I Nearly Get A Citation?! (Punishment)

Hey guys! Andrew here! Bringing you a new post. Of course, hello to the new people from allover the world. It always seems somebody from out of America is reading my blog or somebody IN America is reading it, so, hello! Hopefully you won’t have pedophile  tendencies for a 13 year old like me. Hehe. xD Anyway, here’s the video of the day! Enjoy!

It’s not really a song, well, it is, but it’s a parody rap sort of from ERB. I love them so much! 😀

So let’s start about the day! I slept graciously throughout the night up until my Mom woke me up and I had to get ready for school. When all my things and clothes were set up, my sister, Patricia, my Mom, and I waited for the bus. Usually the bus arrived at 8:40 AM, but this time it decided to be a little late and come around 8:50 AM. My Mom and I were a bit worried we missed the bus and that my Mom might have to drive us to school again, but luckily the bus arrived on time and when I went to my bus stop I talked with Erick and we both agreed that we thought we missed the bus. When finally we got on the bus, nothing exciting really occurred at that point. There WAS a lot of commotion and I seemed to be energized, but otherwise, not too much happened. I talked with Brian a lot and told Erick on the bus a fake story about how Brian and I sent an prank e-mail message to our Georgia Studies teacher. Of course it was a joke and not serious, but it was funny to think about happening.

I walked with Marquel to the “C” wing where finally Brian caught up with me and I picked myself an orange juice and a fruity tooties cup. It was all they had, at the moment, and plus I was really hungry. It seems like something good to eat, but trust me, the fruity tooties are stale. But on a worse note, when we began Georgia Studies class when homeroom was over we took a quiz. It was a 10 question quiz but technically, at the same time, a 9 question quiz because the 10th question was a question we did not go over and counted as a bonus point for those who wanted to try it out. Of course I did, because bonus points were always good, no matter what! When I finished I felt nervous. I was nervous for this one question and was hoping that I got a 100% on the quiz. That would have been really nice.

Language Arts was pretty interesting, actually. We had to a bellringer for class about a life-event diagram we did for classwork. Then we got our grades from the Poetry Quiz test and the Poem Homework test. Astonishingly, I got an 84% and a 100% on the homework. I was actually negatively astonished by the fact that I got an 84% because that was NOT acceptable in my family’s terms. 90% or above. What then finally reassured me was when the Language Arts teacher announced that I had the highest grade in the class. I guess that could count as an excuse for my Mom. Afterwards, for the last assignment in class, we did a classwork project involving a long piece of paper where we involve significant events that occurred in our lives from birth to our current age right now. I finished about 3/4 of the project within that allotted amount of time and then finished up the class.

Math was pretty easy too. The elimination method that we were learning in Math came pretty easy to mind, then, eventually, Andrew on my side, started talking about funny things which easily subsided me from focus. Luckily, then, it was only Notes we were taking in class and plus we got to go to lunch. I decided to sit with Andrew and his friend this time along with the ghetto/urban popular girls. I never really mentioned in my previous posts that when I sit with Andrew and his friend that I sit with those types of girls. I don’t really have a problem with any of those girls, it’s just that sometimes they annoy me. The lunch was nice otherwise. When the class got back from lunch our Math teacher announced that we were going to forget about the notes and forget about finishing it at this point and do our homework. This time, our Math teacher decided to take it up for today instead of having it wait for tomorrow. I wanted to prove to her that I could do this fast and easy, which was true, but lately I haven’t needed to do that. But I tried with my greatest effort. It became even more difficult because Shirlign, a girl I mentioned in my previous posts, turned to me and asked for help on her Math homework. It was easy explaining to her about what to do because all I needed to do was remind her, but she easily forgot. Somehow I managed to finish the whole homework while helping Shirlign with a few problems. Eventually, as well, Shirlign started telling us about this weird boy she had in her new “Health” connection and how he acted like a 5 year old in a fantasy world. Andrew and I laughed our butts off until they flew out the classroom. Lol.

