Checking Houses and Barbecue Party

Man I’ve realized over the past posts I’ve been writing ‘that’ AND ‘that’ in my titles. I’m gonna have to eventually have one day where I’ll just have one big topic to discuss about today. Anyway, today I woke up as usual, early in the morning so I could have breakfast. But I was too lazy that I decided to stay in my bed for another hour. I mean, it’s Columbus Day for crying out loud. After this we have several classes to review over our up-coming mid-term exams. So as I slept for another 30 or 40 mins my Dad walked in my room with a very grim expression. He told me to get out of bed. And I said I didn’t want to. He said I had to. SO, I had to go through all the explaining of today and how special it was for me.

He still didn’t get it and told me to get out. So I did. The day went on and on. I just don’t feel like describing everything right now. Eventually we were going to check on a new house my Mom saw on the market on Craigslist. Oh yeah! I forgot to mention we’re moving :D. Well we’re actually renting but you know what I mean. No more drama in our neighborhood; no more depression; no MORE Patricia’s friend coming to our house. Oh my God I feel so relieved. The whole family went to see the house. It wasn’t much compared to the other 3 houses we saw. But as a matter of a fact, it was so badly spaced our Dad and Mom didn’t want us to check it out, in fear that we might criticize it in front of the house seller.

We went home after that and after a few hours everybody, except Matthew and I, left outside. We were going to another house. But unfortunately, Patricia and Anabelle wanted to hang at Patricia’s friend’s house. Yeah, that b*tch’s house. -_- I didn’t say anything about it *sigh* which I probably should have. But I went with it. Matthew and I and Mom and Dad went while Anabelle and Patricia stayed at Patricia’s friend’s house. We saw a very nice house, very nicely structured outside and nicely made downstairs and a good backyard; only problem was the room space and the fact that there were hardly any neighbors. The other benefit was the pool and park that was close by. But that didn’t really mean anything to me or Mom and Dad.

Matthew loved it by the way. But I didn’t really. I still loved the first house I saw. It was the best. After we left to go home we decided to check the first house we saw’s neighborhood. We saw a close by neighborhood next to the first house we saw’s neighborhood. We went into it and it had SO MANY intersections and roads and went on so longingly. We weren’t even able to manage to travel all the way to the end. But Mom loved the first house even more. We had finally come to the point where we were gonna go through the application processing. After that we went home and picked up the girls to go to a Barbecue Party. It was fun and all. I got to hang out with 3 of my friends. John, Sebastian, and this other girl who decided to join the party, whom I don’t remember her name.

We all acted funnily. We played some ping-pong, had brownies and sweets, along with some barbecued food. It was fun in all, though Mom didn’t like the girl that decided to join the barbecue because she didn’t help everyone with the mess that the little kids caused while we were all upstairs hanging out. Which I think is totally over-reactive of Mom. But whatever. The party eventually ended and we went home and went to bed. I still kept thinking about Paranormal Activity until I fell myself to sleep. 😀

A Simple Walk In The Park

I had a dream; a dream I cannot remember at the time but meanwhile, I’ll be talking about today. I woke up, fell back asleep again because I was too lazy to get up early, and then woke up again another hour later, went back to sleep, and repeated the whole thing over again until I decided to get out of my bed. It was around 9 o’clock when I had officially decided to wake up and get back to my life. I wasn’t allowed to eat cereal today, which is pretty odd, I had to eat oatmeal since I hadn’t eaten yesterday oatmeal when Mom hadn’t even told me about it (how was I supposed to know?). Anyway, my sister’s, Patricia and Annabelle, and my brother, Matthew, were in the leaving room, watching as Patricia was playing Super Mario Galaxy 2.

After that, Matthew started playing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 on the Wii and I just used the computer. I don’t know why, but I was not in the mood for video games. Actually I haven’t really liked playing video games at all, unless it would come to Call of Duty or some other game that would suit my taste nowadays. After that, we left to the Farmer’s Market to shop for some groceries and then came back with a hand-full of groceries. Dad watched Tennis just after we arrived and Matthew and I was hanging out with King and Savino. Nicholas came along too and then so did Logan with his brother Frankie.

