I Get An Amazing Score on Battlefield 2

Hey guys! Andrew here! Bringing you a new post of my daily life! Here’s the video/song of the day! The song is called Blue by Gemini. One of my favorite songs recently and I really enjoy the melody of it and get carried away easily into the song. So enjoy!

Okay, so today was really nice. Most of the school was pretty boring. Nothing too eventful occurred in school besides the quiz I took on Georgia Studies. I got a 93% on the quiz because I missed one question out of 14 questions. Otherwise, it was a really good grade. I took a Science quiz, also, but did not get the opportunity to finish it, so I said I’ll finish later. I also was given the opportunity to do a Section Review practice for extra points on the BIG test next week. So, I have something to do for the weekend, besides homework on other subjects.

When I came outside, Brian, Sarah, Erick, Marquel, Ascarett, Joanna, Patricia, and I were planning to do the same thing we did on Wednesday and hopefully it was going to go great. Unfortunately, Sarah had to leave with her uncle somewhere. I was also planning for Michael to come to my house, but unfortunately plans did not go so well, so we could only have Sebastian over for about an hour. When I was outside and my Mom mentioned that she was going to text Sebastian’s Mom to see if he could come out, I told Brian, Erick, and Marquel that I needed to wait for Sebastian. Assuming that my Mom already texted Sebastian’s Mom and that they were coming within minutes. Unfortunately, Brian, Erick, and Marquel did not want to wait for me, especially for someone they did not know and decided to leave me. I was kind of heart-broken there. I did not feel special to my friends. 😦

I went inside and ate potatoes and chicken while I ranted all of my angers and frustrations about my friends to my parents. Then I went to play Battlefield 2. Crazy thing, was that Sebastian, after all, was not coming because he was going to someone else’s house. Gee, thanks a lot. I felt too embarrassed to go back to Brian and the rest, so I continued to playing Battlefield 2. Within minutes in the game, my sister, Patricia, entered the house asking if I was ready.

Confused, I said, “Nobody is waiting for me.”

She explained to me that everyone was waiting for me, which put a big happy smile on my face. I turned off the TV, ran outside, and gave hugs to my friends excitedly. It was fun afterwards. We went in Joanna’s backyard and traveled through the forest until Marquel started to get scared and Joanna and Ascarett said that they saw Rednecks in the forest and said they were going to shoot them. Crazy enough, Patricia and I had been in this forest numerous amounts of times. We had not seen, once, a Redneck or any other human being near the forest. Erick, then, announced he was going to the convenience store to buy us Takis. He came back with about 7 takis. Each of everyone in the group got to have one Taki. It was kind of hard to explain why Patricia and I had our own Taki bags to our parents. Lol.

I started to finish my time on Battlefield 2 and my last match lasted around 30+ minutes. I got an AMAZING game score of 84-45. 84 represented the kills. 45 represented the deaths. Despite the deaths, I got a really good kill. Either way the K/D ratio was good. If I wouldn’t have to spawn at the back of the map so much, I probably would have gotten a 100+ gameplay. I was really proud of myself. I used an LKM LMG gun I believe. I’ll try to look up the gun once I play it tomorrow. The reason I was using an LMG in the game rather than my sneaky ninja Engineer class, was because I wanted to level up my Medic classes so I could get the defibrillator which revived people that were dead and would help me a lot. Turns out I got the defibrillator AND also leveled myself 3 times. Amazing. Great. Awesome! 🙂 Everything has led up to this point in time!

Enjoy your time wherever you are! Bye!



Hey guys! Andrew here! Just doing a short post of the fact that the weekend is coming up. Woo. xD I’m hoping I’ll have a good weekend of playing Battlefield 2 and Minecraft. And hopefully making some friends and hanging out with Brian. And then kissing Taylor Swift (just for the lawls). And then becoming the world’s greatest stunt man in the world. And then getting my blog to 1 million hits in total. And then meeting Jeff Corin. And then write to you guys as I please. Oh yeah, and hopefully work on reading the second book of the “Last Inheritance” series called “Eldest”. I’ll see you guys later. 😉

Enjoy your time wherever you are! Bye!

