Fishing Tournament (Fisher #1 #2 #3)

It was a really cold and damp day when I woke up at 7 o’clock in the morning on Sunday. I was awaken, unfortunately, because of Anabelle and Rachael’s obnoxious noises. Matthew was taking a lot of space in the bottom bunk bed that we both slept in. It was about time when Suzanna, the lady owner of the house, came around and wore fancy clothes, that I realized today was church day.

On weekdays, we wouldn’t be wearing such fancy clothes, unless it is a special event (I usually wear my baggy shorts or long smooth polyester pants), I don’t enjoy wearing jeans in the morning, or the evening, but it was church day. So, I wore them. My mom gave me some sort of shirt that felt really comfortable on me. I was able to move furtively for my mom to forget eventually that she was supposed to put some hair gel on to do my hair. I just can’t stand wearing that gel, especially when it made me look embarrassed on church day.

I’m going to skip the details on how long it took for us to get ready and get straight to church. Church was as normal as ever. Nothing looked unusual, like always whenever I would arrive. The small radio was echoing its Christian music in the empty hall and the rooms for the whole church were busy with heavy chatter. A lot more teenagers were there than usual, that was a shock. I’m going to be honest, I noticed the girls more than the boys there. I just liked the fact that most of those girls were blonde, so I was not the only one with blonde hair. I decided to stay while the preacher was teaching everybody, while the rest of my family members (besides my mom and dad) went to the kids section of the church. It was sort of boring listening to the preacher, yet I felt some sympathy with the guy when he said he had a bad life and that God helped him.

When he asked people who wanted a new start in their life to stand up, I didn’t because I felt I have not yet experienced enough life. I don’t think I will anyways.

When church ended, I took a doughnut (I had already taken 3 doughnuts) . . . I’ve got such a big appetite. Lol. I talked a bit with the bass guitar player, I knew the guy through my parents, and asked politely if I could use his bass guitar after I was fretting on the piano. I didn’t think he was going to turn on the amp. So, everybody in the room heard. Some eyes, especially a group of girls, had their eyes on me. I started picking and strumming on the bass guitar softly since I didn’t want to make such a loud noise. I was actually making pretty good sounds, the bass guitarist helped me a bit and we laughed a couple of times when I failed to make a note. Overall, it was a good play. I jokingly planned some bass guitar lessons, but I don’t think my dad and the bass guitarist took it seriously. Whatever.

The rest of the details, that my sister won the swimming competition, aren’t that important right now since this post is getting too long. We went to the ocean, had some tournament for my dad, Eugen (I guess his best friend) and the bass guitarist. Fortunately I uploaded some pictures so you guys can check it out.

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