Drama with a Girl and Season Finale of Doctor Who

Hey guys! Andrew here! I’ve decided, for right now, that I probably won’t be posting daily about my life. Reasons are time issues, business, etc. So, I guess I’ll update on a few days after awhile so I can re-coop and feel like posting another long post. Because according to the survey on the side of my blog, people have voted me to either post normally sized posts or REALLY LONG posts. So I shall deliver! Song/video for today is a song called Satisfaction by Benny Benassi except remixed by RL Grime. Instead of expecting a “dubstep” remix, expect something different. The genre the song is being remixed into is a genre called “trap music”. Something I’m growing very fond of. Almost more than dubstep. So enjoy! 

So, the past couple of days since I haven’t posted have been quite dramatic. I confessed my feelings to the girl I like, she confessed her feelings back, we went to church with each other and our friends, I got to go experience the high-school church (awesome of course), and watched the season finale for season 2 in Doctor Who. All of course will be explained in longer paragraphs. But, in the meantime, let’s begin with the basic drama love story I’m getting here. Before we begin, though, I must warn you that I will not reveal the name of the girl I like and I am socializing with since I have not received approval to do so and since that is private unless she is okay with that. So I’ll just refer her as “Beautiful E”. Sounds weird, but when you get her name you’ll understand what I mean. Okay! Let’s begin.

So, there’s this girl. Beautiful E. She’s a Christian. At least that’s how I knew her when I first met her in church. It all started out when I went to Walking Wisely Weekend with my friend to Gwinnett Church instead of North Point. I was kind of risking the choice to go there instead of North Point. Reason why I chose to go to Gwinnett. The only reason. Was that Michael was going. Otherwise both churches were bad; full of stinky, showing-off sport jockeys or stupid, annoying nerds. Michael was the ONLY reason I went to Gwinnett Church for Walking Wisely Weekend. It was the best decision of my life. So far. When I went there I made many friends and made a clear image for myself. I was the lady’s man. Wonder why? Well, it all started when my friend Noah at Gwinnett Church was there with Michael and I. He’s a nice guy. Very formal and respective. Almost to a point of being a goody-too-shoes. Otherwise he was good and great and he was my friend. He was trying to communicate with some girls on the bus (we rode on a bus from the church to our homes on Walking Wisely Weekend). All of the girls gave him the “eww” look if you know what I mean. He got frustrated and then I overheard him. I told him “I’ll show you how you talk to a girl.” I walked up to 6 random girls on the bus. At first, they were shocked by how confident I was when I approached them. But then they became more relaxed and I introduced myself to them. 4 out of 6 of those girls I introduced myself to are now my best friends. One of them was a girl named Mikayla. Pretty girl. But a very girly girl. Not my type exactly. But we were best friends either way. She brought a friend over on one of the weeks we went to church. That was Beautiful E. At first I did not find her so attractive. I was chill around her. I kind of wanted to sit next to Mikayla during the service but I did not want to appear as if I did not want to sit next to Beautiful E. So I just sat next to her reluctantly. Eventually a great friendship grew and so did a secret crush. Eventually I became so into her, every time I would arrive around a friend’s house all I would do was talk about Beautiful E. She was all of it. Pretty. Smart. Sarcastic (in humor). And a Russian Christian. Not much of that in the world. 😛

Eventually, though, I made a decision. I wasn’t going to think about Beautiful E as much anymore because due to the past: every time I’ve exaggerated about a girl and how good she was and how much I liked her, that girl ended up to be wrong for me or just mean. I did not want that to happen. So I let it low. But then the more I met Beautiful E, the more feelings I felt for her. I was then growing the balls to ask her out. But then another thought bombarded my mind. Every relationship I had just because I “liked her” ended tragically and in the end we would never talk. I did not want that to happen. So after a couple of weeks of us just being friends. I eventually got a hold Beautiful E’s phone number from Mikayla. Beautiful E called me first, though. The first night she called, we talked for hours and hours straight until 3 o’clock in the morning. Eventually when it was late at night and we were feelings weird and random I finally spilled my feelings for her (this gets to the more recent days of last week). I told her about the dating and why I did not want to date her and the other feelings I had for her. Nervously, I waited for her response when I finished. I was afraid that she was going to be like every other girl I really liked “Oh, thanks. But I’m sorry, you’re not my type.” Fortunately, and luckily, Beautiful E confessed her feelings and said she liked me too. She also said how she did the same thing with me about trying not to exaggerate about me as well. Then eventually down the line we told each other of what parts of us turned each other on. I’ll leave that to blank since that’s private. 😉

Then ever since we kept talking. Until the day that my brother Matthew and when her friend Sydney was over at her house to go to church on the big grand finale to the high-school. Matthew started talking with Beautiful E and Sydney because I started my first face-time with Beautiful E. Matthew started sugar-coating them. Saying in his pitchy boy voice “You guys are so attractive,” which got a lot of “awww’s” and “thank you’s”. I let him do that for awhile since Matthew was not getting so many girls. I just let him have his fun. Up until the point when Matthew started asking Beautiful E to compare himself to me and saying that I hit him and saying that I dreamed about Beautiful E all the time. Which eventually, Beautiful E said with her sarcastic humor “I like you better than Andrew, I hate Andrew.” I knew it was supposed to be a joke and nothing to hurt my feelings. But that sentence really stuck in. I don’t know. I guess I’m sensitive in a way. Even though I hate being sensitive. 

I thought that was just for that night. Next day, Beautiful E rarely even talks to me or comes around me. Even when I tried to stand next to her during the music in church she was rather shocked and told me that she wanted to be alone. She did not even hold my hand when we prayed. Was there something wrong? Then that evil voice in my mind kept humming that it was all after what Matthew did. I was so nervous. Beautiful E did not even hug me when she left. I offered a hug, but then she rejected it. I went full on depressed. I did not want to call her. I was feeling so. Ugh. I don’t know. Just. Frustrated with myself. “You screwed up again.” I thought to myself. Talking to Beautiful E during the day was one of my priorities or something I looked forward to. But my day felt empty. I felt empty. I really did like her. And I was confused if this meant she did not want to have something to do with me or whatever. 

The next day, I sent her a random message through FaceTime. At first, I thought she was at the beach and I just felt like sending her a message just encase she would respond. She responded and she was happy and joyful when she was talking to me. This surprised me a little bit. Eventually it was all cleared up that Beautiful E was not going to the beach until next week. Only she had dance throughout the whole day to occupy her. Eventually in our conversation I had to leave. Then later on in the day I talked to her when I finished watching the season finale for Doctor Who. Oh gosh. Sad ending. I felt sad as well! But I did not cry, surprisingly. Until I saw my Mom and sister, Patricia crying. Oh gosh. Patricia was literally crying a river. Lol. After the season finale I talked to Beautiful E. I felt like a sophisticated British man after watching Doctor Who, so I gave a lot of witty and funny replies when we talked. She seemed completely fine. It leads me to this last question. Is she friendly to me when she’s by herself with me and only then? The question still burns in my head like a magnifying glass in the sun, but I shall go on! All the events have led up to this point in time

Enjoy your time wherever you are! BYE!



First Day of CRCT (I’m Already Getting in Trouble)

Hey guys! Andrew here! Bringing a new post of my daily life. This post will be a little bit humorous since today was so ironic for me, so enjoy this post. I don’t have so many ironic things happen to me in my life. And I don’t usually ask this, but whoever has a WordPress account or any account they can comment with please like this post. It’d be much appreciated. I want to see how many people are reading this post, just for the lawls. Now! To our song/video of the day. This is once again from the same band I posted about yesterday. I love this band to pieces. My favorite band. Hopefully you all enjoy!

This day was a very interesting day. I was nervous of course. Even if the first day of CRCT was going to be Reading, I was still nervous. Last year, I remember making a near perfect grade on my Reading CRCT grade. I wanted to hit a perfect grade, or, if it was not going to be that, have all exceeding grades on the subjects. The anxiety was killing me all this morning. I decided to leave the house early to wait for the bus so I could talk with Brian. I had not talked to the guy in about two to three days. I gave my goodbyes and kisses to my Mom and made my way. Thankfully, when I arrived at Brian’s house, he answered. After we talked a little bit on updating each other about what’s happened recently, we went to Markel’s house and got him outside. We then walked down the street to my bus stop in the neighborhood. Joanna was following us from behind and Erick came outside from his house when he saw us passing by. The bus passed by us right when we were walking down to that bus stop. When we waited and laughed together, the bus finally came and we all came on. It was awkward and weird because all the seating in the buses were mixed up. Weirdly enough, after we changed seats from our unnatural bus-pick up behavior, Xavion (a 6th grade boy) was sitting next to me in the other set of sets on my left. Erick started to mess with me on the bus, nearly knocking me off my seat. I constantly fell on top of Xavion but both of us did not care because we knew it was Erick playing. As the bus drove to school, Erick and I began talking about games which surprisingly grabbed large amounts of attention in the bus. It was funny.

Finally, when the bus arrived at school, and we were dropped off, we made our way into school. On the way, the craziest thing happened. I saw Aziayhs (dang it, still cannot spell his name) walking on the sidewalk with all the other students. I dropped whatever I was doing with Bryan and Markel and went to greet him. So many good memories flooded my head as I talked to him. It was a good feeling. I felt good. :mrgreen:

Eventually after I finished talking to him, I talked back with Bryan and Markel and explained to them about who that guy was. Then we went to our homeroom classes. The rooms were separated from Mr. Iverson’s class and Mrs. Flowers’s class. The CRCT began after a long time. It felt like almost an hour of being wasted until the CRCT began. We finally then began the CRCT. At first it was really easy. So easy that when I finished the first 25 questions of the test first, I felt so nervous as to if they actually did both sections in one time. The second section was a bit more challenging, especially since there was poetry involved in some of the questions and along with some tricky questions. Otherwise, I believe I did great. I’m still anxious of my grade, though. Although I had a good testing experience, I constantly got into trouble with Mrs. Flowers because at first she caught me not changing test booklets when I randomly zoned out and forgot what she said. Then I remembered some funny experience back on the bus with Erick and I and began smiling and chuckling. Mrs. Flowers believed that I was laughing with some of the kids on my side and moved me. FIRST DAY. And I already get moved. Third time I get in trouble because when we transitioned to lunch, I started talking with my friends just as much as the other kids were and Mrs. Flowers started yelling at me and making feel stupid for what I did. I’m not joking. Mrs. Flowers is not too fond of me. 😛

When the CRCT was FINALLY over, I went to second period, which was Language Arts. We read the story of “Lady or the Tiger?”. A very good story. I recommend most people my age to read it. It is a very good short story. After that, we went to do P.E.; in that connection I did a lot of talking with Eric (different one from my bus) about updating what’s happened. It was good. Everything was good. Finally we got ready to leave to buses and we left the school. The rest of the day was pretty boring. EVERYTHING HAS LED UP TO NOW!

Enjoy your time wherever you are! BYE!



Yesterday I listened to a pretty beastly, amazing, spectacular, shocking, surprsing techno band that makes me want to listen to them more and dubstep to them! There original genre is dubstep/techno. BUT I LOVE THEM! Here’s my favorite song from them!


I’ll throw in another one 😉

Enjoy, and wait for more upcoming posts!





Important Announcement (Listen Up Subscribers!)

As you’ve probably realized, I haven’t been posting as frequently as I was before. Well, I must tell you that inside I feel really guilty. Somehow my brain is too tired to write anything each day. I have the energy. I visit everyday to see if I have any comments. But, I never somehow have the energy to post. So, I must tell you that during the Summer I might not be posting as much. Probably around the school year when I have hyper-active energy and something to write about. I’m also busy during the Summer writing my book. And I’ve decided not to make big promises to when the book will be published. So, now, the date the book will be published is changed.

I want to have the book published by this year. But, if I don’t, poo ho. It’s not my fault. I realized that. Oh and I’m in Florida . . . So, the internet connection isn’t as strong. I’m kind of liking my stay here in Florida here too. Though, the fireworks sucked. We had to watch a good pair of fireworks from a far distance, along with billions of mosquito bites. I’m currently reading the Red Pyramid and the Warriors: The Power of the Three series. Though, I’m somehow pulled in more by Rick Riordan’s book. I’m at page 156 in the third book of the Warriors: The Power of the Three series, and I’m at page 225 on the Red Pyramid. I’ve finished the Harry Potter series, so I’m now waiting for the movie to come out. I hope they include every single detail in the movie. I don’t CARE if it becomes a 4 or 5 hour movie. I want all the details in the movie.

Plus, I’ve written about 100 pages or so in my book. It’s nice so far. I hope you all find a way somehow how to read the book. Oh and I’ve downloaded many songs to my laptop. So, I don’t have to go to Youtube and wait for the videos to load up. Mediafire is the place you wanna go if you wanna download free and legal songs onto your computer or iPod. That’s all I have to say. Bye!

A Friend Drama (It’s All About Friends Today)

What’s going to be very different about today’s post is that it won’t be a day based on me. It’s going to be a day based on my friends and my sister, Patricia. While, I have not been posting, Patricia has been hooking up her own friends (which means dropping her old friend, which I’m pretty sure you know already). And I kind of like her selection. Their nice. Their polite. Their just perfect enough for Patricia; the only problem is that they go through a daily girl drama. Nothing I don’t want to be concerned or investigate into. I usually just let Patricia do her own wise decisions. But, forget the general information . . . let’s get to the day . . .

I had the weirdest dream after I woke up. I was dreaming about being chased by a little Japanese/Chinese girl about my little sister, Anabelle’s age. She wore the same exact clothes, makeup, and expression everyday she would watch me maliciously. But, one day, when I figured out somehow in the dream that she was a ghost, I decided to do something vicious and evil. When she appeared in the back of a car when me and my sister and my friend, Jordan were waiting in the car, I grabbed the girl’s neck and threw her against the car floor. I kept choking her, until eventually, she was forming into a lady. But, when she took the full form, she was dead. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?!

So, as I knew she turned into the Grudge girl, she had the grudge on me, and she followed me around, killed my friends, and than killed me. I woke up, scared in the night, seeing illusions of her, and sweating a lot.

The rest of the day was occupied by school, loads of essays, and my brochure I had to write. Oh and on the happy note, I have to write a Travel Brochure or report for my school on 7 places. Which is retarded and more difficult for me. In two days I have Final exams and my Spring Scantron, which is when I have to take Math and Reading. That Scantron is going to be very important for me because it’s going to count on whether or not if I’m going to advanced classes next year. So, yeah, a lot of work, a lot of occupation. When I got to my friends, turns out they were already in a group. It was Brian, Chelsea and Angel together in a group, and when they saw me, they ran to me like wildebeests. They told me though, that they had just made a bonfire, and instinctively, I went berserk. I know how this works. Eventually, you make a fire, and than you end up making a crazy fire that goes out of control, and bla bla bla, you know how it ends. But, when they told me it was being done on a river, so they would be able to extinguish it, I calmed.

Maybe they were able to mollify me, but, I wasn’t able to calm them, when the drama with Chelsea’s school life with my sister, Patricia’s friends got BIG. When I went with Chelsea and Brian (because Angel got in trouble for asking his parents, instead of sneaking out, the matches) we got into a huge argument. Well, mostly Chelsea, but, you get me, I defended her. She has an awesome personality, even though she’s like 9 or 10. I asked Lesley, the girl whom has a HUGE crush on me, why she was wearing such short, short booty shorts outside in public. Eventually, some boys in a different yard started looking down there, well, you know where, and looked really dreamy. So, I told Lesley about it, and she seemed infuriated. That’s when the argument came on. Tina, the fatty friend of my sister, Patricia, started threatening Chelsea by punching her and telling the principal. But, I do know that Tiny does bad stuff to Chelsea, so actually Chelsea wins this one. And to top it off, Patricia’s friend was there. She kept staring at us, looking like she was mooning, and eating her food, which really disgusted Chelsea and me.

Eventually, we just left, and tried to make a bonfire, but man, we couldn’t, and I overheard on the other side of the neighborhood, that Patricia’s friend was arguing constantly with the others. I told Brian and Chelsea, and unfortunately, Angel about it. Brian and Angel and I listened, and to conclude it all, we clapped, and said “Bravo!”. When Tylar, the girl my sister and her friends were at right now put the radio on, and Fireworks went on. It was so annoying. So, Brain and I just sang, OUT LOUD, Imma Be by Black Eyed Peas. Eventually, they yelled back shut up, and Chelsea was just becoming irritating, constantly asking and figure out how to make the bonfire. She was so desperate, she asked anybody who was smoking for their lighter. Unfortunately, we didn’t get the fire on, so, eventually we went to Angel’s, but I decided to go, since I was late. So, yeah, I went home, and the day ended.

An Unsuccessful First Day Of School

God, I just feel so worthless at the moment. Plus, the day just keeps getting worse and worse until the end comes, and there is a solution to my problems. So, um… the beginning of the morning started when I first watched King go over to Savino’s house. Last time I checked, which I haven’t mentioned in my posts, that I got in trouble with Savino’s mom (which I’m not going to even tell you her name), and I almost got grounded for that trouble, but at one point, I seemed to defend myself in the speech explaining how Savino was getting me all pumped up, and mad. Unfortunately, the only thing she could do was ground Savino to his room for 5-10 minutes, since Savino’s mom was so into the fact that Savino always needed friends around, like his friend Erik. Whom I now mostly hate. He’s a Savino wannabe and Savino’s servant. He would follow Savino everywhere, and lets Savino’s mom boss him around since his mom gives sweet, sugary food and lets them play Grand Theft Auto.

