Why I Didn’t Go To Homecoming

Hey guys! Andrew here! Bringing you a new post of my daily life. The video/song I am going to present to you is a video from one of the Youtubers I watch named Syndicate and this video is not with music at all. It’s just plain funny. At least in my opinion. Enjoy!

So today was very brief in a sense. I woke up, like every usual school morning. I got my clothes together and this time I wore a T-shirt with a light-black (if that’s a color) jacket that had a logo saying “Running” with a lightning bolt ontop of the text. A pretty cool jacket for me to wear, definitely. I wore my Vans pants once again, because they’re just so amazing. They feel so comfortable and fit the style I’m trying to go for in terms of going looking slick and serious. Now, I do notice that every time I talk about the clothes I wear for the day I sound gay. No doubt about it. But it’s all about fashion my bros. You gotta look good and this is my blog, so I can express my thoughts of my fashion choice . . .  Now that sentence made me seem even more gay. Moving on!

I took 3 Pop-Tarts so I could sell them today and I was happy to arrive to school getting the money from the two people who bought my Limited Edition Pop-Tarts. I was supposed to be getting $4 because I charge $2 for 1 Pop-Tart packet. The Asian boy in my class, Jimmy bought one from me and I was expecting that he was going to repay me since he was always a goody-too-shoes in class and was always remembering things on a frequent basis (I notice this because he’s in three of my classes/periods). The other person I was waiting to be paid from was a girl named Nasir. A Chicago girl with a strong attitude, but a short, skinny body. Shorter than my oldest sister Patricia. When I gave my Mom a kiss and then had prayer with her, I left the house. A chilly breeze of cold air blew at me. God, it was freezing! I was trying to ignore it, since I had experienced colder weather and had not felt a single problem, but even with the jacket and jeans on, I was still cold. I went to the bus-stop and arrived there at 6:20-6:25 in the morning. I waited for what felt like an hour for Markel to come out and talk with me so I could be distracted by the hellish cold that bit at my cheeks. Sarah came around, I didn’t talk to her and therefore Markel didn’t accept her into the talk we were having. Markel and I talked about the cold for the remainder of the time and then just thinking how bad it was going to get in the future until the bus finally arrived and hopes went up. The moment I got on the bus, there was an air vent on the stair-case of the bus and I was almost rejuvenated. I looked for a seat on the bus and turns out a lot of the seats were occupied. I had to sit next to an Asian dude and the guy was nice. He didn’t seem too angry about me sitting next to him. He was a rather interesting fellow. As we drove all the way back to school, I just sat still and tried to relax myself from the cold and breath in warm air.

When we arrived at the school, Markel walked ahead of me and I was walking by myself. There was this girl I recognized from a couple of days ago who talked to me for a long period of time when we met and I almost wanted to touch her on the shoulder and tell her I was right behind her (basically say “hi”), but I held back and assumed she was probably too sleepy or too busy and would not be happy if someone tried to grab her attention. I saw Erick in front of me and caught up with him as we walked inside the school. He was wearing his tight clothes as usual to show off his broad shoulder muscles and bulging pecs. Nonetheless, the much of a showoff and person that cared about his reputation so much, he was still one of my best-friends in this school that was actually down to Earth and cool. We talked until we separated and I met up with Markel in the breakfast isle. He walked with me all the way to the point where we had to separate again to our classes and then I was again by myself. On my way to the gym I was hesitating to enter the way I usually do because there was a Christian Leadership Club and the people there would try to force me to pray with them. I don’t know. I guess I get extremely annoyed when I have to pray multiple times, especially right after yesterday’s crazy church madness. But, I still went through the same way and tried not to make eye-contact with the club-members of the group. I went downstairs and talked with Chris and Keila. Chris, as usual, was bragging of some unusually stupid thing he accomplished somewhere and then started comparing himself to me in which we would always get into arguments of who was better. It was a fun activity for us to do as friends. Keila would usually keep her mouth shut when we did this and waited until she could talk about what was on her mind.

Chris and I did this for awhile until the class-bell rang and Coach Pierce came out of where he usually comes from to call roll. He called roll and we went on with P.E.; today in P.E. was pretty interesting. I actually started to make shots on the amazingly good basketball players that played against me in P.E.. I had figured most of the people and how they played basketball and their weaknesses all the way to the point that I managed to make the majority of the points for the team. It was rewarding. We won in the end. And then P.E. was over.

Honors Language Arts we read some more of the Odyssey story until the class period finished and did our usual routine of Bellwork and SSR reading. Nasir, the girl who paid for my Pop-Tart, and Jimmy, the boy who paid for my Pop-Tart said that they had no money right now cause they either forgot it or got grounded and didn’t get their allowance. Great. Near the end of class, we went to the Computer Labs next door to start our USATestPrep. Erick, him being in my class, sat next to me and we talked the majority of the Computer Lab time through until the bell rang.

Honors Biology was a disappointing period, since we had a quiz and I had all weekend to study for it, yet I forgot and didn’t. It wasn’t like I didn’t KNOW the topic we were learning, but the questions were so specific, I just felt strangling her for doing this and torturing me. I was supposed to be making A’s! What is this? I felt like I failed the quiz, which was a very depressing thought for me to ponder on. Also Kaitlin, the girl who sits next to me informed how Homecoming went. Turns out there was a lot of girls twerking at the Homecoming and a lot of guys got stiff-ones (to say it nicely). Well, yeah, that’s the major reason for me not going to homecoming. Not because I’m against twerking, heck no. Well, actually, I kind of find it disturbing seeing 14 year olds with absolutely no butt twerking. It just makes me think that nobody would probably twerk on me from the school. It was another depressing thought to take on. I know I’m not even supposed to be having girls “twerk” on me, but I kind of wish at least if I didn’t go, I know that if I did go some girls would like me enough to “twerk” on me. I don’t even know why I’m complaining about this. 😛

Accelerated Math was starting to make more sense to me now. Awesome. We have a quiz on Math tomorrow and I need to practice for it.

French was really not that interesting. Just me doing my homework and being told that we have a quiz tomorrow as well. I noticed that Math and French usually have quizzes on the same day on a lot of occasions. Funny. Lunch wasn’t even really interesting. We just talked about nasty things to make each other sick at the table, while I just laughed my heart out the whole time at my friends reactions.

Digital Technology was once again a struggle since we had to work on a new project when I have to finish like two other games and then these projects. It’s beginning to stress on me. I should probably do all my work usually, yeah. Sounds like a good idea.

I stayed late at school so I could go to the Cross Country informational meeting. Cross Country season is now over. Now is the time for Winter Sports. I’m applying for Basketball during the Winter then for Track and Field. Once the meeting was over I walked home the whole time, thinking of things that rhymed with each and creating nice raps to distract me from the long walk home. I went home, ate a nice food and studied. Now I also remember I had to read for my Honors Language Arts class. Dangit. I’m gonna go get to that.

Enjoy your time wherever you are! Bye!


Latin America – My Travel Brochure

One of the many countries in Latin America that is most interesting to visit would be Brazil and Venezuela. Also what would be the most interesting reason to visit Brazil and Venezuela would be their physical features. Like the Amazon forest, and Amazon River, or Pico Espejoe (the greatest mountain), and The Interior Savannahs. One of two major languages spoken would be Spanish and Portuguese. Brazil’s government is called a Democratic Republic, while, Venezuela is a Federal Republic form of government. One of their many natural resources that make those countries so interesting is: iron ore, tin, timber forests and coopers for Brazil. Venezuela, on the other hand, contains: natural gas, gold, bauxite, diamonds, hydropower, and petroleum. All of those reasons make up why Venezuela and Brazil are so interesting to travel to. 

Venezuela and Brazil are located near the equator and is partially located at the southern hemisphere. The picture (Example Picture #1) is highlighted in red to show the location of the two countries. Also what would be a good thing to mention would be about both countries’ climate. Brazil’s climate is thought more as a tropical climate. Most of Brazil is covered in rain forests, and villages surrounded by deciduous forests. Tropical may be cold from time to time. But, is actually a nice temperature to stop you from sweating. On the other hand, Venezuela is a very hot country. As you can see, the picture (above) shows that equator Venezuela is just on top of the. That shows why Venezuela is a hot country. We again know our natural resources. Coopers, timber forests and iron ore are for Brazil, while Venezuela has natural gas, gold, and diamonds. Brazil has exactly 56 per sq. mi. of population density. A pretty big percent you may think. But, Venezuela has 76 per sq. mi. of population density.

Some agriculture locations in Venezuela would be, for example, the argillaceous grounds, or the humíferos grounds. Unfortunately, Venezuela’s industry locations bring back a lot of history. So I’ll try staying on topic. One of the industrial regions in Venezuela would be the CVG the country’s most prominent regional development corporation and the major player in mining, increasingly entered into joint ventures with foreign companies by the 1990’s, when for the first time the CVG agreed to accept a minority share in some ventures. Now, let’s talk a little bit about Brazil more, shall we? Central Brazil contains substantial areas of grassland with only scattered trees.

Mexico is known to have the population of 107,000,000 people, Venezuela contains 26,700,000 people, Brazil holds up to 184,200,000 people, and Cuba has about 11,300,000 people. Now we can compare those populations to the whole Latin America (which contains about 545 million people).
Mexico contains 107/545 of Latin America’s population.
Venezuela contains 27/545 of Latin America’s population.
Brazil has 184/545 of a fraction of Latin America’s population.
But, Cuba contains 11/545 of Latin America’s population. (Numbers on the picture [below] represent one million)

If we would transform the country’s population into decimals, the numbers would be as following.
The way I found out the decimal of these countries, I divided the numerator of each country by the denominator.

In order for me to convert the decimal into a percentage of these country’s populations, I multiply the decimals by 100. The result is as followed.
Cuba–2% I will round these percentages to the nearest whole number in my circle graph. (Example: Picture #1)

Reasons why the Amazon Rainforest stabilizes the climate. Rainforests help stabilize the world’s climate by absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is believed to contribute to climate change through global warming. Therefore rainforests are important in addressing global warming (Example: picture #2).

Rainforests provide a home for plants and wildlife. Rainforests are home to a large number of the world’s plant and animals species, including many endangered species. As forests are cut down, many species are doomed to extinction. Some rainforest species can only survive in their natural habitat. Zoos cannot save all animals (Example: Picture #3).

Rainforests help maintain the water cycle. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, “the water cycle, also known as the hydrologic cycle, describes the continuous movement of water on, above, and below the surface of the Earth.” The role of rainforests in the water cycle is to add water to the atmosphere through the process of transpiration (where they release water from their leaves during photosynthesis). This moisture contributes to the formation of rain clouds which release the water back on the rainforest. In the Amazon, 50-80% of moisture remains in the ecosystem’s water cycle. When the forests are cut down, less moisture is goes into the atmosphere and rainfall declines and sometimes leads to drought. (Example: Picture #4)

Rainforests reduce erosion. The roots of rainforest trees and vegetation help anchor the soil. When trees are cut down there is no longer anything to protect the ground and soils are quickly washed away with rain. The process of washing away of soil is known as erosion. As soil is washed down into rivers it causes problems for fish and people. Fish suffer because water becomes clouded, while people have trouble navigating waterways that are shallower because of the increased amount of dirt in the water. Meanwhile farmers lose topsoil that is important for growing crops. (Example: Picture #5)

The role of poverty in deforestation. Poverty plays a major role in deforestation. The world’s rainforests are found in the poorest areas on the planet. The people who live in and around rainforests rely on these ecosystems for their survival. They collect fruit and wood, hunt wildlife to put meat on the table, and are paid by companies that extract resources from forest lands. Most rural poor never have the options that we in Western countries take for granted. These people almost never have a choice to go to college or become a doctor, factory worker, or secretary. They must live off the land that surrounds them and make use of whatever resources they can find. Their poverty costs the entire world through the loss of the tropical rainforests and wildlife. Without providing for these people rainforests cannot be saved. 

Agriculture in the rainforest. Every year thousands of miles of rainforest are destroyed for agricultural use. The two main groups responsible for converting rainforest into farmland are poor farmers and corporations, Poor farmers in many parts of the world rely on clearing rainforest to feed their families. Without access to better agricultural lands, these people use slash-and-burn to clear patches of forest for short-term periods of time. Typically, they farm the cleared land for a couple of years before the soil are exhausted of nutrients and they must move on to new patch of forest. Agricultural companies are clearing more rainforest than ever before, especially in the Amazon where large tracts of rainforest are being converted into soybean farms. Some experts believe that South America will someday have an area of farmland that rivals that of the American Midwest. Much of this farmland will come at the expense of the Amazon rainforest. 

Saving rainforests through education. Education is a critical part of saving the world’s rainforests. People must see the beauty and understand the importance of these forests so they will want to protect them. Environmental education should occur both in western countries like the United States and in countries that have rainforest like Bolivia and Madagascar. In the United States, people need to understand their role in the loss of rainforests. For example, buying certain products like mahogany contributes to the cutting down of rainforests in other countries. If we as Americans make an effort to learn about the environment we can understand what we’re losing as rainforest disappears. We can also make decisions to buy products and support companies and organizations that help the rainforest. In rainforest countries local people sometimes do not know why forests are important. Through educational programs these people can learn that forests provide key services (like clean water) and are home to plants and animals found nowhere else in the world. Few children in a place like Madagascar know that lemurs are not found in America. They are quite happy when they learn that lemurs only live in Madagascar.

Rehabilitate and restore rainforests. In trying to protect rainforests we need to also look at how damaged forests can be brought back to health. While it is impossible to replant a rainforest, some rainforests can recover after they have been cut down — especially if they have some help through the planting of trees. In some cases it is also possible to use deforested lands for improved forms of agriculture so they can provide food for people living nearby. When these people have food they will not need to cut down more forest to plant crops. One promising area of research looks at ancient societies that lived in the Amazon rainforest before the arrival of Europeans in the 15th century. Apparently these populations were able to enrich the rainforest soil, which is usually quite poor, using charcoal and animal bones. By improving soil quality, large areas of the Amazon that have been deforested could be used to support agriculture. This could help reduce pressure on rainforest areas for agricultural land. Further, the “terra preta” soil as it’s called could be used to help fight global warming since it absorbs carbon dioxide, an important greenhouse gas.

As you can see, you can find many amazing things about Latin America or the Caribbean for that matter. All the wonderful and exquisite things I have just stated will help you figure out what needed to be figured in the first place. It will also, kind of give you a heads up on what you might need to know. Like the population Latin America, or the special environmental reasons why rainforest destruction is so important in both nature and human’s ways. Hope that you have acknowledged the better understanding of Latin America and the Caribbean’s natural resources, industrial regions, agriculture regions, and their role of government. I might recommend you, that you can’t find any other brochure to give you this much valid information about Latin America and the Caribbean. Unfortunately, our educational journey into Latin America and the Caribbean is over. So, we have concluded, that Latin America and the Caribbean can be, by far, one of the greatest places to travel and site-see.

The Events That Took Place Watching The Movie “Alice In WonderLand”

I actually saw this movie just yesterday. Blimey it was interesting. Though, it wasn’t one of my favorite movies this year, so, I won’t define this as the movie special for this year. Anyways, this is how the whole movie started. There were these men, talking about doing these 6 sort of impossible things. The man with that idea was called crazy. But, not meanly and not nicely either. Just in the middle of the conversation Alice pops in. Now, I didn’t know at first that girl was Alice until the man took her to bed and helped her with her problem. My mom started giving suggestions that girl was Alice’s sister. Well, she totally confused me. The good thing was: she didn’t do it on purpose. But if she did. This subject would’ve gone longer than expected and more hurtful. I don’t know if I was more dimwitted watching this show and acting like a brat. Well, it didn’t occur to me whether I was a brat or not. I was enjoying the movie now. So, I don’t need it ruined.

The thing that sucked was, I had to watch with my mom new movies every time. Luckily, my mom watched it became freaky and well delusional to me. So, if your a dark magician trying to look for a movie that has something to do with proving dark magic not dangerous. This is definitely not the movie you want to watch. Anyways, moving on with the movie. Once, Alice is shown in her teen ages she looks pale. I’m talking REALLY pale. I don’t get how the other people either don’t notice or don’t mind. Well, it best described crazy dreams. Then, she’s in this machine carrier that’s powered by horses. In there she discusses with her mother about what she was wearing. I kind of felt sorry for Alice if I was in her shoe. But, that’s the way their nation worked with un-married, young and easy to fool girls. Well, guess what? Here in America we live for our civil rights. I just guess people haven’t fought for their rights there yet. Hmm… Well, after the ride Alice was sent on this wedding party and she was being told what to do by a lady (she’s the mother of the son who wants to marry Alice). Then, when she was sent to her future boyfriend for a dance, she was talking nonsense and that didn’t please the boy. So, basically he was just bothering her around. Then, she noticed this rabbit when she was discussing the marriage with the guy’s mother and when the wedding went on. Afterwards, Alice fell in a pit where the rabbit was.

This all happened so fast. Once she got through this weird door. Alice saw these un-likely creatures. Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dumb, the hare I guess, some colorful talking flowers, a smoking caterpillar, a hatter, another hare that was crazy and really twitchy, a 4 foot wide headed heart queen, a little fighting mouse, a dragon named the Jabberwocky, this weird dance called the Fudderwack. There were so much complicated names I don’t even know how I could process all through my mind.

That’s all for now, bye.