Great, an Injury!

Hey guys! Andrew here bringing you a new post of my daily life. Apolgies for that. I was busy and turns out, when I was supposed to go to the library, we had a lesson for advisement, which is apparently every Tuesday on the week. So I came late to the library and tried to post something, but I only got about 4 paragraphs down in about 10-15 minutes and then had to go to Lunch. It doesn’t mean that I’ve completely given up on you guys, don’t worry. But the song/video I wanted to present to you guys for today was a song called “Uppers” (a Trap song) from Stooki Sound and Mr Carmack. Two very brilliant Trap artisits that I believe you should go and listen to if you’re interested in listening to some good trap music. This song has amazing and booming bass that will blow you Trap fans away! Enjoy.

So today was pretty simple and organized. For once . . . I asked my Mom yesterday if she could drive me early to the school because I couldn’t walk to school or go to the bus-stop for neighborhood since I had an injury. Oh, and I will explain near the end how I got the injury. Don’t worry. I also needed a ride to my high-school early so I could finish my Mythology PowerPoint project. I did get a ready, but instead from my Dad. I actually am growing quite fond of talking to my Dad. Even though he’s always on my case about my diction and how I need to pronounce my words better (when actually he just can’t admit his hearing is getting worse), I still have great conversations with him in the matter of 10 minutes. I feel like I can tell my Dad anything and he won’t force his opinion on me like my Mom. No doubt that my Mom is easier to talk to, I still feel more relaxed talking to my Dad.

We talked about random stuff on the way to the school until he had to drop me off. Today, I brought my green Cross Country gym bag with a pair of my best shoes in them because a friend of mine at P.E. wanted to rent my shoes for 3 days for $5. It sounded like a perfect idea because he really liked the shoes and I would make a starting profit so I could start my PopTart business. So, having a backpack on my back, and a gym bag on my arm, I walked so confidently, ready to make business. I went to the Media Center library at my high-school and worked on the project, finishing the last touches.

In P.E. the guy I was supposed to meet actually forgot to bring the money, which was a big downfall on my side. Thankfully, I also brought 50 cents with me to pay my overdue book. P.E. wasn’t really fun or interesting. I just made shots and gossiped with some of my gal-friends. God, that sounded gay. It was pretty dreadful to waste my time over there and not do something productive with my 1 hour in P.E..

In Honors Language Arts, we did our Bellwork like usual (this time I actually got 98% of the bellwork correct today. After that we did our SSR Reading. I believe our SSR Reading is one day then the day after the next day, if I’m right or if that makes sense. I’m reading Beyonders or “A World Without Heroes” (never can tell which one is the title since they’re both in big bold text). It’s a really good book to be honest. I’m halfway through the book and I’m reading it really slow, so I could have been done with the book about a week and a half ago. It’s a really good book so far, and the details that are put into the book that describe the setting, mood, etc of the book really amaze me, plus I learn some new vocabulary words. After our SSR Reading, we went to the Media Center Library to work on our Mythology projects. Thankfully I finished it, so now all I could do was check with Coach Dawson (my Language Arts teacher) to see if what I was doing right or wrong and just to proofread and edit. I finished it then turned it in. I think I’m one of the few that finished the project sooner than most.

Biology was confusing today, cause Mrs. Labocetta kept making me try to make assumptions on our directions of the paper, which pisses me off because everyone seems to know what she means and I seem like the stupid one in the whole situation. I’ll always have to work hard and put effort for everything. That’s just me! Though, the only reason why I put up with Biology is because:

#1: I’m patient. More than others.

#2: I like Biology and Sciences.

#3: We’re do a Chemistry lab focusing on the molecules and chemicals formed in a structural method.

#4: I just sound smart saying #3, which makes me feel good about myself.

She then told us that we had to turn in our Mid-Term Reviews based on the sheets that she gave us today, which kind of puts me on my tipping point because it reminds of the review that I finished for the Unit 2 Test and I had it ready to turn in on that day, but I didn’t hear say we had to turn in the study guide anywhere. No indication. Not even an announcement, but yet everyone else knew they had to turn in their Study Guide. I’m gonna get a 0% on it, what the freak! I even explained my story and she said “I don’t accept late study-guides”. Gosh, fml.

Math was making a lot more sense. Mrs. Medina (the Math teacher) reviewed over the homework she gave us yesterday, and thankfully I got the majority of the answers correct. It gave me a confidence booster. When we were finished reviewing over the homework, she gave us the quiz we were supposed to be taking today. It was hard immediately when I looked at the paper, which made me angry. Because every time I’m taking a test or a quiz in Mrs. Medina’s class, the first few questions are nowhere related to what we’ve been studying or they’ve been designed in a format that I find confusing. What the french toast?! I still finished the quiz pretty fast compared to others (wasn’t the first 3 to turn in the test, though). She then gave us a review to do to get ready for the Mid-Term tests coming up this Friday and apparently this Review is gonna be graded. Goshdangit. I hate graded reviews.

The French test was really easy. It was on the 24 hour and 12 hour clock timing and seeing if we could tell what was morning, afternoon, and evening and to first of all tell the time in French. It was very easy, surprisingly. I was one of the first to finish it and could of been the first person to get up from my seat but I bet the others are either brilliantly fast in writing or they don’t write as carefully as I do. I can guarentee I have an A on the test, if not a 100%.

IDT was really interesting and rewarding for me because I got to solve my Scratch problems and finally perfect my Pong game. It looked great and when I created a new Scratch file and programmed the right code with the Pong instructions I named the file “Pong Patch 1.0”. I feel like a smart programmer that I got to create my own visual game through a bunch of code. You probably don’t understand the feeling, but once you get there you’ll understand. 😉

I got to go on the bus back home this time since my Cross Country couch said that I couldn’t go to practice at all with my ankle-brace (still have to explain my injury). It was fun being able to ride the bus and talk to my friends. Sarah was on the bus and so was Markel, as usual, and getting to talk to my friends was very relaxing.

When I got home, I had so much homework. It was unreal. But now I have to explain my injury. Two days ago, when I ran Cross Country and did the Hammer Time pace, I ran too hard on the 1000 meter workout. I had a bad pain on my ankle, which made me unable to run or walk on my cool-down. So instead I went limping the whole cool-down, trying not to complain too much about my pain. When we got back to the building and stretched, I picked up my stuff from the boys locker room and made my way home. Now this was worse for me, because going home and limping was not going to look right for other people passing by me and it would certainly take loger than usual to arrive home. I was 1/4 distance in to getting past Richland Park neighborhood and arriving to my neighborhood, when my Dad passed by with what was apparently my brother, Matthew. I thought they drove by and were gonna drive back and pick me up. So I went back to the start of Richland Park neighborhood and waited for 10 minutes. After that time, I assumed my Dad was not going to arrive and I walked back to where I was previously. I won’t lie, I cursed at my pain, because trying to walk normally back home was a pain. When I arrived home I was liping horribly and my Mom noticed. She took me to the doctor and he told me that I had sprained my ankle from running too hard. Wow. Never thought that would happen. It feels great and awesome to have a brace/cast at first but when you have to take it off to take a shower or go to bed or even wear it going to bed it feels painful and it’s a struggle. Though, on the bright side, I don’t have to go to Cross Country practice until I have it taken off and I’m in perfect condition, and Coach said that I probably might have to end my Cross Country season if I’m missing for 3 days. Awesome and also not awesome at the same time. I’ll ponder on this later.

Anyway! Enjoy your time wherever you are! Bye!


An Overwhelming Day For Me

I finally found my camera cable… 🙂 so now I can put some pictures for you on my posts. That’s actually the reason why I changed the theme, because I think this theme supports pictures a lot better than others. Anyhow, I got up from bed and started imagining about me going to a concert in Detroit, or maybe Los Angelos to perform my band. It was one of my dreams to perform on a big stage and make music history. It was the part that was most important in my heart. My wish. Ah… don’t know how long I haven’t wished for something. Haha, maybe 4 years. I don’t know. Once I got awaken properly, and went downstairs, I started on reading Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. So far, I’m at page 60. I guess 380 more pages to go. The book was interesting. It was proven that the books so far were better than the movie. Though, if you haven’t seen the movies of Harry Potter, you’d think that most characters in Harry Potter were ugly.

Constantly, during the reading, I heard Matthew, and Anabelle making several rambunctious sounds that made me want to yell at then like crazy. Probably wondering though, how come Patricia isn’t involved? Well, I got news for you buddy. She’s at work with mom. Which gave me enough free-time from Patricia. Now. To figure a way to get the rest of my siblings away. 😈 Unfortunately, I felt guilty about not taking care of my brochure. I haven’t even started. I mean, I know the standards, and the rules, but they didn’t tell me the most practical things. 1. They didn’t tell me if I was supposed to write the damn thing on computer or paper. 2. I don’t know how to send it. As long as I know those two things, I’m set. Anyways, I took some pictures of the Hamster. It looked so cute.

Sorry for the second picture being so bright. I know, it looks horrible. I have to update my pictures more often. Oh and that car my dad got was still hovering around. So, I thought I might also take a picture of it. It’s a 2000 something, something. I can’t remember. But, don’t be fooled by what you see, it’s actually in the best quality yet for a 10 year old car. 😀

Throughout the day, I spent time outside with an arrogant prick, and then a stupid neighbor. But, I had to put up with it somehow. Because my bb gun wasn’t working for protection. That’s when my mom said to have some special Ramon noodle soup, so that we can go shop for the new gun for Matthew and I. I was surprised. Once I got it, it was amazing, I felt powerful again. Just for about 3 minutes though, until Savino had to start getting a little selfish and showing off. I didn’t have time to deal with his shit. So, I had to pay mom 27$ for MY bb gun. And also for a special receipt. I don’t know. Matthew had to pay something for I don’t know what. And Patricia had to pay for popcorn because we were going to see Despicable Me. It was a little overwhelming, so I became a bit aggravated. I told mom since that the movie wasn’t going to start in 50 min, we should go to our local Barnes and Nobles. And man, what a surprise I met there. I met Douglas, and his sister there, along I found the Red Pyramid. YA!! It was like Heaven.

Later when we watched Despicable me, *watching it* IT WAS AWESOME!!! I have to say the best movie of the year for me. It felt a bit awkward at the beginning, but it was really awesome. Oh and BTW, we watched the movie at the Dollar Store.

And I Still Get A Minutia Percentage Of Respect

Now, what do we all want? Food. Water. Probably electronics. But, what most people want, is friends, family and other people to respect them. Isn’t that our greatest need for most of the people living on this planet? Yes, it is calculated as a 100% correct theory. But, that little percent that doesn’t want respect expands more and more by the anti-socialism caused by the other people around them. You can’t blame yourselves, that’d be too easy. What you mostly have to blame are the people around you, the people who make you depressed, the people who make you angry, the people who try so hard to make your life miserable. I guess you’ve been to that stage because most of you are older than me. Right? Well, I’m going to go through a little story about what happened today. Okay? And BTW, sorry for the proverb, lol, I just felt the need to write it down.

Well, today was a Sunday, and usually on a Sunday, you go to church. Unfortunately, I woke up around 8:26 am and nobody was awake besides me. Weird. Not even my aunt who wakes up ALWAYS (whenever she sleepovers) early, was awake (Oh and I may have not mentioned, but my aunt was sleeping over at our house). So, I paced steadily downstairs and went to the computer. See, computer time around 8 in the morning, on a Sunday is kind of prohibited in our family, even though it doesn’t make sense. When my aunt finally woke up she came downstairs. I didn’t really duck-and-cover really, because my aunt doesn’t really know, or doesn’t pay attention to our rule that we’re not allowed to use the computer on Sundays. So, I just typed around on the computer and just said hi to my aunt. Later on, my parents woke up, telling me that I was going to have to go to the 11 o’clock service for church.

Damn. I hate that service. Everybody that goes there always looks weird, speaks bad language or just looks un-normal, which yeah, I did look un-normal today, so yeah, hardly matters. When I arrived at church, I was too afraid to look at anyone. Girls about the age of 15 would stare at me about 4 times per 5 seconds. Luckily, I was able to pass through and get to my group. When I arrived in the Cabin, I went to the game room (it’s basically this room a story above the stage where the rockers play, where you play foozeball and pool until service starts [hardly any girls stay over, because they have this other policy to stay on the first floor and talk about glittery stuff]). I didn’t find anybody I knew, besides my friend August. I ignored him playing, because he was playing pool, and I don’t think it’s that interesting. I went to the foozeball table and found some very competitive players. I was able to beat 7 teams with a 2 ball, and a 3 ball. The 1 ball was so impossible because it moved so fast and it was hard not focusing on one thing.

So, I tried winning, but I lost. One of the players on my team kept repeating: “shit! Shit! Shit!”. See, that’s why kids aren’t really influenced well in our church around the 11 service. Unfortunately, the stage already started, so I ran quickly downstairs. Occassionally, the band players would play songs for the crowd that were more from bands like Mike Posner, Justin Bieber and so on. But, they didn’t. So, yeah. When the preaching started, I was so amazed, because the speaker was so interesting. He mentioned all these different scientific facts, that made it so interesting, I couldn’t take my eyes off the speaker. Unfortunately, when everybody went to group, I had to stay with the loners. I didn’t have a group in the 11 service. So, I had to stay in a seat meaninglessly for an hour and a half, until I had to leave.

I’m going to skip the minuscule details after I left. When I was in the middle of trying to befriend Patricia’s friend, Kerry, Terry, Marvin and this other girl called Alexis, who I may have mentioned early in my old posts. Terry just came showing off and giving his weird grin. Hey, I can’t judge that about him because first of all, he’s older than me by a year, second of all, he’s way taller than me. Sometimes, I have this feeling that I’m stronger than him because whenever he pushes me around I’m always good at defending. Kerry was cursing most of the time and criticizing me. Marvin… eh… I can’t say too much about him, besides the fact that he walks around a lot. See, Kerry just loves to find problems with me constantly. I don’t know why. What did I do to them? When I started laying on a car, cursing, Alexis asked me to ask a question. So I said “Is Kerry and Terry gay?”. Alexis really liked that question. But, Kerry found out some way to try to make me look like a bitch. Sometimes I just really hate that asshole. Sorry for swearing.

Hormones are growing more into me, so I’m starting curse more often now. Lol. Afterwards, I had a gun war, everybody was outside, watching as Terry, Kerry, Marvin, another neighbor called Nicholous and I were torturing each other. Seriously, it was brutal. I got shot three times. And Terry got shot 5 times as well as Kerry because of Nicholous shooting them. I really hate those guys. I just realized. And then when I asked Kerry why he hated me so much, he just made me look like a fool again. So, I gave up on him and went inside to fall asleep.

At Least Addiction Isn’t My Problem Anymore

July 16, 2010
Hey, I hope most of you have heard of the commenter that just came back. Well, some of you may not even remember her. Her name is Fiya. Recently changed into FiyaFiya. I actually think the name is more attractive in her style. I also LOVED her new gravatar. Anyways, I FINALLY remembered my dream. It was scary and horrifying. And felt like the movie Inception. You know why? This is how it begins. I was in a car and so was my brother and parents (my sister’s weren’t in the dream). We eventually went to the bassist’s house and then left to go back home. But, for some reason our car was right under the Eiffel Tower. We weren’t even IN Paris! Well, I felt this kind of hard and rubbish, plastic thing on the ground. One of the plastic plates for the floor basically in Preschool. Then, the whole earth was tipping over left to right. And just when I was about to get a grip on the tower legs the world tipped over full side left. My brother wasn’t able to hold on. He fell in the dark air. But, for some reason, my hands wanted to let go and I let go. Before I could get to dark air I woke up. Scaring the heck of myself.

I only just noticed I woke up around 1 IN THE MORNING and guess what CRAZY thing I did. I went downstairs. and it was dark. But, it was normal this time because in a dark room for quite a while. So, I was able to turn on the light without feeling paranoid or scarce. My aunt eventually came downstairs. Man, I completely forgot she was staying over. Not that I didn’t like having her around. It is just that I forgot she was here and it surprised me. I also forgot she was an early morning wake-up. Hahaha. Funny me. Anyways, I was told that my aunt and parents were going back to the wedding to arrange. Honestly, I don’t know how that place is going to look like. But, I do know who the bride and what other gender you call it in weddings.

We played video games on the exact time mom told us to do it on. And we stopped also at the exact time mom recommended. Just when we stumbled across Generator Rex we took 30 minute bath. We were able to take a bath and wash our hair. Except my sister left a load of bath water in the bathroom floor. I told her to dry it. Shes aid it was going to be as easy as pie. Well, I ignored that for awhile. Thunder hit 15 feet away from our house. It was a scary experience. Than, my dad did quiet time with us. Oh and FYI, we were done by 11:54 at night. Almost stayed up FULL time. Oh and tomorrow’s the wedding (today).