I Stand Up For Myself

Hey guys! Andrew here! Bringing you a new post of my daily life, only I’ll try to summarize it in the best way I can, yet also getting the details of the day I want posted. Here’s the video/song of the day! It’s Sail by AWOLNATION. Really good song. I love the sort of dubstep and electronic buzzes in the song. Plus it sounds more nowadays, so yeah! Enjoy!

So yeah, from the time I left the house. I went to the house, greeted Erick, Ascarett, and Sarah at the bus stop. Unfortunately Patricia was not able to come over because she was sick with a fever because of Matthew’s previous sickness. I guess you can connect one to another from there. Anyway, I greeted the three of them. Now, when we talked we weren’t as silent, especially after yesterday. We had such a wonderfully awesome day yesterday. I did, sort of, post about briefly, but I did not describe it to its greatest. It was a good time. If you don’t know about it, read the previous post here. For right now I don’t want to fully describe everything that happened that day, I’ll just continue, assuming that you know what I am talking about. So I talked to Erick and asked him where he was because the last time I saw him was around 7 o’clock PM at Sarah’s house when he said he was going to go to the convenient store and buy us some snacks. It was 8 o’clock PM when I left and I still did not see him. Thankfully, I saw him here at the bus stop and questioned him about it. He said he would explain it on the bus, which he did. I arrived on the bus and now the bus for me, Sarah, Brian, Marquel, Patricia, Ascarett, and Erick was never the same. Others were doing their own thing while we were giggling and laughing about what happened yesterday. Bailey, from the back of the bus, sneered at us, in jealousy of how much fun we were having. Take that!

Much more fun was on the bus, except when there were no more fights on the bus for fear that Mr. Paul was going to write us up, which was stupid. I missed the fights dearly. They made me laugh crazily hard that tears came out of my eyeballs. R.I.P fights on the bus. 😦

School was exceptionally annoying. Mrs. Flowers made Brian and I throw away our breakfast when we just got in so we barely got to eat anything for breakfast. Ridiculous. In Georgia Studies we had to finish our Governor foldable. I finished first, of course, and turned it in. Mrs. Flowers made a big deal about it and announced how someone already turned in their foldable. I was kind of annoyed by it, yet flattered. Later she announced we were having a quiz on the information on the foldable, which was stupid because we had just begun the topic on Tuesday and she wants us to take a quiz on Friday. Ridiculous.

Language Arts was even more annoying. Mrs. Harris, in general, was getting increasingly annoying to me everyday. Her pet, my best friend Savannah, always got the glory from her and they always giggled together and whenever she looked at my work she looked at it with an “okay” or giving some advice. Surprisingly, today, Savannah approached me with an wrathful attitude. Mrs. Harris started near of edge yelling at Brianna in my class because Brianna asked if she could go to the bathroom to get her stuff that she forgot and then Mrs. Harris said you couldn’t because she was SO lenient to rules and couldn’t bend it once for her students. Brianna just stood there and Mrs. Harris got pissed off and started mocking her. Only the fans of Mrs. Harris laughed. I, instead, just stared and gave a cross face. Savannah, on my side, started to laugh at the joke and was quite confused as to why I wasn’t. I told her that I was siding with Brianna. She was crept out by the decision.

“Why?” she asked.

“Because Mrs. Harris is annoying.” I answered.

“No she’s not.” she replied coolly.

Of course, you’re her teacher’s pet. Then Savannah got angry at me for including her name in my own controversy book where it said that she said a cuss word and it was a long time ago. Now she suddenly had a problem with it and threatened to take it out herself if I wouldn’t. She stormed out of the classroom when class was eventually done. Where was this attitude coming from? Savannah is now coming down from my best friend list. Lol.

Math was a little more interesting, though I was really hungry. Thankfully, Andrew was here today and Samantha at the same time. I had both of them sit on my sides and we socialized until Lunch when we took notes. Unfortunately, when we came back from an uneventful Lunch, we had to do another worksheet. Goshdangit.

Science was kind of dreadful. I wasn’t learning as easily on the lesson because it was just so new and I was not getting it in my head, especially with all the noise going around. I could NOT take it seriously. On top of it, we have a quiz tomorrow on it. Brilliant. Pray that I do good on it.

P.E. was sort of interesting and boring at the same time. We had to stay downstairs while the other P.E. class got to go to the Fitness Lab because people were misbehaving and refused to admit their behaviors. We went over the information of the muscles and other formulas that were so vague to my mind while Shian was answering all the questions and so was Grayson. Teachers pets. We played Basketball, afterwards, and my team won. Yay!

Drama was dreadfully boring as well. We just spoke a play as I frustratingly stared at my unfinished worksheet for my Drama class. Ugh. I did not get to finish it until Mark on my side got his worksheet back and he allowed me to copy off of his. After we spoke the play, we watched a movie-version of the play we were watching. Nothing went through my mind during the play. I don’t even remember much. Though, two amazing things happened. Patrick, who was in my Drama class, started singing “I Knew You Were Trouble” in the class, like he always did, just to get attention. I got so annoyed that I told him to shut-up and I said it loudly. Silence rolled across the room and Shane, Patrick’s friend, smiled and goggled at what happened. He asked Patrick if he heard me, Patrick said yes and turned away. Shane then said that Patrick was afraid of me. Heck yeah he was. Finally I was taken seriously.

Brody, on the other hand, took my seat when I went to go for a bathroom break and I told him to get off. He of course said no and I got behind him and asked him seriously. I put my hands on his shoulder reaching for a hold on his neck. He grabbed my hand but I smacked it with surprising force and scared him. He was about to cry being traumatized. He even told me he could take my chair. I felt good afterwards. I felt no pity for him because he was pushing me around for no reason and I was sick of it. I finally stood up for myself. He did not touch me nor did he mess with me throughout the class and probably for the future classes. Finally when classes were done and I waited for bus call, I left the classroom in a rush to get to my bus first. I was determined to get there first. Though, I saw Brian on the other side of the bus lane reaching to my bus. I immediately raced for the bus and made it in to the bus with my victory dance. It probably is not that special for you, but it is for me! 😀

The bus was fun. Reason why is that Xavion (the one who started the big fight yesterday) and his sister was on the bus. A whole new fight started between Jayda with her wussy friend Bailey on her side against Xavion’s sister. It got so real that it almost became a cat fight. It was awesome! Gosh, I love the bus . . .

I finally came home and then relaxed. Though the stress on my mind about the quiz was stressing me. I was destined to make a 90% or above at least. Brian, then, asked for me to come to his house through my brother. I did. We planned to study, but we really slacked off on websites and eventually began watching Silent Hill. But if it weren’t for Brian, I probably would not know a lot of information on the governors then now. So yeah, thanks! Everything has led up to this point in time.

Enjoy your time wherever you are! Bye!


Well This Is Driving Me Nuts!!!

July 27, 2010
Well, I’m sorry I’m publishing so late. I was hanging out at Walmart with my parents and Michael and Daniel. But, you get me? Anyways, as late as I could think, I knew once I woke up Michael, Daniel and I was going to get kicked out of the house as quick as possible. But, that didn’t matter to me. I could still keep up the hours I had right NOW. But, lets get that out of the way. Once I woke up I read Percy Jackson the Titan’s Curse. I guess since I had just a temporary time of reading I only was able to read 5 pages. At max I guess 13 pages. But, I tried to make this promise to myself to read at LEAST 50 pages every day so I could finish the book in a matter of days. But, when I was just in the middle of the part when Thalia (daughter of Zeus), Grover (some kind of satyr) and this group called the hunters (that serve the goddess Artemis) on this quest instead of Percy, Daniel broke into the room and tried to read the room to see if everything was okay. Finally, he left the room and then I grumbled this in my head: “Damn… I’d thought he never leave”. Lol. Okay, maybe I was too cruel but that’s what was going through my mind.

Anyways, in a matter of minutes we had to eat breakfast. I had cookie crisp since nothing else was interesting besides some cheerios and stuff. I tried to conserve as much as possible so maybe Michael or Daniel needed some when I wasn’t around. Afterwards, we went upstairs in the bonus room to play some video games. I was though surprised we weren’t leaving early. So, I happily played Tony Hawk Skateboarding Project 9. Though, I thought basketball was a LOT better even though I played it since yesterday (two days ago). Anyways, from time to time Michael’s dad would constantly ask to challenge any of us at Skateboarding. Michael was always singled out last. Too bad. Then, Michael’s dad asked to challenge me on Basketball. Which was very awkward for me but still cool. See I use the Hornets ALL the time when I play basketball. Then, the rest of Michael’s family would choose the Lakers. So, we were COMPLETE enemies ti’ll then in basketball. Unfortunately, Michael’s dad beat me. See I can beat Daniel and Michael anytime on basketball but their dad was too impossible. So, we were down with these scores. Mine was: I think 61 or 63 dunks. Then, his dad had 89 goals exactly. I was ticked off but cool with it. After that, we had to leave to my house.

The thing that was surprising was the fact Daniel wasn’t overdoing his jokes. But, he was playing video games non-stop. I just couldn’t take it. Though, he was kind of helping me on my Poptropica account. Which was okay, but, then my mom and dad gave us the note after dinner we had to go upstairs. Well, dinner was okay even though we only had cucumbers, green pepper and dumplings. Than, we went upstairs. I did not know what was going on downstairs, but I tried to ignore that feeling of curiosity. Unfortunately, Michael and Daniel were fighting AGAIN. I tried to work thins out. So, I did a therapy session with Daniel. Though, I can’t tell you what we were discussing. Too private. Unluckily, I noticed my mom and dad was watching Lie to Me. But, then we went to sleep. Ugh!

Everything Was Solved In A Weird Way

July 7, 2010
Ah, it’s good to know I’m going back home. Back to my house, so-called friends, friends, internet and so on. Not, that I didn’t like it in Florida. But, I’ve been there for awhile. I’m a little home-sick. I couldn’t believe I was actually saying that. I’m always waiting to go on vacation to ignore and lose my troubles. But, I kind of miss those troubles. I don’t know if I’ll be able to take moving from my neighborhood without feeling guilt. But, anyways, besides that, I had a very awkward dream. It was actually a dream that took place in a area around Florida. I didn’t pay attention to the name of the city, (even though, in the dream it was always showing up in my face) because, it was just a dream. No biggie. Anyways, I was in the middle of a road. On my right was a Burger King, on my left was a street only popular celebrities’s cars could pass. In front of me were these hobos handshaking with some famous lawyers or directors. I was actually confused. So, I patted one of the hobos by the back. Asked them what the heck was going on. He said this was the last time they were going to have contact. ??? I didn’t get that. Than, meteors fell from the sky and killed everybody in front of me. Blood drawn, screaming people, catastrophic moments and so on.

The dream ended sadly. But, I wasn’t interrupted. I was so sad. This was dream about people actually first getting to know other people. Not judging them by popularity. I was… happy… and sad too. It made me want to change my life. Well, Sammy’s last comment on my earlier posts actually gave me a good notice. So, I’ll take her in part. Well, when the day started, I immediately went to the computer. Now, this was actually around 7:21 I guess, this is time that we are NOT allowed to wake up at. But, everybody was awake, my dad was okay, by the rules, it was okay. Well, when I was leaving the room to go to the computer, my fingers were really hurting. Man, I’ve been lifting my body at the edge. That has been really annoying me. But, I tried to ignore it as fast as possible. Eventually, when I was about done on the computer my mom woke up stressed. She was yelling at us for being lazy. Well, I could understand that just perfectly. She said we had to go buy milk, I decided to join my dad because I didn’t want to get yelled at all morning.

After morning, we all decided to watch and enjoy Avatar the Last Airbender. Hey, whoever likes that show say I! Well, we watched it for about 2 hours. But, we only saw like 8 or 6 episodes which felt very slow. Once we were done, my brother was trying to bore himself all day by playing the Dsi. I really don’t get what’s so fun about a Dsi from a regular Ds lite. All you do different is take pictures, record your voice and have thousands of options on the menu bar. I felt sorry for him. But, he’s got his own life. I’m not going to ruin his happiness. Once we were all bored all the parents informed we were going to a friend’s house. He was actually the bass player at the church Eugen goes to. We had loads of fun, Matthew met a new friend. Eventually, I was playing ball with Jason (the bass player’s son). He’s about 3 or 2 years old? I don’t know. Once we got home we went to sleep as fast as possible. Without quiet time. It was great. :mrgreen:

Oh Why Did Friday Have To Be The Bad Day?

June 25, 2010
Okay, this is how my day started. I was upstairs, groaning to myself. Than, I woke up, but, felt delusional. I don’t know why. But, I felt delusional in some sort of sick way. What the heck was wrong with me during the morning? How, could I wake up and feel delusional at the same time around 4 in the morning. I tried to ignore that. So, I left my room and went downstairs. The scary thing was it was really dark. I also heard noises in my house. So, it already gave me thousands of thoughts what was going on. I also had this feeling inside me that wanted to feel paranoid or scared. I tried not to feel paranoid because my mom gave me her blessing when I was grounded last week. But, I was able to manage the paranormal out of my mind and I was okay. I took care of my farm and got the early morning things done.

Unfortunately, when I was only in my underwear and covered by my blanket my uncle Vitalie. His friend Tolea also came along. I was embarrassed because they saw me and started laughing. Curse my early wake ups. My uncle and his friend stayed at my house until the world cup Brazil and Portugal fight was done. So, they stayed about 96 minutes tops. But, I was routing for Brazil anyways. Oh and FYI my brother decided to play the computer through the World Cup. We’re usually only allowed to play an hour tops. Unless we were grounded longer than expected. I asked if I could use Guitar Hero 3. But, my dad said no because they were watching and because he didn’t want me to play in the morning. Well, curse that phrase.

Afterwards, I played and got freaking bored!!! Boredom struck again. Well, I went outside to see King and Savino outside. See, King is one of my friends on Facebook now. We’re also neighbors. So, we’ve been planning what to do as neighbors. I thought by the way Savino was listening to us, we sounded gibberish to him. But I didn’t care. Sooner, my mom really wanted me to go outside. Especially the rest of the family. I didn’t want to. So, I came inside. My dad was already gone for some reason. I came to the kitchen to get pizza and eat in the leaving room. But, I forgot to put a plate. My dad came when I was about to get a plate. We yelled. Well, he yelled at me. I whimpered. He was yelling at me so much today. 😦 Though, it was my fault.

I watched a movie to find Simon wanting to come inside. We stayed inside and than ran away from King and Savino. Than, came back. We did a pretty good racket. Than, Nicholas came outside like he was the cool guy. Well, I had a problem with that. Than, Alicia came outside to me. I ignored her after all the using she did. I just feel sorry for taking her mother’s trust and than figuring out Alicia is using us. Another thing, when she came down the street. She saw we had Popsicles so she asked for one like she was supposed to have it. We all knew what she does, so, we ignored her. The weird thing was she said that my sister committed forgetting a thing. Maybe she did, but Savino said where she last left it. I asked Alicia where’d she leave it. She was confused for a few questions. Than, Alicia said she left it in her house. Alicia really looked like she had nothing to say. So, I already knew she stole it. When Alicia went near my house she asked if she could go inside my house. My sister pretended to ask my mom and she said no. But, it looked like Alicia wasn’t taking “no” as an answer. She barged inside our house and asked my sister to ask again. My sister ACTUALLY asked and my mom said no. But, instead Alicia went even deeper in the house without permission. I wanted to say beat it. But, she wouldn’t listen. We got into a fight. A long one.

Afterwards, I watched War of the Worlds for the first time. I read the book. But, I thought the movie was scarier and more bloodier. It was a compelling movie to watch. But, I stood it just fine. The day ended in peace. 🙂

I’m Back, Miss Me Eh?

April 26, 2010
Yeah, I thought I wasn’t going to be able to post around the weekdays. Because yet again I have a CRCT to handle. I passed the first day of the CRCT. Though, I didn’t get my results. I’ll probably get my results around the Summer or something. I didn’t get into that serious stuff. My dad is supposed to handle that. Now, to get things written down about today. I woke up around 1 in the morning. What is wrong with me? I am 10 years old and I am waking up like a grownup. Probably I will have to be red eyes again. Now to get down to business. I don’t have anything against Brown_Person, it’s just that it sounds wrong to say you dislike me and then start commenting 4 times. It just doesn’t make sense. Also Brown_Person put a post about how bad I talked to Willow. I just apologized to the girl. What else do you want from me. Oh I pray to God that Willow actually forgives me. I don’t want him to take my comments of spam. Just a forgiving favor!

Now, my family and I woke up around 6 in the morning. So, I wasn’t feeling so energetic. My dad and mom told me to get brushed, washed, and get some nice clothes on. Dude, it’s only a school. You don’t have to look good. Anyways, I finished earlier than expected. After everybody was ready to go, I got word we were going to drop my mom at work. Yeah! I get to see where she works. Though, it took 27 minutes to get there. To me, it felt like driving for an hour. After we dropped her off, we went to the testing site. The place looked so big. Once we got into the building I was nervous. Most people were staring at us. I barely knew most people in my school. So, it was just like walking into a different school. We had to wait more than expected. My dad was confused, we were supposed to get started in 15 minutes. I really didn’t get the whole system. Though, I noticed some of my friends Shelby, and Connor. I didn’t get at first my friend Connor was there, because he had a total different look. The school manager of k12 informed my dad that our school was the biggest public school in Georgia. What?! You serious?

We finally got to the classes, except we went through colors. First grade was green, second grade I forgot, third grade was yellow, fourth grade was pink and fifth grade was red. My favorite color is actually on my grade. Today we were studying on Reading, so we had 70 minutes to do 25 questions then take a bathroom brake and then we take another 70 minutes to finish the rest of the questions. I think I did really good, except when I had to read about the Declaration of Independence. So, we passed, I made friends. But not to be offensive, I made friends with a Muslim. I don’t care if he is a Muslim, I am friends with everybody.

That is pretty much all that happened on the CRCT. Hope you enjoyed. 🙂