Twisted Ankle, But An Awesome Day!

Hey guys, Andrew here, bringing you another post of my daily life. I don’t want to say I’m completely back with the posts because whenever I say that I somehow manage to NOT be able to post. If I continue to post for another two weeks, then I’ll know we’re back in business. 😉 I was not able to get any pictures of the cookies I talked about in the last post, but I’ll try my best to do so. I should be offering some cookies and treats to my church mates, so that would pretty awesome. Anyway, back to the day.

Today seemed pretty interesting. A lot of things had happened. The majority of them were good and a portion of them were bad. I woke up, still thinking about the RYAP test assignment I had to have done (which I still have NOT done cause I can’t seem to get to it!), so I was immediately downed by the morning. So I went back to sleep, knowing there was not much things to be done. I slept for another hour or so and woke up feeling somewhat grouchy. I did not realize this until I walked downstairs, finding no milk in the refrigerator for the cereal and grunting very loud. My father said:

“What’s wrong with you? You sound like you just got slapped or something!”

And I was like: “I just woke up.”


“I don’t know why, I’m just grouchy, sorry.”

And that’s how it went, or that’s how I faintly remember how it went. So I found some milk in the alternative refrigerator in the garage (we still have to move it. Lol.) and poured myself some milk with some nice animal crackers. God, you can’t go wrong with eating dem animal crackers. They are so good when dipped in milk and eaten like cereal with a spoon. I dare whoever is reading this to try it out. It should be worth your time. So as the day passed and the house was being cleaned by the Paladie family (which is my family [my last name is Paladie]), I found myself extremely bored. Eventually during the morning my brother had found out a way to get my mother to allow us to play video games before 12:00 PM, which usually is forbidden, unless we cleaned up our room. So Matthew got to play some Black Ops on the PS3 because he had already cleaned up the majority of the room including his bed. All that was left was my bed. So I cleaned it and afterwards I waited for my brother’s turn on the PS3 to end. My mother had sent me outside to go enjoy the nice air in which I yes and no. I do enjoy our new backyard. Plus the trees in the backyard are nice and long. You could see the high-way that leads to our neighborhood because the backyard trees are right on the fence that borders the high-way line.

I tried practicing on my monkey-parkour skills by doing a sort of monkey bar climb on this fence thing.. God .. I don’t know what to call it. But yeah, I did that for a little bit and my hands already began burning painfully from the wood pressuring against my skin. Reason behind it was because I hadn’t practiced climbing in mid-air when the only thing holding you up is your fore-arm muscles and hands. So to get a little more practice with less pain, I climbed the backyard trees and relaxed in them. I found a position that allowed me to lay my back against one of the main tree branches and then have my feet rest against the supporting branches. I stood there for almost half an hour, staring at the numerous amounts of heterogeneous cars passing the high-way. I could actually think my mind out a little bit, which was good.

Soon enough I became bored of just staring at the occupied streets for awhile and plus my legs could not support me any more, as they were getting tired as well. So I climbed down in a quick jump and had expected my game time to come up next. My assumption was correct. I played some Black Ops Online Multiplayer because I was slowly getting sick and tired of Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) constantly forcing me into an all out rage mode, in which I yelled at everyone around me that talked. Yes, I rage. We all do. Lol.

Once my time was up my mother had forced me to stay outside the whole day. I wanted to have my friend John Alexander come over but unfortunately he did answer my texts. So instead my mother convinced me of going to our neighbor, Sarah, a 14 year old teenager who went to the same middle school in the area (which was the one I’m going to), and ask her how was the school like. I was hesitant at first. Reason why: her two friends were over and were doing pose pictures (like the sluts on Facebook), and I did not find myself easy to talk to girls, especially in groups, unless I was in a really good, confident mood or if I knew them very well. So therefore, it took a lot of time for me to have the balls to do it. Most of the time I just tried to stay with my sister, Patricia, and act like I was doing something. Eventually, I became bored, and Sarah and her friends already went inside, therefore I did. When I went back inside, my mother demanded an explanation from me about why I did not talk to the girls. I said they went home, which proved to be a good explanation. But my mother said once the girls come back out I had to go make conversation.

At this point, I’m really annoyed with my mother. It’s only the first month we’ve been in this house. Not even a full month. She expects us to make conversation with ANYONE our age here in the area, which is only Sarah, so far. I mean, c’mon, give me a break! Let me settle into the house and relax. I wanted to tell my mother, but I assumed she would slap me into the next neighboring country of the USA. So I kept my mouth shut and stayed in my room. Eventually, my sister invited me into her room and we watched a little Wassabi Productions on Youtube. They always seemed to entertain me. As my sister and I laughed, we did not realize that girls were not coming back out. So we became suspicious. Eventually, my little brother, Matthew, actually had the balls to go and knock on the girls’ door and ask for them outside. They said later, and they meant it. In return when my mother asked again if I had done her task, I said no and lied that they were not coming back outside. In return, my mother yelled at my sister and I and told us we were both grounded. I was so frustrated then because it was so stupid how my mother HAD to worry about my socializing with other people. I have PLENTY of people to talk to. If I want to talk to someone I’ll do it. Gosh.

Eventually, later on, the girls came out and I began discussion. It was hard to start especially with her friends immediately looking at me when I spoke. But then Sarah was nice and she replied back to my question about me going to public school and what it was all about. What made it even better was the fact that the other girls chipped in and told me that the teachers were basically “b*tches and evil people”. Lol. As the discussion stretched so did the easiness of the conversation. It was so easy to talk to them. It was like I was already their friends, but I knew that once I saw them again it would probably be awkward again. Eventually we had fun watching some Youtube videos like Wassabi Productions and anything else that me and Patricia found entertaining. Once that was done my sister and I decided to take a walk. It was still around 4:00 PM. The sun was in the middle of the sky, so it was about mid-day. But instead of walking, my sister and I just then decided that we were going to take a tour around this new forest she said she saw and it was long. So we lied to my mother and father about the walk and pretended to walk past the houses that caused us to be out of father’s sight. We turned our heads around and peaked back at my parents house. My father was STILL loading things in the car into the garage. So in the right times and moments I signaled when was the right time for my sister and I to move toward a bush to conceal ourselves and get closer to our objective.

Soon enough, we passed to the forest without being seen and took a nice walk toward it. The landscape was amazing. There were even some slanted hills that appeared to be used for a paintball/airsoft war. As my sister and I walked we found a cool, mystical-like arch way as we made our way deeper into the forest. We passed by it with wow. Eventually we passed by many buildings bordering the forest and found as well a tall, cement wall that separated a house on a hill with the forest. It seemed impossible to climb, unless you were a giant. As my sister delved deeper into the forest, my sister began to worry and say we were not going to make it back. Staying positive, I told my sister we just had to go back in a straight-line and we would find our way. On our path into the forest, my sister and I came across a huge tree that had fallen ontop of a standing tree. It looked like one of those trees that were climbable if you clawed your way up. I tested it first because my sister was afraid. Without fear I continued forward until I felt that the tree could not hold me if I continued further. I invited my sister up the tree and we both relaxed our backs until we felt we could balance no longer on the tree. So my sister slid down with ease, since she was pretty close to the ground. Unfortunately I slid down and had accidentally fallen in a wrong position.

As I slid down the tree and then jumped off the side, I did not realize that there was a jagged root on the floor. Unfortunately, I stepped on it and my foot twisted in shock. My ankle was numb and in pain. My sister had widened her eyes, but I told her coolly, trying to pull of the “no-emotion” look:

“It’s fine, I just tripped. Let me relax my foot.”

And I did. For only about 5 minutes I relaxed my foot until the pain had lessened and calmed. It was still painful, but it was not too bad. It was ironic, though. I had given myself a BAD bruise (by jumping on accident into the edge of a brick wall) on my knee and then I twisted my ankle on the same leg. If I had my hip twisted, trust me, I would not be able to walk with my left leg. Fortunately, my left leg was my strongest leg. So I was able to push on forward.

Eventually, we climbed too far into the forest. How did we know? Because we could only see forest for miles. Luckily, my optimism saved us, and we went back in a straight line. How we knew we were going the right way? Because we passed by the same tree I fell off of and twisted my ankle. My ankle was sort of almost weak and I could have dragged it instead of going through the pain of using all my muscles properly to move it, but I was taught by my father that every time there was a muscle injury on your body you had to work on it in the proper way until it did not hurt anymore. It was worth it. My sister and I came back to the house, safely, besides the thorns that scratched across our legs on the way through the forest. My sister and I decided to go inside and relax. We watched some Two and a Half-Men, which was a first for us because our parents (mostly my mother) did not approve of that show. Though I always found it funny with its crude sexual humor. Once that was done, immediately afterwards, my father’s cell phone had started ringing. He did not know the phone number and had a strange “Who is this?” tone. Immediately I was interested in who was calling. Turns out my sister, Patricia, had signed up for a modeling audition and was given the information for her area. A little shocked, excited, and revolted, I gawked and was surprised.

My sister told me the reason she was doing it was because she could make a little extra money. The thought sunk into my head for awhile, until it was surprised with another thought. My parents were leaving the house for three hours. Which immediately meant, more available play time. I played some Guitar Hero 3 and then a little bit of Black Ops. Then my brother and I went to sleep. I also tested on the computer in the office room and found out it could play Minecraft on a decent frame rate. This time, instead of sleeping in my usual room, my brother and I slept in the basement for fun. It was comfortable plus I had the Wii downstairs to myself just encase I wanted it. I did not in the future, but it was an amazing, comfortable sleep time in the basement.

That was pretty much my Saturday. I think today was long and interesting, so if you got THIS far, then kudos to you. You are an awesome person and I thank you for it. Have a great day wherever you are! Bye!


A Pretty Bad/Good Start of the Weekend

That feeling that you get in your heart. That warm, fuzzy, comfy feeling that you get in your stomach. That’s the feeling of the upcoming weekend. 🙂

Yes, as you have heard if you actually LIVE on Planet Earth it is the weekend and if you live in the USA and are reading this post, you KNOW that the weekend is the sure sign of NO school. It would be almost a sin to put school on the weekends because it is our only source of break from the hard week. Unfortunately I’m not feeling as comfortable as I should be feeling. The reason why is because of my RYAP. I’m apparently failing in it again. Now if you are a new reader to my blog and you just read that sentence don’t think automatically that I’m a bad student. I am actually a very well rounded student despite my C in Social Studies and B in ELA. But trust me, before I had ALL A’s. Ain’t that the past. :/ But the reason for my failing is due to the fact that my RYAP is retarded. Yes, I said it, retarded. It was specifically assigned to me or I assigned myself to RYAP because it was said to be designed to prepare yourself for high-schools. When in fact it has done the exact opposite. I have NOT been learning at all. They just ask questions like: “Are you feeling comfortable with your working space?”, “Are you stressed?” “What is the brain called when it thinks about reading”, and more things to come.

The only thing I’ve REALLY studied about high-school and have learned about was when the teachers were asked a question from one of the students asking about how they are nervous about high-school and the teachers said: “It’s just like moving to middle-school when you were in elementary school, it’s not that bad.” And that was it for anything referring to high-school. Plus I seriously think my RYAP teacher hates me. She has given me three letters telling me I’m failing RYAP because I CAN’T catch up with the given schedule in school. Plus the recent assignment she has given me was not even mentioned in the daily newsletter. How was I supposed to know about that? Anyway, let’s drop my rants for a little bit, as I know they get annoying/irritating from time to time. Let’s go back to my Friday day.

I woke up, rather stressed. I still had the failed RYAP test in my mind. Recently I’ve been depressed because of my screwed up grades this year. Since I want to go to the big universities/colleges like Harvard and Georgia Tech, I seriously get depressed or worried when I fail at something, which does not happen to me on a usual basis. Well, Bill Gates was failing in Middle School but he came back in high school and became one of the richest people in the world, making the greatest invention in computer life: Microsoft. Plus, my mother has told me universities don’t look at middle-school and elementary grades. They really look at High-School grades, which means I REALLY need to focus on my school then. By the time, though, I am in high-school I’ll be going to a real high-school. New experience I guess.

Thinking about the RYAP test still makes me moody and unhappy. I rather change topics than rather talk about it now. So anyway, it was a normal school day. There were no classes today, on Friday, cause on Fridays apparently the school decides not to host any classes which I believe is sort of random and weird, but whatever. The teachers know better, what do I know? I know what somnambulism and I know Newton’s First Law of motion or something, I don’t know specifically. 😛

There was not so much special school assignments or school work. Just average work. I do find Fridays as a lazy day because most of the time my school decides to give me just three or four subjects, which is friggin awesome! Since I did not accomplish so many subjects, sort of skipped through them, and did not feel as rounded up in my brain, I decided to catch up on my Latin. Oh yes, I forgot to mention to you guys I attend Latin now. But it’s now not going to be worth the while since I’m leaving half way from the school. I’m sort of “HAPPY” and “SAD”. Happy for the fact that now I feel like Nayyir or SOMEBODY has spread some sort of bad rumor about me (I think it’s the barrels :O) and now whenever I speak on the microphone and finish the room goes completely silent and like one or two people applaud which is very awkward but satisfying for me. Though I do have to admit that I did receive a welcoming applause from almost the whole audience in class. Don’t know why everyone decided to applaud but they did.

Going completely off topic here, but I’m gonna rant a little bit more in school. You might not know the people who participate in school very much and their bio and whatnot, but I’ll explain. The usual, average people that participate on the microphone are Anna Rappaport, Ian Cooper (I think that was his last name), Isaiah Wilkins (I think that was his last name), and plenty more, including me. Now let me tell you something about these people, apparently the school has started this weird, popular trend about who’s the best microphone speaker and apparently Ian Cooper is like the #1 speaker and everybody LOVES listening to him. He most of the time gets like 20+ applauds from the whole classroom. I don’t want to say I’m jealous, but seriously now, he talks normally just like everyone else, except with a little more of a chilled voice and with a faster pace. I don’t understand why he’s so hip and pop! xD I don’t want to start with his looks though, cause I would sound like a person who would judge which I am .. and I am NOT. It’s a weird mix between the two. I’m just gonna leave it where it is. Now Anna on the other hand she is probably the smartest person I know. Fastest reader, smart brain, is always participating in every situation, is confident, and is Asian. Lol. Just wanted to throw the last part out there. But yes, she is smart. We used to be friends back in 7th grade, but now there’s been a completely different tone of attitude and confidence. Maybe she’s hitting her period right now? Dunno. But I think she hates me.

Literally, one time I was about to come up to speak on the microphone and we were in Mrs. Bey’s classroom (my ELA [language arts] teacher) and Anna at the same time had the moderator privileges which were like the big “teacher” powers entrusted into the good people. So as I got on the microphone and spoke about two minutes of boring paragraphs I get off the microphone and apparently I see like 30+ confused faces and I start feeling the same way too! What did I do? I’m thinking. Then Anna gets on the microphone and says:

“I think your microphone is messed up–” and then she broke off into this sort of chuckle or laugh and pulled of the microphone.

I think she finds me as weak or something, which IS sort of true cause she is apparently #5 in the world’s lethal weapons training, so if we were to meet she’d probably kick my butt off the face of the Earth. But don’t worry my bros, Andrew’s ninja skills will prevail! 😀

Okay now that I’ve ranted about two to three paragraphs of worthless ranting text, I’ll get back to the day. So as the school continued and I sort of skipped through most of them I found that I was learning a completely NEW set of Latin words (continuing onto me doing Latin). I think I had like 15 words to memorize and I was like FORGET THAT! I just noted them all down, wrote their pronounciation, and then wrote their definition. Done. After school was sort of over my parents had decided to leave and buy a rug for the new living room in the house, so I got like 1 to 2 hours of gaming time. It was pretty awesome. Played some MW3 and relaxed a bit. Once they got back home I helped my father load the rug in and surprisingly they also bought a mattress for the eldest sister, Patricia. Apparently she had been sleeping on a hard-mattress so they needed to spend their money on the mattress. Once that was done the day proceeded on. I’m not going to mention too much of what happened except the major important parts.

Later on I decided to watch Twilight with my sisters and mother jut for the heck of it. Then I took a shower, my mother made us about 40 chocolate peanut butter Ritz cookies along with some chocolate balls. No racist. Lol. I need to take a picture I’m serious! Then eventually near the end of the day as I was playing a little bit more on my PS3 I had received some bad news but had a good thing happen to me. My friend Sebastian and a few of his family members were going to come over during Saturday (which was the event I was looking forward to the most). Sebastian’s mother was going to make some cookies with my mother as a early-Christmas treat, Sebastian, Matthew, and I would play video games nonstop, and my sisters and Sebastian’s sister Sophie would play together. Unfortunately Sebastian’s mother called and said it would have to be cancelled abruptly. It put me in a bummer mood, but easily I was alleviated from the moody mood by joining a Black Ops Nuketown Domination game. It was complete madness. I got my first 50+ gameplay. I was so happy after that.

So yeah, weird start to the week, and sorry for the late post. Gotta get to my life, you know. xD See you guys later, wherever you are, have a great time and enjoy your day/night. Bye!


Pretty Interesting, Yet Boring, But Busy Day

I felt like since I haven’t posted as much and I am receiving a great deal of views I thought it best to talk about my day and as it progressed.

Most of it was mainly occupied with school. But I had a great sleep last night. I’m actually enjoying the new house, I don’t know when (when I get my room ACTUALLY cleaned up), but I’m bound to post some pictures of my house. And I’ll have to start putting updates on my “About” pages and stuff like that. But otherwise, school occupied the majority of my day. I kind of skipped over subjects, though, today. Did not really study them cause I was a bit drawn into seeing a few Youtube videos. I am, without a doubt, pretty addictive to Youtube. Just can’t stop watching gameplays. Eventually, though, I’ll have to stop viewing Youtube until the weekends, or at LEAST near the end of the day when I’m done with school.

I did feel good about myself, though, about the fact that I did my PRACTICE “Mock Writing Test” and it took altogether 30 minutes for me to write about 4-5 long paragraphs on an actual sheet of paper about a randomly generated topic/subject the teacher assigned to us. We were supposed to be writing about how yearbooks were being removed from our ideal school because they were too expensive, seemed unimportant, etc. So I decided to go full on with it. First we did like 20-15 minutes of brainstorming about the topic, basically writing down or jotting down ideas of what we were going to write for each of our paragraphs and how the introduction and conclusion was going to start or end the ideas. I felt that I did very well, though. I wrote about 3 LONG paragraphs mainly talking about how to “reduce” the price of the yearbooks by minimizing the amount of space that most yearbooks have of empty space and their unnecessary expensive texture in the books. And especially when the government could put some tax cuts on the yearbooks. Then I wrote another paragraph about how yearbooks are importantly vital to students. After that, I wrote a paragraph about how the students benefit educationally from the yearbooks, then furthermore there was the conclusion. Ya-da-ya-da-da.

So after having a great boost jump in my morning I was easily put down for a few hours when I got into a random fight with my parents because I had NOT had breakfast at all, so I decided to pick a few cereal pieces from the bags as my was cooking pizza (it was 12:00-1:00). Apparently, parents do not approve at all of this act, which I was taken aback by. So as the five minute argument proceeded eventually my father just yelled me out ferociously (something he wouldn’t do) and called me a baby for not having the capability for making my own sandwich. Groovy, eh?

School proceeded, skipped over a few subjects, but decided to focus primarily on some Math. I got 88% out of 100% on a Math Mid-Unit Assessment (which is basically the mid-test for the big test that tests how much you’ve learned over the unit), which means I missed one question out of I believe 10 or 12 questions. Dunno, but I felt pretty good cause I had no review and was in no shape or mind to be getting any 100% grades. I had already done that yesterday on Study Island. Just for the lawls, though, I decided to attend a GML Study Island Class and see if I could learn anything from people’s mistakes. Unfortunately, most of the time I try to attend GML classes I’m always found bored and not learning from anybody else’s mistakes, so I thought this was probably going to be a waste of my time. Surprisingly enough, I found myself actually reviewing over Scientific Notation because a student named Maliah or something like that was struggling with it. I do have to agree with her, though. That topic was pretty hard on me and I found it pretty difficult. So hey! Learned something new from GML today, pretty interesting…

After that I decided to practice on my Fender guitar and started to mess around a bit with the guitar chords and tune it a little differently than from standard tuning. I, amazingly, made the guitar sound sort of like a hard-core rock/metal sound. I guess I could describe it as being a sort of Linkin Park sound or Breaking Benjamin. Can’t think of any other rock-core bands since ALL I’ve been listening to is Dubstep. God that music is the stuff. I can head-bang to almost every song in the Dubstep category because I’m that kind of person that likes intense, in your face music. I do get a little tired of it sometimes and listen to some classic Romanian, Spanish, or piano music. But let’s not get to sidetracked from the topic. Back to day. 😛

After I practiced and played a few songs such as Crazy Train from Ozzy Osbourne, Smells Like Teen Spirit from Nirvana, and All the Small Things from Blink 182 (best rock song I’ve heard in awhile, but Linkin Park is still one of my most favorite bands in the world), I continued with school, did a Study Island (averaged with an 88 or 87% grade, wasn’t in the mood, like I said), and finished most of my subjects. Though, during the middle of the day, as the sun shone brightly, my parents left the house for about two hours. And what that means is vital for you to know: two hours of gaming time! XD Yes, like the naught person I am, I DID game for about two hours. Unfortunately most of the time was spent raging at stupid campers and shotgun noobs. God, thinking of them now strains my forehead veins. Lol.

Once I had finished that, I decided to just do a few subjects with Anabelle and Matthew, which none of them I really did properly with because I was too busy playing video games (yes, my parents did leave the house again for another few hours). But I do have to say, I learn some nice things from teaching Matthew and Anabelle things I was not able to be taught at their age (mainly cause I was learning the complicated stuff like biology and just drew, because back then I was REALLY home-schooled. This home-schooled is COMPLETELY different). I took a shower after that and did a few naughty things in the shower I must not confess to my blog. Seeing as there are other people who read this and may get offended. Pfft. xD Just joking, I just washed my man genitals. 😀

After that, my siblings were nice enough to clean the house up.

Now that is all for today, I must finish my Reading assignment which I always accomplish late at night. Reading “To Kill a Mockingbird” and about 4 chapters I believe. I think I’m going to finish tonight, dunno guys. Anyway, see ya, have a great time wherever you are, and yeah, bye! 🙂