We All Feel Sorry For You Japan!

My mind has been pondering for a long time about Japan’s destruction. I’ve already written two posts (and this is my third post) about it. Will the madness ever end? Turns out, more breaking news comes on about Japan’s destruction, and it ain’t good. I’ll just though, go on with what happened.

As usual on a Sunday we get ready for church. Unfortunately, I woke up by accident around 4 or 5 in the morning. So, it took me awhile or a few moments to go back to bed, and trust me, you do NOT want me to tell you the dream. It’s a bit inappropriate. Anyways, after what felt like 45 minutes my mom woke me up at 7 AM, to get ready for church. Turns out we were really early for everything and that Patricia’s friend hadn’t called up. Though, I knew that dad and mom was still going to pick her up. Guess what though? I was wrong! For the first time thinking about my relationship with dad/mom and Patricia’s friend was WRONG. My dad said they weren’t going to waste time going to Patricia’s friend’s house to pick her up when she hadn’t specifically asked us to pick her up.

Ahh… sometimes I love my parents.

Anyhow, when we passed by Patricia’s friend’s house I just felt so happy. Though, I had an iTouch right next to me. So, I guess I had to use it, or I’d be like what the heck is wrong with me? I played Urban Ninja for about half an hour until we got to church. Turns out, we were really, really early. I mean so early that the thousands of parking spaces in first parking lot was almost empty. We’ve never seen that. We’ve always seen cars pile up the parking spaces. So, when we got inside, we caught up with my parent’s friends, and talked for a little bit. Well, actually, my parents and family talked to them, I went to my group and played foozeball. The place was nearly empty too, so, I got to play big time with some weaklings on Foozeball, and than challenged some teenage kids to a match. Though, I was losing constantly to them. Without Michael, I couldn’t win.

So, when Michael eventually came, when the people started crowding, we had to watch the ultimate masters of Foozeball kick butt left and right at people. Only, when worship was starting, the last group won. Which made me jawless. Anyways, I’ve forgotten to tell you that for the past week or two weeks our church has been talking about sex. Well, that was the subject. Last week we had to learn about sexual immorality and how to control it. This time, we learned about pornography. Seen it, been there. I knew what they were talking about. Not to sound like a pervert. So, after all of the church, we just went home, watched more news, I read my book for a little bit ti’ll I got to page 112. I watched the horribly made Mars Needs Mom trailer on a commercial. Honestly, the movie really sucks to me. Faces designed badly.

Eventually some grownups came over to do the group, and I beat the game Ghost Recon FINALLY. So, ya, nothing really much for you guys. But, we all feel sorry for you Japan! 😦


A Busy Day: Guest Is Staying Over, and Japan Has Gone Through A Horrible Quake and Tsunami

Hey guys, I’m starting to feel really bored right now, and for the past days about writing short posts and about being grounded. So, I’ve decided to go back to finding available time to post these long posts and instead of circumvent. Oh and for the first time in my life, I learned how to do a Slideshow. I’m probably going to get some picutres from my reality next time and post them as a Slideshow. But, for right now enjoy the random pictures about the Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan. And all the credit goes to Willow for teaching me.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Anyways, I woke up by myself today, instead. I started to feel a little shaky and drowsy a little bit, and I could only remember I had a faint dream about water and it rushing through my whole body. Oddly, I even had water in my ears, so I had to poke it out, and unclogg it, so I could hear properly. For some reason, when I was woosy I wasn’t able to pull myself up. So, when my mom entered the room to wake me up, I pretended to fall back asleep, though, she shaked me and really woke me up. She had told me that I was supposed to finish school really quick and also do a couple of chores. Managing to stand up again, and clear again the water I asked her what sort of chores I had to do (because I’m curious like that). She mentioned that I had to clean up my room a lot better than she had done last time, and clean up my bathroom.

The minute she mentioned about washing the bathroom, I knew I was going to have to procrastinate to get out of it. So, when I put on my clothes and started school, I decided to ignore what my sister, Anabelle, was saying about cleaning up. I still had my 2nd Semester Webquest, AKA, Brochure, and I also had 2 essays to write. Though, I decided to skip the first essay on Math, since it wasn’t really that important, and that I could fake doing it. So, I had to waste an hour and a half on writing an essay on Earth Science and writing to an anonymous person about agglomeration. I first did my Vocabulary, and turns out since my Vocabulary was at the same progress as my Earth Science I was learning about agglomeration and some other word related to that word. I learned a couple of other words, but, oh well.

When I finished my essay on agglomeration, I moved on to Pre-Algebra, and did a whole 5 sheet of paper on Means, Median, Range and this other topic if I remember correctly. When dad came downstairs, he turned on the TV to CNN or Fox News (like usual) and started looking at the market. But, eventually, when I went on Mary Kate’s blog, I saw that she had mentioned that a tsunami and quake had occurred in Japan. It didn’t seem that important to me at the moment, so I went to Youtube to listen to Chester Bennington say shut up on his songs One Step Closer so I got pumped up. Eventually the disaster of Japan showed up on Youtube which greatly annoyed me. Unfortunately, Breaking News showed up on CNN, and guess what it showed? No, it showed Steven Tyler getting a haircut, of course it was the quake and tsunami!

It showed a lot of disastrous images about the quake and tsunami. So, some of them, I decided to put in the slideshow. If I find any big sized pictures of the quake or tsunami, I’ll update the slideshow. But, I hope you enjoy. Finishing the Pre-Algebra sheets, I shuffled towards the bed to tear a bit on the pictures of the dead people and just to rest. I rested for only a half and hour since mom yelled at me that I needed to finish that my school needed to finish school. I finished my Earth Science, and did my Social Studies on Australia’s stabilizing economy and its culture. Since I had to finish the thing fast for one reason was because I had to finish quickly because I was going out on a outing for my ALP Math Class. Once I finished my chores, which felt like forever, honestly. My dad got extra pissed at me once he figured my good shoes were messy, though, we eventually got into a good discussion about his class friends.

Eventually when we got there, we met about 5 group of people. This girl a little older than me had red hair along with blonde hair, a little bit of dyed hair. I don’t care, but dad was really embarrassing me, speaking out loud to come towards him, and said it very angrily. Though, Georgia Cyber Academy students are always understandable, so this nerdy looking kid and the dyed hair kid walked up to me, and whispered to me that they understand what I’m going through. Their moms do the same. I smiled and talked with them for awhile, after a couple of minutes an impregnated blonde hair woman came and said that she was our teacher Ms. Price. We had fun doing scavenger hunts. Especially that I was speaking to everyone while this big screen was behind us about the quake, everybody was talking about it. I got a prize for Stevie B’s, and I felt good. Although, dad said we had to leave abruptly when game time was going to start. We went to Burger King to get food and than to Dominos to get the rest of the food. We ate our Burger King so much, and we all loved it.

The rest is really blah, except for the fact that Nicholous mentioned that he had sex with his cousin. Eww… Tomorrow I’ll give you the details about the guest sleeping over.

I Tend To Screw Up All The Time

June 14, 2010
This is no joke, I screw up at things all the time. It’s just a temporary thing that happens for the rest of the day. I do bad several days, then, it builds up in one day. But, I can predict that day coming. It usually comes at me whenever it’s just too much mistakes build up in me, then, it’s decided when it’s time for punish time for all the mistakes I made. It’s just a cycle that revolves around me. I’m actually thankful to have that, because it reminds me how bad it feels to do bad. Have you ever gotten that feeling. Well, I’ll have to force it into you so, you’ll understand. Lol.

Hey guess what? I had a dream. Two actually. But, let me first start how it happened. I was downstairs around, hmm… let me see, around 5 in the morning. And I just ended up around the computer because I was bored. Usually I would get grounded doing this early in the morning. But, my mom and I made a deal that I was allowed to go on the computer in the mornings. But only on my blog that’s it. After I was done doing whatever on the computer, I heard these noises. Thumping, screeching, footsteps, it was really creepy. I thought a man was inside the house. I got so scared, I wouldn’t move a single muscle. I tried to heard some of it. Unfortunately, I heard lots of noises. Then, I got so scared, I turned the light on around the kitchen. Which was bad, because, if there was somebody. I would see their shadow from the desk. I turned on the TV. It actually helped me from hearing things, or it at least distracted myself from being paranoid. The only good show that was on, was “Family Matters”. I’ve heard and seen my mom watch it. It has a similarity to the show the Cosby Show. Except it’s funnier. Lol.

Well, when I finished watching, I ended up going upstairs to my floor bed. After that, I dreamed. Two dreams. But, they’re pretty private and I don’t need to waste my time. So, after my dreams everybody was awake. It was around 11 in the morning. Well, my dad asked in a cheerful way if I wanted to go watch with him the World cup (i’s like a super ball except for Soccer) when Japan and Cameron faced each other. Just FYI, it already went off. Japan won. Though, I didn’t actually notice he mentioned world cup because I was so drowsy. Luckily, I was smart enough to have a feeling that something was going on. In the middle of the game the channel changed to Ninja Warrior because it was being recorded. So, we only saw half and by the looks of it, Japan won! But, my dad said we were going to play Wii as a family. Well, I didn’t get that expression because my mom was at work and my little sister (Anabelle) wasn’t allowed to play until we all got off. Although, when we were doing bowling, I was giving up some bad regrets for my siblings and decided to tell them some bad compliments. My dad seemed disappointed in me. That’s when I knew I screwed up. 😦

After the Wii, my mom called and said we were getting ready for the swimming pool. So, we got ready as fast as possible. But, the faster we did it, the longer we had to wait. But, what the heck, lets do it quickly. It took awhile for my mom to get back from work. Then, we got ready to go to the pool. Unfortunately, my mom wasn’t happy with the jokes I was making with my siblings. She gave me the evil eye to keep quiet. But, when I started to stop, Matthew was annoying me. I tried to ignore. But, before I was about to hit him, we were already at the pool. We didn’t find my mom’s friend until 5 minutes passed. Unfortunately, Allison (my parent’s friend’s daughter) mentioned none of her friends were coming. So, it looked like I was going to be bored the rest of the pool day. But, I seemed to work things out. Though, I made my mom embarrassed in some weird way in front of public. That’s when I knew I screwed up AGAIN. Lol. The pool was for about 3 hours long. So, yeah, interesting I guess.

Well, they asked if we could go to my parent’s friend’s house (okay lets be more specific, her name is Ms. Amy). We all accepted like we would usually do. Though, when we just got to their house Ms. Amy’s son Andrew asked my brother Matthew if he could play the Xbox 360. He couldn’t because he needed his glasses to play video games. Well, this time Matthew screwed up. After that, we all went down stairs while my dad isolated himself in his new phone world. I eventually got bored. I went outside. Unfortunately, Matthew wanted to go to Sophie’s house to ask if she wanted to come out. (Matthew thinks he found his new girl because his old one for some reason likes someone else) Eventually, her sister Lindsey (I actually met her last time at the pool) came outside. We talked and did the regular miserable-life and miserable-relationship talks. It was always interesting talking with her. But Andrew, (Ms. Amy’s son) thought we were having a crush on each other. Well, I tried not to let that bother me. But it was getting annoying. But here comes the painful part. When Matthew started to say that we had a crush on each other, I fell over this wood thing and it ended up hitting in between my legs really hard. I fainted. I tried not to cry in front of public so, I held it in. But it was so painful. I needed to go in the bathroom. For some reason I was hurting so much, I started talking in a high pitch. My mom and Ms. Amy laughed at my humor. I went outside, thinking I embarrassed myself. But, the rest of the day ended badly. Screw the wood pavilion they had. Lol.

