A Whole Day Of Ihop And Shopping

I hope this post will be able to get through. But, I’m going to post about Friday. First of all, I had a beautiful sleep, and after I woke up, I slept again, thinking about Samara from The Ring, trying my attempt to dream about her. Unfortunately, the dream turned out to be about zombies. I remembered the dream in the morning, but than, I forgot. All I could remember was that near the end of the dream, we met this special group of zombies that said they didn’t eat humans and they at this (they were pointing at some crackers), and I was WOW. But, I didn’t want to laugh at the consistently tall zombies, or else I bet my butt would get kicked in my dreams.

Afterwards, when I woke up, and than decided to move downstairs, I did my jog, and ran into a Teenage guy with blonde hair, and this dark-skinned dude. I ran into them, and than I eventually realized they were walking their way to 4th coldasac to get to the bus, so I got out of there way, though, the dark-skinned dude, pushed me on the ground, and I started to get really pissed. The blonde guy than started kicking me in the thigh and the rear. I was right about at the point where I was about to bleed, but than Simon came around and noticed I was getting bullied, so (as I expected) he jumped in, and than started stabbing them with his tiny nail sword he always keeps around. The dark-skinned dude though jumped him, and started hurting Simon. But, by than, I ran like a fool back to my house. The blonde guy try to catch me, but I was too fast for him, or at least something stopped him. I don’t know.

After I lost him, I went back in, and decided to do 25 push-ups on Wiifit, and do 90 seconds on the plank. I was exemplary in all of it. But, I got bored, and decided to do some of my assignments for Study Island. So, I took about 3 assignments, and yet, I still have loads to do. I did a Pre-Agebra lesson, and as usual I do full percent grades on my assessments. Eventually my mom came home, and we went with my dad and her to Ihop. I’m going to be honest. This is the first time I’ve been there. My dad ordered a dish of bacon and eggs, along with waffles on his side. My sister ordered a full tray of waffles with blue syrup and bacon and eggs on the side. Matthew just had a pancake with white cream and syrup since he didn’t want to spoil himself.

I had 5 layers of pancakes, with Cinnamon on each layer, with juicy butter, and side dishing of salads and bacon. MMM! It was a good meal. I’m even drooling over it. After an hour or two we left to some store to get me some sports shoes and a sleeping bag for Walking Wisely Weekend. Though we spent most of our time there riding scooters, bikes, and skateboards. We had a great time. I found my favorite sport shoes and rode around with a skateboard around the store, and the managers and workers didn’t care. One would only just give me the evil eye and that’s all.

We eventually got to Anna’s Linens and all, but now I’m just so bored. SO, I’m going to get this over with soon. Once we got home, we stayed and laid around. After that, I hung out with Logan and than with Savino, eventually Patricia’s friend’s mom was trying to attempt to ask for Patricia’s friend to have a sleepover, but I kept Patricia away from her, so she wasn’t able to. I talked to Simon, and that’s pretty much all, except that I went to Walking Wisely Weekend. It’s going to be awesome!

Super Bowl Night

Well, today is Sunday, and that’s three things: church day, grownups coming over, and last but not least, the Super Bowl!! I can’t wait. Mary Kate and I are routing for the Steelers, I don’t know about anybody else. But, whatever, okay, when we got ready for church (I’m going to skip all the putting on clothes and getting hair done drama), Patricia’s friend asked if she could come to church. Well, it was kind of a bad time, because Patricia was going all snappy on everybody because they judged her yesterday for her Balle, and now mom’s defending her, and won’t let us say a single word to it. I just hate how my sister and my mom seem to be like tag-partners. Once mom’s on your side, nobody can beat you. She could punish us if we had something to say against her, that’s what we’re mostly afraid of.

So, when we got in the car, and picked Patricia’s friend up (since she excused by saying that she’s not having a good ankle today, so we have to pick her up), Patricia’s friend gave me this sort of annoyed look, and than sat in an opposite seat of Patricia because I was sitting next to Patricia, and I guess Patricia’s friend was too afraid to move me off the seat. We moved on, and on, and dad kept playing Switchfoot constantly, on his playlist. Well, I just sang to myself some Bullet For My Valentine songs, and also a lot of Bring Me The Horizon songs. Finally, when we had arrived at church, I’d almost thought I saw Michael, and was going to say hi, but I forgot two things, that the car he was around, didn’t have the same license plate as their car, plus it was 8:45 AM, they don’t come to church THIS early. So, I ignored the car, and realized the face of what I thought was Michael, was very much not Michael. We got inside the church, meeting some old folk we knew about 2 years ago. The man was the person I remembered long ago, that used to call me a Biologist all the time. Wow, last time when that was occuring, I would get so aggravated. But, now I just reminded him, and we laughed.

While Patricia, and her old friend, whom she used to play with, we’re talking about the next thing that was going to happen in Kidstuff, and how they were doing in school. Patricia’s friend gave this sort of grim look at them, and interrupted asking the girl if she had any Barbie dolls or if she did Balle. Well, Patricia’s friend, you know people can’t be perfect just having the same interests as you. When she said that, I immediately knew Patricia’s friend was going to bring up the slutt doll subject, so I told Patricia’s friend to back off so I could have a word with her. I told her that Patricia’s old friend is very shy, and she really doesn’t play too much with dolls, Patricia’s friend nodded and than prologued with her walk. I went to church immediately. It was fun, plus when Michael came around, so he could back me up in Foozeball, we were total masters again.

