So, Thinking of What To Say

Hey guys. So Andrew here. Bringing you just another post. I don’t feel like I want to speak on my daily life right now currently cause there is some stuff that is great going on but also some drama. In the past I wish I would have posted about all this drama so I can just vent about it all I want, but now people I know read my blog. And I feel like I’m in conflict. What if they read up about my feelings? They actually get to know what I’m thinking about them. It was funny. My best friend Michael, his Mom had just read up on me about how I thought about the vacation with his family in South Colorado. Apparently, his Mom, according to Michael, said that I made his family look bad, which I can understand from his Mom’s point that I shouldn’t mention them if I say something slightly negative, but at the same time I feel like: okay, you’re gonna read my blog and my inner thoughts and what I feel then chastise me? I’m not imposing the idea that I don’t like her reading my blog, but I mean, get ready. These are my thoughts. I speak my thoughts. Not all of it, of course. There’s a certain level of respect I have for people’s privacy, but if you come into contact with my life I will write about you. At the most I won’t mention your name if you would like me to, but this is my blog. So I’ve come to an final conclusion. Kinda funny how I said “final” and “conclusion”; basically the same thing. I am going to exploit my thoughts about the people. And if they get butt-hurt then come talk to me. So yea. Big decision. I feel like I’m posting one paragraph/one message articles to you guys. Kinda of interesting. Anyway, see you all. Gotta watch the Walking Dead Premiere tonight. 🙂 Bye.




I Don’t Know What To Say . . .

Hey guys, Andrew here. Nothing exciting about that, but oh well, some sort of intro is required to get things started.

Lot’s of things have been happening inside myself, like I’ve been emotionally troubled with a lot of things lately, otherwise not a lot of things have happened in my life, but I’m enjoying life to the fullest right now. This post is a dedication to those trouble-hearts out there who are right now struggling in their life with their own problems, and I’m here to say how I used to be in that depressing ordeal and how I’m out of that situation and I’m happy about it! So prepare yourself, reader. This is going to be a little more longer of a post than usual.

So to start how my life was in the past, it was bullshit and depressing. I lived in a culture were things were supposed to work this way and then I lived in another part of the world where it worked the opposite way, and I could not easily just go through it. So I went through the, what I call, Pure-Pressure stage in my life. When I was very young, I was introduced to pornography. I would say around the age of 9 or 10. At first I was very shocked by it, but then, as I lived in a part of the world where that was normal, I was shown pornography many times which resulted in addiction and other messy things. That was stage one of my life.

After awhile, then, I was not, as they called it ‘cool’. Even nowadays I look at myself in videos the past few years ago and I thought I was ridiculously annoying and weird. So then I started go into stage two of my Pure Pressure procedure. I tried to act cool and be more like other people. I somehow succeeded in my neighborhood, with my neighbors who most of them now are my dear friends, but I also failed in attempt of most areas of my life: in church, some parts of my neighborhood, parents, siblings, other friends, and also in my blog. Now this blog contains many posts, all the way from where I was 10. If you look deep and far back into my blog, maybe around 2011 or 2010, you’ll find that there is a very different mood and attitude in my writing then right now. I had many attempts to try to act cool and many of those attempts were some that I regret and I’ve chosen to forgot. Plus, I didn’t know half of what I was doing back then.

I was blogging with people older than me, especially with other cultures! Most of my blog’s popularity was based on the Indonesian cultural bloggers that visited my blog a lot after just one nice comment on their blog’s posts. I remember the excitement of finding a “new” comment from someone new on my blog. I still do find that excitement. It makes me feel like my blog was being introduced to new people. I still have a staggering amount of 32 subscribers to this blog, which I am really proud of, seeing as most of those subscribers are really awesome! But let’s not get too distracted, what I was saying about my attempts in my life about trying to be cool were mostly failed attempts as I have told you already. Back a year or two ago, I got into this big dispute between a lot of people because I asked an old friend of mine that I was blogging with for his phone number. After that happened, a few of my friends turned their backs on me, and thought of me preposterous for doing that sort of action. My old friend, himself, began to think I was pedophile and distanced himself farther away from me, still to this day, I don’t know what he’s doing in his life. What really hurt me though was the fact that one of my best friends in my blogging community (I know, I know; you think it’s crazy to have a best friend over the internet) turned his back on me as well and was also angry at me for doing this. After awhile some of my blogging community friends were gone and I was stuck with my Indonesian cultural bloggers. But then my best friend eventually came back and I explained to him the whole ordeal about how I just wanted to contact him and I didn’t mean for it to go this way. See, I was not very much experienced in the internet world then. He forgave me, and also apologized for his anger toward me. I don’t see him very much now, I think he has given up blogging in his life, but we still contact each other once in awhile. 🙂

