A Trilogy of Weird Dreams

Hey guys, Andrew here. I’ll be hopping onto the topic quickly, since I always start with the beginning of the day. It’ll be something interesting and worth your while, so please read on.

So, yeah, for the past days on Thursday and Wednesday I’ve been having very long dreams, that looked so vivid. Every time I wake up from one of those dreams, I always think it was something real, as I was able to maneuver my body and think clearly. It felt SO real! Sometimes it takes me more than a few seconds to realize I just returned back to reality. It’s weird, I know. On Wednesday the dream was not as strong. I could remember it okay, at least most of the main parts of the dream, but it didn’t feel real. On Thursday, I had this crazy dream of Sarah, a girl I loved in the past, not too long ago. I guess I still have this crazy love-story for her, but I’m sort of getting used to the fact that she’s gone and I’ll hopefully find someone as great as her.

On that dream, with Sarah, I dreamt that she was in her house (at least in a house I dreamt of in my own vision) and somehow I had visited Iowa state. She owned a store or job at this place that looked like Kids R Us, so I assumed this was around my 16s in the dream, plus I looked pretty big and bulk xD. I met her at the store at night, some way knowing that she worked there and met up with her, almost as if nothing bad happened to us in the past. I went to her house, to drop her off from work, and then for some reason every time she walked away I screamed for her back.

Once she said “Bye”, I wanted to ask her a question, so I screamed in pain, thinking I was going to lose her. She responded back almost as if she didn’t realize my loud scream. She answered my question, and walked away. This happened again and then I finally let her go. I don’t know, it’s crazy, I was in love with her so much that I still have dreams about her! I still wish she would come back. But some of that later, I must continue.

So yes, that was Thursday and Wednesday, but let’s get back to Friday. Today I had a dream. No, scratch that, I had a trilogy of dreams; weird dreams. First dream I had was about this video I had posted on Youtube (I have a passion for Youtube and want to use Youtube to post videos) and when I returned it got 3,398 likes! Weird that I remember it, it was that vivid. I don’t know about you guys, but an average person who gets a million views usually only gets 1,000 to 2,000 likes, unless you have a lot of committed fans. But 3,398 likes is f*cking crazy. I told Savino about it, and it was great, everything was great. It was all great until I woke up, and went back to reality. It was crazy, I almost confused myself wondering what happened and what I remembered seeing.

Okay, so next dream, was once again about Sarah. I don’t remember the dream so well now, but I remembered it at that moment and felt I was in it. So yeah, an average dream with Sarah, I always enjoyed being with Sarah, even in my dreams she was smart, funny, and easy to talk to. I only remembered one part when I walked with her over the bridge, holding her hand. We talked and talked of things I don’t remember. It was one of the most happiest moments of my life. But when I woke up, that did it for me. I cried . . .

I mourned and cried wishing it wasn’t just a dream, wishing it was all real and I could still hold her hand just for a bit longer. I cried for a little bit in my bed, the tears strolled down my cheeks. It was a hard thing for me to process.

When I pulled myself together and stopped crying, I went back to sleep. Receiving, yet again, another dream. This dream was instead about something particularly different. Something I would have never thought or dreamt of. I dreamt of me in my average town home neighborhood with my friends, when all of the sudden, this girl was there. She was beautiful. Wavy blonde hair in such a silky way it glowed. Her eyes as blue as a blue moon. Her face structure was perfect, I don’t know how that mattered to me, but I noticed it very well. She was perfect. Almost angel like.

She kept scooting next to me, sitting very close to me. Which was something I did not mind AT ALL. She whispered in my ear that she thought I was cute, which I completely lost it there, I had a crush in that moment. Lol. She whispered it in my ear so many times until I knew this girl was into me. I cuddled with her a little bit, but then the dream shifted and changed into me sitting on a chair with Savino and Anthony, the boy I talked about earlier in my posts. They revealed to me some unusual news. They told me that the girl who called me cute and cuddled with me and crushed on me was no angel or normal girl. She was an old demon, disguised into a girl almost magnificently beautiful to deceive me.

They showed me this kind of shard that was placed in her throat. It almost projected as a red ruby. Believing this so easily, we got her to come to the house I was in and we sabotaged her. She pleaded me to spare her life, saying things “I love you Andrew” and stuff like that. But, instead the badass side of me took over and I ripped out the ruby out of her throat. Once that happened, she began to mutate, almost morph into something. She howled as she did so, her white skin pealing and her face forming a different shape. Once the mutation finished, she turned into an old looking witch. And that, I guess, was where the dream ended. I opened my eyes out of the dream, once again believing everything I saw was real. But it made me think of something, that girl, she was magnificently beautiful; angel almost, like I said. She made me contemplate for awhile about a certain subject. Was she going to be the girl in my life I wish I had? There was no girl who could top her, I couldn’t see it at least, but it was kind of a failure, and I decided to drop it. It was just going to be a thing I wish I would have had and I never would get it. So, I think now she’ll be at back of my head forever, but I’ve let the demon go xD.

Once those three dreams ended, the day went on normally. Me finishing my school (I got three subjects, cause 8th grade is boss on Friday), and I did my Math Scantron, which was extremely long and annoying. It was almost a whole monotonous process. 😛 Though I finished it, thinking I probably am not getting a good grade on that since I kind of skipped through. Oh well, I don’t care. As I finished up school I went outside with Simon (oops, he doesn’t want me to mention his name) and our average, annoying, across the street, street kid Austin as well as his brothers Alex and Trey. I spent time with them a little; Savino coming over in an instant. We eventually played some football; I got two touchdowns. 🙂 After that, we played bounty hunter. A game we had not played for awhile. I was, of course, the last one to get caught in bounty hunter (not bragging, I just have skill in that game since I made it up). But it was a fast 10 minute game because Alex messed us up and slowed us down.

Otherwise the day went great and sort of weirdly. I tried to schedule some plans of sleepovers with King and Savino and King had just revealed to me and Savino a shocking statement. He said “Xbox might be better than PS3”. Okay guys, I don’t know if you know this, but King, Savino, and I are PS3 nerds. We absolutely HATE Xbox. This type of information brought up, especially from King, was surprising and a bad reaction was immediately brought into the situation.

We argued for a little, eventually shutting each other up, and then moved on to other things and talked about random drugs and smoking. Don’t worry, we weren’t saying that we wanted to do it, we just said some experiences we had with people doing it so we could make a quick joke. Otherwise the day ended well. I tried also downloading Slender and Minecraft on my computer. I did and I had to download a graphics card just so the games would display, but they were SUPER laggy.

The day ended there and right now to this moment I am writing here, as my last piece of information of what I did today. Thank you for reading, this was a long post. 🙂


A Simple Walk In The Park

I had a dream; a dream I cannot remember at the time but meanwhile, I’ll be talking about today. I woke up, fell back asleep again because I was too lazy to get up early, and then woke up again another hour later, went back to sleep, and repeated the whole thing over again until I decided to get out of my bed. It was around 9 o’clock when I had officially decided to wake up and get back to my life. I wasn’t allowed to eat cereal today, which is pretty odd, I had to eat oatmeal since I hadn’t eaten yesterday oatmeal when Mom hadn’t even told me about it (how was I supposed to know?). Anyway, my sister’s, Patricia and Annabelle, and my brother, Matthew, were in the leaving room, watching as Patricia was playing Super Mario Galaxy 2.

After that, Matthew started playing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 on the Wii and I just used the computer. I don’t know why, but I was not in the mood for video games. Actually I haven’t really liked playing video games at all, unless it would come to Call of Duty or some other game that would suit my taste nowadays. After that, we left to the Farmer’s Market to shop for some groceries and then came back with a hand-full of groceries. Dad watched Tennis just after we arrived and Matthew and I was hanging out with King and Savino. Nicholas came along too and then so did Logan with his brother Frankie.

Once 2 o’clock hit Mom had told my sisters, my brother, and I to come inside to eat lunch. King decided to join us, Savino irritated by that decision, decided not to come. He hung out with Nicholas outside, counting the dots of a ripstick while King, my family, and I ate rice, with chunks of spicy meats and some veggies. When we finished, Savino gave his annoying ‘pissed off’ look and bothered me the whole day with a lot of “Man! You didn’t invite me!”, “That sucks” and so on. :S Afterwards, Noah joined us for a game of bounty hunter since Simon (who had come later on in the day) and I had gotten too impatient to wait for Thierry, Kerry, and Marvin to come out side. It eventually ended when Mom said we were going to the park, in which everybody decided to come except for Logan. 😦

I was sort of disappointed that Nicholas had decided to come. He was very annoying along the way. Especially when my sisters had left with their friend Nicole to see Nicole’s brother play a football game in the Shorty Howell Suwanee Park. We came walked around the park with the whole group (Simon and I stuck together throughout the walk) and eventually came near the game field. Along we saw a lot of people we knew: Chelsea, Michael, Brandon, Patricia, Nicole, Ashley (in which she was embarrassed in front of her cheer-leader mates because Nicholas had the audacity to scream out “ASHLEY!! HI!! I LOVE YOU!”), and Annabelle. It was nice. A simple walk through the park while watching a tough, intensive football game. 🙂

Afterwards, we went home and saw Logan, Frankie, Abraham, Jojo, and this other kid I can’t properly name. Mom and Dad dropped off Simon at his house, and Nicole was inside our house, sleeping over. Okay, okay. Decent day overall. Nothing depressing or saddening about today.

Gotta Start Writing A Research Paper

No dreams guys, sorry, I couldn’t really vividly remmeber this dream, I just knew I had a dream, but I totally forgot what happened in it. Anywyas, whatever dream it was, it was one that I wanted to go back to sleep and dream about again. So, today, all I did was put some clothes on, eat breakfast, and go towards Language Arts CCS. I had a great time, except for the fact that they told me I had to really start my research paper, and take some notes, so forgetting about it, so I wouldn’t have to worry, I checked my OLS, and noticed I had another literary essay, though, I didn’t want to take it, so I wrote a short essay on this kid story, just so I could finish it.

Later on, nothing really happened. I went into Science class, had chat time for awhile, than I SKIPPED Social Studies class. Because I got passed the topic that today was going to be about. Plus, I kind of heard that Nayyir kind of read the words badly. Not to be offensive Nayyir. So, I did my school, I didn’t do Math at all today, because I didn’t feel like it, and I noted down the things on my Research Paper. Oh and, when I was outside, I learned a valuable lesson, it was so good, that that kids in my neighborhood, actually started to think I was cool, except for Nicholos and Erik. Those two just frustrated me, they let me starve outside, with no food, and they gave everybody else food, while laughing at me. Frustrating, but I didn’t want to show it. And that’s all that really happened, on this short day.

Finally Days Have Become A Challenge

Nothing much really happened on Tuesday, all I did was school and had a dream . I’ll start with the dream. I had a dream about me, again in my human chameleon form, in a class test, I think it was a CRCT test I was taking, because the problem answers were listed in multiple-choice words. It felt like I was there for almost a full three hours until I noticed Dark Vador and Luke Sywalker were fighting outside the classroom. I just laughed because I saw sweat coming down his metal face. But, after that, things started to look creepy. A red dragon appeared in the classroom, and stared at the whole class, until… it ate a student. I was so shocked by than, but than 2 students were eaten. I tried thinking about what to do. I saw my friend, Connor, from last year on the CRCT on my left, and he was eaten.

I sweated of fear, and I did the only thing I could do. RUN. Eventually after two-thirds of the class was eaten, the dragon noticed I had left. It ran after me, but I did not look back. The blue dragon was faster than me, so it swooped right under me, and made me backflip back on the ground. I looked at it’s blue eyes, and we met, I than noticed that the face was forming, and it showed first Patricia’s friend, Michael (my best friend), Nayyir, and shockingly Elizabeth.

  • Nayyir said “fuck you nigga!”.
  • Michael said “hey”.

Elizabeth and Patricia’s friend though said nothing. I shifted backwards about 10 feet, until time the monster was about to sprawl on me, a cop came out of nowhere, and shot the dragon’s eye. He had a very stern look, and then looked at me.

  • I said “thank you very much for helping”.

But, after a few seconds of acknoledging.

  • He said “Only human.”

I laughed at that point, but until he pulled out a grenade and set it to 60 seconds. Oh God, I was thinking, the cop ran, and he set alarms, scientists toppled over me, while running to the escape room. I got a couple of bruises on my head and shoulder. No biggie. Until than, I heard a couple of gun shots, and screaming. The cop came back, with two things in his hand. 1. The head of Medusa. 2. The head of a scientist. The cop took of his glasses, and I immediately realized it was that Terminator character called Ahnold. I don’t remember his last name, but okay. I saw the bomb, after he left at 10 seconds. All of the sudden, I was tied to the ground with ropes. 8 seconds was left. My heart was pumping, 5 seconds, I knew I was dead. 4, 3, 2, 1. I woke up, sweating in my bed. Jesus Christ I though. What the hell just happened? Well, I didn’t have time for that, dad woke me up telling me Language Arts CCS was going to start. So, I got out of bed, and put on some clothes. I did my Language Arts CCS, and actually figured out that I had to write down a Research paper on whatever topic I wanted. Well, I was kind of surprised, and happy because it’s been almost a whole year since I haven’t been able to write papers on something I like. We had to learn about how to note down stuff through it, and how to organize our topic ideas. I’ve done a Research paper before on Georgia. Trust me, this will be easy, now that I’ve actually learned about things and have actually a choice to pick something on my own.

I knew immediately what topic I was going to choose. I thought first about the creation of Lego, but than I knew that some kid already mentioned the idea, so I rather not risk myself with two completely same ideas on it. Risking my grade. So, I chose the only thing I knew most about in Social Studies this year. Russia. Yeah, I’m physched. I’ve already found two websites where I can find some information on it, now I just need to outline my ideas for Russia, and than wait for tomorrow so I can ask dad if I can go to the library to get some more information. I outlined my ideas in less than 10 minutes. I was going to write about Russia’s Economy, Russia’s Early History, Russia’s Government, Russia’s Climate, Russia’s People, Russia’s Land, Russia’s Major Cities, and last but not least, Russia’s Cultural Heritage. It seems like a lot, but it actually isn’t, looking at the outline. I finished writing today, receieving a special note from my Language Arts teacher that I was the most focused and best student in the class. Well, not to showoff or anything, I am pretty good at Writing. I’ve been writing things since I’ve been 6. Reluctantly, with showing humbleness, I said thank you, and left the class. I moved to Science class and chatted with um… nobody really. I just replied to people’s messages, and they would either say I wasn’t talking to you, or they would just ignore it. Mary, ugh, Mary just annoyed me. She than kept bragging about how she was going to the ice skating competiton, and how she had her partner (who was a boy). Plus, last time when we had talked, she said she was sorry for being too busy to say hello to me. But guess what? She acted as if I was a damn fly the wall. She said hello to everybody, and didn’t seem very busy. Elizabeth wasn’t there at the time, which I was starting to wonder. But, okay, I talked to Christopher Gilreather (a friend from school) about it, and he went acrasia. But, so far, so good. I had a litery essay on “Thank you M’a’m” the story.

I acted cromulent towards the situation that I had that essay. Social Studies, well was kind of hard. I had to write 3 sheets of noted papers on Russia’s government. Though, my brother had to make me look deturpate in front of his friends. I utterly hated it to my soul. He got friends finally, and all he did was just try to make me ugly by saying that my blonde hair represented pee. Therefore, I gave him a punch on the stomach in front of his friends, and embarassed him a little. I left, and went back to school. Math was really easy, though I am worrying that the Unit Assessment will be stressing since the past Math lessons I’ve had were hard. Today was challenging. But, nothing happened. So, that’s the end of my story.


The Snow Is Acting Retarded Now

Okay, about 7 inches of snow has already hit. So, that’s good, but before I could go through the process of the chilly outside experience, I was sleeping on my bed. Last night’s dream was a bit scary. I had a dream about zombies that were in an airplane that hit right in my neighborhood. The zombies spread out, and you know, started killing everybody outside. Though, in the dream, all I could hear was screaming since none of the zombies dared to enter. My sister later than, when it was the middle of the night (in my dream), got up and pointed a sniper in my backyard, and head shot 12 zombies crawling on our patio. Once it was 6 PM (in my dream), all the screaming went to a stop. Then, a couple of zombies kept crawling in. I had to punch it through, my brother had to scream through the experience of watching zombies heads, and hands falling off once we finished with them.

Later than, the girl Hermione (from Harry Potter) came in, and asked me to come with her to check the town hall (well I didn’t exactly know that she lived in Atlanta, GA). Once we progressed there, which took like: 2 seconds. And out of the blue, when we just arrived at the Atlanta city, a leaper (which is a zombie from Dead Space 2 the video game) came out of nowhere and started threateningly jumping at us. At one point, the zombie jumped on Hermione. But, I was able to kick it off on the head. But, it restarted jumping again, and Hermione already had a bloody nose, but than, when I said it was a bad idea, the leaper really jumped on her, and was attached to her. She said to run, and hell yeah I did. I could only get glimpse of screams, and her blood streaming by the road. Than, I somehow teleported back to my room. But, than I realized that a bunch of business man were talking outside, I just ignored them, until they came to a stop. All of our bullets were out. So, Patricia and Matthew went to sleep. I just tried to get into the closet without noise. But, the zombie peaked at me, and then flinched, and then made his eyes turn pitch black.

I ran towards him, and he ran away by being frightened. I got to him, and punched the sockets out of him. LITERALLY. But, than the dream ended, and I realized that I forgot that snow was outside still, and it was about 6 inches, as far as I could tell. Everything looked so pale. Until I heard somebody calling through the phone. Luckily, both phones were in my room, so my parents didn’t wake up. I answered and said: “hello this Andrew, whom am I speaking with?”. There was a long pause, and then a boy answered. It was nobody I knew. The guy sounded like he was about 17 years old. Gosh. He asked me if a girl came strolling around to pay for my band. Whoa whoa, what? I asked him first how he knew my band. He just ignored it, and repeated his question. I said yeah in a pissed off tone. Like who calls my phone number at 7 in the morning for that? Honestly. Than he started to get serious and said: “Okay, you step away from my girl, and don’t even think about getting to her. She’s my girlfriend you fucking whore!”. Whoa, what the hell was that? I replied and said I already had somebody I liked (and it’s you Mary Wexel). He didn’t believe me. Like I expected.

He than started calling me a cocksucker, asshole, bitch, prick, carcass and then said my boner was pretty small. Wow. And that was only half of what he said. I just hung up, because I didn’t want to take anymore nonsense from him. I just went directly outside, and started playing with the kids. Though, when I was in the middle of building two igloos with Simon, the girl the guy was talking about was right behind me. Except, she wasn’t the person I saw last time. She was blonde, had black eyelashes, and was just about an inch higher than me. She tried to grab me. But, I pushed back, than I realized the guy whom I spoke too, he just appeared. Simon than realized that they popped up, and muttered “what the hell is a hot chick doing with you?”. I laughed, but the guy was no laughing matter. He looked a lot like Cedric Diggory from Harry Potter, except without the twilight look, and the pale face. He walked up to me. I was shaking. The guy actually was 16 years old, and I bet the girl was 15. The guy than landed a punch on my face. WTF?! I landed on the ground, and stood there for about 16 minutes.

I looked up, and saw that he was still there. He pulled me up and said my ass was getting kicked. Well, thank you very much for reminding me that. I replied this: “FYI, your ass is going to get kicked”. I tripped him without him knowing, and than landed 5 punches in his stomach. Later he ran away, and his girlfriend, or should I say x-girlfriend was still there in shock. But, at one point, she left. I played around in the snow until my feet started freezing, and without me knowing, my hands were bleeding from the impact of the punches. I washed them, which was really cold washing both the frozen hands, and the bloody scars. I said I never wanted to play in the snow again. I MEAN AGAIN. Well, I think that’s going to change tomorrow. I played with Christian, and then finished my school. I also finished my Reading exam. I only got a 77.6 % though. I don’t think I tried at all. Oh and yes, my brochure results. I passed everything, except I was around developing, and average for my presentation. Besides that, I passed it like heck. IT WAS AWESOME. I never got these big results for those big things except for my compare and contrast essay. I literally got everything correct. 😀

Corn Dawgs?

Today I had a dream, a very pleasant one too. Well, this person I’ll be describing about is about a person who I met in real life. I’ll be calling her “the unknown girl”. Well, today I had a dream about “the unknown girl”. It was strange because I imagined walking to the bottom of Florida in 4 hours just to meet “the unknown girl”. I tried convincing my parents in the dream it was a good idea to go back home, and then come back here on the weekends. Unfortunately, my request was delayed because for some reason I had this mission to do that referred to the mission Harry Potter took in the first episode. To save the Sorcerer’s Stone. I was walking for awhile with some urban animals until I found it. For some reason, I was told to go back. I went back, where SNAPE was. Watching my TV and sitting on our good coach. Finally the Sorcerer’s Stone appeared in my hand and I said “hahaha” which caught his attention. The dream faded away.

Afterwards, I figured today was a Saturday. So, I went downstairs and watched TV. The only interesting shows that were on were: Star Wars the Clone Wars and Bakugan Gundallion Invaders. Well, I watched those for a few hours and was told to go and clean up our rooms. We ended up finishing in like 3 hours, and then went outside. Simon heard that we were going to a Corn Maze, so we tried planning if he could come. Fortunately, he could come. Though, we were getting ready to leave around 3. So, that sucks. So, we played around and just sat around waiting for the time to go. Unfortunately, my mouth was so stupid, I ended up confessing where Simon and I were going. Savino begged the heck out of me. Luckily, he didn’t shoot me with his big shotgun right next to me. But, I was able to say “no… no… no.”. We finally left. And I took this picture of our first adventure.

Oh and if you’re wondering who it is, it’s my sister, Patricia, with Simon. Anyways, we left already to go see the corn. Since it took about 2 hours to drive, Simon put on some music through his phone. Thank God he didn’t put any songs from Eminem or System of a Down. Lol. Finally we got there and it looked a little well… unusual. But, there were like thousands of people there. Maybe even tens of thousands. 😀 I made a bet with Simon if I could get to talk to at least one girl, I would get 6 bb ammo from him. If not, I’d lose to him 3 shots. Once we came to the actual Corn Maze, we had a non-adventure. At least something I didn’t expect. Here’s some pictures.

Unfortunately, we were the only family figuring out the maze in less than 20 minutes, even though it was like 7 acres. Lol. We left and to go this jumping thingy. Turns out my brothers and sisters got through without paying tokens. Well, my dad had to go with me because I was too afraid to go and negotiate with the ticket person. I got in, no problem. Though, I stayed too long. Hehehe, we left late and went to this corn stack. Simon decided to bury himself in corn, and everybody especially the 15 year old girls helped us, because his body was covered enormously. Hahaha, zombie time. Lol. Well, we left with happy hearts besides me, because I got freaked out by this 13 year old girl walking up to me and saying marry me! Ugh, that’s weird. After we left we went to go to McDonalds for food and had a great time. Afterwards, we had to drop off Simon home around 9, even though it was SO dark. And I guess that’s all.

Most Of The Time I’m Your Everyday Butler

August 1, 2010
I don’t know if I remember clearly. But, I’m sure I wrote a post about my hard work. Except then it was never noticed. NOW, it’s the same thing except everybody thanks me from time to time. But, as long as I’m acknowledged and known I’m happy. But, now lets get back to what really happened today (yesterday). I was sleeping. Which of course I would do at night. But, I didn’t get to remember my dream. It was all just plain blank. Though, when I woke up, I decided to do that technique where I dream what I want to imagine in the morning. After the big sleep. Well, I tried it and it worked like a charm. I decided to dream about skateboarding. Except skateboarding while challenging Nyjah Huston. If you’ve ever heard of him then please inform me. But then, I decided to dream of canoeing again except at the Nile River. Where all the crocodiles try to kill us. Except what wasn’t expected was the fact there was always blood gushing out of the Crocodiles nostrils whenever I slapped it away. Weird… 😕

Anyways, when I was in the middle of fighting a lonely frustrated boar I was awakened. But, not just by anybody. It was my mom. Man, I really did it this time. It was church day and there are 3 reasons why I was able to figure THAT out in just a matter seconds. 1. I always have a hunch when it’s time to worship God. 2. my mom rarely comes inside my room unless it’s urgent just like Church. 3. because she looks into my closet for clothes which she never does unless it’s church day. I’m just lucky I don’t have to stay up this early in the mornings. Which would mean I would have to support my mom. Which would be fine as long as I grew a habit of doing it. Then, I made this decision which was actually a stupid one to go on the computer. Luckily, I just harvested from my trees when my mom came to chew me out. Well, after all the work my mom had to go through by putting on clothes for the rest of us we went to church. Oh and FYI, right now it may seem as if my mom is the worker or miss butler. But, then she gets tired around the afternoon and evening. That’s when I take shift.

Well, once I got to church I knew I was going to get for the first time my small group. Which was awesome. In church Elementary small group is just when you sit in a circle with a leader and some other kids and do these kid activities. Which I grew out of around 4th grade. But, in church middle school small group means you’re STILL with a leader but you are in this confined room which I think I’ve already described in my early posts. But, I never thought the experience in the group would be this fun. Oh, and the room was bigger than all the other rooms I got a preview of so lucky me. Well, there were some friends and enemies of mine that wasn’t in the room I was currently at. For example: Michael and Drew which I’m still trying to get friendlier to and then Whiley for enemy. But, I’m not going to say another story of how or why we became my enemy. So, lets get that out of our system (brain). Well, when I got in the room I saw my TRUE friends. August, Asa, Andrew and Peyton. Then, there were these two new kids I guess.

The service felt like it took only an hour which sucked. It felt like I just got here and missed almost everything and just when I settled it was over. Well, it was nice. But, then one of the new kids wanted to call his sister which I saw just in worship and just to tell you, she was very beautiful for her age. Like a famous celebrity kid like Dakota Fanning when she was little. Anyways, he wanted to call his sister. Except she hung up the next 2 seconds then he dragged me out of the room area. Then, I figured out my parents were waiting so I knew it was going to be abnormal my parents seeing a kid I guess younger than me by a few months dragging me. I also knew that my dad would want an explanation too. So, once we got to Walmart and went home we settled and ate. Except I was too enthusiastic about eating soup. Well, I was actually the last person on the table not finished with my soup. But, then I finished happily. Afterwards, my mom and dad watched White Collar and the episode was boring. Though, I still took some questions. Then, my mom asked me to bring her some water. That’s when I knew my shift started.

Then, my dad and I were about to watch the last Psych episode until my brother interrupted and said it was his time to watch. After that we watched Psych. Then, I had to go water gun fight my friends again because my mom and dad were watching Hot Tub Time Machine. And they didn’t want us to watch. I beat Logan happily 3 times. So, that was payback for the last few days all of them went against me. But, then, my own team betrayed me. Then, I went inside to do my butler duties.