Perfume Business and Harry Potter

Today was a bit dramatic and irritating for me. Rachael and Anabelle made obnoxious noises that kept me up from 4 AM, till 9 AM, without sleep. It may not seem like much to you, but, since I haven’t gotten used to waking up early in the morning anymore, this made me extremely tired and vague. My eyes blurred up everything, and I felt slightly light headed. So, when Rachael and Anabelle left the extremely small room to go outside and eat breakfast, along with everybody else, I decided to take a short nap. The cool part was the fact that I had a dream. After such a long time!

I was in a picture. Holding a pickaxe and a hog’s head (ironically, there’s a chapter from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix that is called the hog’s head), and grinning rather reluctantly. It sort of made feel powerful and muscular. Well eventually, that moment ceased to exist. I dreamt about being back in the church corridor I was in yesterday during church. 5 kids were walking by . . . most of them looked tall, handsome and especially beautiful, wearing silhouette clothes.  I almost assumed this scrawny and untidy looking middle schooler was Harry Potter, so I ran up to him and wanted to say something . . . to my least expectation was that the face formed into Samara, AKA, the Ring girl. I immediately backed up and jumped out a big window. Though, jumping out of the window wasn’t my decision . . . the dream sort of made me do it, making me wake up once I fell onto the grassy floor.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to eat breakfast, unless, I wanted to take an apple or a banana. So, I just pulled a small and plump apple and read a bit more of Harry Potter. To my LEAST expectation, I got all the way near page 800, while my mom finished the Prisoner of Azkaban and moved on to the Goblet of Fire. Essentially we talked for about an hour about the book and tried to predict when the 2nd part of the Deathly Hallows book was going to be published.

I’m almost about to finish this book, which makes me feel great. Moving on to a couple of hours of reading and sitting around, eating fruits and vegetables, I decided to go into the pool. Honestly, I don’t know why my eyes are blurring up as fast and as bad as it was the first and second time I went into the pool, and had my eyes open. For the past days, dad and Eugen had been watching the Market, which started to get really annoying, so mom decided to change to That 70’s Show. I just love that show, even the old episodes are hilarious. Though, I’d still suggest no one under the age of 13 or that plans on cleansing their life early, should watch this show. It may have some inappropriate content.

My sister and Alexandra (Alexandra is talking the F.C.A.T.; sort of like the CRCT, except for Florida) made an amazingly good perfume for woman, specially, that has an beautiful aroma. I don’t remember what they called their product, but it seemed like a really relevant title and a good idea. I gave them some business ideas on how to progress all the way into a successful perfume business. I decided to be their ‘techno dude’, as Alexandra called me. Though, I wasn’t paying attention to what they said they were going to be costing the product because I was listening to the song Stuck Like Glue. I loved the song, especially that Sugarland sings it and is good at it. 😀


Girlfriend Mania!

I am sorry I couldn’t get you guys updated on what’s been happening the past days I’ve been grounded. But, let me let you know, nothing really important except for school occurred those past days. But, I eventually got un-grounded on Saturday. Plus, something rather interesting happened on Saturday.

During Saturday, I had to wake up very early so I could get some of my chores done, because I had a early exercise and than work on WiiFit (oh and yes, I do WiiFit [I mostly use it for strength exercises, such as push-ups and planks to regain my muscles. I’ve actually grown a lot of abs over the past day. Probably it’s because I’ve had abs, but haven’t been improving them. Well, I’m just trying to improve on them, because I’m so jealous of people in TV shows showing off their abs. Anyways, my early exercise was sort of boring. All I was doing was walking around the neighborhood. Though, the cold air started to pinch my cheeks, which started to make the walk a little more interesting.

After my early exercise, I started on WiiFit, and begun my training on some beginner status balance games as a warm-up. Than I moved on to the strength exercises and worked on push-ups, a couple of planks and some jackknives. After finishing some strength exercises I evaluated to the next level, and started working on some Yoga fitness exercise. The most challenging Yoga exercises was this move called the Tree and this other pose called the Cobra. I was shaking a lot, trying to hold still and maintain those poses. Though, I still was able to get a finely standardized score. I worked on my book for a couple of minutes than, and than took a nap.

Since it was Saturday, I could actually sleep in, without school to bother me. I couldn’t remember any dream coming to me in my nap. But, my nap was good. Since my sisters and brother were downstairs, and my parents were downstairs too, I was able to enjoy 3 hours of sleep without being interrupted. After my sweet nap, I felt a little dizzy and lightheaded. So, in order to get my head back in the game I had a quick snack and than placed myself on the school computer. Since my laptop wasn’t available at the time, so I used the school computer, and went on Facebook. I can’t remember exactly which of my friends out of 30 of them online I chatted with, but all I can tell you was that was sort of a boring talk. So, I briefly moved away from the computer.

I went outside afterwards, and found out that Theirry and Kerry weren’t even coming out to practice for the soccer tournament. So, when Savino came around I decided to just leave it and just practice by myself. Though, what made things worse was the fact that the drunk lady was across our field smoking, and acting high. She eventually started yelling at Anabelle on accident for her stupidness. Now, usually I’d stand up and say “what the hell is your problem?!”, but since I was angry at Anabelle for the past days giving Patricia’s friend private advice, and for being stupid, I just let it be. The drunk lady apologized and than went on with an analogy about how Anabelle committing the stupid action could’ve gotten hurt.

So, at that point, Savino and I just walked away, and ran into this grown man, doing what looked like leaping this stick into a ball. He showed us how you worked it and all, and than let us try. Whenever we’d mess up big time, he’d ask for it back, and than demonstrate to us again, except with a better concept of the thing, how to perform the action, and he did it. Well, by than, I didn’t know what he said, but he trained me a WHOLE LOT better in Soccer. We did some air kicks, head kicks, knee kicks and all. I felt replenished, or what’s the word, replete! So, after training, everybody started rolling in, and we played in our little fort thing for fun. King came around. Than, Christian which shocked me since I haven’t seen him in awhile.

Though, he was acting up way too much. I started to get more annoyed of him. Simon out of the blue than came, and Christian and I ran up to him like a bunch of puppies running to their mommy. 😛 Eventually than Logan came and everything was busy, so afterwards, I went inside, though Christian following me allover the place went inside my house without permision, only Simon was allowed to come inside. But, one of the reasons why Christian was not allowed inside was because he was going to eat a lot of pizza. And yes, I was right, he almost ate 4 slices. Are you freaking serious?

I wanted him out fast. But, he wouldn’t so I had to go outside, and wear him out, so I could than play inside the base. Eventually when 5:00 o’clock hit, I found a cute girl online Myyearbook, and we started chatting, than we started asking ourselves about what kind of bands we liked, and what sort of interests we had, and what activities we liked to do. Turns out, that she likes almost every exact detail I like, plus she thought I was cute and funny. So, we were set up as a girlfriend and boyfriend. So, far, Theirry eventually came around, and than asked if I had a girlfriend. Well, wow, I didn’t want to brag, but I said yes. I showed her to him through online, and he showed me his girlfriend through Facebook.

So, afterwards, the day got boring bla bla bla, and it ended. Oh and who thinks Nikita’s going to kick ass on Division next week? Am I right? I’m starting to like Alex and Fletcher. Though, Alex and Nikita is starting to look more like a badass.