I Know This Is Going To Be Good

Well, today was little, I don’t know, normal I guess. Today I was checking my k-mails for school and found out an interesting 2 facts. Turns out, our principal made a Principal’s pen on Youtube. I thought it sounded ridiculous, but, I’m telling you. He sounded really good with his words, it was like he was meant to be a principal. I also figured that our school will be starting sports. Finally. I’ve been waiting for this for so long. I’ll probably start the basketball team since that’s the first sport starting Winter season. Though, I was looking forward to doing Soccer. Unfortunately, that’s starting around the Spring season. Sucks right? The only problem was that each student that participated for each season of sports has to pay a fee of 100$. Just as I expected. Though, it is a good idea, since the school needs money for more language classes.

Although, only ALP Middle schoolers are allowed to learn a language. I would’ve wanted to learn how to speak Japanese or Hindu. But, that’s not in my reach of choices is it? I talked with my dad about participating in a sport in the upcoming seasons. He said he’ll think about it. Well, that’s at least better than having to put up with a no. So, I continued with my school. I had to get off, because I had to deal with getting into Matthew’s proper elluminates. It took about 10 minutes to find the right Language Arts elluminate, since Matthew’s teacher was too busy to help, because of ‘conferences’. I got him to the right class, and then moved on to my school. I learned about Europe’s diseases happening, which I really feel bad for. I wonder how bad the diseases were during the French Revolution.

I had to yet deal with finding another elluminate for Matthew, while constantly remembering about both Resident Evil Afterlife and Harry Potter the Deathly Hallows. CURSE YOU SNAPE!!!! 🙂 I went on with school until it came to an end. I wanted to hurl and take a nap. But, I was just to energetic to be in that mood. So, Simon invited over at his house and asked if I would want to buy these Scented Candles for Orchestra back at his school. I felt sorry for a few seconds, but then again, we bought bon bons from him already. I ain’t spending again for him. So, instead I decided to help him advertise throughout the neighborhood about the Scented Candles sales. Turns out, when I came outside and got my shoes ready, my mom came out of nowhere and said they had to pick up dad. But, I wanted to help Simon with the sales. So, I asked to stay with him while they got dad. So far, we only got 7 sales, that quick, and then we asked for ice-cream. I shared with my brother, oddly.

Afterwards, I went inside, and watched the recording of Glee Rocky Horror. Disturbing to know that someone was going to be in underwear during the play. Ugh.

The Trip Was Worth It

July 10, 2010
Well, if you’re looking for an error, look at me. I got messed up. My morning wake-up wasn’t pleasant. I woke up, rough-headed and feeling hard-cored. Well, I knew the good thing that tomorrow was the World Cup finals (though, I just watched it [I’ll give you the details tomorrow]). That actually supported me to a good mood. Instead of a frown face. Anyways, I knew today we were leaving. But, around 10 in the morning. I thought it was about 7 in the morning by now. But, the mornings in Florida are pretty hard to tell from because they are always… sunny. Well, we were leaving. Which was weird because when I looked at the Tivo box, it was only 8 in the morning. But, my mom said we had to leave as fast as possible. Well, the fastest, the earliest we get home.

Once, we got on the car, our friends were waving good bye. Well, I waved back. But, still felt happy to be going home. But, once we left, it took us an hour to find a good store to get breakfast. We got um… some breakfast good ones. But unfortunately, the rip SOO long we decided to take several naps. Than, we had to wait ti’ll 4 in the afternoon to get lunch. If I’m right, we had Twilight vanilla milkshake, Twilight big, small and medium size fries, a Dk burger, Kids Burger and a strawberry milkshake. Pretty long list for actually a very cheap price. Lol. Reminds me of buying games with a Game Stop card. Lol. Well, my mom was predicting the trip to take all the way ti’ll 6:30 PM. Well, she was partially right. But, did I care?! No! once I saw our beautiful close by park and Walmart I was excited. Than, I saw the place where I threw a rock and hit a car. Ah memories. Lol.

Once I got in the street. I saw a bunch of people down there. I could already predict who was it. King, Savino and Simon. But, I was wrong. Alex was there (and he got a haircut) and Simon was at home. Once, they saw my car, they were all surprised. Wanting to scream out of happiness. But, I didn’t really predict their faces very well. Alex was actually being REALLY rude. But, I ignored whenever he did that. Oh and guess what? My mom’s birthday is next Sunday and Alex’s is next Monday if I’m correct. Alex is turning actually 13 my mom, I don’t know. She likes keeping that private. Anyways, everybody was happy to see me. Especially, King. I wanted to see if Alicia was out so I could try to talk to her about the problems I had to solve between us. But, unfortunately, she was in Kentucky. That’s too bad. Well, Simon came out, with a drunken t-shirt I guess. We gave each other a greeting. And eventually, he asked if he could try to do a move on me. I said sure. Life went on. Lol.

Well, once we got up the street, we went to Nicholous’s house. He wasn’t surprising me. He was giving these dumb gestures. But, that was his way. Unfortunately, I had to go home because it was already 9 at evening. Alex was still playing Uno with Nicholous. I wonder while I was chatting with King if they were still there. Hmm… 😕