Percy Jackson the Titan’s Curse Review

Okay what to think about. Oh yes. As you might know this book is about Percy Jackson himself and the people around him. Well, everything starts to change. Thalia (the daughter of Zeus), Annabeth (daughter of Zeus) and Percy (son of Poseidon) are questing together in an unremarkable scene of battle. Thalia used to be a tree that protected Camp Half Blood, but when the golden fleece (in the second book) is laid on the tree, she comes back to life. Percy by the way has to go into this building to find the two half bloods Bianca di Angelo and Nico di Angelo. To soon figure out that they’ve been in the Lotus Casino for about 76 years which may have seen to be an hour. They have to go through battles of terror. When Bianca di Angelo joins the hunters of Artemis. She goes on a quest with Annabeth, Thalia, Grover (Percy’s satyr friend) and Percy, to soon find herself dead.

Finally, Percy has to go on a quest with his friends to find more secrets hidden. The scent of the wild God Pan. Grover faints and Percy finds himself fighting a big pig. Later on, they realize that Zoe something is questing with them and has to face her father Atlas (the titan) when Percy battles Atlas Thalia battles Luke (who used to be her love, but betrayed her). In to a dramatic moment. Percy makes Atlas feel the pain of holding the sky and Thalia drops Luke hundreds of feet off a cliff. When, they come back to Camp Half blood Percy has troubles trying to tell Nico di Angelo about her sister’s death. Nico gets so mad he puts a crater in the ground and runs away. Percy then figures out that Nico is the son of Hades. Closing book.

The book is by Rick Riordan and would be the best thing to read during a tornado or a zombie apocalypse. Lol. Fund by the amazing abilities the book has shown to inspire the readers has inspired me. Though, don’t get too ahead of yourselves about the Gods. It’s not right to think that there are more Gods then the real God. These stories were made up by Greek people to entertain. And we make into a serious thing. For all you paranormal out there, this is Fiction. Now Fiction means reality plus you’re imagination. The Gods are the reality, but only because the Greeks made it alive. The Fiction is the kids and camps that are in the book. There’s no son of Poseidon called Percy. It’s all just Fiction. There is only one God.