Once 2 o’clock hit Mom had told my sisters, my brother, and I to come inside to eat lunch. King decided to join us, Savino irritated by that decision, decided not to come. He hung out with Nicholas outside, counting the dots of a ripstick while King, my family, and I ate rice, with chunks of spicy meats and some veggies. When we finished, Savino gave his annoying ‘pissed off’ look and bothered me the whole day with a lot of “Man! You didn’t invite me!”, “That sucks” and so on. :S Afterwards, Noah joined us for a game of bounty hunter since Simon (who had come later on in the day) and I had gotten too impatient to wait for Thierry, Kerry, and Marvin to come out side. It eventually ended when Mom said we were going to the park, in which everybody decided to come except for Logan. 😦

I was sort of disappointed that Nicholas had decided to come. He was very annoying along the way. Especially when my sisters had left with their friend Nicole to see Nicole’s brother play a football game in the Shorty Howell Suwanee Park. We came walked around the park with the whole group (Simon and I stuck together throughout the walk) and eventually came near the game field. Along we saw a lot of people we knew: Chelsea, Michael, Brandon, Patricia, Nicole, Ashley (in which she was embarrassed in front of her cheer-leader mates because Nicholas had the audacity to scream out “ASHLEY!! HI!! I LOVE YOU!”), and Annabelle. It was nice. A simple walk through the park while watching a tough, intensive football game. 🙂

Afterwards, we went home and saw Logan, Frankie, Abraham, Jojo, and this other kid I can’t properly name. Mom and Dad dropped off Simon at his house, and Nicole was inside our house, sleeping over. Okay, okay. Decent day overall. Nothing depressing or saddening about today.

Christian + Michael + Daniel Is Sleeping Over

Yes, this day was awesome, and I thank you all for still waiting on my blog, and immediately commenting on my new recovering posts. Who had a great Christmas? Wait. Christmas passed. Okay, before this post is going to start, I will want to ask you to first write in your comments what you will be doing for New Year. Well, I have a post about last year’s new year, might wanna check it out if you missed it. But, don’t worry about commenting on it, it has enough comments.

Okay, what really happened today was this. I first woke up having a huge headache, or a brain ring. It would basically pinch my ear and make a huge shrieking harmonic noise. So, during the day, I had to keep my head near Feefee (which is our Hamster’s name) and worked on my book. Okay, I’m starting to feel like I’m actually having some success in my book. Sophisticatedly, I used words that I before didn’t make sense of, until now. It’s weird. But, I don’t want to lose the feeling. So, um… I also got Mary Kate’s phone number. I’m not sure why that’s important, but I guess that was important. I worked some homework just for fun after receiving her phone number. Soon, I’ll have exams, and I need to get ready. So, I got studying on the hardest parts of Pre-Algebra. Geometry. I passed the unit already, but I’m reviewing just encase. Afterwards, I also finished my Harry Potter book yesterday (December 27, 2010). So, I started reading the 4th Harry Potter book (The Goblet of Fire). I’m starting to feel really disappointed with the 3rd book (The Prisoner of Azkaban). The movie was totally different from the book.

I just really felt dissappointing. So, I just continued on with the 4th Harry Potter book. Unfortunately, I only got 30 pages through in a minute because Christian rang my doorbell, or did he? Cause, he just walked up to me in surprise. So, me and him were training. Christian after 4 years of being away from the guitar is still good, and I am still good even though I’ve been playing for 3 years on the guitar. Afterwards, the snow was melting, and everything got blurry, Christian and I also went into a graveyard far from our neighborhood, passed our neighborhood creek, and then in the forests. Fortunately, the graveyard was not there, and behind us was this Mexican guy. Sorry for putting people in categories, because I couldn’t tell anything besides the fact that he was Mexican. We had to hide behind trees, so the guy wouldn’t notice us. Plus, the guy had a shock gun. I than thought about calling the cops, but the guy already shot a bullet toward a tree. We already figured that he knew we were here. At one point, I did the most craziest thing……….

I walked from behind the guy, and knocked him down. He wasn’t that tall, so don’t think I was invincible. Christian punched him, and I pulled the guy’s shock gun, which felt really heavy. Shot him in the stomach. It was such a loud effect. Christian and I ran, later on, mom said we were going to Walmart, and said we could bring Christian over, so, we had to go to his dad’s house, and ask him for permission. He could, and I guess it was pretty awesome. Later on, we had the idea for Christian to sleepover at my house, which to my thought at first, was CRAZY. But, at one point I agreed. BTW, Christian has only had 1 sleepover in his life. So, both of our parents agreed, and he was sleeping over. But, what made it better, was the fact that when I was in the middle of playing Raining Blood from Slayer, Michael and Daniel were sleeping over for two days, and then I was sleeping over for two days at their house. Christian and I were so amazed, we went like crazy. So, when Michael and Daniel came, all we did was play Assassin’s Creed. Not Brotherhood unfortuantely. I loved the game.

