Being Prepared for CRCT

Hey guys! Andrew here! Bringing you a new announcement post. I would be talking about my day since there were some significant events that occurred. But unfortunately, my Mom is ordering me not to be on the blog, Youtube, or anything else but school. I should not even be posting this now. D: But I want to update to you guys saying that I am working for the CRCT and give me all your prayers! If you’re not a Christian then just hope for me. If you don’t believe in hope, then just keep me in your thoughts. If you can’t keep me in your thoughts, well, your attention span ranges to 1-2 minutes. Lol. Just kidding, but seriously, think about me, whoever you are! Meanwhile I am going to play a song for you guys! Enjoy! FROM MY FAVORITE BAND!


Blogging Allows Me To Think Freely

Hey guys! Andrew here! Bringing you a new post of my daily life. I actually enjoy posting these “daily life” posts. It allows me to think freely and expose my feelings. Though this blog IS public and people could easily read my feelings, I find this to my relaxing/ranting area where I don’t feel a sudden tendency to not express myself. On better thoughts, here is the song for today! It is Taylor Swift – I Knew You Were Trouble, except remixed with dubstep. Hopefully you all ENJOY! ๐Ÿ˜€

Okay, so today. Interesting day. I was driven to school early today because I decided to check my Test form in Science like I mentioned in my last post. This time, instead of a normal drive to the car-rider’s drop off, there was a huge line in front of our car. My whole family, besides my Dad, was in the car. My brother then decided to tell us that he forgot his homework, which gave my Mom the idea to drive him home after she dropped us off. Within 2 minutes of impatient waiting from my Mom, she drove to the side of the curb where the cars that had already dropped off their children drove through and dropped my sister and I in front of the road. We panicked. What in the world was she doing? It was daring, but my sister and I got out of the car. What felt like hundreds of staring faces stared at us during our walk to the car-driver entrance we actually walked normally to the entrance. It was an easy pass way to class since today was Tuesday and we did not have to have a pass.

I entered in Mr. Dyches’s class pretty normal. There were already a couple of students in the class that were in line for asking for help or questions. Surprisingly, I saw Haven in the classroom. We greeted each other with acknowledging smiles. The good part of the waiting was that Mr. Dyches preferred me as his best student so he immediately gave me his attention even after students came before me. I told him of my problems and then got the test to go over. Turns out, as I expected, I only missed 2 questions out of 45 questions. So I pretty much made a 95% or above, according to my calculations. Haven also let me borrow his $5 to pay for one Gatorade which was only $1.25. So that was awesome!

Eventually the bell rang and school started. School was pretty eventful. Cole started shaking uncontrollably in Georgia Studies class and in homeroom because he said he was nervous for his submission and whether he was going to be accepted. In Language Arts, Mrs. Harris changed seating completely. There were tables that contained chairs in pairs. So two people were seated in a horizontal line at one table. I had a girl named Karla (a friend of Shirlign) sit next to me. We knew each other so we were pretty “chill” around each other. Lol. Gosh, I regret using that term. I exchanged a few jokes with her and she of course laughed irresistibly. xD I helped her as well with the test grades we were going over for the common assessment. Math was a lot more fun. I made many jokes with my friend Andrew and Samantha then the subject of Samantha’s posture came up and made the conversation even more funnier but awkward for Samantha. I enjoyed the time very well. We were learning a new method of mean in Math called M.A.D (Mean Absolute Deviation). It’s a long process, especially without a calculator, but it’s easy altogether, depending on your patience and speed. Lunch was extremely fun, especially with all the food I had. I brought my Chocolate Chip Cookies that my aunt, Tania bought me during the Easter Hunt. I also had the Gatorade I got from Haven’s money because I saved up. On top of that I had the school lunch. So I have to admit it was a satisfactory lunch. ๐Ÿ™‚

Science was a little bit less eventful, but more of the events were important. We learned more about magnets and got to see some cool demonstrations about how magnets attracted iron. It was cool. Brian wasn’t in the class though, so I asked Mr. Dyches if I could sit next to Mackenzie. If you guys don’t know, I asked her out a long while back. Unfortunately she rejected, but we are still good friends. We talked a lot, but not so much that we could not pay attention to the lesson. Unlike other kids who were acting ignorant and laughing at stupid things. I don’t want to delve into that right now. Eventually, during the class, I called Mr. Dyches next to me when Mackenzie left to the bathroom and told him about how much I adored him as a teacher. He IS my favorite teacher and that’s a lot to say for someone who teaches Science. He makes the subject fun and he’s a nice teacher! Understandable. Nice. And cares so much for his students. Unfortunately people in class take advantage of him, but I let him know how I felt about his teaching and told him that he needs to continue his work and that I appreciate what he does. He thanked me and I brightened his heart. He then continued to his work with a smile. I felt a lot better doing that. To get it off my chest.

P.E. after Science class was really uneventful. We went outside to play Basketball or Four Square. I didย unexceptionally in Basketball. I missed many shots and the sun was beating hard on my head and neck. Nothing big there. I talked to Eric and Avelyn in P.E.; to Eric about random thing, but to Avelyn about having each other over at each other’s houses during Spring Break. Drama though was a lot better. Brody wasn’t in school and plus Tanner was next to me, so I got a better time focusing. I finished the Drama quiz quite easily and in speed. I am confident I made a 90% or higher, if not a 100%. Yes! Though I was slow on the worksheet we did. Especially when Shane and Paul kept the Dictionary books to themselves when I had to define the words used in the plays. I never really liked Worksheets. Even in Math.

Bus ride home was a little bit more fun. I was the attention of the bus and I made funnier jokes. With Brian gone, I took his place in moving to the back of the bus and made funnier jokes to others. I even got some of the girls who would give me ugly looks on the bus to laugh. Finally, when it was time for me to get off the bus with Sarah and Patricia, I told Sarah of my crazy experience with my Mom driving to the side of the curb at the drop-off. She was surprised at it too, but now when I look at it, I think it is pretty awesome. c: I came back home and studied then did Bible Time. All the events have led up to this time.

Enjoy your time wherever you are! Bye!


Hey guys! Andrew here! Just doing a short post of the fact that the weekend is coming up. Woo. xD I’m hoping I’ll have a good weekend of playing Battlefield 2 and Minecraft. And hopefully making some friends and hanging out with Brian. And then kissing Taylor Swift (just for the lawls). And then becoming the world’s greatest stunt man in the world. And then getting my blog to 1 million hits in total. And then meeting Jeff Corin. And then write to you guys as I please. Oh yeah, and hopefully work on reading the second book of the “Last Inheritance” series called “Eldest”. I’ll see you guys later. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Enjoy your time wherever you are! Bye!

A Pretty Disappointing Sunday

Hey guys, in short, I’m gonna summarize this day. I don’t like ranting and I WAS going to rant, but unfortunately WordPress was too stupid and they did not save my draft. So here I go. Went to church, had a decent time with church mates. Put down a republican child because he was getting on my nerves. I don’t know why I added Republican before child, but I felt like I needed to. Left church and went to the house. Waited for my father to do his thing on TV. Played video games and sucked and raged at it. Left the video games. Then I played on the Wii a little bit and then listened to a little bit of music on my laptop. Afterwards my parents had informed me we were going to go to the Romanian church. So we did. I got to see Brian and followed him wherever with his friends until he told me to shoo away. Brian is a Romanian friend of mine, if you don’t know. Then soon enough we left and went home. Had a subway-like sandwich (hopefully they don’t accuse us of subway copyright, xD) and then went to bed. Simple and quite disappointing. XD

Snow Has Started Strong This Time

Well, today, I was actually looking up to myself. Good grades. I passed my Math test 100% and also passed my GUM (Grammar Using Mechanics) review test by 100%. I am doing good as far as I know. Also, in the past week, I also wrote down about 10 pages for my book. Well, it’s really not much. But, if you write books through Microsoft Word, than let me tell you they have long pages. Plus, mom keeps kicking me off since she needs to use her Russian Facebook, Facebook, and also use her e-mail account for business. So, anyways, after feeling good about myself I was told from the school that for my subjects, if I wanted 100% in progress on OLS (On Line School), I would need to have all of my subjects at 50% completion. I had Math about 60%, and the rest of the subjects except for Social Studies and GUM were higher than 50%. GUM and Social Studies on the other hand, have only 50%. So, I’m at the edge for those two. I was also told that I was getting results for my brochure on January 10. Which is two days from now. The day my exams start.

I just hope I finish them, and get good grades as well as my travel brochure. After looking through my k-mails, I took care of some of my homework for my subjects. Math was really easy today, especially since I was learning about the same thing yesterday. Social Studies was especially easy except for the fact that I had to learn a sentence in Russian for today. Oh and I may have forgotten to mention that for the past three days I’ve been studying Russia for Social Studies. It’s really not that interesting, except for the fact that Joseph Stalin was a dictator, which didn’t really surprise me since he helped Adolf Hitler during WW2. Literature was extra hard. Lot’s of homework. I had an essay on the poet called Tina Tocco. I had to write about 5 paragraphs about her, and 3 paragraphs about my opinion towards her. After that, I than had to read about Beethoven. I think I had to read about 30 pages to research him. After I was done reading about Beethoven, I had to write a report about him, and then was asked some questions about how Beethoven was described. Once that was over, I had to read another writing by Ludwig (the author of Beethoven).

Finally, the lesson was done. It almost felt like taking two essays at the same time. ๐Ÿ™‚ After that, I became so stressed with Science, I decided to just go through it fast. I had an essay about the weather on Science. It took about 4 hours to write 4 pages of artificial weather stuff like convection, conduction and then some other wind parts like the hemispheres, and the layers of the air. It wasn’t really hard except for the fact that it overwhelmed knowing that Patricia’s friend was having Patricia over at 7 PM playing.

Okay, now what happened on Sunday (December 9, 2010). Well, Patricia’s friend, as usual, she came over with us to church. Which still bugged me because she kept poking me, and trying to teach Patricia how to giggle like all girls would do when a boy asked them out. Sick. Let me just say, it was hell until I arrived at my group. Turns out, my class (if they pay) will be able to go over to August’s house for the event in our group (which is now called instead, Transit, except for Xtreme) called Walking Wisely Weekend. I think the initials would be WWW. ๐Ÿ˜† Mom tried to persuade or try to ask Ms. Ginger, Michael’s mom, if Michael can come with me to this awesome trip to a sandy beach where a bunch of preachers, pastors, and bands will be performing on a beach. But, that was until July. I had to worry about Walking Wisely Weekend. The admission was 95$ for early entries. Late entries would be 135$. After church, Patricia’s friend was making some smart ass remarks, so she could look cool. I just hung out with Christian, my dear friend in the neighborhood, and then set off to Theirry (the sound might make you think it’s Terry, but I figured that’s how his real name is spelled), Marvin, and Kerry’s house. They actually invited us inside. Well, their dad did.

We watched Rush Hour 2, and then later, Christian left, so I was just chatting with Kerry about how the sound affects in Rush Hour 2 we’re totally fake. Later, when it started to get dark, I left home. Somehow, I felt a huge lump of fear in my stomach. Don’t really know why. I filled it with orange soda, not fear. Lol. My parents were in the middle of talking to a bunch of couples, so I knew they were busy. I just waited for them to go, and then I started talking to them. I watched Terminator 3 Rise of The Machines, and then also Wipeout. Wipeout though became boring once half of the show started. Afterwards, we were sent to bed, unfortunately, Matthew was too energetic, so he couldn’t sleep. But, then he noticed something outside, and screamed it from the top of his lungs. IT WAS SNOWING. In just 30 minute the snow was packed. My dad’s car was packed, I told mom and dad, and they were in shock as well. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take pictures since the snow covered the windows, and I didn’t want to get cold going outside in my boxers. Lol.

Wise Crack Jokes

So, nothing really interesting happened today, except for the fact that I’m getting Semester Assessment tests tomorrow for Vocabulary. At first I wasn’t prepared, until they gave me this review on it, and I just reviewed those babies like no tomorrow, cause I don’t want my mom to come and figure out, and say how I’m decreasing on my grade levels. Man, I don’t want that to happen. That would be the last thing anybody would want to happen to them. So, afterwards, I was checking on Willow’s blog, like I always do on a daily basis. At one point, I started to feel kind of intrigued. I don’t know why, but I was intrigued. Yes it can be funny to say it while blowing bubbles. Anyways, I was working on my book, and I have to say I’m going through some easy steps in the book. Oh and yes, I do have to request something from Sammy that has to be related to the book.

When I finished writing for about 15 minutes, I continued with the rest of the school, and turns out, soon I’ll also have a Science Semester Assessment test. Very interesting, how school can pile up on you in just a couple of days. Afterwards, I had to go through a lot of elluminates today, I also heard that they’re changing their class names from Elluminates, to: Class Connect Sessions, or CCS for short. I loved the idea, I also liked the fact that Ms. Lauen, my homeroom teacher was introducing it to all 400 students in Grade Team H class. I think there are about 1,500 middle school students in total, and then there are 6,000 elementary students. I can’t be very precise at this point. So, when I finish my Math class, which turned out actually very boring because the teacher had to go through a lot of explaining, just like my old teacher Ms. Cathy Harper. So, I skipped class, well, I didn’t really skip, I just didn’t pay attention to it. I spent most of class time chatting with people on Facebook, and listening to some Three Days Grace music. It was a good mixture, afterwards, I took a Pepsi can, and drank it.

Just to make me feel good about myself, since I was technically skipping class. Oh and there was this funny thing, somebody knocked/rang on my door, luckily, my mom was sleeping at the time. I answered the door, and there was there was this hot chick standing right in front of me. I think she was about 13 or 12, don’t know. At one point, she asked if I was the guy who performed the Christmas Canon Rock song with Simon, I nodded awkwardly. She told me her name was Tammy, and she gave me 40$ for my performance. I was surprised I actually got band money, I’m almost going to 300$ in my budget. She gave a hearty grin, and I said thank you. She walked away, but just before she was out of my site, I asked her if she was supposed to be at school, and she said she was homeschooled, now I was wondering real hard if she meant she went to my school, or if she was just homeschooled like I was in the old days. I don’t know. Oh and you will love what else happened to me today.

I went on Myyearbook, only Nayyir, Elizabeth and I know about it, so don’t worry if you think you’re excluded. So, when I was on, I saw 1 flirt, which I always get flirts from girls. But, this was the funniest flirt, AND Oh My God I need to put it here for you.

“Im sure you get this all
the time, but damn u are
cute, at least to me u
are lol

id love to do scrazy
things with you…. im
just in the mood lol

hotassdsun at yaho0 is
where you can hit me up
if you feel like gettin
down and dirty with me ;)”

I was surprised to hear that from somebody who I haven’t even known, so, I sent her a friend request just so I could send her a message. I said this.

Okay, what time?
Which mud pile should we go to.
I know one that’s very dirty.
Oh you wanna wrestle?
I’ll go easy on you. :D.

It was so fucking hilarious. ๐Ÿ˜€ Afterwards, I started making some Wise Crack jokes too during Bible time, and mom and dad didn’t really like it. I wanted to say something, and then it became a logical joke, my mom started cussing me out, and I said how come my sister Patricia and my brother Matthew were allowed to say jokes, and she said because they don’t know anything. I was so angry at the moment, so at one point, when Bible time was done, I went upstairs, and read Harry Potter, right now I’m at page 213. I’m progressing pretty good, you have to admit that. ๐Ÿ˜€

Why I Couldn’t Post Yesterday

Well, sorry, but I’ll be explaining why I wasn’t able to post about yesterday. I’ll give you the facts. Well, this morning I woke up real early to go and use the computer. Afterwards, I had breakfast, that’s when my dad strolled in. When I finished breakfast, I went into the leaving room to relax a little bit (it was 7 in the morning). My dad started this muttering about his phone and than asked some questions about “the unknown girl”, since he’s been hearing about her a lot. ๐Ÿ˜€ The good things bout my dad is that he doesn’t really smother me in my discussions about girls. He’s more straight to the point so he could get it over with. While the conversation was going on, mom came and changed the subject. So, I went and took a jog, to wear of my foot pain (I’ve been jogging for 2 days so far, lol).

It usually only takes 20 to 15 minutes to walk around the neighborhood. Later on, my aunt strolled around, so we gave her our big hugs. After that, I had to do some chores and give some candy corn to Simon, because my mom heard from my sister (Patricia) he loved them. So, I got the chores done, gave Simon the candy corn. I was thinking about posting since I forgot to do it in the morning, but Simon was always dragging me into discussion into discussion until I forgot again. We got some new weapons for our base. Club house. Soon enough, we were celebrating my little sister, Anabelle’s, birthday. We went into the mall, the last place I’d expect to go much for a birthday unless you’re thinking about watching a movie. Lol. We strolled around, did some stuff, then went on some bungee jumping places. The odd thing was this lady in the first bungee jump noticing this Asian kid going on the side of the bungee jump (which was like 3 feet of the ground).

She walked up to the Asian kid, who BTW, was like 5 or 6, and said “I don’t want you to go on there, if you don’t listen, I’ll beat your ass,” odd. I wanted to say “I’ll sue you for cursing at a little kid,” and then start a rant. Lol. It was a good idea, but I just kept quiet. We went onto a Spider Climb, my favorite, while my sister, Patricia, and my brother, Matthew was doing the Spider jump. We stayed there for 2 hours, and the people guarding didn’t care, because they were on Facebook looking at some pictures of people taking hikes. Oh well. ๐Ÿ˜€ Later on, we shopped, like always when we go to the mall. We went to like 2 stores, which still sickened me. Lol. One store had special rugs and a lot of Indian artifacts.

Though, the store owners didn’t look too friendly. They gave the evil eye, and kept watch. It almost creeped my aunt. Oh and this other thing was when this man was owning a massage shop and grabbed my aunt on the shoulder. He pleaded to have a free sample. HAHA, it was so funny. I wanted to think of posting, but oh well, I was busy. When we came back home, I worked on our base until 8. It was freezing, like hell. Feeling like a frozen zombie, cheeks pale, hands shivering, eyes twitching, God, I don’t know how cold I’ll be when it’s Winter season. ๐Ÿ™‚ Later on, I was planing my post, but my mom said I was grounded for some damn reason. So, I challenged my cousin, who’s younger than me, into a checkers duel. I’ve never been beaten in checkers. I let him win the next round cause my aunt told me to. I went to sleep, and that’s all.