It’s almost a new year guys. 2012 is gone. Thank God, but I’ll miss it somehow. I think a lot happened this year. New songs came out (annoying and good ones). New artists arose. iPhone 5 came out and so did the new Samsung phone. Lots of epic movies: The Avengers, Batman the Dark Knight Rises, maybe Dark Shadows (wasn’t very impressed with it, though), a lot more that I probably don’t feel like mentioning or I can’t remember them. So yeah a lot of cool movies! I’m gonna be leaving k12 and becoming an actual public schooler. Wow, never thought this would happen. Maybe at some point, but not before I was in high-school. I’m gonna miss Mary-Kate of course. Mary Wexel, she probably ain’t reading this, but oh well, I’m gonna miss her. I’m gonna miss Christ or VGB (something like that). I’m gonna miss Lilia and it sucks cause I didn’t tell her I was leaving. 😦 I made friends with Taylor Baptiste just by spamming the raise hand button. We had our fun. Oh gosh, Mary-Kate if you are reading this PLEASE tell Lilia and Taylor somehow that I was gone, k?


So yeah.. new year. Hopefully I’ll postt daily more. 🙂 See you around guys!

Mary-Kate Is #1 In Most Comments . . . Shocker!

Hey guys, Andrew here and back with a new post (That’s gonna be my trademark). Well, as I’ve tried to post in the past few days, I failed to achieve it, therefore I leave myself posting about what happened over the weekend and over Monday.

During Saturday, if I can remember properly, Savino, King, and I were outside. Well isn’t that a surprise. Usually, we’re stuck sitting our butts outside on the hard rough pavement or on a power box talking about random stuff and hopefully making a few good jokes to entertain each other. Until around another hour past, Christian, an old friend of mine from out of the neighborhood, came over with Nicholas. I’m pretty sure you are familiar with most of these people, if not leave me a comment.

Once they came over, meandering about, Christian decided to whine and complain for a bit, hoping he would have somebody get somebody else to do something. His main intention, although, was to play video games all day, but unfortunately for him he has not gotten a gaming console or PC to use, nor does anyone else want him to use theirs. So, after he finished pouting, Nicholas had decided to talk about something, which came relatively close to a topic about Savino’s air soft guns. Once that topic arose, Christian and I began to ask Savino why not try out a BB war. He said he would, but he has only 6 guns, and ontop of that, he wasn’t sure if he could find all of them. Since there were 7 of us, including me, Matthew (my brother), Savino, Nicholas, King, and Christian we decided to try it out. Savino could only find 5 guns that worked just fine, so we decided to put King as referee, especially since he was already preoccupied with Simon texting him back and forth.

Once we got our guns ready, King sounded the bell and we began our battle. Unfortunately, though, I had clean white clothes on, and my battleground for my team, which was Christian and Matthew, was in the forest near lots of dirt piles. So I couldn’t easily get myself under cover when I was reloading. Luckily, for Savino and Nicholas they had a thick tree with a type of hanging grass that hid them under cover whenever they needed to reload. Plus, their guns had farther range and could damage a lot harder. Matthew got put with a suckish MP5 air soft gun, so eventually, we had to switch him out with Christian to hopefully get somewhere far. Though Christian was no better, so the end result was that we lost and I had caught a huge Poison Ivy rash on my foot and across my hip.

After that the day went on when we visited over to my father’s friend’s house, Bebe to meet up with them and hopefully so we could spend time with their kids. I don’t mention them as much, so you probably won’t know their names, but we’ve known them for a LONG time. The oldest one of the two kids is their daughter, who is 14 to 15, named Andrea. The other one is the youngest one who is a boy at age 11 named Anthony. We’ve had past problems with trying to socialize and spend time with them, but it has gotten easier now. I decided to talk with Andrea about some politics and see her opinion on Republicans and so I could speak my opinion about Democrats.

Once that was finished the day went on pretty boringly. I went on writing on my book, since I felt the need to continue it, but I’ve only got it to page 5. I love my story and I think it is a good one, but I’m just bad at describing things I don’t know very well, and plus I had to rack up something to start the book. BTW, my book is going to be called “George Williams and the Green Capsule”. It’s a series about a boy named George Williams. That’s all you need to know so far. 😛 I’ll probably give you guys some free copies. 🙂

So that was Saturday. Sunday went boringly and normally through. Nothing post-worthy, besides the fact that I learned of an old cult in the late 90’s who thought that at the end of Haley’s Comet was a UFO. So they killed themselves to give the bodies to the UFO. Which of course was stupid. Otherwise nothing happened except that my parents left, which then I found myself playing the PS3 since I’m not gonna get another advantage to play it when my parents are around.

Next day, first day of second week of school, Monday, started. I learned and noted a few things down since I was going to be very serious about this year’s education. But I became very lazy, and just listened to some music. I did not feel like writing on my book, since I felt extremely lazy. Therefore, I finished school pretty late, ’round 5 to 6 o’clock in the afternoon. By the time that was finished, my parents left again. And of course, I played on the PS3, actually getting some play time on MW3, because I had just fixed a problem with the new maps online. Next time, though, I’m playing Skyrim. Haven’t played that game in a long time.

Oh and finally we’re getting to the topic of today’s post. Mary-Kate, IS, officially, the number 1 person who has commented the most on my blog. 🙂 No surprise there, am I right? Well I just wanted to throw that out there.

Hope you enjoyed this post, like it if you will and please subscribe 😀