Once church service was over, I talked with my friend Jonathon, about the Super Bowl, and he said he didn’t enjoy watching it, he only watched it since his dad forced him. I went struck silence, I had told him that that’s the exact same thing we do, and then Michael bugged in and brought up about Soccer, and we went into a long, and comfortable conversation on Soccer. When that was over, I heard that Kidstuff was starting today (now I get why Patricia’s old friend brought up Kidstuff). My arch enemy passed me a couple of times, ignoring I was there, and I just sat in the seats of the church. Well, I wanted to skip Kidstuff so bad, that I thought I might wanna puke, instead of hearing their goofy facts on church. Mom finally excused me from the thousand crowded stage, and I went to the foozeball table again, though, before I went in, I found 5 people coming out of this particular room with doughtnuts and sodas.

I decided to check out the room. It wouldn’t hurt, right? So, I checked in, and what I found was 50 boxes of glazed doughtnuts. I loved it, I took 2 doughnuts, and nobody really seemed to care. My awkward friend, well, he’s not awkward, but we talk awkwardly, came around, and said hi. I decided to give him my second doughnut, and he said THANKS. I felt happy at that point, until when Kidstuff was over, and we left. Patricia’s friend was skipping like there was no tomorrow, and I still wonder why she said that her ankle hurts. That bitch. When we got home, Patricia’s friend was begging for Patricia over, but mom said no, no, no. Than, she came to an exception when they were allowed to stay outside. Eventually, things started to turn hot. Patricia’s friend left Anabelle’s scooter out, and a car ran over it, it got stuck in the wheels. So, eventually we had to bring our dad.

All Patricia’s friend said after this was, “I remember it was there… but um.. uhh… I just remember it was there.” She said that giving out her lieing face. She eventually asked if she could come inside, after when she broke a scooter, I said no, than when dad came, she asked him, and he said no, so she went with Anabelle, Patricia to her house. They stayed there for about an hour. When mom specifically said no, and you can call Social Services Skydancer, I ain’t lieing, I could even get a picture of the ugly prick. Plus, when the boys came around, Patricia’s friend was allover them, since she finally got popularity. She eventually started going into her cooly face. I hope she doesn’t go into her sexual mood again. There’s a lot more stuff that happened, but I wanna skip it. We went over to Sharoyl’s house, and her parents. We watched the Super Bowl there, and than came back home. Depressingly, the half time when the Black Eyed Peas sang, they sucked. Why couldn’t Slash just play the rest of the time? And the Super Bowl SUCKED.

My Parents Are Taking Over

Well, yeah, today is Sunday. Church day! So, during 1 in the morning, I made a plan to go on my computer before going to church and bringing it. Well, the plan didn’t work to well, since two days ago when I was waiting on Saturday to get a hold of that computer, and I didn’t get too much sleep. So, instead my dad had to wake me up around 8 am. It was weird, because we were supposed to wake up around 7 or 6.But, anyways, when we woke up than, I asked my parents why we were waking up so late, and they said it was leadership room day. Well, for Patricia, Matthew and Anabelle that’s what today meant, for my parents and I it meant that we have host team. Though, I’m not really in the host team, I just help my dad and steal doughnuts. Lol.

Once we got all our fancy clothings on, I put on my black socks and set to the car. I’m thinking once I’m 16 or 17 I’ll get a car and be able to drive to church instead of having my parents drive me there. Though, it’s not like I hate my parents driving me around a lot. I just wanna see how it feels to drive on my own in the future. When we got to the church, my dad was throwing a sissy feat at my mom, and she just couldn’t take it. So, I tried comforting her and asked her what was on her mind. She said the f word in the end of her sentence, which kind of startled me, but it was kind of normal. I used to cuss so much outside, I don’t get why I’m startled. But, okay. When we got inside, and I decided to skip the 11 o’clock Transit service, I went with mom and dad to the Host team room. If Prima’s reading this, than yes, that”s where I was when I was chatting with you. When I was in there chatting, two grownups came passed me and said in surprise “that’s a Netbook?!”

I loved kind of being the abnormal person in church. Being 11, and carrying a Netbook, while being wired into it. Plus, when I went to go get a doughnut (that’s when my parents went and took care of the big halls), this grownup man (whom I’ve seen a lot) walked up to the sink and said “that’s a Netbook if I’m right.”. I said yeah, he asked for the logo and also what service or something. I told him Gateway and Windows 7. He said it was pretty cool to be at my age and own that laptop. But just when he said that I was lucky to have parents that cared for me enough to buy it, I just had to correct him and tell him that I spent half the cost too. The man, started getting into other important things than, and I decided to walk around the church, for no reason. During service (basically, the time when the preacher spoke to the many thousands of crowds), I was typing on my computer and chatting with another friend. By than, my dad got onto my computer and basically took everything under his control. When I told him specifically that I wanted him to do the theme, he was checking, and deleting programs left and right. Pus, he put his user in control of the whole computer and found this option to put time limits onto my computer.