Science, instead today, was crazy. We had a substitute teacher who immediately showed a lot of confidence in her work and whenever someone spoke in the class she gave them immediate citations. She announced all the work that we were supposed to do:

1. Do all vocabulary words on Chapter 8 (which consisted of 20 pages) including diagrams explaining the vocabulary words.

2. Answer reading check questions throughout the chapter (which ALSO consisted of 20 pages to study over)

3. Take a small review of the chapter.

All of this was to be done within the class time or else a referral or citation was going to be given to those who did not do their classwork. I could not believe this. All this work? When the substitute teacher–which she finally announced her name (Mrs. Dunkers)–asked if there were any questions, I answered back saying “I’m confused.”  She replied saying “With which part?” I replied, confused. “EVERYTHING!” Apparently I was somewhat rude to her and she decided to put me on the citation list. WTF? Like serious. I was answering your question. It was even more frustrating when people who were talking in the class time got about 3+ chance warnings and I got a citation off the bat. When I FINALLY finished the classwork and turned it in I asked if I could not have a citation on my list. She answered “Let’s see how you do when you leave.” At that point I decided not to do or say anything, except work. We had to do a major section review for the homework and I worked over 1 problem to only have the class bell rang. I’m guessing I don’t have a citation now.

Connections were barely any interesting. In P.E. we did not have to dress out in our Gym clothes, rather we went outside to the second story of the school building and went into the fitness lab to watch a fitness video. Drama wasn’t all that entertaining or exciting either. He just showed us a lot of information of kings and queens in during the time leading up to Shakespeare, which was the person we are going to initially study. Finally when class was over and I was to move to buses after the bus call, I went to the bus and went home. Unfortunately, I accidentally got seated with Erick and he happened to be mad, which resulted in a lot of him smacking my head and punching me. It did come to near point of bullying and abuse but it was all in simple fun and plus we smiled afterwards. Though he does need to know his limits and I have to eventually show to him that I’m not a wimp. Suggestions in the comments would be awesome. 🙂

The ride to home was not very eventful, honestly. Except that Bryan made a funny joke on the bus when defending me from Erick when he said that I was going to work at McDonalds my whole life. Bryan said: “This is you in the future: Plastic or Paper?”. The whole bus died laughing.

When I came home, I immediately when to Bryan’s house and started working the Science homework with him, then I came home. Then I did Bible time after I played the iPad and now I’m writing up to this point. Oh yeah, I don’t really mention this, but I am currently writing my book and today I finished chapter 2. So yeah, I’ll try to mention that. 🙂

Enjoy your time wherever you are! Bye!

One Vacuous Day I Can’t Take

Today was uh, not a good day. This morning I woke up with a head trauma again, I guess. It wasn’t really pleasant, but it was okay enough to cover the pain. So, I had to go through school with a huge brain trauma. Anyways, today when we woke up there was a pandemonium going on throughout the house, I had just remembered we were going to Stone Mountain Park today for our school program. I couldn’t wait to go and meet some of my friends. The only problem was getting dad to work on time and taking care of the gasoline. I didn’t want to mention about the gasoline to make it a huge problem for mom, but, when we got in the car, she seemed to have figured out herself. So, my dad had to drive at 60 miles per hour which is like really fast for our car. I’d thought we take a crash, but we have a very good driver, so I tried hard enough to believe in my dad.

When we finally dropped dad off work, which was like 2 minutes before his work was supposed to start we drove immediately to our house for the equipment we needed for Stone Mountain Park. Once we got THAT done we went straight to the gas station and filled our car like CRAZY. When we came back out of my neighborhood, I saw Douglas (a friend who plays soccer), Terry and Simon staying outside waiting for the bus. Simon waved, but Terry didn’t seem to notice me. So, we just went along. When we finally saw the first sights of Stone Mountain I turned happy. When we arrived in the parking lot we were walking, and I did notice ahead were some GCA students. The only weird part was this girl standing right next to me. She was blonde. I mean REALLY blonde. I turned awkwardly and noticed it was the girl I met in the CRCT, who I had liked a little bit. MARY! Oh God, I turned away quickly, but she looked back at me. I tried not to get in eye contact, so I went in deeper.

