Mall of Georgia (With Friends)

It was a very good day overall. I woke up early in the morning because my sister, Patricia, woke me up because I was asked outside from my neighbors. I end up taking a T-shirt, some shorts, and a pair of flip-flops. I was tired out of my mind. 😦 When I arrived outside, my best friend, Simon told me I looked drunk and the other neighbors agreed to. I called my beastly best friend, Mary Kate Billings, and talked with her over the phone while I was talking to the neighbors in my front yard. Eventually Mary had to hang up her phone and our neighbors’ bus came so we all dismissed ourselves to our own business.

Mom, Patricia, and I set ourselves up for Mall of Georgia material. I don’t know xD. And we took two baby blankets with us, along with 2$ because the school said we required those items. It took us about 35 or 40 minutes to drive there, eventually stop for gas, and keep going. I haven’t seen the Mall of Georgia. Think about it . . . Georgia’s a big state. And they have BIG things. So, I don’t know. I’m guessing the place is big? And big it was. But not as big as I expected. There was a Christopher Columbus statue on the very tippy top of the Mall. My sister and I entered the mall, with millions of butterflies in our stomach.

We both had a sense in our minds that there were gonna be a lot of people. Last time we went to the SM event about 6 days ago, there were about 3,000 people there! I was surprised too! 11 Action News or however you say it came to interview some teachers and the school principal, Matt Arkin. I’ve met and talked with him plenty of times ;).

So anyway, back to what happened. My Mom, Patricia, and I entered into the Mall of Georgia. We went to buy another blanket from Old Navy for some reason and then went directly to the Food Court in the Mall of Georgia. There! I saw a lot of people. Not SO much, that it would overflow. But a good amount. I saw Mary Kate Billings (btw, her hair is FLUFFY!), Nayyir eventually, and a girl I knew about a month or two ago called Lily. I also saw Shelby, as expected. 😀 I ended up in another group with a bunch of girls. I was the only guy there. The girls mentioned it a good few times. Though, I was trying to be nice and calm. I’m okay with having an all girl group but I get really annoyed when a girl group keeps mentioning I’m the only boy in the group.

One of them asked my name on FB. I said it was a fake name, and she said it was stupid as a joke and then tried asking anyone else. Nayyir came up to me and slapped me in the head cause our group arrived first. Which was kind of random, but OKAY. 🙂 Our group was first place at first. But then another late group came in and beat us. Oh and we had a scavenger hunt competition with money. I finally got to talk to Mary Kate Billings when Lily was finally out of the picture. Let me tell you! Her humor is a LOT more hilarious in person! 😀 After that, I got Shelby’s e-mail because she wanted to talk to me and then I went home to do school, and that was pretty much it. No outside as much. Small day. 🙂



Well, this morning I woke up reluctantly for some reason. I was in bed, and then in the middle of my dream my brain decided to wake up and get up. So, I just agreed reluctantly. Luckily, I’m not one of those half teenagers who bend their backs of boredom. I’m usually straight and cool. I put my clothes on, brushed my teeth. Then, started picking on my zits. Speaking of which, have any of you have zits? because I have a load of them on my face. Though, you wouldn’t notice, they’re small. Lol. Once 11 am struck I was already 3/4 to nailing all of my school subjects. I didn’t really find any subject really interesting besides Social Studies which I had to write a whole lot more notes of Latin America.

When I had to do one of my Science elluminates, my homeroom teacher (Ms. Lauen) let us have the chat, which is really fortunate. Usually Dr. Brad Johnson is the only one giving us chat. But, I just went with it. I was able to chat with somebody I knew from last elluminate yesterday. Her name was Elizabeth. We constantly started talking about things we had in common like, liking Owl City and Linkin Park. It’s not weird, it’s just that I was curious what she liked. Until she started chatting with this guy called Hunter, which I hardly cared. Then, this other girl gives me a secret message. It’s basically a message that’s in blue bold that’s only sent to you and nobody else can see it.

Then, I just decided to chat back with her. Her name was Sydney. Though, I’ve never heard of her or seen her in any elluminates and she just starts sending me chat messages. I didn’t keep my chat screen invisible. So, Elizabeth noticed, and found it was pretty interesting. Though, I bet that Elizabeth thought I was talking to myself. But, I don’t care. Finally the teacher (Ms. Lauen) said to break up the chat and go to studying. We were studying different kinds of… um… I couldn’t remember. Um… oh yeah! Soil. How it erodes and all, and how it performs it’s talent. We got off immediately when 30 minutes struck. For some reason, the scientists/teachers that teach Science always take 30 minutes of elluminate. Which kind of sucks. Because I like chatting and learning. But, what you have to lose?

Later on, Nayyir called me and we started talking about new ways we can make our songs for the band. But, then when I was in the middle of finishing my last subject, I needed to do number 2. I hope you know what that means in bathroom language. But, I’m not going to translate it. I had to hold it, and it felt so bad!! I pleaded help by my mom. But, she needed to get dressed. So, I waited for an awful 15 minutes. It hurts so bad. But, then my mom came out the next few minutes and I cooled. Once I was done with all of my school, I decided to do Study Island. But, then I remembered I already did it. So, I kept thinking of the possible stuff my mom could ask I’ve done. But, when I was done I realized I had nothing left to do except kick back and relax.

I decided to write on my book, but then Patricia’s friends came. Patricia was SO close to showing one of our early videos in the past. I did NOT want that to be shown. So, I made sure of it. When we went to quiet time, I was more in the mood for jokes. But, it didn’t help my mom. Afterwards, I watched Terminator. But, when we were SO close to finishing, my whole shelf fell. Luckily, Matthew, Patricia and Anabelle moved or else they would’ve instantly gotten hurt. We had to go into loud shock. But, when we got it done I read some Percy Jackson. Then, went to bed. Good night to ya’ll.