I Feel In Control of My Life

Hey guys! Andrew here! Bringing you a new post of my daily life. Song/video of today is a song called “Same Love” by the one and only Macklemore! I’m still waiting for him to compose some new songs with someone, but I guess as they say, never to rush perfection. Anyway, a heads up before watching this song. This song IS about “gay marriage” so if you feel slightly offended by it, by all means you have the choice not to watch it. I support “gay marriage”, but respect your beliefs. I put this song to provide a good, positive message and cause it has a nice beat to it. Enjoy!

Lately, I just feel great. Kind of up to date with everything I’m doing. I’ll explain later on in the post. So my usual routine of waking up got back into the normal jist. I was able to wake up easy and normal, but this time the cold of the outside had finally entered our house, leaving my feet cold and hard to walk out of bed from. My room was a complete mess. No joke. If I had a phone or camera to prove it, you would agree as well. I, myself, believe I’m gonna have to clean it up. When my Dad woke me up around 5:30 in the morning, I woke up straight away and tried to find myself some clothes. I decided to wear the same jacket from a couple of days ago. Probably something I wore last week. It’s the “Running” jacket and the same jeans I have been wearing for the past 3 days that can keep my legs warm. Once I went downstairs, I brushed my teeth and washed my face and then got all my stuff organized in my backpack (this time no Pop-Tarts to be placed in my backpack since I ran out). My Mom later on came downstairs and applied the acne creme and left the house with my Dad. While she left, I played a little bit on the computer. Minecraft FTW!

My Mom came back in the matter of 15 minutes and she gave me her hugs and kisses, then I left to the bus-stop. Surprisingly, Markel wasn’t already coming to the bus-stop and I was the only one there waiting. I tried to sit on the green power-box, but the cold surface froze my butt, so I decided to stand. Sarah came around and she was wearing a sort of dress with a sleeveless bra that looked like something a Hawaiian would wear with a transparent silk jacket on top of it. I thought she was crazy for wearing that. So much of her skin was exposed out in the cold, but yet she wasn’t affected. I talked to her about the upcoming Football game and then we both talked a little bit about where Markel was and in that moment we saw Markel exit his house and walk over to the bus-stop towards us. The bus came in what seemed to be no time. I got on the bus with much more confidence. Not really caring if I could find a seat because I was cool with most of the people in the back of the bus and nearly the main attention since I was the only one that talked on the bus when we drove back home. There were no empty seats, so instead I sat next to this Colombian dude, who I sat next to many times and we were cold. We talked for a brief minute about how cold it was outside and then I stayed quiet, trying to re-coop from the cold and take in the warm air-conditioning.

When we arrived at the school, Eric walked out of the bus with me at the same time, so I talked to him a little bit and asked about the last Basketball game (yesterday we had another long basketball game [not the “Epic Basketball Game”, that was two days ago]). He admitted he was sore and that was it. I pushed on through the crowd to catch up with Markel and asked him if he was feeling sore. Turns out both of them had turned out sore from the game. I had not felt the effects surprisingly. The breakfast isle was serving my favorite meal, only I did not have the taste buds or tolerance to eat a protein meal with a biscuit ontop. So I ate 3/4 of it and then finished my orange juice. When I entered the P.E. room, I sat next to Chris, it being Chris and I only. Keila came later, but Chris had not spoken a single word until Keila and I talked till Coach Pierce came and called roll. Coach Pierce called Chris’s name about 4 times, but Chris had zoned out or was not paying attention. I called Chris’s attention and Chris said “here”. One of the worst decisions he could make. Coach Pierce gave him the death stare. THE DEATH STARE. He told him exactly these words “I guess I’m gonna have to get a little closer with you” and I held back tears of laughter. Coach Pierce gets pissed off when someone doesn’t answer when he calls roll, but this was rape! D:

Once he called my name, I said “Here” and then went into the locker room and came out changed. I played my game with the same people I played with yesterday. I didn’t get to post about yesterday since on Wednesdays normally, I have family time with my family, which means no electronics. So sorry. All I can say is that my team won and I made amazing shots along with a nice trick-shot. Today I won again. I messed up a bit, you know. Since it’s 7 o’clock in the morning! But otherwise, I did pretty good. Making some nice 3 pointer shots that made the enemy team gawk for awhile. Finally, P.E. ended and we went back in the locker rooms and then came back out changed in proper, un-sweaty clothes.

Honors Language Arts was something I could catch up with. We did our Bellwork, no SSR Reading though. For the rest of the time, we watched the Adventures of Odysseus on film and took a paper where we took notes of the movie in empty blanks for a grade. So far I got most of the questions down, except for this one question that confused me and I didn’t pay attention to. The period was otherwise, chill. Nothing too much I couldn’t handle. Though we had a test on Part I of the Adventures of Odysseus, which is a story we’ve been focusing on for about a week and a half. With the study-guide she returned to us, I had it in the bag,

In Honors Biology, we had to do a lab that was related to the topic we were learning about, Enzymes. Some of it was sticking to me, but most of it was not making sense at all. I just winged it throughout the class and tried to get most of the lab work done. At the end of the class, I asked my teacher if I could get an Advisement pass for extra help on the class. I asked yesterday for one too, but did not get to post about it either. Sorry. 😦

In Accelerated Math, I was actually participating in answering questions and tried to keep a good mood as I was learning tips for acing the test tomorrow. Yeah. I know. Test on Honors Language Arts and a Vocabulary quiz in Honors Language Arts, along with a test in Math? Gosh, my Friday’s gonna be stressing. But I felt in control while I was participating, because when I didn’t understand the questions and how I could get to the answers I directly asked the teacher as she was teaching how that was that in the exampled equations like a confident person. More like I didn’t care what other people thought and I just wanted to get an A in her class. I feel particularly confident about the test. That’s a feeling I’ve never felt before. Literally.

Before going to guided study class before French I went to my Honors Biology teacher and her help explain to me the lab. As I was filling in information that recorded my presence for the extra help, I heard someone walk from behind and I assumed it was my Honors Biology teacher but apparently it was this really cute girl who I could assume was a Senior or Junior. I talked and asked her a sentence saying my teacher’s name as if the girl was the teacher and asked the question about the information. In that split second, I realized that it wasn’t the teacher and told her sorry and to not make it awkward I said “That was weird”, which made her laugh. Great, I made that cute Junior/Senior girl laugh. My Honors Biology teacher was an awesome teacher to have help me when it was just a one on one experience and she helped explain a lot of the work, but she was a kind of teacher that wanted me to figure it out on my own, which is not my style. Otherwise, the extra help really helped.

French wasn’t all that good. Casey had finally come back after awhile of not going to school. So I tried to catch up with him on a few things during our Guided Study. Then we went to Lunch and I ate my favorite lunch. Waffles with chicken breast and syrup along with a nice milk and an apple. Awesomeness! In French we had to work on a new lesson referring to genders still but how to say “my” or “your” in plural or singular in masculine or feminine format. We were also reminded our “Ma Famile” project was due tomorrow. Yes. Two quizzes in Honors Language Arts, 1 test in Accelerated Math, and a project in French. This Friday could not get any more packed. But for the most part the class continued on gradually and ended nicely for me. Once again, I felt like I was paying attention more in class and was in control of what was going on around me.

Digital Technology was another awesome class. I finished my stinkin’ Baby Catch Project, confident I got a 100% on it, and moved to the Diver Race game. My classmates on my side noticed me doing it and them being 2 assignments ahead of me, they said I was going to kill myself doing the Diver Race project since it took them 3 days to finish it. I finished the majority of that project in 1 day. Another funny thing about it in class was that a girl that usually talks too much in class walked by my row of tables and Alexis on my row of tables stretched his hand out on accident and smacked her in the boob. Her being obviously traumatized, she held the boob he smacked accidentally and walked past me. I don’t why or how, but I looked at her boob as she was clutching it and said “Is that a B size?”. I was saying it to myself, not asking her, but said it aloud. Apparently she was offended by the question even though she goes to a ghetto school anyway and felt the need to go ask the teacher if what I asked was a private question, grabbing everyone else’s attention. But me, being in control of the situation, put her drama to a rest and said seriously that she was overreacting and that I never asked her the question and that it’s not even a big question to ask in the first place. Most of the guys agreed. Of course the prissy white girls and the teacher did not, but I didn’t care. I was in CONTROL of my own situation and I owned it! At least that’s what I think.

When the bell rang, we all went to our buses and I went to my bus. #42 is my bus number. When I entered the bus, Sarah came on the bus with a group of stylish balloons hanging over her with a big bag of goodies. She showed me and it was 4 king-size bags of different tasty candies. I yelled out begging for some, which grabbed Eric and Markel’s attention. She didn’t share, but did share that it was her birthday. Everybody on the bus wished her a happy birthday. Then Eric, Markel, Sarah, and I talked as the 4 of us as best friends. Then, we took one of the balloons and sucked the helium one by one on the bus, making funny noises that we all died laughing to, but seemed to annoy a lot of people on the bus. It was hilarious anyway. We did this until we got to our neighborhood and then got dropped off and walked to our houses. I studied inside my house for the upcoming tests and still have to work on my project. Markel asked for me to come outside and we ended up playing an aggressive game of basketball for practice. My shins decided to hurt now all of the sudden, but I played. We were going up to 15 points and counted all shots as 1 point. The score was Markel 15 and me 14. I was so close to beating Markel, but I was so tired by then, I nearly gave up. We both tired each other out when we played Basketball. After the game we went home and I drunk 2 full cups of water and ate my dinner, making my stomach heavy. And that was pretty much it for the day.

Enjoy your time wherever you are! Bye!


Epic Saturday

Hey guys! Andrew here! Bringing you a new post. Here’s the video of the day. It’s a pretty funny video from one of my favorite Youtubers: PewDiePie. Despite the vulgar language and the violent graphics in the game being played in this video, it IS a pretty funny video. The game he is playing is called Happy Wheels. If you are interested in playing then just look it up on the internet. Anyway, here’s the video:

Okay, so this is going to be summarizing my day. Saturday was pretty awesome. Not a lot of things commonly happened during the course of the day. I actually had to do chores in the morning and kind of half cleaned up my room. Then I went on the computer as usual. Except this time, not for playing Minecraft, because today King and hopefully Savino was coming over for a sleepover for Matthew’s birthday party. So I just roamed aimlessly on Youtube and my blog. Then I decided to go outside and do some parkour. My mother, of course, forced me to wear some sort of thick clothing, such as a jacket or sweat pants outside because it was so called freezing outside and my mother did not prefer me going outside in a T-shirt and shorts. I believe the weather was around 50-60 degrees at the moment, going by how much I felt. Though I did not usually feel the cold and often resisted it, but I caved in and put on a jacket at least. I went outside to the back porch in the house and decided to practice a little bit by swinging on the small hut building in our backyard, which I usually did. Unfortunately, the cold got the better of me and I could barely get grip of the wood without slipping off and jerking my hands backwards from the ice cold feel. So I gave up instantly and decided to climb up trees. During that process I could actually see my breath in the air like it was gray steam. I assumed at this point it was about lower than 50 degrees. But I ignored and continued playing outside. Later on, then, I decided to go visit Brian, in my neighborhood, and see him since he was gone for the past few days of the last days of school since Thursday. Turns out, when I arrived inside his house, he said he had the stomach flu and I told him about how people at school missed him. All that good jazz. Then surprisingly we transitioned, after watching on his new laptop, Youtube to watching Paranormal Activity 3. We found the movie online to watch for free, so we enjoyed it!

It was quite a scary and interesting movie, but it did not sincerely SCAR me for life or scare the living crap out of me. More it kept me scared when I suspected something was going to happen but it never did. The ending was just plain creepy. Not going to spoil it, though. Might do a “Movie Perspective”. Haven’t done those in awhile. But I would have to give it a hard 3.7 out of 5. Then after the both of us finished watching the movie I figured it was 1:00 PM when I only arrived around 10:30-11:00 o’clock in the morning. After my farewells, I left, and arrived home seeing my parents were gone. Of course I took the opportunity of playing some Minecraft on the computer. Then after almost less than 10 minutes my parents arrived.

The day proceeded with us getting prepared for King to come over. Unfortunately, Savino was not able to come. SO, King was therefore the only one from our neighborhood (that Matthew wanted to invite for his birthday party) over. It was nice to meet him. Though he came in sick. Coughing and all serious. We then got settled and wasted no time to go to the computer. Then Matthew’s friends from our current new neighborhood came over and played with him. This continued until finally King and I decided to start playing Black Ops II, which was now working on our PS3. Plus I had figured out how to fix the PS3 from last weekend with Michael, thankfully. We played a  lot of good matches and I really liked the multiplayer feature on Black Ops II. Though I have yet to try Zombies and see how it is like. Then when our time was nearly over the DeJesus family came over to celebrate Matthew’s birthday. We had pizza and juice (which I regret taking now…) and had fun. The little kids, including Matthew, played Black Ops II as King’s sickness continued to grow worse and he started to vomit. He decided to take a quick relax and then after an hour, he was completely fine. By that time, most of the crowd had left except for my family and King. We had as much fun as possible and continued the day until it was finally approaching night time and then we had to go to sleep, which leads up to this moment right now.

I think have caught some of King’s sickness, though, I pray for my sake that it is temporary and not as bad that I will have to skip school. 😦 Pray for me! Whoever is reading this! Enjoy your time wherever you are! Bye!


I’ve Been Sick . . .

Sorry guys I have not been posting the past three or two days. I caught a cold, then a fever, then a headache, and then eventually I felt like I was sick enough to start vomiting. But no worries guys, I have recovered. I still have a little bit of the sniffles, but that’s okay, I can deal with it. And lately lots of important things have happened. My family missed church the whole Sunday. We celebrated Matthew’s crush’s birthday at her birthday party. I learned a home-made brownie recipe to make for myself whenever I pleased. And I also got to play some Nazi Zombies at Nicholas’s house. I guess there were some other things to the weekend that I probably forgot, but those were the main events that occurred.

I will be back to posting as soon as possible. Trust me guys. 🙂

I’ve Had A Cold

Yes, I haven’t been able to get you guys updated on what’s happened the past two days, but there’s nothing you really missed in those past two days except that I’m getting excellent grades again, and that I passed my two Semester Assessment tests for Social Studies and Vocabulary. No big deal. It was almost exactly the same as this past week. But, really, why I couldn’t post, was because I had a tough cold. I sneezed allover the place, my nose was starting to drip, plus whenever I would sneeze, my esophagus would start contracting, and would make my neck start feeling hollow. I don’t really know how to explain to you how it felt, because it hurt, but it was almost a normal feeling you would get. So, by tomorrow I will be posting again. Live long and prosper. 😀

I Have A Natural Problem With Girls

Oh God, I really don’t feel well today. I just feel round-headed. Plus, what’s worst is that I now hate or am irritated by girls/women. I’m not saying I’m gay. I think I’m going to say I’m just getting sick of them in general. It’s just that, I haven’t REALLY found one real responsible girl. Honestly, that’s why I’d wish I’d stop thinking this way. Because I know a few girls that are responsible. God help me. Anyways, today’s homework was going really well. Except for Science. I’m starting this habit of skipping Science. It’s really annoying because the next day I have to put in results I didn’t do. And then just get on with the lesson I was supposed to do on that day. So, yeah, I skipped Science today because my brain was hurting from all the pressure of the exams coming up and the semester assessment tests.

I’ve already finished my Math semester assessment. Now I’m getting prepared lessons for the upcoming Literature semester assessment test. Yeah, I have to take 4 lessons and then I’m going for the test. I don’t have high hopes for Literature. Not that I can’t read, or comprehend. It’s just that they make me do loads of homework once I read something. And I hardly even learn anything about reading or comprehension. All I learn is some vocabulary forms and how to compare and contrast or tell the reader’s emotions. This feels a little more like Grammar. 🙄

I finished my Study Island tests, and just failed one test for Science. Holly crap, I can’t regain or repair that lesson because it was failed pretty hard. Math was really easy. Now come to think of it, Math is starting to get really boring without all the hard stuff I have to do. I’m still getting challenged with lessons I did since 5th grade. When am I going to do again hard calculations like percentages, geometry, multiplication or proportions. Stuff like that. Once I go to college, I’m so starting physics. Once I finished my Europe presentation Simon called, and asked me to come over to his house. It took me about an hour to get my last subject done and to get my jackets and clothes on since the temperature outside was dropping. I think it was about 45 degrees Fahrenheit. I really don’t know. It was just cold. REAL COLD.

So, again, all Simon could talk to me about was school, and about the bb gun I had. Get your own man. I have to wait ti’ll Christmas for it. UGH. Plus, I watched the Sorcerer’s Apprentice. Man, it was beast. I loved the movie. The main actor was really awesome with his cranky, awkward voice. Nicolas Cage also did a good job with the movie. I might think about putting a movie biography about it. Don’t know really. Oh and now I really regret telling Nayyir first, instead of my mom, about my natural problem with girls. And please don’t get pissed off at me for all of the sudden having a great dislike towards girls. I want this to end as much as you do. I just hope my mom was right about my temporary dislike toward girls. And how it’s going to end tomorrow.

Whatever… Good Enough

July 26, 2010
Well, afterwards, I forgot like usual about the sleepover. At first, when I woke up, I pictured myself in my home then in Michael’s room. Which was awkward for me. Oh and Daniel and I were working on my Poptropica account then we made Daniel a blog from WORDPRESS. Speaking of that, here’s the link to his site: http://tallberry41.wordpress.com/

Awesome right? Anyways, I wanted to read the Titan’s Curse at his house, but, then they had breakfast then went back to playing video games. I wanted to play soccer like we did yesterday. MAN!! I should remember things. I forgot to to mention my previous post. Ugh! Anyways, I really wanted to move Michael and Daniel’s butts and do something more energetic. Well, they wouldn’t listen. They just continued playing and playing which was annoying me. I eventually went to the computer but got bored. Then, after a few minutes I joined in the play on PS3, Ms. Ginger alarmed us and said we were going to the pool.

Fun, yeah! Something more energetic. We had loads of fun. I went on their AWESOME slide. Then, there were these girls that would constantly stop the slide water. So, it would be JUST like a regular play slide. I hated that. I guess the highest aged one was about 15. Smallest I guess was 5. Well, Michael and I had to constantly turn it back on. Also the girls were preforming these dangerous stunts that were not allowed. I was really ticked off now. I wanted to punch one of them. Then, they said to get off the rope we were sitting on. They said we weren’t allowed to. WHATEVER!! Than, I said you were making those illegal moves and all that. But, they tried to doubt it. Then, like I guess a 11 year old told me this: “I don’t give a f*ck about that”. I was surprised. Michael and Daniel laughed whiled they were repeating it. Than, Michael said this: “Who gives a sh*t about anything?”. Which I thought was normal for him. We eventually left with those girls stubbed in the butt with our speeches.

Afterwards, we went to the Buford Dam (Michael and Daniel lives near the dam). We had loads of fun with nicer people that I misunderstood as Indonesian. Unfortunately, they were Spanish. Wow, how racist I am. Anyways, I had to go to this part of river where it was SOO cold, had seaweed which was slippery for me and the current was pushing me. I felt like I was going to die for a few moments. Then, Daniel copied it. We both were tied. Hahahaha. Funny. Michael was too scared to do it. I just went along with it. Then, we went back home and played PS3 again. I was really bugged by playing only during the WHOLE sleepover. i wish they only had Dsi’s and they would be more active. But, that’s their fault being so ADDICTED to video games. Lol. We eventually had to eat dinner. Then, thunder stroke. While I was playing scateboarding, Daniel’s account got erased because of the thunder. Lol. That happened the SECOND time!! Oh, so funny. Then, we went back to sleep fulfilling ourselves with happiness.

Interesting Trip… + Memorial Day

May 30, 2010
Now, today is actually May 31st, the last day of school for me. But right now, I’m going to discuss what happened yesterday. Got it? Though, right now, it’s raining horribly. Hope my doors don’t get blown by the wind, hehehehe. 🙂

Now, like every Sunday, I got up to go get ready for church. Though, my parents didn’t seem to be awake. They needed to wake up early too because we were late for the 9 in the morning service. My aunt was there with me and Patricia. So, we waited about an hour and it was already passed 9 in the morning. Was this supposed to happen? Are we staying home, NO CHURCH?! I was completely getting thoughts about church if we were going if we weren’t going and stuff like that. Once I got to a conclusion that we were staying home, I heard my parent’s door open. Then, I was going to ask if we were going to church or not. They said yes. What??? We’re late… unless… (gasp). We are going to the 11 in the morning service. NOOO!!!!
Rain stopped, luckily, I thought I heard hail outside. :mrgreen:

Before we were ready to leave, my sister (Patricia) asked if we could watch Ninja Warrior (a show that’s not animated). My dad didn’t want to watch it because he thought it was an animated show. But it was actually one of those reality shows. Then, my dad accepted. I always thought about entering Ninja Warrior. But, that’s in Japan and the I would be no match for the competition. Sorry. Well, the show was over and we left. That fast, just like a snap from your fingers.

Once we got back from church there was a problem. I got so addicted to Webkinz I vomited. Hahahaha!! Gotcha, it only increased my anger to play. But, for it to be fair for all of us to play. We drew numbers. Now, I’m pretty good at this. I always get 1st or second. My mom drew them and I got first. Yepee!!!! 🙂 Well, this is not something to be celebrating about really. I always get it… so… not such a good celebration. Just to point out, my sister (Patricia) and I share our webkinz in one account. Here’s our username in webkinz: dabombs1. Not hard, add us as your friend and if the invitation doesn’t work. Then, well take care of the problem. :mrgreen:

After my turn was over, we went to the Buford Dam. Which pissed off my other siblings. They constantly whined to my mom to see when their turn was coming. Just before we left the dam, we took picture of my mom near her flower garden. Here’s the picture:
Then, we took a picture of Matthew, my brother, near the steps and the garden. Here’s his image: He’s basically fooling around in his picture. No biggie. Not such a surprise. He always fools around.

Then we got in the car and started conversations. The kids had their own discussion about Webkinz. Grownups (basically my mom, dad and aunt) asked me what I learned from the big theology group. I learned quiet a few. But, I’ve been to that church a few times. Just never understood what they said. Hahaha. I wish I could say the “Irony“. It’s so funny. So far, we got to the Buford Dam, but for some reason, we had to pay. What? That doesn’t sound like the Buford Dam, are they going to lose their base or something if we don’t pay. Well, that didn’t matter to my dad. He just paid, because we knew there was no way around it. After we paid, we passed by these lovely hills and flowers. Then Nadia, Anna, Alina and Alex caught up. They’re Romanian grownups that still speak English in a funny accent. They brought their food we brought our food and we had a pretty good time. Here’s how the food we cooked look before it was grilled: Looks pretty disgusting but after it was grilled it look like some famous company just made MEAT!!!

Good thing my dad brought his phone, he wanted to text his friend all through the trip. I can’t say his name then it will go through public. Anyways, he wanted to send his friend some pictures of the trip. But, he first wanted to start taking pictures of me which flattered me. When he took that picture it was after my sister (Anabelle) lost her shoe in the Reservoir and I jumped in the cold water to get it. I was so freaking cold. My toes were the numbest. But, I saved myself and the shoe. So, it was good both ways. Anyways, my dad took a picture of me. Here’s the photo: I look pretty glum don’t I? Don’t mention it. I was trying to hold the shaking.

May 31, 2010
Nothing really special happened. Just my aunt and my family watched 24, my aunt left, we celebrated memorial day, I still did school and my dad and mom was close to watching Prince of Persia. See no biggie for memorial day. Though when we were passing our street we saw thousands of flags that showed he people that died. Which was a big surprise to my brother. So, that’s all for today though go back to that contest I told you guys about here’s the link: https://andrewpaladie.wordpress.com/2010/05/30/new-contest-2/#comments