Too Busy/Lazy To Do Anything

I’m so sorry I left you guys hanging there for the past two days. I was to lazy to even reply to your comments yesterday. I guess I felt a little too stressed, because I had to handle my portfolio, my tests and my new gamer informer blog, which I’m still trying to figure out what to post about. So, I’m sorry, I hope you can forgive my blunder for the past two days. I’m going to have to skip Friday and Saturday and go into Sunday, since I don’t really have enough time.

Today’s Sunday, was just like any Sunday I could’ve expected. Except for this. When I was sleeping in, my mom came in my room and asked me to put the light on. See, I may have not mentioned this, but I bought a blue bendable lamp about two or three weeks ago. I guess it didn’t seem that important then. But, what irritated me the most in my sleep, besides the lantern, was the thudding noises my mom made. I don’t really like noises as long as there coming from music or concerts, than I would understand. But, she made thudding noises like crazy. It even made a weird buzzing effect in my ear. So, I decided to moan out the words “Stop making that noise.” Afterwards, I got dressed in one of my new clothes. My new jeans, with golden symbols, and another shirt that had Black Spider Man, except they put him in a way that made him look TOO brutal. But, I went with brutal Spider Man anyways.

When we arrived at church, I’d almost forgot that I was able to run to my part of the church, without parents supervising. The only ironic part was the fact that I had a 5 minute discussion, decided to walk to my group for 30 seconds, and then when I entered the hall Michael (my best friend) came across me. He didn’t realize me by his speed, because he was zipping through places in a few seconds. So, I ran and caught up to him. We’re about the same speed. So, that means Nayyir is PROBABLY slower than me, and Michael is an inch faster. I caught up to him and said hi. We went into the the uh… what was the place called again? Uh… the Cabin! Yeah that. I went up the stairs to the game room. While the girls were hanging around on the first floor. As usual Michael and I would go to the foozeball table, to get ready for our rounds turned.

There was this team that badly got beaten, and then it went to another team, when we came, and then this guys out of nowhere comes here and says it’s my turn. Michael tried to show the awkward face, and explained. The guy didn’t seem to get it, so he turned and went to his game. Maybe he heard, but I muttered on my lips “bitch.” After the team got done, this girl I guess she was in her 7th or 8th grade ages was constantly encouraging us to go and kick our opponents ass. The weird part was the fact that Michael and I weren’t beaten by any team AT ALL. Until we went to worship. Soon enough, a girl walked up to me I guess my grade level, and she said “Hey, I love you!” I turned back and said WTF, except without using initials. She left to my luck and we went to small group. I’m going to skip to going outside details.

When I went outside, it was all, I don’t know, deserted. Until my friend Jordan (who is a 13 year old girl) came about. She brought her Ipod and played all sorts of music, until these two bad things happened: 1. the drunk lady was back in her spot where she had taken her drugs. 2. Patricia’s friend was coming. She still didn’t get the fact that wearing skinny skirts and bending her body forward was still inappropriate. I ignored and noticed my friend Kristan coming down the street. I guess we’ve been friends since the first day of October. We gave each other the man slap and the man hug. We decided to go somewhere else where Patricia’s friend wasn’t. But, I said it was okay. Until King came out and brought Savino we went away. We went to this place that had nosies coming, like footsteps. We ran quickly. I’m going to skip the rest, my dad and I went to the guitar center and then to Aldi to get our supplies. I immediately had to leave my dad empty handed without help because I noticed something up the street. See I’m too lazy to say the details.

I guess we got to play Truth or Dare, and contact each other. Details ain’t important. And I guess that’s all.