Interesting Trip… + Memorial Day

May 30, 2010
Now, today is actually May 31st, the last day of school for me. But right now, I’m going to discuss what happened yesterday. Got it? Though, right now, it’s raining horribly. Hope my doors don’t get blown by the wind, hehehehe. 🙂

Now, like every Sunday, I got up to go get ready for church. Though, my parents didn’t seem to be awake. They needed to wake up early too because we were late for the 9 in the morning service. My aunt was there with me and Patricia. So, we waited about an hour and it was already passed 9 in the morning. Was this supposed to happen? Are we staying home, NO CHURCH?! I was completely getting thoughts about church if we were going if we weren’t going and stuff like that. Once I got to a conclusion that we were staying home, I heard my parent’s door open. Then, I was going to ask if we were going to church or not. They said yes. What??? We’re late… unless… (gasp). We are going to the 11 in the morning service. NOOO!!!!
Rain stopped, luckily, I thought I heard hail outside. :mrgreen:

Before we were ready to leave, my sister (Patricia) asked if we could watch Ninja Warrior (a show that’s not animated). My dad didn’t want to watch it because he thought it was an animated show. But it was actually one of those reality shows. Then, my dad accepted. I always thought about entering Ninja Warrior. But, that’s in Japan and the I would be no match for the competition. Sorry. Well, the show was over and we left. That fast, just like a snap from your fingers.

Once we got back from church there was a problem. I got so addicted to Webkinz I vomited. Hahahaha!! Gotcha, it only increased my anger to play. But, for it to be fair for all of us to play. We drew numbers. Now, I’m pretty good at this. I always get 1st or second. My mom drew them and I got first. Yepee!!!! 🙂 Well, this is not something to be celebrating about really. I always get it… so… not such a good celebration. Just to point out, my sister (Patricia) and I share our webkinz in one account. Here’s our username in webkinz: dabombs1. Not hard, add us as your friend and if the invitation doesn’t work. Then, well take care of the problem. :mrgreen:

After my turn was over, we went to the Buford Dam. Which pissed off my other siblings. They constantly whined to my mom to see when their turn was coming. Just before we left the dam, we took picture of my mom near her flower garden. Here’s the picture:
Then, we took a picture of Matthew, my brother, near the steps and the garden. Here’s his image: He’s basically fooling around in his picture. No biggie. Not such a surprise. He always fools around.

Then we got in the car and started conversations. The kids had their own discussion about Webkinz. Grownups (basically my mom, dad and aunt) asked me what I learned from the big theology group. I learned quiet a few. But, I’ve been to that church a few times. Just never understood what they said. Hahaha. I wish I could say the “Irony“. It’s so funny. So far, we got to the Buford Dam, but for some reason, we had to pay. What? That doesn’t sound like the Buford Dam, are they going to lose their base or something if we don’t pay. Well, that didn’t matter to my dad. He just paid, because we knew there was no way around it. After we paid, we passed by these lovely hills and flowers. Then Nadia, Anna, Alina and Alex caught up. They’re Romanian grownups that still speak English in a funny accent. They brought their food we brought our food and we had a pretty good time. Here’s how the food we cooked look before it was grilled: Looks pretty disgusting but after it was grilled it look like some famous company just made MEAT!!!

Good thing my dad brought his phone, he wanted to text his friend all through the trip. I can’t say his name then it will go through public. Anyways, he wanted to send his friend some pictures of the trip. But, he first wanted to start taking pictures of me which flattered me. When he took that picture it was after my sister (Anabelle) lost her shoe in the Reservoir and I jumped in the cold water to get it. I was so freaking cold. My toes were the numbest. But, I saved myself and the shoe. So, it was good both ways. Anyways, my dad took a picture of me. Here’s the photo: I look pretty glum don’t I? Don’t mention it. I was trying to hold the shaking.

May 31, 2010
Nothing really special happened. Just my aunt and my family watched 24, my aunt left, we celebrated memorial day, I still did school and my dad and mom was close to watching Prince of Persia. See no biggie for memorial day. Though when we were passing our street we saw thousands of flags that showed he people that died. Which was a big surprise to my brother. So, that’s all for today though go back to that contest I told you guys about here’s the link: https://andrewpaladie.wordpress.com/2010/05/30/new-contest-2/#comments