We also stayed up all night last night. I tried to finish reading the 4th Harry Potter book. But, I had really no time. I tried to make a horror scene during the sleepover. So, if you want to figure out REALLY what we did staying up last night, you’ll have to check next post.

I Imagine One Of My Worst Days

Yeah, today was partially one of my worst days, but I’ll soon get to the reason why. Today on school I had a Science elluminate with my teacher Dr. Brad Johnson (finally I can remember one of my teacher’s name). He’s really awesome, I don’t know what happened during the beginning of the class (because I was late) but he sure didn’t give us the chat in the beginning. But, then I noticed it was my homeroom teacher Erin Lauen. She’s a little more responsible, so I could understand. It was actually nice to hear her voice during the class at times. After the class I had my Social Studies elluminate. Man, when am I going to see my Language Arts teacher? I couldn’t remember her name because it was too hard or complicated for me to remember. But, I didn’t stay too much on her class because at the moment all the class was about was asking questions. So, I just left the class in the next 10 minutes.

Once I got to my math teacher who I called the worse, I tried to look confident and okay. But, instead I was nervous, even my peach face could show it. Once we started the first few minutes she sounded normal. Nice and okay. I waited a little longer and a little longer until we started doing problems one of the kids said either “do we have to do this?” “how long ti’ll we finish?”. She answered which I thought was supposed to be obvious in middle school. She said she wouldn’t stop Math because of the time until we were REALLY finished. Now, I had just come to realize, my Math teacher wasn’t so bad. She actually reminded me of my mom. At least my teachers were all good. Now, I don’t have one teacher enemy yet. I just hope it stays that way. Later on, when school was done one of our neighbors Savino came back to get his phone and his pillow and his sheets. Nobody could find his phone for days. I finally found it deep under Matthew’s bed it may have fallen when Savino slept over when I slept over at Micheal’s house. Then, our neighbor Alicia came with Nicholous to my house.

We had a great time and all. Then, Alicia had to leave during quiet time, though, I just felt like I had a bad day with having so much people around. I just didn’t want to be rude. So, yeah it was okay. Nice day, and kind of worst day.

Well This Is Driving Me Nuts!!!

July 27, 2010
Well, I’m sorry I’m publishing so late. I was hanging out at Walmart with my parents and Michael and Daniel. But, you get me? Anyways, as late as I could think, I knew once I woke up Michael, Daniel and I was going to get kicked out of the house as quick as possible. But, that didn’t matter to me. I could still keep up the hours I had right NOW. But, lets get that out of the way. Once I woke up I read Percy Jackson the Titan’s Curse. I guess since I had just a temporary time of reading I only was able to read 5 pages. At max I guess 13 pages. But, I tried to make this promise to myself to read at LEAST 50 pages every day so I could finish the book in a matter of days. But, when I was just in the middle of the part when Thalia (daughter of Zeus), Grover (some kind of satyr) and this group called the hunters (that serve the goddess Artemis) on this quest instead of Percy, Daniel broke into the room and tried to read the room to see if everything was okay. Finally, he left the room and then I grumbled this in my head: “Damn… I’d thought he never leave”. Lol. Okay, maybe I was too cruel but that’s what was going through my mind.

Anyways, in a matter of minutes we had to eat breakfast. I had cookie crisp since nothing else was interesting besides some cheerios and stuff. I tried to conserve as much as possible so maybe Michael or Daniel needed some when I wasn’t around. Afterwards, we went upstairs in the bonus room to play some video games. I was though surprised we weren’t leaving early. So, I happily played Tony Hawk Skateboarding Project 9. Though, I thought basketball was a LOT better even though I played it since yesterday (two days ago). Anyways, from time to time Michael’s dad would constantly ask to challenge any of us at Skateboarding. Michael was always singled out last. Too bad. Then, Michael’s dad asked to challenge me on Basketball. Which was very awkward for me but still cool. See I use the Hornets ALL the time when I play basketball. Then, the rest of Michael’s family would choose the Lakers. So, we were COMPLETE enemies ti’ll then in basketball. Unfortunately, Michael’s dad beat me. See I can beat Daniel and Michael anytime on basketball but their dad was too impossible. So, we were down with these scores. Mine was: I think 61 or 63 dunks. Then, his dad had 89 goals exactly. I was ticked off but cool with it. After that, we had to leave to my house.

The thing that was surprising was the fact Daniel wasn’t overdoing his jokes. But, he was playing video games non-stop. I just couldn’t take it. Though, he was kind of helping me on my Poptropica account. Which was okay, but, then my mom and dad gave us the note after dinner we had to go upstairs. Well, dinner was okay even though we only had cucumbers, green pepper and dumplings. Than, we went upstairs. I did not know what was going on downstairs, but I tried to ignore that feeling of curiosity. Unfortunately, Michael and Daniel were fighting AGAIN. I tried to work thins out. So, I did a therapy session with Daniel. Though, I can’t tell you what we were discussing. Too private. Unluckily, I noticed my mom and dad was watching Lie to Me. But, then we went to sleep. Ugh!

Everything Was Too Busy And I Was Barely In It

July 20, 2010
Well, there a lot of ways to describe my bed and I. But, I don’t want to do that right now. I’m just going to start with what happened when I woke up. Okay, when I woke up it was dark and really cold that I couldn’t bare it. I was wondering when I was still asleep why didn’t I feel the temperature ti’ll now. Well, I tried to not let that bug me, so I went downstairs and figured out it was only 6:05 in the morning. I still didn’t get how could this great darkness appeal around 6. Hmm… anyways, when I did come downstairs, I decided to check the computer for 23 minutes then eat breakfast which was SOO cheap later on. My stomach was growling and begging for some breakfast. I tried to hold it in for just a couple more minutes. Though, I managed to do it. It felt weird and good. It’s like I stopped my stomach or killed it.

Anyways, after breakfast hit everybody went downstairs. To watch something. For awhile they watched Spongebob Squarepants and this other show. But, don’t remember it. Afterwards, my mom said she was going to do something at somewhere. I couldn’t remember. Well, I remembered my mom that she had to go with Anabelle to Walmart. She agreed, by the next 32 minutes Patricia and Anabelle left. I was already sick and tired of the Avatar. Oh and FYI, today (yesterday) we just finished everything in the whole story. I guess Matthew is going to start it allover. Lol. Fiya was on though. So, we talked a lot. Man, that girl can talk. Wonder what she would be able to do if we called. Lol. Afterwards, I had to get off the computer and watch Wipeout. Or however you spell it. You basically got these 24 contestants trying to get 50,000 dollars. But, if they want the money they need to do these crazy obstacles. My family loves this show because it’s pretty funny whenever they fall or whenever they don’t fall. They also come up with names to describe their personality too. It’s actually pretty funny. Afterwards, we had to go to Allison’s pool. It took us awhile to get there actually. But, we eventually got there fast enough. I saw Allison getting into a discussion with her mom. I tried to ignore that so I wouldn’t get into their business. So, Patricia and I were able to get in the pool without any sunscreen. And this pool was also better than Alexandra’s pool. I was able to pull off wicked stunts and all that. I was happy. Too bad this isn’t these kind of days we would bring junk food to eat for snacks. Anyways, we stayed there for about 2 or 3 hours I guess. Though, I was singled out by everybody. They didn’t want me or at least didn’t need me. That’s the sad part.

WE eventually came back home. Then, my sister was selling some lemonade she made. She made $1.25 just by selling to two people which was actually a BIG sale for her. I knew I could sell already millions of things. Like that Pokemon stand. I got once $11.12 off selling 34 cards which I knew was a big success. I don’t think I was in the mood for selling now. I got in trouble with my mom eventually for getting in Anabelle’s way. Which I could kind of understand. Then, I went up the street to hangout with King and Savino. Once Simon was left I went back home. Then, he rang my doorbell with Logan, Tina and Frankie. We went up the street to watch Douglas and some other team win on Soccer. Logan had to leave so it was just the two of us watching. The ball was constantly getting close to us to be able to knock us out. Everything was so busy. All I did was watch. Then, the day ended.

Legends Reborn… The Most Amazingly Done Things + The Adventures Will Go On

June 7, 2010
Hey people, hope you’re reading. Because this is important information you gotta see (read). As you see on the title, it describes “Amazing”. Well, that’s exactly the definition for today. An amazing day. I’m going to start with the amazing things that happened through internet. Today, I actually posted my contest earlier than expected, that was pretty good because everybody could notice it through the whole day. I got 18 comments so far on the post. The other good part was Sammy finally commenting on a contest. She actually won 2nd place! 🙂 Well, she won because she only got the Avatar questions correct. On the other hand, Nuug (my new favorite commenter) won both questions. Which actually surprised me. That means he gets 2 prizes on Webkinz. But, I have to wait ti’ll he responds back to my friend’s request and I’ll be able to send a gift. I never thought Nuug would be so helpful at comments. He got me all the way to 1,078 comments. Hehehe. Today, near the morning, I had only 1,058 comments (just about as many comments as Kitty’s blog). But, from 1,058 all the way to 1,078 comments. But, that’s pretty much all that happened great through internet.

Agh! I don’t remember what happened interesting on June 7, 2010. So, that means my title doesn’t describe anything that happened today. Agh. If only I didn’t listen to Willow I wouldn’t be in this mess.
June 8, 2010
Well, first of all, lots of things happened today (yesterday). There were adventures, gimmicks, drama and all that stuff. Let me start at the beginning where my dream started the dream. I was dreaming about 23 people. 9 was male people and 14 was female. They all stared at me. Then, this voice came right at me. I heard everything shudder. I tried to look where it came from. But, I didn’t want to figure out. I ran out of there into a forest. Once, I was running, I heard screaming behind me and something roaring. I thought by now those people were dead. They were, it’s just that the monster caught up to me. Bit my arm off and started eating me. I couldn’t see how the event was going. I was at the back of the monster. But my body was still there being eaten. I could only see the monster’s back and lots of blood thrown out of my body. I ran away safely and abandoned my body for the monster to eat.

After that dream, I was feeling drowsy. But, my eyes were keen and sharp. So, I didn’t have any distractions in my eyes. The only way I could wake myself up. Is if I’m determined to wake up in a split second. So, I shut my eyes, rested my body, then jumped up from my floor bed and ran downstairs. I finally got downstairs without being caught. So, I went on the computer and did my blog stuff (like usual). Then, I got bored of it. I felt like laying down on a coach. Staring out the window. Oh wait, the windows were blocked by these blinds. Anyways, when I was about to sleep. I heard something go thump!!! I was scared. I didn’t know what to do. I thought I heard somebody coming downstairs. I knew it was my mom, but instead when it got to the floor, nobody was there I turned my head around and imagined my mom in a split second.

After morning, my family was having fun outside, playing with Logan (Age 9 Gender: Boy), Tina (Age: 7 Gender: Girl) , Frankie (age: 5 Gender: Boy) and Savino. We didn’t get into any social fights. Which was very great. Just a great outside. Though, I thought nothing interesting will happen. Then friends of my parents came over. Their names were Alina and Razvan. You might know Alina, but not Razvan. Alina is basically friends with my older sister Patricia and my younger sister Anabelle. Me, not so much, because I barely pay attention to her. I usually pay attention to her sister and her husband. Razvan and Alina are not married yet. But are going to. I heard that around July or August they will have their wedding. I thought I wasn’t going. I thought I was going to stay with Michael for a sleepover. He has usually interesting friends to play with. Anyways, once Razvan and Alina came, my family had to come upstairs. If we behaved, I would get paid $10. Right now, I should have $55. But, for some reason, when I opened my wallet, there was no money. WTF?! I had only $20??? (soon 30 dollars) I hate my money. Just FREAKING hate it when that happens. I thought it was Alicia, because she said I owed her money and I didn’t give it to her. Just when, I thought about Alicia, she came inside my house and asked for some ice-cream and Popsicles. She always does that. You have food you know.

Well, they begged to come in my room. I said no several times. But they just barged in, with my sister. So, I got annoyed when they specifically said they wouldn’t. Then, she already called her mom and said she was staying inside ti’ll 9 in the midnight. Okay, that was just crazy. I went along with it. They made to much noise. My mom kicked Alicia out and Alicia needed help trying to get inside her house. I tried all I could. Then, we got Savino to come out and bring his ladder out. I tried to pick the lock on his way. But nothing seemed to work. The house was too tall and we couldn’t make it. Though, we tried to take care of Alicia outside. Then, we had to go inside. Believe me, I don’t think Alicia’s mom would like seeing her outside around 9 at midnight. I thought we had an interesting adventure. But, I hope they’ll get better.

That’s all for today. See ya.

10,000 views passing + Summer Break + Maybe or Maybe not?

10,000 views information
Hey viewers. Did you notice something new? Yep, I have 10,000 views. Woo!!! That means I made 3,000 views this week. Yeah!!! Celebrate with me my new 10,000 views. :mrgreen: You gotta be here tomorrow. We’ll have a contest, a summer party and a view party. Exciting eh? But let me just point out. I have four zeros plus 5 digits of views. FOUR BIG ZEROS!!!!! Yeah. Celebrate with me… visit my site tomorrow for more excitement.

Yeah! Awesome isn’t it. I never knew this day would come so quickly. Hehehehe. I put a picture for you guys to look at to remind you of the smokin’ hot beaches on Summer. Sorry for showing you a poster that was put on 2 years ago. But it still counts. Right? Every picture counts… 🙂

June 6, 2010
That was all optional stuff I wanted to mention about. Right here is the real stuff. This is how my day started. I don’t remember having a dream last night, so I am not going to mention it. Anyways, this is how my day started. I was sleeping on my floor bed, (there are two different beds for me: [or actually three beds] floor bed and bunk bed [I usually sleep on the floor bed :)]) I woke up after awhile feeling drowsy. I couldn’t feel my teeth (which was weird) and my stomach. It actually felt like I was a pirate skeleton that had no feelings except when it would get slashed and shred to pieces. Then, I started trying to remember the main things that I learned in school. Like: multiplying and dividing fractions, what’s a compound, who was the confederate leader in the time of the civil war (well, that’s Robert E. Lee) and what does massacre mean. Those questions took awhile to answer. But I nailed them. Just when I was about to get to a new set of questions I fell asleep. Feeling drowsy once again.

After a few minutes my mom was in my room making these loud hanger noises. It made me moan to myself. Then, I think I heard my mom sigh because of my laziness. Later, my mom kicked me in my spinal chord. Ow!!! What was that for? I tried to kick my mom back, but something held me back from doing it. A few seconds later, I thought she was gone. I lifted my body, then in a few seconds I figured out my mom was right behind me waiting for me to wake up. She kicked me this time in the butt. It actually felt better. It straightened my legs. I told my mom to be quiet by ignorng her. Then she started to speak in her beautiful, calm tone. Now, I couldn’t resist that. It was too precious. I decided to wait for my mom to leave and set my clothes. But, it took quicker than expected. So, I eventually lift my body and went to my mom’s room.

We were kind of late for church. But, managed to take a picture of all of us in our church clothes through my dad’s new phone. Did I mention my dad got a new phone. Let me explain. His phone is from the company HTC and he got it on Friday. Can you guess which phone my dad got? Can’t guess. Well, his old phone is from Metro PCs. But this phone. Is… called the EVO phone. Don’t know that phone. Well, it’s basically the best phone device. You can download as much apps, text, call for 5 or 6 hours without batteries running out, can be recharged in 30 minutes, IS a JPS, can take pictures in HD, can take videos too, has 4G network, fast internet and you can also give commands through your voice. Here’s the photo of the phone. Don’t think it looks crappy. It’s actually really slim and light. Again, here’s the photo: I’m sorry for my wide, yet thin images. Is it bothering you. Tell me. I really need to work on the photos.

Anyways, we got in time to go to church. I really wanted to go to Xtreme today. But, my mom told me we were just going to regular Upstreet. While we were just outside the church, my best friend Michael, caught up with us. At first Michael was alone. I thought he wandered away from his family. Then, I noticed them in the group of people. But, guess what Daniel was in their hands. I PRETEND punched him, which didn’t harm his parents or him. He just laughed with me. Michael’s parents eventually started a conversation with my parents and so did I with Michael and Daniel. We eventually figured out we didn’t have to go to Upstreet. We went to Xtreme!!! It was fun. Then we went back home.

Once we got back home, my dad and I were expected to go shopping because a friend of my parents were coming. Once we got to spending, I was at the Walmart door. There, a black, weird haired guy was caught in a crime. He was one of those guys that were holding his pants up. He got into the office.

Eventually, the rest of the day went great. Alex came over. We had fun. Everything went just great! 🙂

See ya! :mrgreen: