Moodiness Takes Over Temporarily

I feel like Mad-Eye Moody. I feel a bit bi-polar, even though I’m not. I just don’t seem excited about much things anymore. I’m still ranting on about. the plastic plates that we were eating cereal and milk from, especially when I can still chew off the edge of the bowl. Plus, I’m still going on about the water that we’re drinking over here. It tastes completely like pool water. Even adding ice still makes it taste more like pool water. Sometimes, I just feel like it was just me and the Harry Potter series. After waking a beautiful sleep last night, I read Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix for a short time and got near to page 600. I think I was at page 577. My mom had finished the Sorcerer’s Stone and is now moving to the Chamber of Secrets. My brother though has been just reading bits of pieces of the Sorcerer’s Stone and than moved on quickly to the Chamber of Secrets.

While having to ignore that and control my anger on Matthew, I decided to calm myself down and just relax on the bed. Unfortunately, my sister, Anabelle, and Rachael was making such a big noise across the house that I knew from that point on, I was not going to have a chance in sleeping or resting any time soon, unless they could calm down. Joshua was constantly whining and making such annoying crying noises. Sometimes that boy can behave. But, in most cases, he acts (I’m not saying he is) like a selfish brat.

So, under all of that stress and annoying noises, I decided to write on my new book I’m working on since I have no chance in writing on my old book that I have told you guys about . . . the Troughs. Unfortunately, I didn’t feel like I was doing a great job, and I was just bored. Why?! I was thinking to myself constantly. I was not satisfied at all. Had I been selfish? Was I acting selfish? To me I felt like I was doing the write thing and trying not to be selfish brat. Hours passed of constant boredom, and I still felt no difference. Eventually when my mom said we were going to Marshalls and I had to reluctantly go, I admitted that I was moody . . . again. I felt like I was going to burst of stress. When we left to Marshalls, I was the utmost disgusted by the kind of artful designs they had on the dresses and clothing.

They had no taste, or at least it wasn’t my taste. The only interesting artifact and dress I could find was this one dress with polyester fabric and had red spots sprayed across the dress. Also what I found that was interesting was this blue colored shell that was amazingly huge and had big spikes. I didn’t feel moody afterwards when we went to books-a-million. It had the whole collection of Harry Potter books in hard cover or paperback and Percy Jackson series. Ah . . . I remember the good times . . . the times when I read those set of books the first time. It was such a good idea. Now that I think back, it was the best book I’ve ever read in my experience (my reading experience isn’t well, so don’t immediately think it’s good for you).

I decided, out of the blue, to take some pictures of my laptop so you can get a better idea on how it looks…

101_0444  101_0443

My Mom’s Birthday That I Dropped Out Of

July 18, 2010
After the wedding everybody was sleepy and discouraged. So, was I because, well, you know I’m just 11 and we pre-teens tend to get sleepy if you know what I mean. Anyways, I woke up early today. Well, actually, I woke up around 8, but still early wake-up compared to my friends. My aunt was downstairs which I expected she was already awake since she wakes up around 6 all the time. Once she left into the kitchen to video chat with someone she said that when my mom comes downstairs to say happy birthday. Man, why does everybody think I’m going to lose memory. I’m clearly reminded that IS the main thing today. I even have it as a title on top. Anyways, I forgot it was Sunday which was obvious because I ALWAYS forget my day of the week or at least lose track of it. So, on Sundays, we go to church just like any regular Christian would. Not that I’m saying it’s weird if Christians go a different time, it is just different from how regular people do it. Anyways, my mom came downstairs when my brother was downstairs. But, just when she got on to the hallway my brother ran up to her and said happy birthday.

Unfortunately, I was REALLY busy on the computer. I said happy birthday to her from the computer. But, instead she actually wanted me to come up to her and say that. I said to just give me a sec. Than, I had to brush my teeth and get fancy looking. It took about hmm… I guess 21 minutes to get my hair and clothes done. But, Patricia was taking awhile. Though, just when we were about to leave my aunt left. Too bad she RARELY comes with us to church when she comes over on Fridays. Anyways, when we were already halfway to the church Michael’s mom called. We had to put it on speaker. So, actually everybody heard Michael’s mom asking for a sleepover. Matthew kept hogging this speech so she could hear him: “CAN I SLEEP OVER TOO!!”. He said that about 5 times. Anabelle wanted to come too. But, she kept her mouth shut like a smart girl. 😀 Once we got off the phone we decided I was going to skip the church and my mom’s birthday.

After we got in the parking lot Anabelle asked if she could come too. But, we tried to break it down to her as good as possible. Instead she started little tears. I gave her a hug and tried to talk her through. She luckily understood. I left the car and went straight into Michael’s car. We had actually a nice talk. I also made this joke up: “I LOVE you mom… no offense”. Lol. If you understand what I meant I hope we can make a laugh. Anyways, we eventually went to McDonalds to get our lunch. I ordered a Large cup of Sprite, a chicken burger with a medium size fries. Michael’s mom actually ordered everything I asked for even though it was expensive. Thats why I LOVE sleeping over at my best friend’s house. Anyways, it took us about 21 minutes to get home. And as usual, I loved how his neighborhood looked compared to my Industrial neighborhood.

I eventually ate with all of my friends lunch. But, couldn’t finish my fries and my burger. Well, actually because a few minutes ago I had pop tarts on the way to church. While I thought about that I thought about the birthday I was missing. Afterwards, it was just me and Michael. I saw a 4 inch wasp and a few yellow jackets buzzing around us. Lol. We could barely sit in one place for 2 minutes. Eventually, I got bored and decided to find something interesting. I saw this orange-black looking ant. Michael told me it was indestructible. Well, lets see if it can take a rock. I hit the rock 4 times and all I did was stretch the bug’s body. Than, I hit a few more times and ripped his body in half. It was STILL moving. Than, I split its head then it died. Lol. We eventually, went in the game room to play video games. Unfortunately, I most of the time watched. Than, when 10 at night struck I started playing and beating Daniel at Tony Hawk Scateboarding Project 8. We had to go to bed around 11. I thought we were actually going to talk. But, we instantly fell asleep. Than, it was just a blur.