My Addiction to Doctor Who (D.W.) and My New Deal with Mommy

Hey guys! Andrew here! Bringing you a new post of my daily life. I plan for this post to be quite a long one and hey! I got my old typing speed back on pronto! Anyway, as usual, I shall present to you a song/video. Today I decided a video. It’s a video that has replayed in my head so many times it is unreal. You might have heard it and if so, you don’t have to exactly watch it. But I implore you to watch it either way. It is a good video! Funny as well. Here is the video “Skype Laughter Chain”. It is unique and once again funny. Enjoy!

This is probably the first post that I have used my Mom under the term I usually call her by “Mommy”. Honestly, I have no problem with using that name, especially in front of friends and grownups, but I have realized that I call my Mommy “Mom” in my posts. It just doesn’t make me feel me. It makes me feel American. I know it’s weird. It’s just how I feel. For now on, I shall refer to my “Mom” as Mommy and my “Dad” as Tati. Which are the usual terms I call my parents by. Even if I’m 14.

So down to the day. Well. Actually I’m not talking about this day specifically. I’m going to talk about what’s been happening recently that have been important. It is Summer break. Many goals for me. I want to raise $500. I don’t know how, but if there’s a will there’s a way as they say. I want to exercise more. I’ve been growing some fat over my worked out abs. I’m getting worried about my breathing since I get tired working around the house (which actually leads into the next thing I was about to talk about). Last two objectives I want to reach game-wise is to get Max-Prestige on Black Ops II, which is basically the highest level you can reach online. I’ve so far Prestiged twice out of 15 times. So I’m on a straight pace from here. And the last goal is that I get to round 50 on one of the Black Ops II Zombie maps. I hope it is Town. At least that’s the map I prefer and am best at. So those are my goals. Now to my next topic of discussion.

I have recently made a deal with Mommy. It all first started when she started saying at the first few days of Summer that I was not going to be playing as much as I would like to on the electronics. Unfortunately, I wasn’t expecting her to limit me on everything. She put a limit of 1 hour on the computer and 1 hour at the rest of the electronics. Imagine me, writing a long post on my blog. That would be approximately 30 minutes, according to how fast I am typing and whether or not I get distracted by another thought and decide to postpone my post. Which leaves me with 30 minutes left of watching Youtube or playing Minecraft. Though, I have faced a major problem with the computer. I cannot play Minecraft. There’s a glitch that has occurred on my computer that causes me to constantly lag out or get inevitably stuck into a cave and I’ll have to start allover the world. I don’t want to start allover the worlds because I’ve worked really hard on them, but it almost seems I have no choice. So I decided to leave Minecraft alone, which leaves me with 30 minutes of Youtube watching. I would normally be fine with that option, but now since there are so many Youtubers that I watch including “ImAnderZel” (Swedish Gamer), “TheSyndicateProject” (British Gamer), “PewDiePie” (Swedish Gamer), “Smosh” (You know them), “RayWilliamJohnson”, and more! Recently Syndicate has been posting 3o+ minute videos in just one video. How do you reckon I’ll watch the other videos? So, of course, with my hormonal teenage mind I had to go and complain. It became a tragedy in the first few days but then my Mommy came to an agreement saying that in order for me to play as much as I wanted to, I would have to work that much. Say for example, I wanted to play 2 hours on the PS3, then I would have to work for 2 hours on some chores. The idea seemed great, but my Dad warned me to not get ahead of myself and think this was an opportunity to get hours. Of course, though, my excitement caught on to me. The first few days I did all my chores successfully. Only problem was that I did not have an chores left to do. And the chores I did do were about 5-10 minutes each. It became difficult, but somehow I’m surviving now. And that’s how that happened.

Another thing I wanted to mention. I’ve gotten a huge crazy crave or addiction to watching Doctor Who. Not as in CRAZY CRAZY, but as in I love watching Doctor Who. Now I will actually refer to Doctor Who as D.W.; no, not D.W. from Arthur, but THE D.W.. So I’ve been watching it a lot recently with my sister (Patricia) and Mommy. It’s a really good series. I’m not much of a sci-fi fan, but I really enjoy it and the characters and imagination in the show is brilliant. Plus, the show is British. So it is just British people time-traveling. Oh, I’ve already said too much. For anyone considering to watch it, I suggest searching it on Netflix. They have the first 6-8 seasons I believe. It is still an ongoing series, but it is only available to watch in Great Britain right now and my parents do not have BBC to watch with, so yeah. Sorry. Anyway, all in all, the review is that it is a must watch series. You’ll get hooked and attached to the characters easily. Patricia already has a crush on the Doctor. Ooh. xD

Yesterday, I went to the pool and actually got time to relax and swim in the pool. At first I was hesitant to take off my shirt for one only reason. My nipples on my chest are huge. Now, when I say that, don’t think that I’m saying I have boobs. Boobs and nipples are completely different things. And turns out, the men’s nipples actually grow when the chest muscles are forming and since I had been exercising a lot on my chest muscles I guess they are forming. It is quite a disgusting look at first, but I believe I’ll blossom into great muscles. 🙂 So I got sunscreen on and reluctantly took off my shirt and jumped in the pool. It was cold and first and I shivered for a long while, but then I got used to it (for a few minutes). I decided to test my breath and see how long I could stay underwater by the simple test of swimming from the longest side of the pool on each end to the other end. It is a really hard task, but rewarding. I could do it at Mrs. Amy’s pool and Suzanna’s pool. This pool was a bit wide, but I wanted to see if I could still do it. I went and Anthony (who was with us) and my brother and sisters were doubting me. It was, indeed, a hard task. My lungs began to hurt and I could barely see the end. I thought I was never gonna get there. Afraid, I was about to give up and simple plop out of the water. But my courage and persistence was strong in me. I kept going and finally I saw the end. I made it and I was so happy. Finally. Something to prove that I still have it. Everyone cheered. I was out of breath. I got out of the cold water immediately so I could cool down.

Coincidentally, in the same pool, this family entered the pool. A fat boy with a very skinny girl who looked almost like Patricia’s age and an old lady. Not old, frail, and skinny. More like old and pompous. Fat, I should say. Weirdly enough the old lady gave Anthony a weird stare. I could not see her eyes behind her shades, but I could tell she was holding back a cruel, wicked face. She walked up to Anthony immediately when she entered the pool and said “We are not letting you play with any of our toys.” Then she walked away. Weird right? Eventually Anthony started to tell me the story behind everything and all it seemed to be was that Anthony had done nothing wrong except make them pay $16 for a boogie board that the fat boy broke. At first I was getting annoyed by it, but I decided to ignore it. Until, randomly, the old lady came up to Anthony when he was swimming and accused him of calling her mean and then started saying that he should think why she’s acting so mean. Now I was ticked off. She had no right to push him around like that. He couldn’t fend himself. He was a respectful man and did not mean any harm. When the lady passed by us and got all the attention around the pool my Mommy walked up to her and said, “If there are any problems, just come to me. He’s with me.” The lady responded saying that Anthony and her had their past. Just when she passed by us, Patricia was trying to hold me back from going up to her and putting her in her right place. Luckily, nothing bad happened and I kept my mouth shut. Reluctantly.

Later on, in the pool, a huge water pipe broke and water was pouring out of the water room. Shooting fountains of water out of the brick. Anthony and I were joking around and saying that the building was going to explode. Unfortunately and fortunately it did not. But oh well. You don’t see water leaks at pools everyday. Unless your life is pretty eventful. 😛

Last thing I could remember was that my Aunt was over during the weekend and we celebrated her friend Nadia’s birthday at the Buford Dam. It was a Dam good time. 🙂 And that seems to be all I could remember for the beginning week of summer. Cheerio!

Enjoy your Summer time (unless you don’t have Summer) wherever you are! BYE!



Best Tuesday I’ve Ever Experienced

Hey guys, Andrew here, bringing you a post about a day that was immediately placed in one of the best days ever! Normally, on a Tuesday, nothing would happen. It usually became the relaxing day after the worst day ever: Monday. Which I did not post about cause I did not feel like writing 1,000 words about a boring day. So anyway, let’s get talking about the day.

I woke up in the morning, feeling quite relaxed. Though, as I woke up, I did not feel like getting out of my bed. I had that feeling some people get when they wakeup and feel that the  blankets are set just right and are warm/cold enough and comfortable enough to convince you not to get out of bed. And convince me the bed did. I was acting as if today were a Summer day instead of school day, so I had no intention of getting up at any time. Once I went back to sleep, had a crazy dream that I cannot remember at the time, and woke up, I set myself ready for the day. I went downstairs and ate breakfast whilst greeting my mother with a smile and a “good morning”. I ate my animal cracker breakfast, then put all the cereal equipment back where they belong, and then decided to work on my school. I was not worried that I had missed a class while I went back to sleep in my bedroom.. well, maybe a little bit, but not too much. As I logged onto my school profile, there were, surprisingly, no classes today. What? Was this going to be like this for the rest of the days? I was feeling quite bad inside because what if there were no classes up until I left k12? I wouldn’t have time to say goodbye to any of my school friends! 😦

But having no classes at the moment was fine for me, just as long as it was only today. I took the advantage of having no classes so I could work on my main OLS subjects. I went straight for Composition, since it had no assessment at the end of the lesson, and skipped right through it, acting as if it was completed. Ah, I’m such a bad person.. Anyways.. after I finished or skipped through the Composition I went to Science. I think it was Earth Science or Life Science, I don’t remember, but it was Science, I know that! I took my time with the lesson, seeing as it was STILL only about 9:30 AM in the morning. I was learning about the formula for force when the factors mass and acceleration due to time were available, and then the lesson tried to twist me and test how logical I was going to be by asking what would happen if the factors force and acceleration due to time were shown, but you would have to find mass. Of course, if you all don’t know, I’m not a very logical person most of the time. Apparently, for this lesson, my brain *clicked* and used its logic. I ended up finishing the assessment test for the Science with a perfect grade of a 100%. After that I started to contemplate to myself.

“I think I want to be a scientist.” I thought to myself.

I never thought I would say it to myself, but I now said it, and am STILL surprised by the fact that I said those words. I don’t know why, but I guess the ease of Science this year has convinced me to grow a farther liking for it. Especially Math! I’m learning it a lot faster and a lot smarter as you’ll see throughout the day. But anyway, let’s continue with the day. You already got the point of the reasoning behind my wanting to be a scientist. After Science, I did Georgia Studies (it’s like history except specifically on Georgia), but unfortunately before I did Georgia Studies my brain decided to go bad and wanted to watch a few Youtube videos. I tried telling myself that only a few videos was acceptable, seeing as not much time was spent in the process (it was 10:20 AM in the morning). I watched a few ERBs (Epic Rap Battles) and got myself into a musical mood. Eventually I started to beat-box to myself again. Honestly, as bad as I sounded at the beginning, I thought I was getting better slowly. I mean, not all people are naturally good at the beginning. You gotta starts somewhere. I still need to be able to hum and make drum noises without making a slight split second pause between the hums and drum sounds. As I finished watching Youtube, making my promise to myself to only watch a few videos, I returned to Georgia Studies. We were learning mainly about the cult that formed after the Reconstruction act in Georgia when blacks were elected into the House of Representatives and U.S. Senate. I think you guys know these people: the Ku Klux Klan otherwise known as the KKK.

What surprised me even more was the fact that the KKK actually started in Tennessee and then stayed in Georgia to threaten blacks. Even though I did not fancy the study of Georgia (I liked to study other states, countries, and continents), I did learn that a lot of things during the Civil War all the way to the Reconstruction act were helped and supported a lot by Georgia and its bordering states. Something new I learned. Once I finished reading about two LONG pages about the KKK and how they tried to prevent the blacks from voting for republicans, I went straight to the assessment. Unfortunately, I failed the test. Reason being was because the first two questions were about specifically WHO was part of the House of Representatives or the U.S. Senate when there were SO many complicated names mentioned, I did not know what to pick. So I picked randomly. The other questions were correctly answered, except for the first two questions, which pissed me off a little bit. But no matter, I was still to have a positive Decemburrr feeling/mood.

After Georgia Studies I focused on my Math, since that was the last subject for the day (I love it when there are only 4 subjects in one day). It was a hard lesson, lemme tell you, but then my logic started kicking in again and I followed EXACTLY by the rules of how I was supposed to do the math formula in this lesson. They asked questions like:

“Jimmy works as a barber for $4.31 per hour during the afternoon shift, while in the evening shift he worked $7.12 per hour as a bar tender. One day Jimmy worked 53 hours in one week and earned a total of $318.35 in that week. How much did hours for each shift during that week did he work for?”

This is how I worked it out, or how they taught me to work it out, step by step:

H x $4.31 + (53 – h) x $7.12 = $318.35

$4.31h + $7.12(53 – h) = $318.35

$4.31h + $377.36 – $7.12h = $318.35

-$2.81h + $377.36 = $318.35

-$2.81h + $377.36 – $377.36 = $318.35 – $377.36

-$2.81h = -$59.01

-$2.81h/-$2.81h = -$59.01/-$2.81h

H = 21

So that means that Jimmy worked 21 hours as a barber and then 32 hours as a bartender!

Long equation, right? But it surely gets the answers correct. Unfortunately, another fate was destined for me. I failed the test because the last two questions out of 5 questions were asking which job spent this many hours. Now that I already knew the hours, I needed to place them at the right job. I didn’t, so that’s why I failed. I did the test again and passed. I guess I didn’t COMPLETELY know the lesson, but I did know 95% of it. xD After that, Math was done and so was school, so I had decided to go outside in the decent climate it was in and do some parkour and climbing. I did so by practicing climbing over the backyard fence and into the front yard porch which stood about 10 feet above the ground, so if I fell down with the condition my ankle and knee had been for the past two weeks, I probably would have fractured my leg. Fortunately, though, I was careful of where I clung my fingers onto so that if I used my muscles to support me up and therefore pushing my weight downwards it wouldn’t fall on me. It was a good exercise for my muscles and I got to breath a lot of Nature’s air. 🙂

Once I went back into the backyard through the fence back down the front yard porch, my father came outside and start questioning me about me climbing around the fences. I said it’s a practice for the skin on my hands to toughen up. Then he started acting sensitive and said “Why do you want to toughen your hands? You’re gonna get blisters!” Blah blah. I returned the questions with a true answer. I loved climbing outside and toughening my finger skin was gonna be a good exercise and advancement to my climbing skills. He stormed back inside the house and out my mother came. She gave me a lecture about how I needed to go brush my teeth, wash my face, put some zit ointment allover my face (because I forgot to), and then as I walked away into the house she questioned me again with:

“What did I say, Andrew?”

“Brush my teeth, wash my face, and then put zit ointment on.” I said rather lazily.

“Nope.” she said.

I widened my eyes, thinking she was messing with me. “I just said everything you told me to do.”

“No you got everything right EXCEPT for the fact that you need to check with me once you had the zit ointment done.”

I was pissed off and I wanted to say that she did not say that, because clearly I could remember it and hear what she was saying. But saying she never said that would get my mother pissed off as well, so I just said yes m’a’m and went to do the activities as told. I brushed my teeth, washed my face, and put the zit ointment on. After that, it was sort of funny because I was Skyping my friends during the day and about all of them wanted to video call me and I was like:

“Heck no! I’ve got all of this on my face.” xD

Once 10 minutes had passed and I felt that zit ointment was starting to dry, I went downstairs to my mother, checked with her, and then washed my face. Surprisingly enough, my face was not clear, but it was SO soft. I could not remember any other time I could feel the difference of how soft my face was. Though there were red spots on my cheeks from the hot water washing the ointment off, I still was happy with my soft cheeks and so was my mother. We both were happy, until I had informed specifically my father that I was done with school and my father and mother chipped in and told me the worst news to hear from a k12 parent. I had a Scantron to do today and then afterwards I had to do school with Anabelle. Cause apparently my mother is TOO busy watching the TV that she makes me do some school with Anabelle. I can’t complain though: she makes us GOOD food, I actually learn a lot of things from teaching Anabelle, and plus I always liked to teach Anabelle, as long as she was getting the lesson. The moment she would NOT get the lesson and tried to joke around and not pay attention I would get pissed off at her.

So I did my Scantron and on the bright side: while I was half-ass doing it, I still felt like I was gonna make a good grade and that it was pretty quick. If you are wondering what Scantron I did, it was Math. And if you are wondering  what a Scantron is you can ask me in the comments cause I don’t feel like explaining it in the post. As the day proceeded it got better. I listened to some filthy dubstep on Pandora, then did school with Anabelle, and then watched a nice, funny (actually hilarious I should say), heart-warming Christmas movie called, I think, Christmas Vacation. It was a good movie. What made it better was the fact that it made my father laugh and it put a smile on our faces. I think that my mother and I were the ones who laughed the most, though. xD Then afterwards, the day ended swell and I went to bed! So wherever you are in the world, just remember to stay positive for this month. Try to stay positive and be happy this month. For me! I bet it’ll work and make you happy! Anyway, thanks for reading! Bye!


I Got A Laptop

My day has been good, and the cool thing is that I got a computer. It’s really amazing because after four years I’ve been wanting and craving for a laptop, but instead I get a cool netbook that looks AWESOME. It has an exquisite design on the top of it’s layer, and I can type really fast on this computer without even looking. Plus whenever I put the words in capitalized form it always gives out this small lock sign whenever I do. So, I don’t have to worry about puttign wors that are wrongly capitilized. 😀 It’s awesome. But, let me get to what happened to the day. Right?

So, this is what happened, I woke up, with my boxers and found my distasteful mother. Who’s been aggravating me the past week, plus how she annoyed me greatly by bringing Patricia’s friend over to this big Church event in our church. I’m still pissed off at my mom for that. Eventually we came into a discussion on how I was old and I deserved better respect from her, but instead for a result, I got told that I could get my own laptop. I said she was joking and told her to stop messing with me. But, she said she was dead serious, so I immediately flunked back and blinked in surprise. It was amazing, or the thought was, I would have my own laptop, and I got to download and check out whatever I wanted on it. Oh, I was so hyped up I started chippering and picked on myself. I looked with my mom on the selections. But, I still had to do school. So, I grabbed 3 sheets of homework on Math, and worked on a bunch of Math problems. I think about 73 problems for the second sheet and then about 34 problems on the third sheet. While Math homework, people were walking through my backyard in gangster clothes. One of them looked at me, and gave me a grim look.

After Math homework, I finished Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Well, yesterday (which I haven’t posted about), I got to page 600, but than over night I got 78 pages through the book, and today, I finished the rest of the book. I honestly didn’t think this book ending was as good as the Sorcerer’s Stone, or the Chamber of Secrets. The Prisoner of Azkaban’s ending was okay. But, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, eh, it wasn’t such a missing ending. I liked the whole plot, and the whole concept of the story, along with that there were other things going on, during the plot. It’s my first 700 page book I’ve finished in my life. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix has about 860 pages. So, that will present a new challenge for me. When I was finished doing my reading job, I planned out a 3 day break from Harry Potter, so, I shuffled towards the rest of school and learned some new words in Vocabulary. Though, I didn’t note them down, so I can’t shuffle them down. I shopped with my mom later on in like 2 hours. It took us awhile to find the right choices from Micro Center and then we moved on to Fry’s that’s where I went to buy a latptop, or what it’s called Netbook. My sister and my other sister, while the while I had to wait for 3 hours for the orders to come in. Though the client was very respectful. So, when we were done, we went home, and found our aunts. Aunt Tania, and Aunt Alexandra. We had fun talking until our un-natural neighbor, Ms. Kacey. I knew she only came to get me in trouble, she brought up the story from a month ago about hoI was[i]w I was picking out this kind of warning electrical item, and she said there was no way I could doubt it since she saw it. Well, I would be able to doubt it since I know my own damn body, and what it’s doing.

So, she than started saying we couldn’t go over to our clubhouse just when we became really successful on our base.               I was so ticked off, though I wanted to show understanding towards Ms. Kacey, instead of having to doubt it and make it worse, because she said, that if I did that again, she would beat the crap out of me. When she finally left, I told my mom it was all bullshit, well, I didn’t tell her directly that it was bullshit, but it was bullshit. Dad seemed a little back-forward. Basically, he didn’t seem to believe the story. So, after a bunch of yellings, dad cleared out he did care, but it was hard for him to decide. I told them I was not going to beat up for something I haven’t even done. Mom said she wasn’t going to touch me. So, that made everything a lot better. Afterwards, I watched the Social Network with my mom and dad, along with my aunts. It was an interestign movie in the beginning, but than the nerd, along with Justin Timberlake started going into a lot of drug parties and girls were just taking of their clothes so much. It was good in the beginning, but than it ended just dumbly. It was a bad ending, and I thought the nerd was just being down-right rude. Afterwards, when we finished the movie,

I went to sleep, and waited for the next day to come.


My Lips Are Numb

I can’t post at all at my regular schedule. What’s wrong with me? I only have to 2 solutions to my problem. 1. I’m probably waiting ti’ll the last moment to publish a post, or that I don’t get enough sleep. Well, according to my sleep record. I’m sleeping just fine, plus I hardly wake up early in the morning when I sleep late. The only problem is that my school suggests I start sleeping around 7 or 8 o’clock PM. So, that second solution is still a possibility. But, right now I’m going to get to business. Near the beginning of the morning I heard some scratching noises under the coach right next to me. I looked into our hamster cage. And turns out our little dwarf hamster got out. U-oh.

I had to pull up the couch, which was like so easy with all my muscles. 🙄 I found the hamster. The only problem was that I had to try to hold up the couch and get the tiny son of a bitch without dropping the couch and killing the poor thing. Unfortunately, he was too quick, and I didn’t want to get bitten. So, I let him run out of the couch. I found him, tried catching him again, instead, he ran beneath the heaviest couch. I asked mom downstairs, while it took time for her to wake up since it was like 7 in the morning I lifted the heaviest couch to my surprise, and didn’t find it. So, when mom came downstairs, I prayed with her, and in 20 seconds my prayer was answered. Lol. I lifted the 70 pound couch up and found the little rascal. My mom immediately got it, and we were normal. Though, my muscles were hurting from all the weight lifting. But, I was able to manage it.

