The Start of a New Week..

Hey guys, Andrew here! Bringing you a new post! This time for my introductory paragraph, I am going to entertain you guys (the viewers or fans reading this) with a video at the very beginning of the post before I start posting about my day. Is that cool? Well, if it is, then good. If not, then I don’t care, we’re doing it anyway! But before I start doing anything different I have to give a firm shout-out to all the new people here on my blog. Hello. Hello. And hello! You guys are welcome. Grab a coffee (or soda if you preferably dislike coffee or caffeine), sit down, relax, and enjoy reading this post! Now for today’s video I am going to star a song. It’s called Thrift Shop from Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. BEAST GUYS. 🙂 Here’s the original video right below.

And here’s the clean version for all the goody too shoes. xD

There! Hopefully you enjoy that and get yourself into a good mood right before the post and now let’s begin the day!

So, as I do like all days, I woke up for a start. I woke up quite earlier. Ranging from when my brother, Matthew, and my sister, Anabelle, woke up to get ready for school. Oh yeah, forgot. School is starting. First day of school for the week. Oh brother. I decided to pretend like I was sleeping until they left to their bus and my Mom came up to my room to nag me. I woke up, not feeling as hesitant or rebellious to it since I was already woken up. Put on my clothes, stuffed my P.E. clothes for P.E., and then checked and rechecked to see if I had all my school supplies. Note cards for Georgia Studies. Check. Folder for all subjects. Check. Agenda. Check. Pencils and pens. Check. Everything seemed to be in check! So then I waited for till the bus came, especially on an empty stomach. Unfortunately, my Mom did not allow me to eat cereal before I went to school and said I could eat the breakfast there. Yeah, except that all that’s good daily at breakfast is waffles and orange juice. And trust me, the orange juice packets are REALLY small!

Once the bus arrived and my sister, Patricia, and I, left the house — after we gave kisses to our Mom of course — we rode the bus all the way to the school and then went on with our daily lives. Surprisingly I enjoyed my time on the bus. I got to talk friendly with Erick, Diamond (forgot to mention him; just a Mexican. xD), Brian, and this other kid, who I can’t remember his name at the moment. SORRY. It was good in all. Then I left the bus and as I walked to the doors leading to the 8th graders classes, I saw Avelyn in his average coat up ahead. Unluckily, I was too lazy, people were in front of me, and I did not want to drag too much attention to myself for running to someone. I’ll see him in P.E. anyway. I thought. So I waited casually as we walked inside the school, went into my grade wing, C, got some breakfast, and then entered my homeroom class. Immediately when I walked in, I remembered to go and get my stuff from the locker room, including my Math and Georgia Studies books. I also decided to stuff the yellow jacket I had to wear on in the locker since there was of no need for it and I could just wear a T-shirt. Though, when I walked back to my seat, I saw something very interesting. Actually rather surprising and weird. Malik, a friend of mine (sort of), but mostly a friend of Brian, who sat literally next to me on another table, was crying. I’m not talking about crying just a little bit. He was crying like rivers out of his eyes. His eyes were pure bloodshot red. He looked as if he was experiencing excruciating pain. No joke. I decided to think before what I did would have become stupid and left him alone. Which was smart.

Class then eventually started and we resumed taking notes on Georgia Studies. Then once Georgia Studies class was over, we moved to Language Arts. Language Arts was quite fun. We got to finish The Giver. It was a really good ending, but at the same time, I feel now that I have more unanswered questions. Once again, guys, if you have not read The Giver, you must give it a try. It’s no longer than 200 pages. Yet it took 3 weeks for the class to read it. -.- Anyway, we finished it and then afterwards had to do some classwork for the class. Next was Math class. We learned a new way of doing systems using braces and ordered pairs and graphs. It was quite interesting. I, of course, had more fun talking next to my friend Andrew. Plus Tia was sitting next to me and whenever the two came together, it was always great! Then we moved to lunch and I sat next to the girls this time. I ate a simple meal of a green apple, a few portions of broccoli, and a nice McDaddy pizza they were serving. THE ONLY MEAT I GET TO EAT! Ooh, that rhymed actually! 😀

Then we came back to class after lunch and finished our homework. Unfortunately I was only 3 problems away from finishing my work, though I was too busy talking to Andrew that I laughed throughout the way. Then after Math class was Science. Which was quite numbing because the seats were changed and I did not enjoy sitting next to Amanda and Rosa (two biggest girl troublemakers). Plus the rest of the people on my table were quiet and kept to themselves. What made it even worse was that I could not pay attention to the teacher, especially with the notes, because Amanda kept bugging me. Let’s just say it wasn’t the best class. 😛 I did get to have another Mountain Dew from the class because I earned a nice big 95% on a Science test we had. Which is friggin awesome! Once Science class was over, I went to homeroom, quite impatient from Science class, and barged in and picked up my jacket from the locker. Waiting until the teacher gave our signals to leave the classroom, we then eventually left to our connections. P.E. was altogether fun. Not for me, but lots of other people had good triumphant wins! We played Soccer today and I guess I was set up against an equally matched team. I did not get to score any points, which was quite disappointing, but eh. I’ll try to do better next time!

Then was Health. We did a little game in Health where we talked about parts or organs of the males, females, or both. Very private words were mentioned rather smoothly in the class. Unfortunately I cannot reveal to you because some people read my post, unfortunately. Lol. Once Health was over, we left to our buses as I gave my friend, Lucy, a hug, and then walked with Mackenzie to our buses. We separated once I found my bus and then I entered. The bus time was decent. Not too much, I guess. Then I eventually arrived home. It was a bad start because my Mom had to give my Dad my progress reports that I received today from Math, Language Arts, and Georgia Studies. Unfortunately my Mom read one of my progress report from Language Arts and was outraged when she saw that the recent quiz I did got a 80% grade. She yelled at me A LOT! Let’s just say that! I don’t want to get too personal, because I knew that she wouldn’t appreciate it and I respect that.

So the day went on as I studied and then now I am on the computer talking to you! So enjoy your time wherever you are, I am signing off, now! Bye!


I’m Not Feeling Bored; I Feel Tired …

Hey guys! Andrew here. With a tired brain. My eyes and body are not tired, but my brain is mentally tired for some reason. I guess it was from Walking Wisely Weekend when I pulled an actual ALL-NIGHTER at the house. I guess I wasn’t walking so wisely that weekend. Lol. Hopefully you got that joke, but eh. My stomach doesn’t feel good nor does my mental self. But I’m continuing this post. I pray I won’t vomit in the process. I feel the taste of the pizza I ate today. UGH.

Anyway, today was quite normal except for the fact that once again my body decided to fully wake up around 7 o’clock AM in the morning. I don’t know why, but it seems my brain has been set to wanting to wake up at that specific time. Which is great in all seriousness, but I have felt tired during the whole 4 day weekend. Gosh, I hope this dilemma does not continue. Anyway, back to topic, once I woke up around 7 o’clock I went to the computer, but instead without trying to sneak there. I just walked normally like I would. My steps echoed across the whole house which surprisingly did not cause my parents to wake up, but I’ll take it! 🙂

I stayed downstairs on the computer for a few hours like yesterday, just strolling around Youtube and whatever I could find. Gosh I am so dead and tired… This went on until my whole family arose from their sleep and they came downstairs. The day proceeded quite normally until my Dad went to the store around 10:00 o’clock AM in the morning to go buy cereal. I did not know, until her arrived back, that he brought Anabelle. I guess I was too busy in the office room on the computer. When they came back, they brought joy to the house. My Dad had bought that Marshmallow cereal. What’s it called? With Lucky Charms? Oh yeah, Lucky Charms Cereal! Part of a good breakfast. Lol.

I ate it and ate it. I was too hungry. It was unbelievable. I already ate so much cereal that the Lucky Charms bag was reduced to half of the box. My brother, Matthew, got uncontrollably angry towards me and, of course, called Mom into the situation. He did his whole bidding of complaining to her that I was eating too much, which resulted in me giving a few ugly looks to Matthew, resulting in a couple of yells from my Mom. It was irritating at the moment. I felt like I was about to blow up. But then I calmed myself and just finished my milk, instead of continuing to pour myself more cereal once I finished the cereal. Once breakfast was over I returned to the computer, then the iPad and then back the computer and then back to the iPad, then I went into my room and just chilled for a few minutes there. There was NOTHING special in my day until my parents left with my sisters, Patricia and Anabelle, to Goodwill to do something. Not quite sure if I remember what it was, but they went to go for about an hour and a half. So all that was in the house was my brother and I. Eventually during the process of time while they were still gone, Anabelle’s friend, Jacklyn, I believe, came with her mother to our house to ask if Anabelle was here. Of course Jacklyn, whenever she saw me, gave the same disgusted face towards my direction and her mother was not so pleasant around me. I mean c’mon. I could easily tell. Especially by her mother’s tone. Awkwardly, I told them that they were not here at the moment, and then they left once Jacklyn’s mother told me to ask Anabelle to come over when she came back. I have a feeling that she thought I was lying. I don’t know.

Then eventually Mom and Dad came back home with Patricia and Anabelle and we cooked ourselves some pizza. I had about 3-4 slices of pizza. Bad choice for me. Ugh. I still taste the smell and taste of pizza. What’s even worse is to eat pizza and then drink water. Gosh, that will cause you the worst of burps. Yuck. After we were done with the pizza I finally remembered about Jacklyn and told Anabelle about it. She was hesitant, though, and revealed that she was beginning to not like Jacklyn. Surprise surprise. And btw, that was complete boring sarcasm implemented there.. Anyway, she decided not to go, so therefore I did care. Afterwards, I asked my Dad to see my grades for school in total. It seemed to be that I had a B in Language Arts and Georgia Studies and I had a C in Science. The good part was that I got 95% on my last Science test, which almost got my Science grade to a B, just by off 1%. And the last common assessment test we took for Language Arts (which basically asked stupid questions about metaphors, similes, transitional phrases, so on) got an 80% grade which took my Language Arts grade down from a 91% to a 89 or 88% I believe. I’m gonna check with the teacher about the answers because I KNOW that I did not do that bad and that I’ve come to experience a lot of times where the computer interprets my answers wrong. Agh.

Then the day went on, proceeding the same way it had in the beginning. It was almost monotonous and dreading. More dreading actually because there was LITERALLY nothing to do except go on the computer or go on the iPad. My PS3 was dead, so no point there.. But anyway, the day eventually ended where I started beasting on Jet Pack on the iPad and got a lot of coins and basically beasted. Then I started watching Syndicate’s OLD videos of the Minecraft Project back in the 2011. Good times. And then my sister, Patricia, decided to show my Mom and Dad, as they were playing their table game of some chips or rectangular chips of some sort, ASDF Movie 6. My Mom laughed a lot and my Dad smirked a few times, otherwise they enjoyed it. Then everything leads up to where I am talking to you right now. Gosh, I can’t wait to go to sleep. Sheesh. Hopefully you guys enjoyed this post! 🙂

Enjoy your time wherever you are! Bye!


Girlfriend Mania!

I am sorry I couldn’t get you guys updated on what’s been happening the past days I’ve been grounded. But, let me let you know, nothing really important except for school occurred those past days. But, I eventually got un-grounded on Saturday. Plus, something rather interesting happened on Saturday.

During Saturday, I had to wake up very early so I could get some of my chores done, because I had a early exercise and than work on WiiFit (oh and yes, I do WiiFit [I mostly use it for strength exercises, such as push-ups and planks to regain my muscles. I’ve actually grown a lot of abs over the past day. Probably it’s because I’ve had abs, but haven’t been improving them. Well, I’m just trying to improve on them, because I’m so jealous of people in TV shows showing off their abs. Anyways, my early exercise was sort of boring. All I was doing was walking around the neighborhood. Though, the cold air started to pinch my cheeks, which started to make the walk a little more interesting.

After my early exercise, I started on WiiFit, and begun my training on some beginner status balance games as a warm-up. Than I moved on to the strength exercises and worked on push-ups, a couple of planks and some jackknives. After finishing some strength exercises I evaluated to the next level, and started working on some Yoga fitness exercise. The most challenging Yoga exercises was this move called the Tree and this other pose called the Cobra. I was shaking a lot, trying to hold still and maintain those poses. Though, I still was able to get a finely standardized score. I worked on my book for a couple of minutes than, and than took a nap.

Since it was Saturday, I could actually sleep in, without school to bother me. I couldn’t remember any dream coming to me in my nap. But, my nap was good. Since my sisters and brother were downstairs, and my parents were downstairs too, I was able to enjoy 3 hours of sleep without being interrupted. After my sweet nap, I felt a little dizzy and lightheaded. So, in order to get my head back in the game I had a quick snack and than placed myself on the school computer. Since my laptop wasn’t available at the time, so I used the school computer, and went on Facebook. I can’t remember exactly which of my friends out of 30 of them online I chatted with, but all I can tell you was that was sort of a boring talk. So, I briefly moved away from the computer.

I went outside afterwards, and found out that Theirry and Kerry weren’t even coming out to practice for the soccer tournament. So, when Savino came around I decided to just leave it and just practice by myself. Though, what made things worse was the fact that the drunk lady was across our field smoking, and acting high. She eventually started yelling at Anabelle on accident for her stupidness. Now, usually I’d stand up and say “what the hell is your problem?!”, but since I was angry at Anabelle for the past days giving Patricia’s friend private advice, and for being stupid, I just let it be. The drunk lady apologized and than went on with an analogy about how Anabelle committing the stupid action could’ve gotten hurt.

So, at that point, Savino and I just walked away, and ran into this grown man, doing what looked like leaping this stick into a ball. He showed us how you worked it and all, and than let us try. Whenever we’d mess up big time, he’d ask for it back, and than demonstrate to us again, except with a better concept of the thing, how to perform the action, and he did it. Well, by than, I didn’t know what he said, but he trained me a WHOLE LOT better in Soccer. We did some air kicks, head kicks, knee kicks and all. I felt replenished, or what’s the word, replete! So, after training, everybody started rolling in, and we played in our little fort thing for fun. King came around. Than, Christian which shocked me since I haven’t seen him in awhile.

Though, he was acting up way too much. I started to get more annoyed of him. Simon out of the blue than came, and Christian and I ran up to him like a bunch of puppies running to their mommy. 😛 Eventually than Logan came and everything was busy, so afterwards, I went inside, though Christian following me allover the place went inside my house without permision, only Simon was allowed to come inside. But, one of the reasons why Christian was not allowed inside was because he was going to eat a lot of pizza. And yes, I was right, he almost ate 4 slices. Are you freaking serious?

I wanted him out fast. But, he wouldn’t so I had to go outside, and wear him out, so I could than play inside the base. Eventually when 5:00 o’clock hit, I found a cute girl online Myyearbook, and we started chatting, than we started asking ourselves about what kind of bands we liked, and what sort of interests we had, and what activities we liked to do. Turns out, that she likes almost every exact detail I like, plus she thought I was cute and funny. So, we were set up as a girlfriend and boyfriend. So, far, Theirry eventually came around, and than asked if I had a girlfriend. Well, wow, I didn’t want to brag, but I said yes. I showed her to him through online, and he showed me his girlfriend through Facebook.

So, afterwards, the day got boring bla bla bla, and it ended. Oh and who thinks Nikita’s going to kick ass on Division next week? Am I right? I’m starting to like Alex and Fletcher. Though, Alex and Nikita is starting to look more like a badass.

Oh Why Did Friday Have To Be The Bad Day?

June 25, 2010
Okay, this is how my day started. I was upstairs, groaning to myself. Than, I woke up, but, felt delusional. I don’t know why. But, I felt delusional in some sort of sick way. What the heck was wrong with me during the morning? How, could I wake up and feel delusional at the same time around 4 in the morning. I tried to ignore that. So, I left my room and went downstairs. The scary thing was it was really dark. I also heard noises in my house. So, it already gave me thousands of thoughts what was going on. I also had this feeling inside me that wanted to feel paranoid or scared. I tried not to feel paranoid because my mom gave me her blessing when I was grounded last week. But, I was able to manage the paranormal out of my mind and I was okay. I took care of my farm and got the early morning things done.

Unfortunately, when I was only in my underwear and covered by my blanket my uncle Vitalie. His friend Tolea also came along. I was embarrassed because they saw me and started laughing. Curse my early wake ups. My uncle and his friend stayed at my house until the world cup Brazil and Portugal fight was done. So, they stayed about 96 minutes tops. But, I was routing for Brazil anyways. Oh and FYI my brother decided to play the computer through the World Cup. We’re usually only allowed to play an hour tops. Unless we were grounded longer than expected. I asked if I could use Guitar Hero 3. But, my dad said no because they were watching and because he didn’t want me to play in the morning. Well, curse that phrase.

Afterwards, I played and got freaking bored!!! Boredom struck again. Well, I went outside to see King and Savino outside. See, King is one of my friends on Facebook now. We’re also neighbors. So, we’ve been planning what to do as neighbors. I thought by the way Savino was listening to us, we sounded gibberish to him. But I didn’t care. Sooner, my mom really wanted me to go outside. Especially the rest of the family. I didn’t want to. So, I came inside. My dad was already gone for some reason. I came to the kitchen to get pizza and eat in the leaving room. But, I forgot to put a plate. My dad came when I was about to get a plate. We yelled. Well, he yelled at me. I whimpered. He was yelling at me so much today. 😦 Though, it was my fault.

I watched a movie to find Simon wanting to come inside. We stayed inside and than ran away from King and Savino. Than, came back. We did a pretty good racket. Than, Nicholas came outside like he was the cool guy. Well, I had a problem with that. Than, Alicia came outside to me. I ignored her after all the using she did. I just feel sorry for taking her mother’s trust and than figuring out Alicia is using us. Another thing, when she came down the street. She saw we had Popsicles so she asked for one like she was supposed to have it. We all knew what she does, so, we ignored her. The weird thing was she said that my sister committed forgetting a thing. Maybe she did, but Savino said where she last left it. I asked Alicia where’d she leave it. She was confused for a few questions. Than, Alicia said she left it in her house. Alicia really looked like she had nothing to say. So, I already knew she stole it. When Alicia went near my house she asked if she could go inside my house. My sister pretended to ask my mom and she said no. But, it looked like Alicia wasn’t taking “no” as an answer. She barged inside our house and asked my sister to ask again. My sister ACTUALLY asked and my mom said no. But, instead Alicia went even deeper in the house without permission. I wanted to say beat it. But, she wouldn’t listen. We got into a fight. A long one.

Afterwards, I watched War of the Worlds for the first time. I read the book. But, I thought the movie was scarier and more bloodier. It was a compelling movie to watch. But, I stood it just fine. The day ended in peace. 🙂