Basically, if I tried logging in onto my Netbook when they said I wasn’t supposed to, it would block me. So, that was the crappy part as well. When we got from church, Christian was outside, except shaved BALD. He looked so much like Eminem. Except for the eye brows. He started getting rude and in his ungrateful attitude. So, I just ignored him and went to the little kids. What I didn’t expect was that they said Ms. Kacey, the person who banned us from our own clubhouse, told them they couldn’t spend time with me. It was outrageous, I went to talk to Savino’s mom, until my dad and mom came around, and we talked. Unfortunately, Savino’s mom wasn’t responsible, and said that what Ms. Kacey actually meant to say was to not play with me in there. Which was weird but okay, so the kids and I rode around in bikes. I talked with Nicholas about some horror movies, and I talked with Logan about Wizard 101, my guitar teacher came around, and told me that I’d need to bring back his acoustic guitar. I eventually did, and I brought my electric guitar for training. We went into some major tips like the pentatonic scale and all. But, when I showed him that I knew how to play Yesterday, by the Beatles, and Dream On, by Aerosmith, he was so amazed, he said he’ll need to research some songs for me, at my level, so practice was short.

I noted what he said, and helped clean up the house. Eventually, I found out that Patricia’s friend walked up to me, and wanted me to introduce her to her new friend. Well, um… I couldn’t see her so well in the sunlight, but I only caught a glimpse of her covered in a jacket you would only wear if you lived in Siberia. Well, the day ended softly, the grownups came, we had a party, they left, and we were sent to bed. Tomorrow, I’m reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

I’m Packed On Homework

Meaninglessly, I’m getting over packed with more and more homework. Man, it’s snowing, you except me to do all that homework, when all of the snow might come to a point where it might melt. I’ve killed someone before (by accident), but this time, I feel like wanting to hunt down my school principal. Lol. I’m only kidding. I love Matt Arkin (our principal). I’ve even met the guy before with Nayyir, and got his autograph. Anyways, when I woke up after another zombie Apocalypse dream again, I continued with my school, and basically my life. I had a lesson on Math about one of the dividing equations, which started to become really hard. So, it took me about an hour to make sense of it, and then a half hour to do 40 questions of practice. Really, Math isn’t all that hard, and I intend to keep it that way. Though, Social Studies had to be pulling on my leg today. I had to finish my essay today, and then read some more about environmental causes, and stuff like that. Afterwards, I had a pop quiz on it, which was really easy. Though, because of thinking about my essay, it made me make 1 mistake out of 10.

Essays can be really hard. I’m serious. Afterwards, for Science, I had a 2nd Semester Assessment. This time, it was loads easy. They only questioned me about humidity, permeability, tropical climates, warm climates, warm fronts, cold fronts, the special eras (like the Mesozoic, Precambrian, Cenozoic, Paleozoic), fossils, porosity, and about some metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks. It sounds like a lot, but I’m just glad they didn’t ask me long scientific questions, and they didn’t suggest I take special Science tests. Lucky me. Though, I only got 97%. Last time, I got 100% on my semester assessment test which I probably haven’t mentioned about in the past. Oh and I also was quizzed by my dad about future perfect progressive verbs, and how to identify them, and to tell the different verb tenses. GUM, let’s just say was a lot easier since my dad (who is an expert at Language Arts, and probably everything else) was there to help and support me from burn outs.

Afterwards, my brother was acting like a complete jerk, going on our accounts, and seeing if we finished our homework, like he always does whenever he finishes school first. I had to get another pop quiz for Vocabulary, except it was really easy words to learn. Though, I learned the word: ode. I just don’t exactly know what it means. Lol. Afterwards, um… I have no idea what other subjects I had otherwise than my two exams I finished. I exceedingly beat it. With really, a lot of stress. Later on, I went outside, and made another 3/4 of an igloo, and ice skated on the river. Well, the river is basically our neighborhood lake, which doesn’t really look much as a lake, but more a river. Or maybe both. Don’t know. 😕 Well, the ice almost cracked, but luckily, when I was standing on a icy river (that was 20 ft deep) I didn’t fall. Or else, I wouldn’t be talking, and posting to you on this very day. Once, I finished individually ice skating on the river, I went, and talked to my parents for a little while, and we made laughs together. Than, we all had to start picking on the icy stairs, so when we could descend down the stairs, we wouldn’t slip.

It took me an hour to clear about 30/100 of it. It was that hard. Than, Patricia’s friend came around, and tried to persuade Patricia to come up the street, go out of the neighborhood, and go to her friend’s house (which was 23 miles) on bikes, and go clean up the ice. First of all, that’s illegal for girls about Patricia’s age to do that. But, Patricia, as a good and clean sister, said no, and plus, my dad said he would never approve of it, and lectured Patricia for it. Too bad he couldn’t lecture Patricia’s friend. So, they just randomly started picking at people’s icy garages, and asked for 40 dollars. Well, my sister declined, and we went inside to have tortillas. One of the reasons would be that we all figured that my dad and my little sister, Anabelle, we’re part Latinos, and that Matthew, Patricia, my mom and I were Vikings that lived in Siberia, and defeated Napoleon. Well, we were too Romanian, but I like to refer myself as the Russian Viking, named: Andrew! Once we finished our tortillas, we went to our beds, and I just started studying on Russia, and it’s ancestrally vikings. I jsut wish one of the vikings were called Victor Krum. 😀

Just To Get It Over With

Today I worked mostly on my brochure so I could get a little faster on time with it. My dad was able to help me with it because the computer had a delay with it. And I’m still stuck trying to figure the Mathematical section of the Brochure. I might need Simon’s help to tutor me allover again on fractions converted to decimals and then converted to percentages. Anyhow, I didn’t really do much today. I did my school tests, and am expected to finish a 3 tests due my travel brochure. I also went over to Simon’s unfortunately, I talked with him outside, in the bitter cold, it was so cold my nose went red and my feet started to pop once I moved (and it’s still not snowing).

