I Think I Am Feeling BOREDOM!

Hey guys! Andrew here. With a new post about my daily life. Sorry about the random schedules of my posts. Some days I don’t feel motivated to do things, while some days I do. I need to seriously work on that. I have that tick that if I don’t feel motivated or “feel” like doing something I don’t do it and whenever I try to do it by force it becomes very difficult for me. Though whenever I feel motivated I can do it “like I make my peanut-butter sandwich“. Ooh, that’s gonna be my new saying/quote. 🙂 Anyway, before we get to the day, I would like to give a big thanks to people who ACTUALLY gave feedback to my poll. Surprisingly a LOT of people gave feedback to my poll. Still trying to figure out how to put it on the side of my blog. Goshdangit. Huh. I guess that’s also my new word. I’m on a roll here, baby! But, without straying too much off topic, let’s begin the day with the most boring day you will ever hear or experience of in your LIFE! Trust me.

Okay, so we all know how it’s a 4 day weekend, right? Well, at least in America it is for sure, or at least in George, or in the county of George it is… But anyway, I am experiencing this 4 day weekend and I’m supposed to be having a great time so to say, but instead a different faith has been destined for me. I am literally bored out of my mind. My mind is as dead as Michael Jackson. OOH, I’M ON A ROLL HERE! Anyway, you get my point.

The day starts out a little different from other days. I wake up, except around the beginning of 7 o’clock AM in the morning, and go to the computer and spend time on it for about almost an hour or two doing whatever pleased me. No. Don’t think about it in that way, I was not watching pornography. Take that evil thought out of your head! But yeah, despite perverted thoughts, I was enjoying myself on the computer. I found myself just strolling on my blog, responding to my friend Haven leave random comments on my post in which I would respond to them in the attitude I inherited that morning. The rest of the time was spent on Youtube, watching PewDiePie, and … okay maybe just PewDiePie. Syndicate does not post at all any more! It sucks. Without his goodness of the goodies, Youtube would never be the same. At least PewDiePie has got me occupied…

So as the hours passed and so did the time on the computer, my family began to woke up, including Matthew and my mom (my dad, whenever he woke up, liked to stay in his room for a couple of hours and then emerge out of his cave, so to say). I did not post about it yesterday, but my sisters, Anabelle and Patricia, went to a sleepover at Alicia’s house. An old person whom I hated so much in which consisted of, in the past, half of my posts ranting and raging about all that I hated about her. I don’t know why, but I guess it was one of those “cooties” moments. I don’t know. My brain went completely berserk. I still have some anger towards her (just a little), but now I am more friendly and regret my mistakes. But hey, it did entertain a couple amount of people for awhile, so I interpret that’s good. 😛

My mom walked into the computer room, spotting me on the computer in a quite slouching position, but instead of doing her normal parenting strategy of shooing me off the computer and doing something else, she understandably nodded her head and closed the door to give me my time. That was such an “aww, my mom loves me” moment. And oh my gosh, how girlish I sound now petrifies me… -.-

After that I continued to watch the computer until it literally bored me to death and I felt like doing something different. It had been my first time watching this video (today) called PEOPLE ARE AWESOME 2013 where basically the video consists of several minutes of crazy stunts and stuff being displayed on camera ranging from parkour to bungee jumping to a lot more crazy things. Here’s the video below:

Enjoy it and love it.

I decided to show my mom this video, knowing she’d think this would be pretty awesome, in which she did. A few of the stunts done in the video made her go “wow” a few times, which was good. At least I got a good feedback from my mom. When she was done I did my usual nagging of how she thought the video was and she said it was totally awesome. From there I knew she was having an extremely good day, which of course, was going to ultimately and inevitably give me a good day. Once she continued to whatever she was doing after my nagging, my mom invited me over to the living room to have me watch “The A-Team”. Now from there was when my brain had been completely fried out. The movie was too fast and action packed that I could not HEAR or UNDERSTAND the dialogue. The best I could do was enjoy the action scenes as much as possible and eat a few cakes. Which also reminded me that I did not have a proper breakfast. We ran out of milk, so I had about 1/4 of a bowl and filled the best amount of cereal I could into the bowl and ate. That wasn’t obviously going to satisfy my stomach, so eventually I took portions of “Coffee Cakes” that my mom made a few days back (don’t worry they are not REAL coffee, it’s just the name) and also, afterwards ate an apple. Then later on when the movie was about to end my mom served the best amount of rice and protein, including meat and beans in a plate and let me eat it down. By that time, my dad came downstairs and criticized my eating skills and how that I required a better etiquette in eating. I listened to him, knowing very well that it was going to apply to me in the future and it’s best to learn it and get my dad off my back. Truly, the only thing my Dad was doing was giving me advice to help and nothing more than that. It sometimes makes me feel guilty whenever I take him for granted.

Besides depressing thoughts, the day went on, and the movie ended and I ended up playing on the iPad, playing Jet Pack or Temple Run 2 until my sisters came home from the sleepover and brought Alicia and her friend Sarah along too. They played and eventually I got to have conversation with the group when my sister, Patricia, needed advice on how to sneak out the iPad to the forest and take pictures when they were specifically told not to. I gave them my best advice and they went off. Then eventually, once they were done with pictures, they came back inside and went downstairs. By this time, I ended back on the computer and played Minecraft a little bit, but not too much. My sister, Patricia, again called me to play with her group Guitar Hero. I wasn’t expecting it was going to be Guitar Hero 4 (the one I don’t particularly enjoy as much), though I tried my best, with a few complaints in front of the group that I wasn’t the best at this Guitar Hero game. Surprisingly, I did pretty awesome. Especially on Crazy Train. A really hard song for me to pull off normally. But I did it and felt like a boss. The group complimented me A LOT on how good I was at Guitar Hero (at that point I was thinking, if they think what I’m doing now is good, wait till they see me on Guitar Hero 3), staring only on my side of the screen while Sarah did a decent streak on the bass instrument on easy-medium.

Once that was over, I left to upstairs and from there it was a blur. I think I went outside and did some parkour. I know I did some parkour through the course of time throughout the day. I also did a few push-ups and rapped and beat-boxed to myself. I felt like an absolute boss. My rapping skills were on FIRE. 😀

Then eventually, I went back inside and enjoyed the rest of the day as I spent on my computer and then watched SNL with my mom. Gosh today’s SNL was funny. Justin Bieber was host and trust me, he had no problem having jokes spit out at him. In one of his parts at the show he even had to call himself a “lesbian” which was like, wow… I would not even do that probably. 😛

Oh yea! My dad also got a better HD on the TV. If you don’t know my brother, Matthew, messed around with the TV HDMIs one day when he was connecting the PS3 that somehow the HDMI cables did not connect for the TiVo and PS3, which caused us a load of problems. My PS3 STILL does not work to this day, but at least we got TV on 1080p quality. Yay!

So yeah, a pretty boring day of electronics….

Oh yeah, have a great time wherever you are! I’m going to try to get some sleep. BYE!




Twisted Ankle, But An Awesome Day!

Hey guys, Andrew here, bringing you another post of my daily life. I don’t want to say I’m completely back with the posts because whenever I say that I somehow manage to NOT be able to post. If I continue to post for another two weeks, then I’ll know we’re back in business. 😉 I was not able to get any pictures of the cookies I talked about in the last post, but I’ll try my best to do so. I should be offering some cookies and treats to my church mates, so that would pretty awesome. Anyway, back to the day.

Today seemed pretty interesting. A lot of things had happened. The majority of them were good and a portion of them were bad. I woke up, still thinking about the RYAP test assignment I had to have done (which I still have NOT done cause I can’t seem to get to it!), so I was immediately downed by the morning. So I went back to sleep, knowing there was not much things to be done. I slept for another hour or so and woke up feeling somewhat grouchy. I did not realize this until I walked downstairs, finding no milk in the refrigerator for the cereal and grunting very loud. My father said:

“What’s wrong with you? You sound like you just got slapped or something!”

And I was like: “I just woke up.”


“I don’t know why, I’m just grouchy, sorry.”

And that’s how it went, or that’s how I faintly remember how it went. So I found some milk in the alternative refrigerator in the garage (we still have to move it. Lol.) and poured myself some milk with some nice animal crackers. God, you can’t go wrong with eating dem animal crackers. They are so good when dipped in milk and eaten like cereal with a spoon. I dare whoever is reading this to try it out. It should be worth your time. So as the day passed and the house was being cleaned by the Paladie family (which is my family [my last name is Paladie]), I found myself extremely bored. Eventually during the morning my brother had found out a way to get my mother to allow us to play video games before 12:00 PM, which usually is forbidden, unless we cleaned up our room. So Matthew got to play some Black Ops on the PS3 because he had already cleaned up the majority of the room including his bed. All that was left was my bed. So I cleaned it and afterwards I waited for my brother’s turn on the PS3 to end. My mother had sent me outside to go enjoy the nice air in which I yes and no. I do enjoy our new backyard. Plus the trees in the backyard are nice and long. You could see the high-way that leads to our neighborhood because the backyard trees are right on the fence that borders the high-way line.

I tried practicing on my monkey-parkour skills by doing a sort of monkey bar climb on this fence thing.. God .. I don’t know what to call it. But yeah, I did that for a little bit and my hands already began burning painfully from the wood pressuring against my skin. Reason behind it was because I hadn’t practiced climbing in mid-air when the only thing holding you up is your fore-arm muscles and hands. So to get a little more practice with less pain, I climbed the backyard trees and relaxed in them. I found a position that allowed me to lay my back against one of the main tree branches and then have my feet rest against the supporting branches. I stood there for almost half an hour, staring at the numerous amounts of heterogeneous cars passing the high-way. I could actually think my mind out a little bit, which was good.

Soon enough I became bored of just staring at the occupied streets for awhile and plus my legs could not support me any more, as they were getting tired as well. So I climbed down in a quick jump and had expected my game time to come up next. My assumption was correct. I played some Black Ops Online Multiplayer because I was slowly getting sick and tired of Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) constantly forcing me into an all out rage mode, in which I yelled at everyone around me that talked. Yes, I rage. We all do. Lol.

Once my time was up my mother had forced me to stay outside the whole day. I wanted to have my friend John Alexander come over but unfortunately he did answer my texts. So instead my mother convinced me of going to our neighbor, Sarah, a 14 year old teenager who went to the same middle school in the area (which was the one I’m going to), and ask her how was the school like. I was hesitant at first. Reason why: her two friends were over and were doing pose pictures (like the sluts on Facebook), and I did not find myself easy to talk to girls, especially in groups, unless I was in a really good, confident mood or if I knew them very well. So therefore, it took a lot of time for me to have the balls to do it. Most of the time I just tried to stay with my sister, Patricia, and act like I was doing something. Eventually, I became bored, and Sarah and her friends already went inside, therefore I did. When I went back inside, my mother demanded an explanation from me about why I did not talk to the girls. I said they went home, which proved to be a good explanation. But my mother said once the girls come back out I had to go make conversation.

At this point, I’m really annoyed with my mother. It’s only the first month we’ve been in this house. Not even a full month. She expects us to make conversation with ANYONE our age here in the area, which is only Sarah, so far. I mean, c’mon, give me a break! Let me settle into the house and relax. I wanted to tell my mother, but I assumed she would slap me into the next neighboring country of the USA. So I kept my mouth shut and stayed in my room. Eventually, my sister invited me into her room and we watched a little Wassabi Productions on Youtube. They always seemed to entertain me. As my sister and I laughed, we did not realize that girls were not coming back out. So we became suspicious. Eventually, my little brother, Matthew, actually had the balls to go and knock on the girls’ door and ask for them outside. They said later, and they meant it. In return when my mother asked again if I had done her task, I said no and lied that they were not coming back outside. In return, my mother yelled at my sister and I and told us we were both grounded. I was so frustrated then because it was so stupid how my mother HAD to worry about my socializing with other people. I have PLENTY of people to talk to. If I want to talk to someone I’ll do it. Gosh.

Eventually, later on, the girls came out and I began discussion. It was hard to start especially with her friends immediately looking at me when I spoke. But then Sarah was nice and she replied back to my question about me going to public school and what it was all about. What made it even better was the fact that the other girls chipped in and told me that the teachers were basically “b*tches and evil people”. Lol. As the discussion stretched so did the easiness of the conversation. It was so easy to talk to them. It was like I was already their friends, but I knew that once I saw them again it would probably be awkward again. Eventually we had fun watching some Youtube videos like Wassabi Productions and anything else that me and Patricia found entertaining. Once that was done my sister and I decided to take a walk. It was still around 4:00 PM. The sun was in the middle of the sky, so it was about mid-day. But instead of walking, my sister and I just then decided that we were going to take a tour around this new forest she said she saw and it was long. So we lied to my mother and father about the walk and pretended to walk past the houses that caused us to be out of father’s sight. We turned our heads around and peaked back at my parents house. My father was STILL loading things in the car into the garage. So in the right times and moments I signaled when was the right time for my sister and I to move toward a bush to conceal ourselves and get closer to our objective.

Soon enough, we passed to the forest without being seen and took a nice walk toward it. The landscape was amazing. There were even some slanted hills that appeared to be used for a paintball/airsoft war. As my sister and I walked we found a cool, mystical-like arch way as we made our way deeper into the forest. We passed by it with wow. Eventually we passed by many buildings bordering the forest and found as well a tall, cement wall that separated a house on a hill with the forest. It seemed impossible to climb, unless you were a giant. As my sister delved deeper into the forest, my sister began to worry and say we were not going to make it back. Staying positive, I told my sister we just had to go back in a straight-line and we would find our way. On our path into the forest, my sister and I came across a huge tree that had fallen ontop of a standing tree. It looked like one of those trees that were climbable if you clawed your way up. I tested it first because my sister was afraid. Without fear I continued forward until I felt that the tree could not hold me if I continued further. I invited my sister up the tree and we both relaxed our backs until we felt we could balance no longer on the tree. So my sister slid down with ease, since she was pretty close to the ground. Unfortunately I slid down and had accidentally fallen in a wrong position.

As I slid down the tree and then jumped off the side, I did not realize that there was a jagged root on the floor. Unfortunately, I stepped on it and my foot twisted in shock. My ankle was numb and in pain. My sister had widened her eyes, but I told her coolly, trying to pull of the “no-emotion” look:

“It’s fine, I just tripped. Let me relax my foot.”

And I did. For only about 5 minutes I relaxed my foot until the pain had lessened and calmed. It was still painful, but it was not too bad. It was ironic, though. I had given myself a BAD bruise (by jumping on accident into the edge of a brick wall) on my knee and then I twisted my ankle on the same leg. If I had my hip twisted, trust me, I would not be able to walk with my left leg. Fortunately, my left leg was my strongest leg. So I was able to push on forward.

Eventually, we climbed too far into the forest. How did we know? Because we could only see forest for miles. Luckily, my optimism saved us, and we went back in a straight line. How we knew we were going the right way? Because we passed by the same tree I fell off of and twisted my ankle. My ankle was sort of almost weak and I could have dragged it instead of going through the pain of using all my muscles properly to move it, but I was taught by my father that every time there was a muscle injury on your body you had to work on it in the proper way until it did not hurt anymore. It was worth it. My sister and I came back to the house, safely, besides the thorns that scratched across our legs on the way through the forest. My sister and I decided to go inside and relax. We watched some Two and a Half-Men, which was a first for us because our parents (mostly my mother) did not approve of that show. Though I always found it funny with its crude sexual humor. Once that was done, immediately afterwards, my father’s cell phone had started ringing. He did not know the phone number and had a strange “Who is this?” tone. Immediately I was interested in who was calling. Turns out my sister, Patricia, had signed up for a modeling audition and was given the information for her area. A little shocked, excited, and revolted, I gawked and was surprised.

My sister told me the reason she was doing it was because she could make a little extra money. The thought sunk into my head for awhile, until it was surprised with another thought. My parents were leaving the house for three hours. Which immediately meant, more available play time. I played some Guitar Hero 3 and then a little bit of Black Ops. Then my brother and I went to sleep. I also tested on the computer in the office room and found out it could play Minecraft on a decent frame rate. This time, instead of sleeping in my usual room, my brother and I slept in the basement for fun. It was comfortable plus I had the Wii downstairs to myself just encase I wanted it. I did not in the future, but it was an amazing, comfortable sleep time in the basement.

That was pretty much my Saturday. I think today was long and interesting, so if you got THIS far, then kudos to you. You are an awesome person and I thank you for it. Have a great day wherever you are! Bye!


Moodiness Takes Over Temporarily

I feel like Mad-Eye Moody. I feel a bit bi-polar, even though I’m not. I just don’t seem excited about much things anymore. I’m still ranting on about. the plastic plates that we were eating cereal and milk from, especially when I can still chew off the edge of the bowl. Plus, I’m still going on about the water that we’re drinking over here. It tastes completely like pool water. Even adding ice still makes it taste more like pool water. Sometimes, I just feel like it was just me and the Harry Potter series. After waking a beautiful sleep last night, I read Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix for a short time and got near to page 600. I think I was at page 577. My mom had finished the Sorcerer’s Stone and is now moving to the Chamber of Secrets. My brother though has been just reading bits of pieces of the Sorcerer’s Stone and than moved on quickly to the Chamber of Secrets.

While having to ignore that and control my anger on Matthew, I decided to calm myself down and just relax on the bed. Unfortunately, my sister, Anabelle, and Rachael was making such a big noise across the house that I knew from that point on, I was not going to have a chance in sleeping or resting any time soon, unless they could calm down. Joshua was constantly whining and making such annoying crying noises. Sometimes that boy can behave. But, in most cases, he acts (I’m not saying he is) like a selfish brat.

So, under all of that stress and annoying noises, I decided to write on my new book I’m working on since I have no chance in writing on my old book that I have told you guys about . . . the Troughs. Unfortunately, I didn’t feel like I was doing a great job, and I was just bored. Why?! I was thinking to myself constantly. I was not satisfied at all. Had I been selfish? Was I acting selfish? To me I felt like I was doing the write thing and trying not to be selfish brat. Hours passed of constant boredom, and I still felt no difference. Eventually when my mom said we were going to Marshalls and I had to reluctantly go, I admitted that I was moody . . . again. I felt like I was going to burst of stress. When we left to Marshalls, I was the utmost disgusted by the kind of artful designs they had on the dresses and clothing.

They had no taste, or at least it wasn’t my taste. The only interesting artifact and dress I could find was this one dress with polyester fabric and had red spots sprayed across the dress. Also what I found that was interesting was this blue colored shell that was amazingly huge and had big spikes. I didn’t feel moody afterwards when we went to books-a-million. It had the whole collection of Harry Potter books in hard cover or paperback and Percy Jackson series. Ah . . . I remember the good times . . . the times when I read those set of books the first time. It was such a good idea. Now that I think back, it was the best book I’ve ever read in my experience (my reading experience isn’t well, so don’t immediately think it’s good for you).

I decided, out of the blue, to take some pictures of my laptop so you can get a better idea on how it looks…

101_0444  101_0443

Come On School, Make Things Challenging For Me Again

Well, I’ve officially decided I might want to post about today, instead just about the crappy news. Though, it’s pretty late… wondering what I’ll do. Anyways, I had a dream that I was this sort of human chameleon. In a figure of a brick wall made in the 80’s. When I was walking around, everybody looked at me so daringly. One of them almost looked like they wanted my autograph or something. I passed by hundreds of crowds, ignoring their daring looks, until this black, hairy figure dude was in front of my way. My words swept by me, and I said to move along. The person looked up, and immediately, I could tell it was Michael Jackson, the super star of hip-hop. I wanted to bow down to him, and his worthy 90’s hip-hop costume. But, my words swept through me, and I said for him to walk away, and to keep his hip-hop to himself.

Okay, in the mind, I’m standing there thinking WHAT THE HELL HAVE I DONE???!!! He was the hit of hip-hop I should slap myself for that. Than the dream faded away, and it shifted me to the Grand Canyon, it was almost like I was using Floo Powder from Harry Potter. There Michael Jackson was there, along with Jay-Z. I think I was zoomed all the way back to 2004 or something, because people we’re regular clothes, and using normal hair, besides Michael Jackson. The dream shifted again, and this time, I was on the edge of the Eiffel Tower, or I was. I saw G.I.JOE playing under me, and then they shot the nuclear chemical at the Eiffel Tower (just like in the movie). I fell off, but than time froze and I hit the ground slowly. Michael Jackson walked up behind me out of nowhere, and said, “do you wanna dance until you die?”

The only words that came out of my controlled mouth were  “FUCK YEAH!”. We danced for about 3 hours, at least that’s what I thought coming from the fact that we were sweaty, and my eyes were bloodshot red. Than, eventually, I won the competition, the crowd was admiring me, and then said that hip-hop rules, and rock n’ roll, along with metal, sucked. I felt so angry, I actually emerged out of my human chameleon body, and I said “FUCK NO!”. I grabbed a guitar, all my band players were there, and we rocked the house. For about 40 minutes. Michael Jackson, and my used to be body exploded of total rockness. Michael Cera and Anna Kendrick showed up, and said I passed the next level, and that they would be meeting me soon another time. The dream stopped, and I knew it was the end. It was too bad, I was having a great time having fun. But, it ended.

I went towards the computer, and blessed God for keeping mom at work for so long. I had 14 lessons on a Research Essay, well, I already did an essay, plus, my teacher Ms. Lauen told me that I needed to complete the unit. So, I did, no big thing I did really. Afterwards, school started to get boring again. Oh, and yeah, it’s the first time I’ve actually tried coloring my letters, I hope it helps my blog. Yep. So, when I was done, I decided to bring a knife for some stupid reason, upstairs in my room, and act as if I was in Modern Warfare stabbing people with a knife. What kind of imagination is that? Lol. Although, when I was imagining my little sister, Anabelle caught me and said, what’re you doing with that thing, and I just ignored her until she went away. I went back to school, went through Science fast, and last but not least, note things down about Russia’s old history as government for an hour and a half.

Nothing really interesting. COME ON SCHOOL, you can do better than that. Give me essays, more work. Come on. Well, let’s get to the bottom of this. Nothing really interesting happened, and I’ll have to figure out some time to put pictures for you all, because the dull sky outside just made me smile, and I wanted to show it with you all. But, besides the dull sky, my parents were watching recorded American Idols, while I was sitting plump on my seat studying. Oh yeah, and my friend Shahnoor Dhanani, yeah, we went into Myyearbook, and started video chatting, and if Nayyir sees this and gets jealous, let me only tell you we had fun… playing Chess and all sorts of other things. When I finished school, I gazed at the sky for awhile, until I started to see a dark figure in the bushes.

I looked away, and went to some other business. I read Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, damn, the book is so good. In just 10 minutes I managed to get to page 54. Not so fast, but successful for me. 😀

My Parents Are Taking Over

Well, yeah, today is Sunday. Church day! So, during 1 in the morning, I made a plan to go on my computer before going to church and bringing it. Well, the plan didn’t work to well, since two days ago when I was waiting on Saturday to get a hold of that computer, and I didn’t get too much sleep. So, instead my dad had to wake me up around 8 am. It was weird, because we were supposed to wake up around 7 or 6.But, anyways, when we woke up than, I asked my parents why we were waking up so late, and they said it was leadership room day. Well, for Patricia, Matthew and Anabelle that’s what today meant, for my parents and I it meant that we have host team. Though, I’m not really in the host team, I just help my dad and steal doughnuts. Lol.

Once we got all our fancy clothings on, I put on my black socks and set to the car. I’m thinking once I’m 16 or 17 I’ll get a car and be able to drive to church instead of having my parents drive me there. Though, it’s not like I hate my parents driving me around a lot. I just wanna see how it feels to drive on my own in the future. When we got to the church, my dad was throwing a sissy feat at my mom, and she just couldn’t take it. So, I tried comforting her and asked her what was on her mind. She said the f word in the end of her sentence, which kind of startled me, but it was kind of normal. I used to cuss so much outside, I don’t get why I’m startled. But, okay. When we got inside, and I decided to skip the 11 o’clock Transit service, I went with mom and dad to the Host team room. If Prima’s reading this, than yes, that”s where I was when I was chatting with you. When I was in there chatting, two grownups came passed me and said in surprise “that’s a Netbook?!”

I loved kind of being the abnormal person in church. Being 11, and carrying a Netbook, while being wired into it. Plus, when I went to go get a doughnut (that’s when my parents went and took care of the big halls), this grownup man (whom I’ve seen a lot) walked up to the sink and said “that’s a Netbook if I’m right.”. I said yeah, he asked for the logo and also what service or something. I told him Gateway and Windows 7. He said it was pretty cool to be at my age and own that laptop. But just when he said that I was lucky to have parents that cared for me enough to buy it, I just had to correct him and tell him that I spent half the cost too. The man, started getting into other important things than, and I decided to walk around the church, for no reason. During service (basically, the time when the preacher spoke to the many thousands of crowds), I was typing on my computer and chatting with another friend. By than, my dad got onto my computer and basically took everything under his control. When I told him specifically that I wanted him to do the theme, he was checking, and deleting programs left and right. Pus, he put his user in control of the whole computer and found this option to put time limits onto my computer.

Basically, if I tried logging in onto my Netbook when they said I wasn’t supposed to, it would block me. So, that was the crappy part as well. When we got from church, Christian was outside, except shaved BALD. He looked so much like Eminem. Except for the eye brows. He started getting rude and in his ungrateful attitude. So, I just ignored him and went to the little kids. What I didn’t expect was that they said Ms. Kacey, the person who banned us from our own clubhouse, told them they couldn’t spend time with me. It was outrageous, I went to talk to Savino’s mom, until my dad and mom came around, and we talked. Unfortunately, Savino’s mom wasn’t responsible, and said that what Ms. Kacey actually meant to say was to not play with me in there. Which was weird but okay, so the kids and I rode around in bikes. I talked with Nicholas about some horror movies, and I talked with Logan about Wizard 101, my guitar teacher came around, and told me that I’d need to bring back his acoustic guitar. I eventually did, and I brought my electric guitar for training. We went into some major tips like the pentatonic scale and all. But, when I showed him that I knew how to play Yesterday, by the Beatles, and Dream On, by Aerosmith, he was so amazed, he said he’ll need to research some songs for me, at my level, so practice was short.

I noted what he said, and helped clean up the house. Eventually, I found out that Patricia’s friend walked up to me, and wanted me to introduce her to her new friend. Well, um… I couldn’t see her so well in the sunlight, but I only caught a glimpse of her covered in a jacket you would only wear if you lived in Siberia. Well, the day ended softly, the grownups came, we had a party, they left, and we were sent to bed. Tomorrow, I’m reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

I For The First Time In My Life Feel That I Can Rely On Friends More Than My Family

Yes, I had loads of homework to do today. Even though, the weather outside was frightful, and my dear is still learning. As long as you occupy my so, let it learn, let it learn, let it learn. Get me? It’s a song. Anyways, first thing I did was Social Studies. I had an essay about Russia, and I had to both plan, and outline it. I had to write about 4 pages about it’s environmental problems, and how it should be improved. After that, I had to study on a quote some Russian dude wrote that was important towards Moscow (and if you don’t know what Moscow is, it’s a special city/state in Russia). Once I finished with Social Studies, I moved on to Math.

Math, let me just say, it was a piece of cake. So, I’m probably not going to mention it. Literature was easy today, and the rest of school, except for my GUM semester assessment test. I had about 50 questions though, and got them all correct. Go for me! Oh, and I hanged around with Simon, Christian and King. I may have mentioned a post about him. I don’t exactly remember. Christian and I were enjoying the snow like little babies that just went into the world. We threw snowballs on Simon, and tripped King on the ice. Lol. It was really hilarious. Oh, and our river is freezing up pretty well. But, not as good. So, when I went inside (it was 7 PM), I played Mexican Train with mom, dad, and my brother: Matthew. I went into a lot of arguments. I officially feel like I can’t trust them. I’m too tired, so this post isn’t going to be long. Sorry.

Snow Has Started Strong This Time

Well, today, I was actually looking up to myself. Good grades. I passed my Math test 100% and also passed my GUM (Grammar Using Mechanics) review test by 100%. I am doing good as far as I know. Also, in the past week, I also wrote down about 10 pages for my book. Well, it’s really not much. But, if you write books through Microsoft Word, than let me tell you they have long pages. Plus, mom keeps kicking me off since she needs to use her Russian Facebook, Facebook, and also use her e-mail account for business. So, anyways, after feeling good about myself I was told from the school that for my subjects, if I wanted 100% in progress on OLS (On Line School), I would need to have all of my subjects at 50% completion. I had Math about 60%, and the rest of the subjects except for Social Studies and GUM were higher than 50%. GUM and Social Studies on the other hand, have only 50%. So, I’m at the edge for those two. I was also told that I was getting results for my brochure on January 10. Which is two days from now. The day my exams start.

I just hope I finish them, and get good grades as well as my travel brochure. After looking through my k-mails, I took care of some of my homework for my subjects. Math was really easy today, especially since I was learning about the same thing yesterday. Social Studies was especially easy except for the fact that I had to learn a sentence in Russian for today. Oh and I may have forgotten to mention that for the past three days I’ve been studying Russia for Social Studies. It’s really not that interesting, except for the fact that Joseph Stalin was a dictator, which didn’t really surprise me since he helped Adolf Hitler during WW2. Literature was extra hard. Lot’s of homework. I had an essay on the poet called Tina Tocco. I had to write about 5 paragraphs about her, and 3 paragraphs about my opinion towards her. After that, I than had to read about Beethoven. I think I had to read about 30 pages to research him. After I was done reading about Beethoven, I had to write a report about him, and then was asked some questions about how Beethoven was described. Once that was over, I had to read another writing by Ludwig (the author of Beethoven).

Finally, the lesson was done. It almost felt like taking two essays at the same time. 🙂 After that, I became so stressed with Science, I decided to just go through it fast. I had an essay about the weather on Science. It took about 4 hours to write 4 pages of artificial weather stuff like convection, conduction and then some other wind parts like the hemispheres, and the layers of the air. It wasn’t really hard except for the fact that it overwhelmed knowing that Patricia’s friend was having Patricia over at 7 PM playing.

Okay, now what happened on Sunday (December 9, 2010). Well, Patricia’s friend, as usual, she came over with us to church. Which still bugged me because she kept poking me, and trying to teach Patricia how to giggle like all girls would do when a boy asked them out. Sick. Let me just say, it was hell until I arrived at my group. Turns out, my class (if they pay) will be able to go over to August’s house for the event in our group (which is now called instead, Transit, except for Xtreme) called Walking Wisely Weekend. I think the initials would be WWW. 😆 Mom tried to persuade or try to ask Ms. Ginger, Michael’s mom, if Michael can come with me to this awesome trip to a sandy beach where a bunch of preachers, pastors, and bands will be performing on a beach. But, that was until July. I had to worry about Walking Wisely Weekend. The admission was 95$ for early entries. Late entries would be 135$. After church, Patricia’s friend was making some smart ass remarks, so she could look cool. I just hung out with Christian, my dear friend in the neighborhood, and then set off to Theirry (the sound might make you think it’s Terry, but I figured that’s how his real name is spelled), Marvin, and Kerry’s house. They actually invited us inside. Well, their dad did.

We watched Rush Hour 2, and then later, Christian left, so I was just chatting with Kerry about how the sound affects in Rush Hour 2 we’re totally fake. Later, when it started to get dark, I left home. Somehow, I felt a huge lump of fear in my stomach. Don’t really know why. I filled it with orange soda, not fear. Lol. My parents were in the middle of talking to a bunch of couples, so I knew they were busy. I just waited for them to go, and then I started talking to them. I watched Terminator 3 Rise of The Machines, and then also Wipeout. Wipeout though became boring once half of the show started. Afterwards, we were sent to bed, unfortunately, Matthew was too energetic, so he couldn’t sleep. But, then he noticed something outside, and screamed it from the top of his lungs. IT WAS SNOWING. In just 30 minute the snow was packed. My dad’s car was packed, I told mom and dad, and they were in shock as well. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take pictures since the snow covered the windows, and I didn’t want to get cold going outside in my boxers. Lol.