an important online meeting.

So, I told her they were busy, and she asked if I was missing some CCS’s lately, and I said sometimes, and then she stated that she just got word that I was cussing, which was weird, I don’t exactly remember cussing at all. At least in CCS. When dad finally got off his meeting, he went directly to the phone so he could talk this over with my home room teacher. So, when they talked, I overheard (since the phone was so loud) that Ms. Lauen got word from a Social Studies teacher catching me cussing. She also got a picture. Well, I was suspicious at that point, because our teacher didn’t need to get a picture, she needed to just get the recording (which she always does, and it would show everything).

So, I started thinking two theories: somebody logged as my user, and cussed on it, OR, my Social Studies teacher, who kind of ignores me, took a blank picture, and edited it. Well, when my dad was done, he went back to the laptop, as if this never happened. I WAS STILL THINKING IN MY MIND, I couldn’t have done that. I don’t remember cussing at all during class, this whole idea, made me shiver, literally, for 30 minutes, and my stomach kept feeling hot, and toppled on. I seemed stressed on something I’d never done. But, why? That’s what I was asking myself. But, dad said to just leave it, and they will later on than say what to do, well, I went on with the rest of school. I skipped Social Studies class of course today, since it was an enrichment, along, with Science, since I was too angry to be around Mary at the time.

So, I did Math CCS, I had plenty of fun, learning more about some geometrical prisms, oh and some smart people actually turned from Advanced Math CCS, into Regular Math CCS, like me. I felt like saying “in your face showoffs!!”, but I thought I’d better not. I was still thinking every 15 minutes about me getting caught cussing. It made my stomach turn, and my temperature went up. I think by 2 degrees. I did my OLS, which turned out very slow. I did my Social Studies, on Russia, and then checked out all of my notes for my Research Paper, unfortunately, I realized m organized outline, wasn’t organized, and the notes I took were from Europe, not freaking Russia, so I overdid again my organized outline, and this time it was organized.

I couldn’t note at all, because most of the Russian study sites were from .com, and our teacher told us specifically TODAY, that most trustworthy sites that don’t give you problems would be .gov, .mil, .org, and .net. And the only thing I found from those, was the Groiler’s Online Encyclopedia. Well, my teacher always said that we needed to study from two websites about a topic if we wouldn’t go to the library for information, but I thought, why not go to the library for studying instead? So, I asked dad and mom if they can bring me to the library, well, my mom said you can go anywhere, besides a club, so she could sleep. My dad said, we were absolutely going, so I was physched.

I continued with the rest of school, I provided some fruits and vegetables for my stomach, oh and BTW, I’m almost 6ft tall. It’s amazing, I’m growing, I’m like 5 ft 8 inch. It’s cool, but I still wanna get shorter since my head constantly hits my room door. Lol. Anyways, my stomach again and again kept expanding, and hurting, thinking about my trouble, but finally, my dad reported we were about to leave. So, I grabbed my laptop, for online studying, and my notebook, so I could write paragraphs down from the books. It took us 20 minutes to get to the library, since we needed to stop at Walmart, and than stop by the gas station. I was acrasia in the car, because Anabelle wouldn’t stop shutting up, and she kept mumbling the word: fuck.

Yes, we are a crazy family. Patricia, well she was okay, and so was Matthew, except for the fact, he kept making farting noises. When we finally arrived, I grabbed a stool, and looked around for books, I also noticed, the moment I entered the store, I saw this dude with long light blonde hair, nose piercings, lip piercings, and tattoos allover his knuckles, and plus his pants were hanging, I thought I’d just met the Blessthefall guitar player, but I was too afraid to go to him, so I went on with my look, and eventually found a lost piece, that ought to excuse the library woman so I can ask her for some Russian books, I eventually went to her, and gave her the lost piece of parchment, and than asked for some Russian books, she eventually helped me find a huge stack of books.

I studied and studied, until two teenage, Indian girls, came on the same table with me, except it was 4 feet away from me, they were mentioning about how they had a test due 2 hours, and they were dramatizing, so, just to help my mood, this Asian dude, came passed me a couple of times, and then eventually we looked and each other, and mouthed the words constantly: HI! He reminded me so much of Simon. At the time, he walked up to me, and said wassup, and asked for my grade, I said I was in 6th,and he said he was in third grade. Well, he didn’t look too much like a third grader, he looked more like a 4th grader, plus we kept on saying stuff like middle schoolers. Than eventually, that Blessthefall dude, came across us, and the 3rd grader kept saying, who the heck is that hairy guy? And I said shut up, and then I said don’t Chinese people like those hair styles, he actually stated he was Korean, but wasn’t offended, because I was not offending him.

Afterwards, I asked the dude, if he was in a band, and the guy gave me this small, and scared look at me, and said: no. I immediately put my hands to my mouth, and kept gasping. I looked so stupid back there. The 3rd grader eventually mentioned his name: Joseph, and said I was stupid, and I said I know, eventually, when he had to leave, the last person I’d expect in this kind of library was Patricia’s friend. The pervert. She came around, and than, still kept bossing Patricia around and moved them place to place, they eventually went into a restricted area for teens, which was when I had told them they weren’t allowed. They left, and Anabelle was making imitations.

