Swimming Pool

While the whole world is worrying about serious problems such as their business problems, family famine, Japan’s unexpected earthquake and tsunami, Libya’s Revolution, I’m worrying about whether or not I’m going to finish the Harry Potter series soon. I don’t have the Half-Blood Prince book, and my sister’s friend, Alexandra does. If we predict to leave in two weeks and I’m at page 511 on the Order of the Phoenix, I better start going twice as fast if I want to finish that 854 page book. What I think so far is that the movie portrayed the book horribly. They skip out so many important and marvelous events in the movies, such as when I read in the book that Neville Longbottom’s parents aren’t dead. They were only driven into insanity. Also, Gilderoy Lockhart is still around and is regaining his lost memory because of Ron’s malfunctioned wand, back in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

Otherwise, I’m progressing very well through the book.

Sleeping wasn’t such an easy thing to do last night. The temperature was so hot inside the house that my skin started to sweat in the middle of the night, making it a lot harder for me to sleep. I didn’t even have an alternative to keep me distracted from the creepy, dark corner in the room that was constantly making thudding noises, making me half scared to death. Rachael and Anabelle (in the top bunk bed) kept moving in their sleep, making the bed shake and eventually . . . making me shake.

So, besides my uncomfortable sleep, I had other problems on my mind. Florida water, or at least the water I was drinking in the house tasted like pool water. I had to put cubes of ice in the water to make it taste a bit more like normal water. Now, I would really like some bottled water, instead of sink water. Plus, from time to time, I would want to go to a website or use my documents, but the internet connection here is not as fast as we have it in Georgia. Overall, Florida is not that exciting, except for some pictures I took of the outside when it was said on the news their was a tornado warning.

 101_0441 101_0442

Awfully, nothing really happened except for the swimming pool event. Nathan, the only neighbor who was a kid, came over. I kind of like the guy. But, he makes me worry for some reason. He just doesn’t make me seem comfortable. But, otherwise, the guy is nice. We swam in the pool for awhile, organized a championship game, and than it ended in the defeat for my family. Alexandra won the game. Oh and guess what? In Florida, their Spring Break has ended! How nice! I took some benchmark swimming and than taught my brother, Matthew some water moves. That was all. Nothing new. I just hope that a tornado hits tomorrow so I can get something juicy.

Next Day On Vacation Was Okay

June 28, 2010
Okay just in fact. The rest of the mornings were boring. We had to stay always in our rooms until Alexandra’s (my sister’s [Patricia) friend) mom and my mom were awake. Okay, maybe I could understand that. There are 7 kids and only 4 grownups. So, there’s a lot of kids to take care of. But, you can trust an 11 year old like me. Right? 😆 Continuing on with the morning. We all were stored in a room for about, 20 or 30 minutes. But at first it felt as if it was an hour which almost killed me. I’d actually never find out whether I was going to survive or not. Than, enough noise from my sister and her friend woke up my mom and Alexandra’s mom. So, as long as we keep up the noise we’ll be able to wake up around 6 in the morning. :mrgreen: After the parents woke up, we had breakfast, except outside. Because Alexandra’s mom’s house got infected with these things called carpenter ants which I’m still trying to look up. So, her mom is trying to stay away with food falls in the house.

We stayed in the pool for awhile. Than got so bored!!!! The only thing we could think of was playing Guitar Hero or the other games we enjoyed. After awhile the rest of us kids tried to convince the parents to play video games. Eventually, we convinced them. I looked for Guitar Hero so Eugen (Alexandra’s dad) could rock and roll with me. But it was for some reason lost! I’d never knew I had to experience this. But I lost it. I totally flipped out and so did Eugen. But, my mom said to calm down because she was letting me buy another one, she’d even let me buy the other levels of Guitar Hero. As long as it was 30 dollars or less. We were able to buy Guitar Hero World Tour instead which had lots of songs my mom knew. My mom actually enjoyed the game better than the last one. The day actually ended with nothing to spare just continuous video game playing. So, yeah, short day! 😀

