New Mission: Get The Girl

Okay guys, I know I haven’t been posting a lot lately, I’ve been doing it here and there instead of daily posting. Which I really apologize in advance for. I’m just to busy, and in the spare time I don’t feel like posting for some reason. I don’t know, it just feels like I’m too lazy to post something simple you know? Well, anyway, I’m back and about to post to you about today.

I woke up around 8 o’clock exactly (well actually 8:02), and steamed myself some sandwich eggs. My Mom or sister, Patricia set me loafs of bread with peanut butter on top and a cup of Nesquik. It was a decent breakfast except for the loaf of peanut butter bread. Whereas, my far-neighbor, Elijah arrived at my house, he saw the loaf of bread and demanded for it. So, I gave him the bread for my benefit and his too. I wasn’t able to go outside though, even though I promised to almost all of the neighbors I was going to be outside before the bus had arrived for them. I was too busy with my own things.

Eventually, I had a Class Connect Session with my ELA teacher, Ms. Johnson at 10 o’clock AM. We reviewed on some topics we discussed yesterday at class and then learned about adjective phrases (which I’ve already known about). The class went by very quickly and next was my Math teacher’s (my homeroom) Class Connect Session at 11:30 AM. We still reviewed over some basic Math equations. Nothing new. Man, I wish we would already get started on the new things. The past two units we’re reviewing from last year (I probably do need that) and the basics of Pre-Algebra equations. I’m not so thrilled for Geometry though. 😦

After that class was over, I studied over and finished my Social Studies and Life Science. When I finished those I decided to get online Facebook. During that time, I saw Ashley online. Okay, now you may be asking: “Who the heck is Ashley?” and “Why is Ashley so important?”. Well let me explain to you guys how important Ashley is. I mentioned Ashley in the last post I put up. You’ll probably know her from there. But Ashley is important to me, because:

  • 1) I like her a lot.
  • 2) She’s my type.
  • 3) I’m trying to get her to go out with me.

Now those are your reasons. I have a mission with Kerry and Thierry to get her to be my girlfriend. And I know, I know. Your probably thinking “Andrew! You have too many girlfriends!”, “You’re only 12 years old!”, and “You should be ashamed of yourself!”. But I like her and that’s my final decision. Now while I’m on this mission I’m trying to be my best self to impress her. If she reads, then so God help me. Anyway, when I saw Ashley online, we chatted for awhile, expressed each others feelings about life and then eventually got off each other’s chat to study. I began reading my book Anne of Green Gables. I have to read it for school. Woo -sarcasm-.

Eventually when I finished school around 7:40 or 7:50 I went outside, finding no one except for Patricia, Anabelle, and their friends. I’m not going to be other on naming them here. I’ll just call them their friends. Patricia’s friend (you know what I’m talking about) wasn’t there. Woo! -no sarcasm-. I had to get Matthew because Mom hasn’t seen Matthew in like 4 hours. So, after that happened, I found a dollar in my pocket and decided to use it for my brother and I to buy two bags of Spicy Cheetos from Quick.

After that, I went inside chatted with Ashley a bit more and got totally embarrassed in front of her and then went to sleep.

Oh P.S. Flyleaf forever!! 😀 I know random.


A Quite Boring Day

It’s about time I’m going start putting bold prints. But, what the hell. I still have my Christmas tree hung up, and I STILL don’t have a picture for it. It sucks. I have it right next to me, and I should be taking pictures. Well, you know me. I like something a lot, and use it a lot. Than, it gets boring, so I take brakes. Just like blogging. Sometimes if I post too much, I get bored. Oh well. Anyways, I was able to watch the Scream trailer. Actually all 4 or I think there was 5. Well, the first one was only scary at the beginning. But, they totally made it to corny, and barely any blood to make it interesting. I’m really considering watching Jason or Freddy Cougar made from the 80’s or something.

I don’t know, I think I realized that I enjoy horror movies because I want to know what happens next. I also watched the crazies trailer. That scared something out of me. And Nightmare on Elm Street, ugh, didn’t make it scary at all. It barely even showed his face. His burnt up face of Freddy Cougar. Still. Don’t watch that boring movie. What’s funny was that I kept my hand on the mouse of the computer. And when I took it off, man, it was sweating on it like crazy. I was really scared or impaled.

Once I got done watching horror movie trailers, I went directly to school. I chatted with Mary, and probably my other friend Destini. I hope Patricia exchanges Destini’s sister as her real friend than Patricia’s devious friend. But, I’m not going to mention about her. She wasn’t at my house at all since I last lectured her. 😀 I hope she doesn’t regain her confidence to have sex with me, or try to befriend my sister. Anyways, once Earth Science class was done, I looked at my progress in focusing in Science. Unfortunately, I wasn’t focusing too much on Science class. I was just waiting for chat to come up. This time, I chatted with Mary, AND Elizabeth. Destini was bus doing her own thing.

I listened to Blessthefall, they’re an awesome band. Honestly, they’re my favorite screamo metal band besides Bullet for My Valentine or Black Veil Brides. I just seem like an emo. But, I don’t wear the personality. I had to do Social Studies class with our new an amazing teacher: Brett Smiths. He’s really nice. The only annoying today in class was when he said we could have chat so he could put up the special researching website. But, then my old Social Studies made sure we REALLY DIDN’T GET CHAT. She only made us ask questions. That obnoctious whore. Well, most of the time smoothly went. I had barely worked on my OLS, which was a bit of a surprise, but a bit of clumsiness.

I did my school, which took ti’ll 6 or 7. It would’ve taken longer if I did math class today. Lol. I know, I skipped it. I’m an awful person. I don’t even go into any more school clubs. But, I’m really considering doing photography club for my Youtube account.

I Can’t Trust My Family

Today was a bit obligated and restraining for me. I just wanted to snap to let go of my restrain. But, you can’t really snap at your family can you? Especially when there are lots of them. In the morning I was expecting the hamster to go loose. Instead I just went directly to the computer. Unfortunately, my sister (Patricia) came downstairs, and found the hamster was not in it’s place. I gave out a slight sigh and went to work. It took time for me to weight lift all the couches, since I had to lift them yesterday as well. Until mom came downstairs to help, I lifted the easy couch, and Patricia found it. Mom and Patricia lifted the couch while I grabbed the little rascal. Afterwards, we went to our own work.

Earth Science class was okay. Turns out, one of our Science teachers has tooth cancer, and now has to take surgery after class. I guess there’s no more Science tomorrow, especially no more chat. I’m just wondering if our other teacher will be able to fill in for him. While that was happening, I decided to get off the computer (still leaving the class on) and go check on the fish. Man, I really haven’t spent any of my time with those little fishes. Unluckily, they got too much food, so they… pooped, a lot. I’m wondering if I’m going to clean it out tomorrow, or get mom to do it. Well, it was hovering around the end of class, so I started patch things up. I got back in class, and chatted with Elizabeth and Mary. There like the only two girls I can really count on chatting with. Lol. Once chat was done, I checked on our little dwarf hamster, and it is as cute as ever. It would even let you pet him, and he wouldn’t even turn back.

Though, I kind of wanted a gerbil, or guinea pig since they live longer, and they’re bigger. On the other hand, I forgot to mention you the name, my mom, two sisters and brother came up with. Feefee. It’s a nice name for a girl hamster. Well, I looked at the forms for the hamster, and got a lot of info on it. I wanted to skip Social Studies, and watch the little hamster camp out in one of the tubes. Unfortuantely, you my conscience insisted I did. Well, I got on for about 3 minutes, and got bored. So, I happily exited out of the class, and skipped Social Studies. I got to my work as quick as possible. We were studying on the depression and wars that Europe faced. Unfortuantely, I was supposed to do that yesterday, but I couldn’t because my computer was going haywire. So, I just completed the lesson and continued with the rest of school.

Math was really easy, and so was the class (even though I wasn’t paying attention to the class 🙂 ). We were supposed to be studying in class about something with proportions, or probably just a review on decimals. couldn’t really remember. The teacher made it awfully, boring. So, after class I got my Math lesson done. I was studying on multiplying fractions, or was it multiplying MIXED fractions? I really don’t know. I just remember that I passed it, and it was easy. I hate it when it becomes so hard, and get bored when Math becomes so easy.

Reading was oddly boring. I didn’t even read because the books the school assigns me with are just… not my type. My mom enjoys reading books about romance and all that (just not the Twilight romantic books), while my dad likes reading about education, or probably about languages. I, on the other hand, enjoy reading Fantasy books. That’s why I borrowed to read Pendragon, and so far it’s interesting. Though, I wish I could pick the pace, just like I did with the Percy Jackson series. I finished like 100 pages in those books. 😛 Later on, we had to go to some stores to buy for charity, and get some powder for my dad’s spiritual food. Unfortunately, when we got to Dollar Tree, Patricia’s friend was there. They even arrived with us at the same time. And out of the blue, they say they came here to buy for charity. That’s odd. Why they shop at THIS specific store? That’s what I’m questioning… I kind of thought they were stalking us. We finally left, and found their car right next to ours in the parking lot.

Okay, it’s official, they were stalking us. I told my mom and sister about it. Of course I always have my stupid, good for nothing, sister say it’s not true, and defending her friend like she’s her sister (and like her friend treats her good). My mother didn’t trust me. Nobody really trusts me on anything I say about Patricia’s friend, unless it’s positive. My family makes want to puke. They don’t wanna hear anything I say at all, if it’s bad. I officially knew I can’t trust them. They have been influenced, and they can’t believe me, well, I’m not going to stand for it.


Well, this morning I woke up reluctantly for some reason. I was in bed, and then in the middle of my dream my brain decided to wake up and get up. So, I just agreed reluctantly. Luckily, I’m not one of those half teenagers who bend their backs of boredom. I’m usually straight and cool. I put my clothes on, brushed my teeth. Then, started picking on my zits. Speaking of which, have any of you have zits? because I have a load of them on my face. Though, you wouldn’t notice, they’re small. Lol. Once 11 am struck I was already 3/4 to nailing all of my school subjects. I didn’t really find any subject really interesting besides Social Studies which I had to write a whole lot more notes of Latin America.

When I had to do one of my Science elluminates, my homeroom teacher (Ms. Lauen) let us have the chat, which is really fortunate. Usually Dr. Brad Johnson is the only one giving us chat. But, I just went with it. I was able to chat with somebody I knew from last elluminate yesterday. Her name was Elizabeth. We constantly started talking about things we had in common like, liking Owl City and Linkin Park. It’s not weird, it’s just that I was curious what she liked. Until she started chatting with this guy called Hunter, which I hardly cared. Then, this other girl gives me a secret message. It’s basically a message that’s in blue bold that’s only sent to you and nobody else can see it.

Then, I just decided to chat back with her. Her name was Sydney. Though, I’ve never heard of her or seen her in any elluminates and she just starts sending me chat messages. I didn’t keep my chat screen invisible. So, Elizabeth noticed, and found it was pretty interesting. Though, I bet that Elizabeth thought I was talking to myself. But, I don’t care. Finally the teacher (Ms. Lauen) said to break up the chat and go to studying. We were studying different kinds of… um… I couldn’t remember. Um… oh yeah! Soil. How it erodes and all, and how it performs it’s talent. We got off immediately when 30 minutes struck. For some reason, the scientists/teachers that teach Science always take 30 minutes of elluminate. Which kind of sucks. Because I like chatting and learning. But, what you have to lose?

Later on, Nayyir called me and we started talking about new ways we can make our songs for the band. But, then when I was in the middle of finishing my last subject, I needed to do number 2. I hope you know what that means in bathroom language. But, I’m not going to translate it. I had to hold it, and it felt so bad!! I pleaded help by my mom. But, she needed to get dressed. So, I waited for an awful 15 minutes. It hurts so bad. But, then my mom came out the next few minutes and I cooled. Once I was done with all of my school, I decided to do Study Island. But, then I remembered I already did it. So, I kept thinking of the possible stuff my mom could ask I’ve done. But, when I was done I realized I had nothing left to do except kick back and relax.

I decided to write on my book, but then Patricia’s friends came. Patricia was SO close to showing one of our early videos in the past. I did NOT want that to be shown. So, I made sure of it. When we went to quiet time, I was more in the mood for jokes. But, it didn’t help my mom. Afterwards, I watched Terminator. But, when we were SO close to finishing, my whole shelf fell. Luckily, Matthew, Patricia and Anabelle moved or else they would’ve instantly gotten hurt. We had to go into loud shock. But, when we got it done I read some Percy Jackson. Then, went to bed. Good night to ya’ll.

Everybody Loves King!

July 11, 2010
Well, some parts in this post won’t describe him. But most of tis post describes him and talks about him. But, lets get to the morning wake-up. I was actually for the first time in 7 months sleeping in my bed. It felt very comfortable. But, I was trying not to get too comforted or I would sleep through the whole morning until my mom would wake me up for church. So, I was basically planning to get to the computer before we had to get ready for church. Oh and FYI, our church is the most populated church in the WHOLE USA! Awesome right? Anyways, I accidentally slept all the way ti’ll 8 in the morning. Well, luckily we were going to the 11 in the morning service. Well, that means I wouldn’t be able to see my friends this week again. But, lucky for me, she said we were going to wake-up around 10 in the morning. Well, guess how wrong I was. My dad came downstairs, than my mom and we had to get ready. My brain. Ay-ay-ay-ay-ay-ay. Well, I didn’t get in SOO much trouble. But, a slap in the head. We eventually left.

Once we got at the church, I ran to my class. XTREME! Well, all the kids from the 9 in the morning service were leaving and just to tell you, there were a lot of people. So, it was hard for me to get past them. But, on the way, I saw my friends August and um… Asa! I was surprised. But, when I was about to say something, they asked what was my last name. Weird. I answered. Than, they said I think your in our group. Oh crap, I forgot about the small groups by then. I was just happy enough I was going to be able to go now. Well, I got inside. The music started. But, I had no small group. Curse this group! We eventually left and life went on.

When I got back, a few minutes later we went to Walmart. And we saw Savino there. That was actually kind of a surprise. He was also wearing the same shirt I had for church. Well, once we got back home, King rang on the doorbell. Now, this is his shining moment. He actually brought his basketball. But, when we were walking to Simon’s house, nobody was there. Well, we talked about our Farmville and how we were doing. Than, we went to Savino’s house. He was able to answer like always (man, Savino has NEVER not answered to me when I ring his doorbell, or anybody else for that matter, he’s only missed it once). Then, he came outside and insulted King but through jokes. Not offensive talk. Well, King wasn’t good at making jokes. For example, Savino was making these kind of jokes up: “King, you are SOO stupid you thought that bush was your house, the ground was your bed and you thought the road was your mom” well then, he was starting to get into racist things and then it got into more disgusting jokes. I just laughed. Savino was the funniest. But, King is average. But, he’s my friend. He doesn’t have to be funny.

After that, we went on chat through Facebook. But, before that, I asked my mom, she said to get off, so, I asked for King’s phone number FAST. He couldn’t give it. So, then I was stuck watching the World Cup. My dad almost victory danced when he thought they scored. But, then, they FINALLY SCORED!!! I was happy. My dad was happy. But, my mom was watching Harry Potter upstairs. You know, the ABC Family Harry Potter weekend. She loves it. Well, I decided to watch it with her. Then, it came to quiet time. Now, here’s is the ultimate King. He is the King. The ultimate. Here is something to express him off. Ta-daa! Well, that’s all I got. Lol.