I stayed at Simon’s for awhile, and then got home, to only find Matthew sucking on his Language Arts lessons. My mom isn’t a good teacher when it comes to Language Arts or Grammar. So, later on, I watched with my sister, Patricia, and my mom a Christmas Carol for the FIRST TIME. I know, I haven’t seen the movie for a whole year. It’s embarrassing. Oh and I forgot, I almost broke up with Mary, because I said something wrong. Man, my dad was screwed at that point. And right now my dad’s making fish, so I’m wanting to get this done so badly because of the smell. UGH.

I had to do History with Matthew. Am I the only one that makes Matthew get about 100% rating on his tests. My mom agreed I was a better teacher at History than her. So, we both had unanimous discussions and arguments on whether I should be my brother’s History teacher. I don’t want pressure. Okay, now what else?? Oh yeah, on Facebook Nayyir was making fun of Savino for no reason, so Savino and I spoke up. Nayyir was still acting like a jerk, so I said that he is removed from the band. Everybody was in gasp. At that point I mentioned that my Facebook profile thought I was a female. Once I mentioned that, everybody started commenting on it. I think I got about 32 comments on it. Most were laughs. 😀

An Overwhelming Day For Me

I finally found my camera cable… 🙂 so now I can put some pictures for you on my posts. That’s actually the reason why I changed the theme, because I think this theme supports pictures a lot better than others. Anyhow, I got up from bed and started imagining about me going to a concert in Detroit, or maybe Los Angelos to perform my band. It was one of my dreams to perform on a big stage and make music history. It was the part that was most important in my heart. My wish. Ah… don’t know how long I haven’t wished for something. Haha, maybe 4 years. I don’t know. Once I got awaken properly, and went downstairs, I started on reading Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. So far, I’m at page 60. I guess 380 more pages to go. The book was interesting. It was proven that the books so far were better than the movie. Though, if you haven’t seen the movies of Harry Potter, you’d think that most characters in Harry Potter were ugly.

Constantly, during the reading, I heard Matthew, and Anabelle making several rambunctious sounds that made me want to yell at then like crazy. Probably wondering though, how come Patricia isn’t involved? Well, I got news for you buddy. She’s at work with mom. Which gave me enough free-time from Patricia. Now. To figure a way to get the rest of my siblings away. 😈 Unfortunately, I felt guilty about not taking care of my brochure. I haven’t even started. I mean, I know the standards, and the rules, but they didn’t tell me the most practical things. 1. They didn’t tell me if I was supposed to write the damn thing on computer or paper. 2. I don’t know how to send it. As long as I know those two things, I’m set. Anyways, I took some pictures of the Hamster. It looked so cute.

Sorry for the second picture being so bright. I know, it looks horrible. I have to update my pictures more often. Oh and that car my dad got was still hovering around. So, I thought I might also take a picture of it. It’s a 2000 something, something. I can’t remember. But, don’t be fooled by what you see, it’s actually in the best quality yet for a 10 year old car. 😀

Throughout the day, I spent time outside with an arrogant prick, and then a stupid neighbor. But, I had to put up with it somehow. Because my bb gun wasn’t working for protection. That’s when my mom said to have some special Ramon noodle soup, so that we can go shop for the new gun for Matthew and I. I was surprised. Once I got it, it was amazing, I felt powerful again. Just for about 3 minutes though, until Savino had to start getting a little selfish and showing off. I didn’t have time to deal with his shit. So, I had to pay mom 27$ for MY bb gun. And also for a special receipt. I don’t know. Matthew had to pay something for I don’t know what. And Patricia had to pay for popcorn because we were going to see Despicable Me. It was a little overwhelming, so I became a bit aggravated. I told mom since that the movie wasn’t going to start in 50 min, we should go to our local Barnes and Nobles. And man, what a surprise I met there. I met Douglas, and his sister there, along I found the Red Pyramid. YA!! It was like Heaven.

Later when we watched Despicable me, *watching it* IT WAS AWESOME!!! I have to say the best movie of the year for me. It felt a bit awkward at the beginning, but it was really awesome. Oh and BTW, we watched the movie at the Dollar Store.

Why I Couldn’t Post Yesterday

Well, sorry, but I’ll be explaining why I wasn’t able to post about yesterday. I’ll give you the facts. Well, this morning I woke up real early to go and use the computer. Afterwards, I had breakfast, that’s when my dad strolled in. When I finished breakfast, I went into the leaving room to relax a little bit (it was 7 in the morning). My dad started this muttering about his phone and than asked some questions about “the unknown girl”, since he’s been hearing about her a lot. 😀 The good things bout my dad is that he doesn’t really smother me in my discussions about girls. He’s more straight to the point so he could get it over with. While the conversation was going on, mom came and changed the subject. So, I went and took a jog, to wear of my foot pain (I’ve been jogging for 2 days so far, lol).