Eventually, when we had to go, Patricia’s friend followed my dad around, and then finally asked if Patricia could come over, I realized that they had been following us, but keep listening to the story, he said no, and then she eventually asked if she could come over. Patricia clearly stated no, and so did my dad, so she gave Patricia a hug, and then went back to her mom, I still gave her my evil glare. We went inside the car, and I officially told Patricia and Anabelle they had been following us, they didn’t believe me. But, watch this, when I got home, mom told us that Patricia’s friend just left 30 minutes ago, and that she told them that we were at the library, dad and I looked at Patricia, and we knew she was following us.

Backstabber, Patricia kept defending, but eventually, she didn’t have to, because Patricia’s friend came to our house again, and asked during the time, I was looking with my mom and dad the cuss words the teacher caught me saying, well I was exasperating alright. Patricia’s friend kept hogging it in so she could inside and play, she didn’t take no for an answer, so eventually she got to come inside. Dad, mom and I eventually sent messages to the teacher explaining it wasn’t me, now the rest really is too hard to talk about, but I’ve already made this post long enough.

And I Still Get A Minutia Percentage Of Respect

Now, what do we all want? Food. Water. Probably electronics. But, what most people want, is friends, family and other people to respect them. Isn’t that our greatest need for most of the people living on this planet? Yes, it is calculated as a 100% correct theory. But, that little percent that doesn’t want respect expands more and more by the anti-socialism caused by the other people around them. You can’t blame yourselves, that’d be too easy. What you mostly have to blame are the people around you, the people who make you depressed, the people who make you angry, the people who try so hard to make your life miserable. I guess you’ve been to that stage because most of you are older than me. Right? Well, I’m going to go through a little story about what happened today. Okay? And BTW, sorry for the proverb, lol, I just felt the need to write it down.

Well, today was a Sunday, and usually on a Sunday, you go to church. Unfortunately, I woke up around 8:26 am and nobody was awake besides me. Weird. Not even my aunt who wakes up ALWAYS (whenever she sleepovers) early, was awake (Oh and I may have not mentioned, but my aunt was sleeping over at our house). So, I paced steadily downstairs and went to the computer. See, computer time around 8 in the morning, on a Sunday is kind of prohibited in our family, even though it doesn’t make sense. When my aunt finally woke up she came downstairs. I didn’t really duck-and-cover really, because my aunt doesn’t really know, or doesn’t pay attention to our rule that we’re not allowed to use the computer on Sundays. So, I just typed around on the computer and just said hi to my aunt. Later on, my parents woke up, telling me that I was going to have to go to the 11 o’clock service for church.

Damn. I hate that service. Everybody that goes there always looks weird, speaks bad language or just looks un-normal, which yeah, I did look un-normal today, so yeah, hardly matters. When I arrived at church, I was too afraid to look at anyone. Girls about the age of 15 would stare at me about 4 times per 5 seconds. Luckily, I was able to pass through and get to my group. When I arrived in the Cabin, I went to the game room (it’s basically this room a story above the stage where the rockers play, where you play foozeball and pool until service starts [hardly any girls stay over, because they have this other policy to stay on the first floor and talk about glittery stuff]). I didn’t find anybody I knew, besides my friend August. I ignored him playing, because he was playing pool, and I don’t think it’s that interesting. I went to the foozeball table and found some very competitive players. I was able to beat 7 teams with a 2 ball, and a 3 ball. The 1 ball was so impossible because it moved so fast and it was hard not focusing on one thing.

So, I tried winning, but I lost. One of the players on my team kept repeating: “shit! Shit! Shit!”. See, that’s why kids aren’t really influenced well in our church around the 11 service. Unfortunately, the stage already started, so I ran quickly downstairs. Occassionally, the band players would play songs for the crowd that were more from bands like Mike Posner, Justin Bieber and so on. But, they didn’t. So, yeah. When the preaching started, I was so amazed, because the speaker was so interesting. He mentioned all these different scientific facts, that made it so interesting, I couldn’t take my eyes off the speaker. Unfortunately, when everybody went to group, I had to stay with the loners. I didn’t have a group in the 11 service. So, I had to stay in a seat meaninglessly for an hour and a half, until I had to leave.

I’m going to skip the minuscule details after I left. When I was in the middle of trying to befriend Patricia’s friend, Kerry, Terry, Marvin and this other girl called Alexis, who I may have mentioned early in my old posts. Terry just came showing off and giving his weird grin. Hey, I can’t judge that about him because first of all, he’s older than me by a year, second of all, he’s way taller than me. Sometimes, I have this feeling that I’m stronger than him because whenever he pushes me around I’m always good at defending. Kerry was cursing most of the time and criticizing me. Marvin… eh… I can’t say too much about him, besides the fact that he walks around a lot. See, Kerry just loves to find problems with me constantly. I don’t know why. What did I do to them? When I started laying on a car, cursing, Alexis asked me to ask a question. So I said “Is Kerry and Terry gay?”. Alexis really liked that question. But, Kerry found out some way to try to make me look like a bitch. Sometimes I just really hate that asshole. Sorry for swearing.

Hormones are growing more into me, so I’m starting curse more often now. Lol. Afterwards, I had a gun war, everybody was outside, watching as Terry, Kerry, Marvin, another neighbor called Nicholous and I were torturing each other. Seriously, it was brutal. I got shot three times. And Terry got shot 5 times as well as Kerry because of Nicholous shooting them. I really hate those guys. I just realized. And then when I asked Kerry why he hated me so much, he just made me look like a fool again. So, I gave up on him and went inside to fall asleep.