A Week at South Carolina! (REALLY LONG POST)

Hey guys! Andrew here! Bringing you a new post of my daily life. Rather, actually, this post is going to be quite unique. This post will be about a whole week I spent on vacation with Michael. I decided to embark on this big project and hopefully I’ll finish it. This post will kind of be like my Walking Wisely Weekend post a few years back. Except this will be a little more summarized and to the point of each day. I will not give you guys a song/video to enjoy for today unfortunately, but I will put one in tomorrow. No worries. Just before I start writing the week down, for all the WordPress users who have their own blogs: they have really changed the layout of WordPress. I’m gonna do a review on the layout. So far I really like it! 🙂 Anyway, let’s begin!

So I left with Michael (my best friend, Asian buddy, my bffto South Carolina on Sunday but arrived at his house at Saturday then came back to Georgia on SaturdayTherefore I start on Saturday.


So the day begin where I woke up. Like any normal day. I woke up early to go play my average video game time. It was probably around 6 to 7 o’clock in the morning when I woke up. Not quite sure. Around that time. I played for about an hour and a half on Zombies. I got to Round 26 on Tranzit, which was the best round I had ever made on Zombies. I was indeed satisfied with my time. Once I got off the game, I went to bed. Tired of how I woke up too early. I slept for about 3-4 hours until I was awaken by the sure sound of my family causing a ruckus downstairs. I woke up and put on my appropriate clothes. I went to the computer and started watching some Youtube videos. Some were really funny and some were really boring, but it was an “eh” time spent. I got bored in the meantime and decided to go run outside the whole neighborhood. I had jogged with Anabelle (my little sister) and Matthew (my brother) for the past few weeks, so I thought it wouldn’t do me so bad. Turns out I was completely wrong. I had so much trouble breathing it was unreal.

I literally felt the saying “the sweat on the brow”. It was so uncomfortable to be in the sweat so I took a shower and then began watching an episode of D.W. with my family. Eventually, by then, it was around evening, so my Mom had forced me to get ready for the vacation I needed to go to with Michael. I finally remembered it and was happy. It’s just that moment when you remember good things to come in the future. Just a good feeling … Anyways, my Mom over exaggeratedly worried about the whole packing. I had not packed at all, knowing the lazy person I am. She put a bunch of clothes in my backpack and made me go get some important stuff. Brushes. Toothpaste. Shampoo. Face Cleanser. Gel. Etc. Eventually when I was completely packed, the family got in the car and then we drove to Michael’s house. Once we arrived my Mom, sisters, brother, and Dad gave their goodbyes and hugs and left me at his house. Michael greeted me without a shirt on at the front door. Eventually I also remembered that I could text with Michael’s phone to Beautiful E. I texted her. Funny enough, she was also leaving to go on vacation on the same exact day, which was tomorrow. I didn’t think we were leaving tomorrow until they said they had to postpone something and we were leaving tomorrow. Beautiful E was going to Florida. I was going to South Carolina. Exactly opposite from each other. At first when I texted Beautiful E while Michael regarded that he needed to get a shirt on, it became almost awkward during the conversation. She took loads of time to respond and then was annoyed when I asked what was taking her so long. So eventually we quit the conversation.

Later on, when Michael, Daniel (Michael’s brother), and I were in the basement getting ready to sleep, we played Poker while I talked to Beautiful E on the phone. She was going to bring her friend Sydney with her to the vacation, so Sydney was with Beautiful E. The talk was kind of awkward and funny simultaneously. Beautiful E was just being sarcastic; I did not know how to respond so I just laughed. Eventually when I got bored, I hung up the phone because Sydney and Beautiful E began doing their own thing as the night crawled on. I went to bed and I think I did began to text Beautiful E a few minutes before I went to sleep and then randomly fell asleep during the conversation.


Michael and I woke up 5 in the morning because we were to be leaving early, so I began talking to Beautiful E a little bit more and then we started talking on the car trip there. Honestly, with the whole conversations I had with Beautiful E, the trip was a lot more relaxing. It was cruel at the last 2 hours of the 6 hour car trip. Though, on the way, we figured new ways of topics to discuss about. We eventually started a fun little thing we did about counting how many things we had in common. We started at #33 since that seemed reasonable. At the end of the road trip we were at #37 or #38. We stopped at Chick-fil-A once near the end of the road trip. Good lunch. Then, near evening time, we arrived at the place and were officially at South Carolina. We arrived at what seemed to be a condo neighboring with a ghetto complex that literally looked like someone had painted purple, black, and gray on the roof paints and the roofs were of metal. Ours was a lot more civil looking. The place wasn’t half bad either.

Michael’s Mom, on the way, did buy a lot of groceries. Enough to occupy the whole car to the point where we need some of the heavy groceries on my body. Heavy enough to numb my whole body. At the end of the car ride, Michael and I could barely feel our legs. It was so weird for feeling, but Michael and I managed to pull the groceries to the house. The interesting part of this house was that the main floor–where the kitchen and living room was supposed to be–was upstairs and the room Michael and I was to be sleeping in having all to ourselves was downstairs. The kids and parents room would be upstairs. Michael’s Mom’s Mom, which is actually Michael’s Grandma, came with us too. She was a lot different from the last time I met her. A lot more attitude I must admit, but whatever. People are people. Turns out we had so many foods that on the first dinner we were already full. Michael’s Mom got us a whole pack of Mini Sprite Cans for the whole week. Awesomeness! 😛 We had a nice lasagna dinner meal and then had ice-cream at the end for dessert. Michael and I went to bed afterwards and I began texting Beautiful E. I don’t remember what we were talking about specifically. Mostly about how the vacation stay was like. Surprisingly and coincidentally, Beautiful E and Sydney were at a Condo on the beach with a pool and hut tub. So did ours. We also had a balcony on the main level. So did Beautiful E. It just getting more coincidental for us.