It usually only takes 20 to 15 minutes to walk around the neighborhood. Later on, my aunt strolled around, so we gave her our big hugs. After that, I had to do some chores and give some candy corn to Simon, because my mom heard from my sister (Patricia) he loved them. So, I got the chores done, gave Simon the candy corn. I was thinking about posting since I forgot to do it in the morning, but Simon was always dragging me into discussion into discussion until I forgot again. We got some new weapons for our base. Club house. Soon enough, we were celebrating my little sister, Anabelle’s, birthday. We went into the mall, the last place I’d expect to go much for a birthday unless you’re thinking about watching a movie. Lol. We strolled around, did some stuff, then went on some bungee jumping places. The odd thing was this lady in the first bungee jump noticing this Asian kid going on the side of the bungee jump (which was like 3 feet of the ground).

She walked up to the Asian kid, who BTW, was like 5 or 6, and said “I don’t want you to go on there, if you don’t listen, I’ll beat your ass,” odd. I wanted to say “I’ll sue you for cursing at a little kid,” and then start a rant. Lol. It was a good idea, but I just kept quiet. We went onto a Spider Climb, my favorite, while my sister, Patricia, and my brother, Matthew was doing the Spider jump. We stayed there for 2 hours, and the people guarding didn’t care, because they were on Facebook looking at some pictures of people taking hikes. Oh well. 😀 Later on, we shopped, like always when we go to the mall. We went to like 2 stores, which still sickened me. Lol. One store had special rugs and a lot of Indian artifacts.

Though, the store owners didn’t look too friendly. They gave the evil eye, and kept watch. It almost creeped my aunt. Oh and this other thing was when this man was owning a massage shop and grabbed my aunt on the shoulder. He pleaded to have a free sample. HAHA, it was so funny. I wanted to think of posting, but oh well, I was busy. When we came back home, I worked on our base until 8. It was freezing, like hell. Feeling like a frozen zombie, cheeks pale, hands shivering, eyes twitching, God, I don’t know how cold I’ll be when it’s Winter season. 🙂 Later on, I was planing my post, but my mom said I was grounded for some damn reason. So, I challenged my cousin, who’s younger than me, into a checkers duel. I’ve never been beaten in checkers. I let him win the next round cause my aunt told me to. I went to sleep, and that’s all.

I Officially Hate Halloween

I am deeply sorry for not being able to post the past three days. I don’t know how to make it up to you. Or maybe I do. Since the past three days, it’s all been revolving on one thing. Halloween. I didn’t really enjoy it when I heard it was coming in a few days. I wanted to skip it for all I care. Until next day came, Nayyir said that he was able to come over for our Halloween party and trick-or-treat time. Boy how I was wrong. I was waiting at church for the moment (since time went directly to Sunday [Hallow’s Eve]). It felt so intriguing, and it I was so happy. Until it came to the last bad part. When everybody was dressed up, even though it was still sunny, I was waiting for Nayyir to come. But, it took awhile, so I decided to call him to see what was going on there. Turns out, Nayyir couldn’t come, because he decided to schedule a different party. Broke my heart. I brought my costume. Only one neighbor realized who I was. Which was fine by me, but Patricia’s friend and the rest of our neighbors weren’t patient, so I had to wait ti’ll everybody was done picking out candy from a house.

The worst turned when my costume broke. My guitar rope grip ripped so I wasn’t able to wear a guitar to show my true identity. 😦 Everybody was like: “Who’s he supposed to be?” and “Who would wear black to Halloween?”. I felt so pissed off. I decided to go to Simon’s house and pick the best candy and go home. Mom was worrying. But, I called my dad to let him know I was home. Turns out I got about 89 pieces of candy, and I didn’t even try getting candy. Picking out all the candy made me sick to my stomach. So, I just dumped it all out. Mom and dad and Patricia’s other nice friend came back. Most of them got more candy because they asked for more candy. I had to discuss with mom about my depression of things.

1. Nayyir wasn’t able to come over at all because he decided to schedule somewhere else.
2. Barely got candy.
3. Got sick of candy.
4. Patricia’s friend’s mom was actually interacting with my mom. I bet they’ll be friends in no time.
5. Patricia’s friend was happy.
6. People insulted my costume.

I was so emotional through the whole day. My mom explained I was going through a hormones stage, which felt really awkward for me, even though I do get really emotional and bitchy at times. The only good part about today was the fact that Patricia’s other nice friend told me Patricia’s friend was insulting Patricia and Patricia’s nice friend’s sister. I got happy that Patricia’s friend actually did something bad. I was only wondering whether our neighbors were still hunting. Oh and next day (which was yesterday) I got a stomach flu because of candy. Ew… not so good. I was about to vomit, but all that came out was a bad stomach and burps. Turns out since I ate candy and started burping constantly my stomach hurts. Now, the next thing was when I overheard that all county schools were being closed for Election Day, but not our school.

So, one of our neighbors insulted our school. And that’s all. I’m going to post tomorrow since I’m tired.

Oh My God What Was I Thinking?!

Well, today was uh… pretty un-normal I guess for me. It just felt really awkward. Anyway, today I was studying on 20,000 leagues under the sea, for about 2 hours, I guess because I was taking notes all day long. Lol. It was meaningless. I knew the whole story by heart, and NOW, my brain starts thinking about taking notes? That’s just… ugh. Whatever, I had a test on Study Island. It was a review on the the Geological Process. Uh… hello?! I just completed that damn test a few days ago, and now I’m expect to review? Wow that’s just swell. I again got another 98.32% for my result and went on with the rest of my subjects. I had to work on the Geometric Figures today, and I didn’t want to go back to that. Plus, I don’t even have a compass to begin with.

I skipped it. So, I went directly to Social Studies. Man, that’s like the only subject besides Math that I work most on. I always have the tendencies to write down a lot of notes just to keep up with the work and decide to make my work harder. Well, I decided to skip noting down everything for today’s lesson. Unfortunately, today was a REALLY GOOD lesson that would’ve been a good idea to note down. Ah, the irony. I had to study on Columbia, Chile and Venezuela. I was able to pass it with a 100%, yeah, but I felt guilty for not taking notes on this one. I went throughout Earth Science, which was like easy. I don’t want to get into details, right now for it. Once I finished the rest of my school, my mom noticed I hadn’t done any Math, so that was a big, major no no for my mom. So, she asked what else I had besides the lesson currently on. I just had to do a Unit review, and that’s it. :O Seriously?

Anyways, when I left with my dad to go to Aldi and get food, the portfolio sheet I had to write, due October 25, was constantly ringing in my mind. I tried to focus and be happy with my dad. But, how the HELL am I supposed to be happy when almost EVERYBODY IN my school has finished their portfolio last week and I haven’t even started my thesis statement. Damn me. We went to Super H Mart afterwards, got food, and went home. My dad went from an enthusiastic attitude, into the sharp and snappy kind. No offense dad. 😀 Later on, we did Quiet Time, which became very boring than usual. Sorry. Oh and I got yelled at today in front of my dad by my mom. Now whenever that happens, my dad always tries to make me look me feel even worse, even though it’s not even his situation. BTW, my mom act sometimes like a freak, trying to yell at me to get me to think like her.

Well, I discussed about that with my dad. Weird. And he told me, that my mom is not always how I want her to be. That made me think. But, I already went to sleep. 😆

My Dramatic Problems With School

Well, see here, I can be pretty dramatic when it comes to not getting it quickly. Not the kind of boys who whine for their mommy’s they can’t get something. NO, I’m way different. I’m more of a ‘don’t get it quickly, frustration appears guy’. Lol. School can be a big dramatic scene for me. I don’t get bored of it. I just get frustrated. That’s all. Anyways, I had to study today on a different topic on Literature. I had to read two stories. The first one was about the Gods Jupiter and Mercury. The second one was a poem. They got really boring to me. So, I plugged in some headphones and listened to some rock to get me focused on the topics. Soon enough I had to do my Composition. See, I got a k-mail today early in the morning that I was going to have to write an essay (and it was due October 25th), actually a Compare and Contrast essay on Canada and United State’s physical features. Not too hard. Actually it was, because I remember the last time I wrote an essay. It was horror, and back then boredom eventually arrived around me most of the time.

Once, I decided what to do on Composition. I did one Composition lesson on Narrative essays and then another one on the Compare and Contrast. Luckily, my sister helped me figure out what Compare and Contrast meant, because how the school mentioned it made completely no sense to me. After I was done, I wanted to take a break, but instead, I took my test for Social Studies. I had to finally result my experience with Latin America. I just hope I get my Unit Assessment correct. Well, it turns out that I got all answers correct. An score total of %100. I just wonder when I’m going to do Math. I remember asking my mom to do it. She didn’t really answer. So, I went to the fish (who I haven’t talked about in awhile) I realized in result 2 fish were fat and 5 were average and one was the skinniest. That one was the smartest at catching food. Lol. Well, I just let the little fish dangle there while I had my own problems to do deal with. Soon enough, I asked my mom AGAIN if we could do Math. She didn’t answer. Then, she started asking that question. I didn’t want to do it. And it seemed like she didn’t want to do it either.

Once we picked dad up, I got in trouble with mom because I hadn’t done my Math. Basically, grounded for 2 weeks from the computer. That’s why I’m secretly posting. Mom and I had to do Geometrical system together, which this lesson seemed pretty easy. I just had to use my protractor and measure if an angle was obtuse, acute, right angle, OR if they were 90 degrees or 180 degrees in measurement. Matthew, Anabelle and Patricia seemed to be having a good time. While I was frustrated the whole time working on some stupid Math. I don’t think Math is my second favorite anymore. Lol. That’s all. See ya’ll tomorrow for another post/

I Meet The Bad Side Of Poverty

Sorry for posting so late. WordPress wouldn’t let me login and when they started working mom said I had to go to sleep. So, sorry for posting so late. Anyways, today was regular normal Saturday. I went outside to go spend and negotiate time with Simon like I always do on Saturdays. Then Savino came. Luckily, I had my bb gun while Simon and I were bargaining. He ran away, just as I expected, then, came back with HIS own gun. Unfortunately, he wasn’t here to shoot me down. Lucky me. So, we just spend the whole morning talking and shooting Army Soldiers. But, my mom came up later, fortunately, she reminded us that we were going to a friend’s house to help out with the church. When our friend arrived, we got ready and got inside the car. We all had to carry our own weight like coca cola, sprite, food, hot dogs, ice, etc. I was holding most of the time the soda cans. Because they seemed okay for me to carry.

When we finally packed all of the junk in the car we got in our cars and started driving. I had no idea where, but I was hoping it’d be a cool place. Along the way, our friend’s dad was playing some Spanish rap music in the car constantly. I thought it was annoying the first two times, but then I got really into it. Once we’d arrive at the area, all I could see was an abandoned neighborhood, with a mucky pool (which was closed) and a playground with about 7 kids playing. The area was a cool place to hangout so, I just went to the playground. I later found everybody setting boom boxes and blankets and other food. Which got my eyes running in the clouds. I advanced toward the soda cans and got one Sprite. Luckily, someone was wise enough to tell me the difference between the diet sodas and the non-diet sodas. Later on… now here comes the bad part, later on there was this kid.

Turns out the guy was called Tristan. Tristan noticed some naive teenagers hanging around his sister. So, he went up to them. Instead I acknowledged two things. 1. those naive kids were gangsters. 2. they threw his portable car, and broke it. I got so angry and so did Tristan. But, instead Tristan told the gangster’s brothers what they were doing and started cursing. The kids (who were like 7 years old) wanted to fight him. So, they started bullying him and people had to break up the fight because the 7 year old was pinning Tristan down. I tried ignoring it, but I couldn’t. So, I pushed one of them. The boy didn’t seem affected by it. But, I got pushed out of the way. Then, that’s when the gangsters decided to drop by and try to bully Tristan. After that, Tristan started cursing like nonstop. And the funny thing was this kid who was only 4 and he was cursing. Wow. That didn’t even seem right. The kids started beating Tristan up like crazy, until my mom stopped the kids.

They didn’t seem to care, so they tried to find a way to beat Tristan up without grownups noticing. And the awful part was the fact that grownups WERE there sitting on a picnic table. At least 7 of them were there, and they didn’t do anything about them. This made me really angry and intimidated. And you probably don’t know how much I hate being intimidated. Later on, when the kids started stop bullying him we left and I left the neighborhood with a concerned face. We told the whole story (especially Patricia) about what happened in the playground to our friend. Our friend (okay, her name is Ms. Amy) didn’t seem to enthusiastic about it. That’s why we had to spread the word about God. We finally got home, took a bath and went to sleep. I guess I’ll see you then. I’d only wish that those kids learned that cursing and bullying was a waste of time.

Salute! Salute! To Ya’ll

I thank you all so much for being a big support to my blog. Today I got about 9 comments today, so thank you all for being a big support. I can’t go into names because it’ll pack my post. Anyways, today I woke up with a perfect head, which is weird, because my brain’s usually fine. But, at the moment it felt like my brain just got cleaned and now it’s stress-free. Don’t ask me how that happened. I went downstairs, hoping for some cereal because yesterday my mom got us 1 ft doughnut, which seemed like enough, but it wasn’t. I hadn’t had cereal for 3 days. Don’t you know how torturing that is? I had to wait for mom to drop dad off work and then bring us to go shopping with her and get cereal. When we finally got back home we bought Cocoa Dyno Bites, Flaked something and some Doritos. Now were talking. When we finally had our great breakfast I strolled straight to the computer and started school. Luckily, I only had to start elluminate classes at 9.

When, I started our Math class was learning and reviewing how to add, subtract and multiply with Fractions (this event took place around 11, I skipped the 9 and 10 for the 12 and 1). It was pretty easy I have to say. I thought I was the only one getting it besides the person right next to me and some other kids way below the class. Finally, when I start the 12 o’ clock elluminate for Science, I got a hearty welcome from my Science teacher (and homeroom teacher as well), Erin Lauen. I like calling her more by that name because it works better then Ms. Lauen. So, when the session started I was hoping Ms. Lauen to give us the chat. Unfortunately, there was a default with my chat screen and I appeared to have missed the chat chance. The other thing that sucked was the fact that Elizabeth wasn’t around.

Luckily, though Nayyir was by my side as always. We hadn’t known each other in the fifth grade until we somehow got tables (when we were clearly in a different class rooms [mines was Ms. Riley and Nayyir’s was Ms. Sparks]) together in the CRCT. Now, that the school permits any student into one class for each subject we can always see each other except for Advanced Math class. The only weird thing is how we end up near each other. Oh well, when we started we were reviewing about metamorphic rocks, sedimentary rocks and igneous rocks and how they change and bla-bla-bla. It eventually got boring, so I felt the need to exit the class, but you can’t bail out of a class. So, I had to stay in there for about an hour or so, which is more then our usual schedule. When I was done, I went through the rest of the subjects, turns out I have a lab test tomorrow. Really reassuring Science. *sighing* When I had to take the Social Studies lesson it was all a blur.

So, I went through Study Island and went through the rest of the school. I finally got done at the counting of 3:12 pm. My mom celebrated by watching Glee and giving us some cookies. I have to say Glee is my second favorite ‘to watch on TV’ show, but this episode didn’t really surprise me. Britney Spears. Are you serious. That’s that last thing I want to end up hearing from Glee. I even thought Brittaney was being to much of murmuring show-off. When we came to pick up dad it was all a blur, and then I fell asleep. See ya’ll tomorrow.

I’ve Been Valuable My Whole Life And I Never Knew

Well, today was a buzz kill. I was so sleepy today. It felt like waking up to go to college. Today my dad’s starting his new job and our mom has to stay with us and study for the whole time. Now, I’m okay with having mom around during school on Math, but I’m not sure about Reading and Composition. She’s more into the unusual-regular human likes. Anyways, I woke up, brushed my teeth and forgot to wash my face. When I was in the middle of strolling through my school work I found lots of optionals in my category. Wow, now I have a lot of lessons to skip. Instead of skipping, my sister (Patricia) told me dad (who was away now) usually suggests that we complete the optionals and then do the lesson. Well, now that’s going to be interesting. If I’m supposed to deal with like 10 subjects today (which is overdo what we’re supposed to do) I rather blow up and get sent to Japan. Lol.

When I was done with Vocabulary and Social Studies I was already pumped. I started turning into my determined face and went through all of my subjects. Mom was taking care of the chores. So, when I was already half way done I was sweating through my pits and around my pupils, which looks as if I’m trying to shed skin. Lol. . When I was done with school, partially, my mom decided to help me with Math a little bit. Finally. We had to study on Multiplying Decimals which studying with my mom made it SO easy. I had to practice on like 39 problems on a sheet of paper, but I was doing fine.

When I started working on the assessment I was already overwhelmed. I had to help Matthew AGAIN with reading The Magic Tree House. The only different was the fact that he was reading the 3rd book. Wow. I’d already be done with all 20 something books in just a week. I have to say he was going kind of slow. When I’d finally gotten done which took an hour (which felt like 3 hours) I watched with my mom America’s Handyman, I think that’s what it’s called. Well, if you’re an HGTV fan, you would know. Turns out the handyman “Peter” won. He sucked. And Holmes was just looking for problems on Elliot’s patio. I have to say either Dennis or Elliot should’ve won. Not PETER. When we were done watching my family, especially my mom, had to pick up dad from work.

When we arrived I saw on the company sign “SAGE”. I was pretty surprised my dad’s FINALLY working on stuff he loves. When we picked him up, we all started asking him questions as if though he was kid we were dropping off and on. Lol. When we got home we had to stay inside the car for 5 minutes because there was a heavy rain in Georgia. When we got inside mom, dad and I started watching How I Met Your Mother when this guy goes through his childhood memories. The day was good and I was able to sleep. See ya all. Lol.

What A Saturday

Sorry, but I’m going to have to skip Friday’s post because I don’t think I have enough time for two posts. So, we’re just going to skip to Saturday.
Today is a new day. I wanted to go directly to the computer but my conscience was either telling me it wasn’t a good idea, or somehow I’m going to pay for it. So, I turned away from the computer in my sister’s room and went downstairs, I was hoping my mom would remind me of taking a shower in the morning, because I hardly ever shower except during the evenings. So, when I finished my breakfast and went back upstairs. My dad was in his work clothes comforting Anabelle. I’d just noticed she was awaken, and so was my mom.

When he was done snuggling her, he told me to load the dishes. I didn’t respond, but then he said it’d be best for mom, because I knew and predicted my mom was going to be really tired today. So, I loaded as fast as possible. I was able to finish loading, just before my mom could come downstairs. My sister (Patricia) and my only brother (Matthew) were already playing Mario Super Bros. When mom came downstairs, she was tired, as I expected. So, I let the hours stroll by, until Patricia’s friend decided to drop by and ask if she could come inside. I may do that to Simon, but nowadays he invites me inside before I can start thinking. It looked kind of embarrassing that we were being enthusiastic around Patricia’s friend. So, I acted as calm as I could be. When it came to the point where she had to leave, she asked if my sister (Patricia) and my other sister (Anabelle) to come to the Duluth Fall Festival.

I looked kind of jealous, but when it comes to coming with this specific friend of Patricia’s, I wouldn’t want to go, the other weird thing was the fact that she asked if I could come. I looked nervous, but was able to say a no. Finally they left, and it was just me, Matthew, my mom and the pizza my dad dropped off. When 4 pm hit I already finished 5 pizza slices and watched two movies: Zathura and Jumangi. My brother thought Jumangi was scarier. But, it was okay. When I came out Patricia was already home, though, I found no sight of her friend. So, I happily skipped toward Simon in the sand lump. He mentioned something about a new wrestling club that Savino was making (he’s a neighbor, basically). So, I thought about it, but then Savino walked up to me and asked if I wanted to join. He started saying about having to wrestle whenever he says. Then, he started being smart guy and all. I just ignored. When Patricia’s friend came she tried to get Patricia to get my mom to stay while I WAS TAKING A BATH. Weird, right? But, she wasn’t, thanks to my mom.

Afterwards, we did Quiet time, and um… oh yeah, I was able to finish Percy Jackson the last one today. Honestly, it ended so good, but left out some details I REALLY wanted to know in the next book. So, yeah, hoping for the 6th book to come out. Well, I’m sorry though it took a week to finish. I was more looking forward to finishing in 4 days, but I can’t tell the future can’t I?