Donations, Girls, School, Lunch … AWESOME DAY!

Hey guys! Andrew here! As I promised from the last post, I said that I was going to present to you a new song or video I would like you to see. This video is actually not a song. Sort of. It’s a funny video with music included. It is called the Harlem Shake. A viral video that has stretched across Youtube and has become almost as huge as the shuffle from Party Rock Anthem. I have given you two of my favorite versions of the Harlem Shake. Boom!

The second one must require a Youtube account where you are 18+ or older. Unfortunately for youngsters, though I got to see it before it was flagged for 18+ or up. ๐Ÿ™‚

Okay now to the post!

A lot of crazy and great things happened today. To summarize it I don’t understand how, but I’ll try. Woke up, went to school … actually wait a minute. I did not actually go to the school by bus. I had to wake up early because I had to arrive at the school early to check my recent Common Assessment test I had taken and gotten 80%. Plus I could earn a couple of wings (special certificate prizes from our school) by helping the teachers! I always enjoyed being earlier than others. Not for competition purposes, but I like the school when it is not as busy. Anyway, I had to wake up early. Around 7 o’clock AM in the morning I believe. Then we left around 8 o’clock AM in the morning — where usually I left to school around 8:40-8:50 — and my Mom drove me to school! It was always awkward when she dropped me off at the car riders drop off because there were always SO many people on the bleachers where they sat waiting for classes to start and they would stare at everyone who would enter to entertain their bored minds. This time, I tried to act it a little cool, and act like I was paying attention to the ground or talking to my sister and not so much scanning the crowd. Then, when I got to the front of the room, where the usual security man sat in his chair typing on his computer, I dropped my backpack, took out my agenda, and then left the room like I didn’t care. I mean it wasn’t against anything and I assumed the security man was okay with it because he took a quick look at me and then looked back down. I went to my homeroom class through the building as I went up the 2 staircases up into the second level of the school and went to the “C” wing. Surprisingly it was sincerely empty. No one was in the hall. Better for me so I wouldn’t have to pass anybody and act awkward.

I went to my homeroom teacher, Mrs. Flowers, and got my Agenda signed, realizing also Cameron, a dark-skinned boy, was sitting in Mr. Iverson’s room. I had never seen him in this class. I had only seen him in Health. I gave him a quick “hi” and then went back with a signed agenda to pick up my stuff. Once I brought my stuff into homeroom class I waited around the building. Nothing much to do. I was specifically waiting for Mrs. Harris’s arrival. It took about 30 minutes for her to arrive. Then I picked up the test answers and form-sheets I needed, thanked her, and then made my way. I also helped my Math teacher out with seating just for randoms, then helped Mr. Dyches, my Science teacher, boost a rolling cart full of candies and sodas. I was already full from the breakfast I had back at the house and from the school, so I did not eye at it so thirstily or hungrily. Once that had come to past, the school bell rang which sounded the arrival of the school buses and everyone arrived in classes.

Georgia Studies was quite boring. We just went over our given electives that we had to choose for High School. We barely got to learn anything. Language Arts we took a quick review on The Giver. Math we went over what we learned yesterday about systems and ordered pairs with graphs. It was all relatively easy. Lunch was awesome, though. I had 3 waffles (was supposed to be 2 but I stole one from another plate :mrgreen:) and 3 huge chicken strips with syrup. Cinnamon apples sliced in pieces. And broccoli. Pretty unhealthy, but I wanted something good today! Lunch was also different because as I sat with the girls I was sitting on the other side of the table. I got to see more of the people I usually talked to, which was a lot more preferable. We had fun, and lots of things happened. Though I cannot stress over all details. I got syrup allover my pants, which made me look like I peed in my pants. I gave Courtney and Lucy a hug as they passed by, which caused a ray of questions from the girls around the table, asking if I was going out with either one of them. I got to talk with Mario, and old friend from last Summer. Talked with Avelyn and his friend. Gave Samantha’s boyfriend a pedophile face, which made me chuckle and laugh. A lot more things from now in just one lunch. Biggest thing of all: BRIANA WAS NOT THERE. Woop! Sorry. ๐Ÿ™‚

Once we returned from Math class we did our homework and I managed to finish the last problem as we were told to pack up our stuff. Science class was just as fun as Lunch, except with more less events. I earned a Mountain Dew and got to pass it around to others in the class who earned 85% or above in the classes. I got my friend Brian and Nathan to copy over my answers as I was doing vocabulary homework. Leondre, a girl who had never talked with me but hated me with a ย passion, actually talked to me while smiling actually and asked me to sneak a soda for her. As I sneaked it she gave me her thanks and laughed. It was a good time overall. We also got to go outside for Science for a little science experiment demonstration thingy. Lol. I stood next to my friend Gizelle (the person who hooked me up with Jessica) and her friend. Gosh, can’t remember her name. xD But anyway as I stood next to her, they started gossiping with me and asked if I wanted to ask Mackenzie to be my girlfriend. She’s pretty. Nice. I love her personality. Complete me. But I don’t want to get into another relationship after I was already in one. I like being single. So I told them “no” and “no” constantly. That continued for until we had to go back into the school building and go to our homerooms. Dropping off my Math book, I waited in line as usual and then left to my connections. P.E. was quite fun actually. I got ACTUAL donations from my friend Haven. Good guy. He gave me an actual $5 dollar. Rare. I know. But he gave it to me for donation of saving for my laptop. Avelyn promised me he was going to give me $20 and then a few of my other friends promised they would give me money. So it’s good so far. Mrs. Turner’s group had to play indoor soccer while the other class got to play outdoor sports or something. It was fun actually. I earned 3 goals for our team, which was nice!

Health was also pretty good. We did bellringers, which is something I dearly dread. Then we went on about learning hormones, private parts of the human body, how the reproductive system worked, and a little about circumcision. I’m a little bit scared now because they say UN circumcised people have a bigger chance of receiving diseases and STDs. Oh God help me! D: During Health class, though, I told Lucy how the girls thought she was my girlfriend after the hug and made a joke saying “Thank you”. She laughed, embarrassed. And then asked what I told them. I said no, of course. But then she said “would it be bad if you were my boyfriend?” and I answered that embarrassed and red cheeks. Trying to find words then she said “I wouldn’t think it would be bad”. At first I laughed at the sentence, but when the sentence actually sunk into my brain I felt completely flattered. 2 girls I could have a possible chance becoming my girlfriend. Including Paige from homeroom who has given me so many hints to ask her out, though I don’t find her quite interesting. Sorry. Then we left Health class afterwards and went to our buses as I talked casually to Mackenzie. We cussed as usual. Talking like boys. And her, ranting about how she did not need to know a single f#ck about private parts and how the body works inside us. Agreeing somewhat, I laughed. Then we separated our ways to the buses.

It was fun in the bus. I got to talk with another girl that liked me called Eladia. She gave me a Valentines chocolate for Valentines which was really sweet then her friend explained to me that she had a crush on me. So yeah. I’ve got the chicks it appears to be. Lol. Anyway, I went home, ate food, gave my progress report I received from Science and got my Dad to sign it. Then my Dad and I went over the common assessment test and now I feel like it is a LOT more clearer to me. Ready for the next one! Then I studied for about an hour and went on the computer for a few until Mom called us for Bible Time and we read the Bible. On an iPad.

Once that was done and we prayed we came to sleep. And now this has all led up to here. As I am writing to you. Hopefully you enjoyed this post! And have a great time wherever you are! Bye!



Hey guys! Andrew here! Bringing you an update of what’s to come. Hopefully more posting. For the new years resolution. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Reason why I’m not able to post as much now is because of homework/school-work and less amount of time. Plus my laptop is broken… ๐Ÿ˜ฆ So yeah, anyway to the point of this post.

I am about to reach 100k views or in other words 100,000 views on my blog. Took me 3 years to get to this goal, but it’s pretty friggin awesome if I must say so myself. How about this for a goal: Try to hit 150,000 views or 200,000 views before the end of the year. Which means I’ll have to work my butt off on this blog. So all you could do right now, if you are a follower of this blog, is to share my blog with friends. I don’t curse very much unless you count “crap” as a cuss word, but even then it’s mentioned very few of the times. Share my blog on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, etc. Anywhere! This’ll be my news year resolution once we hit 100k views, then we shall start! ๐Ÿ™‚ย 

Let’s do this!


Spending The Day Over At Michael’s House

I wouldn’t say this say was too interesting to read. But, if you insist, fine with me. I woke up around 5 in the morning. I didn’t really do much. I just stayed on my bed. I could realize from outside it was dark. So, I tried to fall back asleep. When I fell asleep, I knew I had somewhat a weird and awkward dream. I just couldn’t remember it. My mom woke me up and got us ready for church. I got ready, and went downstairs. I checked the computer for a few moments. I couldn’t post because I wasn’t allowed to do it near Sunday mornings. So, I checked quickly and noticed some comments and left for church. Our aunt came as well, so to make things interesting. The only thing irritating was that I wasn’t able to stay in the front seat in the car when my aunt was around. But, no problem. I got off late at church, and to make things better I had to drop Anabelle off at her class. Everybody knew me there just fine. I left and ran all the way to my class, once I got there, the band already got ready to play, just in time. I met first Jonathan (AKA, Abraham Lincoln, lol), and then saw Whiley, and this other person.

I couldn’t quite remember his name, but after that I got to see Michael. We got REAL close up to the stage. So, did Jonathon, Whiley, and his friend. While I was busy talking to Michael over the loud mikes, Jonathan was socializing with Whiley’s friend by trying to find the most loudest parts of the mike, and put their ears on it, and trust me, it was already loud enough up close stage, but putting my ears up on the mikes, I don’t think that’s a good idea. Lot’s of girls were right next to me, and I mean RIGHT next to me. There was also this other girl, I’m guessing she was 12, and she wanted to flirt with one of my classmates. My classmate, awkwardly walked away, the girl laughed because he was embarrassed to talk, and then turned her eye on me. I turned away, and talked to Michael. During the preaching, we learned these very complicated words that seemed very interesting: object permanence and egothenical thinking, or is that the right word?