Probably the predecessor to the worst and depressing day which is Tuesday, but I won’t spoil more than that. Monday was quite busy. Michael and I woke up around 7 to 8 o’clock. I tried to text Beautiful E though she didn’t respond for another hour. So Michael and I went to the beach and started swimming. Unfortunately, Michael’s Mom started saying that we couldn’t go to the point where we couldn’t touch the floor in the ocean. Where’s the fun in that? I love going out far into the ocean! But whatever. It sucks, but life goes on. Thankfully, Mother Nature started to become daring to us. Big waves came upon us. The biggest one literally knocked me off my feet and flipped me in the water twice where I knocked my head on the sand. And I was underwater during the whole time, so that concludes a very big wave. At least a strong and tall one.

Later on, when Michael and I got tired of the waves, we went to the pool. The pool water was 8 ft. Oh gosh. That was one of the happiest moments of the vacation. A deep pool. Especially in a condo area! The water was weird though. It felt like too much chlorine was added in the water. I don’t know. It was very hard to breath in the water and when you swam down to the 8 ft part of the water your ears to clog and brain starts to hurt. It was a good pool either way. Took a while to get adapted to the pool, but it was good. Michael and I tried breathing competitions, but Michael kept winning. I shame my Russian and Romanian ancestors. 😦 When we finished with the pool, Michael’s Mom cooked us a barbecue of nice hamburgers, Sprite, chips, and much more. Then Michael’s Grandma cooked us some cookies when we were inside. They were in fact delicious. I got Michael to watch Doctor Who. Since I couldn’t continue watching the series without my family around, I decided to have Michael involved in the series of Doctor Who. So I got him into it. At first he seemed okay with it. So I just let him be.

Michael’s Mom made us go out on our bikes. I had $5 with me from the money that my Dad gave me, so I immediately cycled to the gas station with Michael. A thing I noticed; the path where we were supposed to get to the gas station was full of tourists, cyclists, walkers, joggers, couples, pedophiles, you name it! It was kind of difficult to drive in the thin road, but Michael and I managed. At least I did. I ordered 2 King Size skittle bags and a Hershey Drop Bag. Michael just ordered some gum and saved $2 out of his savings. I came home and enjoyed the food like a King. I felt like texting Beautiful E, but then I decided best not. I watched Michael play the Wii and regretted not bringing my Wii Play to the vacation since Michael had brought his Wii. I was also regretting that I had not brought my PS3. Dangit. Eventually, Michael and I started to go to bed around 10:00 at night and fell asleep probably 30 minutes later.


So Michael and I woke up again around 7 to 8 o’clock in the morning. This time, we decided that we wanted to go to the pool instead of the beach today. So we let Michael’s Mom and Michael’s little siblings Brooke and Jake and Michael’s Grandma enjoy the beach. I completely forgot as well. Brooke became a great nuisance. I did not want to make a whole big fuss about it, but it got me so much on my nerves. She would complain at the slightest thing that did not please her. She is a good girl and I like her so much when she behaves it’s just really unraveling. Michael’s Mom is a good parent at heart and I really like how she is as a person, so I don’t judge her at all. Look how Michael turned out! XD Michael’s Mom made Michael and I go cycling around after we came out of the pool. On the way it was all happy until Michael almost got hit by a service truck. It literally pushed my heart up to my stomach. The trucker honked his horn and we drew a lot of attention from the cars driving by us. How Michael almost got run over was because we were driving on the thin side of the road, that’s how we could get to our neighborhood the fastest and easiest way without having to cross over to our neighborhood. Only disadvantage is that we needed balance because it was either the road lane or this steep sloping hill. Michael lost balance and almost shifted in front of the trucker. He managed to hold back and pull out of the lane and he survived. Oh so many “what were you thinking” came out of my mouth. I was royally scared and ticked off.

We came home and relaxed. Michael’s Mom forced us to come outside. Unfortunately, we had to and we did really nothing except make fun of Mother Nature and hope she would present us some smashing waves. We did not get any good waves but we tried our best to enjoy the time. Michael’s Mom, Grandma, and siblings, were at the shore sitting and relaxing. Actually Jake and Brooke were messing about at the beach trench near the shore splashing at the shallow water. We went back inside after awhile when we were bored and continued to watch Doctor Who. I texted Beautiful E and asked her how she was. She told me she was at the beach with a friend of hers called Matthew and this other guy called Jake. Will this madness with guys named Matthew end?! 😀 Anyway, she told me that they tried hit up on them and get their phone numbers. Surprisingly, I didn’t feel one single nerve to be surprised by this. I was actually chill about it. Beautiful E did admit that they gave their phone numbers to Matthew and Jake. It was kind of strange for me to take at first, but we’re not going out, so I completely respected the fact that she could do whatever she wanted. Eventually our conversation ended and so did the last of my Skittles. Michael became annoyed when he had to start doing chores around the house. Thankfully I only had to do a few of the chores out of the most chores he did. I wanted to be a good guest there. Not one that complains and constantly requires 5 star service. I thought this condo was great!

When evening struck, and Michael and I started to get hungry, Michael’s Mom announced we were going to a seafood restaurant. We arrived after a 30 minute drive and man it looked shabby from the outside but it was so fancy and ordered I would say immediately it was a 5 star restaurant. I don’t know. I haven’t seen a 5 star restaurant besides McDonalds or Olive Garden, but man this was good. I tried texting Beautiful E on the way, though she didn’t respond. So I just made my decisions for what I was going to eat on the menu. A quick complaint to restaurants. If you could just add a picture or some sort of drawing of how the food actually looks like on the menu, besides just fancy words, I would know what I am eating. I chose a nice big cheese chicken burger with every seafood side. Fried shrimp. Cod. Crab. And there was something else. I can’t quite remember. The point was that it was superb. Beautiful E texted me after I was done eating food. Michael and I went down to the bay of the restaurant where there were performers singing mainstream songs and a juggling entertainer. The juggler was pretty cool. Around his young 20s. He saw us and invited us to for some lessons on how to juggle. He taught us these cool stilt tricks where we would have to throw some thing up in the air and cross our stilts back and forth then catch it. Michael was the best at it. I was half surprised and half happy. Then he got us to the juggling part of the business. I did better than the stilts. Unfortunately we had to leave by the time he was teaching us how to juggle 3 balls. Gosh that sounds nasty and weird. 😛

Beautiful E began texting me back to the way on the car. Eventually she started saying that she was with Matthew and he was teaching them sign language. More sort of supporting her. Eventually I joked around saying that he would want to kiss her at the end of the week. She confessed that he said he wanted to kiss her. And then I was a little bit uneasy. I still wanted to stay encouraging and not jealous. Cause I wasn’t really jealous, but I didn’t want to come across as jealous. I told her that she could do whatever she wanted and I didn’t care. Unfortunately she took it the wrong way. She said that she didn’t need advice from me and I thought she was super ticked off at me. I don’t remember what I said, but I guess I said a kind of bye or I eventually ended the conversation or she ended the conversation. All the more, I thought I screwed up. Later on in the day, I was beating myself up. Doctor Who kept me mood up. The Doctor’s wittiness. Spectacular. I continued beating myself up until Michael somehow noticed and told me he told Beautiful E about it. I was kind of upset and embarrassed. I hate looking weak in front of girls/women. In general I hate being the weak one.

Later on in the day, near evening, I started to text to Beautiful E and I told her about I was sorry and then she said she wasn’t angry about it. And I tried to explain to her that I didn’t mean it in that way, but talking about it more became more awkward. So I stopped and then asked what she was doing. She said she was cuddling with Matthew. Utter shock flowed through me. Not anger, rage, depression. Just shock and confusion. I was feeling contradictory. Earlier in the messages she said that Matthew wanted to cuddle with her but she said that it was awkward. Not she was doing it with him. I wasn’t jealous. Never. Matthew was lucky. Luckier than anyone at this moment. I just felt so confused and down about myself. A guy meets her for the first few days and he’s already cuddling with her. That used to be me. I just thought that since she’d think it awkward she wouldn’t want me to do the same to her. But a random guy, cuddles with her. The thoughts of how it looked like paralyzed me. I wasn’t crying. No, never. I was just in complete shock. I didn’t know what to send to her. Eventually I stopped texting her and told Michael of all of this. Michael tried to joke around and said with much thought that he was never surprised about this kind of stuff. I’ve always been around Michael, telling him about some kind of girl that I like or likes me and it ends up to ground. He joked around a lot and it helped my mood. But I wasn’t quite satisfied. I went to sleep, reluctantly. Knowing that a random man had touched a girl I loved, so easily, without a second thought.


I woke up. After a long few minutes I kept thinking of Beautiful E. I tried to get my mind of things by hanging around Michael, watching Doctor Who, eating breakfast, food, working out. None of it worked. My brain was still thinking of her constantly. Michael tried helping me with forcing me to come outside to cycle. We came around cycling for a long while. We came across these gift shops. We both separated and checked out different things. I went around the gift shop, meandering pointlessly. I eventually found a place to sit and contemplated. Eventually there were these group of girls in short shirt and booty-shorts tanned more than chocolate. They passed by and made the biggest ruckus. The only thing that was significant about the group that made them involved in this post was that one of the girls looked exactly like Beautiful E. Short. Frizzy hair (LMFAO hair). Funny. Straight nose. Good butt. It made my mind implode. I couldn’t help but stare. Thinking for a crazy minute that it was Beautiful E. It wasn’t of course. Not the same sarcastic personality. They strutted off later on and I met up with Michael.

We cycled back and then had to go to the beach. Instead we went to the pool and ate some more burgers and chips for lunch. I texted Beautiful E and asked her how she was doing. She was good and all, though she continued on with the long spans of time to respond and eventually I ended the conversation impatiently waiting for her next message and gave up. Michael’s Mom had us go to another place just for touring. There Michael and I experienced lots of cool things. Antique items and all that good jazz. Though there was this girl that kept staring at me with her other red-head friend. They were both approximately in their 14 or 15 ages. I didn’t notice until Michael said that someone was staring at me. The first girl was a blonde and the second one was of course a red-head. Every split second they would take a peak at Michael and I and start giggling. I was annoyed with this. I didn’t have time for it. Nor did I care. Later on the girls hovered around us. They were giggling even more and then eventually walked up to us. The red-head did first. She said something like “how old are you guys?” and kept smiling heartily. I said 14. Happy to now think I’m 1 more year into teenage life. The girl said “oh” and said her name was Diana and her friend was Casey. She said that they thought we were cute and wanted us to walk with them around. Michael walked awkwardly and reluctantly with me to them. They were a lot more woman-like to say the least up close. Casey was almost taller than me and Michael. Diana was as short as Beautiful E and did have frizzy hair which depressed me even more, but her hair was red and she had freckles. We walked around with them and I introduced myself. I wasn’t awkward at all. I like talking to new people and I was throwing in many jokes. Many of the jokes made them fall down on their knees. Not literally, but they were shifting. xD

Turns out that Casey was a state-wide champion for Volleyball and Diana was the one who was hitting on us. Casey was the one who liked Michael the most. She stayed next to him and tried to hold hands with him. His blushing was crazily funny. Before Diana could start talking to us they had to leave with their parents. Without giving us their phone numbers, they ran off screaming “Love you” and that was it. Michael and I came home. I was sort of now happy and a little bit more relaxed. I started texting Beautiful E a little bit more. Eventually I started to crack some inside jokes that she usually did. Instead she didn’t seem pleased when I did it at all. Eventually I told her how I felt about how she wasn’t being herself and I was worrying. Then she said that I kept texting her too much and she was getting tired of texting me. This crashed my day. I felt so confused and empty. I really messed up. Again. I wasn’t hurt. My feelings were never hurt. She couldn’t do that to me just yet. I was just surprised that she actually said that. I told her that I would leave her alone and leave. Then she responded with “Yeaaah. Whateverrrrr. Byeee.”. I was in a state of confusion. I told Michael about it, but I was kind of still happy about what happened earlier. But I felt a large piece of my body go empty. Like everything that was there was gone. The girl I loved so much and I texted her too much and bugged her. Now everything was pointless. Vacation. South Carolina. Just not Michael. He kept me going. And I thanked him for that. It was the greatest thing I could ever have. The best friend I could ever have. Never would turn his back on me and never help. ❤ Cheers to Michael!


