Halloween and Twilight

Well, I’m back here with a new, fresh, and interesting post. Actually, the interesting part will have to be judged by you. 🙂

So today was the one and only, HALLOWEEN! Last year, my Halloween was pretty depressing. But now that I’m 12 years old, almost 13. I’m backing away from depression and moodiness and going into the best happiness I can make of the situation. So today, knowing that it was Halloween I resumed with school. Except I did not really focus on my OLS homework or subjects. I don’t know why. But I was too cluttered with Class Connect Sessions that morning. So classes went on and on and on. Until during the middle of one of my Advanced Math Teacher classes that my Mom went to the store and came back, buying a vampire suit. I didn’t like it, AT ALL! In my opinion, I just thought vampires, especially Dracula, were eww! I liked ninjas or werewolves more for some reason.

But those unfortunately, I could not get. As I realized when I said I wanted to see more options at Party City. We went to the store. And all I could find manly or big enough for my size was the vampire suit and a pirates suit. All the ninjas my size were gone for some reason. And there were no werewolf suits my size at all in the first place. But then, I remembered that I was going to be a ninja for my second Halloween costume, so I could extra candy. There was no necessary need to buy a ninja suit. I could make one of my own. So I kept the vampire costume and went home. Did the rest of my school, except leaving a trace of undone subjects since it was Halloween. I watched a little bit of Twilight with Mom. The movie so far was very interesting.

I actually disagree with Sammy’s opinion on Twilight. It’s actually very interesting. I’ll be looking in into the books. So we watched some of it, only to be knowing that we were going to visit a house on rent that a friend of ours bought so he could lend it to us for rent. It was a crappy house, in a crappier neighborhood then the one I lived in currently. SO we didn’t like it, then we moved back and got our costumes. Here’s some pictures of us. I look ridiculous though in the costume xD

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After I did my vampire trick r treating, everybody went home. I went with my ninja mask. I got SECOND ROUNDS! Last two bowls were full when I went with the vampire costume. Now, with the ninja mask on and the deep voice, nobody realized me. I hit a big house with TWO big bowls full of candy. So I came back with two big ol bowls full of candy. I came back home. Surprising Mom with the amount of candy I had. So, I counted and got in total 350. 🙂 And that’s not even me going at my best. Because I did not even go to every house. So there you go!

I was happy this Halloween. But instead of eating almost all of the candy like I have been doing for the past years, I saved them up, put them into categories, and put them into Ziploc bags and decided to sell them for money. 😉

So you guys happy I’m back? Leave me a comment, please. Thank you. Have a good day!


Literally just nothing happened today. Except for school. Oh and we also got a mouse trap. But that’s it. We’re trying to kill a mouse in our house because we recognized one or two mouses running around the house and we noticed that one of them got into a fight with FeeFee because her left foot is bloody and shows the bone. 😦 I want to kill those mice so badly, but at the same time I sort of feel bad for them, but also at the same time I want to get this done. So right now I’m thinking whatever. 😐 I’m gonna ask a question for this post. What’s your favorite holiday? Halloween or Christmas? Mines is Christmas. Okay now bye! Nothing much to it today.

My First Time Actually Hosting and New TV Series

Mom woke me up. Usually I’d start my posts with the sentence “I woke up”. But no, sadly, Mom woke me up, early in the morning for church. I really didn’t get why we should be going to church because I wasn’t going to be able to go to Transit (my Middle School part of the church) because Transit was having this event called Frequency. So they weren’t going to meet this week. But Mom and Dad told me that I was going to have to host with them. Which means, through my point of view, that I get the doughnuts. 😀

No, actually it means when my Dad and Mom volunteers to help the church. My Dad; the leader of the host team along with this other man who is I’m guessing 60 years old. But most people in the host team are at least 30-50 years old. So as the family got dressed I took my amazingly sweet toaster pop-tart filled with fudge. The others ate along with me the same, except my sister, Patricia. She ate the Halloween pop-tart that I preferred eating during Halloween. Oh and big question of the week for you guys! What are you going to wear to Halloween? Please leave the answer in your responding comment to this post.

Once my family got finished with the food and church clothes we entered into our family van and drove to church. There were more people then I had expected. Wow. I had to go to Big Church with Mom and Dad, which I think is pretty cool, being 12 and listening to an adult sermon, but I knew anyway that the kids who weren’t going to attend Frequency that were coming was going to have to stay with their parents and listen to the adult sermon. First when the service started the band playing on stage played a U2 song that I don’t even know how to name while there was a slide show of pictures from North Point Community Church’s (our church) trips to different places such as Moldova, Venezuela, Brazil, Haiti, some other parts in Africa, and India.

Once that finished the band played 2 worship songs for the crowd and then the sermon, Andy Stanley, whom I greatly respected as a sermon, spoke. He spoke for about 2 or 3 hours about the story of John the Baptist mixed up in the story with this family called the Herod family. It was about how they sent him into jail and how John the Baptist; the greatest man in the world (other than Jesus); lost faith in his own cousin Jesus. It was sort of a deep sermon that I enjoyed to listen to. Andy Stanley also mentioned a death of a woman named Rose who was 101 years old and has been going to NPCC ever since with her grand-daughters, great grand-daughters, and great great grand-daughters. It was pretty sad 😦 But Andy Stanley was able to make it happy.

Eventually it was time to go with my parents to host. The best part; I was actually able to volunteer this time because a woman was absent so I got to fill in her job. It felt good. But embarrassing at the same time because when I was giving the people the offering buckets (which was my job to do) the first 3 rows looked at me like “wtf is this kid doing?!” xD So when I finished hosting I listened to the same sermon over again and then the family left to home; taking a doughnut from the host area. 😛 When we got home in at least 10 mins the neighbors asked if we could come outside. So as usual we said yes and hung out with them outside. Mom left with Patricia and Anabelle to So Good to get some clothes and then to Discover Mill to get Matthew, my brother, a webkinz of his own.

Webkinz is pretty beast. Don’t get me started on it. 🙂 Around 3 o’clock everybody ended up on my property, especially, Douglas, Kerry, Thierry, Ashley, and Marvin. I made some corny jokes to crack up Ashley a bit, it worked successfully. The day went on and drama went on until it was getting dark so I came inside. We watched this new criminal/action TV show called Person of Interest or however it’s called. But yeah, we watched it, and it so far blew my mind. I mean the action is so amazing. I suggest you watch it! 🙂 But that was pretty much everything for today. I took a shower and then went to bed.

I Officially Hate Halloween

I am deeply sorry for not being able to post the past three days. I don’t know how to make it up to you. Or maybe I do. Since the past three days, it’s all been revolving on one thing. Halloween. I didn’t really enjoy it when I heard it was coming in a few days. I wanted to skip it for all I care. Until next day came, Nayyir said that he was able to come over for our Halloween party and trick-or-treat time. Boy how I was wrong. I was waiting at church for the moment (since time went directly to Sunday [Hallow’s Eve]). It felt so intriguing, and it I was so happy. Until it came to the last bad part. When everybody was dressed up, even though it was still sunny, I was waiting for Nayyir to come. But, it took awhile, so I decided to call him to see what was going on there. Turns out, Nayyir couldn’t come, because he decided to schedule a different party. Broke my heart. I brought my costume. Only one neighbor realized who I was. Which was fine by me, but Patricia’s friend and the rest of our neighbors weren’t patient, so I had to wait ti’ll everybody was done picking out candy from a house.

The worst turned when my costume broke. My guitar rope grip ripped so I wasn’t able to wear a guitar to show my true identity. 😦 Everybody was like: “Who’s he supposed to be?” and “Who would wear black to Halloween?”. I felt so pissed off. I decided to go to Simon’s house and pick the best candy and go home. Mom was worrying. But, I called my dad to let him know I was home. Turns out I got about 89 pieces of candy, and I didn’t even try getting candy. Picking out all the candy made me sick to my stomach. So, I just dumped it all out. Mom and dad and Patricia’s other nice friend came back. Most of them got more candy because they asked for more candy. I had to discuss with mom about my depression of things.

1. Nayyir wasn’t able to come over at all because he decided to schedule somewhere else.
2. Barely got candy.
3. Got sick of candy.
4. Patricia’s friend’s mom was actually interacting with my mom. I bet they’ll be friends in no time.
5. Patricia’s friend was happy.
6. People insulted my costume.

I was so emotional through the whole day. My mom explained I was going through a hormones stage, which felt really awkward for me, even though I do get really emotional and bitchy at times. The only good part about today was the fact that Patricia’s other nice friend told me Patricia’s friend was insulting Patricia and Patricia’s nice friend’s sister. I got happy that Patricia’s friend actually did something bad. I was only wondering whether our neighbors were still hunting. Oh and next day (which was yesterday) I got a stomach flu because of candy. Ew… not so good. I was about to vomit, but all that came out was a bad stomach and burps. Turns out since I ate candy and started burping constantly my stomach hurts. Now, the next thing was when I overheard that all county schools were being closed for Election Day, but not our school.

So, one of our neighbors insulted our school. And that’s all. I’m going to post tomorrow since I’m tired.