During that, the preacher brought out this big stake and beef jerky, I was craving for the beef, but I haven’t tasted it, so anyways, when the guy put away the beef, some person behind me was poking my ass. Weird right? I turned, and it was that same exact girls laid eyes on me. I got really silent and could barely breath. So, before she could TRY doing it again, I sticked my middle finger up at her, but in a way so nobody could realize. And in time, she stopped. Finally, she got my message through the finger. Lol. After church, I asked Michael if I could hangover, his parents were okay, so I went with them. Their car always had a welcoming smell. I don’t know, it just happens… *awkward silence* anyways, when we got there, I got to meet Michael’s new dog, Rebel, since I haven’t been to their house in like almost two months. Michael and I went upstairs to play Mortal Kombat vs. Dc Universe, and Star Wars the Republicans. After that we caught a meal and took Rebel for a 10 min walk and got ready for Daniel’s soccer game (BTW, Daniel is Michael’s brother).

For some odd reason I was good luck for Daniel’s team. Daniel’s team was named Arsenals, and man, they got like 3 goals before half time. I tried some goals during half time and was brought over back at my house. I went to Simon and our base. We got 3 war plans prepared, and I did an assault test, to test my strategy. After that, I went inside and later on had to tolerate with quiet time. I’m serious, it’s getting really annoying.

I Love Unanamious Discusions

Well, this morning I woke up knowing it was Saturday. I guess the first weekend in the whole holiday. ๐Ÿ™‚ Anyways, I got through the process of waking up late enough. Too bad I couldn’t have slept through the whole morning. But, what happens is meant to be. Anyways, I had my breakfast and went to the computer. I started playing video games as well. But, before I could play the Wii I had to brush my teeth and take care of my bed. I finished brushing my teeth first, then, I took care of my bed. But, when I was done playing Guitar Hero 3 and 4 (world tour) I went upstairs, hoping that some good show was on TV. Though, it took a while for the show Victorious to show up.

Then, I decided to go and get active outside. But, my mom said sh said I had to clean my room. I asked Matthew to help but he tried to ignore what was suppsoed to be done. So, I HAD TO clean the room myself. Sometimes I really dislike Matthew (my brother). I finally came outside, only to find myself inside Simon’s house playing with the lego I gave him on his birthday while watching Napolean Dynamite. It’s a really funny show. Then we came outside to do some fossil hunting for Simon’s science project I guess. But, instead we were close to hitting a trench, from erosion I guess. I called it an expedition and Simon and I just said some complicated Science words and started cursing at each other. We agreed on almos every situation during the dig.

But, we decided to take a 5 minute break. Then, we came outside only to find my so-called friend SAVINO trying to find us. Wel, during that, I was still wondering when I was going to take care of our new clubhouse. I’ll give you a picture of it so you an result it. Well, then we got some tools I brought these carpenter SCIZZORS!!! It worked actually pretty well then expected. But, then Savino arrived in MY backyard with my neighbor Logan and found us. I wanted to kick his butt out of there, but he would’ve said he didn’t have to. So, I had to bring him along withour expeditio. Luckily, he helped us with the clb house.

Afterwards, we took another break, and we watched part of this movie. Patricia already hated it, so, Simon and I were forced to watch it upstairs. It was a movie about World War 2. I took it a little TOO ligtly. Until I figured out it was a rated R movie. It was showing people catching on fire and buring up, hearts oming out, legs ripped out bodies thrown allover the battle field and intestines coming out of there body. Savino later then came inside and got REALLY into the movie. Luckily, my mom said i coud watch it. I was thankul. Afterwards, I got too many mosquitoe bites and Poison Ivy marks, so, I deicded to quit work for today. Savino and Simon muttered some cause words, but I didn’t care, I just went up the Soccer Championship street. Too bad, Savino and Simon didn’t want to come. Not my problem.

Well, anyways, Douglas and Ever (Ever is Douglas’s cousin), Marvin, Terry, Kerry (they three are brothers) then me Ptricia and Matthew finally Simon and Savino joined. But, I wanted to revolt. Anyways, I was on Ever and Terry’s team. Luckily, I was only goalie. The other team only hit 3 or 4 times. My team hit 11 times. I only made one goal because I was mainly goalie. Then, we did a rematch and STILL won again. So, I was actually happy to have Simon and Savino’s butt kicked. Ever also congratulated me and agreed with my every move. I was happy as well. Then, he had to go home. Savio introduced he was going to Xaby’s with Simon which pissed me off because he said that only to make me angry. I wanted to kick his butt at the moment. But, I had to control myself. Anyways, finally I went home and did a long amount of Quiet Time and then fell asleep soothingly. Also, my eyes were scarcely open. But, okay. :mrgreen: