Biology Test and Another Crush?

Hey guys! Andrew here! Bringing you another post of my daily life. Last post, I did a Vine video presentation for you. I felt like that video was entertaining, so I have decided to give you guys another Vine video to present. I might present another one next post, but then that’ll be it with the Vine videos. So for today, enjoy your Vine video!

So to the day. Today wasn’t such a relaxing day as yesterday. Today was the day of the big Biology test. I really wanted to make an A on it, but I had to study a lot because we were going over all the topics we discussed so far in the year. Biomes. Ecology. Characteristics of Life. So on. Unfortunately, I lost my Lab Book. Which was my #1 source for studying. So I had to study on what I had that was NOT in the Lab Book, which was very few stuff since my Lab Book had everything we did in Biology.

I had my Mom drive me to school again early so I could tell Mrs. Cabral about this (she’s my Biology teacher). At first when I arrived the building, she was not in her class. The class was locked and pitch black inside through the tall rectangular window. After 15 minutes, she arrived and I approached her. Turns out I left my Lab Book in the class, so gladly I picked it up and went to P.E. (my first period [first class]). Today we did 4 laps around the Gymnasium Upper Level, which wasn’t so bad regarding I’m in Cross Country. I was in front of many most of the time and I also overlapped a few. Then we went downstairs after our 4 laps to do Lunge walks and then we could “join in” which meant do whatever we want in the Gymnasium like Basketball, Soccer, walking. I decided to do some Soccer. I made no goal unsuccessfully due to the lack of feeling I have now for Soccer. I’m gonna go for it again tomorrow if Basketball does not want to cooperate with me.

Once P.E. was over, I went to Language Arts. Nothing much happened except more homework and more terms we had to study on. We had to read 3 pieces of a book for homework. 1 for today. 1 for tomorrow in class. And 1 for tomorrow’s homework at home. So yeah, gotta love the homework!

Next class was Biology. I was pretty nervous. Not to the point like I always am when I’m waiting for Cross Country in Digital Technology and I get sick to my stomach. No, I just was nervous because the teacher announced she was going to put anybody who got A’s on the test on a black board for excellence. I really wanted that opportunity to shine. Call me selfish, I just really need my grades as high as possible. I took the Biology test and to be truthful it wasn’t so hard. I mean there were a few questions that tripped me up that I was worried about, but I felt like I retained most of the information. I just don’t want to jinx anything.

Math was hard today. We had to learn a new step. Solving equations with 3 variables and 3 equations. A lot of work just for one piece. It was really frustrating because if you messed up one sign or one step all the other steps would mess up too and you would have to start from the beginning. I had homework with 8 problems on the studying we did today. It was frustrating. Though, my friend Vanessa told me something. The blonde girl I had been joking with across the class had been staring at me or looking at me constantly when I wasn’t. Vanessa believed that this girl had a crush on me. I felt like it wasn’t true, but now it slowly made sense to me. She kept looking at me and giving me funny looks. I tried not to focus too much on it, so I ignored it.

French was awesome. Not for others, though. Mrs. Bier (the French teacher) got angry at a lot of people for slacking off and that’s what they’ve been doing. Slacking off the past week. Thinking it’s cool to slack off and get bad grades. Go back to middle-school slackers. This is high-school. Is what I would’ve said to them or what I should say to them. I was given one “Bravo” card for being an excellent student in class and my friend Casey got one too. But he didn’t want it, so he gave it to me. I got 2 bravo cards and was ahead of the class.

Digital Technology wasn’t fun at all. We worked on the project and I had some very interesting information revealed to me both from my partners on the side of my desk and from the salary and money my job made and required in order to be applied in. It was a real eye-opener.

Cross Country was nice despite all the other boring and uninteresting subjects we had to work on today. We had a Recovery run today which meant that we were doing 45-55 minutes of nonstop running from the school to this area 3 miles away and then to run back. It was relaxing after the 400 meter hill run we did yesterday. I got to run with Couch V most of the time and my new friend Amosasee. I don’t know how to spell his name, but if you pronounce it the way I spelled it it sounds exactly the same. I’ll have to get his name on a piece of paper to remember. Couch V is really nice. She’s my favorite couch out of the 3 other couches. She’s friendly and I feel safe around her. I don’t know why, I just do. She’s also really good at encouraging me whenever I improve on something, so of course that goes into key factor.

Once I arrived back home I played a little bit of Minecraft and Joanna came over and watched me play a little bit. Then I did my homework until 10 o’clock. Then I slept, which is why this was post the day after the day I’m actually posting about, but it’ll still say on the post date that it’s on the day I’m still talking about. All the events have led up to now.

Enjoy your time wherever you are! Bye!

Just A Short Post To Get It Over With

Well, today was… I don’t know VERY surprising. I was playing around when I was studying Literature. Really? I was the top manager of Reading. Being focused and all. Now I’m disgracing it because I can’t get anymore interesting books to read. I just wanna flush back time and go back to the time I read the first Percy Jackson book. Yeah, those were the good times. Anyways, I went directly to the computer to study on some group I heard about in Science in today’s lesson about Fossils. Took about an hour for me to retain 21 paragraphs of meaningless biographies.

I passed Social Studies because I took a lot of notes, seriously, I think I focus more on getting Social Studies good scores. Lol.

Failed a test on Science, redone it, and got a 89.4%.

Got a good 100% score for Vocabulary.

Another 100% for beating the easiest lesson in Geometry class.

After that, the rest of the day made me feel bad, I was so depressed for some reason. Ah, well, that’s all I remember. See ya.

What A Freaking Awesome Day

Well, this morning I woke up around 7 (to my luck), and I really didn’t have any intention to go to sleep. So, I mentally celebrated my ‘final wake up around 7’ party. It was awesome, though my mind could only enjoy it. Lol. Anyways, I had an elluminate around 8 with my ELA (English Language Arts) teacher. Which I knew was going to be awesome, though we were soon changing teachers since some new ones decided to sign up for Georgia Cyber Academy. So, no luck for, unless I get a really good Math teacher. We had some problems the first time we met, but, then she turned out pretty cool. But, I pray that I receive an awesome Math teacher.

Soon enough, it took just 3 hours to get around to my last 2 subjects. My dad doubted I was finishing that fast. But, it was the truth. It took my an hour to jot down my notes for today’s social studies (because we were studying on Latin America) and then it took another hour for Science because I had to test some minerals and then review them in a significant order. Then, GUM and Strategies for Success both took 30 minutes, which concluded to 3 hours. I decided to take a break and start reading my book (Percy Jackson The Titan’s Curse). But, I just decided to read the author’s biography, Rick Riordan. It was kind of awesome that he had 2 sons, same with my parents. But, then I knew soon enough I had to finish the rest of my school.

But, before I could finish anything else, I had a Math elluminate on prime numbers and something else… but I can’t remember. Though, I passed it like a farmer harvesting eggs. I hope to Nayyir he passed whatever he was taught. Anyways, soon enough I had a Science elluminate, but we were studying on different erosions and weathering. What would be very convenient if you would put one of the answers in the comments. Now, lets get that out of the way, I soon got Math done, it was easy because I was comparing decimals only. Moving on. Once I was done with school my dad said before my mom comes home I clean a little bit. But, instead I give him the usual reaction, no. Lol.

So, you and I have to say it’s MY fault. Well, technically, it’s not, but I don’t wanna go into anymore details. Soon I was told by my dad to help him put some boxes before my mom came (sorry though for the chronological order mess up, I just felt the need to change the time a bit..). I was only able to carry 4 boxes up the ladder, toward the attic. I wish I could give you a picture, but my dad’s laptop screen is broken and I can’t put pictures anywhere else. So, when we got done, all my dad could tell me was that grownups were coming. Basically, I needed to go into babysitting position. Luckily, he said there were going to be about 5 grownups. Lets just pray I get more, because the more I get, the more money I earn (but I figured out I wasn’t getting paid).

Once 7:00 pm strolled in 2 couples already arrived. One of them (which is Ms. Danna [my personal favorite]) didn’t bring her husband, which was too much of a boo, but then she said he was coming, except in his own car. The next 30 minutes TONS of couples strolled in our house. I’d say about 12 people in the house. Now, with that much I could have a party, but I had to do my duties and not get a ahead of myself. Soon enough, some Asian couple arrived. Which I have to say, I LOVE ASIANS. Especially Japanese. Though, they looked more Chinese, but I’ll ask mom tomorrow. They brought their daughter as well. She was beautiful, though she was only 2 years old. But, what the heck, I love babies.

A few hours went by and the baby barely talked. She was more nervous than I thought. But, then my sister and I started talking to her. And she eventually cracked up. She started talking like crazy. But, I couldn’t stand the little girl’s accent, it sounded so cute. Though, the only thing that irritated me was the fact that I had to make sure I showed no violence toward my brother (Matthew) in front of her. So, that was a problem. Matthew was grinning with glee just to irritate me. I hated him so much then, but then I snapped. I tried to explain to her Matthew was misbehaving, but I hardly cared if she was paying attention. I pulled Matthew my mom’s bed and put him in time out in my room until the grownups left. Don’t know how I got the parenting talent.