Drama and ‘How To Train Your Dragon’

Nobody (I don’t literally mean it) can right now experience what I am going through right now. I mean . . . I just feel so pressured, irritated, sad and angry. I’m not gloomy or depressed. I am just really confused. Nothing interesting had happened lately . . . I was just reading Order of the Phoenix for a few minutes. I accomplished getting all the way toward page 634. I am very close to edging near the end. My mom had already progressed to The Prisoner of Azkaban. Man, she’s a really fast reader. I just know she won’t catch up to me. It’s logical.

Though, around the afternoon, the baby, Brooke got picked up from her mother, while I was outside with my only friend, whom was a boy. His name was Nathan. Also, what was interesting was that when Nathan and I were having a conversation in the front of the house, when all of the sudden, Sebastian’s son, Matthew (it’s supposed to be pronounced in French), was walking around and than all of the sudden . . . Suzanna walked up behind him and grabbed Matthew by one arm, throwing him in the air into her arms. Nathan and I just gasped in a horrified look. We both knew that was illegal to manhandle another child that was not yours.

But, what could I do about it?

Eventually around the afternoon we all played the Grudge game, because we were all so hyped up on the Grudge since for the past days we’ve been playing in the pool, the Grudge game. Everybody hated the fact that I was playing the Grudge girl because I was always making her kill sound whenever she would murder somebody, and they got scared. Sometimes, I just get really bored of these things. Eventually another neighbor came around and was using a bike. The father was awesome or just cool. He was actually a pretty good socializing person. Plus, Eugen (the wife of Suzanna) and Suzanna were having such a loud argument and loud bursts of tears. Wait, that didn’t sound right.

So, we had to wait an hour for them to stop the fight, so Eugen and Suzanna could leave and we could have the house to ourselves for awhile. My mom handled the bitch Joshua. I’m sorry for that. I just had to say it. Eventually, he just turned quiet, and we watched How To Train Your Dragon. It was an awesome movie to watch allover again. Honestly, I thought they made the movie pretty well. And I was greatly amazed by all the species of dragons and by Night Fury. I want Night Fury as my pet. Except I’ll call him Black Thunder! Epic name right? I’ve seen How To Train Your Dragon about 5 times, and watching it after awhile felt really good. It was so good, that even I hadn’t noticed that Eugen and Suzanna came home. Rachael and Joshua got into a very bloody and dramatic fight until the parents had to deal with it, and make sure they weren’t too close anymore. Odd.

I wasn’t able to read so much of my book . . . so I just closed the light, and fell asleep.


Ink Mayhem

Well, yes, I maybe haven’t been able to write as often as usual. But, I made a promise for this time only, that from April 1st (the day I go to Florida), I will post completely as a daily activity. But, anyways, I’m on my laptop writing this post. I hope this post will seem more superficial than most of the posts I have published.

I had to stay up all night. Because I was thinking of my girlfriend. Okay, maybe that sounds wrong to you guys. But, yourself in my shoes or be in a position of love. You would understand how much you would love your girlfriend if you were in love. I just love my girlfriend so much. So, while I was thinking about my girlfriend, I was playing Star Wars battlefront 2. Man, the game is so addicting. When 7 o’clock AM hit, I decided to sleep for awhile. After sleeping, I felt like that not sleeping throughout the night seemed really stupid. It sounded like a complete dilemma to me. But, what things I do, honestly, I can’t explain why this happens.

I had loads of homework to do. I studied about 4 topics with my dad on Fractions and figured that I had 1 test on Math, another test for Reading, and 5 tests that were based on the post test. Basically on each subject that ever existed for my grade. For some reason I can’t make any sense or seem really in contact with this post. But, all do my best to socialize and contact better with this post. Oh, what am I saying?! I’m not making sense, and I’m also straying from topic. I failed again against my Math lesson in Study Island because I had done the lesson 5 times before. I understood the whole concept, but it’s just that I’m going to have to redo the test with 20 or more questions so I can get the test done so I can move completely to the post test. I hope I’ll be able to exceed the test. Because I would be really angry at myself.

Social Studies was a pain in the butt because I’m not studying anymore continents and countries. I’m studying about stupid topics on ‘how to not stray from topics’ and ‘how not to be anxious during a test’. Honestly, I liked it better last year when they actually stated a subject that was all based on it. Not wasting fabulous time on how to not become anxious test when I could be studying China or Japan (have some decency for Japan, people!). I just loved learning about the natural resources, the climate, physical features and politics on Russia, United States, Canada and Europe. Anyways, Pre-Algebra was pretty boring and dull too. I only had a semester review on Math, so I don’t really feel so excited about this.  Earth Science and The Twelfth Night Acts have been the most interesting during the past week. I hope that when they were setting us this week of school, they were actually not boring so we wouldn’t have to make us impatient for Spring Break.

I’m still excited about going to Florida. During Spring Break, I hope that I’ll feel like a free man going to the ocean, living for the Spring Break in a one story house and going inside the pool everyday. That’s basically whatever I do whenever I visit our friends at Florida. I’m also bringing my laptop too. So, probably I’ll be able to post about how Florida was. And especially send e-mails daily again with my girlfriend. We just love socializing with each other and talking. We just seem to never have problems, except that she likes hip-hop. But, I LOVE her without a doubt. After finishing school, I watched the movie Paranormal Activity 2. It was a boring movie, along with a waste of my time. I love the Grave endures or whatever they call it. Paranormal Activity 2 just seemed to be an insult of a movie. Oh and my sister got beat the hell up because she dropped a lot of ink against the carpet.

I had to feel faithful and help Patricia, while cleaning up the whole house. That’s pretty much it. I know depressing.

Moodiness Takes Over

I was so moody today. Oh my God, I didn’t even feel like telling you guys that I was this moody.  That’s really how moody I’ve gotten. But, I’ll explain and tell you guys about it, becuase this is where I write down my feelings.

Well, in the beginning of the morning, when my dad woke me up for CCS starting soon, I decided to listen to this artist I haven’t heard about called Avril Lavigne. I think Sammy put a couple of songs of her. Besides that, I hardly know the girl. I listened to her song, “what the hell!” and well, I’m not interested. Plus, the mood didn’t help because I had to stay up all night because I started to hear scratching noises on my closet door and how it would slightly open. So, Avril Lavigne, thanks a lot for helping me! (BTW, if you didn’t get it, I was being sarcastic) So, when I started Language Arts CCS (on Wednesdays there aren’t any ALP Language Arts CCS), I had to wait for about 15 minutes for the teacher to handle her 7 year old child.

It was a bit annoying for Sabourah, Jacob and I. Though, we just went with it. Nicci Peters, our Language Arts teacher, was more giving us assingments than teaching. People in team J, had to write a Persuasive Essay. People in team I, had to write a Research Report. People in team G, had to make a slideshow of pictures for a presentation next week. My team, team H, had to write an essay on anything we wanted. We had to write short ones during class, and take notes from the links the teacher gave us. I think the class took 45 to 50 minutes. Usually it would take 35 or 40 minutes. But, it was a bit longer because of all the students in the class studying. Quickly when I finished my first 3 paragraphs on Emperor Penguins, I got out of that CCS and moved into Science CCS.

Chat was sort of depressing, my girlfriend and I were hardly talking because we were busy with things, and plus my friend Mary was getting all street talkin’ in the chat box. Also, her name with a heart at the end seemed to have interested a student called Cara and somebody else called Makayla. They did the same, which sickened me. I wonder when JB is going to pop up into our school and woo all the girls. Science was also very dull. Dr. Brad Johnson had a sort of cold, if I’m right, and he would keep moaning on the microphone or would have to turn it off so he could cough and than turn it back on. I didn’t really get what we were learning in Science class. I skipped both Social Studies and Math CCS. Tomorrow I’ll probably do both of those. I don’t know yet.

Skipping both of those classes made me feel moody. So, I just did the last assignment on Study Island, and passed it. I still had the essay to finish due tomorrow. So, it took me about ti’ll 3:50 PM to finish it. I had to investigate (for a part of Earth Science) an experiement and than write a procedure. When I was having difficulty picking an experiement, the song “What the hell!” by Avril Lavigne kept popping in my head. It was really annoying at the time. So, I listened to Blessthefall and Asking Alexandra. I was the least estatic when I had to do allover again Probability in odds today. Plus, the Social Studies lesson we learned was pretty boring. So, when I finished everything, and than finished getting into an argument with Matthew about showingoff, I went outside.

Spent some time with the neighbors and the new neighbor Jeremiah. When I made my own base with my family and Jeremiah, it became complete chaos. Patricia’s friend was making fun of people, constantly slapping, threatened to hurt someone with a pocket knife and also said Matthew sucked dick. Well, I was pissed off. I eventually outspoken Savino until he blacked out. Eventually we figured that Jeremiah was bi-polar. His mood expression changed so quickly. Patricia’s friend was trying to tell him to make him feel better that she wasn’t really going to stab him. When I told her about how she said you suck dick to Matthew she said no I didn’t, she said “I don’t suck dick!”. What a prick and a liar. Jeremiah told Patricia’s friend to go away. But, she just wouldn’t.

And to make things better, she wanted to tell all of us, how she had a bad life. WTF?! That’s all I can say. I went home after the incident, and watched this depressing movie, and I got so moody throughout American Idol, and than had stomach pain, so I had to drink Vinegar. I went to bed after that. Not such an interesting day.

I Have A Natural Problem With Girls

Oh God, I really don’t feel well today. I just feel round-headed. Plus, what’s worst is that I now hate or am irritated by girls/women. I’m not saying I’m gay. I think I’m going to say I’m just getting sick of them in general. It’s just that, I haven’t REALLY found one real responsible girl. Honestly, that’s why I’d wish I’d stop thinking this way. Because I know a few girls that are responsible. God help me. Anyways, today’s homework was going really well. Except for Science. I’m starting this habit of skipping Science. It’s really annoying because the next day I have to put in results I didn’t do. And then just get on with the lesson I was supposed to do on that day. So, yeah, I skipped Science today because my brain was hurting from all the pressure of the exams coming up and the semester assessment tests.

I’ve already finished my Math semester assessment. Now I’m getting prepared lessons for the upcoming Literature semester assessment test. Yeah, I have to take 4 lessons and then I’m going for the test. I don’t have high hopes for Literature. Not that I can’t read, or comprehend. It’s just that they make me do loads of homework once I read something. And I hardly even learn anything about reading or comprehension. All I learn is some vocabulary forms and how to compare and contrast or tell the reader’s emotions. This feels a little more like Grammar. 🙄

I finished my Study Island tests, and just failed one test for Science. Holly crap, I can’t regain or repair that lesson because it was failed pretty hard. Math was really easy. Now come to think of it, Math is starting to get really boring without all the hard stuff I have to do. I’m still getting challenged with lessons I did since 5th grade. When am I going to do again hard calculations like percentages, geometry, multiplication or proportions. Stuff like that. Once I go to college, I’m so starting physics. Once I finished my Europe presentation Simon called, and asked me to come over to his house. It took me about an hour to get my last subject done and to get my jackets and clothes on since the temperature outside was dropping. I think it was about 45 degrees Fahrenheit. I really don’t know. It was just cold. REAL COLD.

So, again, all Simon could talk to me about was school, and about the bb gun I had. Get your own man. I have to wait ti’ll Christmas for it. UGH. Plus, I watched the Sorcerer’s Apprentice. Man, it was beast. I loved the movie. The main actor was really awesome with his cranky, awkward voice. Nicolas Cage also did a good job with the movie. I might think about putting a movie biography about it. Don’t know really. Oh and now I really regret telling Nayyir first, instead of my mom, about my natural problem with girls. And please don’t get pissed off at me for all of the sudden having a great dislike towards girls. I want this to end as much as you do. I just hope my mom was right about my temporary dislike toward girls. And how it’s going to end tomorrow.

Thinking Like A Scientist

Today was very interesting. I finished Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Now, I’m moving on to Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Anyways, I missed you all. Not being able to post anything was a lot of rubbish I had to go through in my head. Oh and another thing, if you check this post (below) you’ll notice I wrote down my brochure. It wasn’t in the best quality as the power point, but it was the best I could put on my blog without trying to figure out how to attach files through computers. My scientific brain started working after I stopped listening to my week’s favorite band Godsmack. I’m not sure if that threatens God. But, I like the band’s messages and song. They also look awesome. Trust me. Any who, I sent my travel brochure in. And now I feel like a scientific thinker with all the thought I’ve put in. At that point, I decided to do a little research on erosion and rehaliabation on rain forests.

I also was lucky enough not to study such a hard Science lesson to my luck. I only had a Social Studies project that was so easy to finish, and a Literature Unit assessment test, plus I went into another Semester in Math because yesterday (December 12, 2010) I had to take a semester test, which wasn’t that hard to cry or tear about. Though I took some notes for today’s Math lesson. Which made it like 3 hour flew by, so I constantly checked the timer to see how long it took my to write down notes. I forgot to mention that we’re (which I’m referring to 6th graders) having exams around January. I heard my friend are having them around December. So, lucky me. I learned how to play Ozzy Osbourne’s song Crazy Train. Or at least the intro. I want to learn how to play Raining blood from Slayer. 🙄

School was finished in a jippy today. I also found a picture of my family and I under my church’s Christmas tree on Sunday. So, I decided to put it up. Check it out. It wasn’t really that nice with my red nose, almost as red as Rudolph and Matthew’s dumb and glum look. Patricia was giving a good look, but Anabelle kind of gave an awfully awkward look. So, um… my aunt sent me pictures of her at Chattanooga. Well, she lives there, it’s just that she visited a certain cabin in Chattanooga. I loved the pictures dearly. Unfortunately, whenever I upload them through WordPress it becomes real small. So, it’ll take me awhile to upload them, and make it big. Oh God, Mary Kate (not Mary Wexel) decided to make a new blog.

And don’t worry about Unknown or Jigsaw. They’re not our problem anymore. Me and Mary Kate took care of that. So, um… yeah, I also had to help my sister, Patricia, on her portfolio about technology and how it helps, which is due December 15th. Yikes. Could she have been warned a little sooner. Well, I helped her. And unfortunately, I could only make her laugh because of the stupid grammar, and spelling problems she had constantly in her papers. Well, dad was able to manage that problem. I still kept ringing over her head about how she’s able to do the most impossible math problems so easily, and she can’t even spell notice. 😀 I watched Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Jolly good movie. And um… yes, I’m trying to remember what else happened. Oh yes, I figured that our Hamster is hibernating. That’s probably the reason why it’s digging underground constantly. Lol.

Just To Get It Over With

Today I worked mostly on my brochure so I could get a little faster on time with it. My dad was able to help me with it because the computer had a delay with it. And I’m still stuck trying to figure the Mathematical section of the Brochure. I might need Simon’s help to tutor me allover again on fractions converted to decimals and then converted to percentages. Anyhow, I didn’t really do much today. I did my school tests, and am expected to finish a 3 tests due my travel brochure. I also went over to Simon’s unfortunately, I talked with him outside, in the bitter cold, it was so cold my nose went red and my feet started to pop once I moved (and it’s still not snowing).

I stayed at Simon’s for awhile, and then got home, to only find Matthew sucking on his Language Arts lessons. My mom isn’t a good teacher when it comes to Language Arts or Grammar. So, later on, I watched with my sister, Patricia, and my mom a Christmas Carol for the FIRST TIME. I know, I haven’t seen the movie for a whole year. It’s embarrassing. Oh and I forgot, I almost broke up with Mary, because I said something wrong. Man, my dad was screwed at that point. And right now my dad’s making fish, so I’m wanting to get this done so badly because of the smell. UGH.

I had to do History with Matthew. Am I the only one that makes Matthew get about 100% rating on his tests. My mom agreed I was a better teacher at History than her. So, we both had unanimous discussions and arguments on whether I should be my brother’s History teacher. I don’t want pressure. Okay, now what else?? Oh yeah, on Facebook Nayyir was making fun of Savino for no reason, so Savino and I spoke up. Nayyir was still acting like a jerk, so I said that he is removed from the band. Everybody was in gasp. At that point I mentioned that my Facebook profile thought I was a female. Once I mentioned that, everybody started commenting on it. I think I got about 32 comments on it. Most were laughs. 😀

Let’s Just Get This Tangled Day Over With

Today was a bit nice, and then depressing at the end. I’m going to skip the little puny details and get to the main parts. Well, um… Savino and I are hanging out again, we’re playing Grand Theft Auto, San Andreas. One of my favorite games from it. I tried asking for a sleepover at Savino’s house. Turns out, when I called my mom to make sure I could (which BTW, she was so polite to say yes), his mom then said I should’ve asked her first and than my mom. WTF was that all about? Who cares which order it had to be in? Well, because of that, I was sent home at 7, and had to go to the theaters (to watch Tangled) with Patricia’s friend. She was acting crazy the whole time. And I was being a whore honestly. Patricia’s friend expects to come to our house anytime, and be able to watch with us an expensive movie. Oh and FYI, she said she had money, so she was supposed to come with us. That girl is a bitch.

Well, I got ready for the movie (basically ate a huge dinner [with mashed potatoes, broccoli, carrots, some special meat, and some chocolate popcorn]), which took a short amount of time. Patricia’s friend went into the car, and was making annoying noises AGAIN. I tried not shooting her with a bb gun. But, she kept saying MISSED!! God, I want to go to sleep. Okay, let’s just say Tangled wasn’t so good of a movie. Wasn’t even impressing also by the fact that Patricia’s friend ate all the coke, popcorn and made annoying loud laughing that sounded like a pig snorting. LITERALLY. It was 11, and Patricia’s friend’s mother wasn’t worried. What kind of a bitch wouldn’t worry when it’s almost midnight. Once we dropped Patricia’s friend off, she hit her house door so hard, it would’ve sounded like a mob was breaking in. That girl has no manners.

Sorry for a short psot, but I’m tired, and stressed right now. So, good night.