I woke up. Still empty but then full with food. I tried not to text Beautiful E at all cause I knew that I would make things worse. But it just felt so weird NOT texting her. It was like a piece of my required activity everyday that I was not supposed to do. At some points I nearly gave in and almost started to text her, but I held back. Thursday was average. Not so special. We had a good food, but decided not to eat at any fancy restaurant. Near the end of the day, we went to this kid concert where there would be this Country guy performing for kids and lots of families would be there. Worst of all, girls exactly Beautiful E kept appearing. Michael laughed every time I pointed it out and pointed out my bad luck and how life just purposely wanted me to be reminded of her. I was taken off mind when I finished ordering my ice-cream and I was the only one outside the shops next to the concert. I saw many couples. Cuddling. Nudging. KISSING. Everyone passed by me and gave the sharp and disgusted looks. I could not look at the world confidently anymore. When I was at my nearest low moment, Beautiful E texted me. For the first time. I wasn’t exactly lifted up from depression, but I was certainly surprised.

I texted her back and acted average. Michael came out and I told him about it. Michael’s Mom went with their grandma and siblings to the concert seats. Michael and I stayed on the outside sides where the shops were, listening to music like a bunch of hippies. I tried to act normal even though I so wanted to exploit my confusions to Beautiful E, but I stayed normally calm. I even began to delay a little bit on the responding cause I was busy singing to Pumped Up Kicks with Michael. Eventually we had to leave because Jake and Brooke were having sissy feets. At that point, Beautiful E and I ended our conversation. I went to bed and ended the rather short and uneventful day of Thursday.


Of all days, this was one of the best days of the week. Not that any of the other days were bad. The experience and touring around South Carolina. Especially being with Michael and his family and eating at restaurants. It’s just that this day was more eventful.

Morning as usual, I woke up. Once Michael and I got dressed, we decided to go to the pool to relax. On that day, when we were more adapted to the water, we both decided to try out how long we could breathe under water. It took a lot of tactical breathing techniques, but in the end, Michael and I got around to staying underwater 100+ seconds without breaking a sweat. I held the record of 109 seconds. Michael almost beat me, but successfully got 108 seconds. We went boss mode in breathing. And the funny part was that Erick (from my neighborhood) told me the average human passes out around 2 minutes of breathing. I didn’t break a sweat around 109 seconds, but I didn’t know how I stayed underwater, so I got up. I guess Michael and I aren’t the average human being! 😀

After that little pool accomplishment, Michael and I were forced to go to the beach. We didn’t want to, but you couldn’t say no to a parent. So reluctantly we went to the beach and began constructing a sand castle. I didn’t want to build a sand castle, so instead I decided to build a huge trench in the water. I dug really deep, especially with the help of Michael. I think we dug about 4-5 feet into the ground. I was pretty impressed. I could fit Michael’s body into the hole. Unfortunately, we had to clog it up when we left. That’s too bad.

We got Chinese food ordered to us for Lunch instead of normal Lunch. I think I got some kind of egg sandwich or a chicken sandwich. Not quite sure. But it was tasty and satisfied Michael and I for a good bit. At least me, Michael began complaining about stomach cramps because he needed to eat more. Unusual, but interesting. We went downstairs and finished the 1st season of Doctor Who. It was awesome to see the whole series again, but unfortunately Michael was very ticked off with the change of everything at the end of 1st season and to the opening of the 2nd season. I would spoil it, but I want the viewers to actually “watch” the series and not know what’s going to happen. So haha!

The rest of the day was fricking awesome! We went to go eat at a dinner and it was delicious food. We also got to see another kid concert. The day was full of events. Lots of girls were hitting on Michael and I, though I still had Beautiful E at the back of my head and I know she doesn’t care, but I have a little bit of decency in myself. I don’t know how to really explain it exactly, but yeah. That’s how it is! 😀 The day ended really well. It took me a bit to realize how great this vacation was. If Michael’s Mom is reading up to this point, then I could immediately say thank you for bringing me and having me an inspiration to post this post. So yeah! Friday ended from there and we had to go to sleep early.


We woke up really early in the morning and then began to leave the house. It was quite a short day. The 6 hour drive was quite fun. I texted Beautiful E and then laughed and talked to Michael throughout the trip. I finally arrived at the house and gave my goodbyes and I missed you to my parents and siblings and of course to Michael and his Mom. Great vacation after all! I played video games after that and had a great time. So, yes! This post is finally done!

Enjoy your time wherever you are! Bye!



I Don’t Know What To Say . . .

Hey guys, Andrew here. Nothing exciting about that, but oh well, some sort of intro is required to get things started.

Lot’s of things have been happening inside myself, like I’ve been emotionally troubled with a lot of things lately, otherwise not a lot of things have happened in my life, but I’m enjoying life to the fullest right now. This post is a dedication to those trouble-hearts out there who are right now struggling in their life with their own problems, and I’m here to say how I used to be in that depressing ordeal and how I’m out of that situation and I’m happy about it! So prepare yourself, reader. This is going to be a little more longer of a post than usual.

So to start how my life was in the past, it was bullshit and depressing. I lived in a culture were things were supposed to work this way and then I lived in another part of the world where it worked the opposite way, and I could not easily just go through it. So I went through the, what I call, Pure-Pressure stage in my life. When I was very young, I was introduced to pornography. I would say around the age of 9 or 10. At first I was very shocked by it, but then, as I lived in a part of the world where that was normal, I was shown pornography many times which resulted in addiction and other messy things. That was stage one of my life.

After awhile, then, I was not, as they called it ‘cool’. Even nowadays I look at myself in videos the past few years ago and I thought I was ridiculously annoying and weird. So then I started go into stage two of my Pure Pressure procedure. I tried to act cool and be more like other people. I somehow succeeded in my neighborhood, with my neighbors who most of them now are my dear friends, but I also failed in attempt of most areas of my life: in church, some parts of my neighborhood, parents, siblings, other friends, and also in my blog. Now this blog contains many posts, all the way from where I was 10. If you look deep and far back into my blog, maybe around 2011 or 2010, you’ll find that there is a very different mood and attitude in my writing then right now. I had many attempts to try to act cool and many of those attempts were some that I regret and I’ve chosen to forgot. Plus, I didn’t know half of what I was doing back then.

I was blogging with people older than me, especially with other cultures! Most of my blog’s popularity was based on the Indonesian cultural bloggers that visited my blog a lot after just one nice comment on their blog’s posts. I remember the excitement of finding a “new” comment from someone new on my blog. I still do find that excitement. It makes me feel like my blog was being introduced to new people. I still have a staggering amount of 32 subscribers to this blog, which I am really proud of, seeing as most of those subscribers are really awesome! But let’s not get too distracted, what I was saying about my attempts in my life about trying to be cool were mostly failed attempts as I have told you already. Back a year or two ago, I got into this big dispute between a lot of people because I asked an old friend of mine that I was blogging with for his phone number. After that happened, a few of my friends turned their backs on me, and thought of me preposterous for doing that sort of action. My old friend, himself, began to think I was pedophile and distanced himself farther away from me, still to this day, I don’t know what he’s doing in his life. What really hurt me though was the fact that one of my best friends in my blogging community (I know, I know; you think it’s crazy to have a best friend over the internet) turned his back on me as well and was also angry at me for doing this. After awhile some of my blogging community friends were gone and I was stuck with my Indonesian cultural bloggers. But then my best friend eventually came back and I explained to him the whole ordeal about how I just wanted to contact him and I didn’t mean for it to go this way. See, I was not very much experienced in the internet world then. He forgave me, and also apologized for his anger toward me. I don’t see him very much now, I think he has given up blogging in his life, but we still contact each other once in awhile. 🙂

Afterwards, other problems and situations went down. I’ll give you one more. I posted on my blog, and lied about killing a man. I know, finally I have confessed the truth. I was young, and I think I need to put this lie behind me. I did NOT kill a man or human being. Back then, the thought of killing a man for self-defense was very cool, seeing as I was watching a lot of action-pack movies. So anyway, I lied about killing a man on one of my blog’s posts. An immediate surge of energy of confusion and shock and emotions ran through the whole community. I was even called many wrong things and I desperately needed to ask some of my friends from my school for back-up. There was a lot of confusion. Eventually the situation and topic wore down and it was forgotten. But now it’s forgotten, and I would like to set the record straight. I did NOT, repeat, NOT kill a man.

That seemed all that happened in my blogging atmosphere. Now I was going into middle school, in church and in my school life. I did not really understand well the life of a middle schooler and how it worked. So I was taken by the current, and on the way Pure Pressure took over me. I ended up getting or receiving a lot of problems. I earned a lot of girlfriends, but not serious ones. The shortest relationship I had with a girl in my life was about almost a day, which I’m not proud of. Along with all the girlfriends, I had lot’s of problems making up jokes that actually offended people. Sometimes nowadays, but very rarely, I make up an offending joke to someone, but I know how to use them in a specific way. Back in my young ages, actually I’m still at young age but I’m referring to a younger age, I blurted out offensive jokes so much as if I was breathing them, which resulted into a lot of problems.

Stage two was over, and so was the Harry Potter series . . .

I was so angry and sad at the same; not immediately, but overtime.. I slowly grew into a depression of reading books, because I was thinking, as I saw the ending of the Harry Potter series, what am I going to read and dwell on now? I tried reading other books. I already finished the Percy Jackson series in less than two months. I tried reading other books, but I never found the same exact joy with the other books just as I did with the Harry Potter books. I started to endorse on the Hunger Games. The first book was interesting, and the movie itself was well done, but as I moved onto the second book, I realized and told myself that I was still not receiving the same excitement as the Harry Potter books. I haven’t finished the second Hunger Games book, I plan to though, one day. I just can’t explain it .. Harry Potter was THE book I read, it was my childhood. I even still watch all of the movies every time they appear on ABC family. I mean, if I actually got to meet J.K. Rowling, she would be receiving a proper respect for her amazingly done series and how well done it was made; the details, the environment she displayed, the plot, the whole story was just so captivating! So my depression slowly goes on, and I’m slowly going through the process of getting back to reading books, but I’ll hold up for now.

One of my biggest problems in my life going on right now is my love life. There’s this girl I like, scratch that, there’s this girl I love named Sarah. I know that you’re probably going crazy over the fact that she probably doesn’t want me to mention her name, but trust me, I think some of you know her, and I’m aware of her privacy, I would just like to share something about my life that she has contributed to. Before, back in the day, Sarah was ALSO a friend of mine in the blogging community. I got to know her through one of my best friends named Sasammygirl (this name is how I know her), one of the best friends I ever had! At first, Sarah and me were really good friends in the blogging community. We talked a lot, and coincidentally had a lot of things in common! Eventually, as time went by, I started to actually see how she looked and talk to her personally through Facebook. We talked a lot! Since we were both mainly homeschooled. Over time, I started to like her, and called her sexy a few times 😛 She started to like me to, but I was still going for this other pretty girl cause I thought it wasn’t going to be possible between me and her, since she liked this other guy with an amazing six pack. The attempt with the other pretty girl failed, and I had one shoulder to lean on: Sarah. Our relationship between each other began to grow closer and closer, until we had love for one and another. After more and more time went on, we craved each other! We couldn’t be separated. Others looked at us as the perfect couple in the future, and she said she wanted to be with me. I actually got to face-time (video chat) with her a lot afterwards and we almost knew each other like we were born as friends. We were like best-friends in love. We had so many things in common, though there were some major differences between us, but they weren’t that important for us NOT to be together.

Until something bad happened. Her Dad found in her e-mail account that she had a blog, and within that blog, she was talking smack about her parents. I already knew this wasn’t good as she explained to me when the ordeal happened. Since almost her whole family knew me, as well as her Dad, they knew I was one of her close blogging friends. But since her Dad saw that she was talking smack about the family, he was so fed up, that he said that Sarah could NOT spend time with me. Now this situation put both of us in tears, which meant we could not contact for over a year, and God knows what happens after a year. As we departed, my life grew even more depressing. I began to hate myself and question myself for awhile.

After a long time, maybe a few 3 or 4 months, Sarah and I got back into contact. I was sort of nervous about the situation. I checked of course to see is she was doing well and how she was. Then I went to the real question, did she still have the same feelings for me? I still had feelings for her, even though it was difficult. The truth was cold.. her depression after the departing dropped her feelings for me. She did not love me the same as before. She still was my best friend and we still will contact, but she did not love me, and that was hard to deal with. I cried for a few days remembering the thought. She was a major part of my life for a long time. Right now, I’ve grown up from all of this I am telling you about, besides the love-life problem, and I’m going to express my feelings for Sarah once I get to contact her again. Cause honestly, I’m not going to give up until I get that love back from Sarah until everything is back to normal!

So now what? I guess I’ll continue to blog.. I don’t know.. I bought a PS3 to occupy my life after what has happened and so far video games, friends, family, and music have kept me going. I’m looking positive at life always now, I’m never going to be depressed, and now to those people that are depressed, my saying to you now is: “You’ve read my story, some I’ve left out, but you got the main points, I ask you to look at this and try looking at your life and ask yourself if you want to continue to be depressed and hate your life. I say find a group to live with, be positive and live life to the fullest! Life is too short, live it to the fullest as Tom Syndicate (a hard-core gamer in Youtube) says.” I hope this helped you, leave a comment for me if it did! I worked hard and long for this post! It would be appreciative if you liked this or shared it, and left a comment for your thoughts.

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That there was my impression of a karate kick. I did so well didn’t I?

Hey guys, this is Andrew C. Paladie, or for short ACP, and I am reporting to you here on my epic blog. I know, I know. I have NOT been posting lately. Actually I haven’t been posting at all! What’s up with that? That’s why I decided to come back to you people with my life and how I have been. Lately a few things have been happening. #1: I’ve been updating on a Youtube account I used to have last year during the month of September. I posted a video of the MW3 trailer along with some good background music to make the video more interesting. By all means, please check it out. I would love for you to give me some feedback on Youtube of what you think of it, or if you don’t have a Youtube account you can just simply leave a comment here or if you think I should really hear your opinion and the last two are out of the picture, just leave me an e-mail. If all fails, you’re screwed.

Oh and BTW, I also have an announcement to make before I move onto my top reasons why I have been acting like such a jerk and not letting you guys know how my life is going. On my Youtube channel I am going to be posting more videos. What about may you ask. I am actually going to start with a series of Minecraft videos and then go on with a few more realistic (instead of gameplay videos) videos with spoofs of almost everything I can find funny. If you would like to check my channel, subscribe to it, by all means go ahead. If you do not know how to subscribe to a channel but yet you DO have a Youtube channel, then you may go on Youtube and look up how to do that. If you don’t know how to look up stuff on Youtube, then you DO have a problem.

Now before I get too carried away, as I already have been, for the moment, let me move onto my next reason why I’ve not been posting. #2: I’ve just been lazy and I was not thinking of you guys and how much you would miss me or if you would miss me. I was almost at the verge of thinking I was just posting to myself, Haha! Isn’t that crazy? 🙂 No, but really, this blog was intended before for something else but has transformed into something crazy I have found suit for, and honestly my life does not depend on the fact that you guys comment on these posts. Actually this blog is more for announcements or for my life/diary. For the people who do happen to be commenting on these posts are awesome and that’s why I also post announcements in these posts. So those people, or those things out there that are commenting and are subscribed to my everyday activities, you guys are awesome and you should keep doing what you do.

And now! #3: Because I have been acting like such a BOSS (pronounced in my accent) in school and basically in everything else. But those emos, or people that enjoyed me posting about how depressed my life is, just wait. I’m not going to act like a total loser and act like I’m better than you because I’m happier and I’m going to make you happy. No, that’s not my point of being happy. I want to be happy because before I was beginning to become sick of being depressed all the time. So nowadays, I just try to be as happy as possible! But trust me guys, if something goes downhill, it’s okay. I’ll be here to mention it 😉

So there you go; three reasons to why I have been excused for a long flipping time. But now, nothing’s going to be in my way. Now I am going to post posts like crazy. So subscribers, you better be tuning in to this junk. Cause it’s about to be crazy.

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Boy! I Wish I Was In England

Man, many things are going through my head. Mum (and yes, I am going to call my Mom, Mum) just told me that boys and girls in England just watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. Funny, because I posted a video on me and my friend’s channel that was related to Harry Potter, just not the movie. Here’s the video. I made it using Windows Live Movie Maker. It was my first time.

Anyway, I’m progressing very well through my book. I’m still a bit behind due date. But what? Do you see everyday a 12 year old boy, with long blonde hair, who likes to play the guitar, writing a book? No. I hope that was your answer. Now, I kind of wish school would already start or we would already go back home and go to Six Flags White Water to try out the Cliffhanger. That ride is the last ride! If I finish it, then I would have finished all of the rides in that park. Oh and we might visit again Six Flags (the roller coaster one) and might try the Gotham City ride, the Cyclone, some Loony Tunes ride and whatever I see in the park.

Yeah, it’s not going to be that great. I might get dizzy or cry a bit. But that’s the point of being a man. I mean, at least it’s not going to kill me, right? Sometimes I just ask myself, “why in the world are there thrill rides?”. Yeah, I bet a couple of people have been asking that question. Oh, and another note, I’m single, once again. If your asking for the details, the only thing I’m going to tell you is that she broke up with me. I didn’t break up with her. It’s a bit sad. We both had the longest girlfriend and boyfriend relationship in such a long time. I think about over half a year. I think God’s trying to tell me to go back with Mary or my old crush. Dunno.

Well, anyways, that’s all I have to announce for the past week and days. Oh and one last thing . . . I went to Tennis with Dad and the three of his friends. I didn’t really get to play much Tennis except for the time I played a small Tennis game with my brother, Matthew. Yeah, I played him. He’s good. Other than that, I had to be ball boy or just wait until their game was over. But, before the game was over the lights on the Tennis court went out (meaning we had to exit the field). I’m trying not to get too depressed over it. I don’t even need to get depressed over it. The only thing I’m really waiting for is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 and going back home to Georgia. Tomorrow, BTW, is when the movie is about to come out. 😉

Ink Mayhem

Well, yes, I maybe haven’t been able to write as often as usual. But, I made a promise for this time only, that from April 1st (the day I go to Florida), I will post completely as a daily activity. But, anyways, I’m on my laptop writing this post. I hope this post will seem more superficial than most of the posts I have published.

I had to stay up all night. Because I was thinking of my girlfriend. Okay, maybe that sounds wrong to you guys. But, yourself in my shoes or be in a position of love. You would understand how much you would love your girlfriend if you were in love. I just love my girlfriend so much. So, while I was thinking about my girlfriend, I was playing Star Wars battlefront 2. Man, the game is so addicting. When 7 o’clock AM hit, I decided to sleep for awhile. After sleeping, I felt like that not sleeping throughout the night seemed really stupid. It sounded like a complete dilemma to me. But, what things I do, honestly, I can’t explain why this happens.

I had loads of homework to do. I studied about 4 topics with my dad on Fractions and figured that I had 1 test on Math, another test for Reading, and 5 tests that were based on the post test. Basically on each subject that ever existed for my grade. For some reason I can’t make any sense or seem really in contact with this post. But, all do my best to socialize and contact better with this post. Oh, what am I saying?! I’m not making sense, and I’m also straying from topic. I failed again against my Math lesson in Study Island because I had done the lesson 5 times before. I understood the whole concept, but it’s just that I’m going to have to redo the test with 20 or more questions so I can get the test done so I can move completely to the post test. I hope I’ll be able to exceed the test. Because I would be really angry at myself.

Social Studies was a pain in the butt because I’m not studying anymore continents and countries. I’m studying about stupid topics on ‘how to not stray from topics’ and ‘how not to be anxious during a test’. Honestly, I liked it better last year when they actually stated a subject that was all based on it. Not wasting fabulous time on how to not become anxious test when I could be studying China or Japan (have some decency for Japan, people!). I just loved learning about the natural resources, the climate, physical features and politics on Russia, United States, Canada and Europe. Anyways, Pre-Algebra was pretty boring and dull too. I only had a semester review on Math, so I don’t really feel so excited about this.  Earth Science and The Twelfth Night Acts have been the most interesting during the past week. I hope that when they were setting us this week of school, they were actually not boring so we wouldn’t have to make us impatient for Spring Break.

I’m still excited about going to Florida. During Spring Break, I hope that I’ll feel like a free man going to the ocean, living for the Spring Break in a one story house and going inside the pool everyday. That’s basically whatever I do whenever I visit our friends at Florida. I’m also bringing my laptop too. So, probably I’ll be able to post about how Florida was. And especially send e-mails daily again with my girlfriend. We just love socializing with each other and talking. We just seem to never have problems, except that she likes hip-hop. But, I LOVE her without a doubt. After finishing school, I watched the movie Paranormal Activity 2. It was a boring movie, along with a waste of my time. I love the Grave endures or whatever they call it. Paranormal Activity 2 just seemed to be an insult of a movie. Oh and my sister got beat the hell up because she dropped a lot of ink against the carpet.

I had to feel faithful and help Patricia, while cleaning up the whole house. That’s pretty much it. I know depressing.

Moodiness Takes Over

I was so moody today. Oh my God, I didn’t even feel like telling you guys that I was this moody.  That’s really how moody I’ve gotten. But, I’ll explain and tell you guys about it, becuase this is where I write down my feelings.

Well, in the beginning of the morning, when my dad woke me up for CCS starting soon, I decided to listen to this artist I haven’t heard about called Avril Lavigne. I think Sammy put a couple of songs of her. Besides that, I hardly know the girl. I listened to her song, “what the hell!” and well, I’m not interested. Plus, the mood didn’t help because I had to stay up all night because I started to hear scratching noises on my closet door and how it would slightly open. So, Avril Lavigne, thanks a lot for helping me! (BTW, if you didn’t get it, I was being sarcastic) So, when I started Language Arts CCS (on Wednesdays there aren’t any ALP Language Arts CCS), I had to wait for about 15 minutes for the teacher to handle her 7 year old child.

It was a bit annoying for Sabourah, Jacob and I. Though, we just went with it. Nicci Peters, our Language Arts teacher, was more giving us assingments than teaching. People in team J, had to write a Persuasive Essay. People in team I, had to write a Research Report. People in team G, had to make a slideshow of pictures for a presentation next week. My team, team H, had to write an essay on anything we wanted. We had to write short ones during class, and take notes from the links the teacher gave us. I think the class took 45 to 50 minutes. Usually it would take 35 or 40 minutes. But, it was a bit longer because of all the students in the class studying. Quickly when I finished my first 3 paragraphs on Emperor Penguins, I got out of that CCS and moved into Science CCS.

Chat was sort of depressing, my girlfriend and I were hardly talking because we were busy with things, and plus my friend Mary was getting all street talkin’ in the chat box. Also, her name with a heart at the end seemed to have interested a student called Cara and somebody else called Makayla. They did the same, which sickened me. I wonder when JB is going to pop up into our school and woo all the girls. Science was also very dull. Dr. Brad Johnson had a sort of cold, if I’m right, and he would keep moaning on the microphone or would have to turn it off so he could cough and than turn it back on. I didn’t really get what we were learning in Science class. I skipped both Social Studies and Math CCS. Tomorrow I’ll probably do both of those. I don’t know yet.

Skipping both of those classes made me feel moody. So, I just did the last assignment on Study Island, and passed it. I still had the essay to finish due tomorrow. So, it took me about ti’ll 3:50 PM to finish it. I had to investigate (for a part of Earth Science) an experiement and than write a procedure. When I was having difficulty picking an experiement, the song “What the hell!” by Avril Lavigne kept popping in my head. It was really annoying at the time. So, I listened to Blessthefall and Asking Alexandra. I was the least estatic when I had to do allover again Probability in odds today. Plus, the Social Studies lesson we learned was pretty boring. So, when I finished everything, and than finished getting into an argument with Matthew about showingoff, I went outside.

Spent some time with the neighbors and the new neighbor Jeremiah. When I made my own base with my family and Jeremiah, it became complete chaos. Patricia’s friend was making fun of people, constantly slapping, threatened to hurt someone with a pocket knife and also said Matthew sucked dick. Well, I was pissed off. I eventually outspoken Savino until he blacked out. Eventually we figured that Jeremiah was bi-polar. His mood expression changed so quickly. Patricia’s friend was trying to tell him to make him feel better that she wasn’t really going to stab him. When I told her about how she said you suck dick to Matthew she said no I didn’t, she said “I don’t suck dick!”. What a prick and a liar. Jeremiah told Patricia’s friend to go away. But, she just wouldn’t.

And to make things better, she wanted to tell all of us, how she had a bad life. WTF?! That’s all I can say. I went home after the incident, and watched this depressing movie, and I got so moody throughout American Idol, and than had stomach pain, so I had to drink Vinegar. I went to bed after that. Not such an interesting day.

Depression Hurts If You’re An 11 Year Old

Well, I’d say today on Martin Luther King Jr. day (or for short: MLK day) was very annoying, and yet hopeless at the same time. Anybody play Mario Super Bros Wii? Well, I may have not mentioned. But, Michael slept over at my house, and I’ll try to explain to you everything that happened this morning during the sleepover. Well, I was able to sleep normally throughout the morning, until at one point, after my vacuous dream about cameras, I woke up. At one point everybody has to wake up after a dream/imagination state. So, yeah, but the good sign was that Michael told me that it was 8 in the morning. So, afterwards, we started talking about some jokes we saw on MAD TV through Cartoon Network. We laughed a lot, until my dad (in his boxers) came in the room, and said we had to calm down. Afterwards, we started cussing in our talking, I knew my dad was listening, since Michael couldn’t control his tone, but it didn’t really occur to me that it mattered to him. He cussed a lot, and we both know that whenever I cuss (or curse, whichever way you like to say it) and that we make it into such a drama, it’s just going to lead into a pointless end.

We went downstairs, and started watching a bunch of adult swim Spongebob episodes that included a lot of sex cuss words, and other stuff moms wouldn’t approve of from their son’s sons. After that, I was missing you guys on the blog, as well, as the band stuff. I have a song, with lyrics, and guitar notes. If you want them, ask through the comments, and I’ll e-mail them. So, after thinking mentally about my other life, Michael and I went outside around 10 AM, in the freezing cold, and started swimming. YES! It actually feels good to start swimming in the cold water, especially in your pants. Well, actually, this is what happened. We went to our river, I told my mom that I was going to be outside for awhile. So, than we went over to the river, and noticed none of the water was really physically changed. So, Michael and I came up with the idea to jump in. I think it was like 43 degrees underwater. Especially if you looked at the whole river, there’s a bunch of junk. So, yeah, we got very energized, since the cold was waking us up a little bit.

Afterwards, Michael was just allover the Wii. Playing with my sisters, and brother. So, later on, when I started walking around the neighborhood, I started to stand on ice for awhile. Well, actually it was about 6 inches thick ice. I was able to stand on it. No worries, I didn’t fall through. When I became bored, I read unsuccessfully Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire. I’m only 445 pages done with it, so I have 723 pages total in the book, minus that and you would fine the answer. When Michael, Patricia, Matthew, and Anabelle than finished his entertainment, they became just as bored as I was. Michael followed me, and stood on the ice along with Patricia, Matthew, and Anabelle. Anabelle constantly screamed her lungs out whenever she’s slip and fall over on the ice, so, than when that happened, we all had to regain her faith in the ice. Though, when everybody got the hang of it, they wanted to stay and play on the icy water that they could ice skate on, but I didn’t want to. So, since I asked pleadingly and nicely for them to get off and so we can be on our way, they didn’t listen.

They just left me out of the situation. I went home and drunk two cans of Sprite and went back outside to go somewhere far from the neighborhood. I left the neighborhood, and than entered the graveyard (the place where I killed a guy by accident last), and then by 20 minutes, I was 3 miles out of the neighborhood. I saw this 80’s truck trailer lying around, and nobody was around it. So, I checked around it, and then decided I wanted to go inside it. I was trying to prevent the temptation of going inside that trailer. Luckily, I won against my temptation and left.

When I went inside, I found Michael, Patricia, Matthew, and Anabelle playing Mario Super Bros Wii. Mama Mia! They played all day, so I just played Wizard 101, and like usual, I lost on trying to defeat a Golem and collect a special item in this special quest in Wizard 101. So, I decided on learning some tips on how to build a website. I was about to show Michael, but than his mom came to pick him up, and then he left. I was all depressed throughout the day because he left, and because I yet had the thoughts that life was meaningless for me. I put myself in bed, and shed a little tears, but than I regained consciousness of myself. Mom had to pull me out of bed because she thought it was a bad idea that I was sleeping at this time. So, I watched my sisters and brother this new show on Nickelodeon called Supah Ninjas. If you haven’t heard of it, that’s fine with me, I would’ve understood. But, my mom was watching upstairs, House of Payne and then next Mike and Molly. I went to sleep immediately since I was laughing critically from the show Supah Ninja’s comedy. And that’s where the story ends.