Crazy F*cking Day!

Hey guys, Andrew here. I’m just going to talk about what happened when I slept just after I posted my long post on Friday. I hope you check that post out, it describes a lot of what has been happening lately, and plus it’s pretty long and crazy, so please take the time to read it at least. 🙂

So after I slept on Friday night when I finished posting on my blog, I went on Skype. I also noticed my battery was low on the computer, so I knew I was bound to be getting off soon. Once I logged on, I instantly saw King online. Surprised, because he’s not usually on this late, especially when nobody else was online, I wrote to him.

“What are you doing online so late?” I typed.

“It’s not a school day tomorrow, so I don’t have to sleep now,” he replied.

After those two sentences were just pours of random talk, rants, and a few good jokes, but soon enough I had to say bye and turn off my computer. I went to sleep after that, seeing that it was 11 PM at night. So I tucked myself to bed, relaxing on my stack of two pillows that I had now taken a fancying in sleeping with. I woke up, thinking I had only slept a short amount of time. I didn’t remember any dreams, so there is nothing I can tell you about what happened when I slept, but I woke up, turned on my laptop to see what time it was, and saw it was only just 2 AM in the morning.

It was also pitch-black dark in the room when I had turned off my bright computer light. At that moment, when I was sleeping in the darkness, I thought about Paranormal Activity 4 (the new paranormal activity movie coming out) and about that tall freaky girl that just pops up and stands there (if you watch the paranormal activity movies you would understand me). Once that thought stuck into my head, I was scared. Shoving my face into my pillow so I wouldn’t get the tendency to look around the room 24/7. But I felt like someone was in the room, watching me. It was a very creepy feeling that immediately I gave up and turned on my desk light on. The light brightening the room by a large amount, I was able to relax myself.

It was not too long till I fell asleep with the light on since I was so freaking tired. I think I got 4 or 5 hour sleep afterwards and then I woke up to eat breakfast. There was no school today, so I felt I could do something crazy or fun today. You know? Make the best of my day. But before I would start any of that, I’d usually check Youtube on my favorite channels such as “The Syndicate Project”, “SlyFoxHound”, “Whiteboy7thst”, “WoodysGamertag”, and much more! Once I had finished watching there recent videos which would take an hour or a half, depending on if they had livestreamed their videos.

When I was in the middle of watching Syndicate’s latest episode from his series “Syndicate’s Race to Prestige”, I heard the doorbell ring. Too lazy, I told Matthew to open the door to see who it was, in which he did it gladly. Once he opened the door, he went back to me in a split-second telling me it was Christian. Ugh, I did not want to spend time with Christian. He is an old friend (he is not anymore), but he seriously annoys me because the only thing he asks me is if he can come outside or if he could come inside. Now, the only thing that would happen if I would come outside with is: he would probably just beg me to leave the neighborhood with him and go to his neighborhood; he would ask if we could go inside my friend’s houses which was already a waste of time, and finally, he would probably lie about something cool he found somewhere just to get myself to go where he wanted to go. That’s all he would want me to do outside. I said no to him, and especially when he asked to come inside. But instead, this time, he asked for a water bottle because he was tired from the trip to his house to my house (which was pretty far). I did give him a water bottle as he asked though, I’m not going to let him go home thirsty cause I am that selfish. Though what really annoyed me was that he came inside the house while I was filling up some water in the water bottle. He just walked into the kitchen, took it, and then left. Surprised, I went to go rant about this to my sister and returned back to my video watching.

After a collection of videos being watched, I went outside and went to Savino’s house. I did sort of beg to come inside, no, it was more negotiating than begging, but yes, in the end I came inside. Once I came inside, Zack, his dog invited me himself by licking my face. Smiling and laughing, I went upstairs with Savino, seeing his man cave. Now if you don’t know what a man cave is, I’ll explain. It’s basically a man’s (and sometimes a woman’s) room being clustered with technology equipment arranged in a fancy way so that it appears that you could live in it ALL day. Savino had a nice man cave.  I complimented him. He had a nice 2 gigs of RAM laptop that could run Minecraft without lag (and yet we have 3 gigs of RAM on our computer, but it can barely handle Minecraft), and an average sized TV where he played his PlayStation 3. It was all neatly placed, almost professionally. He also had a way to place King (cause he was video chatting with him) in the corner of the computer while he played Minecraft, which was soo cool.

But soon enough, I left the house with Savino, bored of what I was doing. We went to hang out outside, but it wasn’t as fun, honestly. We went back inside after a small amount of an hour or so.

Once that happened, I went to go look at some more videos on Youtube, lol. I watched PewDiePie this time, seeing as I have not checked out his channel in awhile. He records and publishes scary video games such as Slender, Paranormal, Contagion, and more things to come. The reason why this guy is worth watching is because he is so funny and he’s got an accent to it, so I guess that’s a plus. 😛

He played a new map of Slender called Hospice, which is kind of a funny word if you say it to your friends aloud. “Hospice”. Lol. But yeah, I watched it, and it was as scary as the other slender maps. Though I think that Sanatorium is the scariest map from Slender, cause in that one, when you see Slender and back away and fly into a corridor and look back, just wait and he’ll slide in your direction in such a freaky way! Though I can’t play even the standard version of Slender cause my computer can’t handle it. All the Slender maps are free anyway.

Once I finished watching, King gave me a call, saying he wanted me to come outside. I did, seeing as I wanted to do something instead of watching all night. I came outside, telling him of some of the funny, but crude jokes that were in the videos I watched. We both laughed at them, thinking it was extremely funny. We kept walking and I just felt like being crazy today, so I did. I made this new thing up called the Turtle Spin which basically meant that you would place your back on a thin surface, which I found as an example as the big power outlets this one guy had in his yard, and spin like a turtle that can’t get up. It was pretty funny but pretty stupid, but it was all in fun. 😀

We continued to have more fun afterwards, passing the football, and eventually when Matthew arrived we played a little of a football game. Then Savino came over, and we played a fine football game in which I got tired already from it. Then Patricia came over, and then Nicholas lastly came. We had loads of fun, but I had to sit back and relax and watch the show cause I was so tired. Eventually these two teenagers passed by us, as I could recognize one of them, but I dare not try to spell out her name. 😛

She recognized me too, as her teenage friend stuck her face into the phone the whole time they walked passed us. We continued having fun afterwards, and from there it became a crazy day. And I loved it. I can’t explain all the details, cause this post is already becoming too long, but I’ll just leave it there. It was pretty crazy. Though what I’m not looking forward to is the fact that instead of going to our morning church we are going to Gwinnet church. I think there are two ts in the end, but you get my point. I hate that place. They just treat me like trash. It just bugs me, I said I’ll let us go and not slow the family down just because ‘I’ don’t like the place, but I did explain very clearly to my parents I did not want go. Unfortunately I do, so I’ll just have to look at the bright side. :/ Hopefully it all goes well.


The Awkwardest School Day This 2nd Semester

Well, jigs up, I have no idea whether I can tell if this day was normal or not. But, don’t worry, this is not the kind of awkward days when I start talking to someone and they say something weird (or probably unorthodox, if I should add that) and then everything would sound so awkward. Nah, this is one of the averagely awkward days. You know? Well, I’ll explain. I had this dream I was in the middle of an icy cold lake and that it started making these awful crack noises only dense glass would make. Than when the ice broke, which I wondered how dumb was I to not realize that freaking loud cracks meant I was going to sink? I catapulted down 60 feet. Which immediately made my skin start to rustle and than I could hear my rib cage cracking, but eventually my lungs started to puff up, and it went into a complete explosion. I drowned down the deep floor, and eventually after a bunch of piranhas started bitting and tearing my skin to shreds, the dream ended. Awkward, anyways, it was a Monday day, so I put on some clothes and went directly into my CCS.

Only that there weren’t any today, so I felt embarrassed to myself. I had to a write another essay on Russia and it’s Cold War, and then eventually I took my lesson, and called my friend Simon, he constantly had to remind me that the Cold War wasn’t about people fighting, and that it was about really the economies hating towards each other, and bunch of other stuff. So, after I took my essay, I streamed to Pre-Algebra, and had to work about 6 sheets of paper on Math. It was awkwardly boring, and yet embarrassing that I had to take that much work. I grabbed a lemonade drink, and scooped it all up in my mouth like tomorrow’s breakfast. My Literature was starting to get more and more important by the minute, along with the fact that during the weekend I had to read a book called “Thank ya m’a’m.” Which no sounded a little weird, because I was supposed to be off school during the weekend. Nothing really exciting happened throughout the day. It was all like bla, and I was bored. I went outside to get some fresh air, and eventually grabbed another lemonade can.

Nothing happened, I plopped myself on my bed, and read Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire until I got about 106 pages through the book. I think I have about 136 pages left now. I don’t know, I just know that I’m right now waiting so enthusiastically to get on with the book, and see what happens on the Third Task of the Triwizard Tournament. I’m starting to love Cedric Diggory’s attitude, and am getting angrier and angrier at Fleur Delacour. It’s just that her ambition along with her arrogance just makes me so mad, and along with Viktor Krum. I don’t get the man, and plus, he pronounces Hermione’s name wrong. Now, besides the fact that Mr. Crouch (another character in the story) dazed Krum, which made me laugh awfully, I don’t see any interest in him. Plus, I think he needs to get a life, and Harry is getting more annoying by the minute entering Divination class. I think the Professor Trelawncy, or however you spell her name, is getting more distasteful as she was last time in the Prisoner of Azkaban.

Afterwards, the rest of school became boring, and I became as random as thought. Though, FrontierVille is still helping a lot. I think I’m going to put some more wishes on my wish list for it. Haven’t figured it out yet. But, the only thing interesting at all today were these 4 cop cars zooming in around our sub-division, and all they’d do is just wave at me (cause they noticed me from my Kitchen window) and I’d wave back. There was nothing really suspicious going on. I think the cops were just being a little over protective this time. I went outside and found a trio of gangsters cornered in the middle of the outside of the street. There was an ambulance too, though it didn’t really go off at all, it just picked up an anonymous person, I didn’t know, into the ambulance. While the gangsters were getting pinned down by like I don’t know 5 cops. I really don’t see why there’s 5 cops needed for each person. After that was done, some cops were still striding around, looking to see anything suspicious going on.

At one point, I asked one of the lady officers (since I can only talk to lady officers without gasping at the hand gun in their pocket) what they were doing, and she said that they heard something wrong was going on with the oxygen and that their might be some kind of nuclear gas under the streets, which about when she said that, I realized some kind of bulldozer came strolling in, and picking on the streets. So, I went inside so I my curiosity wouldn’t go to high. I waited for about 3 hours, and then at one point, when my parents came downstairs after long day’s of work, we watched this kind of band performing in Palladia. Funny, because our last name is Paladie. Lol. Anyways, my sister, Anabelle, started to notice some racket was going on up the street, and asked me what the heck was going on, and I said: “Some classified business m’a’m.” lol. I went up the street, and the last thing I’d expect was that everybody was in gas masks, so I immediately walked away. Not wanting to be part of anything going on, and went to bed, just encase I breathed some nuclear gas in. 😀

Oh and here are some cute pictures I found of some Hamsters.

Thinking Like A Scientist

Today was very interesting. I finished Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Now, I’m moving on to Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Anyways, I missed you all. Not being able to post anything was a lot of rubbish I had to go through in my head. Oh and another thing, if you check this post (below) you’ll notice I wrote down my brochure. It wasn’t in the best quality as the power point, but it was the best I could put on my blog without trying to figure out how to attach files through computers. My scientific brain started working after I stopped listening to my week’s favorite band Godsmack. I’m not sure if that threatens God. But, I like the band’s messages and song. They also look awesome. Trust me. Any who, I sent my travel brochure in. And now I feel like a scientific thinker with all the thought I’ve put in. At that point, I decided to do a little research on erosion and rehaliabation on rain forests.

I also was lucky enough not to study such a hard Science lesson to my luck. I only had a Social Studies project that was so easy to finish, and a Literature Unit assessment test, plus I went into another Semester in Math because yesterday (December 12, 2010) I had to take a semester test, which wasn’t that hard to cry or tear about. Though I took some notes for today’s Math lesson. Which made it like 3 hour flew by, so I constantly checked the timer to see how long it took my to write down notes. I forgot to mention that we’re (which I’m referring to 6th graders) having exams around January. I heard my friend are having them around December. So, lucky me. I learned how to play Ozzy Osbourne’s song Crazy Train. Or at least the intro. I want to learn how to play Raining blood from Slayer. 🙄

School was finished in a jippy today. I also found a picture of my family and I under my church’s Christmas tree on Sunday. So, I decided to put it up. Check it out. It wasn’t really that nice with my red nose, almost as red as Rudolph and Matthew’s dumb and glum look. Patricia was giving a good look, but Anabelle kind of gave an awfully awkward look. So, um… my aunt sent me pictures of her at Chattanooga. Well, she lives there, it’s just that she visited a certain cabin in Chattanooga. I loved the pictures dearly. Unfortunately, whenever I upload them through WordPress it becomes real small. So, it’ll take me awhile to upload them, and make it big. Oh God, Mary Kate (not Mary Wexel) decided to make a new blog.

And don’t worry about Unknown or Jigsaw. They’re not our problem anymore. Me and Mary Kate took care of that. So, um… yeah, I also had to help my sister, Patricia, on her portfolio about technology and how it helps, which is due December 15th. Yikes. Could she have been warned a little sooner. Well, I helped her. And unfortunately, I could only make her laugh because of the stupid grammar, and spelling problems she had constantly in her papers. Well, dad was able to manage that problem. I still kept ringing over her head about how she’s able to do the most impossible math problems so easily, and she can’t even spell notice. 😀 I watched Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Jolly good movie. And um… yes, I’m trying to remember what else happened. Oh yes, I figured that our Hamster is hibernating. That’s probably the reason why it’s digging underground constantly. Lol.