So Far I’m Doing Well …

Hey guys! Andrew here! Bringing you a new post of my daily life. I’m just trying to get back into the vibe of things. You know; with the daily posting on my blog. Something I used to do… Unfortunately, I know for a fact I will not be able to accomplish that unless I make a big change in my schedule. It might come to that since I find my blog so important, but we’ll see. For now I won’t be posting daily until High-School allows me to breathe. So, as usual, we start with the video/song of the day. Today will be a video from BestofVine. Something I’ve been watching a lot. For those who don’t know what “Vine” is and has been living under a rock, I shall explain briefly. It’s a website/app that allows you to record 6 second videos. Trust me, it doesn’t sound like much can come from a 6 second video, but you will be shocked at how creative and funny the videos can be. So here’s the video, enjoy!

I will upload more in the future, but for now. Enjoy the 6 second video. Now to the day.

I don’t have much time to write a long post without typing so fast my parents would come to me and yell at me for not doing homework regarding I have a big test on Biology, but whatever. I’ll make through (which means probably not).

My usual wake-up schedule, usually, is around 5:30 in the morning. By that time the outside is so dark. My Mom usually wakes me up or somehow miraculously I wake up just a few minutes before I’m supposed to be awoken. Take in mind I must be at the bus around 6:28. Today was an exception. I was to leave a bit early and have my Mom drive me to the school so I could get some extra help on my Math homework. I ate break-fast, worked on remaining homework, brushed teeth, then got ready to leave with my stuff all organized in my backpack. My Mom drove me to the High-School, like usual, in the dark, which of course somewhat frightened me since she wasn’t as good of a driver as Dad (nobody tell her I said that).

I went to the Math teacher, Mrs. Medina, and got help. We were working on Substitution, but in her class, she had a reputation for teaching a topic and then in the homework some of the actual questions we studied on were in the homework while others we just had to improvise. I’m not a good improviser. Especially in Math. So this was my 5th time, approximately, visiting her. I was an active visitor, if Mrs. Medina had to say herself. Once I finished with being helped, I went to my next period. P.E.; yeah, I have P.E. at 7:10 in the morning. It feels great. I’m being serious and also sarcastic, if that makes sense. I hope it does.

P.E. was just average today. Though I always had much fun talking to Michael (another friend of mine) and his friend Michelle. I usually stayed on the lower floor of the Gym room to practice my basketball shots, but I got tired of doing the same thing. Tomorrow, I plan on doing Soccer. So far, I believe I have a 100% in P.E.; which means I got a perfect attendance in that class until I get the tests in P.E., then my grade will slowly drop.

Next class, Language Arts. Nothing really exciting occurred in that classroom. Most of the kids are malcontent there, or at least that’s the feel I’m getting. We worked on specific definitions regarding the main idea of Characters. Right now we’re building on our Grammar House. It probably doesn’t make sense to you, which is understandable. I’ll try to get a picture of the work next time I post something. I have an 89% in that class. Just one more percent and I’ll have an A. It feels great to have A’s in a subject. Makes me feel smart!

Biology came after. We did a big classwork project, as usual, in class where we had to associate with other people in the class as group members. I honestly felt the teacher, Mrs. Labocetta or Mrs. Cabral for short, was a fast teacher. More in the sense of she went to fast for me to learn much, but I kind of liked it. It put me to work to listen to her and plus my brain is very adaptive to personalities, unless you’re just impossible. xD Once we finished the big classwork project we were sent to next class with regards of studying for the big 40-50 question test. I sincerely need to make a really good grade on this test and should be studying for it right now.

Once I went to Math class, we focused on working the homework from yesterday. I coughed up a couple of jokes in the class and entertained the class for a little bit, but then focused the majority of the time. I also beat-boxed in the class more than any other class. It’s normal for others, but today was the first day I beat-boxed, so Vanessa, my best friend, in front of me, was ooing and awwing at how impressive I was at beat-boxing and the others admired it too. I honestly did not do beat-boxing for attention. That is just one of the perks, folks!

Next was French. Before we actually have “French” class in “French” class, we have advisement because right after advisement we have to go to Lunch. So once we all went to Lunch, I sat with another good friend of mine I just made this year named Casey. I helped him with the homework for French since I was assuming that since I had other things to worry about over the weekend he would have his homework finished and he could help me with the answers. And “no” it is not cheating cause I’m not copying off of him. It’s help. I just want to get that across. One Lunch was over, we went to class and went over the days of the week and months in French and tried to practice saying “What is the date of today/tomorrow/yesterday/your birthday”, which failed miserably until she got to Keiland, Charisma, and some others including me, who answered perfectly. She got a bit angry, so it wasn’t a really nice time for the class. Otherwise it was pretty fun.

Digital Technology was the next class in which I walked with Casey too. In great time to know, we had another big project added to our list. One studying on big things like jobs we wanted for college and what the salary and income of that job was required and what the standards were needed to be met and what other extra classes we had to take to get a better chance to be in that job. It was really eye-opening for me, to understand the struggle my parents have to go through.

After Digital Technology was over, I stayed over in school–like I usually do–and went to Cross Country. Today we had a hard run of 400 meter hills in which we had to do 6 times. It was extremely stressful because if we couldn’t accomplish all six we would not be able to run the Wesleyan Race, which is this Saturday. I did all six, surprisingly for me, and got in front of my group I belonged to and got in front of the group who was ranked above me. It felt rewarding and extremely tiring because when we were finished we had to have a cool-down of running from the trail we ran back to the school which is a 2 mile run. I don’t understand how that is a cool-down but whatever, the coaches say, I do, is what I think. I ran back to the school with the whole JV Cross Country group and then had to do as much push-ups we could do in 30 seconds and 50 ab-workouts of any kind and then do 2 minute planks. Brutal. Believe me. Then we left and went home.

Usually my Mom picks me up after Cross Country, so I went that way and told her all the great news of today. Great grades and a good run today. Tomorrow, though, I’m having a Recovery run which is so nice for me since I ran the hard 400 meter hills today. Yes baby! 😀

Once I came back home, I watched some Youtube. Listened to some music, studied for my homework, and then am blogging to you! All of the events have led up to now.

Enjoy your time wherever you are! Bye!


The Normality Of Tuesday

Today was sort of calm, and soothing. It was a dull day. Which automatically made my day much better. Plus, I was assigned for more assignments, a 2nd semester webquest (AKA, brochure), and GUM and Vocabulary is showing up again in the OLS, so I can catch up with its progress. I didn’t have any CCS, which was very good. So, when I started Social Studies, I got assigned to write an article on paper about the Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster. I took about an hour and a half to finish it. So, when I eagerly decided to go on with school, I felt like gazing at the sky, or reading a book. I think I’m about 156 pages done with the Order of the Phoenix.

So, I went on with the rest of the day. It sort of felt boring. Oh, and FYI, I figured out that at 8 AM I was actually supposed to be at an ALP Languge Arts CCS. Today was so normal, that hardly anything happened. Otherwise than going to the library and getting a new and cool book called the Last Battle of the Icemark. It seems like an interesting plot and story. I’m planning to finish the book in less than a month or so. So, when I was done reading about 28 pages of that book, American Idol went on. My favorite person James, was the best person who performed tonight. Brett my second favorite guy was a-okay. I just hope America agrees with me that James did really good, and votes for him, cause I didn’t see and extroadinary talent in anybody else.

I hope the ladies will be on fire on the next tournament. 😉 See, this day was sort of plain. So, I have really nothing else to say.

The Social Network

Well, almost everybody knows about the one and only movie called: “The Social Network”. Said to be impeccably scripted, beautifully directed, and filled with fine performances, The Social Network is a riveting, ambitious example of modern filmmaking at its finest. Well, there you have your reviews that were said by the crowds that have watched this movie. So, of course you now want to be a part of what your friends/people saw, and see if they were right. Unfortunately, my family doesn’t work like that.

Whenever we see a movie that has very cool previews like the new Transformers 3 The Dark of the Moon, this year during the Super Bowl commercials. Well, before when my family saw Transformers 2 The Risen of the Fallen, we thought it was going to be epic. Unfortunately, we thought it was going to be so awesome, that we decided to watch the movie on the first day it came out in theaters. Fortunately, the movie sucked, and didn’t have an interesting plot. So, basically a waste of money. So, in our family, unless we know 98% for sure that the movie will be good, we just wait ti’ll a movie comes out on DVD, and than watch it. So, eventually when we heard that the Social Network was a world Grammy movie, we knew we’d have to wait ti’ll it came out on DVD.

So, eventually, we watched the movie, and the first time I saw it, I sort of thought it sucked. But, now it’s something I constantly think in my head about. I started to realize the movie better and it became more interesting. But, we can talk, talk, talk here for a long time about my history about it, or we can just get to the Movie Perspective about it.

Characters: There are only 3 main characters in this movie: “The Social Network”. Main character, Jesse Eisenberg, playing as Mark Suckerberg. Second main character, Andrew Garfield, playing as Eduardo Saverin. Third main character, Justin Timberlake, playing as Sean Parker. Jesse Eisenberg plays a big role in this movie as the one who came up with the idea of the new program called “Facebook” and his companion Andrew Garfield, who helps him in the idea of the program, while Justin Timberlake comes in and take over the whole system.

Verdict: It’s an amazingly interesting movie. Not too geeky, and not too much misunderstanding in the movie. It’s just the right amount, for a good movie. I would even want to watch the movie again just to see Jesse Eisenberg get all badass with the computers, and so technological. He’s the reason why I still want to do complicated things and do un-familiar stuff at my age on the computers, plus I still envy his voice, and how speaks all of his words very fast and understandable. All in all, it’s a good movie, and I’d suggest you watch it. 😀

Girlfriend Mania!

I am sorry I couldn’t get you guys updated on what’s been happening the past days I’ve been grounded. But, let me let you know, nothing really important except for school occurred those past days. But, I eventually got un-grounded on Saturday. Plus, something rather interesting happened on Saturday.

During Saturday, I had to wake up very early so I could get some of my chores done, because I had a early exercise and than work on WiiFit (oh and yes, I do WiiFit [I mostly use it for strength exercises, such as push-ups and planks to regain my muscles. I’ve actually grown a lot of abs over the past day. Probably it’s because I’ve had abs, but haven’t been improving them. Well, I’m just trying to improve on them, because I’m so jealous of people in TV shows showing off their abs. Anyways, my early exercise was sort of boring. All I was doing was walking around the neighborhood. Though, the cold air started to pinch my cheeks, which started to make the walk a little more interesting.

After my early exercise, I started on WiiFit, and begun my training on some beginner status balance games as a warm-up. Than I moved on to the strength exercises and worked on push-ups, a couple of planks and some jackknives. After finishing some strength exercises I evaluated to the next level, and started working on some Yoga fitness exercise. The most challenging Yoga exercises was this move called the Tree and this other pose called the Cobra. I was shaking a lot, trying to hold still and maintain those poses. Though, I still was able to get a finely standardized score. I worked on my book for a couple of minutes than, and than took a nap.

Since it was Saturday, I could actually sleep in, without school to bother me. I couldn’t remember any dream coming to me in my nap. But, my nap was good. Since my sisters and brother were downstairs, and my parents were downstairs too, I was able to enjoy 3 hours of sleep without being interrupted. After my sweet nap, I felt a little dizzy and lightheaded. So, in order to get my head back in the game I had a quick snack and than placed myself on the school computer. Since my laptop wasn’t available at the time, so I used the school computer, and went on Facebook. I can’t remember exactly which of my friends out of 30 of them online I chatted with, but all I can tell you was that was sort of a boring talk. So, I briefly moved away from the computer.

I went outside afterwards, and found out that Theirry and Kerry weren’t even coming out to practice for the soccer tournament. So, when Savino came around I decided to just leave it and just practice by myself. Though, what made things worse was the fact that the drunk lady was across our field smoking, and acting high. She eventually started yelling at Anabelle on accident for her stupidness. Now, usually I’d stand up and say “what the hell is your problem?!”, but since I was angry at Anabelle for the past days giving Patricia’s friend private advice, and for being stupid, I just let it be. The drunk lady apologized and than went on with an analogy about how Anabelle committing the stupid action could’ve gotten hurt.

So, at that point, Savino and I just walked away, and ran into this grown man, doing what looked like leaping this stick into a ball. He showed us how you worked it and all, and than let us try. Whenever we’d mess up big time, he’d ask for it back, and than demonstrate to us again, except with a better concept of the thing, how to perform the action, and he did it. Well, by than, I didn’t know what he said, but he trained me a WHOLE LOT better in Soccer. We did some air kicks, head kicks, knee kicks and all. I felt replenished, or what’s the word, replete! So, after training, everybody started rolling in, and we played in our little fort thing for fun. King came around. Than, Christian which shocked me since I haven’t seen him in awhile.

Though, he was acting up way too much. I started to get more annoyed of him. Simon out of the blue than came, and Christian and I ran up to him like a bunch of puppies running to their mommy. 😛 Eventually than Logan came and everything was busy, so afterwards, I went inside, though Christian following me allover the place went inside my house without permision, only Simon was allowed to come inside. But, one of the reasons why Christian was not allowed inside was because he was going to eat a lot of pizza. And yes, I was right, he almost ate 4 slices. Are you freaking serious?

I wanted him out fast. But, he wouldn’t so I had to go outside, and wear him out, so I could than play inside the base. Eventually when 5:00 o’clock hit, I found a cute girl online Myyearbook, and we started chatting, than we started asking ourselves about what kind of bands we liked, and what sort of interests we had, and what activities we liked to do. Turns out, that she likes almost every exact detail I like, plus she thought I was cute and funny. So, we were set up as a girlfriend and boyfriend. So, far, Theirry eventually came around, and than asked if I had a girlfriend. Well, wow, I didn’t want to brag, but I said yes. I showed her to him through online, and he showed me his girlfriend through Facebook.

So, afterwards, the day got boring bla bla bla, and it ended. Oh and who thinks Nikita’s going to kick ass on Division next week? Am I right? I’m starting to like Alex and Fletcher. Though, Alex and Nikita is starting to look more like a badass.

Everything Was Made How It Was Supposed To Be Made

July 8, 2010
Well, I ding done done it. I finally found a success in my life. A good instead of evil inside of me. I was happy. I wanted to sprout and show my happiness. I knew this was also going to be the last 2 days in Florida, but, I was pretty thrilled. I wasn’t really looking forward to staying longer because, the longer we stayed, the worst. I would have to have my mind off the Wii for a long time. I would have to stay in a room until every parent was awake, I had to eat outside constantly (reason why it’s annoying to stay outside: flies, mosquitoes biting and buzzing me and a dirty table). Home is home. That’s how it’s supposed to be. Georgia is my home and will always be that way. I’ll be so ticked off if I had to move from Georgia. Anyways, I had no dream to remember of, so sorry for that alert. But, when I woke up, I saw Alexandra leaving the room than being sent back in the room. Well, I pretended to go back to sleep. But, my mom woke me up annoyingly and saying we were going on a field trip.

I wanted to feel arrogant right now or give my mom some of my whiny begs not to go on a field trip. You know why? Well, for one: it was 7 in the morning. Two: I didn’t have the energy to. And three: I was in a nice moment. Well, anyways, we went out, got breakfast from Mcdonalds (Cinnamon melts to be exact) and got on with the car trip. It took us about an hour to get to where we wanted to get to. But, guess where we expected to go? A small island next to Florida. It had military schools, amazing libraries (I actually replied to Sammy’s comment on my earlier posts at the library), awesome hotels, several mansions and an amazingly awesome beach. But, the problem with that is because, there were barely people visiting those people. So, I thought that was a community waste. The other problem with the place was the temperature was about 106 degrees Fahrenheit. So, when we were taking pictures, we didn’t do so well keeping our eyes open. Well, the last problem I had with the island was basically if we lived here, we would barely get to interact with people because the place was deserted for about 9 months. So, only 3 months of social communication.

We spent time there for about 3 hours and finally left with sand in our pockets, especially in mine. Here’s the thing, I don’t get why people invented pockets in swim-suits. There is really no reason for it. My mom actually agreed with me. But, before we were going to get to the bottom of this we were home. We actually had to swim in the pool to wipe off all the crap. Which was weird and comfortable. But, again REALLY weird. Afterwards, I watched “War of the Worlds” AGAIN except through the beginning. The thing I didn’t like about the movie was the fact it showed how uncivilized and how monstrous people could be to each other when hard times came. Even the main character Tom Cruise killed somebody because he was trying to escape and take down the machines. That was the scary part. Anyways, I had to watch the rest of the movie by myself. When the movie was done the parents were trying to look for a movie to watch. Really? They had already Avatar (navi people), It’s Complicated in their house. That’s enough to choose from.

The day ended actually ended badly. But, the rest of the day was pretty good. 😀

“The Last Airbender” – Movie Special (2010)

The Whole Point of The Movie
Okay, I’m sorry this came so soon. But, I think I already found my favorite movie this year. It may be too early for this since it’s just in the middle of Summer. But, decided and I’m not changing my mind. Now, down to the point of the movie. The whole movie was about these southern water tribe teenagers in search for food when they find this orb underwater. One of the teenagers (Katara) cracked the ice and found this boy called Aang (pronounced in the movie: Un-gk [pronounced in cartoon form: an-gg]) with his bison. They go through villages to free people from the fire nation while they try to find Aang a water bender to teach Aang. On the way, Aang struggles to learn Water Bending and is trying to make sense of the spirit world.The movie had a lot of action and fighting.

Opinion Time
Now, I thought the movie was pretty impressive, especially the fact the director M. Night Shyamalan crammed a whole book into 2 hours. The movie was pretty violent too. But, whenever they would get ready to shoot a move, it would take about 8 seconds to pose their move and then attack. The only fast moves were the Fire attacks. But, earth, water and air was pretty slow. I was starting to wonder how come the Fire benders couldn’t attack while the other benders were taking time to pose. Lol. But, I would understand why they would have that minor difficulty. It’s really hard to show bending effects in real life. Another thing, Zuko looked like a Indians. And so did the other Fire benders. I really hated the fact they were all Indians. Zuko was actually supposed to be Japanese. What the heck? I really disliked the fact they put race-bending in the movie too. Than, at the end they said in prediction they would make a new Avatar about book 2. I was really pissed off about that. I’ve already seen all books. You expect me to see the movie 3 times and spend money too? That’s like the stupidest thing they could’ve come up with. But, my mom was going with it.

Movie was actually really good. They were only 3 minor mistakes in the movie. That’s actually pretty good. Instead of having to figure out all the commercials they were showing you were fake and just to advertise. 🙂 That’s my opinion and my dislike. Though, I think it’s a worth seeing movie and I give it a 4 and a half stars.

The Events That Took Place Watching The Movie “Alice In WonderLand”

I actually saw this movie just yesterday. Blimey it was interesting. Though, it wasn’t one of my favorite movies this year, so, I won’t define this as the movie special for this year. Anyways, this is how the whole movie started. There were these men, talking about doing these 6 sort of impossible things. The man with that idea was called crazy. But, not meanly and not nicely either. Just in the middle of the conversation Alice pops in. Now, I didn’t know at first that girl was Alice until the man took her to bed and helped her with her problem. My mom started giving suggestions that girl was Alice’s sister. Well, she totally confused me. The good thing was: she didn’t do it on purpose. But if she did. This subject would’ve gone longer than expected and more hurtful. I don’t know if I was more dimwitted watching this show and acting like a brat. Well, it didn’t occur to me whether I was a brat or not. I was enjoying the movie now. So, I don’t need it ruined.

The thing that sucked was, I had to watch with my mom new movies every time. Luckily, my mom watched it became freaky and well delusional to me. So, if your a dark magician trying to look for a movie that has something to do with proving dark magic not dangerous. This is definitely not the movie you want to watch. Anyways, moving on with the movie. Once, Alice is shown in her teen ages she looks pale. I’m talking REALLY pale. I don’t get how the other people either don’t notice or don’t mind. Well, it best described crazy dreams. Then, she’s in this machine carrier that’s powered by horses. In there she discusses with her mother about what she was wearing. I kind of felt sorry for Alice if I was in her shoe. But, that’s the way their nation worked with un-married, young and easy to fool girls. Well, guess what? Here in America we live for our civil rights. I just guess people haven’t fought for their rights there yet. Hmm… Well, after the ride Alice was sent on this wedding party and she was being told what to do by a lady (she’s the mother of the son who wants to marry Alice). Then, when she was sent to her future boyfriend for a dance, she was talking nonsense and that didn’t please the boy. So, basically he was just bothering her around. Then, she noticed this rabbit when she was discussing the marriage with the guy’s mother and when the wedding went on. Afterwards, Alice fell in a pit where the rabbit was.

This all happened so fast. Once she got through this weird door. Alice saw these un-likely creatures. Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dumb, the hare I guess, some colorful talking flowers, a smoking caterpillar, a hatter, another hare that was crazy and really twitchy, a 4 foot wide headed heart queen, a little fighting mouse, a dragon named the Jabberwocky, this weird dance called the Fudderwack. There were so much complicated names I don’t even know how I could process all through my mind.

That’s all for now, bye.