New Mission: Get The Girl

Okay guys, I know I haven’t been posting a lot lately, I’ve been doing it here and there instead of daily posting. Which I really apologize in advance for. I’m just to busy, and in the spare time I don’t feel like posting for some reason. I don’t know, it just feels like I’m too lazy to post something simple you know? Well, anyway, I’m back and about to post to you about today.

I woke up around 8 o’clock exactly (well actually 8:02), and steamed myself some sandwich eggs. My Mom or sister, Patricia set me loafs of bread with peanut butter on top and a cup of Nesquik. It was a decent breakfast except for the loaf of peanut butter bread. Whereas, my far-neighbor, Elijah arrived at my house, he saw the loaf of bread and demanded for it. So, I gave him the bread for my benefit and his too. I wasn’t able to go outside though, even though I promised to almost all of the neighbors I was going to be outside before the bus had arrived for them. I was too busy with my own things.

Eventually, I had a Class Connect Session with my ELA teacher, Ms. Johnson at 10 o’clock AM. We reviewed on some topics we discussed yesterday at class and then learned about adjective phrases (which I’ve already known about). The class went by very quickly and next was my Math teacher’s (my homeroom) Class Connect Session at 11:30 AM. We still reviewed over some basic Math equations. Nothing new. Man, I wish we would already get started on the new things. The past two units we’re reviewing from last year (I probably do need that) and the basics of Pre-Algebra equations. I’m not so thrilled for Geometry though. 😦

After that class was over, I studied over and finished my Social Studies and Life Science. When I finished those I decided to get online Facebook. During that time, I saw Ashley online. Okay, now you may be asking: “Who the heck is Ashley?” and “Why is Ashley so important?”. Well let me explain to you guys how important Ashley is. I mentioned Ashley in the last post I put up. You’ll probably know her from there. But Ashley is important to me, because:

  • 1) I like her a lot.
  • 2) She’s my type.
  • 3) I’m trying to get her to go out with me.

Now those are your reasons. I have a mission with Kerry and Thierry to get her to be my girlfriend. And I know, I know. Your probably thinking “Andrew! You have too many girlfriends!”, “You’re only 12 years old!”, and “You should be ashamed of yourself!”. But I like her and that’s my final decision. Now while I’m on this mission I’m trying to be my best self to impress her. If she reads, then so God help me. Anyway, when I saw Ashley online, we chatted for awhile, expressed each others feelings about life and then eventually got off each other’s chat to study. I began reading my book Anne of Green Gables. I have to read it for school. Woo -sarcasm-.

Eventually when I finished school around 7:40 or 7:50 I went outside, finding no one except for Patricia, Anabelle, and their friends. I’m not going to be other on naming them here. I’ll just call them their friends. Patricia’s friend (you know what I’m talking about) wasn’t there. Woo! -no sarcasm-. I had to get Matthew because Mom hasn’t seen Matthew in like 4 hours. So, after that happened, I found a dollar in my pocket and decided to use it for my brother and I to buy two bags of Spicy Cheetos from Quick.

After that, I went inside chatted with Ashley a bit more and got totally embarrassed in front of her and then went to sleep.

Oh P.S. Flyleaf forever!! 😀 I know random.

A Day Full of School

The whole day was being spent on school. Today we weren’t allowed to go outside because we needed to focus on our school more. So, yeah, I’ll start first with the morning. I woke up earlier then usual since on the weekdays I needed to get used to the feeling of waking up early like I used to  since we had classes starting at 9:00 AM. So, of course, I woke up early in the morning, used my computer for awhile until the neighbors came to our door the 5th time this week, asking if we could come outside. But I was waiting for this moment to arrive. Elijah, our new neighbor, was the one who had rang our doorbell and asked if I could come outside.

I came outside, only because that was before Mom told us that we weren’t allowed to go outside. Savino, our other neighbor you must be familiar with, Elijah, and Noah was there. Eventually, Simon came around and watched with us as Elijah rode down the street on a skateboard and ripstick off a ramp. He managed to land a trick with a skateboard, but failed constantly on the ripstick. Thierry and Brandon came along with Alexis, that’s when we all went up the street until the bus came and I went back inside and attended my classes. I was in ELA class with my teacher, Ginny Johnson, for about 50 mins until I ate breakfast (oatmeal) during class. I’ve actually now gotten used to the taste of oatmeal (since for the past 3 weeks we’ve been eating healthy foods).

I attended a few other classes until I did my homework. I got a k-mail (which is an e-mail in my school) telling me that I’m finally going to be getting Study Island assignments and an essay I’ll have to write down due September 7th. Oh well, the only interesting thing happening this month is the Stone Mountain outing the whole school is having for Northern Georgians. Eventually we had lunch and I passed my Social Studies Unit Assessment with a good 100% score. I finished through Literature and Vocabulary rather easily. It was until 5:46 PM that I finished all of my subjects for today. Pre-Algebra was pretty easy. 😉 We were only studying on the greater than, less than, and equals sequences. I’m just waiting to learn some new things now, since I’ve been learning reviews from last year and some basics.

I want to be challenged. Well, half of my family afterwards did Yoga for about an hour and then that was pretty much it for today. Oh P.S. we have now a new hamster, named Spike (probably I have mentioned) and found a wild parrot, that we’re currently naming Sonic until we find out if it has an owner.

Reading Exams and Rollerblades

When I woke up around 8 o’clock sharp, I knew from the start that I had missed a day of exams. Now I’ll have to take two exams one of these days. Plus, I haven’t even considered starting the Spring Scantron soon. I was able to finish writing Pluto and the Dwarf Planets on my Planet Brochure. I also found a cool picture for Pluto that actually rotates, but is still a sitting picture. Only the image moves, not the picture. I bet my teacher will give me props on that. 🙂

After I bi-passed through my Travel Portfolio, thinking about when to actually get done Spain and Italy, I decided to finish reading the second chapter and move probably move on to the next lesson. It took a great while to listen to the audio and read the book, simultaneously. But, I got pretty far in the beginning of the book. When finally I decided to do an exam, I tried first the easiest and less stressing subject. Reading.

I got 100s and 50s (mostly 100s) and some 0s. I did okay I guess. But, unfortunately, I didn’t pass through 90%. Even though Mom was happy, I still did not feel like I exceeded the standards. I just hope I don’t do the same with Math, or else I will hate myself for a while. During the time when Anabelle had still gotten in trouble with Dad and Mom for her snotty behavior with Matthew and Patricia, Anabelle’s elusiveness helped her out of the trouble. As I glared at her, I knew that one day she would really get what she deserved for bossy and snotty attitude. When I finished reading the Fellowship of the Rings for today, I went upstairs and used my laptop for awhile and decided to take a nap.

I haven’t taken proper naps in awhile. I’ve only taken proper sleeps, but naps were also a good alternative of calming the mind, other than Yoga. So after an hour of napping I decided to get along with the rest of the day, and just finish my Pre-Algebra paper I had due tomorrow. Cross your fingers for me, I want to get a good grade. Oh and I broke up with my old girlfriend two days ago, than hooked up with my 3rd best friend, Ashley, but than she broke up with me because she thought that we might not be able to see each other personally. Eventually, my old girlfriend got back together with me, and now, I am transfixed. My mother was right. We are too darn beautiful and handsome.

I went outside for Rollerblading for about 2 or 3 hours after I lost my 2nd cavity. Soon, once I lose all of my cavities I’ll be able to have clear and clean teeth. Without any metal ontop. The pain seemed really unobtrusive when it came out, because my Mom knows this trick with strings and teeth. And when the teeth is just at the right time to come out, she just plucks it out, and you think to yourself: “Where’s the pain?”. I caught up with some of our neighbors, especially Theirry, Kerry and Douglas. I didn’t expect Alexis to come around. But, as usual, she was bored and depressed outside. It didn’t really make me feel bad for her. It was kind of normal. Nicholas, another neighbor, got a tiny dog that I just adored so much.

Patricia’s new friend, Nicole’s brother also brought to the Basketball area his viola. So, when my sister tried it without him noticing, he showed us all how to play it properly. When I tried, I was horrible. I think that Douglas tried covering his ears. Don’t know for sure. Eventually, I went back inside, and Matthew lost a tooth. Without even telling me! I was sort of indignant when I heard it. But, than I accepted it, and just went to bed.

Dad’s Birthday-Olive Garden

Today was a very bright and great day. In the morning, I got up and brushed my teeth to get ready for my normal activities. Though, today was a special day. A rather peculiar day. Today was the day that my Dad turned 38. So, for his birthday, I decided to do some chores today, such as: cleaning the dishes, cleaning my room, spraying and clearing up the mess on the mirrors, clear the table, and brush through all of the dusty spaces, like the bottom of the keyboard and some parts of the desk for our computer. I wasn’t able to complete all of that before Dad got home from the gym, but I was able to do most of it without my dad noticing.

I just received yesterday, or probably today The Lord of the Rings The Fellowship of the Ring book. The first part of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. I was really ecstatic when I first received the audio DVD and the small book, but what really was exciting was how amazingly deep and descriptive the book was. I only wished I could read and finish about 100 or 150 pages a day. But, I knew, from the back of my mind, that this book was needed only for school (it was the only reason I got the book in the first place). I had to read 2 chapters for the start. And boy, that book has some long chapters. No wonder for a book that has 400 or 500 pages that there is only 10 chapters.

During school, when I was reading the book, Dad was enjoying the Market today, Mom was cheering for Dad, and Matthew and Anabelle were capering upstairs. It was rather distracting to have all that noise around while I was very focused in reading the book. But, a little of difficulty in reading wasn’t going to stop me; especially for just some noises. So, as I read hard and paid attention to the book, I was experiencing a rich and vast world of Hobbits. My favorite character, though, was Frodo, the heir of Bilbo, and Gandalf, the great wizard I always admired. Once I arrived at the second chapter, which was already far in page 45 or 50, I decided to just take a break, grab a sample of grapes, and probably just watch the new neighbor’s aviary for awhile once I’m done with noting down my Travel Portfolio.

I got a little picture of the birds cooping up and eating some food in the aviary. So, I decided I should share it with you.

Fascinating, aren't they?

They’re really beautiful, I just wish my parents had enough money to just spend on non-valuable things such as these birdhouses and other small animal houses. Well, after I was done gazing at the aviary for awhile, I decided to just get the Travel Portfolio done. But, still, there was a lot to note down, and I just seemed to pressured at the moment, so once I came to the point at researching Spain and Italy . . . I took a break for awhile. I went upstairs in my room, and decided to just rest my head for a few minutes. I didn’t really have anything I wanted to do. Even though I did have my Harry Potter books, I still did not want to read any of it. But, than I remembered–I still had my Rollerblades that I got from yesterday at the Thrift Store.

Yeah . . . Maybe that’ll be a good idea. So, eventually, after a minute’s decision, I put on my Rollerblades, and decided to try them on the street with my brother, Matthew. I was really good in the Thrift Store, mostly because of the flat, and tiled floor, but on the street it was a bit difficult for me. Matthew had to help me a bit with my anxiousness and taught me how to skate properly. After learning how to go down a driveway lump without falling, I had to learn how to go down the street without falling off. Failing attempts occurred, lot’s of hurtful and pain-edging accidents happened when I was trying to work it out. But, for once in my life, I actually kept on going, and stood like a man.

I skated with the rest of my family, meaning: Patricia, Anabelle and Matthew. My Dad was still busy with the Market and enjoying my Mom’s helpful encouragement. It was sort of awkward for me, but at this point, I was like “whatever”. After Roller-blading an hour or two, I went inside and tried to finish my Pre-Algebra properly. But, somehow, I got so stuck in the situation. Pre-Algebra was just getting so hard, and so much work was assigned. I was already busy with other things, such as my upcoming exams, Spring Scantron, and Planet Brochure I have to write to my homeroom teacher, due May 23rd. Eventually around noon, we went to the Piedmont Park for my sister Patricia, because she wanted to meet her homeroom teacher (my last year’s homeroom teacher), Ms. Riley. Especially this boy she liked, called Jackson.

When they met, Jackson hugged her, than they both took a picture with from Jackson’s mom’s camera, and than the event started. I listened to a speaker that had just recently gone to the White House to see the president and the first lady. And, when we left, my sister told me she didn’t like Jackson as much anymore. Because he wasn’t as slim and much of an athletic body like I had. But really, I thought they were perfect for each other.

Eventually, after almost trying to read the second chapter of the Lord of the Rings, we went to Olive Garden to celebrate my Dad’s birthday. Ms. Amy and Mr. Victor was invited, along with Mr. Darren and Ms. Donna and last but not least, the Savvy family and their daughter, Sharyl. Whom I adored always. We had a blast, talking and laughing, and getting to know each other. Plus, the food was amazing. I would say the day ended pretty well. After such an appetizer, I couldn’t eat any Birthday Cake that the Olive Garden gave specially to my Dad because of his birthday. We went home, calmed down, and went to bed.

The Twelfth Night: Act III and CRCT Review

I actually woke up around 4:35 AM in the morning, so we’ll start by there. When I woke up in the middle of the night, I felt really scared. Luckily, though, I had my PSP that I had left there last night when I was video chatting our friends in Florida. When I remembered that, I grabbed my PSP, and played on it for I don’t know how long exactly. All I knew was that I had been playing from pitch black dark, to a dull blue sky. Not the blue sky you would see in the morning. I mean the dull blue sky that would lighten up the room, but not show the light yet. I yet again was the Republic in Star Wars Battlefront 2. I wasn’t doing very well. All 80 of our troopers in the galactic conquest had died in our fight in Dagobah and in Kashyyyk (and yes, it’s spelled correctly). My second battle with my army in Dagobah got ugly because I hadn’t realized that the CIS troopers had used a special power up to gain more troopers than expected. So, instead of being 80 to 80, it was 80 to 120 troopers. Though, when it came to around 12 to 9 troopers, I was the survivalist for the team. I killed the 9 last droids. Though, the second last one was a droikeda, which made the assail a bit more longer. When we won the battle, I earned my stats.

  1. 10 points for Dead Eye (10 was max for stats).
  2. 8 points for Public Enemy.
  3. 9 points for survivalist (which was VERY good).
  4. 0 points for Traitor.
  5. 3 points for tankbuster (not so good, but okay).

Telling by the results, I did very well, unfortunately, before I could start my next battle of Hoth, my mom was entering into the bathroom next to my room and the battery had run out. I shoved back the PSP under my bed and fell asleep. I did notice that I haven’t been able to remember my dreams, which is a really disappointing thing for me, but dreaming isn’t the best part of my life, so I was completely normal about it. When I woke up, my mom was working at our house, while our dad was out of town for business, I went downstairs and checked the computer for e-mails on my girlfriend. I sent her a flirty e-mail for I don’t know why yet, but I hope she’ll respond as I expected. I checked my k-mails for school, and turns out, I had 4 of them.

It’s not really an expected thing for me to have 4 k-mails sent to me, without having me check them. Because I’m a k-mail addict, in the sense that whenever 1 k-mail gets sent to me, I check it immediately. Because of it, I haven’t gotten 4 unchecked k-mails in months this year.

I read the 4 k-mails, and was suspecting that one of them was going to be about the location they found the hacker. But, it wasn’t. It was just k-mails about the Peach Buzz, and the Monday Memo. Though, what really caught my attention was the last k-mail my homeroom teacher sent me on CRCT reviews. I clicked the CCS recorded links she send me, and turns out, all the CCS did for the people who viewed it was send you saved attachment files. I had to save 37 files just for ELA and Reading review. It took about 20 minutes to save all of those files (which for me is a long time in experience). I moved on to the Mathematics links afterwards. I had to save from our Middle School director, Cathy Harper, whom which I didn’t like as a teacher, 19 files. Now, that took just a couple of minutes. I was astonished I didn’t have as much work for Mathematics than ELA and Reading. I’d thought there would be more.

When I opened the files, I figured that they were homework. Annoying! So, I decided not to move on to the Social Studies and Earth Science recorded CCS. When I checked my OLS plan, I realized that they added a new app on the front of our school page a page that would show all the links for today’s CCS for each grade. I was amused by it. It looked plain old simple. So, I did my Pre-Algebra lesson review, soon I’m gong to have to study for the Unit Assessment. I did my GUM lesson, which I got 90% for missing one question and I had a long literature lesson for a lot of reasons. I had to study on the Twelfth Night: Act III. I had to play the act myself with my sister, and I had to do a lot of research on it. 35 full pages of research links, studying and learning for just that topic. When I was in the duration of picking a play with my sister I accidentally hit him up the nose and he started bleeding black blood again.

Or it was probably just dark red blood. I don’t know. When that happened I got in trouble with mom. Luckily, dad was on a business trip so he didn’t have to yell at me for what happened, and mom did. Matthew was crying, but it wasn’t like a serious cry. It faded away once I went upstairs with him and he started laughing. Oh Matthew, why? When I finished school with Matthew I made an animated video on youtube about the Ring girl. It’s sort of funny. But, I’ll share you the link on the next post.

Picnic and Camping Outside

I realized that I always seem to have a decent, or good title for my everyday posts. It’s really nice to know that I have all the time ideas of what to call my posts. It gives a sign of creativity. 😉 So, anyways, back to the day. I don’t feel as paranormal anymore, because of Brenda and her hilarious comedy of making horrifying things look stupid and retarded. So, with that taking care of my problem, I actually got to sleep in, and I woke up as fresh as a bloom.

The only problem though, was that I had CCS Enrichments today, and 2 essays I had to write for Earth Science (on the Milky Way and the Planets) and Social Studies (on Europe’s government and the Cold War). It was going to be difficult on the other fact that I had just learned about the word the Milky Way and only knew it was our galaxy and bla bla bla! So, when I started my first essay on Europe’s Government and Cold War I started to feel some stress coming in. Though, the essay was finished easily. I only I had to write about two pages about those two. Though, I had to research on the Milky Way for about half an hour, and plus the Milky Way took up 3 pages and the Planets only two. A little big essay if you ask me.

After I was finished with my essays, and it was 8 AM, I went directly to ALP Language Arts CCS (where I belonged). It was a fun class, and the teacher did introduce the new students and I to the class of like 120 students. Plus, I learned a lot more in Language Arts about Conjunctions and about Advertisement essays that only exemplary students like me were going to have. I seemed pretty prepared, though class ended very quickly around 8:45 AM. After that I had to skip Earth Science class for the 9:00 o’clock class for the Ratios CCS class.

The teacher made the whole class, or just me feel so much better in class. Which was a good way of teaching. Well, it was a sign of it. Theoretically, the teacher only gave other students second chances in participating on writing on the white board some rather hard questions, and if they’d fail constantly, she wouldn’t be agitated. So, I got through a difficult class, and than skipped Social Studies CCS for OLS work and Study Island work. Ya, I skip things like that. Lol. I finished about all my subjects, and finished the last conclusion for the Milky Way, finishing all of my essays. I had 4 sheets to work on in Math. Luckily, my mom helped me with it, cause learning Ratios in a difficult way and than learning an Algebraic form of Fractions dividing messes up your brain.

So, it took us half an hour to finish the sheets, and than I got onto ALP Math CCS. It was sort of boring, so I decided to listen to music until the survey came up. I’m sorry guys for my laziness, but the teacher was just taking things in the lessons too long, and too boring. So, I listened to a bunch of Perfect Weapon since my girlfriend requested that I play Perfect Weapon by Black Veil Brides (since on my Myyearbook status says anybody can request a song). After that, I listened to more As I Lay Dying and this new band I’m listening to called Sirenia. After that I listened to some Blessthefall and than finally I watched this sort of news video on an Anaconda swallowing a hippo. It wasn’t pleasant guys BTW.

After CCS, I worked more on my Study Island tests, and my OLS. I finished my OLS, which was a complete relief. But, the bad part was that grownups were coming at our house around 7 PM. So, the whole family had to rearrange and clean the house. Even the stinky bathrooms which now I’m starting to like (now that it’s clean). Plus, my parents reminded me that tomorrow I’ll be going to this event in church, which I may have mentioned, called Walking Wisely Weekend. That means I’m going to be gone for 3 whole days. Well, two days, and than some part of Sunday, I’m just not so sure I’ll be able to post than. So, when we finished cleaning up the house, Patricia, Matthew, Anabelle and I decided to have a picnic and camp out inside our club house for a couple of hours.

We actually had fun. I made all the dirty jokes Brenda was making about the horror people in Scary Movie, and my sisters just laughed. Matthew kept reminding us that every 30 minutes he would fart, which was very annoying to Patricia somehow. But, I just let it slide. Mom and dad were watching this rated R movie that had Ben Stiller in it, and it was a Comedy. I’m not sure what it was about, but I was for sure it wasn’t Little Fockers the new movie. When Matthew had to go inside eventually, I had fun sleeping in our clubhouse on our patio (since there was carpet, and blankets), and we enjoyed talking. I decided to ask my dad if we could call up Papa Johns if they could give us some breadsticks and Pizza. Dad hesitated, but than mom made an exception, and we got some pizza, along with chicken nuggets.

We had a great time inside the clubhouse until the grownups came, and I stayed upstairs, since the day was so busy, I just decided to take a bath, and than a shower by myself, watch Everybody Hates Chris, do some CRCT preparation, and than sleep. All in all, a good day. 😀

A Rather Bothering Day

This day, was far among the most bothering days. Yesterday I had a discussion about poltergeists with my dad, and if they were real or not. But, since I got hard-core proof on some poltegereists acting up, I won the case, though had felt regret, because after that. Stuff started acting up. Anyways, when I woke up today, I found a rather bothering scar on my elbow, that I hadn’t had yesterday. It was sort of peircing. It looked like acid had sunk into my arm, and singed parts of my skin. So, after I distinctively looked at the scar for 12 minutes, I recovered myself, and started Language Arts CCS.

It was sort of boring, and annoying throughout the class, because the teacher was having some connection issues and problems with her microphone. Plus, some guys were making fun of me during class, and the teacher didn’t even care. So, I just sat in my bed, and decided to look through Youtube. I first of all, searched The Ring. This new movie I’m obsessed with. I tried to look for previews of Samara Morgan and her disgusting face. I can’t show you the picture, because it would look to horrifying. If you want the picture of her make-up, ask me, and I’ll send you a private e-mail. So, once Language Arts CCS was done, I ate breakfast, and than moved on toward Earth Science CCS.

It was rather fun, except for the part, that Language Arts CCS’s survey took so long that I missed the chat time. So, after the whole demeaning class about The Solar System, I finally found a link on Youtube, to the movie The Ring, in parts. So, I watched all the parts of the movie. I had to skip Social Studies CCS, and Advanced Math CCS for this. The movie was generally very good. Not to horrifying, but scary, and if you think about Samara Morgan and her ugly face in your room, you really can’t sleep. LOL. It’s such a good movie. I’d feel like putting a Movie Perspective about it soon. The only horrifying images in the movie were the victims of The Ring and how they’re face would look punctured.

Anyways, I think the movie deserved to be the best one I’ve seen this year. 😉 When I finished, my mom came back eventually from exercise, and I was fidgetating constantly. It was hard watching a horror movie by yourself at my age, and try to control your fingers sweating and your feet shaking (if you know that sort of experience). Though, dad was able to sign me up with a job that would help that fidgetating go away. I had to load the dishes. So, to give an excuse for fidgetating, I put hot water, and than pretended that the hot water was the reason I was fidgetating. Afterwards, I finished loading, and had to go back to CCS. I had a 6th Grade Math Review CCS (since I requested my teacher in my conference for some Math CCS to help me boost up my knowledge on Math).

So, I got onto CCS, and let me tell you, we were learning one interesting topic. It had something to do with Y=5x in a graph. Yeah, I think that’s what we were learning about. All in all, it was a great topic to review and learn about. Plus, the teacher recognized all the students (probably because there were only 10 students and me that thought we needed some boosting in our Math curriculum). And I don’t know about everybody else, but I had a great time. Once I got off the 6th Grade Math Review CCS I camped out in my bed. I took a relaxing nap, and than camped out outside in our camp area. It felt good. Until I heard in our backyard forest something was moving. Like human moving. I would keep looking back whenever I’d hear the rustling on the leaves. Eventually I only realized I was haloosinating from the naps I took.

I went back inside, and continued with the rest of school. I had a Literature Unit Assessment, which took awhile to finish (100%) because I had to write 2 sheets of paragraphs on the poem writers and also answer 60 problems online. After finishing that, I went directly to Pre-Algebra. It wasn’t as easy. Plus, I didn’t understand the concept at all! It was so ANNOYING! I totally don’t get how I can figure out this: 678 X 7xy(31P X D)=?. It’s such a hard topic, and an easily understandable concept. I feel frustrated. The only thing that kept me unfrustrated was watching show on Youtube called Scary Movie 3 The Ring vs. Brennda something. 😐 It was so hilarious. I should probably put it up for you tomorrow! Once I finished that, I got into loads of drama with my parents.

Why does my life revolve around drama??!! That’s my final question for this post!