Church Filled Up My Day

Hey guys! Andrew here! Bringing you a new post of my daily life. Song/video of today is a song called “Wake Me Up” by Avicii. I’ve grown an addiction to the song and listen to it on a consistent basis, which is awkward. I don’t really like a lot of Avicii’s songs since they’re so mainstream, but I guess this one grew on me. Enjoy!

So today, as you can tell by the title, was a day full of church. I can really say that Church Filled Up My Day. Immediately when I woke up, my eyes met a bright light from my room. I told my Mom to shut off the lights in an annoyed attitude. My Mom followed and turned off the lights and it seemed she was (through my blurred vision) pulling out clothes from my closet. It’s a normal thing she does every Sunday. She hasn’t done it recently a lot, though, which is completely contradictory to my previous sentence. She gave me the Vans pants to wear that I wore last Thursday at school. I really like wearing them because they look slick on me. At least to me. She gave me an Abercrombie sweatshirt to wear and then sent me downstairs to have put on my acne creme and arrange my hair because my hair looked absolutely horrid from all the bed-hair I got. Once my Mom got everyone else awake and dressed they sent them downstairs as well and she did my hair along with applying the acne creme. It was 8 o’clock by this time and I was just wondering why we were getting ready so early since we’re going to 11 o’clock service, but I just kept my mouth shut and let my parents do  the working. We had to stay a bit late because my Dad had to print a specific document for the volunteer group he leads. Once he was done, we left briefly.

On the way, my Dad discussed with me several things. My future. What I’m gonna do to be business prepared and all that stuff so the car ride would not prolong. When we arrived at the church, I volunteered to let Anabelle and Matthew stay with me and eat the breakfast at the volunteer group room so they wouldn’t eat my Profit Pop-Tarts (the Pop-Tarts I’m selling [the motto works ;)]), but I had to have responsibility for them at the same time. So, instead I let them take the doughnuts and apples from the counter-tops where they served the breakfast and had them sit outside the room and watch the already-started-service and I went inside the West auditorium of the church and found a place to sit down then watched the preacher preach his sermon. Today I was very serious. I don’t know why. Nothing was making me serious on purpose, I was actually a lot more relaxed now than recently. It’s probably cause the sermon hit me deep. When my watch dinged 10 o’clock, I went back to my brother and sister and saw them playing with another girl about Anabelle’s age (Anabelle is 7 [turning 8 this November]) instead of sitting near the room. I was indifferent about it and just picked them up to take them to Leadership room. It’s the room where some of the volunteers of the church take all children from K-5 grade. I signed them in and then left immediately. As I passed by some of the hallways to drop Matthew and Anabelle, I noticed my friend Jacob was there at the doors early. It was a surprise and I was happy to greet him when I passed back by the hallway near the doors. I sat with him, the name-tags of Anabelle and Matthew in my pocket(the name-tags are the only things that allow me to take Anabelle and Matthew out of the room).

I talked to Jacob about a lot of things that had been going on recently and told him about my problem with myself about being too  “serious”. He didn’t know to respond, so I changed the subject and continued opening doors in excited manners to visitors of the church or people entering the church. It was awkward greeting some of the people entering the church because I had sore throat and my voice cracked and hurt my throat at the same time. It was purely unpleasant. Eventually, when 11:00 o’clock came around and the people for the 11:00 o’clock service arrived, Jacob and I sat down and talked about my book. I don’t know why, but we always talked about my book. I guess because I consider him my editor since he’s the only guy older than me with much wisdom in story-telling and has actually read “Fiction” books. We continued to talk about my book until his blond friend came by and took him outside of the church to talk and then he came back inside telling me he hated his blond friend but yet she was so intriguing for some reason . . . I don’t even know anymore.

When the 11:00 o’clock service was coming to a close in the sermon, my Dad came up to me and told me I needed to pick up Matthew and Anabelle from the Leadership room before the people of the 11:00 o’clock sermon were going to exit the doors. I was able to pick them up in 5 minutes flat and then exited the church. The reason for my Dad doing this was because we needed to go pick up Patricia from Gwinnett because she went to the Frequency event. I’m so jealous of her, being able to go the great event, but at the same time I feel happy for her. I was glad that my Dad left early because he screwed up so many of the times with the directions on the way, but there was still plenty of time to arrive at the church. It was all good after all. When we arrived at the church, turns out we were 15 minutes early. So for the rest of the time, I talked to my Dad about some of the stuff that went down in my high-school. I don’t know how, but apparently I brought up the topic of weed and drugs. I felt intrigued to talk about it with him because I felt like I knew more than him and had a better knowledge on the subject than he did, but now when I think about it I feel like I know too much about drugs. We talked about drugs and then escalated quickly to matters of what kind of woman I’m gonna marry and how I’m gonna discipline my children and such, such.

Finally, when Patricia arrived, we took her and her recite the whole experience. She sounded she was on weed the whole time because, according to Patricia, she pulled two all-nighters (she didn’t sleep for two days straight) at Frequency. I, myself, understand the pain of staying up all night, so I talked to her a little bit on the way back home about it. When we got home, I was forced to work on my homework and my project for the rest of the time before I had to go to the high-school service which I had to leave to around 3:45-4:00 o’clock in the afternoon and it was already 1:45 o’clock in the afternoon right now. I was complaining about me having to do my project when I wanted to play on my PS3. Unfortunately, I shot myself in the foot and got banned again from the PS3 because I basically told my parents that I wanted my priorities on the PS3 over the weekend, which my Dad did not like at all. I studied the rest of the time, until 3:30 arrived and I decided to watch Shark Tank with my Dad until he finished his lunch and was able to drive me to the church. I left around 4 o’clock in the afternoon to the church and then immediately spotted my friends Sydney, Kendall, Michael (best friend :D), and turns out Elizabeth actually showed up. Shocker. She looked really nice because she had straightened her hair for once and had it dyed red. She also wore contacts, which seemed strange because they really showed the explosion of blue in her eyes, but eventually I got drawn to it and liked it. Surprisingly, I talked to her more than I usually would have. During the high-school sermon a man I wasn’t so interested about spoke and during the time he would just begin ranting about his life stories Elizabeth and I gave funny faces, while Michael started talking to Kendall only. Elizabeth and I teased that they were flirting and they should be together. Overall it was a fun time. 😀

When we went to small groups and then were dismissed to eat food, Stephen and I talked about random things while my friend from Cross Country, Ethan, was visiting today at church and we laughed about some movies like “Step Brothers” and so on. Elizabeth, Sydney, Kendall, and the rest eventually exited their small groups when we were near finished. A girl named Katie was sitting down with us and she was mentioning about this 30 year old who was commenting on her photos on Instagram saying she was cute and she started freaking out and deleted her Instagram account in that moment. I was a bit surprised that she literally deleted her account, but oh well. She wants to do her thing she can do her thing. When I decided that we should go to main service, everyone followed and we went into main service. To my surprise, Elizabeth sat next to me and 1. didn’t leave within the few minutes the main service started 2. talked to me the whole remainder of the time. She nudged on my shoulder a lot and was touchy. I mean, I don’t have a problem with that. Trust me I don’t. I just thought that she would be kind of awkward touching me. But we talked as if we were best friends and laughed so much Sydney had to move seats from us and sit across from us. She gave us the evil glare many times as well. I don’t know. Now that I was Elizabeth, I felt happy. More satisfied with my time. Of course I was mentally tired because we would crack so many jokes and we would confuse each other, but she reminded me of the good ol’ times when it was just her, Mikayla, Taylor, and I in the Gwinnett church in Transit. I was happy I was with Elizabeth today, as weird as that sounds. Michael was telling me right after the service that Elizabeth might now have liked me again but is trying to hate me. Sounds awesome, but I wish to be honest. Though, I know it’s not true, so I try to stay friends with Elizabeth. #friendzoned. D:

After the adult service, the whole group exited and we went into the photo booth posted on the side of the church and took group pictures. It was a nice group moment, then Elizabeth had to leave, giving Sydney and I a hug. That was another weird thing, she actually wanted me to give her a hug. I’m not trying to look for chances, it’s just weird that she’s just being this friendly to me now. She then left and I left and that was it for the day. Just church…

Enjoy your time wherever you are! Bye!



Drama with a Girl and Season Finale of Doctor Who

Hey guys! Andrew here! I’ve decided, for right now, that I probably won’t be posting daily about my life. Reasons are time issues, business, etc. So, I guess I’ll update on a few days after awhile so I can re-coop and feel like posting another long post. Because according to the survey on the side of my blog, people have voted me to either post normally sized posts or REALLY LONG posts. So I shall deliver! Song/video for today is a song called Satisfaction by Benny Benassi except remixed by RL Grime. Instead of expecting a “dubstep” remix, expect something different. The genre the song is being remixed into is a genre called “trap music”. Something I’m growing very fond of. Almost more than dubstep. So enjoy! 

So, the past couple of days since I haven’t posted have been quite dramatic. I confessed my feelings to the girl I like, she confessed her feelings back, we went to church with each other and our friends, I got to go experience the high-school church (awesome of course), and watched the season finale for season 2 in Doctor Who. All of course will be explained in longer paragraphs. But, in the meantime, let’s begin with the basic drama love story I’m getting here. Before we begin, though, I must warn you that I will not reveal the name of the girl I like and I am socializing with since I have not received approval to do so and since that is private unless she is okay with that. So I’ll just refer her as “Beautiful E”. Sounds weird, but when you get her name you’ll understand what I mean. Okay! Let’s begin.

So, there’s this girl. Beautiful E. She’s a Christian. At least that’s how I knew her when I first met her in church. It all started out when I went to Walking Wisely Weekend with my friend to Gwinnett Church instead of North Point. I was kind of risking the choice to go there instead of North Point. Reason why I chose to go to Gwinnett. The only reason. Was that Michael was going. Otherwise both churches were bad; full of stinky, showing-off sport jockeys or stupid, annoying nerds. Michael was the ONLY reason I went to Gwinnett Church for Walking Wisely Weekend. It was the best decision of my life. So far. When I went there I made many friends and made a clear image for myself. I was the lady’s man. Wonder why? Well, it all started when my friend Noah at Gwinnett Church was there with Michael and I. He’s a nice guy. Very formal and respective. Almost to a point of being a goody-too-shoes. Otherwise he was good and great and he was my friend. He was trying to communicate with some girls on the bus (we rode on a bus from the church to our homes on Walking Wisely Weekend). All of the girls gave him the “eww” look if you know what I mean. He got frustrated and then I overheard him. I told him “I’ll show you how you talk to a girl.” I walked up to 6 random girls on the bus. At first, they were shocked by how confident I was when I approached them. But then they became more relaxed and I introduced myself to them. 4 out of 6 of those girls I introduced myself to are now my best friends. One of them was a girl named Mikayla. Pretty girl. But a very girly girl. Not my type exactly. But we were best friends either way. She brought a friend over on one of the weeks we went to church. That was Beautiful E. At first I did not find her so attractive. I was chill around her. I kind of wanted to sit next to Mikayla during the service but I did not want to appear as if I did not want to sit next to Beautiful E. So I just sat next to her reluctantly. Eventually a great friendship grew and so did a secret crush. Eventually I became so into her, every time I would arrive around a friend’s house all I would do was talk about Beautiful E. She was all of it. Pretty. Smart. Sarcastic (in humor). And a Russian Christian. Not much of that in the world. 😛

Eventually, though, I made a decision. I wasn’t going to think about Beautiful E as much anymore because due to the past: every time I’ve exaggerated about a girl and how good she was and how much I liked her, that girl ended up to be wrong for me or just mean. I did not want that to happen. So I let it low. But then the more I met Beautiful E, the more feelings I felt for her. I was then growing the balls to ask her out. But then another thought bombarded my mind. Every relationship I had just because I “liked her” ended tragically and in the end we would never talk. I did not want that to happen. So after a couple of weeks of us just being friends. I eventually got a hold Beautiful E’s phone number from Mikayla. Beautiful E called me first, though. The first night she called, we talked for hours and hours straight until 3 o’clock in the morning. Eventually when it was late at night and we were feelings weird and random I finally spilled my feelings for her (this gets to the more recent days of last week). I told her about the dating and why I did not want to date her and the other feelings I had for her. Nervously, I waited for her response when I finished. I was afraid that she was going to be like every other girl I really liked “Oh, thanks. But I’m sorry, you’re not my type.” Fortunately, and luckily, Beautiful E confessed her feelings and said she liked me too. She also said how she did the same thing with me about trying not to exaggerate about me as well. Then eventually down the line we told each other of what parts of us turned each other on. I’ll leave that to blank since that’s private. 😉

Then ever since we kept talking. Until the day that my brother Matthew and when her friend Sydney was over at her house to go to church on the big grand finale to the high-school. Matthew started talking with Beautiful E and Sydney because I started my first face-time with Beautiful E. Matthew started sugar-coating them. Saying in his pitchy boy voice “You guys are so attractive,” which got a lot of “awww’s” and “thank you’s”. I let him do that for awhile since Matthew was not getting so many girls. I just let him have his fun. Up until the point when Matthew started asking Beautiful E to compare himself to me and saying that I hit him and saying that I dreamed about Beautiful E all the time. Which eventually, Beautiful E said with her sarcastic humor “I like you better than Andrew, I hate Andrew.” I knew it was supposed to be a joke and nothing to hurt my feelings. But that sentence really stuck in. I don’t know. I guess I’m sensitive in a way. Even though I hate being sensitive. 

I thought that was just for that night. Next day, Beautiful E rarely even talks to me or comes around me. Even when I tried to stand next to her during the music in church she was rather shocked and told me that she wanted to be alone. She did not even hold my hand when we prayed. Was there something wrong? Then that evil voice in my mind kept humming that it was all after what Matthew did. I was so nervous. Beautiful E did not even hug me when she left. I offered a hug, but then she rejected it. I went full on depressed. I did not want to call her. I was feeling so. Ugh. I don’t know. Just. Frustrated with myself. “You screwed up again.” I thought to myself. Talking to Beautiful E during the day was one of my priorities or something I looked forward to. But my day felt empty. I felt empty. I really did like her. And I was confused if this meant she did not want to have something to do with me or whatever. 

The next day, I sent her a random message through FaceTime. At first, I thought she was at the beach and I just felt like sending her a message just encase she would respond. She responded and she was happy and joyful when she was talking to me. This surprised me a little bit. Eventually it was all cleared up that Beautiful E was not going to the beach until next week. Only she had dance throughout the whole day to occupy her. Eventually in our conversation I had to leave. Then later on in the day I talked to her when I finished watching the season finale for Doctor Who. Oh gosh. Sad ending. I felt sad as well! But I did not cry, surprisingly. Until I saw my Mom and sister, Patricia crying. Oh gosh. Patricia was literally crying a river. Lol. After the season finale I talked to Beautiful E. I felt like a sophisticated British man after watching Doctor Who, so I gave a lot of witty and funny replies when we talked. She seemed completely fine. It leads me to this last question. Is she friendly to me when she’s by herself with me and only then? The question still burns in my head like a magnifying glass in the sun, but I shall go on! All the events have led up to this point in time

Enjoy your time wherever you are! BYE!


I Have Feelings For Someone (Already?)

Hey guys! Andrew here! I’m a little more motivated to post right now, but I’ll try to keep it short like the last post and not so long, so yeah! Song/video of the day is down below! The song is “Daylight” by Maroon 5. Catchy song. Really. I hate how catchy it is. Once I’ve heard it it’s in my head and I keep chanting or humming it. So enjoy and hopefully you have now understood why it’s so catchy.

Okay now to the day. It was awesome. Yesterday, as I talked about in the last post, King came over for Matthew’s birthday party. We wanted Savino to come over as well, but unfortunately he had other plans. So, it was just King sleeping over. Already from yesterday to today we had a memorable sleepover. We always do. I don’t know why, but whenever I sleepover or hang out with my true old neighborhood friends I always have memorable moments. Like last night, just after I wrote my last post we were sent to bed after a brief time and got our beds and sheets ready to sleep downstairs in the basement. My Mom, of course, was nervous and anxious about us freezing downstairs. Fortunately I am cold-blooded –as I like to refer to myself– and filled with Russian blood so I don’t feel the cold as easily. While, instead, my Mom over exaggerates the cold like she’s describing it in a poem with lots of hyperbole. I was reluctantly convinced to wear a T-shirt and a sweater on top with long pants. Eventually into the night I was so hot that I could not sleep and I took off most of my clothes and just left a T-shirt and some boxers. If it were my way, I would just have boxers. No joke. I can’t sleep with heat, even if I’m really cold and I’m trying to warm up.

Into the night, 2 hours later, around 11:30 PM at night, I woke King up from his slumber, right after I went onto my sister’s iPod that we had downstairs in the basement and changed the time to 6:00 AM in the morning, and told King to wake up because it was nearly morning time. It was convincing as well. The clouds and sky were somewhat shading as if the sun were rising, so King seriously thought it was 6:00 AM, but he was also suspicious because he said it felt like a few hours. He then checked on his own iPod and saw it was around 11:30 PM at night and immediately raged. Afterwards, we went to bed and slept through the night. Not together, of course, that would be gay.

The next day, which was Sunday, was awesome. King and I woke up, in reality, early. More like around 7:00-8:00 AM in the morning. My Mom eventually woke up, hearing our footsteps walking downstairs in the living room –as they were in their bedrooms on the next floor– and came downstairs. Suddenly, I felt the need to really play video games with King and also I did not get the opportunity to play Zombies on Black Ops II because I was too busy playing Multiplayer yesterday and owning. Surprisingly my Mom allowed and we had loads of fun. Within 1 hour and a half of playing time King and I played Multiplayer with bots to practice a little bit and got loads of kills. Then we transitioned to Zombies, in which I purposely meant to click the map “Tranzit” but accidentally picked Bus Depot which had NO perks and upgrades whatsoever except Mystery Box and guns on the walls. If you haven’t played Zombies you probably don’t know what I’m talking about. Surprisingly, as well, the both of us reached to round 16. I thought we were going to hit round 10 at the most. We could have even gone farther if I had not messed up, but eh. I’m still happy with my result. After, then,  we played ACTUAL online multiplayer which was a pain in the butt when you were completely unknown to the spawn and where you have people, that actually have played the game, outmatch you. Though I did have a lot of beasting moments. 🙂

Then, when our timer was done, we had pancakes for breakfast. At this point, everybody was awake. I finished 3 pancakes stacked on top of each other and a milk cup and was still hungry. I got 1 more pancake with syrup after I drank another full milk cup and still felt hungry, but I was near satisfied. Matthew then had his turn to play and let King and I play with him because my Mom had left upstairs with my Dad and talked the both of each other together. Everything seemed to be awesome at this point. Eventually, when Matthew’s time was done, King and I went downstairs and I went on the computer for a little bit to check on my blog and stuff like that. Then eventually I went downstairs and figured that my sister, Patricia, and Matthew and King were playing Nerf downstairs. I decided to join in and at first sucked. I tried to rush in and immediately got hit 3 times and lost myself. Though, what then became epic was that we added a speaker downstairs, connecting King’s computer with it, and played dubstep music to get us pumped. Then I picked up the assault nerf gun I got from last Christmas and went ham mode. I was very smart with my ammo. I put 3 nerf bullets in my assault gun and 3 nerf bullets in the previous gun I was using last game, encase for emergency, so I would be able to use both of those guns to take out Matthew and King (I had to shoot each of them 3 times for one of them to get out) –who were on the same team– and win. I won several times and King even laughed, laughing at his constant failure of being outmatched by my skill of weaponry. No joke. I’m very experienced with gun types of games like Paintball, Call of Duty, Nerf, and ESPECIALLY Airsoft.

Afterwards, we took a break and decided to let loose and take in some helium. Outcome: funny voices. We had so much fun for the first 10 minutes we weren’t able to breath. Then when that was done we took a break doing nothing, and then I decided to watch PenguinZ0, which I failed to do yesterday, but now I love him so much. No homo. HE IS SERIOUSLY FUNNY, NO JOKE! King also began to laugh so hard that he got the coughs and was afraid he was going to get sick like yesterday. So, instead, my sister, Patricia, and I continued laughing our butts off and letting them run away to wherever. Lol. Later on, we were faced with nothing to do except relax. King played a little bit of Mario Kart until the day eventually led onto where King left. It was kind of sad. I had so much fun with him. It sucks having so much fun and then having it leave. Anyway, so, once the day progressed up to the point that we were about to go to church, we left to church. Church was great. I felt like I was part of the group. I enjoyed it. I also got pizza. I mostly enjoyed it because I liked hanging out with the girls. Reason why: cause I’m a guy and plus I love talking to girls.

Though, something has come to my attention. There is this girl at church. I shall not reveal her name, because I do not want to mention it without her consideration or approval. But anyway. She’s a girl. My age. Russian, actually, by her ability to speak it fluently and her parents are Russian. She is very pretty. We enjoy talking to each other like friends. She laughs at my jokes and thinks I’m funny. Though she has her own sense of control and humor and does not just DEPEND. She has her own independence and opinion. Plus, she has grown her parts very nicely. Lol. I don’t want to go about that too explicitly, but that’s a plus! Another thing, whenever we sit next to each other during service and worship, she likes for me to have my knee under her knee as we are sitting on the floor and to support her up. Though, I don’t really find that normal. I mean, I act as it is casual and not such a big deal, but I feel like.. her being is being flowing through me. It’s like holding hands with a girl you like, you feel her. You know? Haha, this is going to sound like a love story. Lol. She is surprisingly a brunette. And I prefer blondes! But I really like her. Though I feel conflicted. I even feel conflicted to this moment to write about it. Especially since people read my blog! What if Jessica reads? I don’t want her to feel bad or be angry at me. Plus I don’t want to jump into another relationship. Plus, we’ve only known each other for about almost a month. But I can’t help it. What should I do?

I talked to my Mom about this as I was doing homework. She told me that it was all good that she was Russian and plus she was Christian. She also told me that I, of course, should not go out with her or in other terms, ask her to be my girlfriend, because I’m too young. Plus I could learn from my mistake with Jessica. Instead of actually being girlfriend and boyfriend with Jessica and then figuring out REALLY who we are and having to break up, we could have just been friends. My Mom said, if we are still interested in each other and know more and are convinced we could go out. She also told me this, which was important, that I should tell her how I feel but that I should put restrictions. I don’t know. I feel nervous? What do you think I should do? Leave it in the comments!

Anyway, so all events have led up to here. It’s a pretty long post. I did not mean for it to be like this, but it happened. What can you do about it? Eh. Probably not write as much. xD Besides, enjoy your time wherever you are! I must be off to bed! Bye!


A Girl Has A Thing For Me

Let me just say that today was pretty fucked up. I am also glad to hear that Willow’s posting some more interesting posts, and that Sammy is back from her vacation in Florida, plus today is the last day of 2010. Can’t wait? Yes, I could really wait. Anyways, today when Daniel, Michael, my brother, and I slept in the bonus room, I had to vaguely and reluctantly wake up and have to tolerate with Michael’s pitiful slaps in my face to wake me up. Honestly, before I used to be an early bloomer. Now, I just sleep in until I feel I’ve slept too much, or until someone wakes me up. I guess Michael was the only one left upstairs, while Daniel and Matthew already put their clothes on and went downstairs to eat breakfast. So, I had to groan a lot, and then at one point pull my head up. At this point, the only thing that would keep me away from boredom would be starting on the 4th Harry Potter book. I mean, the last time I told you I read a lot, is because I was reading the book while watching TV. Which distracted me, so I decided to start the whole thing over. Unfortunately, my stomach was too hungry I was only able to read 4 pages of the book.

Voldemort now seems to creep me out, plus now that Harry Potter is defined differently by his looks, I imagine him as an Asian somehow. Not, that I’m trying to be rude or anything. But, it’s seeming more and more like that. I patched on some clothes so I wouldn’t have to go downstairs in my boxers, which only Daniel does at his mom’s house. I went downstairs, and immediately, grabbed a set of Trix cereal. The cereal seems to not occupy your mouth much. I was kind of hoping for that sweet taste to occupy my mouth. Later on, I went back to playing Band Hero, with Daniel. Unfortunately, my guitar skills don’t work on Band Hero. I only work good with the drums. Afterwards, I got bored of the game, and quickly rushed outside with Daniel, we played with Daniel’s dog, Rebel. He’s a mix of Border Collie and Husky. No wonder I love him so much. 😀 Later on, Daniel and I found the emo girl, or she just accidentally ran into us. Daniel was confused when I said “great party wasn’t it?”. She answered a little boringly in her British accent, or I think it was French. Didn’t know the French could be emos.

After we were done talking to her, we went over to Hunter’s house, and how we met, didn’t really do good. He had no pants on, so he had to answer the door with his shirt over his legs. Daniel laughed at him, I only smirked, and Hunter grinned. We had to wait about 30 minutes for him to come out. Once we got him out, we starting acting like people that were escaping from the big monster in Cloverfield. It was fun until some more birds started pecking us again, we went inside, had some lunch, than went back outside, today there was a larger crowd. The same people, except just some more people: Colby, Bryce, Colin, Kyle, Danny, Jack, Madison, Hunter, and Daniel and I. Michael was too busy excluding himself from the world, and playing video games. At one point, when it was just Bryce, Hunter, Colby and me, there was this girl that was eying me. I went up to Michael’s house, which ended up to be the neighbor of the girl, who was eying me, house. OnceI got in the backyard, she just kept spying at me constantly, at one point she said “I LOVE YOU!”. Hunter heard it, almost everybody heard it.

Hunter tried to make fun of her, and me too, that we were in love, and I just couldn’t stand it, yesterday I dance with a girl, and I still love another girl, now a girl loves me, and I still love another girl. What the hell is wrong with my cuteness???!!! At one point when we went inside the girl just went inside and gave up on me staying outside. Later on, Bryce broke the drums for Band Hero which pissed me off big time, and Mr. Kristian, basically Michael and Daniel’s dad, said that they were in trouble and responsible. Not such a good time to mess with their dad if I were you. Oh and I read the Harry Potter book successfully far, I’m at page 112 pages. 😀 Oh and Happy New year BTW.

A Quick Speech Of What Happened That Day

I went over to Michaels’s house, and it wasn’t exactly the same experience I would’ve thought it would’ve been, plus I’m starting to lose the WordPress touch. BTW, Johnny Test sucks, or it can be funny at thought, but not so much. I also found a new friend, Colin, Bryce, Colby and some other kids since I was outside boring myself. I also started messing with them, or just playing since they were bored too. The last thing we would expect would be these 5 eagles swooping down and pecking us. Luckily, Michael had his bb gun out. So, I immediately took off the hatch and aimed for those assassins. Bryce was bleeding on the nose, so Colin had to take him to cover while he was getting pecked numerously by eagles. It took me awhile to aim for the bird’s body, but instead the bb gun’s accuracy shot the eye of the eagle I shot. It went plummeting down. I gave the gun to Colby, and he shot down every eagle by the next 3 minutes. I noticed I was bleeding as well on my arm, but it was only a little scratch.

Afterwards, the neighbors noticed the dead eagles, and us holding the bb gun standing right next to them. So, they started to curse us out, and said they would report to our parents. Luckily, my brother and I didn’t live in Michael’s neighborhood, so I didn’t really have to worry, except that Michael was grounded into his room ti’ll 4 o’clock in the afternoon. It was kind of boring without him, but I managed. Colby, Colin, Bryce and I had to clean up the mess. But, Bryce was too scared of having to pick up bloody birds from the ground. But, since Colin was about twice the size of all of us, he had to listen. I just don’t get why didn’t the neighbors notice or at least care for Bryce’s bloody nose, except for Michael’s mom. We almost had nothing to do again, so we just walked around the neighborhood, and then at one point there was this huge crowd watching some kind of music. I already noticed it was from Bullet For My Valentine music. But, the band was really playing here?

It took us awhile to get through the hundreds of crowds of people, to notice it was just 4 kids doing a front yard gig. I felt really happy to know that if our band was going to do that, and if kids were going to gather up around there. Most of the girls there were about 12 or 11 there. Mostly around my age. Bryce and Colby went home since they were too embarrassed to be around too much girls. But, Colin, Daniel (whom eventually came) and I went. Daniel eventually started talking to this 14 year old punk looking guy about getting some kind of Pokemon in Heartgold. It almost made me vomit about a 14 year old still enjoying Pokemon. Colin ended dancing with a 13 year old girl who looked as if she was a Moxi Girl wannabe. Lol. I was just kind of standing there in the middle of a crowd of metal heads. At one point I got tapped at the back. There was a girl exactly my age emo and girly like looking at me. At one point I said hey, and then she told me I was very cute, and if I wanted to dance with her. I know, I know, I’m still in love with Mary. Don’t worry. I clearly stated to her, that I had already someone else, and that the dancing wasn’t personal.