Later on, which was like an hour, Nayyir finally came. And I was in the middle of trying to call him on my dad’s phone. I told him everything about Mary and how she ended up here. Soon enough, we were looking more for boy like friends. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any friends of mine who were boys. Though, I did meet a very good friend of mine named Shelby. She used to be in my class when I was in 5th grade. The only weird part was the fact that her mother always found me, which sometimes startles me. I decided to talk with her mother and her mother showed me where my homeroom teacher was. Which wasn’t a really big surprise. Then, they left. When we got to meet the principal of GCA, Nayyir asked if he could give him his autograph on the papers to show where and where to be in Stone Mountain. It was pretty funny. But, then the MOST AWKWARD part of today was the fact that I almost stumbled on Mary in the field Nayyir and I were walking on.

Nayyir gasped, because he seemed to know what would happen if I was clumsy. So, I regained my balance and shuffled awkwardly. When we left we bought some food from Burger King. Our family thinks that Burger King is better then McDonalds. Anyways, we bought a WHOLE LOT of food. And I was already stuffed when we arrived home. Once we got home I had to study on Social Studies. And it wasn’t pleasant studying a full 2 hours on how to write for a report on Latin America. Luckily, I was able to finish in a matter on time. My mom said my friends were outside. So, I tied my shoes, got my determined face on and then went straight outside. I found almost everybody. The only new thing was this boy with a frown face, which I still can’t remember at this time. When I went up and arrived to Terry (my neighbor) he said that this guy said I fought him at the last day of school and he wanted to pick a fight with me again. Unfortunately, it ended up in tragedy. The guy (which was named Kristian) was mistakened, and I ended up being hidden with Marvin in our neighborhood for an hour.

Kristian, Simon and I decided to look around the neighborhood. Then, when evening arrived this person, who we call “the drunk lady” was standing like a statue and being weird. I looked so startled, I quickly knew she was drunk, so I got Matthew inside and went to sleep. The end.

My Mom’s Birthday That I Dropped Out Of

July 18, 2010
After the wedding everybody was sleepy and discouraged. So, was I because, well, you know I’m just 11 and we pre-teens tend to get sleepy if you know what I mean. Anyways, I woke up early today. Well, actually, I woke up around 8, but still early wake-up compared to my friends. My aunt was downstairs which I expected she was already awake since she wakes up around 6 all the time. Once she left into the kitchen to video chat with someone she said that when my mom comes downstairs to say happy birthday. Man, why does everybody think I’m going to lose memory. I’m clearly reminded that IS the main thing today. I even have it as a title on top. Anyways, I forgot it was Sunday which was obvious because I ALWAYS forget my day of the week or at least lose track of it. So, on Sundays, we go to church just like any regular Christian would. Not that I’m saying it’s weird if Christians go a different time, it is just different from how regular people do it. Anyways, my mom came downstairs when my brother was downstairs. But, just when she got on to the hallway my brother ran up to her and said happy birthday.

Unfortunately, I was REALLY busy on the computer. I said happy birthday to her from the computer. But, instead she actually wanted me to come up to her and say that. I said to just give me a sec. Than, I had to brush my teeth and get fancy looking. It took about hmm… I guess 21 minutes to get my hair and clothes done. But, Patricia was taking awhile. Though, just when we were about to leave my aunt left. Too bad she RARELY comes with us to church when she comes over on Fridays. Anyways, when we were already halfway to the church Michael’s mom called. We had to put it on speaker. So, actually everybody heard Michael’s mom asking for a sleepover. Matthew kept hogging this speech so she could hear him: “CAN I SLEEP OVER TOO!!”. He said that about 5 times. Anabelle wanted to come too. But, she kept her mouth shut like a smart girl. 😀 Once we got off the phone we decided I was going to skip the church and my mom’s birthday.

After we got in the parking lot Anabelle asked if she could come too. But, we tried to break it down to her as good as possible. Instead she started little tears. I gave her a hug and tried to talk her through. She luckily understood. I left the car and went straight into Michael’s car. We had actually a nice talk. I also made this joke up: “I LOVE you mom… no offense”. Lol. If you understand what I meant I hope we can make a laugh. Anyways, we eventually went to McDonalds to get our lunch. I ordered a Large cup of Sprite, a chicken burger with a medium size fries. Michael’s mom actually ordered everything I asked for even though it was expensive. Thats why I LOVE sleeping over at my best friend’s house. Anyways, it took us about 21 minutes to get home. And as usual, I loved how his neighborhood looked compared to my Industrial neighborhood.