Afterwards, other problems and situations went down. I’ll give you one more. I posted on my blog, and lied about killing a man. I know, finally I have confessed the truth. I was young, and I think I need to put this lie behind me. I did NOT kill a man or human being. Back then, the thought of killing a man for self-defense was very cool, seeing as I was watching a lot of action-pack movies. So anyway, I lied about killing a man on one of my blog’s posts. An immediate surge of energy of confusion and shock and emotions ran through the whole community. I was even called many wrong things and I desperately needed to ask some of my friends from my school for back-up. There was a lot of confusion. Eventually the situation and topic wore down and it was forgotten. But now it’s forgotten, and I would like to set the record straight. I did NOT, repeat, NOT kill a man.

That seemed all that happened in my blogging atmosphere. Now I was going into middle school, in church and in my school life. I did not really understand well the life of a middle schooler and how it worked. So I was taken by the current, and on the way Pure Pressure took over me. I ended up getting or receiving a lot of problems. I earned a lot of girlfriends, but not serious ones. The shortest relationship I had with a girl in my life was about almost a day, which I’m not proud of. Along with all the girlfriends, I had lot’s of problems making up jokes that actually offended people. Sometimes nowadays, but very rarely, I make up an offending joke to someone, but I know how to use them in a specific way. Back in my young ages, actually I’m still at young age but I’m referring to a younger age, I blurted out offensive jokes so much as if I was breathing them, which resulted into a lot of problems.

Stage two was over, and so was the Harry Potter series . . .

I was so angry and sad at the same; not immediately, but overtime.. I slowly grew into a depression of reading books, because I was thinking, as I saw the ending of the Harry Potter series, what am I going to read and dwell on now? I tried reading other books. I already finished the Percy Jackson series in less than two months. I tried reading other books, but I never found the same exact joy with the other books just as I did with the Harry Potter books. I started to endorse on the Hunger Games. The first book was interesting, and the movie itself was well done, but as I moved onto the second book, I realized and told myself that I was still not receiving the same excitement as the Harry Potter books. I haven’t finished the second Hunger Games book, I plan to though, one day. I just can’t explain it .. Harry Potter was THE book I read, it was my childhood. I even still watch all of the movies every time they appear on ABC family. I mean, if I actually got to meet J.K. Rowling, she would be receiving a proper respect for her amazingly done series and how well done it was made; the details, the environment she displayed, the plot, the whole story was just so captivating! So my depression slowly goes on, and I’m slowly going through the process of getting back to reading books, but I’ll hold up for now.

One of my biggest problems in my life going on right now is my love life. There’s this girl I like, scratch that, there’s this girl I love named Sarah. I know that you’re probably going crazy over the fact that she probably doesn’t want me to mention her name, but trust me, I think some of you know her, and I’m aware of her privacy, I would just like to share something about my life that she has contributed to. Before, back in the day, Sarah was ALSO a friend of mine in the blogging community. I got to know her through one of my best friends named Sasammygirl (this name is how I know her), one of the best friends I ever had! At first, Sarah and me were really good friends in the blogging community. We talked a lot, and coincidentally had a lot of things in common! Eventually, as time went by, I started to actually see how she looked and talk to her personally through Facebook. We talked a lot! Since we were both mainly homeschooled. Over time, I started to like her, and called her sexy a few times 😛 She started to like me to, but I was still going for this other pretty girl cause I thought it wasn’t going to be possible between me and her, since she liked this other guy with an amazing six pack. The attempt with the other pretty girl failed, and I had one shoulder to lean on: Sarah. Our relationship between each other began to grow closer and closer, until we had love for one and another. After more and more time went on, we craved each other! We couldn’t be separated. Others looked at us as the perfect couple in the future, and she said she wanted to be with me. I actually got to face-time (video chat) with her a lot afterwards and we almost knew each other like we were born as friends. We were like best-friends in love. We had so many things in common, though there were some major differences between us, but they weren’t that important for us NOT to be together.

Until something bad happened. Her Dad found in her e-mail account that she had a blog, and within that blog, she was talking smack about her parents. I already knew this wasn’t good as she explained to me when the ordeal happened. Since almost her whole family knew me, as well as her Dad, they knew I was one of her close blogging friends. But since her Dad saw that she was talking smack about the family, he was so fed up, that he said that Sarah could NOT spend time with me. Now this situation put both of us in tears, which meant we could not contact for over a year, and God knows what happens after a year. As we departed, my life grew even more depressing. I began to hate myself and question myself for awhile.

After a long time, maybe a few 3 or 4 months, Sarah and I got back into contact. I was sort of nervous about the situation. I checked of course to see is she was doing well and how she was. Then I went to the real question, did she still have the same feelings for me? I still had feelings for her, even though it was difficult. The truth was cold.. her depression after the departing dropped her feelings for me. She did not love me the same as before. She still was my best friend and we still will contact, but she did not love me, and that was hard to deal with. I cried for a few days remembering the thought. She was a major part of my life for a long time. Right now, I’ve grown up from all of this I am telling you about, besides the love-life problem, and I’m going to express my feelings for Sarah once I get to contact her again. Cause honestly, I’m not going to give up until I get that love back from Sarah until everything is back to normal!

So now what? I guess I’ll continue to blog.. I don’t know.. I bought a PS3 to occupy my life after what has happened and so far video games, friends, family, and music have kept me going. I’m looking positive at life always now, I’m never going to be depressed, and now to those people that are depressed, my saying to you now is: “You’ve read my story, some I’ve left out, but you got the main points, I ask you to look at this and try looking at your life and ask yourself if you want to continue to be depressed and hate your life. I say find a group to live with, be positive and live life to the fullest! Life is too short, live it to the fullest as Tom Syndicate (a hard-core gamer in Youtube) says.” I hope this helped you, leave a comment for me if it did! I worked hard and long for this post! It would be appreciative if you liked this or shared it, and left a comment for your thoughts.

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Thank you guys for reading, PEACE!


Percy Jackson the Titan’s Curse Review

Okay what to think about. Oh yes. As you might know this book is about Percy Jackson himself and the people around him. Well, everything starts to change. Thalia (the daughter of Zeus), Annabeth (daughter of Zeus) and Percy (son of Poseidon) are questing together in an unremarkable scene of battle. Thalia used to be a tree that protected Camp Half Blood, but when the golden fleece (in the second book) is laid on the tree, she comes back to life. Percy by the way has to go into this building to find the two half bloods Bianca di Angelo and Nico di Angelo. To soon figure out that they’ve been in the Lotus Casino for about 76 years which may have seen to be an hour. They have to go through battles of terror. When Bianca di Angelo joins the hunters of Artemis. She goes on a quest with Annabeth, Thalia, Grover (Percy’s satyr friend) and Percy, to soon find herself dead.

Finally, Percy has to go on a quest with his friends to find more secrets hidden. The scent of the wild God Pan. Grover faints and Percy finds himself fighting a big pig. Later on, they realize that Zoe something is questing with them and has to face her father Atlas (the titan) when Percy battles Atlas Thalia battles Luke (who used to be her love, but betrayed her). In to a dramatic moment. Percy makes Atlas feel the pain of holding the sky and Thalia drops Luke hundreds of feet off a cliff. When, they come back to Camp Half blood Percy has troubles trying to tell Nico di Angelo about her sister’s death. Nico gets so mad he puts a crater in the ground and runs away. Percy then figures out that Nico is the son of Hades. Closing book.

The book is by Rick Riordan and would be the best thing to read during a tornado or a zombie apocalypse. Lol. Fund by the amazing abilities the book has shown to inspire the readers has inspired me. Though, don’t get too ahead of yourselves about the Gods. It’s not right to think that there are more Gods then the real God. These stories were made up by Greek people to entertain. And we make into a serious thing. For all you paranormal out there, this is Fiction. Now Fiction means reality plus you’re imagination. The Gods are the reality, but only because the Greeks made it alive. The Fiction is the kids and camps that are in the book. There’s no son of Poseidon called Percy. It’s all just Fiction. There is only one God.

Gentlemen! Abort To A New Life

July 14, 2010
If in any way you find this a little degrading it’s best not to start a fire yet until you check with me. Anyways, I woke up around 8 in the morning, well… I actually guessed that. But, my predictions were correct. Oh, I love it when you live in a place for so long you can tell the time easily. 7 at our place is usually dusk THAN at 8 it turns sunny. Anyways, I had my breakfast and took care of my farm too. I also heard Farmville made this new Swiss items. The thing I dislike about Swiss items is that they make a big celebration of a new item WITH farm cash and than soon enough it expires. That sucks. Swiss items are almost going to be gone. Just like the Wasabi from the Japanese seeds. Anyways, my sister came downstairs later and we watched TV. My mom luckily was staying home. So, we watched Avatar the Last Airbender like a family again. Than, once my dad had to go to this business meeting I didn’t know of we opened our K12 boxes with all the school projects for the next grade. Once we all opened the boxes it was a mess.

Oh and I had these books for my next grade. Earth Science. Exploring Our World: people, places and cultures (for geography). Then 2 big maps of United States and the WHOLE world. Minerals and rocks in a box. Cylinders, safety goggles and so on. English: Intermediate Literature and English: Intermediate Language Arts. Pre-Algebra and Mathematics: Structure and Method. Social Psychology (actually my dad got that for me to learn from). English: Language Handbook. Vocabulary. Believe Our Ears and Eyes. Animal Adventure. A Classics For Young Readers an audio companion. Myths Of Ancient Greece and Rome. Classics For Young Readers volume 6. The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer in the REAL version. The Secret Garden AGAIN in the REAL version. And that is pretty much it. May sound like a lot of books. But it’s even less than the other books I had last time.

Than, Simon asked me to come over with the gun. We eventually watched War of the Worlds. It was amazing and scary. Simon was constantly asking what was going to happen. I constantly blabbered out. Then, sometimes kept it secret. But, goes one way or another. Patricia came then left then Matthew came and got bored of the movie. He wanted to go home. Than, he came back and said I had to come home if he was coming back home. Simon and I bagged Matthew and kept him inside ti’ll the movie was done. Than, I told my mom the whole story she just laughed. Than, I went outside to figure out King and Savino were saying goodbye to the work boy who was never coming back. That is too bad. Well, I guess more for me than.

Afterwards, I had Canadian Bacon and eggs. Brought it outside and went up the street. That was a stupid decision. Luckily, I just saw Alicia come back from Kentucky. I was happy everything went back to normal. Than, talked to Logan. He was acting like a jerk for a few minutes until we made a deal. He’d stop being a jerk and I let him play the Dsi. Logan has a thing for Pokemon. Than, all the was left was King and we showed each other the drawings we made by Flip note studios. Day ended peacefully.

Well It Kind Of Worked But It Kind Of Backfired Too

July 14, 2010
I couldn’t really guess what was going to happen today. A fulfilled day? Catastrophic day? A nice day? What is it going to be? I couldn’t really tell from the gestures my hands were doing when I woke up. Speaking of waking up, you remember King. Yeah, unfortuantely, when we were watching Avatar the Last Airbender, I got so bored then I went outside. Unfortunately, he said he’ll be able to come out later. Than, another hour passed. I gave up on him. Went inside then went back outside. I rang Savino’s doorbell and unfortunately, he was on the phone with Simon. Simon also alerted me two days ago he was at the movies watching Predator. I think those kind of movies are TIGHT!! I heard or at least saw a little bit of the first Alien VS. Predator. I was already into it. Than, the game in then this new movie showed up called Predator. I was happy for him. Than he asked me to come at his house.

Once I came at his house he invited me inside. His carpet was as always comfortable for the bare feet. But, I don’t think he would get that because he was wearing socks. Anyways, I saw him watching Barney. I was like what the heck. Than, he explained his cable broke down. But, after this episode would be done he was going to watch Mortal Combat. Well, he also showed me his electric bass he got. Lucky man. I eventually left. Than, came back to give him a Popsicle. He asked me to come inside. Than, I eventually got bored. Lol and went home. Figuring out I had to have lunch. Well, Matthew and Patricia were playing video games upstairs even though I told them not to because mom said. We had 2 hot-dogs and a few sets of baby-carrots.

Afterwards, my mom got Matthew in trouble for playing video games. But, Patricia talked into a very sweet sorry that made my mom go pass with it. So, my plan kind of backfired. But, I wasn’t really angry. My plan just didn’t work. That’s all. Anyways, we were watching the Big Bang Theory and the Nanny. Just when the Big Bang Theory was done. Simon rang the doorbell and asked us to come OUTSIDE. Didn’t like the idea, but, went with it. When he caught a praying mantis (an orange one to be exact) Matthew felt the curiosity to touch it. Simon said he was going to hit him if he did it. But, trust me, if he hit him. I would talk some sense into that boy.

Eventually, it started to rain and everybody went inside. Even that work boy too. We eventually watched the Nanny than took a bath. After that, we watched some Hitman which was corny and gross. Too much wanting to kill each other. Boring idea but, cool action. Than, America’s got Talent showed up. Most of the people did good. But, I was voting for Future Funk! I can’t give up a picture of them. But, they’re young pop dancers that are cool. Though our telephone wasn’t working. So, we needed our people to do it. Than, we went to bed. Nice day and boring. But, good.

Everything Was Made How It Was Supposed To Be Made

July 8, 2010
Well, I ding done done it. I finally found a success in my life. A good instead of evil inside of me. I was happy. I wanted to sprout and show my happiness. I knew this was also going to be the last 2 days in Florida, but, I was pretty thrilled. I wasn’t really looking forward to staying longer because, the longer we stayed, the worst. I would have to have my mind off the Wii for a long time. I would have to stay in a room until every parent was awake, I had to eat outside constantly (reason why it’s annoying to stay outside: flies, mosquitoes biting and buzzing me and a dirty table). Home is home. That’s how it’s supposed to be. Georgia is my home and will always be that way. I’ll be so ticked off if I had to move from Georgia. Anyways, I had no dream to remember of, so sorry for that alert. But, when I woke up, I saw Alexandra leaving the room than being sent back in the room. Well, I pretended to go back to sleep. But, my mom woke me up annoyingly and saying we were going on a field trip.

I wanted to feel arrogant right now or give my mom some of my whiny begs not to go on a field trip. You know why? Well, for one: it was 7 in the morning. Two: I didn’t have the energy to. And three: I was in a nice moment. Well, anyways, we went out, got breakfast from Mcdonalds (Cinnamon melts to be exact) and got on with the car trip. It took us about an hour to get to where we wanted to get to. But, guess where we expected to go? A small island next to Florida. It had military schools, amazing libraries (I actually replied to Sammy’s comment on my earlier posts at the library), awesome hotels, several mansions and an amazingly awesome beach. But, the problem with that is because, there were barely people visiting those people. So, I thought that was a community waste. The other problem with the place was the temperature was about 106 degrees Fahrenheit. So, when we were taking pictures, we didn’t do so well keeping our eyes open. Well, the last problem I had with the island was basically if we lived here, we would barely get to interact with people because the place was deserted for about 9 months. So, only 3 months of social communication.

We spent time there for about 3 hours and finally left with sand in our pockets, especially in mine. Here’s the thing, I don’t get why people invented pockets in swim-suits. There is really no reason for it. My mom actually agreed with me. But, before we were going to get to the bottom of this we were home. We actually had to swim in the pool to wipe off all the crap. Which was weird and comfortable. But, again REALLY weird. Afterwards, I watched “War of the Worlds” AGAIN except through the beginning. The thing I didn’t like about the movie was the fact it showed how uncivilized and how monstrous people could be to each other when hard times came. Even the main character Tom Cruise killed somebody because he was trying to escape and take down the machines. That was the scary part. Anyways, I had to watch the rest of the movie by myself. When the movie was done the parents were trying to look for a movie to watch. Really? They had already Avatar (navi people), It’s Complicated in their house. That’s enough to choose from.

The day ended actually ended badly. But, the rest of the day was pretty good. 😀

The First Day On The Trip Was Pretty Interesting

June 27, 2010
Well, lets get something straight. Along the way through the trip, I was sleeping (it was just a 10 minute sleep).I had a dream about my friends Savino and King partying in my front garage. They had also Alicia and even my enemies from church. They were all celebrating the fact I was gone and they didn’t have to see me. That was the worst thing ever. But, then, I was in the middle of the party and everybody noticed me. They were all chattering. I knew I had to take a run for it. But, instead, they grabbed me by my leg and dragged me against the concrete. They were dragging me to this hot pot. They had this mark that said “death arrives here”. Than, when I tried to escape I threw a soldier over the mark. He was already incinerating and burning even though he was 20 yards away from the pot. That meant the pot was really hot. Than, they yelled out for this cylinder-man to come out. It looks as if he was the only person that was able to pass the line without getting burned. Just when he was about to grab me, my best friend Michael and my other friends jumped in the crowd. They sliced their bodies and took me away. That’s when the dream got interrupted by Matthew’s not-necessary yelling. I practically yelled back at him. Than, kept my mouth shut. My mom was driving throughout the night, so, she didn’t want to get involved.

After a few hours, I had this weird pizza taste. It felt like I had vomited food in my mouth. I really wanted to get rid of the taste. So, I asked my mom if we could make a stop at a gas station. She said we could stop by around 12:30 am. That was actually 3 hours from now. I really didn’t want that taste to remain in my tongue. So, I kept bragging about getting to a gas station faster. But, here’s the thing, if my mom was actually taking that as an idea she would’ve stopped already. We already passed by 13 gas stations. I was so bored. Boredom struck me. In the car!!! How the heck was I supposed to find something to do? If you’re thinking to go back to sleep. You thought a pretty bad idea. The whole car was stuffed with games, clothes, toys, board games and so on. There were only a few spaces. But, I eventually fell asleep, got to sleep through 12:30 am and took that freaking taste out of my tongue.

Soon, I stayed up and got so into the road, 4 hours passed. It was already 4 in the morning and we were at our friend’s house. So, that meant we were there 2 hours early. Well, we all were happy and greeted each other. Eventually, we had to go to bed. Than, time went by, I forgot it was already Sunday. Church day. Once we got at the church, it looked empty and hollow. Then, we had to go to this room where it looked like all the people were. There was a group of people. Smaller than our church. Than, there was these people. I girl singer and guitarist, a guy guitarist, a guy bassist, a guy drummer and a guy piano player. They sang then sent us to this room which also looked hollow and empty, except for the few kids. The place actually looked like a Pre-K. But, the kids were pretty decent and so were the teachers. The thing that sucked was their community was poor. So, they only had big-play crayons. We also had to do activities and bla-bla-bla. Boring, but good enough for their share in community.

After wards we went to the beach and had a load of fun. We took some sodas and pizza. We all looked like gangsters with our sodas. Than, we looked as if we were Pizza hut delivers with the pizzas. I felt disappointed with only being able to stay in the ocean for 10 minutes. Than, we went home. Got nothing to do but stay in the pool ti’ll 9 at midnight struck. By the rest the day ended. 🙂