She agreed heartedly, and we danced. But, don’t think that at metal songs we would dance as if it was soft, NO, we just break danced together. I was performing all these crazy stunts, at one point the whole crowd started saying aaaaaah, ooooooh. The girl I was dancing with did really good to for her age. Once we finished, everybody cheered, and finally the girl left, I just felt like asking her, her name. Jessika. Wow, weird name. So, I walked away from the amazing band, and went back to Michael’s house and played Band Hero. Woo, this wasn’t a quick speech was it? Lol.

What Happened On That Day

December 15, 2010
I started loving again, so I told my mom about it. And she was cool about it. At least I could calm myself down about the supreme importance of whom I’m going to marry. I even start thinking in my dreams where I was going to be married. I just hope I wasn’t going to get married on the Grand Canyon. Because I can personally be afraid of heights. So, I was checking Willow’s blog the other day. And I say, his posts are getting fascinating by the minute. The only problem was whether or not I was going to be able to comment. I found some time during the day when my mom wasn’t around the computer. So, I wrote down the comment. But, then got bored. It was irritating because all that was going through my head was bzzzzzzzzzzzz.

I couldn’t focus for one goddamn minute. So, in order to get focused, so my comment won’t be so crappy, I listened to music. Mostly BlessTheFall. I only like listening to their music because they sing screamo, but show that they don’t have to look Emo to represent their life sucks. Everybody says that since I’m a blonde that I look more babyish than serious. I get so freaking pissed when that happens. So, um… once I got into focus my mom came around. And yeah, I was able to save time not getting busted. But, I wasn’t able to save the comment. Uh-oh. So, I decided to work on school. Bla bla bla, I don’t want to talk about it. So, there you have it. I’m in love again, and pretty much nothing else. MY LIFE IS BORING!!!

~Fred out~ 😀

The Things I Like About Sunday

Well, I have to say that Sunday is my favorite because good luck seems to happen specially on that day. I’d have a theory to the reason. But, I don’t think you guys might find it as practical as me. Well, it’s basically because of God. He says that we do good, we receive good, and I guess the perks come from worshiping God in church. Lol. So, yeah I may expect a good day from Sunday, but doesn’t mean that bad things don’t happen. This morning my mom had woke me up, I tried to stay up all Saturday night to make sure I don’t end up sleepy when my mom wakes me up. Unfortunately, I couldn’t keep the promise. So, I lapped a sleepy expression for 15 minutes until I brushed my teeth and washed my face. Later on, when I got ready and dressed for church, my mom put some face cleaner. Now I have to say, the cleaning is really helping my zits.

I’m almost zit-free, but anyways, when we arrived at church I had the best friend in the world advancing toward me. Michael basically, if you hadn’t known. He was in his regular special church clothing. I didn’t believe it was him until my brother yelled out it was him. I thought though he was just a guy waiting on the street. But, I realized he was coming toward us, like he’d finally be expecting us. We started talking about how the week went (as usual) and what was happening. When we got inside the church I ran while Matthew was keeping Michael occupied. When Michael realized I was running, he finally ran as well. We might have looked abnormal for being the only ones running around the church. But, we’re not embarrassed. Right? When we got to church I’d expect people to either be hi fiving us or criticizing us. But, nothing really happened. I saw my friends, but everything was normal. When I was doing small group everybody congratulated me.

Especially Michael, with a surprise. When we were done worshiping God, we all sadly goodbye, and went back to our regular world. I was surprised that the weather was conditionally bad, because that meant no annoying things or neighbors have to come and irritate us. Yepee! We had fun basically, during the time we were in the house we ate a lot of good things. Ice cream sandwiches and all, I also had one Ice cream cheesecake slice. It was bad! But, the sandwich was AWESOME. Today I guess was the good day. What else… oh yeah. At the Thrift Store there was this girl constantly walking by when I was reading a book, when I was close to leaving she started spying me. I felt attracted for a moment. But, it was flattering, I got to get a good look at her. She grinned happily. She was like 12 or 11 years old, and she was hot. I have to say that, not that I like her but seriously. She was hot. Lol. When we finally left she ran toward the door and waved at me. I smiled. I guess that’s why people get relationships and love.

But, it’s too early for me. Lol. When evening finally arose, I was depressed, until I was watching Date Night with my parents and oldest sister. It’s pretty funny. I’m going to write about it somehow. Lol. Though, they did curse in the movie, which I’m still shocked from hearing cause words like that from Steve Carell. Lol. Finally, we got to go to sleep. Ah. See you people tomorrow. Lol.