Well, afterwards, my dad had to cuss her out (or at least I think that’s what he did), and Savino is grounded from me, funny also that Savino’s mom says that Erik isn’t allowed either, around me. What a damn whore. Yeah, that’s right. I think of Savino’s mom as a Smoking and Drug-addict asshole. I could literally call her all the bad names right now, because she basically tried to make my life miserable since I wasn’t able to hang out with Savino. Oh… right, so Savino’s the center of the world? No you bitch, nobody is the center of the world besides God. God I’m so pissed when this thing happens. So, when I was in the middle of cheating on school, except for Social Studies, and Science. I felt so unsuccessful. Really. I really thought that bitch was getting to me. But, I ignored, and admitted the fact, that I had to really stop getting used to cheating like this regularly. But, I don’t think it’s going to change. So, otherwise, I went outside, and everybody liked me, except Savino and Erik.

Nobody had anything against me, except that everybody wanted to follow the popular kid, and I wasn’t allowed near Savino. I just felt like shoving the bitch down the concrete. But, I wasn’t even able to do that. So, everybody just ignored me. It’s like, whenever I got things for them that’s interesting, they’d follow me and say I’m their best friends, but then somebody else gets some popular stuff, and they follow for that. So, I was the only one left outside by my own. And at one point, they all just rumored about me, and UGH, it irritated me. I’m just happy I’m not friends with that prick. Oh and afterwards, when I was feeling so good about myself, listening to this band called Bring Me The Horizon, and their song (I Used To Make Out With) Medusa, we went to the library. My mom and I were reading our almost favorite realistic book Delivering Happiness and then I was talking about book business. Afterwards, the day felt GOOD.

A Quick Speech Of What Happened That Day

I went over to Michaels’s house, and it wasn’t exactly the same experience I would’ve thought it would’ve been, plus I’m starting to lose the WordPress touch. BTW, Johnny Test sucks, or it can be funny at thought, but not so much. I also found a new friend, Colin, Bryce, Colby and some other kids since I was outside boring myself. I also started messing with them, or just playing since they were bored too. The last thing we would expect would be these 5 eagles swooping down and pecking us. Luckily, Michael had his bb gun out. So, I immediately took off the hatch and aimed for those assassins. Bryce was bleeding on the nose, so Colin had to take him to cover while he was getting pecked numerously by eagles. It took me awhile to aim for the bird’s body, but instead the bb gun’s accuracy shot the eye of the eagle I shot. It went plummeting down. I gave the gun to Colby, and he shot down every eagle by the next 3 minutes. I noticed I was bleeding as well on my arm, but it was only a little scratch.

Afterwards, the neighbors noticed the dead eagles, and us holding the bb gun standing right next to them. So, they started to curse us out, and said they would report to our parents. Luckily, my brother and I didn’t live in Michael’s neighborhood, so I didn’t really have to worry, except that Michael was grounded into his room ti’ll 4 o’clock in the afternoon. It was kind of boring without him, but I managed. Colby, Colin, Bryce and I had to clean up the mess. But, Bryce was too scared of having to pick up bloody birds from the ground. But, since Colin was about twice the size of all of us, he had to listen. I just don’t get why didn’t the neighbors notice or at least care for Bryce’s bloody nose, except for Michael’s mom. We almost had nothing to do again, so we just walked around the neighborhood, and then at one point there was this huge crowd watching some kind of music. I already noticed it was from Bullet For My Valentine music. But, the band was really playing here?

It took us awhile to get through the hundreds of crowds of people, to notice it was just 4 kids doing a front yard gig. I felt really happy to know that if our band was going to do that, and if kids were going to gather up around there. Most of the girls there were about 12 or 11 there. Mostly around my age. Bryce and Colby went home since they were too embarrassed to be around too much girls. But, Colin, Daniel (whom eventually came) and I went. Daniel eventually started talking to this 14 year old punk looking guy about getting some kind of Pokemon in Heartgold. It almost made me vomit about a 14 year old still enjoying Pokemon. Colin ended dancing with a 13 year old girl who looked as if she was a Moxi Girl wannabe. Lol. I was just kind of standing there in the middle of a crowd of metal heads. At one point I got tapped at the back. There was a girl exactly my age emo and girly like looking at me. At one point I said hey, and then she told me I was very cute, and if I wanted to dance with her. I know, I know, I’m still in love with Mary. Don’t worry. I clearly stated to her, that I had already someone else, and that the dancing wasn’t personal.

She agreed heartedly, and we danced. But, don’t think that at metal songs we would dance as if it was soft, NO, we just break danced together. I was performing all these crazy stunts, at one point the whole crowd started saying aaaaaah, ooooooh. The girl I was dancing with did really good to for her age. Once we finished, everybody cheered, and finally the girl left, I just felt like asking her, her name. Jessika. Wow, weird name. So, I walked away from the amazing band, and went back to Michael’s house and played Band Hero. Woo, this wasn’t a quick speech was it? Lol.