I eventually ate with all of my friends lunch. But, couldn’t finish my fries and my burger. Well, actually because a few minutes ago I had pop tarts on the way to church. While I thought about that I thought about the birthday I was missing. Afterwards, it was just me and Michael. I saw a 4 inch wasp and a few yellow jackets buzzing around us. Lol. We could barely sit in one place for 2 minutes. Eventually, I got bored and decided to find something interesting. I saw this orange-black looking ant. Michael told me it was indestructible. Well, lets see if it can take a rock. I hit the rock 4 times and all I did was stretch the bug’s body. Than, I hit a few more times and ripped his body in half. It was STILL moving. Than, I split its head then it died. Lol. We eventually, went in the game room to play video games. Unfortunately, I most of the time watched. Than, when 10 at night struck I started playing and beating Daniel at Tony Hawk Scateboarding Project 8. We had to go to bed around 11. I thought we were actually going to talk. But, we instantly fell asleep. Than, it was just a blur.

Everything Was Made How It Was Supposed To Be Made

July 8, 2010
Well, I ding done done it. I finally found a success in my life. A good instead of evil inside of me. I was happy. I wanted to sprout and show my happiness. I knew this was also going to be the last 2 days in Florida, but, I was pretty thrilled. I wasn’t really looking forward to staying longer because, the longer we stayed, the worst. I would have to have my mind off the Wii for a long time. I would have to stay in a room until every parent was awake, I had to eat outside constantly (reason why it’s annoying to stay outside: flies, mosquitoes biting and buzzing me and a dirty table). Home is home. That’s how it’s supposed to be. Georgia is my home and will always be that way. I’ll be so ticked off if I had to move from Georgia. Anyways, I had no dream to remember of, so sorry for that alert. But, when I woke up, I saw Alexandra leaving the room than being sent back in the room. Well, I pretended to go back to sleep. But, my mom woke me up annoyingly and saying we were going on a field trip.

I wanted to feel arrogant right now or give my mom some of my whiny begs not to go on a field trip. You know why? Well, for one: it was 7 in the morning. Two: I didn’t have the energy to. And three: I was in a nice moment. Well, anyways, we went out, got breakfast from Mcdonalds (Cinnamon melts to be exact) and got on with the car trip. It took us about an hour to get to where we wanted to get to. But, guess where we expected to go? A small island next to Florida. It had military schools, amazing libraries (I actually replied to Sammy’s comment on my earlier posts at the library), awesome hotels, several mansions and an amazingly awesome beach. But, the problem with that is because, there were barely people visiting those people. So, I thought that was a community waste. The other problem with the place was the temperature was about 106 degrees Fahrenheit. So, when we were taking pictures, we didn’t do so well keeping our eyes open. Well, the last problem I had with the island was basically if we lived here, we would barely get to interact with people because the place was deserted for about 9 months. So, only 3 months of social communication.

We spent time there for about 3 hours and finally left with sand in our pockets, especially in mine. Here’s the thing, I don’t get why people invented pockets in swim-suits. There is really no reason for it. My mom actually agreed with me. But, before we were going to get to the bottom of this we were home. We actually had to swim in the pool to wipe off all the crap. Which was weird and comfortable. But, again REALLY weird. Afterwards, I watched “War of the Worlds” AGAIN except through the beginning. The thing I didn’t like about the movie was the fact it showed how uncivilized and how monstrous people could be to each other when hard times came. Even the main character Tom Cruise killed somebody because he was trying to escape and take down the machines. That was the scary part. Anyways, I had to watch the rest of the movie by myself. When the movie was done the parents were trying to look for a movie to watch. Really? They had already Avatar (navi people), It’s Complicated in their house. That’s enough to choose from.

The day ended actually ended badly. But, the rest of the day was pretty good. 😀