12,000 Views! + A Guitar Store And A Swimming Pool Was The Perfect Drug

Optional Information (12,000 views)
Hello, sorry I wasn’t able to answer you guys any sooner. I was busy, but I’ll explain it what happened. Anyways, a contest is soon coming around, hmm…??? Oh yeah, the next 12,000 view contest will come around June 17, 2010. But I’m going to speed it up. Tomorrow the contest will come, the dead line will come on June 17, 2010. Yeah, you must think I’m crazy. I’m putting too much contests and giving away to much prizes. But, that’s the way I roll. 🙂 Right now, I’m actually expecting new people to come because Sammy featured me on her blog. But, yeah, it doesn’t matter, because those were touching words. I actually thought the 12,000 views was breath taking. Lol. :mrgreen:

Note: This was actually wrote on June 11, 2010. The rest of the information is coming tomorrow in the morning.
June 11, 2010
All it took was just a little magic to make today (yesterday) great. I’ll start with my sleepiness. Well, I didn’t remember having a dream. So, yeah, I am going to talk about my wake-up issues. Okay, this is how all drama started. When I was pretending to dream, I looked happy joyful. I tried to convince myself to stay in the fantasy world. Eventually, I did convince myself to stay in the fantasy world. But, it was only for 13 minutes. So, all that brain pressure was put for nothing. I felt like I had a brain-freeze. So, I yelled, but yelled soft and hard enough that only Patricia could hear me. I beet she was ticked off she had to hear me scream to myself. But, then, I found what was making me scream. My head was laying down on a nail. Owch!! That’s gotta hurt. Well, it’s gotta hurt for me.

Once everybody was up, I announced that we were going to a guitar store before we went to the pool. So, everybody volunteered to go except Anabelle (my little sister). I would understand music isn’t Anabelle’s thing. You see she’s more into ponies and all that girly fantasy. For me, fantasy is flying and soaring in the air. I mentioned that on one of my third posts. Here’s the link to that post. https://andrewpaladie.wordpress.com/2009/12/23/flying/#comments

Once we got there, there was a bunch of guitar crap. Black guitars, orange guitars, different shapes of guitars there were also different drum sticks and drums. Like electric drums and a regular 12 foot drum set. There was also a Dj mixer in this room that is called the smoke machine. It’s a thing that lets out smoke on concerts. There were also pianos in different colors. But, the bases looked a lot slim and it looked like an acoustic guitar. Just different shapes and different colors were the things that amazed me. The cool part was there were amplifiers (machine boxes that make your guitar louder) . So, you would hear different people playing on different guitars. Like they would play heavy metal, hard rock or classical music. But you could hear it. Even I was one of them. But, then we had to go home. 😦

Once we got home, my mom and sister (Anabelle) were ready for the pool. Mom had the swim suits and the luggage while my dad had the phone he never regretted having. I took us awhile to get there because we had to stop by Aldi to get some food for the party. I took mom about 21 minutes to get all the shopping supplies she needed. Then, we had to move fast. It was already 2:01 (2 in the afternoon is the time we needed to be there) when we were in their neighborhood. Then, it took 7 more minutes to find the pool. But my parent’s friends were nice people so they would understand why we were late. Once we got out of the car, Andrew (my parent’s friend’s son) spotted us came right at us. He’s about, um…? I think 8. But we have another Andrew in this neighborhood too. It doesn’t matter. I got into the pool. Had fun. Thought this girl that was spying over me had a crush on me. But she left, so, case closed.

When it had been already 3 hours this girl popped out of nowhere to the pool. I don’t quiet remember her name. But, we had a great time talking about how miserable our lives are and how middle school ends up. The girl was 12 and had a sister named Sophie who was 10. But she looked and acted as if she was 7 years old. The other thing, when we mentioned our favorite bands, I mentioned System of a Down first, then she gasped. I didn’t know what was going on. Then she told me a friend of hers was a fan of System of a Down. I guess she was in shock because nobody in her school heard or even cared to listen to System of a Down. Well, she texted him, he replied back several times and I guess we were friends even though I only talked to him through phone. After that we had to leave the pool.

After the pool nothing else went on really. So it’s the end for today. Later…