I had breakfast finally, and I had this crappy spoon. And when I mean crappy, I mean it was scratched. So, it took me about 10 minutes to realize the scratched up spoon was ripping my lip skin. Unfortuantely, I was too late and I already felt a scar on my lip. Ugh. It’s not a good feeling. It felt sour at first, but then grew harder. I just let it be. I did my school, and well, chatted a little bit with, Mary, yes I’m saying her name now. If you’ve noticed I published a post about her, and we had such a romantic talk. Even though it was like 10 comments of talk. It still felt treasuring. I also later on spoke with Nayyir, I had Social Studies and a GUM unit assessment test, I didn’t, or probably couldn’t do it because the computer was screwed up, and I didn’t want to work at the moment. It was 4 o’clock in the afternoon, and I was STILL talking with Nayyir. I tried to get into a 3 way call with Elizabeth and Nayyir. But, Nayyir kept screwing up on the call until we finally got it right. We were awkward most of the time. Lol. That was my favorite part of the call… 😎

My lips were still numb, and it started to mold. Not like the disgusting mold. I mean skin grew over it. The only problem was that you couldn’t see it, you could only feel it. But, who’s going to touch my lips, besides me? Am I right? I hanged up and started reading Pendragon. I’m so far on page 89. I think I’ll finish this book in a flash. Lol. I later on got sick temporarily, but then got it over with. I watched Karate Kid afterwards, while Anabelle was keeping the Hamster occupied. My sister, Patricia, talked a little bit with Elizabeth’s sister Kacie. And I guess it all started getting boring once Elizabeth had to hang up.

I Love Unanamious Discusions

Well, this morning I woke up knowing it was Saturday. I guess the first weekend in the whole holiday. 🙂 Anyways, I got through the process of waking up late enough. Too bad I couldn’t have slept through the whole morning. But, what happens is meant to be. Anyways, I had my breakfast and went to the computer. I started playing video games as well. But, before I could play the Wii I had to brush my teeth and take care of my bed. I finished brushing my teeth first, then, I took care of my bed. But, when I was done playing Guitar Hero 3 and 4 (world tour) I went upstairs, hoping that some good show was on TV. Though, it took a while for the show Victorious to show up.

Then, I decided to go and get active outside. But, my mom said sh said I had to clean my room. I asked Matthew to help but he tried to ignore what was suppsoed to be done. So, I HAD TO clean the room myself. Sometimes I really dislike Matthew (my brother). I finally came outside, only to find myself inside Simon’s house playing with the lego I gave him on his birthday while watching Napolean Dynamite. It’s a really funny show. Then we came outside to do some fossil hunting for Simon’s science project I guess. But, instead we were close to hitting a trench, from erosion I guess. I called it an expedition and Simon and I just said some complicated Science words and started cursing at each other. We agreed on almos every situation during the dig.

But, we decided to take a 5 minute break. Then, we came outside only to find my so-called friend SAVINO trying to find us. Wel, during that, I was still wondering when I was going to take care of our new clubhouse. I’ll give you a picture of it so you an result it. Well, then we got some tools I brought these carpenter SCIZZORS!!! It worked actually pretty well then expected. But, then Savino arrived in MY backyard with my neighbor Logan and found us. I wanted to kick his butt out of there, but he would’ve said he didn’t have to. So, I had to bring him along withour expeditio. Luckily, he helped us with the clb house.

Afterwards, we took another break, and we watched part of this movie. Patricia already hated it, so, Simon and I were forced to watch it upstairs. It was a movie about World War 2. I took it a little TOO ligtly. Until I figured out it was a rated R movie. It was showing people catching on fire and buring up, hearts oming out, legs ripped out bodies thrown allover the battle field and intestines coming out of there body. Savino later then came inside and got REALLY into the movie. Luckily, my mom said i coud watch it. I was thankul. Afterwards, I got too many mosquitoe bites and Poison Ivy marks, so, I deicded to quit work for today. Savino and Simon muttered some cause words, but I didn’t care, I just went up the Soccer Championship street. Too bad, Savino and Simon didn’t want to come. Not my problem.

Well, anyways, Douglas and Ever (Ever is Douglas’s cousin), Marvin, Terry, Kerry (they three are brothers) then me Ptricia and Matthew finally Simon and Savino joined. But, I wanted to revolt. Anyways, I was on Ever and Terry’s team. Luckily, I was only goalie. The other team only hit 3 or 4 times. My team hit 11 times. I only made one goal because I was mainly goalie. Then, we did a rematch and STILL won again. So, I was actually happy to have Simon and Savino’s butt kicked. Ever also congratulated me and agreed with my every move. I was happy as well. Then, he had to go home. Savio introduced he was going to Xaby’s with Simon which pissed me off because he said that only to make me angry. I wanted to kick his butt at the moment. But, I had to control myself. Anyways, finally I went home and did a long amount of Quiet Time and then fell asleep soothingly. Also, my eyes were scarcely open. But, okay. :mrgreen:

War Of The Worlds

What Is The Movie About?: Well, the movie is about this lazy work man that doesn’t want to do more than should be done. The man only wanted to do average work. That character is played by Tom Cruise. Then, he gets stuck babysitting these 2 kids for awhile until their mother gets back from Boston. While babysitting the whole world becomes intertwined with these alien machines’s destinies to exterminate the planet. So, the kids and guy’s mission is to stay alive. As long as they can.

Why You Should See This?: Well, if you have a thing for violence or suspense this movie WILL be there to thrill you. The movie would also be good for the paranoid minds because it ends with a GREAT message for the paranoid. Also, if you happen to be depressed or glum because of your life. Watch this movie and then you’ll start tearing away. I guarantee it! The movie COULD also work for kids for a punishment or something. Like if your kids under 10 or 11 only like writing people killing each other or violence a lot. Show your kids the movie. Then, he’ll either get MORE interested in violence or he’ll start crying too. If he gets into it, say to you child that you need to do what I say to watch this movie. Got a trap. Hehehe.

My Perspective About The Movie: Well, I actually think this is my favorite movie throughout my 11 years. But, I’m going to wait for another movie to impress me soon enough. Anyways, the movie was good enough to actually make me want to dream about it or draw it. But, I thought the movie had too much screaming in it. Just to make it into an opera. Te rest I think is perfect. Lol. 😀

“The Last Airbender” – Movie Special (2010)

The Whole Point of The Movie
Okay, I’m sorry this came so soon. But, I think I already found my favorite movie this year. It may be too early for this since it’s just in the middle of Summer. But, decided and I’m not changing my mind. Now, down to the point of the movie. The whole movie was about these southern water tribe teenagers in search for food when they find this orb underwater. One of the teenagers (Katara) cracked the ice and found this boy called Aang (pronounced in the movie: Un-gk [pronounced in cartoon form: an-gg]) with his bison. They go through villages to free people from the fire nation while they try to find Aang a water bender to teach Aang. On the way, Aang struggles to learn Water Bending and is trying to make sense of the spirit world.The movie had a lot of action and fighting.

Opinion Time
Now, I thought the movie was pretty impressive, especially the fact the director M. Night Shyamalan crammed a whole book into 2 hours. The movie was pretty violent too. But, whenever they would get ready to shoot a move, it would take about 8 seconds to pose their move and then attack. The only fast moves were the Fire attacks. But, earth, water and air was pretty slow. I was starting to wonder how come the Fire benders couldn’t attack while the other benders were taking time to pose. Lol. But, I would understand why they would have that minor difficulty. It’s really hard to show bending effects in real life. Another thing, Zuko looked like a Indians. And so did the other Fire benders. I really hated the fact they were all Indians. Zuko was actually supposed to be Japanese. What the heck? I really disliked the fact they put race-bending in the movie too. Than, at the end they said in prediction they would make a new Avatar about book 2. I was really pissed off about that. I’ve already seen all books. You expect me to see the movie 3 times and spend money too? That’s like the stupidest thing they could’ve come up with. But, my mom was going with it.

Movie was actually really good. They were only 3 minor mistakes in the movie. That’s actually pretty good. Instead of having to figure out all the commercials they were showing you were fake and just to advertise. 🙂 That’s my opinion and my dislike. Though, I think it’s a worth seeing movie and I give it a 4 and a half stars.